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Trade Chatter: Trying To Make Sense Of The Annual Trade Deadline Mess

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re getting close to crunch time, trade deadline style.

The amount of faulty information that permeates every corner of the basketball universe this time of year is off the charts and has been known to infect even the most responsible of observers.

And that means more names, more rumors and in turn, more foolishness for us all to sort through.

Hawks forward Josh Smith was added to the list of players that have gone on record as asking for a trade request, joining his good friend and the best man in his wedding, Dwight Howard (he was last season destroying the Chicago Bulls on TNT last night). Another member of Smith’s wedding party, groomsman Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics, has also seen his name surface, disappear and resurface again in trade talks at least a dozen different times this season.

This notion that Smith and Rondo could be swapped for each other is laughable, when you consider that they played together their senior season at Oak Hill Academy and have been tight ever since. If anything, it makes sense for them to be lobbying to play together (in Boston?) as opposed to being traded for one another.

But that’s just more fuel for the trade-deadline rumor fire.

One thing is clear, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard probably won’t be teammates anywhere else but All-Star weekend (provided Howard remains in the Eastern Conference) and at the Olympics.

They both expressed their opinions on the trade deadline drama. Rose has had enough of it all, by the way, telling the Chicago Tribune:

“It definitely is getting old,” Rose said of being asked about Howard. “I’m sick and tired of hearing it. Chicago, marketing-wise is a great city. If someone chooses to come here, they definitely could.

“But I’m cool with the teammates I have. We have a winning record. It ain’t like we need to change anything. It’s not up to me. It’s up to the front office.”

There are zero indications Howard will add the Bulls to his list of teams with which he would sign an extension or that the Bulls are pursuing him.

“If it’s not about the Bulls, I really couldn’t care less about it,” Rose said.

Howard sounded off as well, citing the weather and other issues as to why Chicago isn’t on his preferred list, telling the Chicago Sun-Times:

“Nah, it’s pretty cold here,’’ Howard said when asked about the Bulls rumors.

Nothing says warrior-poet like a player who doesn’t want to chase a ring because of lake-effect snow.

As far as playing alongside the league’s 2010-11 MVP, Howard again couldn’t help but let his true colors shine through.

“I don’t think there’s a player in the NBA who wants to be a nobody,’’ Howard said. “I think everybody wants to be that guy to take the last shot, be that guy that everybody is leaning on for whatever reason, and I don’t think there’s any problem with wanting to be that guy. I’ve been that guy for this team since I’ve been here.’’

Well, that takes care of that!


Trail Blazers’ Stumbles Continue

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s a dangerous thing, trying to read body language and later someone’s Tweets or trying decipher what’s really being said by a player or coach after a tough loss, or string of losses.

But there is no mistaking the sense of desperation coming from the Portland Trail Blazers right now, losers of four of their last five games and stumbling their way to the All-Star break with the injuries and frustration mounting. The questions about coach Nate McMillan‘s grip on the situation started a while ago, long before last night’s deflating performance.

Now All-Star power forward and franchise anchor LaMarcus Aldridge goes down with a severe left ankle injury in the home loss to Washington (… yes, home loss to the Washington Wizards) and the Blazers look like they might be in some serious trouble. Marcus Camby (above), Gerald Wallace, Jamal Crawford, Nicolas Batum and Raymond Felton have all expressed their frustrations and concerns with the current state of affairs, in one way or another.


Labor Talks: Season On The Brink …

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Your anger is understandable.

Mostly because the actions of so many are indefensible.

With this latest breakdown in talks between the two sides in the NBA’s labor madness comes a sobering truth about this entire process. It’s never been about saving the game or even preserving it for the fans. It’s about two sides fighting over a billion dollar pie and each one wanting the biggest piece. Someone has to win and someone has to lose, compromise be damned!

We knew as much when this thing started, but we seemed to lose sight of that in the past few months with all the details tossed into the fray to deflect our attention from the fundamentals of this dispute. Our confidence has been betrayed by the men who have asked for that very thing from us, the basketball loving public,. And here we stand, just days away from what should have been the start of a season, staring at a potential season on the brink.

When the federal mediator both sides agreed to let dive into the middle of this battle packs up his stuff and heads for the door after three days of listening to everyone talk, it’s clear the “gulf” between the positions NBA Commissioner David Stern spoke of last week is greater than most of us imagined.

Unlike many of my less cynical colleagues here at the hideout and beyond, I wasn’t expecting a resolution to this process this week. I did (foolishly) assume that some tangible progress this week could lead to a deal sometime in the very near future.

But not after reading these words from NBPA attorney Jeffrey Kessler after the Board of Governors meeting:

“This meeting was hijacked. Something happened at their [owners] meeting. This is not the move where the owners were yesterday. We were making progress, as you heard.

“They came back, they came without the commissioner. They came with Paul Allen. We were told Paul Allen was here to express the views of the other members of the Board of Governors. And that view was: ‘Our way or the highway.’

“That’s what we were told. We were shocked. We went in there trying to negotiate, and they came in and said, ‘You either accept 50-50 or we’re done. And we won’t discuss anything else.’ “

Point fingers in whatever direction you like. Both sides are doing the same now without hesitation.


Hang Time Podcast (Playoff Previews)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Before a ball officially goes up on the 2011 NBA playoffs, we need to take a little bit of your time so we can discuss a few things.

In fact, we’re going in-depth on all eight playoff series, dissecting the action in both the Eastern and Western Conferences with a few friends of the program on the Hang Time Podcast Playoff Preview extravaganza.

We broke down each series with an insider that has a unique perspective on the matchup, the key players and everything else that comes along with playoff basketball.

Can the Lakers complete the three-peat? Can the Spurs, Heat, Mavericks, Celtics or Magic stop them? Are the Bulls, the league’s top overall team based on regular season records, for real? We answered all those questions and more.

LISTEN HERE (and make sure you turn the volume up):


Chicago-Indiana,with’s Steve Aschburner:

Miami-Philly, with Ethan J. Skolnick of the Palm Beach Post:

Boston-New York, with Paul Flannery of WEEI:

Orlando-Atlanta, with Hawks radio broadcaster Steve Holman:


San Antonio-Memphis, with Dan Wolken of The Daily:

Los Angeles -New Orleans, with Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register:

Dallas-Portland, with Ben Golliver of Blazers Edge:

OKC-Denver, with Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman:

As always, we welcome your feedback. You can follow the entire crew, including the Hang Time Podcast, co-hosts Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine and Sekou Smith of, as well as our super producer Micah Hart of’s All Ball Blog.

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Hang Time Podcast (Episode 20)


Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — After years of searching for a solution, the Hang Time Podcast crew has come up with a cure for inevitable blues that come with the (near) end of the NBA summer.

We decided to laugh our way through Episode 20 of the HTP, using our favorite subject (basketball) as a conduit to conversations about all sorts of things, including the movies you simply cannot ignore during your late night channel surfing.

Listen Here:

If you’re tired of all the negative stories and bad news that’s grabbing headlines everywhere, Episode 20 is your escape. Sure, we tackle all the relevant topics, but we’re doing it with a serious infusion of laughter (thanks in large part to special guest co-host Lang Whitaker‘s vacation flight dilemma that kicks off the comedy).’s very own John Schuhmann took a few minutes out of his vacation to chime in on USA Basketball and the upcoming world championships in Turkey and the role Kevin Durant will play this summer and beyond. Schuh’s movie picks had a sports bent that was largely absent before we tracked him down (depending on if you think Chariots of Fire is a “sports movie” or not).

Ben Golliver of the also made his debut on Episode 20, helping us clear up some issues about the Portland Trail Blazers, our man crush on new general manager Rich Cho, the importance of and the role Greg Oden will play this season, what’s going on with Rudy Fernandez and more. Ben also offered up arguably the best movie pick of the entire show.

As always, we welcome your feedback. You can follow the entire crew, including the Hang Time Podcast, our special guest co-host Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine and your host, on Twitter.

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Here’s a quick breakdown:

0:00- Intro

-Memories of Lorenzen Wright

-NBA game predictions for Christmas Day

-Favorite late-night movies

-Lang’s flight dilemma

21:10-35:05-’s John Schuhmann dives into Kevin Durant’s role for the National team

-Derrick Rose as standout guard

-Who is the favorite to win gold?

-Lack of bigs on the roster

-Coach K’s future with the National team.

40:23-53:22- Ben Golliver of talks about GM Rich Cho

-What do the Blazers need to do to get past the first round?

-Expectations for the season

-How will Greg Oden do?

-Who to look out for this season

53:25 -Outro