Crawford ready to call it quits

VIDEO: Beyond the Paint looks at Joey Crawford

Attention coaches, players and fans: You’d better hug Joey Crawford while you can, because he’s about to give himself a pair of technical fouls.

The controversial yet respected veteran NBA referee announced he’s ready to call it a career after this, his 39th season. It would mark the end of a colorful character in recent NBA history, a referee who often gets as much attention as some players and coaches. Curiously, Crawford had a Kobe-like and Jordan-like two word response with regard to his future plans:

“I’m done.”

That’s what Crawford told his hometown paper, the Delaware County Times, yesterday. Crawford is recovering from knee surgery and hopes to return to the court on March 1. He’s 64 and feels like his time is up.

“It’s not that you lose your passion,” he said. “But it just comes a point where you say, ‘I don’t want to make a fool out of myself.’ And it’s been so good that I want to go out on a high note.”

Crawford has worked 50 games in the NBA Finals, an assignment reserved for the refs who grade highest. He has also worked over 300 playoff games. Two years ago he received the Golden Whistle Award, the highest honor in his profession. The NBA family has long held Crawford in high regard, even by those who argued with him and disagreed with his calls. There has always been a long-held belief that visiting teams breathed a sigh of relief when Crawford worked their games; they knew he wouldn’t be intimidated by the home atmosphere.

“It has been a good run,” he said.






  1. bullsfandan says:

    About time. He should have been gone decades ago! Simply the worst! How many teams did he single handily eliminate from the playoffs? Too many to count.

  2. albert says:

    The best new year gift for tim duncan

  3. Uol Noom says:

    Good news. Technically he was skilled as a referee but he hurt the game with mismanagement of his emotions. The Tim Duncan affair alone should have warranted his permanent dismissal.

    The man suffered from paranoia and delusion. It just appeared that he thought he was bigger than the game. When a good portion of fans know who you are by name, face and misdeeds then there is something wrong. A ref needs to be invisible but Crawford seemed to relish on the notoriety.

  4. ilophotos says:

    The cheater is gone!

  5. ilophotos says:

    Joey Crawford….the biggest Cheater ever! This guy singlehandedly created playoff/finals series outcomes. The NBA has turned into the WWE and has been that way since the 90’s.

  6. Noitidart says:

    After seeing the comments on this section, huge props to the moderators for allowing freedom of speech.

  7. William says:

    Thanks god. Joey Crawford is the worst ref the NBA’s ever had…

  8. Blazers Fan says:

    Joey Crawford is the worst ref the NBA’s ever had. He’s so bad that there’s probably 1,000’s of hate-filled rants that were removed by the moderators of this post. He fixed games, he cheated on his taxes, and oh yeah, he was part of a small group of refs whose membership included Tim Donaghy, they guy who was arrested and jailed for game fixing. He’s as crooked as they come. But you’ll never see this post because the NBA fears the truth. During the Stern era, championships were fixed. The saddest part is that it was completely legal, because the NBA isn’t regulated the way that baseball is. The NBA is closer to the WWE than baseball when it comes to officiating and game outcomes.

    • Ricky Coleman says:

      All sports are fixed in some form of fashion. If you subtract Vegas from sports and they would not exist. It’s all bout one thing where they can the next dollar from.

  9. Andrew m says:

    Joey a real one forget these down talking comments farewell Joey #bulls

  10. Dont care about that ref…at first i thought they were talking about jamal lol

  11. Maybe Timmy Duncan can laugh @ him now without getting T-d up and ejected while sitting on the bench! ( for which Joey was suspended!)

  12. bball says:

    he actually seems down to earth

  13. Lukas says:


  14. Joey Crawford comes from a Philly area family of great refs. Those of us who remember his dad Shag, brother Jerry know his Philly roots. Despite his crazy antics, he will be missed on the court.

  15. louie says:

    Joey Gone = a big win for basketball,.

    Now if we can only get the NBA refs to stop trying to control the tempo of the games and call all fouls towards all players equially.

    These spoiled talents are getting away with too much.
    Marketability = Cheatability in the NBA nowadays…

    Lets just hope this dope does not change his mind and come back!

  16. medqwells says:

    I guess LeBron will never see a finals again. 🙂

  17. Erudain says:

    lol and one day basketball as a whole won……somewhere in Texas Tim Duncan and Pop are getting some champagne open and crying from happiness

  18. Mer Felice says:

    Say it isn’t so!! Come on one more year … just getting to like his no nonsense style. Who else can possibly convince KJames into for one game playing real honest ball

  19. Da da da says:

    I’ll miss his funny movements he does sometimes when he blows the whistle.

  20. 39yrs of service, good job Joey don’t google the bad stuff, u did good overall

  21. EBJ says:

    As a spurs fan, all I have to say is good-bye and good riddance! I will never forget how u threw timmy out of the game, because u were soft-skinned. Timmy must be smiling all now 🙂

  22. DrPhill says:

    Joey “The GOAT” Crawford will be missed. Champion of the game!