Blogtable: Who is the first-quarter Coach of the Year?

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VIDEOLuke Walton explains early season success of Warriors

> Who’s your early, first-quarter-of-the-season pick for Coach of the Year? Why?

David Aldridge, I love what Scott Skiles has done so far in Orlando with a very young team. They’re not only playing very good defense, they’ve been good on offense. And bringing Victor Oladipo off the bench required expending a lot of capital — but so far, it’s working.

Steve Aschburner, Gotta be Golden State’s Luke Walton. What he’s done is as remarkable as NASCAR’s Kyle Busch flipping the keys of his No. 18 car to a parking valet, only to have the kid veer onto the asphalt of the Talladega Superspeedway and lap the field in the Winn-Dixie 300. Besides, Walton officially has a 0-0 record, which would add a great, bizarre, historical asterisk — if, that is, first-quarter hardware actually existed.

Fran Blinebury, Luke Walton.  I assume you’ve seen the standings.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comHow can it not be Luke Walton? I get that he was handed a championship roster with a proven system in place, and that the Warriors have yet to see a tough part of the schedule, but the guy has handled an unusual situation as well as anyone could have expected. He has maneuvered around injuries to Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, and has faced the pressure of replacing the successful and well-liked Steve Kerr without flinching. Two other names: Steve Clifford and Rick Carlisle. There’s a reason the Hornets and Mavericks, respectively, didn’t fall apart even when their plans did.

Shaun Powell, NBA.comIn any year, if your team began the season on a 23-game win streak, then you’d be pretty much a slam dunk to win the award. Therefore, with all due respect to Steve Kerr, shouldn’t this be Luke Walton’s to lose? The only catch is if Kerr’s health improves and he returns to the bench before long. Can we have co-winners of the award, with the two finalists from the same team?

John Schuhmann, NBA.comThe Coach of the Quarter is certainly Luke Walton. Now, if Steve Kerr returns in January or February and damages Walton’s full-season candidacy, two coaches who have put themselves in good position with what we’ve seen so far are Steve Clifford and Frank Vogel. Expectations for both the Hornets and Pacers were relatively low, and they’re two of just five teams that rank in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency through Tuesday. Both guys have done a fantastic job of reinventing their team’s offense while staying strong on defense.

Sekou Smith, Since Luke Walton doesn’t officially own any of these wins the Warriors have piled up, he’ll have to be excused from this competition. There are a host of coaches in the Eastern Conference who have done fine jobs in the early going, but I’m going with Rick Carlisle in Dallas. Once again he’s shown an ability to take whatever group he has and squeeze the best out of them. The Mavericks whiffed on DeAndre Jordan and grabbed Zaza Pachulia as a replacement to hold down the center position and Zaza has been nothing short of fantastic for Carlisle and the Mavericks. Carlisle always seems to find a way. Guiding the the Mavericks into the top four in the Western Conference standings behind the Warriors, Spurs and Thunder at this point in the season is a reflection of the masterful job he’s done.

Ian Thomsen, How can there be any choice other than Luke Walton? It’s as simple as could be: He could not have done any better.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Come on, Luke Walton! 23-0! To quote a recent birthday boy and former NBA owner (Mr. Shawn Carter to you), What more can I say?


  1. Travis says:

    The best start in NBA history was previously 15-0… There is currently a team that is 23-0… suggesting anyone but that team’s coach for coach of the year so far is a joke… yes they’re talented and won it all last year.. yes luke Walton is an interim coach and yes steve kerr was a rookie coach last year.. yes they were good for a couple of years prior under mark Jackson… but no they were not the best team of all time before then… this is literally the best start any team has ever had in NBA history, all of the accolades should go tot the Warriors at this point… anyone who suggests otherwise is a moron.

  2. Randominput says:

    “In any year, if your team began the season on a 23-game win streak, then you’d be pretty much a slam dunk to win the award.” I distinctly remember a coach going on a 27-game win streak and not winning the award very recently…

  3. John Esteves (Miami HEAT Fan) says:

    “Since Luke Walton doesn’t officially own any of these wins the Warriors have piled up, he’ll have to be excused from this competition”

    He most certainly will not! I’m sorry Sekou Smith, no disrespect, but I stop reading after you wrote this. I respect your opinion, BUT do you not think that’s a bit harsh? The man comes to work everyday to do what he has been trusted by Kerr to do. Lead the team.

    I even saw the video above, I don’t know if this was you who said this but I’ll quote it anyways.

    “He gets 0 won, none. These are all Steve Kerr.”

    This is highly, HIGHLY, debatable and by that I mean that every win rightfully belongs to Luke. First off did anyone even see a 23-0 (as if this writing) coming since the season began? If it was 0-23 would Steve Kerr be fired instead of Luke or would Luke take responsibility for the fall of his team that he was trusted in leading.

    You see where I’m going with this, it works both ways. Win or lose, Luke is responsible for the current state of the GSW, the players respect him as a couch (even if he’s a rookie) which shows that they accept him as a LEADER. Luke step up even during clutch time against the Raptors and the Utah Jazz when the streak seemed to be at its end. He’s the one that calls the shots, he’s the man who calls the plays! He comes to work to make sure the player practice, he’s the one that comes to work to make sure his team wins.

    So no Smith, he will not be disqualified from being Couch Of The Year. Because that would be unfair, and that would be disrespectful to his credibility as a couch. If anything, Luke has proven to critics who doubted him and to the entire GSW fanbase he is capable of leading a championship team, he’s not falling under pressure, and he proving that he is worthy of being Steve Kerr’s successor.

    Give credit where credit is due.

    Luke If you are reading this keep doing what your doing, you got this south beach FL fan’s respect because I know it’s not easy. Don’t listen to writers who say each victory isn’t yours or that you don’t deserve Couch Of The Year, don’t listen to fans that say Curry “carrying” you because you know he himself does not think that. Most importantly, keep believing in yourself.

    Congrats on your 23-0, every win you claim is rightfully yours, and remember to always stay humble!!!!!!

  4. Sandra says:

    Really, do you people really think STeveK isn’t giving his input? Really…Steve is very superstitions, he will not come out on that court until after they lose and/or decide to sit the starters. I mean really, He is also taking the the time to research each team before Warriors play them. I mean really?!

  5. Petro 3 says:

    Dwane Casey. Raps are 14-9, and led the entire game against San Antonio last night. Also, WE THE NORTH had big wins this season in OKC and Dallas. Two of our starters were out of the lineup last night! I hope he gets to coach the Eastern All Stars this year, especially with the All Star Game in the T-Dot! 😉

  6. ITellsTheTruth says:

    Whats funny about this is the fact that the Warriors were good before Steve Kerr. That team turned into contenders under Marc Jackson. Luke Walton shouldnt even be mentioned…imho. He’s just there cause he has connections with the right people. “spoon feeding” type stuff.

  7. Jong says:

    give credit where credit is due. Luke Walton even if he is an interim head coach. It is always hard to keep a tem in focus in this kind of streak. And they won close games and come from behind ones. So no doubt about his coaching ability.

    The Spurs are also having a championship caliber team, and are second to the Warriors. Pop needs a mention and I think they are being overlooked because they are expected to do well, but are 5 games behind GSW. With a revamped lineup and having his new stars get accustomed to the system, I guess they will peak sometime after the All-Star when the games will matter most leading to the post-season.

  8. 1. Luke Walton Golden state undefeated 23-0 … best road start, best start, best players yes, but Miami heat, boston Celtics had big 3s that could not get it done.. the 95-96 bulls couldn’t get it done. so coaching is part of it because he is letting curry do what he wants with no worries, he letting them have fun and feel comfortable shooting bad shots because his bad shots is better than most people good shots..sorry kerr, but I think Luke should finish the season unless they lose 3 or more games in a row then let kerr come back.

    2. Steve Clifford Charlotte addition nicolous batum is becoming a star they are number 2 in east and Al Jefferson did not play half the season. This is a last year team that did not make the playoffs.

    3. Brad Stevens Boston overrated for his accomplishments but underated as a coach. He is good and helping the team, but what the f==== do anyone mean when they say the team has no all star or a young team. FYI 7th in the playoffs last year in 6th place now so not much of a difference in last year.. not lets state facks.. isiah Thomas was always a underated star because of his height. he should have been an all star but was not given much of the opportunity with not so good teams and avery Bradley took ray allen starting job making him leave boston as one reason turner is a beast and sullinger is finally in shape enough to play a a nba level.

    Addions David lee (former 2x all star) not giving you big numbers, but helping a bunch.. AMir Johnson a pretty good role player.

  9. Miguel says:

    Kerr and Walton dont deserve a thing, Kerr as a rookie coach has won a championship by doing nothing literally, and now Walton wins 23 games because this kids can catch and shoot even the most difficult shots, guess what… Walton is a rook too.
    You could put a monkey in a suit and Golden State will still win games.

  10. DH says:

    All due props to Luke Walton, great team, great system or not, the man has serious coaching chops, but no love for brad stevens and the celtics playing over .500 with wins over chicago, thunder, miami

  11. Mark says:

    No props going to Brad Stevens here? Really? REALLY?! Walton was handed a championship team on a silver platter. Stevens has taken a group of (mostly) young players, none of them all-stars, right to the top tier of the Eastern Conference. Without question, Brad Stevens IS the coach of the first quarter.

  12. Luke Walton, and runner up is Van Gundy. Amazing.

  13. Connor says:

    Brad Stevens of the Celtics should have at least been mentioned.

  14. Connor says:

    Brad Stevens of the Celtics should at least have been mentioned.

  15. TTKIN says:

    I know the roster is stacked, but 23-0 just doesnt happen. That’s like people saying Phil has 11 rings as a coach ONLY cuz he had great players. Yes, great players get you wins, they dont get you 11 rings. Phil knows how to coach, clearly.

    A good roster will get you a good record. But no coach has guided a team to a 23-0 start. Walton is COTY right now.

  16. Lafayette says:

    Gotta go with DA on this one. GS already has weapons and is a championship team