LeBron James expected to rest vs. Heat

LeBron James will not play in the Cavaliers’ game against the Heat on Saturday night in Miami, Cleveland coach David Blatt said.

Blatt said it was a coach’s decision, according to Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, indicating James was being rested after playing 45 minutes the night before at New Orleans. There was no indication of any serious problem.

Sitting out Saturday would give James three days off before the next Cavaliers game, Tuesday at home against the Trail Blazers.


  1. johnnytc1 says:

    Sweet Sally, no one hates da king! We love him! Where else can we go to find so much entertainment then read comments like yours…. No da cav’s won’t be winning this year or other years to come. da king is 30 but and OLD 30. In fact someone needs to post his Birth Certificate. He looks 50! Kobe Bryant is retiring and da king looks like his father. plus they’re just not that good. da king and da cav’s are 14-7 and they have had the easiest schedule in the NBA so far. I wonder why less than 20 games into the season da king had to rest in Miami? Maybe you can help me with that one? long live da king (the self proclaimed king). I enjoy all his antics… In Orlando Friday night. O could surprise them.

  2. Johnnytc1 says:

    Where are da King fans now? For those of you die hard king fans I do feel bad for you.
    He’s lived up to his chachter once again… In life you do reep what you sow. You have to really feel sorry for da king.

  3. DIDN'T WANT TO LOSE! says:

    Bottom line, Lebron did not want to face the Heat. He knew his team were not up to competing especially on a back to back. He didn’t want to lose in Miami. That’s his M.O. He quits. He quit in the last playoff game when Cleveland played Boston (Allen, Garnett, Pierce and Rondo) manhandled them in the Garden. A real competitor doesn’t skip the Heat game. You skip the game against New Orleans. Everyone knows that. You’re not fooling anyone Lebron. You’re trying to psych people out but you’re no Popavich and you’re no Pat Riley. Stop stealing everyone else’s moves.

  4. anthony Higginbotham says:

    Wh does blatt think he’s fooling lol

  5. Hollywood Swinger says:

    He should of sat out New Orleans game, if he was going to miss a game. He’s too young to be missing games this early in the season.

  6. Johnytc1 says:

    @marty. Do you speak English ? If so try your message again. Da king and O need to show a valid BC. Both do nothing!

  7. Drift Gangsta says:

    LeDiva was at it again.
    he is still throwing a tantrum for losing the game before this (against new orteans).
    he fells that he brought his team back to the game and it is up his teammates and coaching staff to win in overtime.

  8. Marty says:

    one minute your soft the next your a bully then your not MJ. The hate is palpable. Prez not a citizen how low.

  9. johnnytc1 says:

    @Chaisson… Because he’s not 30. We need to see a Birth Certificate. He’s 30 like Obama is a citizen.

  10. Drago says:

    Rest is a smart decision but IMO he should have just played him 30 minutes the previous game and he could play against Miami.Couches should stop giving players 40 minute games and then we would not see all this rest stuff.

  11. johnnytc1 says:

    @matt great point! da king may of thrown a tantrum because he didn’t get his way. we are less than 20 games into the season and he’s taken a rest! king, wuzup? da king is the biggest crybaby in the nba. but he is getting it, da cav’s just aren’t very good. the wheels are about to come off….

  12. George says:

    So it’s ok for Lebron to rest but when the Spurs players a couple of years ago wanted to rest, the NBA fines them for resting players. Double standard much?

  13. Jsway says:

    It’s only regular season, come playoffs and we will see who sits out for good when tha King knocks every team out of the playoffs.

  14. Nelson says:

    Dissapointed LJ didnt play… truly coach cav should be fine… people attend to watch a good games.. not such lousy as this one.. Cav may not win against miami but at least show some respect for fans and let LJ play…

  15. perspectiveoftruth says:

    MJ dominated with the flu, da king rests after playing 45min the other night… who ist g.o.a.t.?

  16. Haileene says:

    And that’s where the difference between great players with a great sportmanship attitude and some good players that will never stand as tall as some others did…
    So many good players will be forgotten soon (or already have been…), while other will stand in memories for decades…. And I guess Da King will be in first categorie probably quicker than he thinks of…

  17. John says:

    Kobe & wade without Oneal. Counting LBJ didnot.even play.!

  18. lbj says:

    The only thing about this piece of news that’s doubtful is that it was Blatt’s decision.

    We all know who’s king in Cleveland.

  19. Chaisson says:

    I don’t understand how a man who’s only 30 needs to rest? Today’s NBA is soft.

    • PD says:

      Dude has been in the NBA 12 seasons…. a lot of old NBA players retired after 12 seasons. MJ was 2 seasons away from his 2nd retirement in year 12. A lot of players dont last asnlong as you think. Kobe sat thr bench for 2 years……He is the “number 1” player in the nba, which means interviews, nba publicity stunts- a lot during the 82 game season. Let it go- he is still just a man.

  20. Dennis Harris says:

    Wow. He goes back to South Beach and doesn’t play. I guess they will say they only won because he didn’t play. Boooooooo…

  21. jhnnytc1 says:

    I do know why da king took the night off. He is getting old and tired. I saw that pic of him and kobe. king, you told him didn’t you!
    da king finally told Kobe the truth… “Koooobeeee, IIIIIIII aaaammmm yourrrrrrrr fatherrrr” If you look at Kobe and da king, da king looks like he shold be retiring…. rest a little more king. cav’s may not finish .500.

  22. johnnytc1 says:

    KING! What is going on? Rest? For what? You just lost to N.O.P. Yes, N.O.P. they were a 4-15 team. I enjoyed the game and the 18 fouls you had. Were you getting a little frustrated, king? Nice technical. Push a guy with his back to you. You’re lucky the ref stepped in….Heck, you had three fouls in one play in the fourth. Is this the NBA of the NFL. You running into people with your shoulder down and your stiff arms. Yes, you needed rest tonight. You knew your old boys were going to run da king and his merrymen out of the building. You left your team again. Just as you left the Cav’s the first time, the Heat and i’m sure you’ll b takin your talents some where else soon…. Rest? Someone check da kings id. He looks like he’s 49. Maybe thats why he needed the rest?

  23. Mohammad says:

    Nba players these days are completely soft crying about back 2 backs and fatigue when players of yesterday love to play the game didn’t complain about back 2 backs nor schedules just soft the nba is fastly becoming like the nfl soft as cotton candy players was more physical less pay and more gracious towards their fans and the love of the game point blank……..

    • PD says:

      Please. They did it to get paid. Not nearly as much marketing…. which equals more time off the court spent WORKING A JOB. Please don’t say you have NEVER taken a day off of work when you were tired and didn’t feel like going….

  24. benjamin says:

    The NBA should Fine the Coach of Cav

  25. Òbjective says:

    I’m disappointed that he didn’t play against D Wade, but people who are getting on him saying “who does that?” “Did MJ, Bird or Magic do such things” need to understand that even those great players didn’t play as much as this guy has at his age. He has played the most minutes up until the age of 30 in NBA History. So if he wants to sit and rest cause its just the beginning of the season then he can do that.

  26. masterO says:

    they think they are like the Spurs who can rest Tim Duncan and still win some games. that’s never gonna happen! It’s also disrespectful also to a contender like Miami. Good thing they are beaten up good today.

  27. Everett james says:

    First of all jordan was not asked to play all year round in olympics ,world championships and other Olympic qualifiers. So, please don’t compare the two workloads or playloads because they are not the ssme

    • Dieselxx22 says:

      I’m sorry, must of missed the Olympic and World championships LeBron played in 2015. All the greats before him played 82 games, plus the playoffs. Tickets are marketed as game packages to see the big stars, not JR Smith & Mathew Delladova.

  28. Matt McCrae says:

    Why give LeBron the night off vs. Heat its kinda disrespect towards Miami and there staff

  29. Don’t sleep on Miami. They are getting pretty good. Can’t believe they beat the pants off Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Maybe Lebron is scared?

  30. Mike says:

    Yeah, yeah

  31. david leitch says:

    This is garbage. Why rest LeBron in Miami, where he used to play? A lot of people paid good money specifically to see him play. He is not some late 30’s guy. Without Lebron and Kyrie, what are the Cavs going to do to be competitive?

  32. Dieselxx22 says:

    Rest, are you kidding me!! How many times did Dr. J, Bird, McHale, Magic, Kareem, Jordan, Ewing, Olajuwan & Barkley need rest?? This new NBA is so soft!! Those guys took & pounding & show up every night. Say what you want about Iverson, but he was pound for pound the toughest. Played almost the entire game with all kinds of nagging injuries. I’m disappointed in LeBron, the fans of the NBA & Miami, his former team deserve better.

  33. kelly says:

    My 12 year old son is sitting in those stands tonight waiting to see Lebron play. He flew with his father from South Carolina to see his idol play some basketball. He has wanted to see Lebron play for so long and unfortunately because of my continued health problems it took time to build some funds when all the medical bills do is keep piling up. I am absolutely devastated for him. I dont even want to tell him he is going to be heartbroken. Joseph mommy is so,so sorry.

  34. Brian says:

    In a short term, wanna see LBJ playing more. But in a long term, support that decision.

  35. Ian says:

    Anyone ever remember Jordan sitting to rest?

  36. Sherwin says:

    Why he will not play? I thought he’s good for 82 games? This is sad 😦

  37. Matt says:

    I think there is more to the story here. Either he’s upset about the loss last night so he’s making a statement, upset at Coach Blatt, or really doesn’t want to play Miami knowing the Cavs don’t have a chance (so why waste energy trying). What’s weird is in the last week he had two positive Miami actions – Said “the great Pat Riley” in SI interview and wore that “Miami Winners” hat which was really is odd. In any case, I’m disappointment.

  38. Jim says:

    Stupid. Getting paid millions to sit out and do rest? AND on a marquee matchup? Gimme a break.