Report: LeBron expected to play in the Cavaliers’ season opener

VIDEO: James talks with media following Friday’s practice

Cavaliers coach David Blatt already has said he absolutely expects LeBron James to play in the Cavaliers’ opening game Tuesday in Chicago (8 p.m. ET on TNT). No one else in the Cavs camp has said anything to contradict that. And James, according to reports noting his skipped practices after his recent anti-inflammatory injection to his back, has sounded no alarms either.

But sports media being what it is these days, maybe the “anonymous sources” stuff carries more weight. So with that in mind, here’s a report from Yahoo! Sports affirming what most everyone has believed anyway:

LeBron James is expected to play in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ regular-season opener next week despite his recent back problems, a league source told Yahoo Sports on Saturday. James received an anti-inflammatory injection in his back on Oct. 13 and has played in only two preseason games. James, however, has been working out daily and his back is improving, the source said.

James and the Cavaliers open the regular season on Tuesday on the road against the Chicago Bulls. James, 30, received a similar anti-inflammatory shot last season because of back pain and a strained left knee. He recently said he would be open to receiving another shot in his back if necessary.

James is entering his 13th NBA season and has averaged 39.1 minutes over 911 career regular-season games.


  1. johnnytc1 says:

    Thanks for showing up for the opener King. I’m really sorry you lost. I think you might be a .500 team this year. That’s only because you’re playing in the east.

  2. johnnytc1 says:

    Thank you for the update king. we can sleep again and resume life. king the attention grabber. King if you want attention win something and quit telling us you’re the best in the world.

  3. Seven Costanza says:

    Well Lebron is a worthy adversary for the Dubs. And only the Dubs. Unbelievable the level of ongoing disrespect they have had flung their way. You can almost hear the-im-not-a-man-yet-so-i-have-to-make-excuses-and-whine-like-a-child “fans” and writers who have been dissing the Dubs. Dubs are Champions. When Lebron won with the Heat, they were Champions, no one can take that away. What it does tell me is how many sad and shallow truly extremely medically immature little men there are back in that overpopulated North East “real America” corner of the the country. YOUR TEAM WASNT TALENTED ENOUGH, and they lacked the true thirst and hunger that great teams discover about themselfves come survival playoff time.

  4. johnnytc1 says:

    Don’t worry King will play. Just another stunt for attention.

  5. wjs says:

    Of course King will play. This is just one of his drama stunts. Just needs some more attention…

  6. johnnytc1 says:

    This is just more King drama! The guy always has to have the spotlight! Please be there as we want to see you get spanked.

  7. AllenHendrix89 says:

    He knows what he’s doing.LeBron is a very smart professional athlete.His minutes will be heavily monitored throughout the season.All teams are taking a page out of the Spurs handbook..Rest your stars until it matters most..Playoffs

  8. Of course LeBron is playing opening night. Who’s going to miss opening night? All he has to do is play opening night, his 1st home game, and rest for the next 2 mths until he’s ready to play at full strength.