Blogtable: Early 2016 Rookie of Year pick

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> With all three Summer Leagues behind us, who is your gratuitously early pick for 2016 Rookie of the Year?

Steve Aschburner, Four times in NBA history, players from the same team have been named Rookie of the Year in consecutive seasons, and it’s about to happen again. Karl-Anthony Towns is no sleeper pick, obviously, but he impressed me enough in Las Vegas — and rightfully should get enough minutes and usage in Minnesota — to be my ROY favorite. By winning 12 months after fellow No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins, the two Timberwolves would be the first tandem in 42 years to do it. Those who preceded them: Buffalo’s Ernie DiGregorio (1974) and Bob McAdoo (1973), Portland’s Sidney Wicks (1972) and Geoff Petrie (1971), Baltimore’s Wes Unseld (1969) and Earl Monroe (1968), and the Chicago Zephyrs/Packers’ Terry Dischinger (1963) and Walt Bellamy (1962). For the record, four of those guys became Hall of Famers, three others were All-Stars but only Unseld and Monroe made it as far as the Finals as teammates.

Fran Blinebury, Jahlil Okafor. He’s got a low post game ready to score points, get rebounds and plays for a team that will need plenty of them.

Shaun Powell, Jahlil Okafor will get plenty of minutes, responsibility and touches in Philly, and because his game seems NBA-ready, it’s hard to pick against him. If I’m going off Summer League, my wild card would be Myles Turner, who showed a little something-something for the Pacers, and besides, there’s a big-man vacancy in Indy.

John Schuhmann, I would pick Jahlil Okafor, because the Sixers need any kind of offensive production they can get and he’ll get every chance to average 15-20 points per game. But I don’t like that he doesn’t have a competent point guard to get him the ball. So I’m going with Emmanuel Mudiay, who has been given the keys to the Denver offense with the trade of Ty Lawson. The Rookie of the Year generally comes down to raw stats, and the most likely guy to put up big numbers is the guy with the ball in his hands.

Sekou Smith, So much of who ends up winning Rookie of the Year depends on the situation — playing time and the role a rookie is asked to play on his team being the most crucial components — that it’s sometimes much more difficult than it appears to simply select the “best” rookie. That said, I truly believe the table is set for Stanley Johnson to steal the award this season in Detroit, if the race is about more than just who puts up the best numbers as a rookie but also who makes the biggest impact on his team on both ends of the floor.

Ian Thomsen, NBA.comAfter the draft I would have said D’Angelo Russell. But now I’m going with Jahlil Okafor, based on his ready-made skills in the post and the fact that the 76ers will be depending on him to score this season.

Lang Whitaker,’s All-Ball Blog: I watched several of the top rookies in Vegas and Orlando, and the guys who really jumped out at me were Frank Kaminsky, who quickly seemed to find his footing, at least on the offensive end, Karl-Anthony Towns, who can impact games immediately defensively, and Jahlil Okafor, who will get immediate playing time by virtue of being on the perpetually rebuilding 76ers. But to me, the player who has the best chance of being selected the Rookie of the Year is Denver’s Emmanuel Mudiay. Not only do point guards historically have a leg up in the ROY race, as they have the ball more often than other players, but Denver also moved Ty Lawson, clearing the way for the Mudiay movement to begin in full.


  1. Alberet says:

    I think Kristap Porzigis will win he going make Phil Jackson look like a genius…

  2. Ozy says:

    Bobby Portis

  3. Aadil Bede says:

    D’angelo Russell is going to win it all and the Lakers will make it to the playoffs

  4. Peter Griffin says:

    Stanley Johnson for 3!!! We will hear commentators say that a lot next season

  5. Cali says:

    I had to go with Emmanuel Mudiay

  6. KidEternalE says:

    The Top 10 clips have been awesome, BUT the thrill of top 10 highlight clips is vestigial compared to that of the full slate of NBA Summer League games that were on the WatchESPN app for last off-season. I checked everyday and I think only saw like one or two- big drop off. I just wondered what gave. I’m not at all familiar with the business side of the evermore mentioned television contract bizz- I just know I like to watch games on my phone. I appreciate the chance to use this blog as a platform to vent that. Now, as this is a ROY blog, my pick, well I don’t have one. I’ve seen such an equally minimal amount of footage from many of these young players that I don’t think I could make such a hypothesis. I wish I’d seen more of Emanuel Mudiay, Jonathan Simmons, Mario Hezonia, CA Towns to get a feel for how they may fair against seasoned NBA pros, or if they’re even top prospects at all. All I’ve seen were a bunch of awesome dunks- highly awesome. I haven’t had a chance to really see anyone’s GAME- except Mudiay, who I think can have an exceptional rookie season.

    • KidEternalE says:

      KA Towns- my bad, Frank the Tank, Kristaps, DeAngelo Russell, Stanley Johnson. I’ve Heard they played well, but have yet to see for myself. I liked Lang Whitaker’s take- and will concur by default with his pick of Mudiay. I wish all the guys could make the teams, but there’s always oversees leagues, which honestly, via WatchESPN I have had more access to than NBA GAMES. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  7. CN says:

    Okafor will win because he will get the most mins and he’s the most consistent scorer in Philly

  8. Patman says:

    Is russell still the right pick for LA. TBH i have no idea. But there was some players that were to good to turn down, that are not in LA now.

  9. Florence says:

    Jahlil Okafor would be the smartest pick because he’s an NBA ready guy. Wild pick would be Mario Hezonja.

  10. Badasi12b says:

    I got a funny feeling that Kristaps Porzingis is gonna with it.

  11. Adam Fryer says:

    This is such a great blog im working to try and build my own would love for you all to take a look and comment.

  12. Blewbowls says:

    Kristaos Porzingis will win ROY!!!

  13. Matt says:

    Mudiay is my pick for ROY without question. He is one of the few NBA ready rookies both physically and mentally, his shooting needs to improve, but he has already shown the instinct for playmaking and the positive attitude needed to be successful as a starting PG in the NBA– I can see him averaging somewhere in the 15-6-5 range. As Sekou Smith mentioned, if it were simply a measure of how much a rookie will help improve their team I would put Stanley Johnson in high consideration.

  14. Peter Griffin says:

    Stanley Johnson!! Sekou you the only nba writer with some f-ing sense

  15. phee-o-wheet says:

    I’m going with the home town candidate WYD jahlil okafor.

  16. curtlowblog says:

    The guy who will win ROTY is Towns and it’s not even close!!!

  17. curtlowblog says:

    I find it quite odd that you guys left off Montrezl Harrell off your top 10 Moments from rookies in the summer league! On purpose BC this one handed through down by Harrell at the 26 second mark should’ve made #1 RT. On purpose?

  18. tredemyan says:

    Mario Hezonja. Should get plenty of minutes, fearless driver and shooter. My dark horse pick for ROY.

  19. dustydreamnz says:

    I’ll go for Okafor because he has Nerlens Noel to help him on the defensive end. This is always a tough question though!

  20. Bartholomew says:


  21. Harriethehawk says:

    Emmanuel Mudiay. Because he will make the Nuggets shine like gold, finally.

  22. Chuck says:

    Thank you. I am going through round ball withdrawal, so it’s always fun to read stuff on the new kids. But I am continually surprised to see how so many experts believe Okafor will be a big star. He does not have great defensive instincts and a non-flexible body which will make him foul prone. Plus he will not be a very good free throw shooter meaning he is going to get fouled in a close game.