Could LeBron production deal with Warner Bros. lead to Space Jam II?

Call Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Sylvester and Marvin the Martian and tell them to clear possible space on their cartoon calendars.

Coming on the heels of his successful movie debut in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, 30-year-old LeBron James could be laying down the tracks for a future as a leading man on the big screen and a new version of a fan favorite.

Warner Bros. Entertainment said Wednesday that it’s reached a deal with SpringHill Entertainment — the production company co-founded by the Cavaliers star and his longtime business partner, Maverick Carter — “spanning all areas of content creation” and that “will see James’ creative footprint touch all areas of” Warner Bros.’ endeavors, including television, film and digital content.

“LeBron James has one of the most powerful, well-known brands in the world and we are excited to be in business with him and his partner, Maverick Carter, and SpringHill Entertainment,” said [Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Kevin] Tsujihara. “The combination of LeBron’s global media presence and Warner Bros.’ unmatched production and distribution expertise is a big win for fans everywhere. We’re excited to welcome LeBron and Maverick to the Warner Bros. family and look forward to partnering on incredible projects that will connect with consumers across a variety of platforms.”

“Connecting with my fans and telling meaningful stories have always been my passion. In everything I’ve done, from Nike commercials to Uninterrupted and Survivor’s Remorse, it’s always about connecting with people of all ages and providing unique content they can all enjoy,” said LeBron James. “And I’ve always loved movies, which makes Warner Bros. the ultimate partner to help us continue to push the envelope. I can’t wait to see what we come up with.” […]

Having already conquered most of the terrestrial basketball world, the big question out there is whether this arrangement with Warner Bros. could lead to James starring in a 21st century reboot of “Space Jam?” LeBron has previously said he would be interested.

Here was one possible hint of a hookup with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian and the rest of the gang:


  1. Asher says:

    Can someone tell me how Lebron James has conquered basketball in the past 12 years as the writer states? What has he accomplished in 12 years that makes him worthy of even being mentioned on the same page, let alone the same paragraph with Jordan. If anyone deserved to be in Space Jam 2, it’s Kobe Bryant. After M.J.’s departure, the last of a dying breed is Kobe.

  2. King Charles says:

    This would be a great move for Lebron seeing that he IS the greatest player in his generation.Kobe is a great player but in the locker room he’s a total b*tch,leaving him far from Jordan. Plus Lebron is in his prime and the only thing Kobe is looking forward to is retirement. But I do think Kobe should have a minor part in the movie.
    Special Appearances :
    Lbj Family
    D Wade

    Anthony Davis
    And stop comparing just enjoy the movie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jay edres says:

    kobe is the best for spacejam 2

  4. majormusik2215 says:

    Why get heated over an individual and there “journey” to accomplish their goals. Get over it. We’re all just happy their making another one and you all know it. Doubt MJ comes back…….screw kobe! Jk (;

  5. Rhedz03 says:

    Space Jam 2

    Special appearance: Michael jordan

    Lebron James – Lamar
    Whoopi Goldberg – Keisha – Lebrons Mother
    Jaden Smith – Andre – Lebrons Little Brother
    John Leguizamo – Tony – Lebrons Best Friend And Co Worker
    Scarlett Johansson – Molly – Lebrons Love Interest

  6. Erik Salcedo says:

    MonStarz should be PG=Steph Curry.. SG=James Harden… SF= Kevin Durant… PF= Anthony Davis C=Dwight Howard/Roy Hibbert

  7. Sidney says:

    lebron is a wannabee m.j no one can replace m.j if they wanna make an space jam ll then guess what i think it will be terrible cause m.j can NOT be replaced

  8. LMA says:

    Lebron playing as import for Monstar only to realise later need to go back to play for the hometeam…

  9. JAMES BROWN says:

    Why can’t We watch n Enjoy without comparing.There is no wrong no right Learn how to love the game by watching individuals instead of comparing.Greatness is Greatness.All that were mentioned LaBron Kobe MJ.couldn’t think about dealing with Kareem Where is his Movie.On n Off the COURT

  10. MacFarlane says:

    Lebron joins the Monstars at the half, Looney Toons call Kobe to save the day. Roll Credits.

  11. jackson says:

    put the MVP SC in the mix

  12. Bernie King says:

    Please give Space Jam 2 to my boy KOBE! People easily forgets kobe… Lebron can prolly do space jam 10 or something mehn…

  13. jackson says:


  14. jackson says:

    good idea but i see Kobe and Lebron James being brothers with MJ being the father

  15. I'm Right says:

    this is going to be epic… hater gonna hate… as per usual
    but the movie will be huge and haters will go pay to watch it anyway… just like they watch his games

  16. Manuuu says:

    Definitely agree with everyone about it being Kobe and not Lebron.

  17. Yhatz says:

    Maybe MJ Will Play His role in Space Jam 2.

  18. BBFan says:

    Space Jam 2 should be with Kobe Bryant. Space Jam 3 it is for LeBron James.

    • Dieter says:

      No, Space Jam 2 should be about Javale McGee returning to Philadelphia and showing Shaq and the rest of the world that he CAN play smart basketball, he gets some mvp awards, wins 7 rings, and becomes the GOAT.

  19. Farid says:

    I think they should give space jam 2 to kobe Bryant not lebron james

  20. Owen says:

    Steph Curry is more kid friendly.

  21. taekayo says:

    But they would eventually lose to the monstars… lack of basketball talent from his team mates.

  22. PowerBallBill says:

    good lookin out, needed that one.!

    thanx Nightmare, my aunts love you!

  23. PowerBallBill says:

    yeah they can make this movie , ~bUt cAn tHeY gEt yOuR $13 dollars ?!?!

  24. Space J says:

    I want Zack Lavine to be in also

  25. Tim says:

    Come on and SLAM!

  26. Blah says:

    Garbage, unless he loses to the new Monstars 4 out of 6 times

  27. tagabukidph says:

    lebron should make a parody his career: after joining his home team but failed to win the championship, he left and promised monstars v2 who ‘bought’ 2 other superstars “not one, not two, not three…” titles, only to be dismantled by the tune squad. bugs be like, “eh… serves you right, doc!” which makes him decide to go back to his home team, who still failed to win the championship because they are “ALL INjured”. cue for part 2…

  28. Justin says:

    bring on the space jam! Please please please!

  29. Roberto says:

    Good Idea chuck… Mj being his father… Other then that I can’t see lebron doing it… To big of shoes to fill alone without incorporating Michael…

  30. Chuck says:

    Fantastic. Maybe MJ will play his father, and think how many articles could be written.