Report: Lakers, Pacers finalizing Hibbert deal

The Lakers and Pacers were deep into discussions Saturday on a deal that would send center Roy Hibbert to Los Angeles and at least temporarily solve a problem for both, Marc Stein of reported.

Whether other players would be involved was not immediately clear. The Lakers would be able to absorb the $15.5 million on the final season of Hibbert’s contract into available cap space — room that had been set aside for failed attempts to land a marquee free agent — making it possible they would only be sending draft picks to Indiana in return.

Hibbert fell out of favor with the Pacers last season after years of undependable play, including in the playoffs, that left the front office unusually outspoken about wanting to move forward with him in at least a reduced role and possibly completely gone. Larry Bird, the head of basketball operations, essentially encouraged Hibbert to exercise a clause in his contract to become a free agent.

When Hibbert instead chose to stay in the deal, understandable with $15.5 million on the table, he instantly became an obvious trade candidate, even more after Indiana draft Texas center-power forward Myles Turner in the lottery. Since the free-agent market opened July 1, Hibbert had been linked as the fallback plan to most every team that might miss out on LaMarcus Aldridge or Kevin Love. When the Lakers officially made that list, and with Jordan Hill a free agent and Robert Sacre and Tarik Black the returning centers, their search led to Indiana.



  1. herbie says:

    never win with out kobie in first three rings

  2. Bill says:

    Man, I can’t believe all the people who post who CLAIM to be Lakers fans who are Kobe haters? Seriously? If the internet was prevalent in the 80s would I have been reading about Kareem was wrecking the team?

    Lakers one 5 titles with Kobe. Without Kobe they get none. Kobe provided excitement to team that was terrible inn 06 -08.

    In my opinion you can’t be both a Lakers fan and a Kobe hater. That is completely irrational and illogical.

  3. Deshaun says:

    I mean what in the hell is Daryl Morey doing

  4. Deshaun says:

    I would like to know why the Rockets have not sign any free agents yet

  5. Quick Question??? says:


  6. I can’t wait to see my kings expose him for the phony he is 4 games in a row

  7. dwyn says:

    No matter what.. spurs take the 2016 championship

  8. robb says:

    When we asked to people if the Lakers will make the playoffs next year, 47% said no, the others 53% said no.

    Next question, during the 2016 NBA season, the Spurs will visit the lakers and will obliterate them by :

    a) 99 points

    b) 100 points

    c) 200 points (and second rage quit of the nba history, after the Pistons)

    d) 300 points

    e) 800 points

  9. Pau Gasol (OFFICIAL) says:

    Poor Lakers, wish I never left. Too much uncertainty here in Chicago as well.

  10. R Ray Morford says:

    The Lakers will not be a contending team again, as long as Jim Buss runs the show. He needs to step down and let their current General Manager run the show. Dr. Buss was smart enough to know this.

  11. Tired of Kobe says:

    Unfortunately, any move the lakers make is pointless until Kove retires. Kobe will find a way to sabatoge other players on his team/ That’s why lakers cannot sign any superstar free agent and that was why Dwight howard left.

  12. mike jordan says:

    Barbosa and Scola are decent and experienced players off the bench..get Jordan Hill signed to have a great rebounder..just feel sorry Ed Davis had to go..actually they don’t need much of a point guard..

    but there will be offensive power now, with Williams, young, randle, kobe, Russell, and if Johnson stays..

    just needs to strengthen the defense

  13. Roy Hibbert (OFFICIAL) says:

    All You people who try to make fun of me, know that its mean. You will all see, once I get on the Lakers i’ll put up 20 pts a night, just watch

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      none of the Lakers fans said anything negative about you including myself. i have faith in you its the spurs cavs clippers fans that think you cant be a solid player for the pacers. the Lakers welcome you and i know youll be one of the best centers in the NBA once again. just keep up your hard work and block shots that will impress any team. if you need more proof look at serge ibaka dont cant shoot or dunk or anything all he does is block shots like dikembe mutombo and i know you can shoot a little bit develop a hook shot like lemarcus alridge tim duncal pau gasol.
      being 7 foot tall shouldnt hold anyone back just look at dirk or kevin durant they find ways to score anywhere on the court. and keep your head up dont let these people upset your mindset. keep focused and dont listen to noone. these so called fans even said Drose is garbage they say Kobe should retire. they hate just about every basketball player so dont think its just you.

    • Omar says:

      Its what happens when you are in the limelight and you don’t play consistently.

  14. orlando says:

    Gentlemen let see what happened. 2015-2016 season booth. Team LA.Lakers And New York Knicks going. To the Play off bolive. Or not the Lakers with Randle,Koby,#2pick,Hilbber,Bozzer what up. And Knicks with Melo,Lopez.Affalo,#4pick,Grant ect.ect both teams Dangerous. For any Team

    • Zeshan says:

      OMG my eyes actually bled after reading that awful spelling. I cant take any of yours points seriously. cmon man

  15. moonliiner says:

    This is not all going to happen at once. Under Dr. Buss the Lakers won 10 NBA Championships and made 16 Finals appearances. But in the middle of that stretch, they went 8 consecutive seasons without making the finals, finishing 8th, 8th, 9th, 5th, 4th, 4th, 3rd, and 4th in the West. I’m glad you all didn’t run Jerry out of town during those seasons, as five of their titles came after that dry spell.

    If they get Hibbert, and with Upshaw on their D league team, there is the real possibility that they can either resurrect or develop a decent center fairly soon. Russell will need time to develop. Nance and Brown might surprise us but need time. Clarkson and Jabari Brown have real potential… and need time.

    There have only been 5 Finals since the Lakers’ last championship. Jim Buss wants 2 more years to build. At the end of another 8 year stretch, they will be contending again. Remember, they just went through the Stern veto, Dr. Buss dying, Kobe’s body breaking down, and Nash’s body breaking down.

    As for Byron Scott, you know any other coaches that have taken the NETS to the NBA Finals? How about twice in a row? Keep the faith.

  16. Julian Navarro says:

    JAVALE MCGEEEEE!! A better choice honestly

  17. B Radd says:

    Carmelo for Randle and Russellโ€ผ๏ธ

  18. "real"NBA fan says:

    if i were Lakers management and if i were a smart person id resign jordan hill and trade robert sacre and keep wesley johnson. what does sacre do? i mean really.

    • Joseph says:

      hahahaha true…. Sacre should be traded instantly!!! he does nothing absolutely nothing but yet Lakers want to trade SwaggyP instead….. hmmmm how pathetic.

  19. Prediction: Kobe will continue his crying be out for most of the season again, but undeservedly gets name an All Star because of who he is.

  20. Not bad but we need playoff team with this team playoff is a dream.

  21. king of basketball says:

    if kobe get healthy lakers will surprise nba also they can get to nba west finals

  22. Dean says:

    Free agents will be lured and sign up if our Lakers team will improve to enter the 1st or second round playoffs.

  23. Bird33 says:

    If I was Jim Buss, I’d be thinking about quitting now before brother-in-law Phil beats him to the unemployment window….

    The Knicks and Lakers have always been listed as the “most valuable” franchises in the NBA…each being reported as worth 1 billion plus, I believe. I would be very interested to hear how much they are worth NOW that Free Agents don’t see them as a destination (including not even sitting down with them, cancelling their meeting…sorry Phil ๐Ÿ™‚

    If it weren’t for the fact Melo is now stranded in a mess that he picked for “cash and media pictures” and Kobe drained the cap space bank account dry, I may actually feel sorry for these teams….I DID say “may”…… heh heh heh

  24. Mike says:

    Just happy the Lakers won’t make the playoffs again…..

  25. ibrahimam24 says:

    should’ve drafted okafor to fill the center

  26. Robert says:

    People acting like this isn’t an upgrade to what the Lakers have been playing with at center for years… Including the Howard debacle. At the very least the Lakers are insured to have the money in ’16 to chase the real big fish and they have the rim defender they desperately need in ’15. Lakers missed out on Aldridge so they went and did the absolute next best thing. The right thing I might add. Lakers style of play alone will make Hibbert better from day one. I’m not saying he’s automatically an all-star again but 15 and 8 a game isn’t out of the question, which would be a one hell of an upgrade. Now all they have to do is get a shooter or two with the remaining $ and hope Kobe stays healthy. They might actually be fun to watch if everything goes right.

  27. bayar says:

    In my opinion, Roy Hibbert is better than Lamarcus Aldridge. @Lakers: Try to sign Leandro Barbosa, Luis Scola

  28. sports fan says:

    Roy Hibbert will get lost in the shuffle. Kobe will want Hibbert to have a role like Pau did but Hibbert is not that type of player. If he gets his confidence back he can dominant in the post but that won’t happen with this squad. Kobe is top priority for offense, next it will be the young guys to get some grooming, swaggy p will still get his shots, & then Hibbert will be last. Their offense should start with Hibbert & they’d have the capability to spread the floor but it won’t happen. Kobe will miss a lot games again & by not playing all the games he’s going to disrupt the chemistry. Kobe will also shoot way too much & hurt his team because his shooting percentage isn’t what it used to be. The Lakers will miss the playoffs next season & won’t have a chance until Kobe is gone.

  29. Brent says:

    I feel torn here on one hand I’m am a homegrown Pacers fan so to see them move on from someone who was (somewhat unfairly) blamed for our fall from the top 2 of the East was a sign of relief. However also being a huge Lakers can I feel this is a huge step back. Ya you get a C to C+ center for a year, but what else do you really get? If it is just a draft pick I still don’t see it as a good deal for them, while you may not get the next Dennis Rodman out of a second round pick I’d rather them take chance on someone instead of this free agency band aid. The best place for Hibbert would have been (opt out first) for a team that is on the verge of contender like a Miami, but hey at least the big guys making his 15 million can’t blame him for not turning that down.

  30. MIKE MAYFIELD says:

    If Kobe and Randle are healthly…., #2 pick plays ok and Hibbert plays like he can consistently….I believe the lakers will surprise many NBA Fans. Do not be shocked! there is much to be proven! Kobe wants to prove he still got it! Randle will be totally motivated because he missed last season. Hibbert will be motivated to prove to those that have mistreated him that he is quality. The rookie will take Kobe’s advise and knowledge to the court. Watch out!

    • Dieter says:

      Randle is a rookie, Russel is a rookie, Hibbert could be good, but that ain’t enough for even the 10th spot in the West, even with a healthy Kobe for 82 games. I would be very surprised if they get 35 wins this season. Good luck !

  31. Laker Optimist says:

    Roy Hibbert is in a “CONTRACT” year.. If he has any desire to make $MM post contract, then, he has to play as hard as he can to achieve the worthiness of the Lakers OR another team to pay him the CASH. Hibbert is a young man who was underperforming in a situation that he did not like anymore. Anyone ever have a co-worker like that? This new situation with the Lakers is a GREAT opportunity for both the Lakers and Hibbert. Hibbert, you heard it hear first, will be a monster on the boards, protected the painted area, and get wonderful offensive opportunities from Russel & Kobe.

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      lets just hope they trade or drop sacre and resign jordan hill he has a great jump shot kinda like an old patrick ewing. go lakers!

  32. cleveland crying for 51 years says:

    @Stan What cleveland again??? Yes the HEAT can beat that overrated cavs of yours…. So you don’t learn something about lequeen??? W/out DWade the drama queen can’t win anything… If those 2 meet in playoffs cavs won’t stand a chance… Healthy Wade + Bosh, Dragic, Deng,and Whiteside I believe they are a Title Contender… So you didn’t watch them play at full force (HEAT) vs cavs??? W/out kyrie you must be dreaming…

    Now for the lakers… Kobe has nothing to do with their front office, that’s on Jim buss… Kobe may retire anyway, so that’s not his fault if allstar players didn’t land to Lakers. They have the CAP, large amount of $$$… maybe it’s how they recruit players… As for Hibbert, can’t blame the guy either, lakers wanted players… It’s better to have something than Nothing.. although It won’t make any difference, the least they could do is to try… Now they have hibbert, They can now recruit bynum back at lakers just to make a team… Odom, Oden ?????

  33. Ken M says:


  34. Real facts says:

    Wow! Less than avg. center at full price!

    • ad says:

      Yea its only a one yr deal hibberts contract expires next off season and the lakers get 70 mil in cap space..smh ppl really don’t understand the business this is a great move for the lakers now and the future

  35. LAKERS4LIFE says:


    • "real"NBA fan says:

      roy hibbert has alot of potential bad talking people like Kobe Hibbert will only make them play harder. pacers loss is our gain! i think russel might be throwing some alley oops to hibbert and nance jr this year but dotn quote me on that!

  36. imti says:

    need to do away with kobe. the management failed again

  37. J4CK Nicholson says:

    Time for the Lakers to rebuild by drafting and not relying just on free agents. Their current lineup is for rebuilding and a possible 8th spot for the playoffs at best, Or they can build a trade package for Cousins, provided that Randle, Clarkson and Russell will not be included. As for Hibbert, this is the perfect time to prove other people wrong (including Bird) as he played awful last year. Hoping we get a bargain from him.

    • .... says:

      The problem is, lakers owe a top 3 protected 2016 first round draft pick to Philly. So to be honest, I’m ok with lakers getting just an 8th spot cuz screw Philly.

      • "real"NBA fan says:

        im not okay with that….i want Kobe to win 1 more championship. i want these players working hard all summer and come back september october ready to ball! you get paid millions you better be ready to win some games. the Lakers fans are all tired of hearing next year. this year folks!

  38. enriquerombout says:

    I think that it is time Jim quits.

    Roy hibbert is not that bad of an player, and I think he will do pretty descent, I just can’t believe Lakers could not get even one Top free agent, this will only take longer before the Lakers are back on top again.

    I hope they still are looking for an trade to get cousins.
    This is Kobe’s last season, at least give him an chance to be an play off team and make some noise.

  39. George Zulu says:

    laker nation my team. Why fall that bad, you are willing to sacrifice your drafts on a faild talent like Hibert than you would do on a proven special star like Cousins. Please Lakers forget bout the Hibert deal and go back and beg for Cousins. With the Cousins deal every super star would be running to play for LA. ZAMBIA is waiting for the LA winning ways back. The Buss family please leave decisions to basketball planners. I love LA so much please dont spoil my pusion.

    • Brent says:

      They aren’t gonna get Cousins for the same price as Hibbert. Hibbert is a steal as far as future draft picks go. It’s mostly absorbing his inflated salary that Insiana wants. With Cousins you’re gonna have to give up a new player like Randle and probably a first round draft pick. Maybe a late rounder, but you never know. The Lakers are still on the hook for the disastrous Nash trade. Awful trade for a player that basically stole at least $18 million out of the $27 million he signed for over 3 years. Hibbert has upside. He has the tools and the talent. He can be a 12 and 10 guy as well as a defensive presence. But it goes to show that the Lakers should have chose Okafor instead of a guard. Being way too confident that they’d get Love or Aldridge no problem. My point is don’t be so naive as to say they should get Cousins rather than Hibbert. They’d have to give up the farm to do that. And isn’t that the reason the Lakers are in the predicament they are in now? Because of what they gave for Nash the thief and the self proclaimed Superman the weak.

  40. mike says:

    Roy Hibbert is 7’2 Jamaican American super star. He has already made through an all star twice and he still has lot of gas go ahead. All he needs is good players to surround him. Ya man roy all your lion packs are behind you so work hard and earn your dream..

  41. sid says:

    Oh oh and I forgot something! Please also change the medical and fitness staff. They are famous for a history of many years of major injuries and quarterly breakdowns (mostly 3rd or 4th quarters) even the players just playing 20+ to 30+ min (not 40+).

  42. anothercavsfan says:

    Lakers are still paying the price of Kobe’s inflated contract.

    If Kobe was more like Duncan both in contract and attitude\ego then the Lakers would have had a much easier time recruiting players.

    • Brent says:

      Kobe is my all time favorite player, but I’d have to agree about just accepting that high of a contract amount because it offered. For crying out loud he’s practically missed 2 seasons in a row. A leader would lead by example and rework a contract to help his team. It’s ALL about ego.

      • Dessert11Eagle says:

        Kobe was due 33 million per season on this contract. He gave back 9 million a year to be at 24 million this year.

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      another miami heat fan funny how your name is changed to cavs now? bandwagon jumper

  43. sid says:

    Can someone tell me why Lakers are keeping up with their coach and their coaching staff?
    These People are famous now for worst record in NBA history of Lakers. I am pretty sure if in my company we have a year of worst result ever – a lot of the guys working there will be gone fishing!
    Hey! Just a hint – out there is Tibs who has a lot of free-time right now. Nobody in Laker-land will be upset on the management if they employ him (before someone else is doing it – and if he even wanna work in LA?).
    Let me tell you – its a good thing if a coach and his coaching-team can reach playoffs every year and even finals with a mediocre Team (even its the east).
    btw – please also give him full control of basketball opererations – as it seems like the staff doing it now is doing not a good job since years!

    • Brent says:

      How many coaches should they pay at one time??? They still pay Mike Brown even. They’re gonna have to stick with someone.

  44. dustydreamnz says:

    When Hibbert is good, he’s really good, when he’s bad….hope he plays well for the Lakers. They should be better than last year if they stay fit. Like the Knicks, they’re not going to rebuild in one year and won’t progress much til K Bryant gives it away probably.

  45. Hahahahahahaha Roy Hibbert is a bum. Worst center in the league

  46. Hibbert will Return to All Star Form! says:

    Roy Hibbert will become an All Star with the Purple and Gold. The Lakers take great big men and make them Legendary! The Pacers are full of LOSERS who have never won anything in their careers… Roy comes from a losing culture and once exposed to greatness that the Lakers franchise is his game will elevate and some day have his jersey hung by Wilt, Kareem, Worthy, Shaq, Wilkes, Johnson West and the rest of the Laker Legends!

    • Geralt says:

      Damn is the crack wave washing over L.A again!? I’ve not heard such delusions of grandeur since my since Tara Reid.

  47. ps673ps673 says:

    This is what Lebron faced in CLE so he left to a better place. Kobe sadly has nowhere to go. He’s to old now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Mike says:

      correction: This is what LeBron created himself in Cleveland.
      Heat will beat Cleveland in playoffs.( if another team does not beat Cleveland before that)

  48. Aarib Syed says:


  49. Steven says:

    I would’ve thought the Clippers would of tried to get Roy Hibbert , even at 15 something million a year being I figured they would have the cap space since they was going give DeAndre Jordan a 5 year 108 something million contract and they would only have Hibbert for 1 year at 15 million but if Doc Rivers worked with him and all, he might have been able to get Roy Hibbert back on track and if it worked out the Clippers could try and sign him to a contract after his first year there or maybe another team would had wanted to give Roy a try for a year maybe Rockets or somebody else…

    Roy Hibbert being traded to the Lakers am sure that’s going do him any good, but when you get traded you have no choice…

    • Brandon says:

      The clippers could go over the salary cap to sign Jordan with bird rights , not when making a trade

    • .... says:

      Clippers didn’t have any cap space. They are allowed to offer a max extension to resign a player, but the amount of money they had to get FA was about 5-8mil. I wish clippers got Roy Hibbert too.

  50. Lakers Fan says:

    Wow we missed a lot of names such as D.Jordan L.Aldridge P.Pierce KLove D.Wade R.Rondo etc. But we go after A 7ft dude who has not lived up to being 7ft not rebounding, blocking, and controlling the paint like a big 7ft Center would do. What Happen To Us It’s Not Kobe Fault Hell He Still With Us Being Loyal I’m Sure Other Teams Would Had Went After Him If He Would Had Tested Free Agency. We Used to be on Top of Clippers and Warriors Didn’t Even Think About Them In the Division just Lakers Clippers Got A Good Team Even Without Jordan and Warriors are 2015 Champs. Change In Management is Needed Because We Can’t Get Good Players Even The decent players a Danny Green or some won’t even come… Just saying we went from winning two championship back to back to falling behind the scenes…

    • Rlozabo says:

      Nobody wants to play with Kobe and jerry buss is gone that’s what happen to us

    • Devon says:

      yah forgetting who Roy Hibbert is going down there and working with

    • MackDaddy says:

      Why would ANY high caliber players come to LA? It’s Kobe’s team… regardless of age, regardless of relevance.

      LA made a vow to Kobe, we will stick with you all the way.
      They let Shaq go because of him, and they let A LOT of other good players go because of him.

      Just think how many extra rings they would have won if they simply told Kobe to toe the line with Shaq.

      Nup. Lakers will stay as they are (irrelevant) until Kobe leaves.
      Get a lot of young role players, then use them as trade bait for 2 superstars in the future.
      After the Kobe legacy is gone.

  51. kobeballhog says:

    Great trade kobe needs 50 shots a game. Hibbert need none. Rookies need none. Finally kobe gets all he wants. Executive of the year jim buss. Kobe controls everything in lakerland. Thats why for 3 straight years no superstar wants to play alongside kobe. And kobe fanboys still dreaming westbrook and durant wanna play alongside kobe? Wait until kobe retires thats when superstar will come to lakers.

  52. G'dEagle says:

    Point of the trade is it improves the Lakers for 2016. We improve the defense now and that helps the youngsters mature this year. Next year we have the contract freed up and we have the extra picks from this trade as well. So no harm and we are not looking at playoffs this year as that would be virtually impossible this year in the West. And last I knew Los Angeles was not moving the Eastern Conference.

  53. Happy Happy Happy, Larry finally gets it right picking up Ellis is a steal & unloading Hop a Long Hibbert. He finally has made other teams look bad.

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      lol noone in lakers players management or fans care about that dude. get lost loser and get out of here.

    • bayar says:

      who is marc gasol? he think best himself. but it is not true. marc gasol and aldridge should go away road from Lakers

  54. harriethehawk says:

    Well, okay. If we are starting on a clean slate, then I’m expecting at least 12 rebounds,10 points 4 blocks from Hibbert every night. Id that asking for too much?

    • kevinw024 says:

      Divide it but 4 and you’ll get what his average will be. Coming from a Pacer fan his body just can’t keep up. He lost the mentality after a few seasons and he was slow to start with. Good luck to ya Hibbert. We will miss you in Indy.

  55. CLIPPER_BOY says:

    Clippers should trade for one of Phila bigs.

  56. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Glad to see Roy and West go, time to move forward, the only problem i have with this trade is he went to the Lakers were Kobe is my fav player, so now i got to see him on my other team.

  57. Bu says:

    Hibbert’s mindset has really turned bad in last 2 yrs, even when Stephenson was around with the Conference Finalist team intact. It’s all in the mind for him, because he already showed he can do it on the floor both offensively & defensively. So Lakers might be a last chance for him to redeem himself.

    With small ball in, not sure if these kinds of rim protector is still needed. He has to get every night 30-15-4 blocks every night during playoffs to be effective.

  58. T G SAMP says:

    We need more

  59. wtf says:

    LOL. This is the best the Lakers can get. Roy Hibbert is 7’1 and cant even grab a rebound. Jordan Hill is better than him

  60. G'dEagle says:

    Lakers bet to absorb a contract and get a center who helps them a little and get a pick to go with it so it is a no-brainer for them though not a great deal it still helps without hurting for 2016. Easy to see how it makes sense. Roy does shore up the biggest Laker weakness with a rim protector and will make Rangle look particularly good with extra rebounds off the backside with a little work together this will pad the stat sheet. Roy is not likely to score big unless DeAngelo can set him up but they don’t need his scoring that is not a key in this deal. If they can find another good bargain to add at the 3 or 4 they will compete but not a playoff team this year in the West and always an injury away from disaster but a bailout season is OK and wait for 2016 tool.

  61. JOHN says:

    I’m excited about this. I hope Hibbert has a resurgence. He is a beast at times and will hopefully get on well with Kobe. #newLakers

    • hanibalakerhoya4life says:

      As Laker/Hoya fan for 30 plus years let me first say this, the he’ll with anyone in today’s NBA that doesn’t realize that being a Laker is more than just collecting a paycheck and wanting to win right away, most of today’s players are mentally soft and can’t deal with the pressure of the responsibility of carrying the torch of this great franchise. So it’s not Kobe’s fault nor the Buss’s it’s the way the NBA is. I want players that can handle that challenge to be a part of something great. Now to Hibbert, I know his issues are mainly mental, however coming from the best producing big man college in Georgetown to the best big man Professional franchise in the Lakers provides him with an opportunity to be great and Upshaw could be a good young compliment if we keep him. So I like the move and don’t approve of begging anyone to be here if we never win another Chip I’m good but I do believe something is brewing in Laker Land regardless of what the pundits say.

      • "real"NBA fan says:

        i agree with you these stupid fans always talking about something bad about my Lakers. why does NBA even let them haters post comments? they should all be blocked and removed. stupid nba fans ruin it for everyone else watching and enjoying the games. GO LAKERS!

  62. Kobe@Manila says:

    Nice one for Aldridge but LA needs him so much.. How I wish that LA can land, even ONE, high caliber free agent but as of now, notthing is left.. Taking this scenario in a positive note.. Maybe, LA is destined to get WESTBROOK and DURANT next year.. Go for it LA.. GO GO GO!!

    • Carlo says:

      Why just Westbrook and Durant? Why not LBJ, Irving, Lillard, Curry and Leonard too? You’re too modest in your requests.

      • "real"NBA fan says:

        id be happy with just KD always been one of my favorite players. KD is a beast!

      • "real"NBA fan says:

        hey carlo imagine dangelo russel at PG Kobe at SG KD at SF julius randle at PF and Hibbert at center. that would be one nasty team in a year or two of experience they may win an NBA championship!

  63. jill says:

    Finally somebody willing to play with Kobe. This is great news for the Lakers. Hibbert is talented but needs constant reinforcement reinforcement to gain confidence. Is Hobbert ready to yield unconditionally to Kobe? Only time will tell.Everybody knows what happened in Indiana with Hibbert as he suggested that TEAMWORK was essential to win.

  64. ronhawkster says:

    The Lakers have turned into salary dumpsters of other teams. Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin and now Hibbert. All were huge salary dumps.

    The Lakers are for all practical purposes DEAD. A postmortem:

  65. sid says:

    omg – now they are suddenly a title contenter? hahahahaha!

    I just hope that KB will not make RH cry ๐Ÿ˜‰ He is so sensitive! Hopefully this will work-out for LA.
    But would be good for Lakers to have a strong big in the middle – still they should see to get JH back into the lineup! He is one very solid backup for both the 5 and the 4 and he goes where it hurts!

    Next step should be gettin a solid SF – bit more physical than NY. I always feel pitty seeing NY defending LBJ!

    At least this is a much more solid and intelligent move than trying to bring LMA into LA.

    1. Russel, Clarkson (JBrown)
    2. Kobe, Young, JBrown
    3. ???, ABrown, Kelly (Young)
    4. Randle, Nance Jr
    5. Hibbert, Black, Sacre

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      sacre should never play they should rotate between roy hibbert and tariq black. at power foward id stick julius randle and bring nance jr off the bench and see how he does give him a chance you know. i would put sacre in the game unless the other 2 fouled out or something. at SG start Kobe and rotate in nick young to save his body and minutes. at Small Foward i would start ryan kelly and rotate in anthony davis the new guy. he looks promising but again give him minutes. if you dont give these rookies playing time how are you going to know what they can do or cant? resign jeremy lin and jordan hill too!

  66. Pacers4LYFE says:

    Thank you LA for taking this heap of junk off our hands.
    Roy Hibbert is a hater ala “a lot of sefish dudes”. Hehad many of oopportunities to dominate the post for the pacers. But off balance fadeaway jumpers for a 7’2″ man is unacceptable. Teammates lost ALL confidence in the dude. Opting into his final year was a selfish response. What was your plan Roy? Fake an injury. Play even worse than the last two years? Are prove your critics wrong? Prove it in L.A. because we’re trying to win a championship here in this city.

  67. Lester says:

    I feel that everyone should just relax ,and let the new players show what all they can bring to the team. Hibbert will make a nice fit and will allow us to block off players coming down the lane for lay ups. don’t forget that we can still go out sign a few season vet’s to join the team. What is more important is that Bryon Scott needs to get out from the old school of basketball, and do what other teams are doing Shooting the 3 and being more wide open. He should really use his head and go and ask Michael Cooper to come and be his defensive coach.

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      these new players all they have to do is ask some of the old players for coaching and tips im sure they would be willing to help out. but if you dont ask how will you ever get an answer? people just need to do it and not say they are gonna do it. look at hakeem olajuwon lebron went to work on his post game with him. im sure he asked and got a yes just like any other player can get a yes. be friendly and ask politly im sure he wont say no go away.

  68. Drew says:

    Roy Hibbert is a good player. He lost confidence the 2013-2014 season with the uncontrolled offense that Lance Stevenson was playing. Only in the Playoff they realized that Stevenson could not carry the team, then they turned to Hibbert, who was not getting his usual post-up touches for most of the season. That was unfair for Hibbert to bail out the Pacers in the playoff after not seeing the ball for 82 games.

    Hibbert will get back to his All Star self in LA.

  69. jay says:

    Dear Buss family,
    thank you for all you have given the laker nation over the years, your dad did a great job of staying out of the basketball decisions and let jerry west handle things, (see golden state) basketball people kind of know what they are doing, all due respect, you all are nice people but you know nothing about basketball, you have lost the brand or in danger of losing it, plea se sell the franchise before you cause serious damage, people are laughing at you the way they were laughing at Tiger Woods when he could not break 80.Please sell the team get your season tickets, watch the games and enjoy what your father created before you become the clippers for most of their time

  70. robb says:

    dj is worth the deal he signed, he is clearly not a max player now but when the cap will elevate, it won’t be a max salary any more

  71. Keith says:

    Wow, Roy Hibbert? This dude couldn’t grab a rebound for over 2 or 3 games in a row last season and who takes about “a week” to score a point once he gets the ball!

    Why are the Lakers getting rid of “much needed” draft picks???

  72. William says:

    Lakers 2015-2016 NBA CHAMPIONS! BOOK IT!!
    pg- russel
    sg – kobe
    sf-swaggy p
    pf randle

    • papado says:

      Hahaha, troll of the year… SanAntonio all the way againts the Heat in the Finals

    • Donald Nash says:

      Surely your joking

    • papado says:

      If Cavs can’t get any legitimate free agents to fill up their awful bench and also sign J.R. they would lack in offense all over again going into postseason with tormenting minutes for starting squad which took its toll (Kyrie injury, Love injury ,Lebron playing 40 min etc.) therefore being without any fuel left in the end. Heat on the other hand with a proven 2 star punch in Bosh and Wade alongside Dragic, Deng, Whiteside and steal of the draft in my opinion in Justise Winslow and solid bench(Chalmers, Haslem, Beasley, Birdman etc.) with potential addition of a few agents, they could turn some heads. We’ll see.

  73. #clipper fan says:

    The Clippers are the ones that need to push for this trade. In my opinion he is a better player than DJ that was not worth a max deal with his poor free throw shooting and virtually no offense.

    • Lakers Hopeful says:

      Unfortunately the Clippers don’t have the cap space to get Roy Hibbert. DeAndre Jordan going to Dallas has left the Clippers in a really bad spot. I agree they need a center badly but their contract structures have very little room. I was thinking the other day that if they are willing to gamble, they should try to get Andrew Bynum for cheap. He’s not doing anything so he might be willing to take the 2.2 million/year contract. If he doesn’t work out or his knees fail, the Clippers are no worse than they are without a center.

    • Dan says:

      put it this way… those who are the best shooting or scorers but cant defend or rebound or block they get max deal? why not a top 5 best rebounder deserved the max deal? in basketball… is not only scorer can win the championship! Don’t just look at one reason…. u need combos to make it happen…. scorers, rebounders, block, defend, distributor. And most of all u must have good mentality and good IQ understanding the team works.

      • #clipper fan says:

        The problem with your comment is that DJ is not a bad shooter, he is a horrible one. If you watched the playoffs against the Spurs and Rockets you can clearly see that he would throw everyone off their game everytime he was purposely sent to the line to shoot free throws. He reminds me of Ben Wallace (great defense,no offense ).