2015 Free Agency — Day 2

VIDEO: David Aldridge with the latest on LaMarcus Aldridge

From NBA.com staff reports

To call the opening day of NBA free agency anything other than a spending spree would be a misnomer. From superstars to mid-level players to even role players, big-money contract agreements were bandied about and agreed to …

If you missed it, here’s everything that happened in Day 1. And, as we head into Day 2 of the free-agent frenzy, keep up with the latest buzz as surely more and more names reach deals.


The world is still waiting on LaMarcus — 1:21 a.m.

The Spurs, Suns, Mavericks and the rest of the free agents still on the market are all waiting for LaMarcus Aldridge to decide.

Matthews to Dallas — 1:06 a.m.

It seems no one wants to deal with the dysfunction in Sacramento right now. Wes Matthews certainly does not. He turned down the Kings for Dallas.

Matthews to pass on Kings, eyeing Mavericks? — 12:45 p.m.

Could Wes Matthews pass on a $64 million offer from the Sacramento Kings for a deal in Dallas? It’s seems like a done deal, based on the latest rumblings …


Matthews offered Kings’ ransom to join the party in Sacramento — 11:13 p.m.

Initial reports about the deal the Sacramento Kings were offering Portland shooting guard Wes Matthews were on the conservative side. Instead of a three-year deal in the $45 million range, it turns out the Kings’ offer is more like $64 million over four years. Not bad for a guy coming off of an Achilles injury.

Report: Jeanie Buss says brother Jim has to go if rebuilding plan fails — 10:43 p.m.

Heads will roll in Los Angeles if the Lakers’ three-year rebuilding plan goes bust. And Jeanie Buss has made it clear all along that her brother Jim Buss will be the first to go. She reiterated that point on a Los Angeles radio show earlier today, amidst the Lakers’ continued failure to land a commitment from any of the high-profile free agents they are pursuing on the market this summer. Blood is apparently not thicker than Lakers’ purple, at least not in the Buss family.

ESPN.com’s Baxter Holmes gives us some context on the timeline:

“Yeah, absolutely,” Buss said. “This is my job. I’m part-owner of the team, but I’m also the president. The Buss family is the majority owner but we have other partners as well who are also shareholders, and I have an obligation to them. Would I make those changes? Yes. My brother understands that we have to continue to strive for greatness and I think he would be the first one to feel that he would need to step down if he can’t get us to that point.”

She explained the circumstances surrounding that timeline.

“Well, I asked my brother, how long until we’re back into contention? And when I say ‘contention,’ that means past the second round, so either the Western Conference Finals or the NBA Finals,” she said. “And he told me that it would take three years to rebuild it. So we’ve just finished Year 1 of that three-year [plan]. So we have two more years until he feels that we’ll be back into going past the second round in the playoffs.”

How would she evaluate how her brother has fared in his role thus far?

“I think that it’s been clear that for the Lakers to miss the playoffs two seasons in a row, that’s never happened before,” she said. “We are coming off our worst season in the history of the franchise, which is tough to swallow, because my dad [former Lakers owner Jerry Buss] set the bar so high. But my brother had asked that he be given time to put together the kind of roster. And I agree that he needs the time so that he can show people what he envisions as Laker basketball going forward. “

Matthews gets his offer — 9:18 p.m.

The Sacramento Kings gave up assets Wednesday night in order to create cap space for a new backcourt: Rajon Rondo and either Monta Ellis or Wes Matthews. With Ellis off the market, they had to put a lot of money in front of Matthews (who’s coming off a torn Achilles) to avoid striking out at shooting guard.

Knicks getting a big? — 9:00 p.m.

Lopez would give the Knicks (or Lakers) a boost on defense, where they need it most and where Greg Monroe wouldn’t have helped. And he wouldn’t have to go house-shopping in New York, because he could just sleep on his brother’s couch. And with all the money the Lopez Bros would be making (and saving by living together), they could by all the comic books in the tri-state area.

Lavoy Allen stays in Indy — 7:56 p.m.

No word on the dollar amount, but bringing Allen back becomes more important if the Pacers are looking to deal Roy Hibbert this summer. Allen isn’t a great shooter (35 percent from mid-range over his four seasons), but he can step outside and give Monta Ellis and Paul George a little more space to drive and create.

Wizards trade for Dudley — 6:51 p.m.

The Washington Wizards became a somewhat potent offensive team in the playoffs by playing small for (basically) the first time all season. And after they were eliminated, coach Randy Wittman inferred that the Wizards would look to build on that offensive success and play more small ball.

Paul Pierce‘s departure damaged the Wizards’ versatility, but it seems that they’ve reestablished it with a trade…

Robinson goes to Brooklyn — 6:10 p.m.

Brooklyn was Robinson’s intended destination when he was traded by the Blazers and then waived by the Nuggets in February. But the Sixers stepped in and claimed him off waivers before he could sign with the Nets. He averaged 17.1 points and 15.0 rebounds per 36 minutes in 22 games with Philly.

The two guys the Nets added Thursday were both first round picks who didn’t make it through their rookie-scale contracts. Robinson, the fifth pick in 2012, was traded twice by the time he started his second season in the league and didn’t have his fourth-year option picked up by Portland. Shane Larkin, the 18th pick in 2013, was traded after his rookie season to the Knicks, who then chose not to exercise his third-year option.

Lillard gets max deal — 6:05 p.m.

Lillard’s extension will kick in for the 2016-17 season, good timing with the rise in the salary cap. According to current cap estimates, he’ll make about $27 million in the fifth year of the deal (’20-21).

Wade, Heat agree to one-year deal — 5:58 p.m.

If it’s a flat $20 million for Wade, that’s less than the maximum amount (about $22 million) than he could have earned. The one year brings some risk for Wade, but allows the Heat to retain as much cap space as possible for next season, though Wade’s cap hold will still be significant.

Mid-Thursday review — 5:37 p.m.

With LaMarcus Aldridge taking meetings and other action slowing down, here’s a review of the 30 players who have agreed to terms with over the first 41 1/2 hours of free agency…



Aldridge still deciding — 4:08 p.m.

At the start of free agency (which was only 40 hours ago, believe it or not), LaMarcus Aldridge was one of the biggest names on the market. He still is, and is getting more attention than previously indicated…

Suns deal salary to Detroit — 3:33 p.m.

The Phoenix Suns are in the hunt for LaMarcus Aldridge and have dumped $8.4 million of salary on the Pistons to help create the necessary space. In the process, they’ve broken up the Morris twins.

The Suns don’t yet have enough cap space to sign Aldridge to the max and Tyson Chandler to the four-year, $52 million deal they agreed to on Wednesday, with Brandon Knight‘s qualifying offer still on the books (so that they can sign him to his new $70 million contract after the other deals are done). If Aldridge decides to go to Phoenix, the Suns would still need to clear about $7.4 million of space, or include at least that amount in a sign-and-trade deal with Portland or Dallas.

They could do it by trading Markieff Morris‘ deal ($8.0 million next season) or a combination of P.J. Tucker ($5.5 million) and T.J. Warren ($2.0 million).

Shane Larkin crosses the bridge — 2:55 p.m.

The Brooklyn Nets have Deron Williams, Steve Blake and Jarrett Jack. That didn’t stop them from bringing another point guard over from the Knicks…

You have to think that something else regarding the Nets’ backcourt is in the works.

Ed Davis heads north — 2:40 p.m.

The Portland Trail Blazers have already added two big man – Mason Plumlee and Noah Vonleh – via trades. They also fully guaranteed Chris Kaman‘s contract by not waiving him before Wednesday. Now, it’s even more clear that they’re planning for a future without LaMarcus Aldridge or Robin Lopez.

The big man market — 2:01 p.m.


Tim Duncan will be back — 1:50 p.m.

It’s been assumed that Tim Duncan has at least another year in him. His per-36 numbers have barely budged over his 18 seasons. But Duncan’s intentions weren’t known for sure, until now…

Depending on the final number for the ’15-16 salary cap, Duncan may need to take less than $6 million to give the Spurs the necessary cap space to sign LaMarcus Aldridge, who has still yet to make a decision about where he’ll sign. Manu Ginobili‘s status for next season is also a question at this point.

Baynes leaves Spurs for Detroit — 1:20 p.m.

The Spurs did not tender Aron Baynes a qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent (and giving them an extra $2.6 million of cap space). The Pistons took the opportunity to give the Aussie a lot of money to be their new back-up center.

Monta to Indiana — 1:11 p.m.

Ellis is a pretty good complement for current Indiana guards George Hill and C.J. Miles. With Paul George as a small-ball four (even if it’s just part-time), the Pacers could have a dynamic offense at times.

VIDEO: The GameTime crew discuss Monta Ellis’ move to Indiana

Cavs & Thompson still have work to do — 1:08 p.m.

VIDEO: Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick talks Cavs and Heat

Kings make minor move — 1:08 p.m.

Anderson hit 115 threes for the Sixers in 2013-14 and played in Lithuania last season.

Plan C: Roy Hibbert — 12:54 p.m.

The Pacers have indicated that they’re ready to embrace small ball and move on from Roy Hibbert, who exercised his player option and is owed $15.5 million for the ’15-16 season. So, for a team looking for a big man in free agency (see Knicks, Lakers, Mavs), Hibbert could be a one-year, stop-gap …

Some interest in Stoudemire — 12:25 p.m.

Amar’e Stoudemire split last season between the New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks, two teams that both have cap room this summer. Neither of those squads is interested in him, but five other teams are …

Report: Gasol, Grizzlies working on $100M deal — 12:12 p.m.

The thinking all season long and into free agency among most NBA types is that Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol isn’t going anywhere. That seems to be holding true, writes Marc Stein of ESPN.com

The Memphis Grizzlies and star center Marc Gasol continue to progress toward agreement on a five-year max contract that will cross the $100 million threshold, according to league sources.

Sources told ESPN.com that the exact timetable for a verbal agreement between Gasol and the Grizzlies remains unknown, but team officials — including owner Robert Pera — were in Spain this week to greet Gasol in his hometown of Barcelona shortly after free agency commenced at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday.

Although the exact contract structure remains to be seen, sources said Thursday that Gasol’s preference remains to do a full five-year deal with the only team he has ever played for in the NBA as opposed to a short-term deal.

Lakers a tough sell in free agency — 12:06 p.m.

Kevin Ding digs in on why the Los Angeles Lakers are having a hard time getting the big-name free agents that used to come to them almost automatically …

And therein lies the crux of the problem for the Lakers as they try to sell Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan, Greg Monroe and anyone else in free agency.

The future might draw more star free agents. The past was undeniably glorious. But the Lakers have nothing to offer in the present.

Changes in the NBA marketplace? — 12:05 p.m.

In light of the Bucks agreement with Greg Monroe, folks are chiming in on how many of the old rules of free agency are fading fast …

Barea suitors — 11:40 a.m.

The Mavs may be going with another point-guard-by-committee approach. They have Raymond Felton and Devin Harris on cheap deals, but there are no impact point guards left on the market, unless they want to try to pry restricted free agent Reggie Jackson out of Detroit.

Knicks still looking for a big man — 11:28 a.m.

The only big on the Knicks’ roster right now is Kristaps Porzingis. So…

VIDEO: Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck discusses the Knicks’ situation

Tavares is coming over — 11:25 a.m.

The Hawks are ready to bring over the 43rd pick of the 2014 Draft.

Monroe to Milwaukee — 11:01 a.m.

The Bucks have a new big man…

Monroe was a restricted free agent last year, and took the Pistons’ qualifying offer, getting paid just $5.5 million for the 2014-15 season. Like Jimmy Butler (who didn’t accept the Bulls’ offer of a contract extension), he gambled on himself … and won.

Monroe will have to sign before Khris Middleton‘s new contract takes up most of the Bucks’ cap space. Once Monroe is signed, the Bucks can re-sign Middleton with their Bird rights.

Bucks coach Jason Kidd likes to run his offense through the elbow, where Monroe is most comfortable. In fact, in SportVU’s first semi-season of player tracking (2012-13, when STATS cameras were in only 15 arenas), he led the league with 10.2 elbow touches per game.

Monroe has his issues on defense, but he’s joining the team that ranked second in defensive efficiency last season. The Bucks have the length and system to help make up for their new center’s lack of mobility. And he’ll certainly help an offense that ranked 25th.

Threes for sale — 10:29 a.m.


Aldridge unlikely to pick Raptors — 9:30 a.m.

LaMarcus Aldridge did visit the Toronto Raptors, but he’s probably not going to sign there, per our David Aldridge

Report: Teams commit $1.4B to players on Day 1 — 9:21 a.m.

We know opening day of NBA free agency saw a lot of deals and money flying about … but $1.4 BILLION?

From ESPN.com:

According to ESPN Stats & Information, NBA teams agreed in principle to pay over $1.4 billion in salary to players on Wednesday.

And that doesn’t even include the five-year extension estimated at nearly $145 million that Anthony Davis received from the New Orleans Pelicans.

Seven teams guaranteed over $100 million in agreements on Wednesday, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, who agreed to terms with Kevin Love and Iman Shumpert for a combined $150 million and neared agreement with Tristan Thompson for another $80 million.

Blazers assistant says Aldridge won’t be back — 8:56 a.m.

You can almost hear the folks in Portland jumping out of their beds …

The Trail Blazers are about to lose LaMarcus Aldridge to another team in free agency and undergo a youth movement.

That’s the revelation made by assistant coach Kim Hughes in an interview with an Indiana TV station on Tuesday, a few hours before the start of free agency.

“Well, people don’t realize we just went young,” Hughes tells WTHI of Terre Haute, Indiana. “We didn’t publicize it, but we lost LaMarcus Aldridge. It hasn’t been declared yet, but I’m sure he won’t come back. We will go young.”

Report: Afflalo, Knicks agree to deal — 8:08 a.m.

New York didn’t take long to get someone in free agency. Will more moves follow?



  1. Robby Banks says:

    I really like what the Trailblazers are doing… I’d much rather have Al-Farouq Aminu and Ed Davis splitting time at PF rather than have LaMarcus, who has proven to be inconsistent and injury-prone.

  2. Undeniable Truth says:

    Prediction: Lakers won’t win, till Kobe retires. #GetTheElephantOutOfTheRoom

  3. Undeniable Truth says:

    Lakers need to do it right and throw Jim Buss UNDER THE BUS!

  4. rohan christian says:

    its high time that DA takes a call. many teams have sacrificed a lot just to get him on board, hope tides dont change have to think of future also 🙂 lets hope he lands @ spurs

  5. sid says:

    Seems like LA wanna Play in LA?!
    Why a second meeting otherwise? If you wanna be a star you gonna win rings and have the right franchise. SA is not the right franchise to get both. Rings yes – but with Pop as coach the star will be Pop and the TEAM. There is no Glamour, are no bright lights, no stardust in SA.
    LA gets LA and DJ or DC or Noel (maybe Noel would be best fit) and a talent on the 3 – ups champ contender – but that would take good Management – and we all know – that might be the issue 🙂

  6. "real"NBA fan says:

    why does NBA not post comments that i post on this page?

  7. Jeremiah says:

    i don’t think spurs can win right away especially that the dubs are there, clippers is boosted by pierce, houston is developing, and the return of the thunders. the mavs did a makeover but pretty much weak compard last year. portland will dropped off the playoff race. Pelicans will get stronger as long as they are all healthy. memphis looks pretty much the same with the grit and grind. its exciting to see minnesota develop and the lakers rebuild

    The east is pretty much the same. the bucks may improved this upcoming season due to this free agency. the cavs are finding more pieces but will not likely be a champion this year again(lebron getting older/more prone to injury especially with 275 lb and love will make no difference). the bulls will try to develop under a new coach. toronto is boosted by carroll. atlanta will be good but not better without korver, sefolosha and carroll. wizards will get a chance to look for a sf starter at their rookies.

    • jake s. says:

      No amount of comments is going to save the Lakers. They are the 76ers… except the 76ers can actually win in their conference.

      • Jeremiah says:

        really??!!76ers???they do have the talent but a long way on winning their conference…plus their draft picks the past seasons are great but more of a oden-type player.injury prone

    • jake s. says:

      i said in their conference bro, not “their conference”.

  8. J4CK Nicholson says:

    If I was the Lakers I’ll try to lose as much as i can (purposely) so Jim Buss can go. He ruined the franchise for far too long.

  9. Undeniable Truth says:

    2016 NBA FINALS: SPURS vs. cavs.

  10. Undeniable Truth says:


  11. Jeremiah says:

    after free agency/trade: I would love to see the rebuilding and development of these teams
    pelicans (fast tempo as gentry wanted)

    PG: Holiday(Get Reggie Jackson/ Mudiay)
    SG:Gordon(Preferably trade for Bledsoe)
    PF: Davis
    C: Asik(Preferably trade for chandler)
    6th: Anderson
    *J.R. Smith


    PG:Rubio/ jones
    SG: Lavine
    PF: Towns
    C: Pekovic (should trade for okafor or noel)



    Lakers(improve defense)

    Hire Thibs or Scott brooks


    6th: Swaggy P./ JR smith
    *Nance Jr.

    ***Trade randle and clarkson for okafor/noel

    • "real"NBA fan not 4 kids says:

      i wouldnt trade randle or clarkson period we just need to sign a damn power foward or center. if we could get DJ and LA omg imagine the games. russel pg clarkson sg kobe sf alridge pf jordan center. 3 guards and 2 bigs. can anyone say high scoring games?

      • Jeremiah says:

        there goes your jordan fool..this is rebuild time…no one wants to play for Lakers at the moment, they should develop players nonetheless..randle and clarkson are very good, but okafor would be way better

  12. Undeniable Truth says:


  13. Jeremiah says:

    Lakers should still try for tobias, J.R. Smith, lou williams or Stuckey, robin lopez as well..

    Pelicans should add belineli/neal/rondo/jackson

  14. Jeremiah says:

    c’mon, fix the lakers BUSSes…!!!!

  15. sports fan says:

    It’s absolutely awesome to see that the Lakers & Knicks can’t get any really good players to play for them. It’s time to see the smaller markets get their due now. Players want to win & know that chemistry is where it’s at. Kobe & Carmelo are anti-chemistry guys right now. They both ball hog too much & if they can’t stay healthy, especially Kobe, then the chemistry is disrupted by missing a lot of games & then getting back into the starting line-up. Once Kobe is gone the Lakers can then become a playoff contender & the same could probably be true for Carmelo & the Knicks.

    • Reinigan says:

      Absolutely! The Lakers and The Kincks are in denial. They earnestly believed that their hopes are in the recruiting prowess or charms of their ‘superstars’. Kobe is the main reason why every present, past and future superstars are not picking the Lakers. Meanwhile, the Knicks are spending more on a loser like Melo!

  16. Jeremiah says:

    damn..free agency is so crazy because the players are fooling us!!!wtf!

    The Lakers haven’t got any big name yet???

    The Bulls should add scoring..maybe trade gibson for lee???

    I’m rooting for the pelicans but management should help their 145M-worth super mega star..trade Asik for chandlers, Gordon for Bledsoe. maybe try to trade holiday for Goran or a playmaker at point(tyreke is good though)

  17. I hope gasol goes to the lakers like his brother pau and win with kobe

  18. Jeremiah says:

    lakers are really desperate for aldridge huh?!! do it right.get williams, and Jr smith!!lopez as well, deal randle and clarkson for okafor!!

  19. Jeremiah says:

    lakers, can you at least get lou williams!!!! he can help!!!trade randle and clarkson for okafor!!! and lopez please!!!!

  20. Jeremiah says:

    dammit Lakers, do better please!! what the hell is management doing in the first place??!!!

  21. Jeremiah says:

    wtf!! lillard, imitating davis. you can never be a superstar kid!!!#waste

    monroe to the bucks????!!!!wth wrong with you greg??!!

    good job from the pacers.

    wrong move by afflalo

  22. dustydreamnz says:

    I think it depends on the player. Management, championships, location and money etc all come into it.

  23. harriethehawk says:

    I’m not a fan of the Fakers or the Knickerbonkers, but can someone give them a break and play for them?

    • taekayo says:

      why? they’ve been one of the “bullies” in the league for being the big-market franchises that they are. Most of what happened to them was of their own doing anyway. its probably a good thing today that not all the good players play for the big guns of the league, it kind of balances everything out. they have to do what other teams has been doing since the start of this league, start developing young players to be franchise cornerstones, and not wait for a player from a small team to develop then steal them.

  24. harriethehawk says:

    It’s a little disheartening to think that Knickerbonkers and the Fakers can’t fully participate in this trade process, because they are perceived as unattractive.

  25. rico says:

    Blazers really struck out on Monta and Monroe, although Aminu and Davis were steals. They need just a wing who can get BUCKETS off of Lillard’s pick and rolls. Where’s Mickael Pietrus when you need him?

  26. l0l says:

    LA to Houston to pair with D12 at the front. You’ve got everything then cos LA has the mid-range game and post game aswel… they would be unstoppable lol

  27. Rob says:

    The ESPN souce says the the Lakers want a second meeting with LaMarcus Aldridge to see is they can get it right this time.
    So, to get it straight the first time they told him the truth and he didn’t like the sound of it, so now they want to spin a story that sounds much better, but, if he buys it and signs he’ll find out want they told him and he didn’t like in the first place actually was the truth.

    Mostly though, if he wants a ring he should be signing up to play in Texas not L.A. He would be much better off staying with the Blazers than going to the Lakers.

  28. jake s. says:

    OMG once LaMarcus leaves the blazers the northeastern division will be a joke outside of OKC. Also, i have been saying it for years, the Lakers can’t just offer “Los Angeles” to players anymore. They have to spend a few more years in the lottery! Period.

  29. It feels amazing to finally be a fan of the team at the top. We get to kick back and watch the other GM’s in the league stumble about trying to lure big names to their team and over pay over the hill roll players. Go Dubs.

  30. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    As much as i Luv me some Tristian Thompson… He DOES NOT deserve an 5 year 80 Million dollar deal!!! That is ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense to max out 2 PF’s on the same team. TT would also be a max player coming off the bench. It makes no sense. I think he deserves a 5 year 60 Million at the most. His game still needs work, it is too one-sided (rebounds and defense).. need to work on offense and free throw’s and develop more.

    The Cavs already have Kevin Love, Mozgov, Varejao, and Perkins. I would rather the Cavs give that 80 Million to Wade.

  31. s wolfson says:

    Rumor has it that the Knicks have their finger on the trigger ready to trade Jose Calderone for David Lee. But alas Phil Jackson can’t pull the trigger. Seems that he has no concept of how to be a GM in the current-day NBA.

  32. jovan mitchell says:

    Monroe to bucks.good fit.they are definitely trying to put a lot of money into team.hope its worth it

  33. TheyCallMeBlaze says:

    I said it yesterday Monta will ball at 2 guard for my Pacers and it happened. Indiana will have scoring this year from our Draft pick in the 2nd round from the bench just like Monta so 2nd units gone be in trouble against ours. We losing Hibbert because we going small and plus he lost his confidence anyway smh… West left. We picked up a PF in the draft but Scola can play that position too so as the season makes way, my team will definitely be one to watch with PG13 healthy, mark my words.

  34. Monroe would rather win in Milwaukee, than lose in NY. Knicks will not be much better this season. Melo needs to just stay quiet and focus on winning basketball games: http://straighthoops.com/just_shut_up.html

  35. justsayin says:

    “Baynes leaves the champs for Detroit”

    All due respect to the Spurs, but the Warriors are the champs this summer.

  36. mark says:

    Ellis won’t be able to guard bigger 2.s and in a small ball line up he is still.under sized but he makes up for it with his scoring ability pg is back hill is healthy belive it or not I like big boy roy there he can help where smaller players will get beaten so I think with the players they have they can be a real threat in the east again hill pg hibbert ellis miles a few more bench players some rebounders and some wing shooters and you have 2 maybe 3 maybe 4 possible all stars yes ellis has all star talent as well as hill enjoy the season and be healthy in indiana

  37. scott says:

    go Ws

  38. cnewell says:

    Hey some of us are still Blazer fans here. I remember Aldridge saying he wanted to be the best Blazer, and this year injuries ruined our already thin chances of playing for a title. But LA has seen some unlucky draws in Portland (ex. Oden & Roy). Above all I want him back, even if it doesn’t make us legit title contenders necessarily. But if he leaves, I’m not burning my jersey….

  39. #1SpursFan says:

    Funny how all the Portland fans a year ago talked about how great L.A was and know that he wants to play for a franchise that has a championship opportunity#spurs all of them now want to say he is garbage too funny

  40. Blazer nation says:

    When I think of all time blazer best centers and big man of all time, la isn’t even on the top 10.. Sabonis even as a 31 year old rookie how awesome he was, imagine if they had him when the originally drafted him. Yes they had slot of players out of there prime ( example kemp) but over all in Seattle he was a monster, and in Cleveland. Ok kemp bad example of all time blazer great but an all time great player. The fact is the trail blazers have a huge list of all time great players one of the best small market franchises in the nba. Aldridge no doubt could be on the list if he does what he said he was gonna do last year resign and take his team to a world title.

  41. b7m says:

    I don’t feel bad for the Lakers that they won’t get any big name free agent this summer. In my opinion all of them are either overrated or injury prone. LA is good but he’s 30, who knows how many good years he has under his belt. Lakers will definitely need more than 2 years to become contender in the West with or without LA.

  42. KingdomMan says:

    Sorry NIXFAN, youve aleady got the no 1 scrub in the league…Carmelo.

  43. Jude says:

    Melo IS the problem. LeBron was able carry JR Smith and Shumpert to the Finals, while Melo was on the way to 2014-15 worst record until the Knicks screwed that up and won some games late in the season and gave Minnesota more pingpong balls and Karl Anthony Towns.

  44. Can’t believe the Knicks actually signed a decent free agent. Thought everyone would be scared away by Melo’s constant nonsense: http://straighthoops.com/just_shut_up.html

  45. DavidP says:

    Garbage player for a garbage team. Port lands better without him!

    • jay says:

      If you think Aldridge is garbage you don’t know shiet about basketball, idiot.

    • jake s. says:

      Definitely not garbage, but I don’t think he puts the Mavs or Spurs to the title. He is a bit overrated if you ask me. Imo Kevin Love has more to offer than LaMarcus Aldridge.

      • Undeniable Truth says:

        Of course L.A wil not take spurs to title because that is not how spurs win! The SPURS play Team basketball, not individual hog ball! L.A would just be a key piece that strengthens an already talented spurs roster. If spurs win next year, it won’t be because of aldridge, rather it wil be because of a strong team effort, and with a team like this: Parker, Green, Leonard, Aldridge, Duncan, Diaw, Mills, Bellinelli, and forget Ginobili, a there is no denying that spurs have a real chance! #TEAM EFFORT!

  46. NIXFAN says:

    It’s a start. Knicks need to try and lock up Harris and/or trade some players for Eric Bledsoe. Melo needs to be a presence in these meetings to lock up some remaining free agents before they’re all gone and we end up with SCRUBS!!!

    • DavidP says:

      Afllalo papa, Aldridge is a great player. This was posted when the signing of New York picking up his contract. Aldridge is good by all means, but he’s soft, we I think of all time great big man, he’s not even close.

      • DavidP says:

        La should stay in Portland, and have the dynamic duo, he said he wanted to be the greatest blazer ever right? He’s had his best two seasons previously, gets love from the city of Portland and gets as many shots as he wants. Dallas, and San Antonio in two seasons will be a completely different team. Including their head coach. He’s got the point guard of the future with Lillard, and cj. Finish his career were it started in the city of roses and build something great.

    • courtsideguy says:

      the knicks and lakers are a joke now…why would a top free agent want to play there? Its about the rings man..and both teams have superstars so the free agents wont get neither…

      • Undeniable Truth says:

        Of course L.A wil not take spurs to title because that is not how spurs win! The SPURS play Team basketball, not individual hog ball! L.A would just be a key piece that strengthens an already talented spurs roster. If spurs win next year, it won’t be because of aldridge, rather it wil be because of a strong team effort, and with a team like this: Parker, Green, Leonard, Aldridge, Duncan, Diaw, Mills, Bellinelli, and forget Ginobili, a there is no denying that spurs have a real chance! #TEAM EFFORT!