Blogtable: Could Wade, Heat split up?

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VIDEODwyane Wade figures heavily into the Heat’s top 10 plays from 2014-15

> Do you think a Miami Heat-Dwyane Wade breakup is a real possibility? And if so, which team should go after the 33-year-old shooting guard?

Steve Aschburner, Puh-leeze. All of a sudden he’s Brett Favre? Wade isn’t going anywhere. He might like drama, but he also is to the Heat at this point what Ernie Banks was to the Chicago Cubs in his hometown. The money he feels owed by Miami after accommodating teammates and the salary cap, isn’t insignificant, but it also is money that only Wade’s grandkids (or great-grandkids) might get around to spending. It’s more lucrative, I’d guess, for him to stay with that franchise for life than to chase every last dollar by going to, ugh, the Knicks or something.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comIf Dwyane Wade wanted to stick a thumb in Pat Riley’s eye, he’d take whatever spot was available and join LeBron in Cleveland. But I think his legacy in Miami is important and he’d like end his career in just one uniform, so I think he stays with the Heat.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Enough of a possibility to kick around, not enough to think it will happen. Do not get swept away by posturing. Nothing was said to indicate a broken relationship. Nothing was said that can’t — and won’t — be walked back by something along the lines of “Dwyane earned the right as a free agent to explore his options.” That’s a long, long way from seriously imagining himself in another uniform.

Shaun Powell, Dwyane Wade in another uniform, all because of money? Not. Gonna. Happen. Heat owner Micky Arison won’t let it, and that’s where the buck — pardon the pun — stops. There are two players who are franchise icons, for what they’ve done on the court and in the community: Alonzo Mourning and D-Wade. These negotiations will end peacefully and Wade’s career will end where it started, where it should.

John Schuhmann, No. Wade has a right to opt out of his current contract and ask for the money that he’s owed for taking less in 2010. The Heat should obviously try to maintain flexibility. But it’s hard to imagine these two parties without each other. I’d say it’s more likely than not that they find a way to compromise, maybe with a new, two-year deal that gives him another option next summer.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comI never say never, not in a league where it seems so very few stay in one spot for their entire careers these days. I’m going to assume (perhaps foolishly) that Dwyane Wade really believes that “Wade County” stuff and cannot imagine suiting up for anyone but the Heat. He’s already a living legend in Miami. I just have a hard time seeing him chase ghosts somewhere else when he’s already laid down a Hall of Fame foundation in Miami. He doesn’t have anything to prove to anybody, so why not finish in style in house he helped build?

Ian Thomsen, Too early to say: It’s going to be difficult for both sides to walk away from this relationship. But if he must leave, then the Hawks should try to land him — they need a charismatic star. 

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: After seeing LeBron walk away, I’m not so sure the Heat can afford to allow Wade to go anywhere. For all the talk about the Heat being a family, what would it say if the Heat don’t take care of Wade? At the same time, I’m not sure there’s a great market in today’s pace-and-space NBA for a 33-year-old shooting guard who can’t shoot threes, isn’t an elite defender and hasn’t played more than 70 games in a season since 2011. Wade can still score at an elite level — he averaged 21.5 ppg last season — but he can’t be the main man. Being surrounded by talented players, like the roster the Heat is assembling, is exactly what Wade needs.


  1. W.Beauchamp says:

    Oh, please! First of all: he is not overrated, y’all forgot how good he’s been, age does matter. Secondly, he’s not going anywhere much less to Cleveland, and to do what? Follow the parade of low self esteem idiots stuck to Lebrons side? He is so much better than that.

  2. Kal says:

    Wade should join San Antonio, replace Ginobili, just sayin, they’d win again. if he wants another ring / more playoff glory, go there. alternatively replace Paul Pierce in Washington and hope the Wizards can somehow land Durant too.

    but i get the feeling Wade just wants more mulah. and he’ll get it, somewhere. to those saying he is overrated… wow. wow. you are talking about one of the most overachieving players in NBA history, a dude who played his guts out and played way beyond his years for ring 1, hustled hard for the next 2 even with Bron there, was tough work.
    only single moment of immaturity was the famous making fun of Dirk’s sickness excuse in 2011, which may have lead to costing them that championship, as it seemed the refs, media, league and certainly the Mavs showed Heat a lot less respect after that hiccup.

    also, to those saying Mello is overrated… thought experiment: the 2004 Pistons draft Mello instead of Milicic and go on to become a Noughties Dynasty, beating the Spurs in 2005 to repeat and making the Finals again in 2007, Mello is considered a future Hall of Famer like Wade and LeBron. … just sayin, dude had great years with Nuggets, 1 great year with Knicks capturing scoring title, give some benefit of the doubt…

  3. Karlo Garcia says:

    In this day and age in the NBA, any team/player relationship breakup is up in the air and a possibility. If Dwayne Wade can still play at a decent level then Miami would consider keeping him. But if not then maybe Sacramento.

  4. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    BU what are you smoking ???? overrated, You don’t think Wade can’t handle not being the leader of a team, he just took a back seat to Lebron and said this is your team and were going as far as you take us, 2 rings later, U mad bro…..

  5. Stopmakingexcuses says:

    Wade isn’t overrated. He was big time in his prime. That tittle belongs to Carmelo.

  6. heatfan815 says:

    Anybody who says wade I overrated u a damn Lie” 3 Nba title’s a scoring title a Finals MVP when Shaw was there and Shaw had playoff lows in pts and rebounding.big Zo step up when the Mavs in 06 had the big guy on heels .plus wade didn’t need labron to win a title he needed labron to win titles’ I’m kool wit that wade is behind Jordan and Kobe only ..its bosh who needs to take a hit not wade ..

  7. Bu says:

    Wade is one of the most overrated & immature & arrogant players in the league. He’s just trying to get more money from Heat. He knows he won’t fit in well with other teams, as I don’t think he can accept being not the leader of the team, and he’s sun down now. Like Lang W said, Wade knows his value and he’ll quietly finish off his career as Heat. I don’t even think he’s HOF material.

  8. kobeballhog says:

    Dwade dont be a kobe. Thats why the lakers all rubbish now. You can still be a heat after your career and get your money. Just dont be a kobe

  9. Jacob Pope says:

    Besides Alonzo Mourning, D-Wade is the heat. Anyone who thinks of the Heat as a Franchise immediately thinks of Wade. Wade has said so many times he will end his career with the heat, it’s by far the best option for him. But, if he does get fed up with snobby Pat Riley his only choices are the Clippers or Cavs so that he could play with his best friends. (CP3 & LBJ)

  10. chokobai says:

    DWade will likely to opt-in, considering that the salary cap would go bout 89M on 2016-2017. There, he would likely sign a two/three-year contract 18M/yr. He is into the making his LEGACY as a HEAT Legend, Waade will retire in MIAMI. If the Heat would successfully re-signed Dragic and Deng stays too, I think the Heat would be considered a threat in the EAST if healthy but bench production would really help this team go deep into the playoffs.

  11. True fan of basketball says:

    He not going leave thats his team and plus he still a superstar at 33 one of my top 5 fav sg

  12. dustydreamnz says:

    Anything could happen, it’s the NBA.

  13. Daniel says:

    D Wade will not go anywhere. His carrer will end up just where it started, in MIAMI

  14. The Fast says:

    Miami should give the “respect and worth” that DWade contributed for the team.

  15. Harriethehawk says:

    Miami is the only place he can limp. Stay put grandpa. You got a good thing going. Lol

  16. Steven says:

    The one thing I see with Dwyane Wade is, is he happy with what he’s done and earned, meaning is he ok with only winning 3 rings, like does he wanna put his self in the best situation to be able to have real chance at chasing another one or two? If you feel like your not going have the best chance as you could if you went else where but you really didn’t wanna leave to go to a new team you might as well get paid well decent money for all you done for the city and you been there for your whole career but to pay him the kind of money the Lakers have been paying Kobe Bryant last couple of years would be crazy and the Lakers are crazy there self for paying Kobe the money they have been paying him even if he wouldn’t had been hurt last few years still over paying him I think being they never have much left over to bring in right players

  17. NBAfan says:

    Nice fairytale wonder how he could even join the Cavs..

    LBJ max, Kyrie max, Love max, even damn Tristan Thompson rumored to want max contract! how does Wade fit into that picture?

    Maybe Love will have to leave as free agent..

  18. B.John says:

    Dwade isn’t going anywhere, this is all about negotiating for more money of which he well deserves.

  19. Al Ladd says:

    He got drafted by Heat,He played for Heat in good and bad,He’ll continue be with Heat as player than in some other capacity,He’ll be always The HEATer.

  20. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    I say stay, a healthy season for Miami in the East means playoffs, championship ??? i guess anything can happen, If he leaves i think of course Cleveland that’s obvious Lebron, but the Clippers need a third player like Wade, New York if they get some free agent to sign like Aldridge or Gasol to form a big three, the Bulls his home town, there’s alot of possibility’s but i think Miami is were he ends up a healthy Bosh and Wade is a nice combo, plus if the rumors of Riley trying to get Durant in 16 are true then Miami can be right back in the finals.

  21. Bob says:

    The Heat are a business and recognise that they may struggle to reach the playoffs with their current team if Boston and NY make some good moves this off season. I like the Heat but too many key players are injury prone. If they want to get back to being a contender they need to free up cap space. If Wade joins the Cavs then LBJ owes Wade and LBJ will need to take a salary cut

  22. justsayin says:

    It would be a shame to see Wade not retire in Miami. But if he had to go anywhere else, San Antonio might be a good place. They are pretty elite at maintaining an aging player’s health and managing their minutes.

  23. Pétrus says:

    There’s no point to dwyane wade to leave the heat, he would be seen as the bad guy of the story, and clearly he’s not, he along with shaq in ’06 brought a title and in ’12 and ’13 along with lebron and ray allen. He still has something left in the tank to at least tak this team to the playoffs, pat riley should build a team around his leadership, something wade has done for his career, leading this team the highest of the levels. They still have chris bosh too, who is a threat when healthy and playing well. Dragic could take the pressure of running the offense from Wade and this would be a advantage to him. Stay with the Heat Wade, please!!

  24. Brian says:

    The heat can not afford to loose D Wade, its isane. ticket sales will definately drop!!! if he should leave the Knicks, Clippers and Hawks look like good teams.

  25. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    I read somewhere that the Heat were offering Wade something less than 10 million per year, that is just disrespectful considering Bosh just got the Max deal, especially after all Wade has done for this organization. WOW. Even Kobe signed a 2 year 50 million deal while he was still recovering from his achilles injury, so justify the Heat’s reasons by saying that Wade is frequently injured is why Wade isn’t worth that much is just disrespectful… Its not about what he’s worth on paper.. Kobe was definitely not worth 25 million a year.. but its about respect and dignity. I hope Wade gets what he’s asking for, otherwise he should seriously consider leaving the greasy Heat and greasy Pat Riley and join Chicago, his hometown and help them compete for a championship.

    • Dieter says:

      Because of respect and dignity you give someone a place to stay, food and water. You don’t give him 25 million. What the Lakers did was ridiculous. Wade has more than enough money for the rest of his life, so why don’t chase another championship, which seems impossible right now at the Heat. Clippers, Bulls, Thunder all seem like a good fit.

  26. Tukang Baso says:

    DWade to Cleveland?

  27. bodjee says:

    Wade reuniting with Lebron in Cleveland!