Blogtable: Can LeBron pass Jordan?

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VIDEOCan LeBron James one day surpass Michael Jordan as greatest of all time?

> A couple of LeBron James’ teammates believe “The King” might soon surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time. Is this crazy talk, or do they have a legit argument?

Steve Aschburner, Legit argument, or at least getting there. LeBron clearly is lacking in the championships category, and if Golden State (presumably the West’s rep) validates its remarkable season with a championship, he’ll be 2-4 in the Finals vs. Jordan’s 6-0. But that’s just one measure for Greatest Of All Time status. James’ combination of size, speed, power and finesse is unprecedented in NBA history, making him as unique in his way as Jordan was as the high-scoring, ultra-competitor. We need to let James wrap up his resume and then compare the two. A couple more rings for James and his continued climb up the stats lists will make this a perfect topic for barrooms and man caves.

Fran Blinebury, It’s not crazy at all. If you’re measuring only by championships won, LeBron has a long way to go. But if your eyes are open, then the discussion is on. But only for second place. Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest player of all time and it’s not even close.

Scott Howard-Cooper, It’s not crazy talk, but it’s also not anything we need to worry about now. LeBron has to play at this level for at least a couple more years, and he has to win big, before the conversation gets real. That part is not fair in the debate, that teammates will help determine his place in history because the number of championships are part of the analysis. Jordan had Hall of Famers in his supporting cast — Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman — and an all-time great for a coach, Phil Jackson. No such luxury for James.

Shaun Powell, I can’t classify it as crazy talk or a legit argument. Only time will tell. He won’t have Jordan’s batting average in the NBA Finals (6-0 for MJ) but he’s still in his prime and, if he adds a few more titles, then let the conversation begin. But now? Too early. People are in such a rush to replace legends. And some of those people never saw those legends play.

John Schuhmann, I don’t know about “soon,” but I think it’s fair to have the discussion and everything depends on the lens through which you’re looking at them. LeBron isn’t close to Jordan’s six titles, but championships are won by teams, not individuals. And LeBron’s talent (size, athleticism, skill set) is obviously something we’ve never seen before.

Sekou Smith, I’m going to go ahead and forgive LeBron’s teammates for being too young to comprehend what we all saw of Michael Jordan in his prime (i.e. everything prior to his Washington Wizards days). For they know not of what they speak. This is absolutely crazy talk. And that’s not a knock on LeBron, just an ode to MJ and the Greatest Of All Time that he was, is and will always be. The bar is so unbelievably high, that it’s really unfair to keep trying to squeeze LeBron or anyone else into that mold. We tried it endlessly with Kobe Bryant, another all-time great player in his own right, to no avail. And I’m sure folks will continue to do it with LeBron. LeBron’s great in his own right and will have a rightful place on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore when the time comes. But passing up MJ as the greatest of all time … forget about it.

Ian Thomsen, NBA.comLeBron may already be the most talented player ever. But “the greatest of all time” is a title that must be earned by winning. Maybe LeBron will earn it. To say that LeBron is already within reach of someone who has won three times more championships? That is simply disrespectful to Michael Jordan.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: LeBron is the greatest player of his generation, and probably the best player since Michael Jordan. But for LeBron to be considered the greatest of all-time, well, I’m just not sure that’s possible. In purely a basketball sense, those in James’ camp have an interesting argument, as LeBron is physically able to do things on the court Jordan could never do. But part of what made Jordan so special was that he was in large part solely responsible for globalizing basketball and the NBA, taking the NBA from being a minor league to making people around the world say, “I love this game.” Jordan also authored the blueprint for going from an athlete to being a business man and marketing mogul, something nobody else has done as well ever since.


  1. Octavus says:

    From an european: MJ is the greatest ever. I remember as I stayed late at night to watch his games (starting 3am!!). I’ll never do it for LeBron. LBJ is the best of this generation but not even close to MJ. We’re taking here finesse, grace vs buffalo style. Do not forget that LBJ went to Miami to get a title…

  2. Luke says:


    Finals : Jordan 6:0 James 2:3
    MVP : Jordan 6 James 2
    + 30 pts games: MJ 109 James 53
    + 40 pts games: MJ 38 James 10
    + 50 pts games: MJ 8 James 0
    an that’s just scoring but MJ was much more then scoring
    + NBA Finals 1993- Amazing
    James triple double in series it’s amazing too but to be GOAT not even close

  3. Bilal says:

    If you want to discuss who is the Most Valuable Player to his team, there is no doubt it is Lebron James. He leaves Cleveland, and the team goes from 50-60 wins to being the worst team in the nba, getting the first pick 3 times… he leaves Miami, the team goes from reaching the finals 4 times in a row, to not making the playoffs!
    As for Micheal Jordan, he leaves Chicago in 94, and they win 55 games, reach the east final, lose to the knicks in game 7! you can add any superstar to this team and they will probably be champions.
    In my opinion, Lebron should have been the MVP every season since 2009; the numbers he is putting every season are just unbelievable in every category.

    Micheal Jordan is still the greatest, but Lebron definitely has a shot.

  4. East Coast King says:

    Let’s face it…Michael Jordan = Muhammad Ali of the NBA. Period.

  5. Chris curren says:

    MJ not only was clutch, dependable, he played extremely tough defense and won defensive player of the year along with his MVP’s….people like to say Jordan won his 6 championships because of his supporting cast of hall of farmers…but ask this question!!! Would they have been hall of farmers if Jordan didn’t elecate there game..Jordan is the type of tough hard player that made other around him great..bad to good and good to great…Jordan demanded a double team and total focus for opposing teams..and still overwhelmed them with great defense and courage to trust his own ability to put the ball through the basket..I’m can’t say this as a fact..but dang close as if the Bulls did not have Jordan through the great run..not only would they have not ever won any championships…I beleive they wouldn’t have made the playoff and soon would have been rebuilt as a franchise with new and different players..Labron show cases what happens when you bring your team to the championship through a team of decent players when he was with Cleveland for his first years..good team and labron made his team better…but not like Jordan..labrons two titles came from a supporting cast of Dwayne wade who won without labron and Chris bosh and other soon to be hall of gamers such a the greatest three point shooter in Ray ain’t a game of fiscal ability which in that case labron has the crown..over anyone in almost every pro sport in the world..but basketball is the ability to make others better to play as a solid unit playing for the same intense goal as being the victors..although labron can and has done bits and pieces of what Jordan done..not close to compare now or never…great player labron is and has changed the game as all great players do in there own ability…but to be compared to the greatest of all time is absolutely be honest…he hasn’t even came to the point in his time in the NBA to be compared to Kobe…who is the closest to compare to Jordan..and that conversation is also…..if there’s gunna be talk of the greatest…keep it at “who’s the second best” cuz 1st place is on reachable…-Chris C.

  6. Michael Mead says:

    LeBron is a great player, Michael Jordan is the greatest. Ever. Period. LeBron currently belongs in the third strata of NBA players, after Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell etc. At the end of his career I am sure he will be mentioned in the same breath as those players, in the group where you could argue who is the second greatest player of all time. There is no argument about number # 1 and never will be (and I say this as a Lakers/Magic fan!).

  7. Jeff says:

    This is silly. The comparison cannot be made. The evolution of the NBA each decade makes it nearly absurd to try and compare past versus present, statistically speaking. You can have your opinions, sure. Stats carry weight, but much less so the further the samples are away from each other. That said, Lebron is easily the best player around since Jordan. I still haven’t forgotten the Bulls in Jordan’s prime. Jame’s has work to do to still.

  8. Antonio Perez says:

    is this some kind of joke

    if you know how to count

    you know the obvious answer

    Jordan has a better finals record

    lebron will have to go 12 times to the finals just to win 6 times

    even if he wins 7 rings or more it doesn’t mean anything

    just like kobe scored more points than MJ

    simply because Kobe played more seasons

    for lebron to be better than MJ

    he needs a perfect nba finals record

    something like 8 nba finals 8 wins no losses with 8 nba finals MVP

    that did’t happen and ain’t gonna happen

    • Bilal says:

      You can think of it in another way.. Lebron might be greater than Micheal because he was able to reach the finals at a yonger age while Jordan was getting knocked by the Pistons every year. Lebron lost his first 2 finals at the age of 23 and 26 while Jordan couldnt even make it.
      Having a clean finals record is not the standard for becoming the greatest player.. he doesnt have to copy Micheal’s career to become the greatest. He can do it hi way.

  9. Gregg Johnaon says:

    I think when it gets to that level of greatness it comes down to mentality and Mike is a better leader, smarter player, and would already have Lebron beat before they met on the court. I give Jordan the edge because I think even if Lebron is a bit stronger physically, they’re both fast and Jordan would be more than ready mentally and stay a step ahead.
    Picture them both making their shots, both playing great defensively that whole time Mike is definitely winning the trash talking and getting in Lebron’s head. Sooner or later your getting a bad foul called on you, or someone fouls you and you don’t get the call, or the defence is all up on you and you’re taking elbows and getting tripped up, all that pressure that comes with 2 great teams meeting in the playoffs. Bulls vs Heat. Lebron eventually folds and gets hard headed losing that edge mentally while MJ stays as confident as ever and continues to be the best.
    Just imagine if Lebron was playing for the 95 Bulls and Jordan the ’12 Heat and the tables were turned. Do you think Lebron would make it as big as Jordan did? And if so do you think people would give Jordan a chance? Hmmmm 🙂

  10. Seriously2015 says:

    Ok 2 three peats, 72-10 NBA Record, 6-0 in the finals, only part I can’t hand shake on is Phil Jackson being the greatest coach…I mean the teams he’s had he could have coached on the beach with a Bluetooth earpiece, while playing a Nintendo DS and watching seagulls. Jordan, Kukoc, Kerr, Rodman, Pippen, BJ, Ron Harper then backdoor Shaq, Kobe, Rick Fox, Glen Rice, D Fish. I could have coached those teams lol

  11. Jay Rod says:

    Everybody will make their own EXCUSE as to why there guy is the greatest. But not one person can come up with a certain system to judge all the players the same according to their greatness. Why? Because not one single player has ever or will ever dominate in all categories, therefore “the greatest” can never be unamisily chosen.
    My pick. JESUS CHRIST, nobody can ever do what He did and live to tell about
    it. To those who have ears let them hear.

  12. Matt says:

    With all the technological advances, different training regimes, and all other aspects that cater to basketballs advancement. Players have become a lot better all around. Doubt MJ in his prime would even be a Top 5 player. The league is full of MJ’s now. People really just need to let what MJ did in his era remain, and stop this nonsense of how he’s still the best player to ever play the game. I can name like 10+ players that are better than him now when MJ was in his prime.

  13. Seville says:

    The G.O.A.T. mantra should be limited to the Era’s in which the player played. For example, one handed dribblers like Oscar Robertson and Bob Cousy could not play today’s game. By today’s standards, they are not great. Bill Russell won championships, but Wilt Chamberlain averaged 28.7 points against Russell and poured 40 points or more against Russell 26 times. In 1961, Wilt averaged 50.2 points a game and in 1962, he averaged 27 rebounds per game. I have no doubt that if Shaq played in that era, he would have had similar averages. Kareem’s dominance spanned 20 years and three era’s between 1969 and 1989. He dominated the end of Wilt’s and Oscar’s era; he dominated his own era; and he was competitive during the Magic/Bird era. His sky hook is by far the most dominant and unstoppable shot in NBA history. Jordan entered the league in 1984, but he did not win his first championship until 1991. Jordan then dominated the 1990’s, but the 1980’s was dominated by Magic and Bird. The latter part of the 80’s was dominated by Isiah Thomas who had two all-star MVP’s and 3 consecutive trips to the NBA finals. Truth be told, Jordan only dominated when Bird and Magic was at the end of their careers or had retired. The next era was pretty much dominated by Shaq, Kobe, and Tim Duncan. And the current era is certainly dominated by Lebron. Jordan’s mystic is elevated by benefitting from the era of cable TV, and NBA marketing and merchandising. He may very well be the greatest, but it is not a given that he is. In my book, I would probably vote Kareem. It all of the above played against each other in today’s game, my bet would be that either Magic or Kareem would be the dominant player winning championships with the nod given to Magic.

  14. ERWYN says:

    NAHH!! It’s Michael Schumacher


    Whoever wrote this article deserves a BACKHAND to the FACE. Not even worth reading.

  16. adam silver says:

    mj is goat, true winner, no chill-mode, beat-you-with-the-flu, last shot for the championship!

  17. Roberto says:

    Don’t understand y people write articles not comments… Micheal , Kobe then lebron… That sums it up

  18. Grenada'sLionKing heavy dee says:

    James is the greatest all around player of all times but Jordan is d overal G.O.A.T of all times because of the big bold way he did everything from basketball to movies to selling stuff to breaking worldwide barriers for sports n advertising to beating all d hall of famers he played from magic n bird to Kobe Shaquille to Duncan ect. Jordan was the only player bigger than the game. James will have to at least win 4 rings in 5 years to b considered as great as MJ.

  19. Rey says:

    Howard Copper! James did not have the luxury? What about big three in miami! He change team just to team up with 2 of maybe top 10 players that time in Wade and Bosh. James bought and built his team! Jordan took his team on his shoulder…. James chooses his teammates while Jordan develop everyone in his team….. One of the greats but GOAT? NOT

  20. Derek says:

    Fans today, especially bandwagon fans of James who is with the new Miami Heat (Cav’s) now, are too quick to replace legends. They forget too soon and all to well just what Jordan did, or even Chamberlin, Robertson, Bird, Russell, Johnson, etc. Those guys did it all in a time when they played real basketball, not this soft-core ball that’s exalted today. Lebron is great and is probably the greatest of this generation, and will go down as an all-time great, but will never exceed “His Airness” or the stigma of what Jordan created for basketball.

  21. Sandeep Sharma says:

    I find it odd that people try to simplify THE GOAT conversation to MJ vs LJ. There are a few players that I could make the GOAT argument for: Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Kareem, Magic, and MJ. I think that LeBron is in that elite group. People knock LeBron for his finals record but the fact is that LeBron is probably the only player that could even get those Cleveland teams to the finals, maybe Kareem in his prime.

    Most people are not aware of history at all. When you talk to people who have followed and watched basketball closely for 50 or more years they will tell you about the greatness of Russell, Chamberlain, Oscar, and Kareem. By the way when people who have actually seen Oscar Robertson, Magic, Michael, and LeBron play. The majority clearly state that Oscar Robertson was the best player (non-center) of all time. Ask Kareem, ask Bill Russell. Oscar won one championship by the way.

    Jordan followers are protective of him because he is an icon and they want him to always be the GOAT but there arguments are not evidence based. How did the bulls make it to the ECF without Jordan but LeBron teams can’t even make the playoffs without him? How come the East is not weak for the Heat? if Jordan is the GOAT then why did Phil Jackson say it is a toss up between MJ and Kobe as to who was the better player? Shouldn’t he know since he saw them play everyday? By the way Phil Jackson said he would take Bill Russell over both of them.

    Jordan is one of the grestest, LeBron is one of the greatest. People should appreciate what they see and stop hating.

  22. p. says:

    Isn’t it funny how everyone brings up championships as the deal breaker. If that’s the case Bill Russell is the greatest of all time. So Jordan should be compared to him. LBJ is more athletic I think but Jordan had better jumper which makes him more all around to me. It’d take Jordan, easy

  23. Deadly Pleasure says:

    One thing for sure… There are more people loves Jordan than LBJ…. Basketball is not all about Play.. it is all about respect, & sportsmanship that MJ has and LBJ’s lack of it…

  24. fabrice says:

    Just 2 rings of 5 and some punks have the freedom to compare him with THE GOAT !!

    That’s what a i call media garbage

    the man who made this note is lost in insanity

  25. ivan says:

    First of all you can’t compare lebron achievement’s to Michael Jordan.. Mj didn’t move to another team just to get a championship ring, and at the stage of lebron james career right now there’s no way he will get a six ring. And lebron dunk style in the game is only one style compare to mj

  26. tas06 says:

    not yet.. but it’s not impossible.

  27. fabio says:

    I remember about the same discussion when Kobe Bryant won his fifth championship. It1s not about the numbers! Wilt scored 100 points, Russel won 11 rings, Kareem is the all time leading scorer…………They were great and spetacular! Let’s not forget about Magic, Bird, Dr. J and even Shaq. All of them were dominants in their time. Today is LeBron! But no one is or was like Michael Jordan! No one is better than Michael Jordan!

  28. Gucc says:

    Lebron has the greatest underbite of all time.

  29. Jayson Scott says:

    Robert Horry has 7 guess Jordan has to comeback at 53 to win 1 more

  30. heyyy says:

    seriously? mj retired for 2 years because he was BORED..

  31. Jayson Scott says:

    If rings is the only thing that’s keeping Lebron from being higher ranked than Jordan , then that’s a sad cop out because championship rings are won by teams. Individual comparisons should be just that. One individual vs another. Bill Russell has eleven rings , Robert Horry has seven would they even be in the decussion of greatest of all time???

  32. NBA says:

    This is just a pr stunt by the NBA. The NBA has been looking for another M.J. for many years and know they are going to need another to survive. Basketball is horrible to watch these days, i’m sorry.

  33. still a Spurs fan says:

    LBJ will never beat MJ as G.O.A.T. because LBJ isn’t going to go to minor league baseball and comeback and win another 3…LOL.

  34. Daniel v says:

    Lets not for get about the days that jordan played. The defence was alot harder. Their was no touch fouls just hard playing defence. You could get a little rough and not get no touch foul unless you was uncle reggie!!! I dont think you can compare any player today to the players back then. The game has changed so much as it went on. Jordan had more competition back then then what labron has today. Labron is a great player and we be talked about for a long time and people will still compare him to all the great players but their is no comparision between jordan and labron in my eyes.

  35. sports fan says:

    Look at this list of greatest players.
    There’s only one player here that’s a flopper. Guess who? That alone takes him out of the GOAT conversation.

  36. both great says:

    Its easy to stick with your supporting cast when you have management drafting and bringing in players like scottie pippen, steve kerr, toni kukoc, dennis rodman, etc. not to mention having one of the best coaches of all time… jordan was an amazing player in the right place at the right time. Lebron was with cleveland 7 years and they failed to bring in any elite players or top coaches. Lebron left to do that himself, so those using that as an excuse to elimate lebron from this conversation will always look for any and every reason to hate him….he is not better than jordan but is not done with his career and a couple more rings and years of clutch performances in the playoffs and he will be on the same level if not past Jordan because of his ability to dominate and make his teamates better.

  37. Nate H says:

    I think it’s far too soon to consider LeBron in the GOAT discussion. He has already won most talented and most athletic basketball player of all time, but GOAT is about more than the physical acumen. Not only was Jordan undefeated in the finals, but he was an unstoppable force on the court in a way that LeBron, despite his physical advantage over literally everyone in the league, just is not. LeBron is also playing in a much softer league that Jordan did and yet has had less success. Jordan also MADE the NBA a worldwide sport. That can’t be done again. LeBron is racking up the stats, so when he gets a couple more rings then the stats will help push him onto the same playing field as Jordan. Then we can talk. For now, though, Jordan is on the mountaintop alone.

  38. pops says:

    I think the nature of Jordan’s 6, being two separate 3-peats completed at age 36 are tough to beat. There is nothing like Jordan’s dominance in NBA history. Forget Russell’s 10 there were 8 teams in the league when he did that.

    Lebron is great in any case. 5 finals in a row is crazy with how much talent there is in the NBA today. If he put together a three-peat in Cleveland I’d say he’s in the conversation.

  39. ebaines15 says:

    To be the GOAT, one must at least be the greatest of their own era…

    Once MJ’s started wining championships he’d just never been denied. No matter the excellence of competition (i.e. Magic, Drexler, Barkley, Malone & Stockton twice), he was still wining.

    His dominance on the game was even obvious to me when he came back on 96 to get a 70-12 season (with an average team around him) and destroyed the young Orlando team that had Shaq and Penny Hardaway.

    The number of titles does not measure greatness of course as many HOF players don’t have any. Still being a perfect 6-0 in Finals shows MJ’s ability to use his skills (offense, defense, killer instinct) on call and that separate him from all other great players who just could not match this in the long run.

    No disrespect to LJ but comparing him to MJ is a crazy talk!!!

  40. Gee Cee says:

    “It’s the only argument I need, Shaun!!!”

  41. I’ve watched them both in their prime and the answer is NO!! LeBron is not now nor is he on pace to ever be quite what Michael Jordan was.

  42. Scott Howard Copper is simply DUMB. MORON and IDIOT. James need at least 2 superstars to even reach the finals (except for the 2007). Jordan doesn’t need two. Lebron has a luxury of great supporting casts while Jordan has lesser of that.
    Are you BLIND man? THINK please.

  43. equipnedify says:

    Okay, @SekouSmith and all others. Great thoughts, but let’s settle once and for all. LJ23, great player and will be one of greatest. MJ23, GREATER player and IS one of greatest. Put it this way. If you took MJ23 in his prime, and fast fwd him to the East TODAY onto a Miami team for 4-5 years with Wade, Chalmers and Bosh, or Cavs Team with Kyrie, JR and Love for 1 year, E’rybody HEALTHY……how many rings would Jordan have??? Likely 1 for every year!! He (MJ23) didn’t just win 6 rings in trifecta fashion, but he took 2.5 yrs off, and on the 4th ring, had 72 WINS, in a much TOUGHER East. And if this math is not enough for skeptics…. what number is on LJ’s jersey???? Even Lebron is paying homage! And Kobe had enough sense to skip to 24 after wearing 8 because he wasn’t 23. (JPATT drops the mic……)

  44. Erik says:

    LBJ certainly does things we have never seen before and at end of career we can see where he may be on GOAT list. As for Jordan one thing stands out to me above all the rest…1987-88 MJ won DPOY AND SCORING TITLE. Only one ever to be the best at BOTH ends of the court.

  45. The Shark says:

    KOBE is still the GOAT, plain and simple.

  46. NBA Fan says:

    The 2 greatest impact players of all time are Wilt Chamberlin and Michael Jordan. Wilt’s athleticism forced the NBA to change rules to impede his dominance (too little avail). Micheal, on the other hand, made an impact on the style of play, NBA uniform designs and generated the greatest amount of revenues ever for the NBA. As a player Jordan will always be considered the best player ever and many will dispute it. However, the fact he’s generated the highest revenues for the sport is undisputable.

  47. radamus says:

    In 1981 the nba convened a panel of former great players, coaches, and basketball writers to select the greatest players of the NBA’s first 35 years. Bill Russell was selected as the greatest player, and Oscar Robertson got the second most votes. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was only part way through his career, but today is considered by many knowledgeable people as the greatest center of all time and probably even the greatest center. When they were playing Russell got 5 MVP awards and Chamberlain 4, etc, etc. Anybody who thinks Chamberlain was the greatest player of all time is just plain ignorant when it comes to basketball. Chamberlain is at best the 3rd best center (probably not even that.) Even the best players spend a large majority of their time on the court doing something other than ball handling, shooting, rebounding, or guarding the man with the ball.Chamberlain was average at best when he didn’t have the ball or wasn’t guarding a player in the paint, and his foul shooting was just awful. There were many years his teams didn’t even make it to the conference finals, much less win a championship, in large part because of his frequent lack of heart and inability to consistently perform well when it counted the most. All his flaws became magnified in big games. Personally I would put Jabbar and Russell #1 and #2, Jordan #3, and James way back with a good chance to move up to #4 or higher. Chamberlain at best is about #10.

    • still a Spurs fan says:

      I agree. I think the hype about Chamberlain is all about the fact he was unique in his time…no one else came close. Just like Shaq in his younger years. I know I’ll get all sorts of flak for how I would rank all time greatest big men but in my opinion, it’s Russel, Kareem, Hakeem the Dream, Shaqzilla, Tim Duncan…..and somewhere past 8th would be Wilt. And it’s really not proper to compare Bill Russell to anyone younger than him….play was different during Russell’s era. You can’t compare Kareem to Shaq either…they’re different. But we all saw how Hakeem in his best was much better all around than Shaq at his best. Just because you could bulldoze and run over everyone else doesn’t make Shaq the best at his position, but it’s certainly not his fault he had the physical gifts that he did. If it was about that, then Shaq beats all these other names. I think Hakeem at his best also beats Duncan at his best. The only thing Wilt has on all the other names are the numbers 100 and 59…check it out at Wikipedia.

  48. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Bill Russell won 11 rings, and 8 straight when he came into the league, and won 3 straight titles at San Francisco college before he got to the NBA, he won 11 titles in a row at one point from college to the NBA, 11 years at being the best at what you do, Wow really !! Wilt was great, in the regular season avg 30, but in the playoffs avg 22 a game that’s a big drop off, he played 160 playoff games, about the same as Jordan, who avg 30 for his career in the regular season, and avg 34 in his playoffs career best ever !!! that’s just unreal, but Magic and Bird saved the NBA and the 80’s was the best era and toughest era, a defense era, Jordan did not win in the 80’s, until Magic and Bird left the game or got older, Hakeem would of beat Jordan in the finals no doubt about that, Lebron is the best all around player ever, he can play ever position, for him to be even named with Jordan as is he better or just as good says a lot right there, Bird and Magic are the greatest to ever player, Jordan played a old Magic, Drexler he was good but he’s not a great player, Barkley and the Suns were the best chance of beating the Bulls, the Sonics that was a joke, the Jazz they made it competitive. what Magic and Bird played against in the 80’s was way better. ans both Bird and Magic won there first year Magic and he did have the best player on his team Kareem, but Bird won it the next year with nobody that was great on his team in 81…

  49. Sara says:

    MJ made the game world wide and commercialized it to where players now are able to make crazy amount of money not only in salary but with sponsors. There is a reason players get their own line of shoes and McDonald’s and all other commercials. There is also a reason why LeBron and so many other players wear number 23 (I wanna be like Mike). Asides from that a great player makes his supporting cast better. Jordan stuck with Chicago. He won 3 in a row left to play baseball and came back and won another 3. If it wasn’t for him Malone and Stockton would have championship rings and so would a lot of other HOF. When people said Jordan was just an offensive player he came back the next season and won defensive player of the year. He played against greats and way before flagrant fouls and when the NBA allowed the game to be more physical. MJ earn his fouls while most fouls nowadays are becoming a joke. There is absolutely no comparison MJ paved the way for everyone that came after him. LeBron plays in a weak EC and had to leave the Cavs to follow talent. Making the finals 5 straight times is not impressive if you can’t be clutch when it matters. Jordan found ways to win. He was clutch when he needed to be clutch and made his supporting cast better. Bill Russell is a legend in its own right and he set the way for Jordan and many others, but his impact on the game is nowhere near Jordan.

  50. sports fan says:

    If LeBron loses to Golden State in the finals then his finals record will be 2-4. He would have to win 5 more rings just to even be CONSIDERED! He’s 30 years old right now & if he plays till he’s 38 then he’d have to get 5 rings in the next 8 years. I highly highly doubt that he’d pull that off.

  51. Scott says:

    Blasphemy…MJ 6-0 finals

  52. dan says:

    this is all nonsense, anyone whos seen airplane knows kareem abdujabar is the best ever! seriously though i agree with those who say you cant really compare, is apples and oranges because they played in different eras, all you can really say is lebron is the best of his generation, mj was the best of his and wilt was the best of his…….if you try to rank them directly against each other it makes no sense because they played in different eras under different circmstances……

  53. zach says:

    Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time!!! Lebron is not the same level as Michael Jordan. LJ’s game still needs a lot of improvement……. Just watch how he plays and compare it MJ’s. Not even close….

  54. Javier says:

    Lebron plays easier teams In the east and other good players follow him he had it easy his whole career it not even close. Best player in the league but not Jordan he wouldn’t have this success he has if he was in the west

  55. NBAfan says:

    Lebron is a great player, but lets not even talk about GOAT. Lets just call him the best of his generation…because that’s obvious and no one will contest that…why overreach and touch holy ground prematurely?

    By the way, Lebron is currently 2 for 5 in the finals….are we conveniently forgetting the Spurs trashing the CAVS in 2007? Five straight finals is impressive on paper, but to those who has their eyes open, we know it came out of the weak Eastern conference, and that’s an asterix right there…especially if he always had a “big three” along with him and a couple other all stars, or ex-allstars…

    Good luck to Lebron. Just play the game and do your thing…let the rest figure it out for itself.

  56. kapitan tutan says:

    Lebron as GOAT? that’s a joke dude, lebron is like outside of top 30 on the GOAT list

    1. MJ
    2. Magic
    3. Bird
    4. Wilt
    5. Kareem

    Then there’s Malone, Barkley, Olajuwon, Drexler, Robinson, Ewing and many more before you put Lebron on the list. Yeah Lebron is a good player but that’s it. I’ll put Pippen and Rodman before Lebron, heck Lebron wouldn’t score if any of the two would defend him!

    • I'm Right says:

      lol you’re an idiot

    • still a Spurs fan says:

      ABSOLUTELY ON BOARD WITH KAP TUT on this one. As soft as play is nowadays compared to the brutal Detroit “bad boys” days…LBJ would be nowhere near what he’s doing now if he existed in that era of MJ versus Detroit….Laimbeer would make certain of that…LOL. Scottie in his prime would have been well capable of shutting LBJ down night after night. I compare LBJ to a Shawn Kemp but I can even say Shawn Kemp at his best would likely beat LBJ at his best. Why?? There’s a toughness from past players that todays many of todays players lack…toughness. And we ain’t even talking playing with hurting ankles or shoulders alone. We’re talking MJ with 40+ points with the flu, we’re talking a completely hobbled Willis Reed willing his team on…. Now I have to give LBJ props though for what he’s done with this Cavs team…with 2 of its big 3 out….but did Jordan ask for the superstars on other teams to please please pretty please come to Chicago so we can all win a title?? LBJ only went to Miami because 2 other stars went…Kobe wanted to do it like that with Malone and Payton…and again with Howard/CP3…Pippen wasn’t a star…just a hard working and effective athlete who knew his role with MJ. Kukoc…Kerr…Rodman…fogedaboutit….it was MJ that steered and carried that ship!

    • tas06 says:

      lol.. you mention malone, barkley, olajuwon, drexler, robinson, ewing and no Bill Russel, Oscar Robertson, Kobe Bryant?! seriously.. this is insulting!

  57. Joshua says:

    Such a stupid question…

  58. chris says:

    …whitaker is right about mj being the greatest, but saying mj can’t do things that lebron can is absurd…by basketball physics, mj is far stronger that lebron…there is a difference than actually just being strong…i can probably replicate all lebron moves except for dunks of course but i can’t say the same on how mj does it…up and under, left hand shot, behind the back dribble…and mj is so great, how good he is in making bank shot is usually overlook…he is far superior to duncan on bank shot because on the moves he does to make it…see the game…if there were 2 tickets on the same time, i would watch mj play, no doubt…

  59. Nba2k14Champ says:

    Here is why finals appearances and championships are not EVERYTHING…

    Both Jordan and LeBron faced far less competition in the playoffs than many other star players. There was far less competition in general when Jordan played and players were not as skilled. Elite SGs and SFs that Jordan played against? Not nearly as many as compared to the late 90s and 2000s. Teams are far deeper today than they ever were. We never saw MJ going against a prime Kobe, Pierce, Tmac, Carter, KD, Wade, etc etc. And like other people have mentioned, who cares that MJ is 6-6 in the finals? That means he didn’t even MAKE the finals any other year. How do you reward someone for that? So it’s better to make it to the finals twice, and win both times, than to make it the finals 10 times and win just 4 rings? Lol.

    That being said, LeBron is in the EASTERN conference. Which means that ever since the Celtics declined after 2009, LeBron has had a free path to the NBA finals EVERY year. Who was there to really challenge his teams? Bulls? Hawks? Get real. LeBron would have been lucky to just get to the finals once if he were in the Western conference. There are literally 4-5 teams in the West every year that can compete and potentially beat anyone that comes out of the east. LeBron only has to compete against 1 of them every year.

    I really think championships and finals appearances mean nothing. How many times do people need this reality check? There are many average players that have more championships than most all-time greats. Championships MEAN VERY LITTLE. There are so many factors that play into who wins. Best TEAM, what conference they’re in, what competition they actually beat, etc. All of these things make comparing players very difficult. You literally have to look at their athleticism, skill sets, and individual performances and compare just those aspects. And even then it’s all guessing who would come out on top. I know if I took all the players that ever played tho and got to pick just 1 player to go on my team, it would not be MJ or LeBron. SHAQ ALL THE WAY. I can find people that can guard both players better than anyone could ever guard Shaq. And Wilt’s numbers were obviously ridiculous because he played 200 years ago when there was no competition. SHAQ GOAT.

    • Tory says:

      MJ was also in the East! MJ entered the playoffs 3 TIMES as a 40 and less wins record, 3! So 3 times MJ had a losing record and made the playoffs lol some East

  60. Tony says:

    Bah! To call one player the GOAT is absolutely ridiculous. No doubt they’re some of the best player ever, but also, Magic, Bird, Duncan, and Olajuwon too. Basketball is a team sport and I doubt very much that Jordan would had won 6 championship, a big part of the reason people call him the GOAT, without Pippen,
    And by the way, The Bulls didn’t star winning championship until The Lakers, Celtics and Piston got too old and out of their glorious 80’s prime.

  61. Jude Morales says:

    Why I hate Lebron. In his 1st stint with the Cavs in his Rookie season is fine with me but upon changing team and choosing players with want to be makes me feel that it’s not competitive anymore. you choose stars still at the peak of their game together for a team in Miami plus dirty working player like Andersen and Sweet shooting Ray Allen . Would this be fair? Upon sensing that Wade and Bosh is not healthy anymore, he transfers back to his old team, the Cavs, in what condition? He wants Love to be with the team with Cavs already have Erving as the star of the team plus dirty work type of player in Dellavedova. Plus other Legitimate Star in J.R. Smith. Lebron has several privilege being given advantage to other teams and players especially not being called for several travelling violations plus lots of flopping to create foul which is more on acting without contact. I love the NBA and have followed it since I went to college in USC Cebu who is one of the school to broadcast live during Finals. I hope NBA would be fair enough and not let this kind of sports ruin on his own.

  62. LION says:


    • Britney Batsi says:

      You’re kidding right?! Kobe is a hyped up player to keep the nba popular. Yes, he scores a lot but he also shoots a LOT to get those points.

  63. bango says:

    lebron is 2-5 in the finales and soon to be 2-6

  64. Basketball Fan From the 80s says:

    Leave MJ out of it… He’s nothing compared to LBJ and Kobe. Hands down.

  65. Abe says:

    It looks like the blogger brought this idea to distract the best player from his mission. Is it really a very important issue to discus right now? Or to aggravate LeBron’s haters.

  66. Jordan says:

    MJ is the greatest to ever play. I’ve had the pleasure on watching his airness in the 90’s and also Lebron during his prime. Basketball excellence is not measured through stats and championship. MJ afected the game in a very methodical and very cerebral manner. People were scared to play hima s the will get into their heads even before they take a shot. People feared Jordan, no one wanted to defend him. There were the so-called Jordan stoppers but they never really was able to contain him. Willing his team to wins and strappin them on his back was a constant thing for Jordan. Scottie Pippen would never be an all-star let alone a Hall of Famer without Jordan’s help. All people see is the scoring titles, but Jordan did more on the basletball court.

  67. lkfan says:

    So I have seen plenty of discussion here for this comparison. Let’s just be objective. MJ of course is still the GOAT. Conclusion cannot be made until Lebron’s retirement, but here is why. A lot have mentioned MJ won 6 vs. Lebron’s 2. I agree that this alone cannot prove MJ is better because the number of championship is not the sole factor to determine the GOAT. However, MJ is way better than Lebron when it comes to killer instinct and mental toughness, which is what matters the most. MJ focus on every single position, no matter offense or defense. He killer instinct makes defender scared and his willingness to win is just way too strong. He never gave up one position or one game when they are down or when he received an unfair call. Lebron, on the other hand, is not tough enough when things don’t work his way. If you look at the film, you see Lebron sometimes didn’t get back on defense because he is not satisfied with a call or because the team is down a lot. That is what separates MJ from Lebron. A lot of you also said MJ has good teammates while Lebron doesn’t. While this is right in the first couple of years back in Cleveland, it’s not true after he came to Miami. There he had HOF Wade and Bosh which was the top player in the respective team. The fact that they lost to San Antonio Spur by such a big margin puts him at a disadvantage when compared to MJ. If you look back at the film between Spurs and Heat, you see Lebron gave up on defense occasionally when they were down a multiple of times while that never happened to MJ. So Lebron is athletic with great leadership and stats, but not as great as MJ simply because MJ is mentally tougher and more skillful.

  68. Andre C. says:

    I think its to each own. I believe that pat Ewing is the greatest of all time.

    • still a Spurs fan says:

      ….until you watch that play when Scottie dunked and walked over him….and MJ dunked over him with Pat’s hand at MJ’s elbow…max…LOLOLOL. But yeah…respect….to each his own.

  69. Ponch Cervantes says:

    I agree with Sekou Smith, and Lang Whitaker. One comment that I disagree with is that LeBron has finesse. That is not true. He is very talented on both ends of the floor, and is athletic and strong, and dominant, but he does not have finesse. Jordan had finesse. He was graceful. LeBron is great, but more of a powerful player. It’s not aesthetically pleasing to watch a beast like LeBron try to do the things that Jordan did. Everybody loved watching Jordan play because he had finesse, he was graceful, talented, fast, quick, athletic, and he had fun doing it. LeBron complains too much when he doesn’t get a call. Crybaby status. He is a power forward who is very athletic and quick. But does not have finesse. Not in style of play. He’s not built like Jordan, or Dwayne wade, or Drexler, or dr. J.

  70. Carmelo B. Bibal, Jr. says:

    MJ will always be MJ…

    & Lebron will always be Lebron…

    they belong to different generation…

    Basketball will be fun and entertaining with players who are so devoted to their own respective SKILL…

    Let’s just ENJOY the game! I love this GAME…

  71. dash2k8 says:

    “but part of what made Jordan so special was that he was in large part solely responsible for globalizing basketball and the NBA…”

    First of all, I’m all for MJ. Now… This is not even a legit argument. Do you think that LeBron does not have the same “globalizing” powers that MJ had? MJ already made the NBA an international brand so LeBron can never prove his worth in this area (unless he gets aliens to buy Cavs jerseys), so how can you use this as a barometer of popularity or market appeal? Look at the TV shares/ads/goods sold through LeBron’s image and tell me that doesn’t translate into an international phenomenon? When he was in Miami, the entire world tuned in to Heat games. You think that was to see Chris Bosh? This particular angle doesn’t have any legs.

  72. KB says:

    MJ never needed skip town to surround himself with all stars and begging a guy like Bosh to come and join. He stayed where he was and did it with guys that were there. Even now Lebron came back knowing what Kyrie is capable of, and was excited to have Kevin Love. And besides he will never be 6-0 in Finals. Thats Special. Can’t compare the two.

  73. John says:

    Besides the dramatic changes in the game which now allow players to easily run into the lane and get either layups or free-throws, I think about the competition. That is, what all time greats went ring-less during the Jordan era (years he played): Miller, Mullen, Ewing, Shaq, Barkley, Kemp, Peyton, Malone, Stockton, Mourning, Olojuwan, Robinson, Wilkins, Drexler. Basically, Jordan & Pippen defeated all of the dream-team players…the greatest team of all time! From what I can tell, there’s only two great players that are casualties of the Lebron era: Durant & Rose. I think I would talk about the Duncan era before I would Lebron. Lastly, Lebron has had better talent around him during the last 5 years than the bulls ever did. Rodman does not make a “big three”. The fact of the matter is in 25 years watching the NBA I’ve never seen a weaker conference than the east during this last 5-7 years. When there was some harder competition with potential greats (Garnet, Pierce, Howard, Wade), he LOST.

  74. Pham says:

    Michael Jordan is way better than LBJ, MJ is the G.O.A.T.

  75. Bob cat says:

    Well lets wait a few years to see if a lance armstrong ir barry bonds type drug steroid scandal hits lebron. The guy looks like he has been juicing throughout his career. You dont run around like a 19 year old for 12 seasons carrying 270 pound load and avoid major injury without PEDs.

    Also he plays in the weakest eastern conference in decades. He would never survive in the west. Jordan went up against much stiffer competition. Who is lebron’s biggest opponent? The on and off Rose??

  76. equipnedify says:

    Okay, @SekouSmith and all others. Great thoughts, but let’s settle once and for all. LJ23, great player and will be one of greatest. MJ23, GREATER player and IS one of greatest. Put it this way. If you took MJ23 in his prime, and fast fwd him to the East TODAY onto a Miami team for 4-5 years with Wade, Chalmers and Bosh, or Cavs Team with Kyrie, JR and Love for 1 year, E’rybody HEALTHY……how many rings would Jordan have??? Likely 1 for every year!! He (MJ23) didn’t just win 6 rings in trifecta fashion, but he took 2.5 yrs off, and on the 4th ring, had 72 WINS, in a much TOUGHER East. And if this math is not enough for skeptics…. what number is on LJ’s jersey???? Even Lebron is paying homage! And Kobe had enough since to skip to 24 after wearing 6 because he wasn’t 23. (JPATT drops the mic……)

  77. Unknowntruth says:

    I hate when people compare LeBron and Jordan. There’s so many other great NBA players who have and haven’t won championships. How about we let LeBron create his legacy and when its all written in stone ,compare him to other greats and not just MJ.

  78. André says:

    Hi from Portugal, i grow up watching Jordan and the Bulls dominate NBA. At that team, my school mate was for Clyde Drexler and was funny moments. Michael was a star, pure talent and physical ahead of the majority of the players. In this times James have force, speed and talent but MJ was more cunning, more cerebral and for that L. James never will be like Jordan.

    PS. At that finals games I remember to see a poster in the crow at Portland, with MJ saying “I wanna be like Drexler” lovely.

  79. Travis says:

    NOT EVEN CLOSE. you know why MJ is a GOAT? he can put up 60 even against double team, triple team, no 3 sec rule, hand checks, and hard fouls. The league is really soft now, compared back then. Anyone can score an easy 30 in today’s NBA. There’s no way you can compare the REAL SELF MADE GOAT, from a LEAGUE MADE, LEAGUE PROTECTED, MEDIA hyped GOAT to be. NBA has to make someone a “GOAT” somehow or the business will be not entertaining anymore.

    Don’t get me wrong, LBJ is the best player in the league now, but there’s no way you can compare him to MJ.

  80. In your dreams …lebron…hahahaha

  81. He Couldn`t get past the 1st round before Pippen. In fact he couldn`t beat Sidney Moncrief and Terry Cummings, in a single game of a 1st round series… 1-12 before Pippen – considered best play off performer ever = OVERRATED. He played in an era where from 1990-1998 there was no shooting guard other than clyde drexler(only twice) and MJ that came top 10 in MVP voting and when Mj QUITS BASKETBALL for 2 years which SG takes his place on the NBA 1st team? A 2ND YEAR LATRELL SPEWELL!!! AVERAGING 23-4-4 ON 43%!!! SHOOTING – Considered to play in one of if not the toughest era in NBA history = OVERRATED. Next the NBA realise MJ is getting old and ineffective so what do they do with no clear superstar to make them money next? They allow handchecking, SHORTEN THE FRICKING THREE POINT LINE and change several other rules to help MJ keep putting in “GOAT worthy” numbers cancelling out his poor 3 point shooting and declining athleticism – considered to play in a physical, stricter era than most or even all others = OVERRATED. Finally the way the NBA brainwashed people into believing he`s the “GOAT” allowed him to do anything and he wouldn`t be considered lesser for it. Apart from the ridiculous rule changes which Kobe and Lebron somehow get blamed for (MJ fanboy logic…) he QUIT BASKETBALL in the middle of his career, failed in the play-off’s for years and BANNED A FELLOW PLAYER FROM PLAYING IN THE OLYMPICS!- Imagine Lebron or Kobe doing these things, heck they even get blamed for some of them! Jordan = OVERRATED. Jordan is only seen for the positives in his career and is only considered “GOAT” due to a load of brainwashed bandwagons (like 60% of NBA fans) who cant accept anyone else as GOAT or even close to MJ`s “greatness” and dont even know about most of his failures. He`s still top 5 defiantly and almost certain top 3 but the anonymous, undeniable GOAT according to 60% of NBA fans, it`s too far compared to other greats, the only player who should be considered close to that godly by anyone is Wilt. MJ`s nothing special. MJ = OVERRATED!!! :)

  82. jojo says:

    Lebron James is a great player, no doubt among this generation. However, his previous team was defeated by San Antonio Spurs last season with tons of star players in Miami Heat. LJ is surely an anchor in Cleveland Cavaliers but you cannot compared MJ with Lebron considering that it’s more physical when MJ was playing. He’s surely will not be able to play how he’s playing with the Bad boys of Detroit. No rules on flagrant foul and you need to market NBA to the whole world to endorse your product and love the game.

    All I am saying is Michael Jordan did a lot for the game of basketball for Lebron James to become a well know player of today.

    • dash2k8 says:

      @jojo, are you serious!? No flagrant fouls in those days? What version of the NBA were you watching? Don’t preach what you don’t know. And LBJ would definitely be able to play with the Bad Boys. Look at how BIG he is! Seriously, if you’re going to say stuff, at least say TRUE stuff. Peace.

  83. Joab says:

    The argument that Michael Jordan won 6 of 6 finals is dumb because that means every other season he did not even make the finals? Can anyone on here begin to understand that? Michael Jordan played in the expansion era so many teams were diluted thus weakening them and making his run a little easier. Team mates are what helps win a championship and Lebron had no help in Cleveland the first time and then went to Miami and won 2 without a true centre and an ailing wade. Lebron’s career is far from over so its hard to compare right now. Rule changes since Michael Jordan’s time have actually seen game scores go down… So there is another argument against that is simply wrong. Touch Michael Jordan and of course you got a foul back then he was untouchable to league biggest and in a way only marketing tool you just have to watch the dream team players make fun of that situation “oh I touched Michael its a foul”. MJ is my favorite player but do not distort the facts. Fact is Lebron is the only player with size, skill and athleticism that could match with any position in the league and he may well end up being the best player ever. Lebrons Era has fair competition also Steph Curry probably a better shooter than Larry Bird, Shaq (When Lebron first started), Durant, Harden, Dwight and the list goes on.

    • BOB says:

      AIling wade??? wade lead them to the first title go watch it again… Ray allen saved us from today talking how lebron chked away 4 straight possesions and ray allen hit a miracle that kept him from being 1-5 in finals… look the fckn east its battered and was when he got and swept by spurs.. He quit on cleveland when orlando beat them when KOBE rolled right through Orlando … Lebron aint even on Kobes level… Be real look at centers now to centers back than… ur nuts lebron would cry like he does now when he gets no call and bad boys of the past he wouldnt be able to handle that.. stop defending that he ran to cleveland… sad hater u are.. sickens me to stupid posts that people think lebron is anywhere near jordans level.. go back and tape ur burned jersey

  84. Dane says:

    I am 45 and a lover of soccer, I must say that in the 90’s I loved basketball or like most others MJ.
    We loved Mj from my parents to the 80 year old couple next door the Chinesse to the Africans to the
    Brazilians who loved soccer, we all knew that Pele and Maradonna said and we thought we had skill!!

    We all knew we were witnessing something really special and AWSOME that is what he did to the world.
    He gave us AWESOME, he was pretty on a court like a ballarina with nikes on. AWESOME.

    Labron is great but we all including him knows why we all wear 23 AWEsome.

  85. pluk1978 says:

    HI frpm UK!!!

    Although I love NBA I don’t claim to have the in-depth knowledge over time but for what its worth I think Lebron is the greatest athlete in the world right now, not just basketball but any sport! I think the same could have been said about MJ in his day. However one fact I found interesting (not sure if MJ can show similar so apols in advance) is that when lebron left clevleand they went form finals to almost worst team in the league next year, then when he return they go form poor to finals again. I think that says huge amount about lebron.

  86. JDog says:

    You notice how most of the ‘old greats’ were centers who really didn’t have any competition from a physical standpoint. Chamberlain, Russel, Abdul Jabbar. The winners even had other HOF players on their teams that might have been as good as them or better. Jordan is the smallest of the group that people consider for GOAT and look what he did. There were always bigger, stronger players throughout his time. Tougher rules back in the day compared to LeBron, etc. Times have changed, but Jordan was the ultimate GOAT if you look at what he did for his size and the way the rules treated him. Could’ve had 8 straight if wouldn’t have played baseball…never know there.

  87. chyane says:

    Knicks fan for life and as much as I hate to admit it his airness hand down not stats not rings not team mates. For the entire 90s we were amazed by the glory that is Jordan. I just feel our league has put rules in place ( yes to keep players healthy) to put players in a position to score more. LBJ is a huge specimen of a man yet if you get to close it’s a foul. MJ had a hand or arm or body on him at all times I really don’t think he would be as significant as he is know. Yeah he’s unstoppable yeah he’s a great player maker but the guy he plays against are his friends MJ and Reggie weren’t friends til retirement I don’t think Charles and MJ were cool til retirement. I just have to say a 50 point game was more exciting to watch in the 90s then now I love basketball I don’t like watching a team shoot 80 3 pointers in 48 minutes

  88. word says:

    If y’all are just gonna talk about how MJ is the GOAT because he’s won 6 rings compared to LeBron’s 2, then y’all reallly need to reconsider who the GOAT is. Mr. Bill Russell has 11 rings…5 more than MJ!!
    So if becoming the GOAT is defined by rings, nobody can compare to Mr. Bill Russell.

    • BOBBY says:

      Bill Russel played in a league with 8 teams. Your point was just made completely void there.

  89. Marty says:

    It’s more than titles and if that’s the metric Russell was the GOAT. Just let it play out.

  90. fj says:

    actually the word goat should not be mentioned at all!!!! anyone who played any professional sport understands how dynamic the evolution of any game can be, and specially basketball!
    when it comes to MJ and lebron, each plays a different position with a different style. MJ is a high volume shooter, and since he has a very high FG % he is the greatest scorer of all time (30.5 ppg), that will always be unmatched. but the thing everyone underetimates about mj is his power and physicality. everyone talks about lebrons power. but remember he is a forward. MJ, in the opinion of every player who played him, is the most physically dominant guard of all time. it showed on offense and defense, he alwas could defend bigger players specially when he got older, and on offense he always could create space for his shots with his body and power.
    they played different styles in different eras, i think MJ is a better player (better shooter and more clutch). but then again comparing is very hard and unfair.

  91. truth says:

    lebron in GOAT talks? lmfao please pffft …. if lebron played in the jordan era he would be WHINING the whole game

  92. marlon green says:

    I guess they didn’t want to post how I wrote how MJ was basically better than LeBron. So to sum it all up MJ is better by a landslide and to even mention this man is close with a measly 2 rings to MJ’s 6 is disrespectful.

  93. Kasper says:

    As Bill Russell says, you can’t compare ghosts. Michael Jordans stats (especially in the finals are on a much higher level than Lebron’s). And Lebron will never catch Jordan here, because Lebrons best days are behind him. I think it is obvious that he has lost a step or two since peaking in the 2012 finals. Those who say he is playing better than ever because he average a triple double or something in the playoffs, forgets he hasn’t shot so poorly or turned the ball over so many times in the playoffs in a long time, and that the Eastern conference hasn’t been so bad compared to the western conference since the years after Jordans “Bulls-days”.But you also have to take into consideration that the generel level of competition is much higher now than when Jordan played; way more good players and todays 3point-game (with so many great shooters) makes it a lot tougher to defend. The difference of the level of competition of the different eras will allways make comparison between players from different eras difficut. You can’t say Chamberlain was better than Jordan, because there is no way he would average the same numbers if he played when Jordan played. All in all though I think Jordans better finals-stats shows that he is clearly the better player, or much sharper on the biggest stage, which is the most important measure of greatness.

  94. roger says:

    Question how many rings would he have by know if he didn’t go to the Heat? That’s it people! Kobe won with the team he had been on since his rookie season, so has Duncan, Russell, Magic, Isiah, Bird, so please please let Lebron be the best player right now besides Steph”The Chef” Curry! And not the GOAT!

    • Just a FAN says:

      just stfu kobetard, if lebron didnt leave that stacked team of cavaliers (sarcasm) that time yeah he wont win a ring, How about you game him bynum gasol artest and a coach phil jackson how far or how many rings would he get that time?

  95. There is only one king says:

    Kids reactions in 20 yrs+:

    MJ…is that the guy with the shoe???

    LeBron, oh isn’t that the best player in NBA history. Perfect build (ht/wt), strength, athleticism, skill, and overall talent. Yea I remember him.

  96. Ors says:

    Well. MJ is stil a GOAT. Let’s see, if LeBron is attacking the rim, then the best players, who will defend the rim are Howard, DeAndre Jordan, Gasol brothers, Noah, Hibbert, Bogut, Whiteside…..LOL. When Jordan did it: Hakeem, Shaq, Robinson, Ewing, Mutombo, Mourning. And the game was more physical. + MJ is 6/6. I think, I said enough.

  97. bitterjazzfan says:

    great discussion…. for the most part. I think Jordan was the most clutch player of all time, last five min of any close game that’s who I would give the ball. However this is where my bitterness comes in, he left the game to play………. BASEBALL????? C’mon, and then left the game early when clearly could have kept playing, giving us more basketball greatness. That is the real bummer here. Bill Russel is the greatest winner. Wilt is the most dominant. Lebron might be the most well rounded player of all time, but that’s about it.

  98. Gregory D. Hicks says:

    jumping ship to win a title was never the move for the great ones, they commanded what was needed, because they understood what was needed for them to win. LeBron went to play for one of the most exciting guards to ever play the game to win. (Dwayne Wade), I know others have done the same but they only had maybe 1-2yrs left in them. I can understand chasing a title at the end of a career, but he did it as a youth, and Ray Allen bailed him out in San Antonio, he lost in the finals by an average of 20, that’s absurd. as stated before he is only great because the league is weak. nobody ever out performed Mike in a big game.

  99. Faran says:

    Lebron is the greatest player of this generation no doubt and defiantly will be top 5 all time, but you cannot compare him to MJ yet that is totally disrespect. your talking about a guy that went 6 6 6, 6 finals mvp , 6 finals, 6 rings, never lost in the finals before, lebron is going to his 6th nba finals and is 2-5 in the finals, Sure he has talent, but not great success and a player should be juded by his success. You may bring the argument of robert horry who has 7 rings and karl malone who has 0 rings, the differnce is karl malone was the main man of his team and did it on his own, robert horry was just a role player so that compariosn cant be possible as he was just in a team with great players like shaq, and kobe and duncan and hakeem. Mj and lebron are both the main players and the leaders of the team and mj went undefeated in the finals where lebron lost more in the finals then he won, therefore, you canot even compare Lebron to Mj yet, not even a conversation.

  100. GG says:

    How many Finals did MJ lose?? Lebron has lost more Finals than he won. Just don’t compare what cannot be compared.

    • LM says:

      People tend to forget LeBron’s actual record in the Finals is actually 2 and 5 so far. He took Cleveland to the Finals in the 06-07 season against the Spurs and lost, 4 times with Miami (2-4), and now again with Cleveland.

      MJ is definitely the GOAT when you considering the NBA as a whole and the player’s success or lack of. Jordan’s competition was higher than any other player I can think of that others seemed to point out already. Some mention what LeBron averages, but it means nothing if you’re not winning

  101. dreadyjun says:

    Stupid blog. lebron will never be one of the greats. He will be remembered as a choker. NBA, stop marketing this guy, enough is enough. He is a king of nothing.As best, he can be compared wih Paul Pearce.

  102. roger says:

    Ok ok I love Scottie Pippen I really do but let’s make this clear he wasn’t a great player coming out! He was soft for the first three years and his fourth year became a dominant player! MJ took people like Dave Corzin and Stacey King Bill Cartwright Bill Wennington Will Purdue and a host of other characters the promise land! So MJ was MJ when he first het the league!

  103. djunsan says:

    Today’s NBA is tailor made for wing players and Lebron is the ultimate wing player with his unbelievable combination of size, skill and athleticism… the implementation of the no-impeding rule was the turning point… as evidenced by wing players’ average scoring going up significantly after this rule was introduced… it was also the year Kobe scored 81 pts and Wade singlehandedly stealing the title away from the Mavs because it’s a foul when somebody breathed on him going to the basket… it was the first year and the refs didn’t have a lot of experience calling for the new rules yet… they got better afterwards but the reality is Jordan’s NBA was more difficult to play in for wing players yet he succeeded immensely

  104. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Bird came into the league won the ship his second year with Parish in his 4 year. Mchale a rookie, Tiny archibal in his later years, with no Kareem like magic. Bird was the best player in the 80’s when the league was at it’s best and the defense and competitiveness was better, hand chacking, put’in your body on a player was allowed, Bird played both ends of the floor, and had to battle Kareem and Magic for the crown ever year in the 80’s, by far the hardest competition of any of the greats, other then maybe Wilt always losing to Russell i the playoffs and Finals. Bird and Magic are hands down the best ever with Jordan, Lebron, Wilt, Russell, Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, and Kareem, right there on there coat tails.

  105. MJd1&only says:

    MJ made Scottie Great and the whole Bulls team; Did Lebron made Wade and Bosh Great? Lebron just team up with Wade who is a potential Lebron stopper in the playoffs; and now Lebron join his Cavs team seeing that those guys in Cavs uniform does have the potential to be title contender bec, there is kyrie,tristan who is at the best shape of their carreer. MJ is deadly i mean goat of clutch plays, is Lebron really that deadly? in heat if wade isnt there or bosh is not there do u think lebron can win a championship? Lebron didnt made he’s team great, he left & now He’s back bec of kyrie and tristan a.k.a (new talents like wade & bosh in their prime.
    MJ is fast, strong & has killer instinct
    Lebron is bigger and stronger but is not as deadly as Mj
    Please just respect MJ the only one goat

  106. Michabron Jamdan says:

    In my opinion there’s no way to tell who’s better or the goat between them till James Retires. We also have to consider the rules have been Changed drastically (more physically in Jordan’s era) also players conditioning (more advance in James era). No question if James would be able to compete in Jordan’s era because with his size, talent and agility (that’s a no brainier). And we can all wonder how would Jordan be in today’s game with all the advance condtioning in his prime…..(whattttt, more athletic than he was, mind bugling to visualize him with all the crazy talented shot that he’s so good with in addition to his advance fundamental of the game. Both end defense and offense.) For now my forced answer would be Jordan with a large gap….for now, who knows what the future will be, who knows.

  107. Rob says:

    Maybe we should be concerned for Fran Blinebury’s sanity with his comments about Wilt Chamberlain on this sunject.

  108. Steven says:

    The Jet had it right on point. There was so much talent back then that it was much difficult to win 6 championships in a row!!! Lebron never will be anything close to MJ.

    People forget that MJ Left to play baseball for 2 years, early in his career he left to go back to college, Lebron got drafted straight out of high school so his career was and is much longer that Jordan’s and definitely is going to be much longer than Jordan’s and he only has 2 championships?! Please!!

    Lebron is in his 11th year in the NBA lost in the finals three times, winning 2 championships. People really need to raise their standards of what greatness is.

    The answer is NO. MJ is the GOAT and always will be.

    Enough said

  109. Kimkhai says:

    LeBron’s the most complete or all-around player. MJ’s the greatest winner/competitor thus solidifying and ending the GOAT argument………….. It’s MJ!..

    -I would get in-depth and explain why he’s the GOAT, but y’all knew

  110. Fabbe says:

    LBJ is not even Close. MJ competed aginst stars like, bird, majic, Malone, stakton, barcly, DP badboys. LBJ has never had that competition. his skill set is impressing considering he is so big, number 2 for ever is by the way KOBE

  111. 2K.19 says:

    MJ paved the way for LeBron. LeBron’s the GOAT of this generation, but really?? think. MJ is 6/6 in the FInals, has 5 MVP’s, was on the Dream Team, made way more go-ahead game winners than LeBron, and has better skill and athletism. I’m not trying to pack on LeBron but those are traits in being a GOAT. LeBron is 2/5 in the finals and might be 2/6 or 3/6 depending on if the Cavs win or not. He has 4 MVP’s which is superior and close to MJ, but think. again…U say Bill Russell was the GOAT? I mean in terms of rings, then yes. But the 80s-90s era was basically the golden age of the NBA and MJ dominated in that era. Bill Russell paved the way (thank you Bill!!!) but I don’t think his face would be on Mt. Rushmore if he played during MJ’s era. Russell had more rings but MJ is the greatest winner and competitor. He has that fire in his eyes and he had a way better competition than Bill. I know y’all had Wilt, Cousy, Jerry West but still, it wasn’t the golden age of basketball. It was the starting point and led to the golden age so..the debate’s over…MJ’s the best…I’m not even a bulls fan and I’m saying it with the utmost respect so…let’s all stop and get on with our lives…

  112. shotgun says:

    One thing that MJ has and that LBJ will NEVER have: modesty

    One MJ came to the league, by his own words, he considered himself at the bottom.
    Lebron walks in with ’23’ on his back?
    Disrespectful and vain.

  113. roger says:

    listen name 5 dominant centers today: Dwight Howard, Marc Gasol? Now name the centers MJ had to play against: Robinson, Hakeem, Ewing, Mutombo, Mourning, Sabonis, Parrish, Kareem! Now name the scorers: Drexler, Miller, Mullen, Bird, Wilkens, Sleepy Floyd! Lebron is great but u surely can’t compare the level of competition today from back then! Micheal had so many moves and skill and even today wouldn’t trust LeBron when the game is on the line whether free throws or shooting. Lebron can guard 1 thru five in todays game but do you really think he can guard a young Shaq or Hakeems dream shake?! Please! Barkley and Malone would bully him like he is doing now! The pistons of the 80’s or the Knicks of the 90’s would make him cry! He would not beat the Trail Blazers, The Lakers or the Suns!

  114. Rommel says:

    MJ had Scottie and Dennis to win the second 3-peat. LBJ had Chris Bosh and D-Wade and lost in the finals twice.

  115. Alias says:

    You can’t leave Stephen Curry out of the conversation. Not many players can do things that Michael Jordan can’t.

  116. lordonlow says:

    Bill Russell leaves everyone else a distant second. It seems. And I’m a LAKERS fan but I happen to tell it like it is.

    • David says:

      Yes! You and Fran Blinebury have it right. Jordan has no clear edge as greatest of all time. Any other contenders have to measure up to Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. Russell new from the get go that making his teammates better was an integral part of the game. He also won a championship against a better Lakers team as player-coach. Then when you look at Chamberlain, I really don’t understand how people can not mention him in the greatest of all time category.

      I don’t even know if Lebron is better than Oscar Robertson. And that’s no put down. The Big O could play.

  117. Evens says:

    Hey It’s open to be the GOAT, but before there some conditions :
    1. defeat at least 10 HOF players in the finals
    2. make the kids sing : I want to be like #### (actually still like Mike)
    3. be hating by Spike Lee
    4. i will be fair and say at least 4 rings

  118. None Of The Above says:

    MJ was a great all rounder a player who played with such finesse. He inspired lesser players to be better and lead a team of lesser talents to success – two things Kobe Bryant could never do.
    LeBron took the Cavs to the finals in his first run but could not take the final step. Michael Jordan & Hakeem Olajuwon remain the only players to win the MVP & DPOY in the same season. Hakeem, Rick Barry & Ben Wallace are rare examples of being the only All-Stars on championship teams.
    Wilt had stats to appeal to all the stats obsessives and he had great athletism, but his dominance was down to his huge size advantage not great skills as he was not a great all-round player and had a reputation built on hype.
    Bill Russell had great success and was a great defender, but was teamed with some of the greats of his era – Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, Tom Heinsohn and Sam Jones being examples and this was a less competitive era and good big men were very few.
    Rings are not a good thing to judge on it would suggest that Robert Horry, Derek Fisher and Steve Kerr were all time greats and John Stockton, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing or Charles Barkley were not. With all the elements in place I feel Michael Jordan remains number one for now.

  119. Chris says:

    OHHH BOY!! Not this again! LOL. Lebron is good (for this era) but does not compare to Jordan. Even if Lebron won more than Jordan he still would not compare to Jordan as far as skill level, heart and work ethic, the list goes on and on. Now Kobe is the closet player to Jordan but not greater.

  120. Darryl Hines says:

    These guys act as though basketball is like tennis. You can’t compare individuals as who might be the greatest particularly when much of their success or failure is determined by teammates and opposition. How can anyone leave out Oscar Robertson who averaged a triple double for a WHOLE SEASON not just a playoff round. And what about Wilt who scored 100 points in one game? All of the other team sports don’t even engage in the ridiculous argument about who is the greatest football player or greatest baseball player. A more germane question might be who is the best forward or center or shooting guard or point guard which might quantified by measurable individual statistics. I guess writers need fodder for discussion which is the reason we’re all writing our responses and scratching our heads. Let it go media. There is no answer to the question only opinions and we all know they say about opinions.

  121. Having seen Wilt, Russell, Jordan, Magic, Kareem, LeBron and others play, I have to say the eye test says it’s Wilt Chamberlain by a landslide. The 90s are when people began to fall in love with the NBA, and so Jordan is their savior, but no one impacted the game like Wilt. Imagine a player who scored like Jordan while rebounding like Dennis Rodman. Yep, that was Wilt.

    • Lovins says:

      Or, you could take Russell, who WON like Jordan, and also rebounded like Rodman. Yeah, I think I’ll take Russell.

      Wilt’s effect on the game is overstated, because he was playing against 6’8″ white guys, and the NBA was barely 10 years old, not enough competition yet. Put Shaq in that decade and he would’ve done the exact same thing.

  122. Sayf says:

    It’s not necessarily the number of rings MJ and LBJ each have, but how they performed when they were in the Finals. James has a losing record in the Finals, 2 wins and 3 losses. LBJ could potentially be 2 out of 6 in a month from now. Jordan was a perfect 6 for 6 in the Finals if I remember correctly. If this fact doesn’t settle the debate, then I don’t know what will.

  123. Sergei says:

    Dear Gregory!
    Thank you. You said more and better than all high-paid guys above.
    I appreciate your logic very much. LeBron is not higher than the 10th as you counted. Just one additional quality that LeBron does not have and champion of which is John Stockton. Don’t talk, play! LeBron talks too many childish things and this is why there are no real LeBron’s fans in the league. Nobody likes him as much as Wilt, Russell, Magic, MJ, Kobe, John Stockton or Jason Kidd was loved. Amen!

  124. roger says:

    Listen name me 5 dominant centers in todays game? Dwight Howard and Marc Gasol! Now compare to the centers MJ played against: Hakeem, Robinson, Ewing, Shaq, Mutombo, Mourning, Sabonis even Divac! So of course LeBron can come in the paint and do what he wants? Lets look at scorers he had to face Drexler, Wilkins, Bird, Miller, Mullen, cmon man know your NBA!

  125. If LeBron James beats Bill Russel’s, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s records and wins 12 NBA titles then 100 percent yes he would be the goat. Michael Jordan doesn’t have the absolute argument as the best of all time, although many fans dispute this argument because Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul Jabbar have legit arguments why they could have been considered better than Michael Jordan. As far as teams are concerned we have to give justice to the teams as Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics is the best team of all time winning 11 NBA World titles.

  126. Swingman says:

    if we are judging GOAT but the amount of rings a player has. then bill russell is the GOAT!!! 11 rings how can you beat that.
    Jordan is great and brought a high dynamic to the game.
    he didn’t sell out his team when times got tough…he helped his teammates get better.

    Besides that…Jordan has accomplished a lot for lebron to be even considered in the same category as jordan.
    If you wanna compare someone then compare Kobe and Lebron but leave jordan out of it.

    he’s in a league of his own. Lebron will probably win one more ring but that’s about it.
    he’s getting older and younger teams are getting better….like Golden State, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Washington, Toronto, OKC, Portland.

    and besides…lebron only signed 2 years with cleveland…he’s gonna bail again to go to a super team…that’s just his nature…he’s a sell out

    GOATS aren’t sell outs and if you bring up the fact that jordan went to the wizards…he was helping em out first before he decided to lace em up one more time but he wasn’t thinking title, more so just wanted to inspire the players there

  127. How come nobody is talking about Bill Russell here? What about Kareem Abdul Jabbar? They had phenomenal teams that could seriously contend with Jordan’s goat title debate.

  128. Well i mentioned before that i believe that Michael Jordan does not have the absolute complete argument as the absolute goat title since there are some other players who make some interesting arguments in why they were better than Jordan. Yes generally speaking individual Michael Jordan is considered the best but team wise i feel Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics is the best team of all time. Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Lakers team was among the best and so was he individual as a player. Kobe Bryant is up there. Others like Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson deserve high praise in the mount rushmore of basketball. In my personal opinion the only two players who have legit arguments against Jordan are Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

  129. juancho says:

    nobody can compare to micheal jordan,,,micheal is only one the greattest basketaball player of all time ever,,,, lebron james is very far from micheal,,. kobe brayant is better than lebron,,,

  130. Michael Jordan while considered by many as the best player individual, does not have the absolute complete argument to fully retain GOAT title. The Boston Celtics team of Bill Russel’s era won 11 NBA world titles with the Celtics team and is not mentioned in the debate. Bill Russell has been unjustly ignored by the media and fans. For me the greatest team of all time is the Boston Celtics of the Bill Russell era. In the mount rushmore of basketball you have Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kareem abdul Jabbar just to name a few. Other greats like Kobe Bryant, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain get high honorable mentions along with other basketball greats.

  131. Dan says:

    Kareem was the greatest of all time.

  132. Gil Dghaili says:

    Jordan my friends. In my opinion Mickael Jordan is the greatest of all time in any sports. There is something you can’t explain about Jordan, he was supernatural.Let the eye judge when he plays; I don’t need stats, It’s an eye thing.Basketball is so beautiful with MJ on the court. Nobody will ever overcome MJ even if they win double of his titles.

  133. Gregory says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been a fan of the NBA since the late 1960’s. While it’s nearly impossible to compare players from different eras, I think you can compare the impact a player has on the game, as well as the legacy they leave. Too many fans and writers confuse number of rings won with greatness; Bill Russell, owner of 11 NBA Championship rings, and Michael Jordan will both say neither of them ever won a ring by himself – it’s a team effort (coach included).
    For those who don’t know, Wilt Chamberlain had all of the physical attributes as Lebron, only moreso. He was bigger and stronger, with more finesse and sheer athleticism than Lebron. He could jump higher and run faster. Wilt’s impact on the game of basketball was immense, he was the Babe Ruth of the NBA. The league made several rule changes to stop WIlt from dominating even more than he did (changing the width of the lane, goaltending, inbounding the ball over the top of the backboard, no jumping from the free throw line while shooting free throws, etc). His legacy speaks for itself, he still owns many records that may not be broken.
    MJ was the greatest player under 7 feet tall, Wilt the greatest over 7 feet. Lebron isn’t even in my top 10 of all time. He has a limited skill set, average on the ball defensive skills, cannot create off the dribble,and can’t play in the post at his size. He doesn’t rank higher than Wilt, Bill Russell, MJ, Magic, Oscar Robertson, Bird, Kobe, Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, Kareem… at not on my list.

    • mmoan2 says:

      He has a limited skill set, average on the ball defensive skills, cannot create off the dribble,and can’t play in the post at his size.

      R U serious. Were you watching the same series?

      • jose says:

        I think he meant that lebron can’t score off the dribble like jordan, which I agree. Jordan was all finesse and with style. His game was very pretty. Better foot work and post up game. Had the hands to maneuver the ball any kind of way. List goes on

  134. liquidcobra says:

    Lebron needs to win 6 CHIPS and stop running away when the going gets tough and THEN we’ll talk.

  135. Pete says:

    Mj was Goat 20 years ago , LBj is goat of this era

  136. Linda says:

    It’s really scary when I agree with the media but for once, they make sense. MJ won championships, made moves and incredible shots that are still breathtaking. But MJ also did things for the game of basketball that LeBron will never do, probably because he won’t be able to play that long. When you talk about MJ, you’re talking about a legend. When you talk about LBJ, you’re talking about a current player who has played well and with some legitimate, experienced players like Wade, Bosh and Allen, was able to win two championships. There is no comparison.

  137. MrMatt says:

    I’m a Cleveland sports fan. I love the Browns, Indians, and Cavs. I’m also in my mid 30’s and had the opportunity to watch both Jordan and Lebron play. Lebron is a great athlete but I feel the game has changed to much in order to make a true comparison. Jordan’s ability to adjust mid shot in the air and purely handle the basketball translates better to all years. I feel Lebron would struggle with a big man camped out down low who he couldn’t bully. I would have loved to see Lebron battle forwards like Rodman, Kemp, Barkley, etc…

  138. Kedrick says:

    Lebron will end up with a Hakeem-like legacy. One of the greatest to ever play his position, around 2 rings …but not the GOAT.

  139. Brian Melo says:

    Not this again, Not even close MJ 6 for 6 on title series enough said.

    • MGM says:

      Your an idiot, MJ lost 3 years in a row in the FIRST ROUND of the playoffs, until Scottie Pippin joined his team. Then they began to win. Jordan’s team was almost identically as good before he retired, as the year after he retired (meaning they did just about as well without him). He was great, but to say they’re “not even close” just shows that you don’t know JACK.

      • BOB says:

        HEY IDIOT 6-6 IN THE FINALS…. Jordan doesnt know what a game 7 even is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Chris says:

    Do you guys really, logically think it is fair to compare individual players on how many rings someone wins? Seriously? So, why aren’t Robert Horry and Bill Russel in the debate? Is Tony Parker better than John Stockholm? What about Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller? Why did Jordan not win a championship from 84 to 91? Compare individual stats and then you will really see who the greatest is, otherwise let’s stop the debate and all agree that Bill Russel is the greatest. Enough said.

    • Lovins says:

      No dude. The important part is that in winning those 6 rings, MJ was (by far) the MVP of those teams. That’s why the Robert Horry argument is silly and irrelevant. Stats are great, but they don’t win you anything except a spot in the record books. You need to combine and balance team and individual achievements. To me, the team aspect is made up of number of championships/overall playoff success and importance/contributions to each of those championships/playoff success, and the individual aspect is made up of career stats and individual awards (i.e. regular season MVP, def PoY etc). If you line up every guy’s resume based on all that, nobody comes close to Jordan.

      Btw, Jordan did win a title in 91, so you’ve automatically lost some knowledge credibility. And there’s no shame in him not winning titles his first 6 years considering the guys he started off with, lol.

  141. jOLAN says:

    Anyone who thinks no one could ever be better then MJ will ignore any reason think otherwise. Lebron ins’t the same kind of player as MJ. He gets a couple more rings, and yeah we can discuss it then. But he is on course to have a legit case for being better. He is a freak athlete, great all around player, and a great leader (something MJ wasn’t). I don’t think it is worth debating yet… but in a few years with a few more championships (if he gets there), then yeah, it could be either or. People forget that todays game is also way different. It’s played different, and players are overall better now. If people think MJ comes into todays game as good as he was back then, he wouldn’t put up the same numbers (he would be great, no doubt about it, just not as high of numbers). People choose to look at MJ as a god, like he had no faults.

    TLDR – MJ > LBJ for now, LBJ has a chance to be greater.

    • gary says:

      i really wanna know how old r u and how much u know about Nba. r u kidding me,Jordan wasnt a good leader as alBJ. Lmao. Go watch some youtube about Mj. And today s,game is easier to play then b4,coz ut not so phyiscal. Mj would be make 5-10 more ft if he were to pla y again. Btw,who have lbj really beat in this past 6 yrs to go to the final.KG,Paul,Howard ,Rose and the pistons? i cant find more than 5 HOF in those years. Check out who MJ beat to get to the finals. and yeah,6 for 6. not 2-3 even by switching team to win more.

      • MGM says:

        Uh, YOUR an idiot, gary, BC ya, the league is less physical, but much more technical. Ball handlers and defenders are WAY more adept than they used to be. MJ would NOT make 5-10 more if he played today. He took his team to the post season 3 years in a row and LOST ALL THREE IN THE FIRST ROUND, until Scottie Pippin joined the team. THEN they started winning championships (Scottie pippin actually has a better career win record than MJ). and Dont forget Lebron beat TIM DUNCAN (arguably the best power forward to ever play the game), Ginobly (future Hall of Famer), KD (most consider him to be one of the best in the NBA, second only to Lebron). Get your facts straight.

    • jose says:

      Actually you’re wrong, if jordan was in today’s league, he would dominate even more. The hand check and the fouls back then were brutal, the refs really call fouls like how they do now. there were centers like Ewing, shaq, hakeem and dunkers like kemp, wilkins, grant hill, 38-40 he was still able to score on players like vince carter, tracy mcgrady, ray allen, paul pierce, kobe, etc..he even score 50 points on back to back games around that age. plus jordan was all finesse and had style, the footwork and the big hands and hang time. Best post up game ever. list goes on

  142. K. BUrns says:

    MJ was 6 for 6 in the finals, Bron been there 5 times and have two rings. It’s already too late….6-for-6!!

    • mj the best says:

      And those two rings were BOUGHT!!! He signed up with his all-star buddies, AND EVEN THEN, HE GOT BEAT TWICE!!!! He has yet to earn a championship, maybe this year if they beat Golden State.

  143. Me says:

    IMO Jordan probably will still be considered the GOAT once LeBron retires, but one could make the case that LeBron is the most valuable player for a team, ever.
    I mean, he would make any team an instant contender because he can actually do everything, control the game.

    • mj the best says:

      Clearly you didn’t see Jordan in the 90s. Do everything? You mean like win a scoring title and defensive player of the year in the same year? Jordan did that, Lebron did not. Control the game? Where was he “controlling the game” when they lost to Dallas and San Antonio last year?? Go and watch the fourth quarter of Game 6 between Miami and Dallas – Dirk controlled the game!! Bwahahahaaaa

    • K. BUrns says:

      I feel MJ could have made any team a contender as well if he would have jump from team to team chasing CHIPS, but instead he bought the rings to him…

      • Basketball Fan From the 80s says:

        He tried to change teams… but he failed, coz the NBA needed him to stay in Bulls in order to globalize the nba



  145. Drago says:

    I don’t think Jordan or Kobe could carry this Cleavland team to the finals in their prime.The way i see it they could average 45 points a game and not get the finals.Lebron is definitely not better than Jordan one on one but he is a juggernaut in his own right .A cross between Carl Malone and Magic and a great defender with all round capability.If he gets the 6 rings he needs to get to be the GOAT that means he would be in like 8-10 finals in one carrier that is bigger than Jordan if he pulls it off.

    • BOB says:

      LOL jordan would of easily carried them through how bad the EAST was this year and all those injuries…. ur nuts.. Kobe atleast got his smuch parker luke walton kwame brown team to the playoffs in the WEST.. Ur nuts if you think jordan would of rolled through ATL hurt team, Bulls Hurt team, and lets not even mention the first series..

  146. kenny says:

    Not even close James is over ratted the NBA want’s him to be the greatest but he never will be if they reffed it like it’s supose to his avarages would be much lower. They never call him for traveling or charging and why would he not play Jordan when he offered a bet of a million dollars on a game

  147. bazetheendlessblaze says:

    Jordan’s will to win was overpowering. If he could come back as himself in his prime and play Lebron in the finals, he would beat Lebron. They could trade teams and he would still beat him. Nothing else matters in this comparison (not even that almost all of us would pay to watch Jordan play rather than Lebron, or that almost all of us would rather BE Jordan than Lebron).

    • mj the best says:

      I would rather go watch Jordan, at 50, play some pickup somewhere, than watch Lebron in an NBA game.

  148. Lovins says:

    Ian Thomsen hit the nail on the head…”most talented ever” is not “greatest player ever”. The reason he’ll (likely) never be Jordan is he doesn’t have the same obsessive competitiveness to drive that talent. This is why in so many Finals games (particularly against the Spurs), he’s been subpar, or even worse, disappeared while playing scared and tentative. There’s something you can’t say about MJ, who played in 35 Finals games and his LOWEST scoring game was 22 points. Not to mention the 24-11 record in said games, compared to 11-16 for LeBron. Let’s let LeBron finish his career before having this discussion, but still…unlikely he’ll end up with a better resume. In fact, upon completion of this season, LeBron will have played 12 seasons. MJ after 12 seasons? 6 championships, 6 Finals MVPs. (not counting the ’95 comeback as a season)

    Also, anybody who says “Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest player of all time and it’s not even close” doesn’t deserve to have a voice on this subject. He has the greatest individual records of all time…and that’s it (though worth noting, his scoring dipped significantly in the playoffs, further tainting him). But the ultimate goal is to win, and he has a mere 2 titles. Hell, he joined West and Baylor in LA and it still still took them 4 years to win.

  149. Maarten says:

    Stats and rings aside, Lebron can’t match the skillset MJ had. He is a great player and can do a lot of different things well, but relies alot on his athleticism alone. Lebron is a remarkable basketbal player, but the trúly remarkable players can keep playing at the highest level once their athleticism has worne down (e.g. MJ, Duncan, Kobe, Nash…) .I’m afraid once Lebron begins to lose his atheltic abilities, his output on the court will see a greater setback than those players.

  150. NBAFAN says:

    It always amazes me every few years they compare Jordan to the next best thing? I remember Hill, Penny, T.Mac, Carter, etc, etc, as the “New Jordan” or ” better than Jordan” now its Lebrons turn to be compared with the great one?

    The greats have their own mold, you cannot compare Magic to anyone or Kareem, Shaq, Wilt, Dr J,etc, etc they all are one of a kind their own molds, you could compare Kobe to Jordan they have the same mold 6.6″ guards with every offensive move.

    But Lebron is 6.8″ and 265lbs that moves like a guard and has the size to defend power forwards, has become an excellent offensive and defensive player, a very unique mold never seen before what he is capable of is yet to be seen, he will carve his own history in the NBA and time will tell, I think in the end it will depend how long his body holds up and how many finals he wins, and then you might be able to say who was the best?

    • mj the best says:

      Media and NBA want a mold for Lebron, but unfortunately, he won’t get his own mold. He will vanish like other Tier 3 “great” players – Karl Malone, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, etc. He will forever be remembered as a sellout who bought himself two championships with his all start buddies.

  151. 3-peat says:

    Only if and when LeBron can show the world that he can win three consecutive championships with one team, until then. MJ still better.

  152. Jon says:

    To compare him to Jordan is like comparing oranges to apples.. Lebron is a different player than Jordan. People should compare Lebron to the same position he plays now, which in many eye is Magic. The main argument should be is Lebron better than Magic at his prime. The comparison of Jordan to Kobe is a different argument. I hate when media throw up the G.O.A.T cards. Clearly Jordan is 6-0 and Lebron is 2-4 in the finals, Jordan never seen a game 7 in the finals, and Jordan was 6 time finals MVP. Best way to look at it..

    Think if we switched Jordan and Lebron’s generations. WHO becomes more successful.. Jordan would rip this new age league apart.. and Lebron would contribute, but not to level he plays today.

    Clearly i will admit. Lebron is bigger, faster, and stronger than Jordan, but Jordan is still the G.O.A.T in my eyes.

  153. papado says:

    Not even close from different angles alltogether ; few rings shorter, not much clutch performances, thrives only when his teammates are playing well – if a team plays bad he is not motivated to take over (on the other hand jordan going nuts in playoffs carying his team with 40+ performances and winning), too little technical skills which he compensates with raw power and domination by the basket, has improved his jumpshot but still not even close to the goat, no killer instinct etc.. With that said, he surely is extremely talented on surtain areas but has a long way to go.

  154. sharanney says:

    Michael Jordan by a mile. He simply dominated at a level that we haven’t seen before or since. He came into the league averaging 28 PPG rookie season, got practically 10 scoring titles in a row (not including retirement and rust year). He won DPOY and scoring title in the same year, being the best on both ends.

    The year he played point guard for Chicago? He put up averages of 32, 8 and 8, closer to a triple double average than Lebron’s ever had. During the finals, he was never outmatched once and always dominated his opponent.
    Lebron however has been outplayed by Duncan, Parker (first finals), Dirk, Wade his own teammate, outscored by Durant, and even let Kawhi his finals matchup get 20 PPG on him and the finals MVP.

    MJ however? During his first 3 peat aka PRIME? He created legendary moments
    in 1991, averaged 32 and 11 against Magic including 13 FG in a row and “the move”
    1992? 35 and 7 including 3-point in a half record and points in a half record…. as well as “the shrug”
    1993? Finals record 41 PPG and 9 rebounds per. All of the 3 peat had over .400 3 PT percentages and blistering efficiency.

    Michael Jordan has 5 of the 7 top playoff series scoring averages of all time and 6 of the top 10. Lebron doesn’t have one in the top 10. Kobe doesn’t. Wilt doesn’t even have one. He averaged over 40 PPG in 5 different playoff series. That’s insane. His top 6 playoff series averages are 45.2, 45, 43.7, 43., and 41 respectively, the last being in the finals.

    Alright, end rant. It’s just not close right now, but we all live in the moment. We were saying the same exact things about Kobe back in the day.

  155. Basketball Fan Man says:

    People that saw Jordan play: “No way, ever! Jordan GOAT!”
    People that didn’t see Jordan play: “Oh yes, Lebron is close…”

    i agree. Like it was said above, lebron can do things no one has ever done before, but then if that was the reasoning, Fran BlinDebury would be right with Wilt being the greatest. but stats are irrelevant with a changing game. You simply cannot compare any generation to others with stats fairly. GOAT is more of an eye test, and thats why my generation believes lebron is close. I believe it too.

  156. KPATEL says:

    Lebron has not played against the teams that MJ had to deal with. The league has changed a lot of terms of defense (There is no real defense nowdays apart from 1 on 1 man). Back in the day zoning was allowed and it was harder to score points. Apart from that, Lebron has played in the EASTERN Conference, which in the last 5 years only had 1 decent team (the pacers 2 years ago). Lebron is great, but he would have to do too much to even get closer to Jordan. Right now I would say he is still behind Kobe, Magic and Bill.

    • sport52007 says:

      First of all if Jordan had to play against the players now he would not avg. 25 you want to talk about players how about just going against your own postion 3 melo, KEvin, george, the guy for the spurs, butler, paul from boston, how about going against three hall of fame furture stars harden, westbrook, kevin than paul, kevin and allen awake up who jordan go against the piston and lakers who he could not beat early until they got old.Or he ran when the top players like allen. Carter and tracy were coming up or kobe or shak.

  157. LBJ desperate to be compared to MJ says:

    I like how Sekou Smith say’s it.. I totally agree.. LBJ is not even close to Kobe Bryant what more to MJ the GOAT..

  158. ERY says:

    I mean two big superstars,, 🙂

  159. ERY says:

    Its nonsense..
    Lebron leaving the Cavs to join three big superstars at the peak of their career already lossed to MJ as the G.O.A.T. & as the basketball icon worldwide.

  160. Brother Souli says:

    Lebron is great but he cant fly. Jordan is the greatest of all time!!!!

  161. Tim says:

    It isn’t close…today. IF Lebron grabs 2 or 3 more rings then the discussion has merit but until then, it is a great player with a so-so record in the finals against the greatest player, who never lost. No brainer.

  162. mj the best says:

    The debate can be distilled as follows:
    People that saw Jordan play: “No way, ever! Jordan GOAT!”
    People that didn’t see Jordan play: “Oh yes, Lebron is close…”

    I’ve had the priviledge of watching Jordan play through the 90’s, and too bad there wasn’t and still isn’t a statistic for how many times a player puts a team on his back and wins… Jordan AVERAGED that statistic for his entire career, Lebron has had individual games where that’s been the case.

    • Informed says:

      LeBron doesn’t put his team on his back day in day out? LOL I don’t think you watch much basketball these days. All LeBron does is get his teammates involved make them better. LeBron is as great a basketball player if not better than most players in the NBA/world.
      Having said all that, MJ is the greatest to ever do it. LeBron is a unique player and every young players out there should learn his game if they want to become a complete basketball player.

  163. Lou says:

    The greatest advantage MJ has, he’s done things no one has ever done before !!!!!!!

  164. Amitpal says:

    Yes but Lebron better have some unbelievable finals. As good as Lebron been, his play in finals is nothing compared to what Jordan has done. Jordan in one final series averaged 40 points per game. That’s off the chart good. I don’t think Lebron ever averaged more then 30 in a final series and even if he did, I know it’s not more then 31 points per game.

    • Mike says:

      I understand that, but LeBron is averaging a triple double in the playoff and most likely will in the Finals too..
      Not even His Airiness did that. Mind You a triple double with 25 plus points each and every time
      Let him win 2 more chips and let’s continue this conversation

      • armand says:

        MJ is the greatest to ever play. I’ve had the pleasure on watching his airness in the 90’s and also Lebron during his prime. Basketball excellence is not measured through stats and championship. MJ afected the game in a very methodical and very cerebral manner. People were scared to play hima s the will get into their heads even before they take a shot. People feared Jordan, no one wanted to defend him. There were the so-called Jordan stoppers but they never really was able to contain him. Willing his team to wins and strappin them on his back was a constant thing for Jordan. Scottie Pippen would never be an all-star let alone a Hall of Famer without Jordan’s help. All people see is the scoring titles, but Jordan did more on the basletball court.

      • shahz says:

        most likely win? where did you get that from?

      • sport52007 says:

        Did you see his last game he sure did. Also there was no zone defense allow back than. No three ball until later. No we do not have center but we have point forward more like pipin. Also we have more media so we can see everything you cannot do. Like cheating on defense where more likely your man is some white guy who can drive to basket. Or shorter than you by 4 inchs like starks get real people thomas kill him until he got old and than he take his teamate rodman because. Karl was slow, stockon was slow,the guard for cavs he push off was no about. Play against some worth talking about. Magic old, bird thomas old.I saw both play and 90 percent of jordan shots were from line if you touch him it was foul. Get real man. Lebron can win a game without scoring a point that is a real player and man. Not somefool who was dismiss from his high school team. He did go against a real great player I college bias and he got destroyed. Look it up. Anybody can beat a baby. Play some your height or skill level than come talk to me. Lebron, magic, bird, thomas, kevin kobe really players the reason there