Love out for conference semifinals

VIDEO: How will the Cleveland Cavaliers adjust in the wake of Kevin Love’s injury?

It is official.

The Cavaliers will be without forward Kevin Love for the next round of the playoffs, definitely missing what everyone expects could be a contentious showdown against the Bulls.

Love was injured in a run-in with Boston’s Kelly Olynyk.

The team made the announcement in a release:

Cavaliers forward Kevin Love sustained a left shoulder dislocation during the first quarter of yesterday’s game in Boston vs. the Celtics. His shoulder was assessed, reduced in the locker room, immobilized, and he did not return to the game. X-rays and an MRI have been performed, as well as further evaluation at the Cleveland Clinic Sports Heath today by team physician Dr. Richard D. Parker and Dr. Mark Schickendantz. Evaluation and imaging have defended the extent of the injury: an acute anterior inferior glenohumeral dislocation with the corresponding ligament/labrum tearing and humeral head bone bruising. Currently, Love is undergoing training room treatments while addition opinions are being obtained and treatment options are being explored. Love will be unavailable for the Cavaliers upcoming Conference Semifinal playoff series and an update regarding his status beyond that will be determined over the next several days.

After the Cavs closed out their 4-0 sweep of the Celtics on Sunday, Love said he believed Olynyk’s play was “bush league” and intentional, which Olynyk denied. The referees gave him only a common foul.

In a Q & A with the Boston Globe, Olynyk offered his reply:

“I’d probably get killed if I went to Cleveland right now. I don’t think if someone gave me their arm and I was running forward like that and locked up, I don’t think I could dislocate someone’s arm if I tried. I think it’s a real tough thing to do.

“Like I said before, it’s kind of ridiculous to say you intentionally meant to. I’d never intentionally hurt someone, him or anybody else for that matter. I don’t think anybody goes out trying to hurt anyone. I think it’s just real unfortunate. If you get tangled up and he doesn’t dislocate his shoulder, there’s nothing dirty ever said or anything. It’s just a foul. So I just really hope he can get back as soon as possible and help that team keep making a push.”

Assuming that Chicago, currently up 3-1 on Milwaukee going into Monday night’s Game 5, eventually closes out the series, Love’s absence would leave a void in the next round. With the strong presence of big men to pack the lane, Love’s ability to shoot from 3-point range and draw defenders to the perimeter is a valuable part of the game plan. Love’s replacement Tristan Thompson operates close to the basket.

The Cavs could also be missing shooting guard J.R. Smith, who was slapped with a flagrant 2 foul and ejected for hitting Boston’s Jae Crowder in the head in the third quarter. It is expected that Smith will be suspended for at least one game.


  1. Houston Fan says:

    Pathetic Boston fans don’t deserve Love or any superstar. I doubt anyone watching that series would want to consider Boston in free agency.

  2. OKC says:

    Lol a karate move? Cavs fans are such cry babies.

  3. Tom DeMille says:

    The first commenter got it right. Love had Olynyk locked up, very tightly, and in fact couldn’t have injured Kelly. If Kelly got injured there nobody was going to say that Love was trying to pull his shoulder out of socket. As the play progresses Kelly tries to reverse the arm lock and when it becomes apparent that Love is going to get a hand on the ball Kelly gives him a tug on the arm which pops his shoulder. In that 1/2 second time period it is not possible that Kelly made a decision to injure him on purpose, he was just trying to slow him down so that the other Celtic player could get to the ball first. Unfortunate that Love was injured, I’m hoping Boston can sign him next year !

  4. Celtics Fan says:

    As a Celtics fan, I accept the ruling of the NBA all three offenses. On the other hand, I think that more attention seems to be paid to Kelly O.’s offense than the other more clearly deliberate actions involving the Cavs. I don’t care for Love or the Cavs in general. I really hope the Celtics do not pursue Love. I don’t think he’s a good fit for the Celtics 2015-16 season or ever for that matter. I hope both players recover quickly and eventually move past recent events.

  5. Gill says:

    There’s no justice for Kevin Love, a great player who was purposely hurt by someone who’s jealous of him and his team’s success. This is no longer just a game. From now on throughout what’s left of his career after the mauling and for the rest of his life he will remain the victim of a malicious act. He’ll feel the pain of that shoulder injury for as long as he lives. His career may be shortened and the rest of his life will be different.
    We’ve seen intent to injure in hockey and NFL football for a long time. Those games thrive on violence. If they’re gong to let the thugs in the league turn basketball into the same thing they’ll start putting a bounty on injuring opponents star players. Stop it now! Punish the perpetrators. Reward violence with suspensions that threaten the livelihood of the people who intentionally try to injure other players and this will stop!

  6. taekayo says:

    At the start of the play between Olynyk and Love, you see that it is Love who has locked Olynyk’s arm. But as both chased for the ball, Olynyk has that opportunity to reverse it. Both are after the rebound, but both are playing the same grappling game. Its has been how Rodman, Malone, Wallace and other rebounders been doing since. It is unfortunate that Love’s arm got injured, but what if that happened to Olynyk’s arm at the start of the hustle? No one intends to injure anyone, but surely both are imposing their physical will over the other.

    The story is different with JR though. That swing has nothing to do with getting into position or getting the ball. It is almost the same as Artest swinging on Harden’s head before. JR knew where Crowder’s head is, and he swung to intentionally hurt him

    As for Perk, the push was unnecessary. He could’ve just stiffened up an let Crowder hit that brick wall. And poking Crowder’s head made it even worse. But what can I say, that’s how Perk earns his living. Without him doing these, he won’t be in the NBA at al LOL.

  7. Yasar says:

    I feel sorry for Love, but punishing Smith with 2 games suspension after he nearly killed Crowder and punsihing Olynick with one game for a physical non-intentional foul !. and yet the funniest thing that our Reigning Shaqtin MVP shoved Crowder in the face and got away with it!.

  8. Jackie Chan says:

    Maybe his coach asked him to do it…

  9. Vlade says:

    Locking arm is normal and it is performing on every rebound in the paint. Locking the arm is not the same like what Olynuk did, this was clean for technical foul.

  10. Houston Fan says:

    I hope most the Celtics players never get another contract to stay in the NBA, and Karma will get Kelly Olynyk!

  11. kilo says:

    I agree with the thought that no one intentionally tries to injure another player. I think he did try to intentionally take Love out of the play, purposely committing a foul. The injury was just very unfortunate. It’s like when you get too close to a player when he’s shooting and he comes down and roles his ankle. You didn’t purposely try to break his ankle. You just wanted to take the shot away. Having said that, players should be mindful that grabbing someone’s arm, getting too close to the shooter or whatever can cause injury. They should take care of each other.

  12. tomharrisicsc says:

    I hope the NBA comes down hard on all three of them:

    Perkins: out for the next two games plus a substantial fine;
    JR: out for the next two games plus a substantial fine;
    Olynyk: out for the first two games of next season plus a substantial fine.

    All three of their actions need to be nailed hard. They ruin the game. Look at how the NHL has been ruined by too lenient treatment of such things.

    Tom Harris
    Ottawa, Canada

  13. Russ says:

    By swallowing their whistles, the referees allowed the Celtics to play more like the Philadelphia Flyers Broad Street Bullies teams of the 1970’s than a pro basketball team. Crowder looked like a pulling guard clearing a hole for a running back when he blasted J. R. Smith from behind, and he didn’t stop there. No wonder Smith got angry and frustrated when no call was made and took matters into his own hands(literally). Like the Cavs players said when they viewed the tape of the Love injury at halftime, Olynyk did not make a basketball move when he grabbed Kevin Love’s arm and pulled on it. It was more like the move Beowulf made on Grendel. Brad Stevens is also responsible for what happened by his use of thugball tactics to compensate for the Celtics inferior talent. Did the NBA want to see the series go as long as possible for TV revenue purposes by instructing the referees to favor the Celtics by letting them play like the New York Knicks teams of the 1990’s without consequence?

  14. chris says:

    first — shack was a much better commentator when he was playing basketball. Interviews with him before and after games were fun. Now he’s always just mad and trying to remind everyone that he’s huge and deadly. He’s now painful to watch.
    Next — Smith is lucky the guy wasn’t closer. Perkins should get the biggest punishment. Long hair guy did do it on purpose.

  15. rex says:


  16. manish, india says:

    It is very upset for cavs that love missing for next games and j.r. smith for 2 games, but i hope king james will lift the team on his own and will reach conference final

  17. Nick says:

    By the way, the injury Olynyk intentionally inflicted on Love is serious. I’d be willing to bet we don’t see him play again until next season. What a crock of you-know-what. Olynyk should be made to sit out as many games as Love, plus a few for good measure and maybe a severe fine as well! Such behavior is not merely “playing rough” and should be extinguished.

  18. BTCT says:

    As frustrating of an incident Love’s injury was, Olynyk’s intention was to clearly try and get away with holding and pulling love away from the ball so that his teammate could get to the loose ball before Love. The unfortunate thing is that he did lock the arm and then used a burst of strength to pull the power forward away from the ball which led to the dislocation, so it would make sense for Love to believe that it was intentional considering what he felt happen and the subsequent injury. Terribly unlucky, but something doesn’t feel right about a player being able to dislocate an opponents shoulder and then receive virtually no consequences.

  19. Nick says:

    Olynyk intentionally injured Love. It is clear as day looking at the clip. He positioned Love’s arm straight across his body then grabbed his wrist with his left hand. Olynyk then, while holding Love’s wrist against his body leaned into Love’s arm with the right side of his body. These actions required purpose, and the only possible purpose at that moment during that play clearly was to injure Love!
    Olynyk, can probably rightfully claim he never intended to dislocate Love’s shoulder, but that is just a play on words. He had no way of knowing the actual injury he would inflict on Love, but that doesn’t excuse his actions. It’s a travesty that he is only receiving a one game suspension! He intended to injure Love! What a dirt bag.

  20. deyu says:

    That boston player needs to be banned in nba. I mean love was chasing the ball and that kelly arm bar him. Nba should punish him.. . He pulled the arm, locked it, with knee, .. its so intensional,.

  21. STRONGLY I detest Olynyk’s foul. Yes it was a big’s play to lock up, hustle, tussle, push and pull. However, they should consider looking carefully back at the video. Olynyk was ready to pull the hand– he positioned his two hands and pulled it. Was it to injure Kevin? Probably. But is the foul damaging. YES. Olynyk should have not been given a regular foul.

    At some point, too, I disagree with the guys. If the only argument would be that “I am wrong because I never played against big men” or that “I am wrong because I never played in the NBA”, then why not just let Olynyk dislocate the arms of other players and just give him a regular foul. They should also have considered the intensity of a player trying to survive elimination and the “I’m losing anyway, so might as well…” attitude of a losing team.

  22. chris says:

    im not a big cavs fan (im rooting for golden state) so i think im impartial. watching the video over & over , kelly olnyk does some strange things with both his hands. kevin loves arm is pinned inside kellys armpit and kelly clearly clamps down on the arm. you can see his shoulder muscle clench as he clamps down. then both his hands reach for loves wrist area. why does he do that? the vids on youtube … go watch and tell me what olnyk is doing with his hands.

  23. harriethehawk says:

    I hate that he got hurt, but quite frankly I could care less what goes on in Cleveland’s world.

  24. Warren Cobbs says:

    Tony Brothers should be FIRED,He’s a very bias ref with no Honor. Make him accountable for over looking what’s right in his face.W.C. the Show-Me state. Go Cavs. . .

  25. robert says:

    just before the dislocation we can clearly see Olynyk positionning his 2 hands on kevin love arm, why he did this, after the tangle, he clearly thinks a moment to grab the arm this way, don’t make the innocent kelly lol
    dirty player

  26. Styx says:

    He’s done. Anybody who is involved in any kind of advanced gym workout or similar training program knows that shoulder injuries ain’t no joke…I hate when good teams lose star players during the playoffs…

  27. Russ says:

    I can’t understand why the NBA allows basketball games to be turned into wrestling matches. I ant to watch elite athletes play, not thugs ambush one another. We have all seen the close up images of how the Celtics player had a lock on Love’s arm with his hand. That was no tie-up. He grabbed and yank it until it dislocated. I can’t believe the NBA does not severely punish this.

  28. Jnunez says:

    Hope he get better soon!

  29. As for JR smith, yeah his play was really dirty it was clear he intended to hit the guy behind him but I don’t think he knew he would hurt him that much. And when he walked off the court I don’t think he knew how bad his hit was (I mean it was right on target with max impact because of the perfect distance Crowder was behind him)

    Tensions were high in that game. It’s bad for the NBA and for Cavs fans to have a contender lose two starters like that. What’s fun about such a semi finals?

    I think JR smith should be banned for 10 or 15 season games and fined or something. But let him play through the playoffs. He’s worked hard to change his bad boy attitude and be a team player. This is not the same JR Smith that used to do things like this with the Knicks.

    • amonestere1 says:

      How hypocritical you are. Let him play in the playoffs???!! Does anyone remember Kermit Washington breaking Rudy tomjonawich (spelling) face with a punch? JR Richards used the circumstances to be the dirt bag that he is. The Cleveland coach is more to blame because he sent out Perkins to hit someone and giving JR the thought that he could do what he did. I don’t know if Kelly did what he did on purpose because he has no track record of dirty play and I’m not in his head, but I do know that Love is a big whiny baby. Imagine if he played hockey? His shoulder would be popped back in, he’d be bandage up and expected to go back in. Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins played with broken ribs and a collapsed lung in the Finals against Chicago in 2013. When the game ended he went to the hospital. I hope Love stays in Cleveland. Boston hates wimps and the way he pranced around the court after he got hurt? What a loser.

  30. Quite an unfortunate accident. I don’t think it was intentional or that it deserves repercussion.

    But I gotta say yeah guys get tangled up but when one guy is pulling while the other is not that’s when injury happens. Don’t act like Love would have injured his shoulder regardless of whether or not he got tangled up with Olynyk. There was a pull by Olynyk which lead to the injury. I think he should apologize for it straight up. And preferably not do it again. It’s a chump move.

    Can you guys imagine if someone like Lebron did that when he went for a rebound and got tangled up? He’d rip a guy’s arm off lol. And what we’re just gonna say “was just getting tangled up on the rebound”? Lebron can do that and hurt someone “unintentionally” every time. So players need to stop the habit of playing like that.

  31. Dennis says:

    For Kevin Love to say that Kelly Olynick deliberately tried to injure him is bush league talk- that was a normal foul and it was an accident – Kelly was only trying to get his arm loose, go for the ball, and maybe, just maybe if Kevin had let Kelly’s arm go, it would not have happened – so man up and apologise Kevin!! You have done yourself a great disservice by saying what you did

    • Loid says:

      Dude, you must Blind! He pulled and tugged at Love’s arm. He was not even going for the ball. What the heck was trying to do? The entire Celtics team just wanted to thug it out because they were overmatched. Street style.

    • Rich says:

      Definitely blind. Olynyk had Love’s upper arm locked in place, then with his opposite hand pulled Love’s forearm up to create stress, then with a sudden movement jerked down to dislocate his shoulder. That’s a karate move, not a basketball move. Wouldn’t be surprised to find that Olynyk had some martial arts training at some point in his past. Almost looked like he wanted to snap his arm at the elbow at first, then settled on the shoulder. Clearly, the two Cavs plays were bush league too, but retaliatory, and honestly, it all stems from the fact that the refs were letting Boston get away with a lot throughout the series, so there was clearly a good bit of frustration on the Cavs bench. Home court advantage is nothing new, but it’s their job to temper the tide and keep things from getting that ugly, and they failed miserably. Just hope it doesn’t cost the Cavs a chance at a championship.

  32. Mahaffey says:

    Justice for Kevin Love – Now!