Knee, Shooting Touch Both Pain Parsons

VIDEO: Mavs’ forward Chandler Parsons slams one home.

HOUSTON — Chandler Parsons finally got a chance to do what he wanted to do in front of the old home crowd. He got out in front on the transition game, rose up and hammered home a dunk right into the teeth of the jeering that was coming from the Toyota Center stands.

Trouble was, it came after Parsons had already missed three shots and his Mavericks fell quickly behind by double-digits in the first five minutes of a 118-108 loss to the Rockets Saturday night.

Parsons had missed the last six games of the regular season due to pain in his right knee and looked like someone who couldn’t find a rhythm. He shot 5-for-15 from the field, missed all four of his attempts from behind the 3-point line and finished with 10 points in an ineffective 37 minutes.

“We can’t do that, especially in the the playoffs,” he said. “We have to find a way to be consistent and play the same way for 48 minutes. We can’t give-up those leads and have these teams go on runs. Houston is a team of runs and they have guys that can make plays. We have to try to eliminate those.”

Parsons, who became the object of derision in Houston after signing a free agent contract with the Mavericks for $46 million over three years last summer, had to leave the game and go to the locker midway through the second quarter.

“I just landed and I felt some pain,” he said. “My leg just kind of gave out on me. I couldn’t really shake it. It didn’t feel great. I felt fine the first six to eight minutes and I think that was partly due to adrenaline.

“Something happened when I landed and it was real painful. We have a lot of work to do here and I hope it doesn’t swell up overnight. I’ll visit the doctors and the trainers (Sunday) and hope for the best.

“I want to play more. You have to be smart and I have to have a good judgment with my body. I was definitely a little rusty today and I missed a couple of chippies and some open shots. I didn’t have my usual lift and I was definitely feeling some pain and discomfort in the right knee.”

The pain only made the entire experience worse.

“This definitely isn’t the way you want to play or feel in the playoffs,” he said.


  1. ExileD says:

    wearing a biit less tighter pants can help a lot

  2. mike jordan says:

    the mavs will bounce back..they can win this series

  3. james says:

    Who shot him?

  4. Jn says:

    Parsons is good but Ariza is better!

  5. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    The Mavs had no D in the paint, and missed so many lay ups and shot’s in the paint, Glad to see Dirk playing with some playoff energy.

  6. I think that this Mavs squad is dangerous and potent when their guys are healthy. Parsons being injured takes away from the dynamic offense that the Mavs have. In saying that, if Parsons does return to his regular for, then Houston may be in for a challenging series. I think this is going to six or seven games easily, and no easy victories either.

  7. abdel says:

    Was he shot after the game 😮 i hope it is not life threatening and Chandler could return to the court at once.

  8. OKC says:

    I’m sure Fran couldn’t wait for his chance to rag on Parsons. Fran has the most obvious biased on

  9. John Doe says:

    When healthy, Parsons is a big part of the Mavs success. When not, Aminu should probably see more minutes instead. The Rondo trade is still haunting Dallas imo. I’d probably give him up to get back Wright, Crowder and Jameer Nelson. Rondo had a couple of good moments in game one, though. Hopefully he can step up his game a nodge. And Dirk: Stop committing TO!

    • are you seriously hating on rondo? he was the best player for the mavs in that game!

      He shot better than monta ellis! and remember, he’s not supposed to…I mean he is usually a horrible shooter.

      Monta Ellis has been very inconsistent. Everyone is calling out the Rondo trade, but Ellis is the real reason the Mavs aren’t as good as they were. He was playing great before the trade, and he has slowly been playing worse since the trade, and it is NOT rondo’s fault.

      Rondo plays like a champion. I guarantee you he gets another ring before his career is over.

      • Noogin876 says:

        Ellis is playing bad because of Rondo. When Rondo does good, Ellis does bad. When Ellis does good, Rondo does bad. Those two can’t coexist with each other.

  10. harriethehawk says:

    I’m not surprised the Mavericks lost.

  11. NBAARON says:

    I hope Parsons gets better. I really like his game and he is a crucial piece for the Mavericks.

  12. kadir says: