Rose makes tentative return to lineup

VIDEO: Highlights from Derrick Rose’s first game back with the Bulls

Of course, the idea is to get Derrick Rose back on the floor and ready to lead the Bulls offense in those tough fourth quarters in the playoffs.

Consider then the first half of the job complete and work still left to be done.

Following surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee, Rose returned to action for the first since February on Wednesday night, but didn’t play at all in the fourth quarter of a 105-103 Bulls loss at Orlando.

Derrick Rose's shot chart vs. Magic

Derrick Rose’s shot chart vs. Magic

It was one more defeat to a non-playoff team, another bad loss in a season full of them and dropped Chicago into a tie with the Raptors for the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference.

However, one would think that a fully recovered Rose will make a difference late in games like this when he eventually gets his legs fully under him and has the 20-minute-per-night restriction lifted.

As it was, Rose played just over 19 minutes, shooting 3-for-9 from the field, scoring nine points, while dishing two assists with four turnovers. He hit his first 3-pointer of the night and then missed his next five.

After missing 20 consecutive games, Rose was back in the starting lineup with the regulars — Jimmy Butler, Joakim Noah, Mike Dunleavy and Pau Gasol — for the first time since Feb. 23. He played the first 6:03 of the game, consistently pushed the ball up the court and did not look winded.

There were the expected telltale signs of inactivity — tentativeness, turnovers, loose ball-handling — and Rose did fall in love with the 3-ball rather than attacking the basket.

The best sign for the Bulls was the threat of Rose, who drew defenders and allowed him to get the ball to teammates for open jumpers. The Bulls hit nine 3-pointers in the first half.

Rose made his nicest play of the night in the third quarter when he drove all the way to the rim and finished.

That’s the Rose the Bulls will need if they hope to make noise in the playoffs. One that does not just play in the fourth quarter, but plays aggressively.

VIDEO: Derrick Rose feels his return to the Bulls’ lineup went well overall


  1. Derrick Rose = Dusty-Rusty
    Just keep those claps coming Mr. Rose.

  2. NickTheQick says:

    Man… but the way Rose landed after that layup… ouch! I mean it looked dangerous. He really need to work on the way he lands on the floor, After all those injures you just don’t want to watch him land like that.

  3. Dan says:

    It is his first game back and he has had 3 operations you clowns. Give him a break!!! Did you expect him to drive the ball into traffic all game and risk injuring himself first game back. No idea.

  4. Sim Bhullar says:

    Rose is going to be a force in the East during the playoffs.

  5. Erock says:

    You guys need to just be quiet. It’s his first game back and he did a good job. The first half, the bulls were up big. So, I think you all need to stop expecting 25ppg out of the guy in his first go-around since late-February. Way to go Drose.

  6. to many threes not enough driving and making some plays for his team. Rusty

  7. trev says:

    Stop shooting threes D. Rose!