Cousins to replace injured Bryant on West’s All-Star roster


DeMarcus Cousins is averaging career highs in both points (23.8) and rebounds (12.3). (NBAE via Getty Images)

HANG TIME BIG CITY — The Western Conference All-Stars just got a boost of Boogie.

With Kobe Bryant out for the rest of the season following shoulder surgery, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced Friday that Bryant will be replaced on the Western Conference All-Star team roster by Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins. The announcement comes just hours after the All-Star reserves were announced, a list that did not include Cousins.

In his fifth NBA season, Cousins is averaging 23.8 points along with 12.3 rebounds and 1.6 blocks, career highs across the board. Over the last 20 years, only five players — David Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Kevin Love — have averaged at least 23 points and 12 rebounds in a season. Cousins is the first Kings’ All-Star since 2004. He also played a key role on last summer’s USA Basketball championship team at the FIBA Basketball World Cup, and seems to have curbed his enthusiasm for picking up technical fouls, with just five so far this season after racking up 16 last season.

The 64th NBA All-Star Game will tip off Sunday, Feb. 15, at Madison Square Garden. The game will be seen by fans in 215 countries and territories and will be heard in 47 languages. TNT will televise the All-Star Game for the 13th consecutive year, marking Turner Sports’ 30th year of NBA All-Star coverage.


  1. Ryan Patterson says:

    Here’s a ballot that rightly includes both Lillard and Cousins.

  2. This is well deserved for Demarcus. He personally should have been voted in and not put in by default. He has been very dominate. I think being in a small market and also he is growing as a player and as a young man growing into a man. He is finally maturing and accepting his role as business and not personal. I am excited for his growth.

  3. Rohit says:

    Cousins is the ONLY player in the nba that is in the top 5 of the two major stats. He is hands down 1 of the top 5 best players in the nba. In my opinion he’s number 1 because no one can stop him. Definitely the best big man in the game since shaq. I live in Sacramento so I see his dominance everyday and sometimes in person. I’ll quote Rodney dangerfield “no respect” the truth of the matter is the voters want to see the big names not nessicarily big production. A couple of years ago Kobe only played about 5 to 10 games and was voted a starter. Not only is Demarcus an all star this year but he is a soon to be hall of farmer mark my words. This is Rohit Singh and this has been a Fact Smack…..Booooo Yeeaaahh.

  4. Hakeemdadream says:

    Well deserved big men!!!

  5. GNAP says:

    Dame is the new Agent Zero #RememberArenas

  6. Patty says:


  7. Patty says:


  8. harriethehawk says:

    Kevin Durant is still really hurt, in my opinion and will probably not make it to play in the all-stars. Damien Lilliard will get picked and play, so stop pouting. You heard it first from me.

  9. cmoney says:

    no one can replace Kobe

  10. A.J. says:

    Actually, I believe he only has four technicals so far this season, not five. He also doesn’t have any flagrant fouls so far this season. It’s a shame his talents are being wasted on such a pathetic NBA franchise and their latest goofball majority owner.

  11. David says:

    LILLARD!!! CP3 / Duncan shouldnt be in allstar this year!

  12. mo says:

    lillard should take cp3s spot

  13. Jackitup says:

    KD and Westbrook are not All stars this year and yes last year they were. Maybe whoever does the picking should definitely watch more games. As for the Commissioner, he should resend the first two and replace with those who are actually stars this year. NBA, I hope you make the right decision here. I don’t think its to late for that.

  14. rafael says:

    where is kawhi leonard. ……….? he deserves it

  15. Ben says:

    Lillard should have replaced Kobe. Honestly, I’d have Randolph and Nowitzki above Cousins too. If the Kings had kept winning I would have felt differently.

  16. BASH says:

    Cousins should have been in over Duncan in the first place, then Lillard replace Kobe…

  17. Delly Ranks says:

    Lillard will replace Lamarcus Aldridge!

  18. MB017 says:

    Why not Conley or Lillard!!!

  19. best baller says:


  20. Big Vic says:

    Shaq said it best… “All Stars are not about Wins.” If you are an All Star, you are an All Star. Boogie is DEFINATELY an all star. With that being said you still have to SOME WHAT give consideration to wins. Damian IS ALSO DEFINATELY an ALL STAR… Should have been last year too. Personally, you take out Westbrook or KD (Both are all stars but have not contributed or won enough) and you put Damian in. Thats how you have a correct roster this year.
    But THIS YEAR you must put Boogie in because LaMarcus is already in there. It comes down to Boggie deserves to be an All Star MORE THAN Portland deserving 2 All Stars.

  21. Jazz says:

    I can’t believe it that Dame did not make it. I think coaches hate him because he is so good and superior in the fourth quarter.
    Congrats to D. Cousins on making it.

  22. Josh says:

    OMG, are u kidding me, western conf has too many best player more than this guy.

  23. HotSauce says:

    Wow you guys are crazy, Damian Lillard is in the top 10 for MVP ladder and should have replaced Kobe. Plus you replaced a guard with a center? This doesn’t make sense to me…

    • likes big black mambas says:

      looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I think that one guy should of made it. lowkey

  24. A says:

    Lillard should absolutely be in it. Cousins also deserves the spot, but Lillard and Cousins deserve it more than Durant, Westbrook, CP3, and Duncan.

  25. Missing AI says:

    I don’t understand how Z-bo isn’t even in any discussions… the man is a veteran and a beast

  26. Marcus says:

    Should have been Lillard, not Cousins.

    Yes, Cousins has beast stats, but it’s similar to Kevin Love in Minnesota because his team is going nowhere. So the stats are a bit inflated and skewed.

    • ace says:

      But Kevin Love was still going to all star game without debate. Why do ppl want want to question Cousins?

      All the ppl whining about Lillard, there’s a reason coaches didn’t vote for him and he got cut by team USA b/c he can’t defend anybody. He’s a remarkable scorer but you got to defend. Coaches understand that better than most fans

  27. JohnBugz says:

    Damian Lillard was robbed..

  28. Kenneth Williams says:

    Wow that was quick nba knows they messed up HUGE! shouldnt have even came down to this now you gota right Lillard. Cause how does chris paul get in over him. Im actually surprise tho that they replaced a guard with a center

  29. Hans says:

    well deserved

  30. David H says:

    Of course Memphis gets overlooked again. Glad the fans had enough sense to vote gasol to the team. 3’rd best team in the league only has 1 all star. An eastern conference team with a losing record and OKC with a .500 record and 10’th in the west has multiple all stars. KD hasn’t even played half the season. Commissioner whiffed on this selection.

  31. Ty says:

    Very well deserved. He should not be penalized because of his team having a losing record.