Harden, trio of Hawks and first-timer Thompson highlight All-Star reserves

VIDEO: Trio of Hawks headline All-Star reserves for East

HANG TIME BIG CITY — The 2015 All-Star Game will definitely have star power.

Boldfaced names like Chris Bosh, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook headline the list of players selected by coaches to be reserves for the 64th All-Star Game, which will take place Sunday, February 15, and televised exclusively on TNT.

NBA All-Star 2015The list of players chosen for the game seems to suggest that the coaches voting for the reserves valued familiarity — 11 of the 14 have previous All-Star experience. Meanwhile, a team that prides itself on succeeding without stars also made a mark. The Atlanta Hawks ended up having a trio of players — Al Horford, Paul Millsap and Jeff Teague — named reserves for the Eastern Conference team, which will be helmed by Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer. But while the Hawks are 38-8 and hold a commanding seven-game lead over the rest of the conference, this apparently wasn’t enough to secure a spot for Atlanta’s fourth All-Star candidate, shooting guard Kyle Korver.

Still, the Hawks lead all teams with three players in the All-Star Game. Chicago, Cleveland, Golden State, the Clippers, Miami and Oklahoma City all had two players each. The last time the Hawks had three players in an All-Star Game was 35 years ago, when they sent John Drew, Eddie Johnson and Dan Roundfield.

While the willing can argue around most of the selections, it’s worth remembering that the All-Star reserves were selected by opposing coaches. So those who made the cut were probably chosen as some vague combination of mutual respect, lifetime achievement and time spent worrying about playing against them.

Perhaps the most surprising selection was in the Western Conference, where coaches chose Oklahoma City’s Durant. Although Durant was last season’s MVP and a “star” by any definition, he has played in less than half of Oklahoma City’s 46 games this season, while averaging 25.6 points in those games he has played.

The 64th NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT live from New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden on Sunday, February 15, 2015.

Eastern Conference

Chris Bosh, Heat — With LeBron James gone, Bosh has assumed a larger role, averaging 21.3 points his highest total since the 2009-10 season, and posting a 28.7 usage rate, tying his career high. This is Bosh’s 10th consecutive All-Star Game.

Jimmy Butler, Bulls — Made himself into a genuine offensive threat for Chicago to go along with his already terrific defense. Averaging a career-high 20.1 points. This is his first All-Star Game.

Al Horford, Hawks — While Horford’s numbers are nothing spectacular — 15.3 points and 6.8 rebounds — his return from two pectoral injuries has anchored the Hawks’ interior and provided a paint presence. This will be Horford’s third All-Star Game, following selections in 2010 and ’11.

Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers — After being voted as a starter for last year’s All-Star Game, Irving messed around and won the game’s MVP award with 31 points and 14 assists. This season he’s struggled to be comfortable alongside LeBron James and Kevin Love, although last night’s 55-point explosion would seem to suggest he’s found his way.

Paul Millsap, Hawks — Maybe the best post player in the Eastern Conference. After making last year’s All-Star Game, his first, Millsap has added 3-point range this season and frequently bails out the Hawks at the end of shot clocks when Atlanta’s pace-and-space offense breaks down.

Jeff Teague, Hawks — The straw that stirs the drink for the Hawks. In his sixth season, has developed into an elite point guard with a complete game, and has managed to find the consistency he lacked earlier in his career. Averaging 17 points and 7.5 assists, both career highs.

Dwyane Wade, Heat — A 10-time All-Star, Wade has played in 35 of Miami’s 45 games, averaging 21.4 points and 5.4 assists, and has the highest PER (22.55) of any shooting guard in the Eastern Conference. Wade’s availability for the All-Star Game may be in question after injuring his right hamstring on Tuesday.

The Lowdown — Things are a bit more cut-and-dried in the Eastern Conference than the West. Korver stands out by his absence, apparently a victim of his teammates’ success. It’s hard to justify omitting a player with the highest 3-point shooting percentage in the history of the NBA, but it’s equally difficult to defend giving four of the Eastern Conference’s roster slots to players from one team. Milwaukee’s Brandon Knight has also drawn acclaim as the Bucks have bounced back from last year’s disastrous season and are in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Orlando center Nikola Vucevic is averaging a double-double, 19.5 points and 11.2 rebounds, and despite his team’s 15-33 record, an argument can be made for his inclusion.

VIDEO: First-timer Thompson headlines All-Star reserves for West

Western Conference

LaMarcus Aldridge, Trail Blazers — Portland’s big man is averaging a career-high 23.6 points as he attempts to play through a torn thumb ligament. This will be his fourth consecutive All-Star Game.

Tim Duncan, Spurs — The Big Fundamental’s numbers aren’t eye-popping, at least not for him — 14.7 points, 10.1 rebounds. But Duncan is a 14-time All-Star and has been the most consistent player during the first half of the season for the reigning NBA champions. Hard to leave the 38-year-old home in what may be one of his final campaigns.

Kevin Durant, Thunder — A five-time All-Star, when healthy Durant is arguably the best player in the NBA. The issue this season has been health, as Durant has nursed a broken foot and a sprained toe, missing 25 of Oklahoma City’s 46 games this season.

James Harden, Rockets — A no-brainer for the coaches, and the player most likely to get the injured Kobe Bryant‘s starting spot, although that choice ultimately belongs to Western Conference coach Steve Kerr. Harden is currently leading the NBA in scoring at 27.3 points and, with the Rockets rolling at 32-14, a legitimate MVP candidate.

Chris Paul, Clippers — CP3 has long been one of the best all-around point guards in the NBA, as evidenced by seven All-Star appearances in nine seasons. Paul leads the league in assist-to-turnover ratio and has the Clippers firmly in the Western Conference playoff race.

Klay Thompson, Warriors — Thompson is perhaps the best two-way guard in the league, and has teamed with Curry to make the Warriors the best team in the NBA this season. Thompson is averaging a career-high 23 points, and his 52-point game last week probably didn’t hurt his case. This will be his All-Star debut.

Russell Westbrook, Thunder — Westbrook is one of the most dynamic players in the NBA, and after a few injury-plagued seasons (and a broken hand earlier this year) has bounced back to lead the Thunder while Durant has been out. Westbrook is averaging a career-high 25.2 points this season for the 23-23 Thunder.

The Lowdown — Unlike in the East, the competitive Western Conference provides more opportunities for debate. (Also, it’s worth noting that with Kobe Bryant out, NBA commissioner Adam Silver will be adding at least one player to the roster.) With Paul and Westbrook on the team, a few deserving point guards find themselves looking in from the outside. Last year, Portland’s Damian Lillard made his first All-Star Game, but despite averaging a career-high 21.8 points, didn’t make the cut this season. Memphis point guard Mike Conley has directed the Grizzlies to a 33-12 record, behind only Golden State in the West. And in Phoenix, Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe could each make a case for a New York visit. Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki has made a dozen All-Star Games, but will be staying home this year, along with his teammate Monta Ellis. And Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins has had a big season, averaging 23.8 points and 12.3 rebounds, both career highs. Great numbers, but apparently not good enough in the Western Conference.


  1. Aaron says:

    Great Highlights!

  2. john says:

    No Vince Carter?

  3. tonyp50 says:

    What about Zebo who is a double – double machine for a very good Memhis team. He’s probably their most valuable player IMO. Pretty good for a guy the experts were saying was fading away with age last year.

  4. tonyp50 says:

    I’d also mention that Zebo has been a double-double machine for a very good Memphis team. Pretty good considering a lot of experts expected him to fade off with his advancing age.

  5. No Love? says:

    Wow, no Love, or Dirk Nowitzki ?! I’d take Love over Bosh any day.

    They both deserve spots on the All Star team befoer Duncan. I dont know how Duncan has even made the last 3 or 4 All Star teams.

  6. LeGod James says:

    My first LeBron James mixtape! Hope you like it, and leave a like too. Hopefully you won’t snub me of a like just like Dame Lillard was snubbed…

  7. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Chris Bosh???? Really??? I would of rather seen his teammate Whitehead make it, he’s the reason there even in the playoff picture and they have been winning games lately. Lillard how did he not make it, he has been just as good as Curry and Harden, Lillard should of made it over Westbrook. There’s guys who have played all year, who should of made it over Durant and Westbrook, there both great players, but let other player’s who have played all year make it ZBO, when he was out for 11 games the Grizz went 2-9, Monta Ellis has been the best player on the Mav’s and having a good year, Duncan has been carrying the Spurs, if Duncan was out they wouldn’t even have a playoff spot right now. The East is weak on talent, Kyle Korver should of made it shooting over 50% from the 3 and the field and over 90% from the line, it’s only been done one other time in NBA History, Brandon Knight has played well all year on a team that has had injury’s and been in a playoff spot all year long. Brandon Jenning’s i would of like to see made it, but he got hurt.

  8. Francesco says:

    In my opinion 2 Hawks would have been fair. They could have been 3 only in the case one of them had been present in the starting five. They are the first power in the Est, but I think everybody will agree they have not real superstars in the roster. Brandon Knight deserves Horford’s place, I’m not sure about Bosh too. Talking about West, I agree with the choice of not choosing Cousins. He’s POTENTIALLY the best center in the league, but he’s far away from actually being that. Lillard will be surely chosen replacing Kobe (I believe he’ll start from the bench though), moreover I respect Tim Duncan but, why him? It’s not his best season and the spurs are in the 7th place. I’d rather have chosen Bledsoe or Randolph. Why in the East the coaches have been so focused on the winning teams and not in West? That sounds weird.

  9. Rick says:

    I have to laugh at all the Duncan hate over his pick instead of Cousins. Seriously, Cousins can’t even get his team to play .500 ball. His numbers are good because there are no other big men on that team that can score and rebound, really no one on that team at all except Gay. Duncan averages a double-double and is 6th in the league in blocks despite only playing 30 minutes a game and being 38 years old. He’s had to play the entire season with a back-up point guard, a back-up center, and a back-up small forward. Yet, his team is still in 6th in the WEST, with a winning record. I guess everyone forgot that Leonard, Parker, and Splitter have missed significant amounts of time this year so far, and the spurs are still on track to win 50 games….AGAIN! You think that’s because of anyone else on that team? Mind you, he’s 38 years old. He deserves to be an All-Star over Cousins. If you need more proof, look at the playoffs the last two years, where’s the ring or the finals appearance at all for Cousins, Novitzki, or Randolph? Yeah, it’s on Duncan’s finger because he’s better than they’ll ever dream of being.

  10. Mike says:

    People who should have made it:

    ^^wtf?? These guys should have been shoe-ins.
    DeAndre Jordan
    Mike Conley
    Kyle Korver
    Andre Drummond
    Brandon Knight

    People who should NOT have made it:

    Durant this year
    Irving (yes he had one amazing game, but so did Mo Williams)

  11. kek says:

    What a joke it is if damien lillard doesnt go to the allstar game, Silver, you have a easy choice, lillard is a nobrainer for kobe`s replacement.

    He is the best player of that group.

  12. nareg says:

    what is this ?? are they trying to make us not watch the game or something ? no DMC and lillard ? the guy is the best Center in the NBA and not in the ALL-Star game ?

  13. JSM says:

    Cousins over Duncan!

    Got a lot of respect for Tim Duncan but DeMarcus Cousins should get his spot! Just compare theyre stats, and as winning matters – just look whom Cousins has to play with and which guys Cousins has on the roster – The Spurs are so talented they could make the playofs without Duncan if all players are healthy.

  14. ghfhdh says:

    they me rollin, they hatin… timmy my man.

  15. kobeballhog says:

    3 hawks is a joke, marketing standpoint its a failure of galactic proportion. Even if the hawks wins the championship they still wont end up on top 10 merchandise sales. Nba gets more fans worldwide than in the usa. Thats how global the nba is. majority of fans around the world cares nothing about the hawks. The jordans, lebrons, kobes, cris paul and the likes what drives the marketing juggernaut of the nba. These are the real superstars. No one cares about the milsap, horford or teague. Yeah we know they playing great but any team can play great with the right coach and system. Allstars means superstars. Not wannabes

  16. Kenneth Williams says:

    If the Kings had a winning record then BOOGIEMAN would be in the mvp talks so him not making the allstar game is a complete joke . Keep it up nba you just keep pushing me away from everything nba no wonder you cant fill the arenas

    • kek says:

      Blame your mess of a front office, Malone was the first coach since webber divac era that got sacramento to play some defense. and they fired him.

  17. dustydreamnz says:

    The West should win with those lineups…

  18. Ball don't lie says:

    Lillard is a lock for Kobe’s replacement. Done deal, my friends, done deal.

  19. Bulls fan 73 says:

    why Rose is not included?

  20. Tony says:

    Harden should replace Kobe for sure. Also, Cousins? Why isn’t he in there. I don’t believe that 3 hawks players either. Millsap yes. I use to like to watch this game but now its all about the sponsers. stupid. The dunk contest is stupid too. 4 players is all? come on…

  21. ko0kiE says:

    omg.. no Cousins, Ellis or Lillard? kidding, right?

  22. John says:

    The starters are good, but the reserves just don’t look right. Lowry, Wall, Melo, LeBron, and Pau all deserve it along with Curry, Kobe, AD, Blake, and Marc. Kobe’s replacement should be Harden or Thompson. This is how the reserves should be in my opinion:

    EAST Reserves:
    Jimmy Butler
    Jeff Teague
    Paul Millsap
    Kyle Korver
    Chris Bosh
    Dwyane Wade
    Kyrie Irving

    I don’t want Horford because he hasn’t really played like himself, and Korver has been shooting out of this world, with a possible performance of 50 (3 pointers) 90 (free throws) and 50 (field goals). I really don’t have an explanation for the other players, but Butler has been playing extremely well, Kyrie made 55 points, and Teague has also played like an all-star. They all deserve to be an all-star.

    WEST Reserves:
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Klay Thompson (can be Kobe’s replacement)
    James Harden (can be Kobe’s replacement)
    Damian Lillard
    Russell Westbrook
    Kevin Durant
    Tim Duncan OR Chris Paul

    The reason for the last choice is because they have both played well and it is difficult to choose between those two. What I don’t understand is why Damian Lillard is not a lock along with DeMarcus Cousins. They should both deserve to be there. Klay Thompson made history (and is playing really well), Harden is the best scorer in the league right now, and why not through in the unstoppable Aldridge in the mix as well? The west is too strong and all of the mentioned players all deserve an all-star.

  23. dave says:

    IT’S ALL STAR GAME, so 3 of atlanta is a joke!!! that’s the best team wright now but no one of them is a star player, in that game should play best players even if the team, in with they play is the worst team, playoffs grants best teams, not all-star game!!!!!!!

  24. Dro says:

    Hearing Chuck and the crew talk about the west reserves they make valid arguments, with the west being so competitive it has to come down to individual play, record and stats. Cousins does have the stats and play, but in comparison to Duncan he doesn’t have the record, granted Duncan is on a better team, but man Duncan is a career double double and the fact that he is 11th in double doubles with a triple double under his belt already in the season well we cant say its a legacy pick. Not to mention he is 6th in block shots.

  25. Also in the East, I’m glad they didn’t go 4 hawks, but I think Kyle Korver deserves a spot more than Al Horford.

    Numbers don’t lie. Korver’s shooting stats are video-game like. Plus he’s never made the All star game before, he’s earned it.

    Al Horford has been the all star game twice before already…

  26. YMVSpurs Fan says:

    The fact that Kobe Bryant was even chosen as a starter at all makes no sense and obviously evidences the fact that the all stars balloting is all BS, because big name guys will always get in with some exceptions here and there. Now i’d like to elaborate on the big controversy that everyone is discussing, that being “why is Duncan and not Cousins?”, or, “why isn’t Liliard but KD and RW in the All Stars Reserves?”, I’m going to atleast defend the one player that indeed DESERVES his spot, and that is Tim Duncan’s Spot in the 2015 All Stars.

    In my Honest Opinion, (not like anyone cares, but is my right to express it Anyways), Neither Russell Westbrook or Durant, deserved to even be selected as all stars this season, not with such a bad TEAM record, and having missed almost half of the games played so far, being 10th in the West. Now, before anyone brings up injury card to defend Westbrook’s and Durant’s Spot, i’d like to inform you that it’s not a valuable excuse. Why? Because the OKC are doing worse than the Spurs, even though the Spurs team has had in the long run more injuries than the OKC team combined. With Parker, Leonard, Splitter, Mills, and Belineli (three of those being starters, and the others being huge reserves for the bench) injured since the start/ or early part of the season, the Fact that Spurs are still among top 8 in west standings is all cause of Tim Duncan, and does not excuse OKC’s case. i think they at least should of picked liliard over Westbrook. Still crossing my fingers they chose Lilliard or Ellis for Kobe’s Spot in the Starting Lineup.

    However, Duncan’s selection made the most sense over Cousins for two main reasons, first, because apparently, just like freaking Vince Carter, the older Duncan gets, the best level he plays at. His numbers aren’t huge, but the manner in which he gets set numbers is what matters, specially this late after his prime. Second, because so far in this season, he has been the Driving Force in both the offensive and defensive end, helping Spurs get a 30-17 record (Tied for 6th in the tough west). Unlike Cousins who, despite showing big numbers and has played great so far, He still hasn’t been able to carry his team to a potential playoff contention spot (so far), and in the contrary is pretty much rock bottom in the west. The fact that the Spurs are even 6th place, is all cause of Duncan and to me makes him more deserving of the All Stars Spot.

    In the end, Duncan, regardless of how many disagree or possibly detest the idea of the “Boring Duncan” as a Starter, his All Star appearance is more deserved than both Westbrook, Durant, And Cousins.

    • Bridge says:

      Seriously, no Kobe, Durant, or Westbrook! What are you crazy? While your going on about sponsors and what not, the main thing you have to remember is its an All-Star game. It’s not a seasonal award you win and that’s that. These guys have to be all-star caliber players consistently. That means despite, the injuries and lack of play of those 3 big names you mentioned. These guys are proven all-stars. Now with that in mind, despite the excellent play of many guys this season, if their fan base is not as significant as say a player like Kobe, then sometimes they won’t make it because the All-Star weekend is essentially about the fans.

  27. artspeaker says:

    I am surprised there is no mention of DeAndre Jordan who will probably be voted as defensive player of the year. I don’t believe there is a more intimidating rim protector in the league and his rebounding has been getting better each year. I also believe he is leading the league in field goal percentage.

  28. jclaude66 says:

    There is no way Duncan should be making this list. He isn’t even the best player on his team on both ends of the floor anymore.

  29. jclaude66 says:

    There is no way Duncan makes this list! He isn’t even the best player on his team anymore on both ends of the floor.

  30. squala96 says:

    I’m quite surprised there’s no mention of Derrick Rose around here. Korver is just about shooting a few threes per game; he’s no Ray Allen. It was a right call for Bosh to stay in Miami, so he could make the All-Star again with a shortage of talented tall men in the East. He wouldn’t have had the slightest chance on the other side.

    The West really has a lot of deserving talent, yet they waste spots on yesterday’s stars like Duncan. If there had to be a Spur, it should be Kawhi. But I’d take in guys like Z-Bo, who is such a beast. And no Dwight, really? Lillard and Ellis, unfortunately, missed the cut as well.

  31. Okay honestly I think the coaches did a great job putting Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook in
    We want to see high flying dunks. And we want to see the best players. And those two ARE among the best players.
    Their team has a horrible record without them, which shows how much impact they have on their wins.
    And I think they did play enough games. It’s not their fault they were injured. The games they did play, they rocked.
    And you guys forget their team started out 2-13 or something without them.

    Damian Lillard is the real surprise snub. I’d say he’s more deserving than Aldridge even. Bu I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get in with the commish vote.

    Tim Duncan is the surprise pick, a legacy pick really. Demarcus Cousins is more deserving, and would perform better, but there are reasons behind picking Duncan (note I do not agree with them, but I can see them):
    1) Tim Duncan had a great year overall last year, and he was snubbed for the All-star game (Nowitzki ended up getting what would have been his spot)
    2) This could be his last chance to be healthy enough for an All-star game. At 38, he is quite old.
    3) The spurs are 0.638 despite ALOT of injuries, and so one Spur deserves to make it to the All-star game (more than one Maverick atleast, who have the same record despite a star studded team ).

  32. Andrew says:

    More or less agree. Durant is really the only one that doesn’t make sense. If he got voted in as a starter, I would understand, but the coaches? Really? They gotta have a rule where if you play less than half of your teams games, you can’t be voted in by the coaches.

  33. Anonymous says:

    boggie should be in there..smh

  34. harriethehawk says:

    I believe you should reward for winning. So don’t understand hoe Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade were picked. It all works out in the end; they both most likely won’t play anyway because they are broke down. On the other hand, I’m surprised but happy that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were chosen. In their best health, they are the best duo in the NBA. Finally, I’m liking 3 Hawks, so let’s go Coach Bud!!!

  35. Macy says:

    I am mad that dirk isn’t in the all star game

  36. Jay says:

    No DeAndre Jordan…? If you play defense I guess you get no Heisman… I mean no NBA All Star.

  37. Geezcats says:

    What does CP3 have over Lillard this season? I get why the Spurs should have one, but do the Thunder deserve 2? It’s sad Cousins will not be rewarded for finally behaving like a pro (on top of performing like an All-Star). I think the Bucks certainly deserve a slot, the Heat certainly don’t deserve 2. Tough call leaving Durant or Westbrook, Wade or Bosh out but should that be at the expense of newer talents emerging? I don’t think so.

  38. Trung.Nguyen says:

    I think allstar game is all about how popularity you are in NBA. The fans vote for players that they like most despite how they are doing ( good or bad), and the coaches choose players not only play good this season but also the “star” that all the league widely recognized for 3 or 4 years.

  39. Boogie says:

    WTH biggest mistakes in nba history for allstar selection…this is BS..!!!

  40. sham says:

    how is LILLARD left off and KD made it >>>>

  41. lbj says:

    Kyle Korver over Dwyane Wade. The Heat hadn’t won enough games to warrant two All-Stars. However, as long as Korver’s in the 3-Point Shootout, I’ll take the snub and a weekend of rest for him.

    Bradley Beal or Marcin Gortat over Dwyane Wade. The Wizards deserves two All-Stars more than the Heat.

    Kevin Durant is an All-Star. There was no way that they would not select the reigning MVP, even if he missed a lot of time this season. He may not have deserved it, but it is what it is. Besides, Durant as an All-Star reserve makes more sense than Kobe as an All-Star starter.

    DeMarcus Cousins or Dwight Howard over Tim Duncan. I like the Tim Duncan selection but I’d rather have him resting for the weekend. Cousins is the Kings MVP. And the rockets are near the top of the Western Conference, so maybe two All-Stars for them.

    Damian Lillard over LaMarcus Aldridge. I like Aldridge’s selection but I’d rather have him rest, torn thumb ligament and all. Damian Lillard is just as good to represent the Trailblazers.

    Monta Ellis. I think Dallas deserves one All-Star. Monta Ellis is their lifeblood this season. I hope getting snubbed motivates him in the second half of the season. Dallas isn’t going to win the West if they don’t play team basketball with precision.

  42. allen meister says:

    what the?!?!? Duncan??? Durant??? paul?!?!? they don’t deserve this year to be an all-star. damian lillard deserves the spot and the underrated player conley and ellis.

  43. Macy says:

    Why isn’t dirk in the all star game

  44. okatakyie 292 says:

    really..where is Lillard

  45. Ferdi Odoy Rais says:

    East starters are undersized…

    My choice as reserves…

    1. Nikola Vucevic
    2. Al Holford
    3. Paul Milsap
    4. Chris Bosh
    5. Jimmy Butler
    6. Kyrie Irving
    7. Brandon Knight
    Jeff Teague may replace Dwyane Wade if wade is injured.

    As Kobe Bryant is injured, James Harden to replace him as starter.
    1. DeMarcus Cousins
    2. LaMArcus Aldridge
    3. Kawhi Leonard
    4. Klay Thomson
    5. Russel Westbrook
    6. Damian Lillard
    7. Chris Paul

  46. O Town says:

    Where vucevic at he HAS THE MOST DOUBLE DOUBLES of any player in the league and he doesn’t get no recognition tho demarcus should’ve made it over duncan, no offense to him but demarcus beast

  47. HP says:

    Where are Lillard and Cousins? Such a disgrace.

  48. Tee says:

    KD and Duncan….Duncan is good but at this age he is no DeMarcus Cousins hell hes no Z-Bo. This game is a joke and is ruined by Nike, Adidas, Reebox, and all the other NBA sponsors who REALLY have the last say on who gets in. KD is good but has not played enough games to get in.#BS

  49. Kalei says:

    Thompson or Harden should replace Kobe. IMO it should be Thompson. Reward someone who also plays defense for a change

  50. R P says:

    It should be no surprise at all that KD made the team. He’s the reigning MVP and is still putting up great numbers this year even with his injuries. Plus….the All-star games is about INDIVIDUAL talent. The playoffs are all about TEAM accomplishment and records.

  51. gedz says:

    Duncan?? Demarcus deserve more than him or if not demarcus it should be Dirk, KD play less this season and made it??? what a joke…. where’s monta and lilard??? Clearly this all star show is a popularity show..

  52. John says:

    Wade!?!?!? Come on man! Who voted for Wade? He’s playing good now, but anyone remember the end of last season? That was not an All-Star caliber season, and this one won’t be either.

    • julian says:

      thats why it was LAST SEASON. If voters chose from opinions of last season why would they vote kobe in who played six games? Just saying

  53. Different Jared says:

    Some good players got left off the list in both conferences like Brandon Knight, Kyle Korver, Monta Ellis and Mike Conley but the omissions that really bother me were Lillard and Cousins. To me, Duncan deserved his spot in the west and to be honest, it’s not even a legacy pick or a life time achievement thing. He has been the one constant for a team where Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, Tiago Splitter, Patty Mills and Marco Bellinelli have al missed extended time, and has the fourth best Real +- in the entire league. Not to mention he’s getting that 14.7 PPG, 10.1 RPG, 3.1 APG, 1 SPG & 2 BPG in just 30 mins.

    I think the Thunder getting two reserves with a .500 record and the 10 spot in the West is a little crazy despite how awesome KD and Westbrook normally are. I don’t think KD’s impact in the 21 games he’s played have been as great as a guy like Cousins or Lilllard in the many more games they’ve played this season. To me, those two Thunder players would be in contention with Monta Ellis for Bryant’s replacement spot, and Lillard and Cousins would be on the squad. But that’s just me.

  54. sedare says:

    Basicly you left Lillard off the team for no intelligent reason.

    I hope that because you left him off the team after the kobe replacement because the Blazers need him with a chip on his shoulders to put him to an even higher level. Thank you coaches for giving him the desire to make you all look bad.

    • Ken says:

      I kind of agree. I would always prefer my guys DON’T make the team. Give them the rest and motivation. I remember Barkley was frequently “injured” for the game so he could get the rest.

  55. kobeballhog says:

    What a disgrace. putting 3 hawks that fans all over the world doesnt want to watch. This is the allstar where fans wanna see superstars play and not just any regular stars that thrive on their coaches system. Another is choosing duncan, duncan is once an elite superstar but now not anymore. Durant plays so little yet gets the nod. there are way more deserving players that shouldve been there. such a shame. Worst ever players chosen in an allstar game

    • lbj says:

      The three Hawks in the game, if anything, is great marketing for the NBA.

      The Hawks are playoff-bound, it just makes sense to build some hype for the team.You know, for higher ratings and more revenue.

    • all day says:

      Ummmmmm wat you said makes no sense your saying there wrong to put three hawks on da team. Because its about the superstar but then turn around and say why kd is there please if you going to post do it with some smarts instead just complaining for no reason. I love the selections they went for balance between guys that are winning and overall talent every year guys get left off the team o well. I think the hawks deserve no expected the Cinderella story going from in house drama to number one those guys deserve it and for kd yea he has been out half the games which makes it crazy how when he does play he start busting like he been playing alll year dats a special talent to be able to just flip da switch thats wat separates him and bron from west ………. if.curry can keep dis up for at least more years then him to maybe i said bout D Rose

    • jason says:

      Your comment fully contradicts itself… You want superstars but then complain that Durant and Duncan made it??

    • Dolemite says:

      Which “superstars” should replace them? Get used to watching the Hawks, cuz they’ll be around until May at the earliest…

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      Hahaha! Wow dude, you really know how to contradict yourself!
      How can you complain that the 3 Hawks are not known world-wide (which is fair) and people want to see superstars, but then you say that KD, one of the best and most exciting players in the game today doesn’t deserve to be in it cause he hasn’t played enough games?


  56. OKC says:

    I know everyone is freaking out about Damian Lillard….. but again Cousins gets snubbed and he has been insane. I guess it was his teams record that kept him off the list though. They should just give 2 of the east allstar spots to the west so Dam and Boggie can get in lol. I’m betting they will give Kobes spot to Lillard though and he surely deserves it.

    • John says:

      I agree with OKC. Lillard and Cousins should both be there instead of Butler and Wade. Lillard is a waaaayyy better shooting shooting guard then Butler, but everyone from Chicago voted for him. Typical Chicago-Biased selection.

      • Ken says:

        Huh? Lillard and Cousins play in the West; Butler and Wade in the East. The reserves don’t get voted in by the fans, so only one guy in Chicago could vote for Butler (Thibs). Lastly, Lillard is a PG.

        Strange posting.

      • Ken says:

        Oh, sorry, I get it. You think it IS a good idea to allow the West extra spots. I guess West fans just need to be smarter than voting for Kobe. Lillard’s absence will probably be fixed by Silver when he replaces Kobe.

      • Dolemite says:

        Lillard plays in the West. Butler and Wade play in the East. Hope that clears it up a bit for you.

      • jjheat says:

        Dude, you just said that two west players should replace two east players. Wowwwwwww. lol. Ppl on here weren’t too bright.

    • squala96 says:

      Those people you’re comparing are in different conferences, dummy!

  57. mike jordan says:

    DURANT, AND WESTBROOK already made their names known, the talent they can bring and had throughout their career had the coaches respect them, but how about the respect for the Mavs?..just like the hawks they are balanced, and none of them are superstars right now, but with their record, there should be one..at least the respect for DIRK, like the respect of the fans for KOBE and MELO, there should only be one thunder player, COUSINS, CONLEY and Z-BO, also have a better case

  58. JOE says:


  59. Jordan says:

    Durant is not that good, and Tim Duncan what the heck.
    My boy Damian Lillard should have been in the starting lineup and LaMarcus. Durant has missed the almost the entire first have of the season with injuries and makes the team. Tim Duncan is doing nothing this year look at the spurs 30-17 mainly because of Kawhi
    Leonard. I give Russ. Westbrook the credit he put up MVP numbers mainly the first half of the season.

    • Olo says:

      The Spurs are 30-17 cause of Tim Duncan’s 15 and 10 and durability. Kawhi Leonard just came back from an injury and has been out majority of the season. The big fundamental had been the Spurs’ most consistent contributor in every aspect of the game.

  60. Amused says:

    The dumbest selection by the fans for starters was obviously Kobe Bryant, and it scarcely even makes sense why the fans bothered to vote him in. Hello…. The guy has barely played this year, his team is a disaster, his glory days are well behind him, his body is falling apart, and there are plenty of other, more deserving candidates. The fans should have simply voted James Harden in as the starter, then the coaches could have picked Lillard, Nowitzki, Parker, Howard, or some other All-Star-caliber player as a reserve.

  61. Rob says:

    Brandon Knight should’ve DEFINITELY made this list! He’s been one of the top PG’s in the East & Milwaukee has been one of the biggest surprises! The Bucks had the 2nd worst record in the NBA last year with only 15 wins & are now the #5 seed in the East…and doing it WITHOUT their best offensive player in Jabari Parker & WITHOUT their best defensive player in Larry Sanders! Below is my list of who should’ve made the team:

    Kyrie Irving
    Dwayne Wade
    Jeff Teague
    Brandon Knight
    Jimmy Butler
    Paul Millsap
    Kyle Korver

    Klay Thompson
    James Harden
    Damian Lillard
    Russell Westbrook
    Kevin Durant
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Chris Paul (Bryant’s replacement)

  62. bballwiz says:

    As for the West, the All-star game should give much weight in terms of reputations, rather than the players’ accomplishments and their teams’ success. Tim Duncan deserves the nod, but why are there 2 Thunders (10th in the West) while the Blazers (3rd) have only one and the Mavs (7th) have none? Not only did Oklahoma City is not playoff-bound, but Durant and Westbrook have both missed significant time because of injuries, especially KD who has missed more than 50% of the season. This is absurd. There should have at least 1 player from Mavs (Dirk or Monta) or Lillard should have made the cut. Or if they are picking players from bad teams but are having great statistical season, Demarcus Cousins should have been selected. Geez.

    • bballwiz says:

      I meant, “should NOT give much weight in terms of reputations, rather than the players’ accomplishments and their teams’ success.”

      Why does the Heat have 2 All-stars while the Bucks have none? Last time I checked, Miami has a losing record and both Wade and Bosh have missed time due to injuries, while Milwaukee has been a big surprise in the East at number 5 in the standings after being the worst team last year. Brandon Knight should have been selected over either Wade or Bosh. This is crazy.

      • julian says:

        Its about the player not the team. The bucks have a good bench while the heat have injured starters and bench players. Lkke your point though

    • R P says:

      How do you know OKC is not playoff bound? There is still very much a chance. And….all-stars really shouldn’t depend on team record. It’s more of who the people want to see play and who the coaches respect the most…individually. Teams with the best records will get their chance to shine in the playoffs…as a team.

  63. Rob says:

    Brandon Knight should’ve DEFINITELY made this list! He’s been one of the top PG’s in the East & Milwaukee has been one of the biggest surprises! The Bucks had the 2nd worst record in the NBA last year with only 15 wins & are now the #5 seed in the East…and doing it WITHOUT their best offensive player in Jabari Parker & WITHOUT their best defensive player in Larry Sanders! Below is my list of who should’ve made the team:

    Kyrie Irving
    Dwayne Wade
    Jeff Teague
    Jimmy Butler
    Paul Millsap
    Kyle Korver
    Kevin Love

    Klay Thompson
    James Harden
    Damian Lillard
    Russell Westbrook
    Kevin Durant
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Chris Paul (Bryant’s replacement)

  64. Jared says:

    You telling me that Damian Lillard doesn’t derserve it over anyone of the those guys?! Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan? He’s way better than AT LEAST ONE of those guys! Whoever voted for the all atars does not know how good damian lillard is. AND he’s never missed a game and often carried his team to the win.

    Also Demarcus Cousins shouldv’e got in over Tim Duncan or KD. Just look at his stats!

    • Frank says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Damian Lillard is posting the best stats of his career and outperforming several of the reserves, yet he gets no love. Some definite deserving players in the East, but the West still seems to be a popularity contest.

    • Michael says:

      Coaches are paid to win, therefore they reward winning when it comes to voting for the All Star Game. The Spurs have had a lot of injuries to deal with, but Duncan has kept the team in the mix with a 30-17 record. Sacramento won’t make the playoffs; their record is 16-28. As it stands, the top 6 teams in the West will be represented by at least one player. Dallas deserved at least one player in the ASG. Now it’s up to Adam Silver to make it right by choosing Nowitzki or Ellis.

      • YoucantelliRockOKC says:

        People seem to forget that at the beginning of the season Thunder did not have KD, RW, Reggie, Perry Jones, Andre Roberson, Jeremy Lamp… They played like two games with seven scrubs. So people, don’t bring the records when it comes to KD and RW. And YES, team records apply when it comes to Boogie. Why? Because he’s never led his team to a winning record so he’s nothing more than empty numbers.He’s to win games and not just put up numbers and get Ls, which is all he’s done his entire career to this point.

        RW, and KD deserve spots simply because of what they done in the last five years, they are all-stars whether they miss games or not. As a basketball fan it wouldn’t make any any sense to me if KD, or any other perennial all-stars are not at the all star weekend just because they missed some games. I’m not about to miss some good basketball and all-star-in-game-dink-fest (given that the nba has destryoed the dunk contest) just because the ALL-STARS missed some games.