Klay Thompson scores NBA-record 37 points in 3rd quarter

NBA.com staff reports

VIDEO: Every Shot From Klay’s Historic 3rd

Golden State and Sacramento were tied 60-60 with 9:03 remaining in the third quarter on Friday.

Then Klay Thompson hit a 3-pointer. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another.

A perfect 9-for-9 from 3-point land and 4-for-4 from within the archΒ for 37 points in less than 10 minutes of action. It represents an NBA-record for points and 3-pointers in a quarter and ties Mo Williams for most points scored in a game this season at 52.

This dominating performance caused quite a stir on social media:


  1. ciugaz says:

    He and Curry best backcourt ever?

  2. Incredible performance! Either there is something as “getting on fire” or Klay was more likely to get hit by lightning!

  3. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Baller straight Baller……………

  4. harriethehawk says:

    Will he make all star reserves?

  5. kvt7280 says:

    Don’t even think Lebron James for Klay Thompson straight up trade is a fair deal. The MAX deal the Dubs owners gave him was well worth it. If James Harden doesn’t get the nod to start at SG in the All-Star game over Kobe, Klay should.

  6. fhgf says:

    damn lucky fantasy teams who have Klay this season

  7. boorahbrak says:

    Klay is a cool guy for not staying in the game to chase records just for the records.

  8. kobeballhog says:

    Awesome game! If the warriors still dont end up as champions they should just dismantle the whole team. The way they are playing now no team can beat them.

  9. CarlosKing says:

    Glad Warriors didn’t trade Klay for Love. πŸ™‚

  10. GoldenGateShark says:

    That was so tight

  11. Luis says:

    To say Klay was on fire is like saying the sun is warm. He was Supernova hot. As I was watching my brain could not process what my eyes were seeing. I love seeing history unfold. Go Klay and Go Warriors!

  12. scott says:

    Shoulda left him in for 70 pts and Kobe’s NBA record 12 3’s in a game