Kobe leave the Lakers? Never!

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s one-man act in Los Angeles should be entertaining, if nothing else, this season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant is a Laker for life.

Write it down. Take a picture and whatever else you need.

But don’t think for a second that, the face of the franchise in Los Angeles the better part of the past two decades, has any designs on escaping town during these hard times.

There will be no trade demand from the man Lakers boss Jeanie Buss still calls the “Black Mamba.” She was fearless in her defense of Kobe last week, showing the kind of loyalty you’d expect from someone who has seen the benefits of what he brings during the good times, the championship days.

So Kobe’s reciprocation of that loyalty, as relayed to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, should not surprise at all:

“I hear the chatter of Kobe should ask out and he should go and play for a contender in this latter stage of his career,” Bryant told Yahoo Sports. “But that’s not what I do. I’m extremely loyal to the Lakers.

“I believe in fighting through the tough times as well as enjoying the good times. It’s my responsibility to get us to be the best that we can be. It’s important that we approach that on a day-to-day basis.”

The Lakers’ 0-4 start is their worst since they also went 0-4 to begin the 1957-58 season, back when the franchise was in Minneapolis. Their upcoming schedule also won’t afford them any easy opportunities with games against the Phoenix Suns, Charlotte Hornets and Memphis Grizzlies.

Lakers guard Steve Nash is ruled out for the season because of a nagging back injury. First-round pick Julius Randle broke his right leg in the opener and is out for the season. The Lakers are also playing without Nick Young and Ryan Kelly, who have injuries.

“We can’t get discouraged by it,” Bryant said. “It’s a very long season. You just have to stay the course. Keep on looking to improve, keep on looking to get better and things will eventually break.

“I’ve enjoyed a great amount of success here. You can’t just enjoy the successful times and then run away from the bad ones. No, I don’t even think about [departing]. I’m a Laker.”

A Laker for life!

And that means the Lakers’ basketball brain trust of Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak have to find a way to fix the problems that currently plague this team or risk Bryant finishing his playing career on Lakers teams that don’t sniff the playoffs.

The idea of Bryant riding off into the sunset on losing teams surely stings for fans who have watched him win five titles and become one of the league’s all-time great players while wearing purple and gold.

But this current crew, which includes the likes of Jeremy Lin, Carlos Boozer, Ed Davis and Xavier Henry, doesn’t appear to be destined for anything but the lottery. And the Lakers would need to finish with one of the worst records in the league during the regular season to even hold on to their pick, which goes to the Suns as part of the Nash trade.

Kobe’s stance is admirable in an era when players are not shy about chasing titles wherever they have to, particularly in the twilight of their respective careers.

But the reality of his situation is that his loyalty could very well be rewarded with two of the worst seasons of his career from a wins and losses perspective.


  1. Steve says:

    I think his decision to stay in LA is very very respectable, just the fact that he doesn’t want to leave is awesome because, Lebron left Cleveland when things weren’t going his way, he left the Heat because things weren’t going his way; in my opinion he is the last of the 90’s players, he’s the last of the last, because none of those guys were willing to leave their team’s to join a super team SOME DID [but til lost] but the guys that played for the city did everything they could to stay in that city. MJ is a prime example they lost for what like 8 years and then he got not 1 but 2 three-peats, he stayed because he truly loved the city, now guys will flip whenever things aren’t going their way. Kobe hasn’t and won’t leave LA he still plays hard for the city and is trying to lead that team to the promised land. I think that is one of the most respectable things a guy can do for the city he loves and for his team mates.

  2. Junior says:

    You dummies, the only reason Kobe would depart purple and gold is for a chance like MJ to be part owner of a team. He wants to be like Mike (in every way). Smarten up kids, it’s all about the mighty dollar bill (post retirement).

  3. Bryan says:


  4. Dee Jay says:

    I remember when Shaq left LA and went to Miami and won another championship with the Heat. Then he went to the Boston Celtics (Lakers Fans and Celtic Fans mix like oil and water). I witness some serious Fan brawls at the staple center when these two clashed. But we still gave Shaq love in LA when he came back to have his Jersey retired with the Lakers. Kobe is gone just a matter of time. But he will always be remember as one of the Lakers great where ever he goes. He will always have love from true LA Lakers Fans.He will have his jersey retired in LA like Shaq. Its time for Kobe to move on and get that six ring with the NY Knicks and time for the Lakers to rebuild. Its a smart business decision on both sides. It took us 10 years after the Magic Johnson era to get back to Champion status to win five more titles. What Phil wants is what Phil gets. Phil is offering a few first round draft picks to LA for the trade and few other trades. Along with the current first round we get this season. Not bad. He also needs Kobe to help run the triangle. What ever the Laker Haters have to say. It will be a long time before anybody scores 80 points in a single game like Kobe against the Raptors. 10 Laker Championships in the past 30 years. It will a long time before another NBA Team does that.

  5. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Kome loyal? Please? Do all Kome fanboys has a short term memory?
    I remembered when Kome kicked shaq out, he said he want to be the man.
    But the team kept losing, showed he can’t be the man and he called for help and all they got was Smush Parker.
    Then he threaten the Lakers to trade him unless they got some help, that’s how they got Gasol.
    So, Kome loyal? Heck no.

    Plus he shouldn’t complain anything as he eat up all the cap that the Lakers had.
    And can he play with anyone? Nope, first shaq and then D12.
    Lakers organization and fans are too dumb to realize if they sided with D12 at least they’ll still have a decent center.
    Instead now they have a brickster and a turnover machine. Lead the league in turnover Kome! Proud of you!

  6. Jeff says:

    Lol the Lakers basically gave Kobe a retirement package. He will get to pad his stats and sell tickets for the Lakers. Business wise this is a great move for the Lakers but basketball wise what were the Lakers thinking,

  7. WheresLBJgoingnextseason says:

    After playing LA all he’s life winning 5 championship and leave so he might have a chance to win another one? U outta mind?

    Kobe’s def staying there simply for the legacy

    Besides, if he wants to be the boss of the team, theres nowhere else to go

  8. 4-pt Range says:

    Kobe will be traded for JR Smith and cash. Kobe/Melo/Phil will go to finals this year, lose to Spurs. JR Smith will get the chance to be Mt. Pillchuck and will lead the league in scoring, however the Lakers will be lottery and keep their pick.

    • Dj says:

      The spurs will not repeat…. Won’t win another championship until 2020. Clevland cavs vs la lakers is going to be this year finals

      • mmmmmmm says:

        thats right, spurs will not repeat. Dallas is going to the finals this year, TRUST ME! I think that Dallas will be the top dog and will go against Cleveland in the Finals.

      • Michael says:

        Cavs to the Finals? I’m sure you have not watched any of their games so far.

  9. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Kobe staying a Laker how long will that last, ooh until after 20 games and there record is 2 and 20 if that there bad really bad, and Kobe is to strong headed to sit back and not say nothing, he will ask for a trade he wants to win, and if he’s smart he will go to the bulls, the defense will make up for his mistakes and he can still score and play on a good team, because we all know the Bulls need a scorer on the wing.

    • Michael says:

      Unfortunately, the Bulls wouldn’t want a broken old man with such a sky high ego and do not know how to play team basketball.

  10. JumpmanCBT says:

    I don’t think Kobe would change team shortly before he retires.
    I don’t see Kobe playing until he is 40 but rather retire after his current
    2 year contract, unless he wants to prove that he can put up the same numbers
    like MJ at 40.
    Anyway, we should enjoy every game he plays in the NBA..

  11. marty says:

    No doubt a laker for life at this point in his career. Can’t see any contender vying for him anyway. They are stuck with him to keep it real.

  12. rafa says:

    This is what Princess LaBron will never grasp.

  13. STS8 says:

    Kobe’s career is almost over, and nobody is going to drop picks and valuable young talent to take on his highly inflated contract just to have him retire in a season or two because he’s past his prime and they’d have to drop so much on him they’d be killing their chances of competing now and in the near future.

    The Lakers would have to practically give him away for it to be worth another team trading for him, because any team willing to trade anything of value for him would be at the bottom of the standings in a couple years and unlikely to have anything to show for it.

    So of course he isn’t going to demand a trade, and of course the Lakers probably aren’t going to trade him off, they cant get what they would want for him and he is all that’s keeping people coming to Lakers games now.

  14. Rhedz03 says:

    Kobe is with no question a HOF player…He is one of the best…But if things don’t change in LALA Land soon…Kobe won’t see no Larry O’ Brien trophy anytime soon..He is not the same kobe as what most of us remember 18 or 15 years ago…He got injuries and health issues that he needs to watch over, He has aged…Gained more experience…He still got the touch and skills but basketball is a game for young people…You can expect him to put 20-40 points a night but if he does not have a good crew to back him up then i guess his 5th ring would be his last ring to ever have or wear.

    What they need in LAL is to watch out for kobe…He needs to play more smarter than ever…Then get the other guys to step up like boozer and lin…Hopefully if they can possible sign anyone to help out then they can prolly have a chance to get to playoffs…a veteran point guard to help lin and a shooting guard forward to back kobe.

  15. celentano says:

    I am the real celentano and i dont like kobe coz he is the ultimate ballhog ever. They should put his name in the dictionary its ballhog = kobe. No team in their right mind will take his overpaid salary and hold hostage the whole franchise without any means to move forward. His contract sits right up there for the most rediculous, most overpaid, most crazy waste ever in the history of the league. If one wants his team to suceed he should make sacrifices so his team could make moves for them to suceed. Give it back to the fans not ballhog the entire organization to himself. Loyal what? He even asked to be traded years ago. Thats how blind these kobe fanboys are.

  16. dreadyjun says:

    I really don’t see what the big deal is. In the end it doesn’t matter if you finish with 80-0 or 1-80, unless you go all the way and win the NBA finals. There is no price for coming second. So for the likes of Clippers and even worst the Heat, it’s a complete waste of a season (last season). If you don’t manage to go all the way, then you are just as bad as having the worst record in the NBA.

  17. nbafan says:

    Haters can hate all you want, because that’s what you do.

    Kobe will compete and score buckets, because that’s what he does.

  18. Joe Mama says:

    Yeah! It’s not like kobe ever demanded a trade or anything… oh, wait.

  19. Mansaray says:

    Kobe is the best that ever play the game of basketball,he will figure out a way to win games.

    • Yankee Arrowite says:

      I couldn’t agree more….Kobe-1-K..obe will definitely rally the force to be with him and will always figure out a way to win games. This is simply the trademark of the ‘Black Mamba’.

      The Lakers though, do not seem to have the length & size anymore…did you see the size and length of the Sacramento Kings the other night(?) towering over the LAC……mmh…I still cant figure out how LAL landed with Lintendo…Booz(i)er (well Boozer is quite a good chip)

      I hope Camelo’s NYK get it right this season, otherwise, LAL would have been a power 1-2-punch with Kobe.

      • Dj says:

        Lakers need nerlens Noel to me he is like a shaq.plus let kobe take in less money and try to lure in say…..Derrick rose

  20. Richard says:

    Paying him for 24M will keep him quiet until the day of his retirement.

  21. Nbafan says:

    I think he wants to retire a Laker. He knows his bosses love him and feels they treat him like family.

  22. groovy says:

    Once the Lakers are 2-20 we will see if his tune changes.

  23. David says:

    My Respects to this guy (from a Miami Heat fan). This goes for you Lebron.

  24. harriethehawk says:


  25. celentano says:

    To the fake Celentano,shut up trolling-looser! It’s the real one here posting now ! I’m a die hard Lakerfan , also a Kobe fan too!
    Stop wasting your life trolling here kid! He’s a proven champ, a legend stil playing!
    Shut up kid,go to Lebron’s page trolling!

  26. kobeballhog says:

    All these kobe defenders are just blind kobe fanboys. Not a ballhog? A legend? A team oriented player? Loyal? (Dollars talks man any one of them can be loyal given with that over the top salary. Duncan, nowitzki, parker are the likes which should be called a true legend. True loyal. They are for the betterment of their team their franchise for their loyal fans. They deserves all the praises kobe doesnt deserve not one bit of any. Being a ballhog gets you the 30pts a game you want. Bashing teammates and the whole organization does not make one a legend. Riding shaqs back for championships. Stop giving the argument that kobe is an all time scorer ever. It just shows what a true ballhog he is. He aint no duncan. He is just an overrated ballhog who happens to be at the right time in reference to his achievements. 17 or 18yrs in the league and only 1 mvp. Yeah he aint nothin.

    • mike says:

      seriously all hating aside you dont think Kobes a great player? Cmon seriously even if you hate Kobe name 10 players in history who have more basketball skill than he does

    • Boogie says:

      Nash stole 2 of his MVP trophies….well they were given to him I should say.

  27. Brandon says:

    Nobody would take that ridiculous contract

  28. rakib uddin says:

    kobe is one of the best players that ever played in the nba. All the kobe haters gotta stop being mad that who ever their favorite players are will or arent as good as Kobe and kobe is 36 scoring more than 20 point per game. ya need to give my man some respect like for real. He wants to prove the Charlotte Hornets what a huge mistake they made by trading him. Everybody calls him a hog but he’s just a great shooter which y he shoots alot and that’s the gameplan. He will always be laker to all the real fans and best laker ever.

  29. kobe won while staying with one city…while everyone left…he stayed…one of the best of all time

  30. timothy2123 says:

    Hey.Kobe.don’t worry bout it bro!!. Keep doing yo thing homie.

  31. Michael says:

    That’s exactly the problem with the Lakers. As long as Kobe stays and continue playing, the Lakers will never win the championship, and will continue struggling to make it to the playoff. No matter how many quality players they bring in, no big name star would want to sacrifice and play under Kobe’s ego and selfishness. Forget about Big 2/3. Lakers could never build a championship winning team again around Kobe.

  32. LATilliDie says:

    Hurts the heart to see Kobe out there with no team man… its pathetic really… but I will live and die with this team regardless. Im just happy to see him HEALTHY

  33. Remeber Me says:

    There are a lot of comments about how much money he is making. Does anyone know of ANY offer by the Lakers that he TURNED DOWN?. No… because this was the offer that the LAKERS made to keep him. So now lets talk about the LAKER ORGANIZATION. Why did they do that. Have you ever heard of TIME/WARNER…. hmmmmm… Did you know they have a HUGE, I MEAN HUGE TV contract. Do you know that WIN OR LOSE…. the Lakers will be PAID!!!!!. Please understand that this was a BUSINESS MOVE on the Lakers part. Yes they thought they would get another big name player… but it was NOT Kobes fault they did not.

    Truthfully I hope they do trade him to the New York…. because I want him to have a realistic shot at getting #6… whether it happens or not… I would like to see him get the opportunity. Plus I really want to see him with Fisher again… THIS WOULD BE 6 FOR BOTH OF THEM.

    But remember people…. IT IS A BUSINESS!!!! and the fact that no one is talking about Time/Warner as if they are not part of this equation just shows the lack of Basketball knowledge that is floating around on posts.

  34. RAMON says:

    I believe that all these people that be hating on kobe all the time, if he was in there team, i bet everybody that they wouldnt be able to wait to watch him play for there team. but of course people like been hipocritical about everything.

  35. john says:

    Kobe will still be kobe

  36. NBA fan says:

    So KOBE will not ask to be traded. Perhaps he will have his AGENT do it for him.

  37. fred says:

    kobe does not need to prove anything he has 5 rings and one of the top all time in scoring. even he will retire losing he is still a legend and a 5 time champion

  38. Journalism says:

    “So Kobe’s reciprocation of that loyalty, as relayed to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, should surprise at all:”

    Did you mean, “no surprise at all”?

  39. jg says:

    kobe is the best that has ever played the game of basketball. better than jordan. kobe is no ball hog and deserves all the money he makes. he is so damn loyal too…..
    but for some reason, kobe and “his” lakers cant figure out how to win a game.
    it is comical after all this time in the nba kobe still does not know basketball is a team sport.
    keep up the circus shots, highlight reels, and individual stats kobe……..enjoy going out on the bottom.

    • Celentano says:

      Kobe is no ball hog? Dude , when the people hear the word ball hog the first person that comes to their mind is the name Kobe ..Facts

      • JD says:

        You can’t really say facts on an opinion statement… Try saying most people or frequently. Saying people results in you looking like a fool following your opinion with the word facts plus it’s a singular statement so it would have been a fact if it wasn’t an opinion. Also If you are going to say the first person people think of you can’t say the name Kobe that would be the first name they think of or you could have just said the first person is kobe or is name Kobe but not the name Kobe that doesn’t make sense… Seriously, if you are going to try to make someone else feel dumb at least don’t make yourself look dumb in the process…

      • C says:

        Haters used to call Jordan a ball hog too. Jordan who has more shot attempts is less seasons is known as the GOAT in hindsight. Karl Malone who has 2000 more shot attempts in 18 seasons – not a hog. Shooting is a requirement for the shooting guard – it’s in the job description.

        You also need someone who is fearless to take those shots for a successful Triangle to work. And it worked to 5 Championships.

    • Michael says:

      Better than Jordan? LMFAO….

  40. The Future says:

    This bad team gives kobe the chance to score with no other superstar, they will end up with the top 5 worst thus keeping their pick next they get Julius Randle back from the injury. Guess what Jeremy Lin’s big contract comes off the books. And Nash will officially Retire and even right now the Lakers will get disable relieve for Nash from the League.

    Wait one year and this team will be good again

    • Michael says:

      They have been waiting for too many “one year” and they will only be good again when they get rid of Kobe.

  41. js says:

    reminds me alot of the peyton manning situation a few years ago. anyone can tell you what the smart, logical choice is, but no one wants to see it actually happen. It doesn’t make sense for Kobe to stay on this team. A big trade is pretty much impossible because of how restricted their cap is this year. And they can keep improving on chemistry, but this roster has a very low ceiling, especially in the West. So if there’s zero chance of making the playoffs, its just wasted money on Kobe because its no longer an investment when he’s retiring soon. Peyton had no intentions of leaving the Colts either, but when his career is over he will be happy the move took place. Kobe will/would be as well

    • kek says:

      hah no longer an investment? How many seats do you think the Lakers will sell if they trade kobe? People wont pay to see carlos boozer score 13 points and play horrible defense.

  42. Alex says:

    To all the clowns saying Kobe ball hogs or takes to many shots: He averages about as many FGA as the other top 10 scorers in the league…as he should.

  43. Adonis says:

    His age doesn’t matter if he’s still putting up 30 points a game. People would be shocked once they knew how many teams would deal for kobe.

  44. Adonis says:

    Kobe is still putting up 30 that’s truly amazing. Who cares about the contract he deserves that money.

    • Celentano says:

      Even Jamal Crawford can avg. 30 on any bad team especially this lakers team..

      • nbafan says:

        Except he can’t…the best Crawford has averaged is 20.6 ppg back when he was with the Knicks when Randolph and Marbury was still in town. THIS is a fact…

        Kobe just makes it look easy.

        As for him being a “ball hog”, his 2005-2006 season is ranked 11th all time in terms of total number of shots. Wilt is takes the top 5 spots, then Jordan, then Baylor, then twice by Rick Barry, then Elvin Hayes.

        I think there has been more who has “hogged” the ball more than Kobe….

        Anyway, he is a scorer. Scorers score…and to score, they shoot. And he has proven time and time again that he is one of the best scorers of all time.

      • mike says:

        cmon bra. Kobe puts up 30 on good teams as well. And won 5 chanpionships, 5th all time scorer in NBA history, MVP, Finals MVP, 9 time defensive first team, 16 time all star, Slam dunk champion… you get the idea Whats Jamal Crawford done.

      • Celentano says:

        I put Crawford as an example coz he’s a scorer, put any offensive minded player on any bad team and avg.25-30 shot a game they will score 30. Simple as that

  45. BigCitySid says:

    Kobe to the Knicks for Amare Stoudemire & Shumpert.

    Good for Lakers because:

    -the $$$’s work as the ESPN trade machine
    -Amare’s contract is an expiring one, Lakers could keep Shumpert for as little as a $3.8 mill qualifying offer.
    -trade machine estimates the Lakers will lose an additional seven (7) games due to this trade. Increasing the Lakers’ chances of keeping their top five protected draft pick next season.
    -Lakers already have TWC contract signed, Kobe’s done his job here.
    -this is the one team Kobe would waive his no trade clause for
    -Lakers will have less than $12 million on the books for next season
    -rebuild can start one year earlier
    -increase ability to sign two max free agents in 2015-16

    Good for Kobe:

    -reunites him with Phil
    -reunites him with Fish
    -unites him with ‘Melo
    -improves his opportunity to win title # 6
    -He loves “The Mecca”, Madison Square Garden
    -less wear & tear on Kobe, allowing him to be a serious presence in the postseason.

    Good for Knicks:

    -ESPN trade machine estimates five (+5) additional wins with this trade
    -team becomes a lock for the postseason and a serious contender in the East
    -Phil will look like a genius getting Kobe for Amare
    -Melo says he would love to play with Kobe, here’s his chance
    -Knicks would be less reliant on J.R. Smith

    This is a win win for the Lakers, Knicks, & Kobe. Lakers got the TWC contract, Kobe gets his money and a chance to play for a contender. Knicks become contenders.

    • TTKIN says:

      Kobe aint making the Knicks contenders. In-his-prime-Kobe aint making the Knicks contenders.

      Having 30-yr old Melo and 36-yr old Kobe does not make u better than CHI, CLE. I’d actually put MIA past them still, WAS, CHA also.

      I know having Kobe would proly make it so the NY players can pick up the triangle offense a little quicker, having a “coach on the floor”, but not quick enough.

      Plus, this is going on the basis that LAL will absolutely be able to sign players this summer. Just cuz u have the money, doesn’t mean players want to come to ur team (am I right ATL). Granted, LAL shouldn’t have problems getting FA, there’s still no guarantee.

    • @MarsSpeaksTruth says:

      Honestly that sounds good for everyone involved good point you made

      • The Voice Of Reason says:

        Except that Melo is also a volume shooter/scorer like Kobe. D-Fish don’t have enough respect of either player to be able to pull them up when either is jacking up 30 shots a game. As much as I respect D-Fish, in his first season coming from retirement, he’s got a lot of work to do to lose the “peer” mentality/image from both Kobe and Melo.

        The other thing is Kobe has a no trade clause. By him saying he wants to be a Laker for life, he is the ONLY player in the world who can actually, truly make that statement. KG used to have a no-trade clause too but forfeited it when he left Boston.

        Kobe ain’t going anywhere till he says, but I don’t see it happening – he is a mega star, who is thought of in many circles like Magic – he personifies the Lakers franchise.

        The Lakers probably won’t win more than 15 games this season, but the Lakers need Kobe for his popularity cause he fills seats. And Kobe needs LA cause that’s his loyal fan base, the ones who made him a star.

  46. JerseyCatt says:

    Less is more at this stage of Kobe’s career. He’s working way to hard and pushing his body to the max. When he learns to delegate then the team will play better because the other guys will gain confidence. However he’s 36 and hasn’t learned to; and won’t change, so that probably won’t happen. Still a great player but selfish to a fault.

    • js says:

      He’s looked pretty impressive so far, but there’s no way he can keep up that level for 82 games. He’s either going to have to reign it in and let other players work, regardless of how the game is going (I dont see that happening) or he’s going to break down by feb/march. Unfortunately, I dont think Byron Scott is in a position to tell kobe to sit, so he’s going to end up running himself into the ground

    • TTKIN says:

      Dude u need to watch the games before using the typical Kobe-ball-hog argument. Kobe is the ONLY guy on the Lakers doing anything this yr.

      Im a Kobe fan but yes, he has made even me want to pull my hair out. Ive turned games off cuz of Kobe and his shot selection. But this yr, it is not the same.

      The Laker offense has literally been, “get the ball to kobe, go to the other side of the court leaving him alone”. Literally they aren’t setting picks, they aren’t moving without the ball, they just rely on him completely.

      I figured the offense would be worse than Dantoni’s, but I figured at least the D would be better. Nope. The D might be slightly better, but the O has been terrible.

      That game in PHO, when he got the technical, if u watch the 5-10 minutes leading up to that tech, u can tell Kobe is not mad at the ref at all…but his teammates are making him steam.

  47. Another Cavs Fan says:

    This headline makes it seem like Kobe is someone teams would want to trade for…
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very impressed with how well he’s playing for his age, but I don’t think any GM in his right mind would want his contract.
    In case you guys forget, Kobe makes 23.5 million dollars this season and 25 million dollars next season…
    The salary cap for this season is around 59 million dollars, with a luxury tax limit set at 71.5 million dollars….
    Who would want a 36 year old player taking up 40% of his team’s salary cap space?

  48. cmonfoolofsheet says:

    1- nobody wants kobe bryant at 25M/year, of course he will not ask a trade (hello amare stoudemire)

  49. angel says:

    People cant respect a legend. A man that has his things because of hard work and still playing like a 25 year old.He already have his gold and history in the nba as one off the greatest how have played the game. No body ones to give him respect but still like Jordan says he is the best player he will put over any player do this date. A true Champion and Legend for the NBA…..

  50. Someone Else says:

    Two things here. Kobe Bryant loves the bright lights and the over the top hype that the playing for the Lakers brings and nobody else would even go near that ridiculous contract.

  51. Alex says:


  52. Armando Urdaneta says:

    I think the Lakers defensive coordinator, which is the same time D`ANTONI MIKE I think his name is MADMASEN, has no idea of ​​the work to be performed.

  53. liquidcobra says:

    Why at this point in his career did he decide to take that contract? It pretty much goes against him saying he wants to win. Dirk did the honorable thing and thought of the TEAM before himself. What did you do Kobe?

  54. Stupid haters says:

    All I see is a bunch of stupid haters making comments on this post. Does Kobe care what the hell you guys think? NOOOO! He lives a hundred times better than you stupid!

  55. JUST THE TRUTH says:

    Kobe is the man- even after the injuries, he is dunking on people. All I can say is WOWSERS!!!

  56. Paul says:

    Of course not, not with the money that they pay him anyway.

  57. Eh. His loyalty talk means nothing considering he’s asked for a trade in the past. He’s there to tough it out? Yeah right, good luck. I hope he gets traded just so all the Laker / Kobe fans can hop off this dude.

    • TTKIN says:

      You are absolutely right. That was over 7 years ago and everyone knows if u said something almost 8 yrs ago, it is completely impossible to have a change of heart now.

      And the comment right below urs…the dude saying “he demanded CHA trade him”, that’s even more ridiculous than urs cuz urs was almost ONE decade ago, his example is almost TWO decades ago…not to mention CHA had a deal with LAL before he was drafted. He never got the chance to demand a trade (although he probably would’ve, cant really blame him).

      • Kobe’s favorite player growing up was Magic Johnson. He didn’t want to play for any other team than the Lakers. He said something along the lines that he WOULDN’T play for a team that was the Lakers.
        And the point is, the loyalty isn’t there b/c it’s already happened once before. Loyal is never wanting to leave or forcing a way out. Once you’ve expressed unloyalty, you can go back to being loyal again. That’s been lost. Plus, his situation is worse now than it was then. He’s on a worse team, with less time left to play in this league. So if he wants another championship, it won’t be with the Lakers. Kobe’s not as loyal as people try to believe.

  58. Hezekiah House says:

    but he demanded a trade with the Charlotte hornets, the team that drafted him

  59. Crotalus says:

    I remember him throwing a hissy back in 2007 to be traded. Then that Pau Gasol deal magically happened. I seem to recall Ray Allen accurately predicting Kobe would whine and threaten to leave if he didn’t get another star to help him win.

    • TTKIN says:

      Ur using Ray Allen as an example? The same guy who formed a Big 3 to win in BOS? And then signed for less money to play with his team’s main rival, showing he has less loyalty than Kobe, the guy ur bashing?

      FYI, Kobe said that 7 yrs ago, and Ray Allen was teaming with 2 other “stars” less than 2 years later.

  60. Santa says:

    This season… probably not. Next season – there is another team that can throw plenty of cash to acquire fading stars as they have done earlier. The Knicks have Phil and finally expire Amare’s contract. Kobe might feel right at home, but still wont be able to pull a sixth ring!

  61. Scotty smoove says:

    All you pitiful haters STFU!!!!! He’s a legend for countless reasons…..scoring, rings, competitive drive for excellence, aggressiveness, game winners, etc etc. Winning a 6 ring is his greatest failure as a player and even in this desperate hour his loyalty means more to him then that ring. This has made me even a bigger fan of his. Crushes me to see him go out like this, but thrills me to see his loyalty.

  62. tbone says:

    Kobe can score 50 a game and the Lakers still won’t make the playoffs. They in deep cheit.

  63. kadir says:

    I CANT BELIEVE KOBE SAYS HE IS LOYAL TO THE TEAM! If he was loyal then why would you ask for the highest pay!! His career is done MAMBA IS A SNAKE !! I RATHER PICK ANY YOUNG LEGS FROM COLLEGE OVER KOBE ANY DAY RETIRE ALREADY YOUR A DISSAPOIINTMENT LAKERS WILL HAVE THE WORST SEASON EVER/// and what was the lakers thinking when signing old outdated players

  64. kyky says:

    The MAmba even at 36 is second to none in term of skills. Good or bad time will always be a Laker. Not like Lechoke who doesn’t embrace challenge.

  65. Lol Kobe says:

    $48 mill for a way-past-his-prime Kobe? I doubt there are any takers. Hence, he has no choice but be loyal to the Lakers lol.

  66. dmh says:

    I really can’t tell if this is 24 million rhetoric or if this is Kobe gaining some maturity about the situation. Here is the fact…. the lakers swung and missed in FA. The situation is what it is. Kobe is under contract. It is early. The fact is that Kobe can make everyone’s life more miserable than what it is worth or he can teach his band of scrubs what it takes to win, hoping that some of it sticks with some of them well after he is gone. So far it seems he is taking the mature approach. It is an 82 game season and this is new for LA. Laker fans can be a little fickle as they have been spoiled by all the dynasties. We will see how long mature Kobe lasts.

  67. M Farley says:

    It would have been interesting to see if (like the Celtics) the Lakers purged the team; let him walk as a free agent this year (of course no way – they gave him 48 million for two more years). Who wants Bryant at this stage of his career? Perhaps a contender would have signed him – but perhaps no contender wants him to disrupt the chemistry they have or are building. So we get to watch Kobe break a scoring record or two on a team that might just be qualified to make the protected pick their own instead of Phoenix’s.

  68. Ca$h says:

    MONEY TALKS kobe walks all the way to the bank

  69. mosesmehraban says:

    So many Kobe haters out there. It’s understandable given how many of these haters’ teams have been handed a hard breaking loss thanks to Kobe over the past 19 years.

    Hate him or love him, you can’t question his heart and will. To come back from two serious injuries and do what he has done this year is remarkable. That deserves respect.

    Final note to haters of greatness, you just have two more years to endure. Hang in there.

    • Celentano says:

      They hate Kobe because of a fan boi like u thinks he’s the best player and next to MJ.. Not even close..when MJ said he’s next to him coz he copy his move and he knows he will always only next to his shadow forever!. Don’t get too excited

  70. Popol says:

    Not like he CAN be traded with a 24 millions a year contract LOL

  71. kobeballhog says:

    Ask out? No other team is crazy wnough to pay him what he got in lakers. No team would trade for him to shoulder that humongous paycheck he got. He is the moat overpaid player in the nba. Talk something else nba writers. Not some far fetched dreams. Of course he will not leave no other team stupid enough to pay him that much. I bet he wouldnt even last the whole season before another injury bites him. The lakers are cursed and dommed nowadays as long as the ultimate ballhog is there.

    • Clone says:

      Ask NY Knicks dude.. they would be really happy to give Stoudemire 20M$ + Shumpert or Bargnani + JR Smith for Kobe 😀
      There is plenty of bad contracts and trade exceptions right now, and many teams would love to have him.
      24M$ is a huge but it’s just 1 year and it’s not impossible to match, especially if he ask out.They can’t ask for the moon for him, just matching the salary value to make it work because he’ll play till summer 2016 max (after Rio Olympics).

  72. Erlo says:

    Didn’t Kobe push to be traded a few years back … Go away Kobe.

  73. TheKush says:

    Watching kobe play is worth every penny!

  74. The Apex Predator says:

    Kobe to another team? Not going to work on all sides.

    $48 million for 2 years, will exceed most teams cap space. Except may be for PHI who has space and may be ORL but I believe they just extended Vucivics (can’t spell his name) contract or MIL may have space but these teams aren’t really Kobe material. This may change if the cap rises potentially next year with the new collective bargaining agreement plus the new television contracts and sponsors, this I don’t know for sure.

    He’s an alpha male, 20+ shots required per night, and selfish. He won’t get along with the other stars in the league. Most of them respect him for what he’s done in his career but those in their primes are not running to team up with him. Notice none of the free agents this year really even considered LAL. They won’t have much luck next year either. Interestingly enough, most of them don’t want to help him win a title.

    Note: Whoever said in a post earlier that he should join MIA, first learn to spell Miami then understand that the new look Heat now move better and play closer together without LBJ. Of course its only the 1st week of season but they look good. They won’t win a title and will be seeded somewhere 1 to 5 in the East but they’ll be good to watch. The seeding will be based on how much CB, Wade, and their 2nd unit play. I’m kind of huranging you but I’m doing it from a basketball standpoint.

    Back to Kobe. Play your heart out and retire with dignity as one of the greatest of all time. Of course behind MJ.

  75. Who ya gonna call???? says:

    Lakers – you need to land a couple players to fill the gaps. Why not give some of the following guys a call?

    Ray Allen
    Rashard Lewis
    Jermaine O’Neal
    Baron Davis
    Kenyon Martin
    Al Harrington
    Allen Iverson

    I’m not a Laker fan, but I can’t stand to see a team tank with health issues without making an effort to recover!

    • The Apex Predator says:

      Technically the LAL aren’t really tanking. We’ll let me re-phrase that, they haven’t outright said they were tanking but it looks like they (are, could, considered) all those words.

      As far as calling some of these people. Let me go down the list.

      Rashard Lewis: Not bad, had an off post-season last year. Started well then faded.
      Jermaine O’Neil: If I am not mistaken he’s playing elsewhere (not in NBA)
      Baron Davis: To quote from what someone said earlier, I’d be more worried on what is growing on his head? I’m sure he still has some money for a weedwhacker.
      Kenyon Martin: No
      Al Harrington: Pretty good veteran, played okay for IND
      Allen Iverson: Doesn’t like practice

      • TTKIN says:

        I don’t call it tanking. ONE game into this season, LAL already has over 164 games missed due to injury. They missed a league high in games due to injury last season, they are already halfway to that mark, 1 game into the season.

        That is Nash and Randle. That does not include the other players who have sat out the season so far (such as Ryan Kelly).

  76. ThomasYoung says:

    When did Ed begin starting over Jordan Hill?

  77. Arkh says:

    Let’s be honest though, he got $48m on 2 years, so of course he’ll remain loyal !
    It’s like like he did a move a la Nowitzki and then got no reinforcements.

  78. Arvzcdir says:

    Kobe is the best of the best!

  79. thespectator says:

    guess he doesnt care about winning and matching MJ for the 6th ring. oh well at least hes getting paid though.

  80. sally says:

    does anybody care if he leaves the Lakers ????? …………………………………………not !

  81. Franck says:

    Who cares what is happening to Kobe and his glorified volume shooting
    The real story should be what does Baron Davis have growing on his head?

  82. mike says:

    Not even homosexuals are that sensitive. You’re better than that. Write another article.

  83. landon says:

    Poor Kobe this organization is gonna just run his crazy his last years in the league as a die hard Lakers fan i’m glad Kobe is staying but i wouldn’t be mad if he wanted to be traded to a contender to finish his career and compete for a 6th ring especially if it was with the bulls or knicks!

  84. mike ford sr says:

    Hello kobe come to maima heat you get a nother ring.

  85. mike says:

    The season just started, homie.

  86. NORE says:

    His talk is cheap …He already had asked for a trade in 2007 so the comments he makes today are meaningless to a certain extent. The “reason” he said that that he will stay with the Lakers is because he wants his fans to see him and remember him as loyal – which he is not – just like i said he already had asked for a trade back in the day and to be loyal can mean amongst other things to be connected in a very positive way – would someone who is connected in a positive way to a franchise ask for 48,5 Mio for 2 Years (in this state of his career)???? Simply NO!! Look what Duncan or Dirk did – this is being loyal, as the respected franchises are (Spurs, Dallas). His Contract leaved the Lakers with no flexibility … More important he can say these things right now because NO ONE! REALLY NO ONE would trade for Bryant – 24 Mill Contract for a player who is 36, very hurt and selfish … NO SIR! No Team would, so it doesn’t realy matter what Bryant says – he’ll stay a laker if he wants it or not.

    • C says:

      Kobe did ask for a Trade – BUT HE TURNED DOWN THE OPTION TO GO TO THE PISTONS! It’s actions that speak louder than words. He stayed and it will add to his Legacy. The business part of his contract is that Kobe sells seats, Kobe sells Jerseys, and Kobe sells TV ratings, especially now that people want to see the old man fail.

  87. Kobetard says:

    As if anyone else wants him, nowadays.

  88. Arthur says: