Morning shootaround — Aug. 22


Report: Young headed to Wolves | Thompson miffed over trade talks | Report: Rockets re-sign Garcia

No. 1: Reports: Young headed to Wolves in Love deal — As was first reported last night by Jerry Zgoda of The Star-Tribune, once Kevin Love is trad to the Cleveland Cavaliers happens (it’s likely to be tomorrow) for Andrew Wiggins, the Minnesota Timberwolves will get Sixers forward Thaddeus Young from Philly as part of another deal. Here’s a quick look at what will happen in that trade:

The Minnesota Timberwolves will acquire Philadelphia 76ers forward Thaddeus Young for a 2015 first-round draft pick and two role players, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Timberwolves will send Philadelphia the Miami Heat’s 2015 first-round pick Minnesota will acquire as part of the Kevin Love deal with Cleveland, sources said. The T-Wolves will send forward Luc Mbah a Moute and guard Alexey Shved to the Sixers.

Mbah a Moute has a long-standing relationship with Sixers rookie Joel Embiid, and Philadelphia considers him an important part of the mentoring process for the third pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

While Young, Shved, Love and Mbah a Moute are the known players in this deal, there is a chance that last year’s No. 1 overall pick, Anthony Bennett will head to Minnesota, too:

The deal cannot be completed until Aug. 23, which is 30 days after Wiggins signed his rookie contract with the Cavaliers.


No. 2: Thompson miffed over being in trade talks — As Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report spells out in his latest offering, Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson has been a standout performer for the team with little to no fanfare league-wide. Thompson found himself in the midst of potential Kevin Love trade talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves this offseason and while the Warriors missed out on landing Love, the discussion hasn’t left Thompson in a good mood:

Ask any GM or scout and they’ll tell you Thompson is one of the best two-way players in the game, yet he hasn’t sniffed either All-Star or All-Defensive team recognition. To make matters worse, teammate Andre Iguodala did receive All-Defensive first-team honors last season, even though injuries left him a shell of himself and forced the Warriors to give Thompson the assignments Iguodala was expected to fill. “Klay is a much better defender,” said one former Warriors assistant coach. “It’s not even close. It’s all based on reputation and stats. The truth is, Dre is always gambling on the weak side.”

Thompson handled all of that without complaint. The reward? A summer wondering if he would be dealt to the league’s moribund Minnesota outpost.

The Warriors not only dangled both him and Lee in talks with the Timberwolves, league and team sources say, but they apparently initiated the conversation. Various reports on the deal’s likelihood of going down bubbled for several weeks, and while GM Bob Myers declined to address the subject directly, he certainly didn’t discourage the notion that Thompson and Lee were available for the right price.

“Right now, I think it’s unlikely,” Myers told the San Francisco Chronicle at the time. “Right now, today. … But I will say this: If you asked me last year at this time would we be in a situation to grab an [Andre] Iguodala, I would have said the same thing.”

League sources also say they could’ve dealt Harrison Barnes to Orlando for Arron Afflalo in conjunction with the Minnesota deal, which would’ve given them a reasonable substitute for Thompson.

Eventually, they passed on everything because there wasn’t a strong consensus in the organization that they’d definitively be better. And when it became clear that Love would be headed to Cleveland instead of a Western Conference rival, such as the Houston Rockets, it made the need to roll the dice even less enticing.

Myers’ attempt to be as honest as possible is appreciated, but it has come with a price. While attempts to reach Lee or his representatives were unsuccessful, a source close to Thompson said the shooting guard is “pissed” that the Warriors legitimately considered moving him.


No. 3: Report: Rockets re-sign Garcia — The offseason hasn’t been particularly memorable for the Houston Rockets as they opted not to match the Dallas Mavericks’ offer sheet for small forward Chandler Parsons and they saw youngster Jordan Hamilton leave for the Toronto Raptors. But one face from last season’s squad is coming back: reserve guard Francisco Garcia. Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle has more:

The Rockets reached an agreement to re-sign free agent guard Francisco Garcia, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey indicated on Twitter on Thursday.

Morey wrote “Welcome back to the @HoustonRockets Francisco Garcia! It was great to see him play well yesterday.’

Garcia will sign for one season at the veteran’s minimum, worth $1.32 million, a person with knowledge of the agreement said.

Garcia, 33, averaged 5.7 points in 19.7 minutes per game off the Rockets bench last season. The oldest Rockets player, Garcia has been considered among the team’s most vocal and respected leaders. He opted out of his contract worth the veteran’s minimum for one more season, becoming a free agent.


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: The Blazers will be taking a look at point guard Darius Morris … Wizards reserve forward Drew Gooden will not be cleared to play for Finland in the FIBA World Cup … The Mavs are finalizing a deal to re-sign Bernard James … Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin feels more comfortable than ever as an NBA player



  1. PeteM says:

    why is klay “upset”? the deal didn’t go through because they refused to trade him. this article makes no sense.

  2. Rangers says:

    Warriors should’ve dealt Thompson/lee and barnes or 1st pick for love. Curry/love/ bogut would’ve been an incredibly efficient trio

  3. TheKush says:

    I’m honestly not sure what they’re doing in Oakland? Winning even the first round in the west is going to be difficult and they just gave Steve Kerr who has never coached in the NBA $25 million. Thompson plays defense as good as anyone and he can shoot. With the exception of three pointers Lee does everything Love does? and the warriors already have two of the best 3 point shooters in the league. I dunno mane I dunno?

    I still don’t understand why the Warriors traded Mitch Richmond? Everytime the warriors have a good team management manages to mess it up! When it comes to professional sports the owner(s) of the teams have a lot to do with the success and failures of their team and I’m not a fan of warriors management!

  4. Rob V says:

    Jarret Jack fit the team perfectly.Them let him walk.Steph and Klay loved Coach Jackson,they fired him.If they traded Klay and got Love I believe that Steph would have left when his contract was up.He might have stayed if they won a championship with Love but if they were just a playoff team with Love.I think Steph would have left because he wouldn’t trust management anymore.I think management knew that and I also think they didn’t trade Klay because that would have pissed of Jerry West,because Klay was his pick.Klay isn’t overrated,his play is excelling every year like you want your young players to.If would have been nice to have Love but hey,Paul Milsap’s contract is up next season.I would go after him.NO WAY would I go after Josh Smith.Now HE’S overrated.

  5. European says:

    Nice. Garcia’s first half against USA was really good, was nice to watch. All the best for him.

  6. HK says:

    Ric is just stirring up things for no reason. Warriors are fine. Leave them alone. Dub nation.

  7. Lil' Baller says:

    “I think Bucher is the one who is “pissed” for being fired as the on court guy for Warrior games. He was horrible and now he’s a bitter flamethrower.”


    Thompson can’t be pissed, we literally kept him over arguably the best offensive PF in the game, even though we’re fully aware he’s going to demand a max contract that’ll kill flexibility in the future. Lee, on the other hand, I can see being unhappy because he hasn’t gotten much public support.

    We still remember you David, you’ve fought through injuries and been the most consistent offensive weapon (arguably more so then Steph)!

  8. harriethehawk says:

    Klay Thompson may be underrated.

  9. T gas T ako says:

    KLAY will not play well this season BECOZ of that TRADE talks……..

  10. slider821 says:

    ohh Rick Bucher is butthurt he got canned from the Warriors org after riding Mark Jackson administration all season and now he’s trying to stir controversy within the warriors org that let his sorry behind go.

    also, Iguodala is ranked #1 in the league in DRAPM at 5.5 last season while Klay was ranked 72 at 1.5. Bucher has got to be one of the biggest clowns in NBA reporting, from these type of mindless/statless comments to his sources trolling him, to him voting Mark Jackson as COTY, everything about this guy is a joke.

  11. Siftin says:

    I am a recent warriors fan only because of Klay. He is tremendously talented. Sad part is that Curry and Klay are both great but Curry can do stunts while Klay is very shy and gets under pressure.

  12. Rk says:

    I think Bucher is the one who is “pissed” for being fired as the on court guy for Warrior games. He was horrible and now he’s a bitter flamethrower.

    • Brent says:

      Agree. Bucher is a terrible reporter and I honestly question most of his “sources”. His strories have a tendency to be something controversial w/ no one else reporting anything similar.