The war of the Rose?

VIDEO: Derrick Rose sits out of Wednesday’s game against the Dominican Republic

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Ten games in two years.

That’s the sum total of work Derrick Rose‘s knees have allowed him to put in with the Chicago Bulls of late. Knee injuries and issues have robbed Rose and Bulls fans of two years of the one-time MVP’s prime, time he’ll never get back.


So if Rose wanted to bail right now on his commitment to USA Basketball for the 2014 FIBA World Cup, no one could blame him. The breathtaking talent is still there. We’ve seen enough of that during this current exhibition run to the competition in Spain, even with Rose sitting out Wednesday’s game against the Dominican Republic. But we’re watching it, holding our collective breath, hoping the basketball higher powers spare Rose and the Bulls any further injury agony.

There is a philosophical debate going on right now in the Windy City. Should Rose continue his road back now with USA across his chest? Or should he bow out gracefully right now and make sure he’s ready to go when the Bulls kick off their championship hunt in two months?

Rose doesn’t owe it to anyone to push his sore knee(s) beyond their comfort zone right now. He owes it to himself to continue to listen to that voice inside of his head that tells him when to push it and when to step back. He did it with his recovery with the Bulls and has no reason to ignore that voice this time around.

As disappointing as it would be for the folks at USA Basketball to lose yet another superstar, they would understand where Rose is coming from given his recent injury history.

Nothing will make up for the time he missed the past two seasons. Not even a gold medal in Spain, which I think can be attained with or without Rose in the fold — especially with James Harden, “the best all-around player in the NBA” in uniform.

Selfishly, I’d love to see Rose on the court in Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid, leading this U.S. Men’s Senior National Team in the World Cup. Without Kevin Durant, Kevin Love and Paul George on the roster, the margin for error shrinks considerably. But the strongest team in the field remains whatever combination of players USA Basketball boss Jerry Colangelo and coach Mike Krzyzewski choose to take to Spain.

If Rose wasn’t experiencing any soreness and was completely healthy, there would be no need for debate. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, one of Krzyzewski’s assistants this summer, insists Rose is “fine.”  And to some, like Sam Smith of, Rose’s rebirth is a product of his affiliation with USA Basketball and their comprehensive program. There’s a sentiment that he owes it to the program to stick it out this summer.

But he’s already being held out of practices and exhibition games as a precautionary measure. Why risk it? There’s a reason for the nervousness, from some, in Chicago.

Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun-Times voices some of those concerns beautifully:

I know this is hard for Rose to take. An elite, driven athlete is never sated just by tons of money. He wants to play. He wants to dominate. That’s what he was put on earth to do.

But for Bulls fans, the wait to see a healthy, resilient Rose has been like dripping water torture.

Patriots though we may be, we have no similar interest in the United States’ dominance in world basketball. We know the globe now plays the game. We’ve seen our Olympic teams beaten by Argentina, Puerto Rico. We’re still the best, overall. So it goes. Every global star either plays in the NBA or is named Nikola Mirotic. Hooray.

But Kevin Durant and other stars are not playing for Team USA. They’re preparing for the NBA season and the preseason practices that begin — for all teams — just five weeks from today.

Rose’s first knee injury — a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee — may be totally healed. And his second major injury — a torn medial meniscus in his right knee — has been stitched back together and supposedly is good to go.

But God — or old David Stern — generally built players’ bodies pretty well before surgery. No normal knees get better with surgery. There isn’t a rocket chip doctors can put in there. Yet.

So Rose is damaged goods. Sorry, it’s the truth. Hurts to say it. Just like it hurts to say former MVP.

Arthritis likely will be his new closest friend. That and inflammation and swelling and good old ‘‘soreness.’’ Oh, and fatigue.

All of which are just indicators that he’s not a yearling in a spring field of flowers anymore.

Who cares if he wins with Team USA or loses with them or becomes the team mascot. Does anybody in America care that our beloved Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews won the gold medal for Canada in the 2014 Olympics? Or that his beloved teammate Patrick Kane lost for the U.S.?

No. The Stanley Cup is all.

The Larry O’Brien trophy is all that matters to Rose and Bulls teammates like Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler and newcomer Pau Gasol, all guys whose vested interests should come before whatever limited role Rose might play in Spain.

If Rose cannot go all out now, why would anyone expect him to do so once the Bulls start training camp?

There is no shame in recognizing that more rest is needed. There would be a level universal understanding, within the basketball community and beyond, if Rose took himself out of the mix.

If he thinks his knees will hold up, that he needs this challenge to prove to himself that he’s all the way back, I’m fine with that. If this hurdle is emotional and not physical, play on sir. Do your thing.

But knowing what we’ve missed for all but 10 games the two seasons, knowing what sort of agony Bulls fans have had to endure without their hometown superstar in uniform, if this hurdle is physical and not emotional, I’d have no problem with Rose bowing out gracefully.

VIDEO: All-Access look at USA Basketball’s recent visit to Chicago


  1. jdub455 says:

    i think that all this articles that drose is back to his old form… is just that… all hype… more of marketing… we all know the truth… sad to say but he is already fragile… hope he stays healthy though

  2. Lbj imposter says:

    D rose will never win a ring with the bulls…ever.but he would win at least 10 if he joined our lord and savior king lebrizzle James. We will give them coach blast and any 1 player of their choice….as long as that player does not have an “e” in their name.and so they are not completely ripping us off they must also include coach thibs and the Willis tower so the cleveland skyline looks cooler.

  3. geotheleo58 says:

    Ten games in two years. Knee operations in both knees. It takes heart to do the rehab and to return to the court just to practice. Now because he’s experiencing soreness everyone wants him to shut down. Rose, don’t do it! Stay on the course. Anyone who have experience being cut and repair I’m sure the doctor and the physical therapist have told him to expect the pain. This is the time where Rose can learn pain management and how to play and understand his pain stress hold. The Bulls made the mistake last season by starting his rehab on the court in October and not reining him in during the pre-season. We know now that Rose will lie to keep playing thru the pain and allowing it to worsen. Now Rose has Jerry C., coaches K. and Thibbs along with a team of sport therapists monitoring him to insure he’s not doing more than he should be doing.

  4. see red says:

    D Rose is amazing. I truly hope that he can come back healthy. If the bulls want a championship, rose will get them that championship. But Team USA is a good way to get rid of the rust and used to playing again and being the superstar. If he gets injured again this year, he’ll be gone

  5. Steven says:

    It probably would do Derick Rose some good to be on team USA, so that he could start the process of getting his legs back under him and overall getting into game shape, but they need to watch him mins and have to give him days off in between…Like teams always say you really can’t get into game shape unless your playing the game, so if Rose shuts it down and waits until the regular NBA season to start it will take him a lot longer to get into game shape plus I say he is going have soreness and all with his knee and other things so he will miss probably a lot of games just because the team is resting him and all… Rose will continues to workout and what not if he shuts it down and isn’t on team USA but again they always say it’s not the same as playing the game of basketball or any sport…

  6. Bradley says:

    I love D Rose. I love the Bulls. Have been a fan from day one and still am to this very day. It’s been hard seeing Rose sit on the bench recovering from near career ending injuries. But he’s a fighter, he wants to play, he wants to give it his all. Should he bow out from the US team for the sake of the Bulls, I don’t know, it has to be is decision, and whatever it be, I’ll be happy for him. But in my heart, am praying that he doesn’t re-injure his knees or hurt something else. We need Rose to get back on the court for Chicago, wearing that number 1 vest and rocking those shoes (which I love) and winning that championship. We all miss him

  7. EJMF says:

    You guys and your ‘why risk it, shut it down’ articles. If it was up to you sportswriters, the guy would be cowering in the corner of a closet with a blanket over his head, scared because he might get hurt again. Give it up already! The guy’s going to have pain in his knees. That doesn’t mean he can’t go.

  8. Erlo says:

    Rose is an average player. Look at his stats and tell me who in the NBA couldn’t put up his numbers if they shot the ball as much (and as terribly) as Rose. Get off the guys D already. He’s NOT GOOD.

    • Derrick says:

      U sound I’ll informed. Ur not the MVP of this league and not b good. Actually ur a “great” basketball player.

  9. sotos 13 says:

    I read many articles about D Rose all day long. I am sure that this guy is gifted by God, like he is born to be the No 1. His way won’t be easy but eventually he will fullfil his mission. D Rose is an inspiration for everybody. The reason i got involved with the NBA again, after MJ. The reason i can’t give up from things i want, but should abandon. Keep flying D Rose. From Greece.

  10. blackkcalb says:

    Now that we know that Durant faked to make the usa team this year just to expose the nike shoes before quiting,
    i think Rose it’s the same. he will not play. he is there to keep a small buzz on for adidas, then will quit

  11. JOEL says:

    rose is talented and very good player. U.S team basketball should protect its name in the field of basketball especially in a world championship not for the sake of accommodation. Rose is very good player but there are still in the list better and more prepare than him. I am a Filipino but i like U.S. to use the best players they have. All other countries are doing all their best to get the best players they have. As Filipino, i still support our team who again qualify the coming tournament after 36 years. go u.s. and philippines

  12. asdfadf says:

    It’s normal for his knees to be sore since he hasn’t played in 2 years. I understand he’s been practicing but it was non contact until usa basketball, and practice you don’t go as hard and you don’t have to make hard cuts to the rim to on D which effects your knees more. So it’s normal being sore ppl just worried more since he been injured the past 2 seasons, but i agree that he should play usa ball since the nba is a harder schedule and use usa ball to get in shape and he won’t have as much pressure on him. If he’s meant to get hurt then it’ll happen either way, but I believe he’ll be fine.

  13. George says:

    Rose is just working out the kinks and finding out what he’s up against so that he knows what to expect when he starts the NBA season. This is actually better than feeling his body out when the season starts because there is no pressure to play and they can figure out how long the soreness lasts and which treatments work. As for Harden being the all around best player comment, Sekou just lost some credibility on his evaluation of the game.

    • Mr_Swagger6 says:

      Sekou didn’t say that about Harden. I think and hope he was being sarcastic when he even bothered to mention that nonsense. If you would’ve clicked the link then it would’ve took you to the video on YouTube where those were Harden’s exact words.

  14. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    Rose is never going to be the player he once was, some players are just unlucky and are plagued with injuries for the majority of their career..

  15. kobefanjay says:

    im from canada and unfortunately the olympic hockey is regarded as important or to some even more important than the cup…the basketball coverage needs improvement especially in early rounds of playoffs…help!

  16. Jason says:

    Rose may never get back to the player
    he was during his rookie season. It’s
    like a butterfly whose wings have been
    partially chopped. It’s flying days are

  17. Scisca says:

    He’s been resting those knees these past 1 years. He has to get them moving at some point and it’s better now, when there is no pressure on the score and he doesn’t have to play big minutes. This Cup is perfect for him, especially since he’s doing everything under the eye of his own coach. Pulling him out will only harm him longterm.

  18. harriethehawk says:

    The USA coaching staff will not cut Derrick Rose. he needs to man up and do it himself. No fair to the other players who are suited up and ready to go.

  19. KEVIN says:

    wait..wait james harden “best all around basketball player”…i thought best all around meant u atleast try and play defense or atleast try and pretend to play defense.

    • hnic says:

      You haven’t been watching the games, he’s actually playing d. Best all around lol if he is than this team is doomed to fail.

  20. TheKush says:

    Sit it down Rose rest those knees! Personally I think Rose should get cut!. James Harden doesn’t play defense everybody knows it, I thought I was the only one who noticed it until I started seeing videos of James Hardens defense on Youtube! James Harden is a solid offensive player! Anthony Davis is the best all around player next LeBron James in the NBA. Anthony Davis is the best all around player on the U.S squad!

  21. BBQ says:

    I don’t get it. How does anything think that an extra 2 months of rest will magically make him not have to go through these exact same conditioning-pains when the Bulls’ season starts?

    He’s going to have to work himself back into game shape at some point. That’s going to require some extra days off and working through some soreness. He can either do it with Team USA or with the Bulls. It’s going to happen no matter what.

    What is the additional harm in doing it now, versus waiting another couple months and doing it then?

    If you think his knees can’t hold up for the FIBA Cup, then why in the world would you think that an extra 2 months would mean he could hold up for an 82 games NBA season and the playoffs?

    From a health perspective, it doesn’t make any sense for him to sit out, since all it would do is push back this exact same process another 2 months and then he’ll be going through it during the NBA Season.

    • jkrich says:

      Agreed! Rose is my favorite player! At least based on what I’ve seen him do in 2011 but I was not an NBA fan then. I had to look at his highlights. I have only seen the man play 10 times in the last 2 years and holding off for rest on his knees won’t do anything but make it worse and a longer recovery!

      Rose! I love you man, you’re on my list of role models. But you are just fine! Get through the working pain and getting into basketball shape now instead of doing it when the season unfolds and it’s too late.

      You don’t have to do it of course bit I know what you can do! The whole WORLD knows! So I think you have enough rest and you need to bust your butt as much as you can without injuring yourself. Don’t wait, there is no time like the present.

    • slider821 says:

      there’s no place for logic on hangtime blog comments.

    • Cuban connection says:

      he is going to get hurt again…very soon since his abilities are based on turns , sudden stops…fakes…etc
      And all of these requieres a healthy pair of Knees

  22. Teddy Bubbles says:

    Yes… Rose’s injury will remind people whose careers were decimated because of injury. People tend to focus on the worst case scenario.

    What about these players who have been productive after injuries?
    Al Harrington 2002,ACL
    Baron Davis 1997, ACL (before NBA career)
    David West 2011, ACL
    Jamal Crawford 2001, ACL
    Corey Brewer 2008, ACL
    Kendrick Perkins 2010, ACL
    Kyle Lowry 2004, ACL (before NBA career)
    Ricky Rubio 2012, ACL
    Russell Westbrook 2013, Meniscus (Has had surgery 3 times, but still remains very productive)
    Eric Bledsoe 2013, Meniscus
    Taj Gibson 2013, MCL
    Luol Deng, Several injuries in 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons.

    The list goes on and on.

  23. fstaff says:

    10 games in two years. That’s a lot of money the Bulls paid out for those games.

  24. fstaff says:

    10 games in two years. That’s a lot of money.

  25. standard says:

    derick rose not worth it
    his knees are worthless he is sore already and the season haven’t even started
    how many years are you willing to wait for him to retire?
    he is done

  26. DR says:

    I can’t see Rose playing more than 65 games and he should probably should not play for more than 30 mins per game very often. He will need to skip games for recovery time and they will need to be cautious. Like Dwayne Wade, no back to back games.

    The Bulls cannot progress far in the playoffs without Rose but a 7 game series may be too much for Rose after a long season.

    There will be natural soreness which does not necessarily equate to injury soreness but this looks like a longer term problem now.

  27. Kahldris says:

    James Harden best all around player… what? Did you watch the playoffs? Or are you just trying to get a rise out of people?

  28. KC says:

    Watching Rose get hurt has been painful and frustrating on the order of watching Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill (and Yao Ming and Tracy MacGrady?). Maybe I should be more detached but I can’t help but wonder “what if… ?” I’m pretty sure I speak for most NBA fans when I say the basketball world has been robbed of one of its premier talents by the injury fates. I would love to see Rose buck the trend and come back to play a full season, but I know better than set aside all doubt. I mean, watching Kobe go down with that achilles injury–I have to be honest, I stopped watching basketball for a bit after that.

  29. alflex519 says:

    His prime? The man just turned 25.

    • Ballin all day says:

      right he is 25… he will be in his prime until he is 30 if he can finally make a solid recovery… I know players have come back from acl injuries but both knees? Thats tough.. But im routing for the bulls and my main man rose… His combination of talent, size, quickness and explosiveness for his position may never be duplicated again.. Westbrook is the only point guard remotely close to rose’s abilities at full strength. He needs to fight through the soreness, its the only way… and as for hardens comment about being the most complete player…please stop, when i read that a smerk came across my face…He has a solid 5 guys ahead of him at the very very that guy… Anyway i wish rose nothing but the best!
      GO BULLS!!! GO KNICKS!!!