With holes to fill, Rudy Gay adds depth and experience to Team USA

VIDEO: Rudy Gay talks about his chances to make Team USA

NEW YORK — Since Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski took control of USA Basketball, they’ve spoken often of building USA Basketball into more of a “program,” establishing continuity by having a pool of players they’d be able to call upon for the various international competitions.

Never was that depth more necessary than this summer, when Team USA lost three key frontcourt members (Paul George, Kevin Love and Kevin Durant) in the span of a few weeks. In need of size and scoring, Colangelo was pleased to get a call volunteering his services from Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay, who was part of USA Basketball’s 2010 World Championship team and represented the USA in the 2005 Global Games.

Being welcomed back to the USA Basketball fold was important for Gay.

“It means a lot,” he said on Wednesday night, after scoring a team-high 13 points in a 105-62 exhibition win over the Dominican Republic. “The fact that I was one of the options, and the fact that they trusted in me to be ready, and they thought I could help.”

When Durant announced he was out, Gay was two weeks into his workouts to prepare for the regular season, weights and beginning basketball drills.

“This is a time when you’re usually just working by yourself or playing pickup,” said Gay. “To play competitively and also have a little more structure, or a lot more structure, helps you going into your season.

“Since my surgery I haven’t really been able to play competitive basketball in the summer, so it’s big just to be able to get back and play competitive basketball.”

In last week’s exhibition against Brazil, Gay scored five points in a dozen minutes. Tonight against the Dominican Republic, Gay played almost 18 minutes and scored in a variety of ways, including knocking down a three and getting to the free-throw line.

Without Love, Durant and George, the U.S. team lost most of their interior depth. The 6-foot-8 Gay gives them a player with the size to swing between both forward positions, and even switch onto a center defensively in a pinch, as well as the offensively ability to score from the inside or outside. Combine that versatility with his international basketball experience, and Gay would seem to be a lock to make the final roster. Not that Colangelo and Krzyzewski have given Gay any hints as to his roster status: “None. None. That was agreed to upon me coming. I told them I didn’t want anything, I wanted to prove my way. We didn’t have a conversation about anything.”

Gay’s late arrival to this U.S. team was made simpler by the continuity of the USA Basketball program — just as the USA Basketball staff was familiar with Gay’s game and what he could bring, Gay was familiar with Coach K’s system and expectations. But while he mostly played small forward in 2010, Gay is now spending most of his time at the four, or power forward position.

“It’s not a natural four,” Gay said. “So I’m trying to learn the spots they want me to be at also how I can be effective at them. It’s more like a stretch four, especially when I’m in there. I think that’s what coach wants from me and the kind of game they want to see me play.

“I can guard different positions, make it easier on our guards. And that makes it easier for the whole team.”


  1. rockford says:

    with a name like gay and saying he is filling a large hole just sounds wrong.

  2. Gay. adds depth. possibly girth. to large hole to fill.

  3. I do not think a valid player for usa team

  4. cp10 says:

    “With holes to fill…” it never ends.. I feel for you Rudy, you gotta be tough to have that last name.

  5. celentano says:

    he plays sometimes with Standard at championleague comp.lol

  6. erg says:

    If you watched the first quarter, Gay’s first touch of the ball, then you saw him back down from 20 feet with two dribbles and monster his way into a point blank layup. This guy has always fit in international ball and I think he is on the precipice of his best year.

  7. Rangers says:

    Rudy Gay is actually very inefficient. Bad shooter/takes terrible shots, and is an overrated defender. He’s not better than parsons let alone Drummond/ cousins

    • Knicks7 says:

      Rudy Gay averaged 20 ppg shooting 46% last year, Paul George average 22 ppg shooting 43% so how again is Rudy inefficient? Do your homework don’t just listen to what the media and people put out there or portray. Rudy was inefficient for 1 season with Toronto then everybody jumped on that but in reality he’s more efficient than Melo, Kobe and plenty other stars. Check the stats!

  8. steve farley says:

    Grizzlies should have kept him and not cheaped out for a has been.

  9. YungMussuBlack says:

    Rudy Gay/ Mo’ Williams, same difference.

  10. harriethehawk says:

    Rudy Gay. Things have really picked up for him since he left Toronto. He and the Kings should have a much better year this season. Especially if they can get Rondo and J Smoove.

  11. Lordp says:

    Actually he’s the only valid option with enough Experience to replace KD..always liked his talent..his roster spot is lock

  12. Cheng says:

    He has the size, skills, athleticism and much FIFA experience. Except for his shooting, he is one of the best wingmen in the world.