Reaction to George Injury staff reports

Paul George garnered sympathy from around the NBA after he suffered a serious leg injury during the fourth quarter of the USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas.

Here’s a sampling of the support for the Indiana Pacers’ all-star:


  1. Febron32 says:

    Lebron is not gonna win any more rings

  2. Febron32 says:

    Lebron is wack

  3. AuthenticMN says:

    why not have the basketball hoops hanging from the ceiling?
    Wouldn’t that eliminate the stanchion and any obstruction behind the basketball hoop from the ground?

  4. celtic533 says:

    i wonder how many of these players were his “homies” before the injury.Regardless hope Paul George recovers from that nasty injury

  5. GaulPeorge says:

    meanwhile civilians in ukraine and gaza are dying on daily basis , how many nba players tweeted they care or pray about them , looks like human life have the price these days

    • celtic533 says:

      That is true although im sure some NBA player must have tweeted something about it.Even if anyone did it probably wouldnt garner any media coverage if it wasnt a big name player.Also, it is very controversial to speak of your political views and if u come off as unpatriotic the rednecks will be at ur door

  6. daveycr says:

    My prayers go out to GAZA. As of January 2014. Israel, the land of milk and honey did not have natural gas reserves. However, Gaza has newly discovered reserves of natural gas. Now that Palestine has been nearly wiped off the face of the earth Israel proposes new natural gas partnership with Canada, draws up new energy proposals. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you cannot watch or depend on television news.

  7. twh93 says:

    Speedy recovery PG24!

  8. elbj says:

    a multi millionaire guy with a candy life broke his leg at baskertball, having fun.. and that’s annoying for him YES but that’s all, his life is not ruined so stfu seriously
    prayers ? for him and his familly ? send flowers and money why not, food ? ? someone is dead ?
    this is just bad luck and basketball, so i give him a good luck and he wille be fine.

  9. ron fabian says:

    Was shocked. Prayers for PG! Speedy recovery, with patiance and determination to be back!

  10. euro says:

    basket is too close
    the same people sitting under the basket
    and front rows on the sides of the court also
    matter of time that something happen
    nba give players space for their and fans safety

  11. rhodz says:

    Praying for
    paul george

  12. Cesar says:

    An unforeseen incident resulting in harm is a circumstance that is not essential to the nature of something except, this nasty leg injury of Paul George wherein his feet landed and caught awkwardly between the hard floor and the basketball post is something that demands an investigation. In other words, if one will take a closer look… notice that this particular new design of basketball post supporting a raised backboard is too close for comfort wherein high leaping players has a great chance of hitting the post because of its close proximity where there is not enough spacing under the rim for the inbound players to land safely. There ought to have an investigation how this stupid design was able to get the nod and blessings of the basketball gurus.

    • rayray says:

      I agree. We need an investigation AND a redesign of the basketball stand. Players today are way too athletic and build way too much momentum to land safely under the rim. The same thing happened to Nerlens Noel when he tore his ACL. The same thing also goes to numerous players who injure themselves when jumping and running into the camera men. These players give their all when they play the game. The least we could do is ensure their safety when playing.

  13. theultimateborn says:

    Nothing is impossible when u believe and have faith in GOD first and then in U. Sad day for me and our NBA WORLD. Bless u.

  14. RevMikeT says:

    Paul George, heard about the injury last evening and at first prayed that it wasn’t true. NBA fans and people all over are praying for you and your family. Be strong and keep your head up. GOD bless.

  15. DRAGONFORMVP says:

    Almost thought aaron gordons comment was telling them to get a better point guard.

  16. TheKush says:

    I hope it looked worse than it really was I wish him a speedy recovery!

  17. gerrytotos says:

    I’m saddened to hear what had just learned about your serious injury, Paul George; you seemed like a good kid. Speedy recover, God is great!!!!!!

  18. nbapacersfan says:

    Prayers up for Paul George… just attended his Basketball ProCamp with my son a couple of weeks ago here in Indy… Paul made it a point to play and interact with all the kids… he’s a good dude… #PGSTRONG

  19. Kendry says:

    Stupid Jefferson jones whit this comment.

  20. cp10 says:

    He’ll be alright, surgery was complete. I’m guessing 3-months recovery + 2-months physical therapy, I hope he didn’t have to have rods inserted tho.

  21. johnnyhoops1980 says:

    Devastating blow to George and the Pacers organization. Hopefully he’ll recover quickly, but the Pacers are certainly going to struggle now this season without George and Stephenson now gone. Have to imagine that the Cavs are the overwhelming favorite in the East, right?

  22. Karlo Garcia says:

    My prayers are to Paul George.God bless for a speedy recovery

  23. Andy says:

    That was hard to watch, praying for a speedy recovery.

  24. Jeremy says:

    I read more prayers going out to PG tonight than prayers going out for the people dying of ebola the whole year.

  25. wow that’s terrible…hate to see that to happen to an actual good player like paul george…I guess this would be a cake walk for lebron to the eastern conference finals

  26. Jefferson jones says:

    Roy Hibbert is celebrating tonight

    • harrythehawk says:

      Wrong. Nobody in the NBA is happy about this. It can happen to anyone of them. These players could have opted to rest, be with their families. It’s a commitment that is purely volunteer. Stop stirring up mess. Just not the right time for it dude. Stop it.

  27. HaNoLA says:

    Pray fOr PaUL George…

  28. MackDaddy says:

    It’s so nice to see love coming from everywhere… even ‘court enemies’. Great to see professional athletes leaving baggage at the door and being genuinely caring of one another.

  29. castor troy says:

    Prayers for strong recovery of PG

  30. wth says:

    the basket was definitely way too close, messed up.

  31. wafflesnNuggets says:

    So ironic how he wanted to change his number to #13…and that’s a bad luck number… Hope it’s not career ending, miracle recover, keep hopeful.

    • Clips says:

      That’s not ironic because the number 13 isn’t bad luck.

      Best wishes to PG and hope for a speedy recovery. Painful to see anyone go down like that.