Kevin Love’s top 10 stat lines of 2013-14

By Joe Boozell,

Kevin Love is a fantasy hoops owner’s dream and an opposing NBA coach’s worst nightmare rolled into one — routinely torching foes with monster performances from a statistical perspective. Love trailed only Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James in scoring with 26.1 points per game last year, all while finishing third in the league in rebounding and win shares. That explains why the former UCLA Bruin has been the the focal point of trade rumors all offseason — a stretch power forward as dynamic as Love in today’s NBA three-point frenzy is a more valuable commodity than ever.

Believe it or not, these numbers were not taken from the “Association Mode” of a video game — they happened in real life. Here are Kevin Love’s top 10 stat lines of 2013-14.

10. April 13, 2014 vs. Sacramento Kings – 43 points (12-for-23 FG, 4-for-9 3PT FGA) and 11 rebounds

VIDEO: Kevin Love scores 43 as the Timberwolves fall to Sacramento

A recurring theme with these astounding stat lines is the staggering amount that came in Timberwolves losses, which might explain why Love reportedly wants out of Minnesota. Either way, when a 40-plus point and 10-plus rebound night barely cracks your best performances of the year, you’re doing something right. Love ultimately went toe-to-toe with DeMarcus Cousins in this April bout, with Boogie prevailing and notching 35 points and 16 rips. But it wasn’t due to a lack of effort from Love – the sharpshooting big man scored 30 of his game-high 43 points in the second half for Minnesota.

9. April 2, 2014 vs. Memphis Grizzlies – 24 points (9-for-15 FG), 16 rebounds and 10 assists

VIDEO: Love posts a triple-double versus Memphis

Love’s triple-double was a relatively odd performance by his standards. Sure, his 24 points and 16 rebounds were business as usual. And his 10 assists, while a substantial increase from his season average of 4.4, didn’t exactly defy status quo for the mutli-talented star. But Love is often maligned by critics for his defense – or lack thereof, to put it kindly. On this night against the Grizzlies, however, Memphis southpaw Zach Randolph made just one of his eight shot attempts and finished the game with four points. Love split time guarding Randolph with rookie center Gorgui Dieng, but regardless, it was one of the most complete games Love played in 2013-14.

8. February 25, 2014 vs. Phoenix Suns – 33 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists

VIDEO: Love falls one assists shy of a triple-double against Phoenix

Love fell one assist short of posting his second triple-double in three games against Phoenix, as the Timberwolves outscored the Suns 35-20 in the fourth quarter to cruise to a 110-101 victory. Minnesota was brutal all year in close games, so Love took matters into his own hands by sinking a huge three-pointer with a minute to go to put the game out of reach for the Suns. Rookie Shabazz Muhammad scored a career-high 20 points for the Timberwolves, who searched all season long to put the right pieces around Love in late game situations.

7. March 23, 2014 vs. Phoenix Suns – 36 points , 14 rebounds and nine assists

VIDEO: Love once again misses a triple-double against Phoenix by an assist

Poor Phoenix. Well, sort of – the Suns ultimately had the last laugh, using a fourth quarter rally to knock off the Timberwolves 127-120. But that wasn’t without a typically brilliant performance from Love, whose 36 points, 14 rebounds and nine assists were all game highs. Once again, No. 42 landed one assist shy of a triple-double, but a crucial turnover in the final seconds of the contest proved to be key in a Suns victory. At the time, Phoenix and Minnesota were both in the hunt for the eighth seed in the loaded Western Conference, which both teams eventually failed to seize.

6. February 19, 2014 vs. Indiana Pacers – 42 points (14-for-22 FG, 5-for-10 3PT FGA) and 16 rebounds

VIDEO: Nightly Notable – Love goes for 42 in a win against the Pacers

February is the month of love, and bad puns aside, Kevin really was marvelous in the month of the Valentine. The Minnesota big man averaged 34 points and 14.1 rebounds over the eleven game span, and one of his best performances came against the Indiana Pacers. Fellow all star Paul George had a fine night of his own, scoring 35 points and snaring 11 rebounds, but the Timberwolves took it to the reeling Pacers to score a 104-91 win at the Target Center. It was Love’s eighth straight game with at least 25 points and 10 rebounds, good for the longest streak since Shaquille O’Neal accomplished the same feat in January of 2005.

5. December 13, 2013 vs. San Antonio Spurs – 42 points (15-for-27 FG, 8-for-9 3PT FGA) and 14 rebounds

VIDEO: Love drains eight three-pointers against the Spurs

If ever there were a reminder that team performances are far more important than individual ones, this was it. Love put on a shooting clinic, draining eight of nine shots from distance and did everything humanly possible to knock off the Western Conference champion Spurs. But San Antonio would have none of it, as Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili combined for 49 points en route to a 117-110 victory. Though the Timberwolves came up short, Love scored 19 points in the third quarter alone and sank five of his eight three-pointers in the period.

4. February 22, 2014 vs. Utah Jazz – 37 points (11-for-20 FG, 6-for-10 3PT FGA), 12 rebounds and 10 assists

VIDEO: Love notches a triple-double in a victory against Utah

The mainstream numbers are eye-popping as usual – 37 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists are nothing to scoff at. But Love was also a game-high plus-23 against the Jazz, proving how important he really is to everything the Timberwolves do. Oh, and he did this all in just 33 minutes of action and with fellow starters Kevin Martin and Nikola Pekovic sidelined with injuries. In the midst of an incredible month of February, this game was Love’s fourth consecutive outing of scoring at least 30 points. That mark tied a franchise record (which Love would go on to break) set by some guy you may have heard of before: Kevin Garnett.

3. April 14, 2014 vs. Golden State Warriors – 40 points (6-for-11 3PT FGA), 14 rebounds and nine assists

VIDEO: Love has an epic battle with Warriors shooting phenom Stephen Curry

Love and Stephen Curry are two of the most explosive offensive players the league has seen in recent memory, and this game was as entertaining of a show as advertised. In a game that saw 150 points scored, Curry and Love combined for 72 of those. Love once again fell a mere assist short of a triple-double, and his Timberwolves lost to the playoff bound Dubs by a final score of 130-120. But Golden State has been in the middle of all Love rumors in the historic 2014 NBA offseason, and judging by this huge performance, it’s fair to say they were enamored with what they saw.

2. February 1, 2014 vs. Atlanta Hawks – 43 points (12-for-22 FG, 17-for-18 FT) and 19 rebounds

VIDEO: Love drops 43 as the TWolves drop a tough one to the Hawks

Love’s outstanding February started on the first of the month against the Hawks, as he was incredibly efficient in scoring 43 points on just 22 shot attempts. Making 17 of 18 free throw attempts certainly aided the cause in finishing just two points short of his season high. He also scored 21 points in the game’s final stanza, leading an admirable comeback attempt that fell short in a 120-113 loss to Atlanta. Love battled a sore ankle throughout the contest but still managed to muster a spectacular effort.

1. December 22, 2013 vs. Los Angeles Clippers – 45 points (15-for-23 FG, 13-for-15 FT), 19 rebounds and six assists

VIDEO: Love comes within one board of posting a 40 and 20 night

Two of the top power forwards in the sport went head-to-head on this December night at the Staples Center, and while Love put up the more gaudy numbers, Blake Griffin and the Clippers prevailed by a score of 120-116 in overtime. The 45 points were a season high for Love, and his 19 boards tied a season high. His performance landed him in some pretty good company – he is the fourth player in the last 40 seasons to register at least 45 points, 19 rebounds and six assists in a game. The last person to do it? Hakeem Olajuwan, who posted 46 points, 19 rebounds and eight assists in a game in March of 1996.





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  2. ByronBoy says:

    Question has anyone seen the uncle Drew(Kyrie) and Wesley (Love) they would be a great duo, I don’t think love will go to cavs, I think he would rather play against Lebron. He would be a great fit in Golden State, but they can’t lose Klay he has a lot of potential. I would hate to see him I a laker uniform, im not a hater,

  3. LoveDove says:

    I kissed kevin love!

  4. Jan_Rey says:

    The thing is all Wiggins has now is potential. With Lebron in tow, push back the years of development from 3-5 yrs, to 6-8.

  5. NBAfan says:

    Big fan of Kevin Love. I think he should compete with the Lebrons and the Durants, not team up with them. Just find your Westbrook or Wade/Bosh. I recommend CP3. Swap Blake Griffin for K. Love. A CP3-Love duo would be beautiful to watch.

  6. OKC says:

    Marketing is not the only reason Wiggins could end up being more valuable than Love, it’s the fact that he has super star potential as a two way player unlike Love. Love is amazing, but a good few of his boards every game are there because he doesn’t go to block or alter the shot (i.e. David Lee). With Wiggins his ceiling is monster stat lines as well as lock down defender at his position and a whole bunch of blocks on help defense.

    • Mike says:

      Good points, but Wiggins also hasn’t played against other pro players yet. I’m not doubting his skill and ability, but it may take some time to get used to the NBA.

  7. Karen B from Elmhurst says:

    Great article Joseph!!! I agree 100% with everything that was written 🙂

  8. Rico says:

    If he goes to other team wherein he is a second/third option then we might have seen the last of his monster stats game

    • theholyspectator says:

      he would be the obvious 2 or 3 option if he went to the cavs, but having a guy who can grab boards is always crucial, something lebron desperately wanted when he was in miami…just imagine if miami had a solid rebounder..and if lbj is miraculously having an off night or injured, taking a night off…you got klove who can handle the scoring and grabbing boards. This would be a monster pick up for cavs, def makes them the favorites to win the east.

  9. realist says:

    Probably my favorite PF in the league (even if he’s a defensive liability at times) because hes an absloute offensive monster, these stat lines prove it!! Nobody else in the league can do what he does with his efficiency and versatility offensively, along with his sky high rebounding numbers. He would be a perfect fit with a defensive minded centre next to him like Noah or Bogut, think Bulls or Warriors are better options or at least more well rounded teams right now.

  10. Ryan McGlennen says:

    Um, doesn’t anybody remember that Kevin Love had a 30 point 30 rebound game?

    It was the single best performance since Moses Malone,,,,, 30 YEARS AGO!

    Forget top stat lines from 13-14, how about top stat lines in a single game in NBA history.

    • Bigmatta23 says:

      Yeh dude, they are reviewing the last year and the best performances from selected players….

  11. sirsparhawk says:

    Love is the best PF in the league atm. Dirk in his Prime wasnt better and thats saying something considering how young Klove is.

  12. nbafan23 says:

    100% agree

  13. kenny says:

    perkins 3 first rounders cash if love agrees to sign 5 year extention

  14. thespectator says:

    those of you wondering why moving wiggins for klove is a bad deal, make sure you read this article and become informed…this trade is about one thing and one thing only…potential VS production…

    • chalice says:

      No question Love is great but the issue at hand is that Love’s contract is over in 2015 so he will be a free agent next year no matter where he goes. Why part with Wiggins if you can wait a year and try to sign Love in 2015? That way, u can have Wiggins AND Love.

      • troublesome says:

        The Cavs have a 0% chance to sign love as a free agent if they don’t trade for him. If they don’t trade for him, Golden State or Chicago will, and that team will then inherit his bird rights and the opportunity to pay him $30 million more than any other team. Love isn’t going from one contender to another and leaving $30 million on the table. Whatever team trades for him is the team he is signing long term with.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Also remember that if the cavs dont win this year or do well, Leflop might leave to another team, they need to convince him to stay, not to mention Love wants to play with Lebron. He is easily the better pick over wiggins atm. I say do it.

      • Wurms says:

        You draft a guy like Wiggins because he has the potential to get you stats like KLove gets. Since you know KLove is guaranteed to get you 26-10 every night, then DO THE TRADE! The only reason to keep Wiggins over Love is because Wiggins is more marketable and can possibly sell more Jerseys/Tickets with his athleticism. But if you want to win, get KLove!!!