Wiggins’ strange summer is no Love-in

By Jeff Caplan, NBA.com

VIDEO: Andrew Wiggins scores 21 points in Cavs’ Summer League loss Thursday

LAS VEGAS — The best advice for Andrew Wiggins at this point is to rent. Don’t buy.

If the recently re-crowned King of Cleveland is calling Kevin Love, as Yahoo! Sports reported Thursday, then it can’t be too long before the Wiggins-for-Love swap goes down. LeBron James gets what LeBron James wants.

And poor Wiggins thought getting used to hoops life in Lawrence, Kan. was a rough transition.

But man, all this so fast has to be a bit crushing for the 19-year-old No. 1 pick. First the best player on the planet completely omits him in his epic “I’m Coming Home” essay in Sports Illustrated and is now dissing the kid with the hope of discarding him by personally reaching out to Minnesota’s discontented double-double machine.

This has to be one of the strangest Summer League experiences in the history of top draft choices. Last Friday, as Wiggins is preparing for his hyped pro debut in Las Vegas against Milwaukee and No. 2 pick Jabari Parker in front of an overflow crowd, he finds out with the rest of the world that James is returning to Cleveland. Wow, cool. Then the rest of the world reads along with Wiggins about how excited James is to play with Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters and his favorite crazy-haired Brazilian Anderson Varejao. No mention of Wiggins. Whoa, not so cool. (Interestingly, James also didn’t list 2013 No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett as a member of his mentorship club either. Bennett would likely be included in a trade).

In the days between then and now, new coach David Blatt has told reporters Wiggins isn’t going anywhere while whispers come and go and come again that he is-he isn’t-he is available, and now LeBron’s talking to Kevin. To his credit, Wiggins, the one-and-done star out of Kansas via Canada, has handled it like a pro.

That the 6-foot-8 wing and projected phenom played against Houston on Thursday revealed that a trade is not imminent, not yet. The Rockets’ defenders had zero clue how to keep Wiggins from using his super-stretchy arms and legs to get from the top of the arc to the basket in only a few long strides with a ball fake or two mixed in.

Wiggins officially only attempted five shots, and made three, but secured 15 of his 21 points on 20 trips to the free throw line. He added five rebounds and another blocked shot, this one of the chase-down variety in the fourth quarter (he’s second in the Summer League in blocks per game and first among non-centers).

“You know what you got to like about a kid like that is it doesn’t make a difference if it’s the fourth game of Summer League and the fourth game in seven days or eight days, or if people are keying on him, or if the crowd has funny things to say to him,” Blatt said. “He just goes out there and really plays and has a nice calm about him and a real good demeanor. Andrew’s going to be a high-level player and it’s good to see it.”

The 6-foot-10 Love is a high-level player, a three-time All-Star, and he, James and Irving would make quite the offensive triple-threat. And that’s the crux of it all: Go for the gold right now with Love or patiently wait — hope — for the kid to get great. We know what LeBron wants.

With the rumors swirling, the Cavaliers aren’t exactly thrilled to have their new coach and top pick inundated by trade questions during what should be breezy Summer League postgame interview sessions.

After Thursday’s game, Cavs officials quickly whisked Wiggins off to an ESPN photo shoot and then immediately to a sit-down autograph session for trading card behemoth Panini in the concourse of the Thomas & Mack Center. Fans stood in a line that snaked around the corner and out of site.

From there, Wiggins was in the custody of his agent and was not made available to wax about his 15 free throws and 21 points or to talk ice fishing.

The second question posed to Blatt asked if the persistent trade rumors are a distraction for Wiggins. After all, a No. 1 pick is typically immune to the business side of sport for at least a couple years, not a couple minutes. If a top pick is traded it almost always occurs on Draft night, a deal having been worked out in advance. A Cleveland official monitoring the outwardly personable Blatt’s interview session quickly stepped in to deflect the question, but Blatt, just as quickly, said he could answer it.

“I can answer that just because rumors are rumors, that’s why they call them rumors,” Blatt said. “And sooner or later in one’s career, you’re going to have to deal with it. So if you have to deal with now, so be it. It’s Summer League, he’s learning everything as he goes along.”

Not exactly a comment to inspire confidence on a down payment. If the Cavaliers decide to move Wiggins in a deal for Love, the Timberwolves will jump for joy and jump on it fast, before Cleveland has time to rethink it. But watching Wiggins in Summer League should have the Cavs proceeding with caution. His size and ability are apparent to the most casual observer. He hasn’t shot the ball particularly well, but he’s showing he can use his length and quickness to be a very good two-way player, and soon.

And wouldn’t James love a young set of legs to chase the other team’s best player on a nightly basis? Wiggins could become James’ pre-knee problems Dwyane Wade, a slashing, offensive force and a defensive partner capable of hyper-trapping the perimeter and busting it the other way.

LeBron, fast approaching 30 and now taking his contract year-by-year — apparently to maximize his annual take as the salary cap is estimated to increase each year, and not as an escape — clearly doesn’t feel he’s got time to wait.

The ball’s in Cleveland’s court, and that’s got to be a tough thing for the No. 1 pick who has come to find out he isn’t fit for a King — at least not at this juncture of his reign.

“No, no, I don’t talk to him about any of that stuff because, for me, it doesn’t mean anything,” Blatt said. “At least not right now.”


  1. joshua says:

    Wait until next year then sign love.

  2. donzon21 says:

    The basketball Gods have decided to show favor to the Cavs. 3 overall number ONE picks in the last 4 years, the best player in the league (Lebron James) deciding to play for the Wine and Gold. A superstar Kevin Love stating he would come to Cleveland and stay long term (he did not say this year or give up Wiggins). With all of these facts, Why force a trade and give up 2 of your number 1 overall picks when if you leave it the hands of the BBall Gods, he (Kevin Love) is destind to come here anyway after this season – let him get his first taste of the postseason with TWolves this year and then re-offer him an extended max contract to join the Cavs (with Irving, Waiters, Wiggins, Lebron, Triston, Allen, Varejo and Bennett) who will all be poised and ready to win championshipS NOW! Cavs head of court, don’t be messing with your blessings. Leave it in the hands of the BBall Gods

  3. Eddy Griff says:

    I JUST DONT GET IT…why does everybody not see it?? People are saying that lebron and the cavs might not finish first in the east??? I’m FAR from a lebron fan but why do they need kevin love? remember the cavs team that got swept against the spurs? didnt they make it to the finals with Daniel gibson at starting guard and Larry Hughes??? this cavs team, young though they may be, is better equiped to win a championship than the other cavs team that lebron had. Kyrie irving = way better than gibson. waiters >or = to hughes. Varajao= illguaskas with less offense. Wiggins should be better than the bench the cavs had that year with like donyell marshall and drew gooden. and tristan thompson is developing nice. I think the cavs should wait it out and just try to sign love in the offseason. Lebron makes this team a contender

  4. lacrampa says:

    the top picks these days are nothing really serious when this is 90% hype and media pre-marketing, love for wiggins is a no brainer, cavs are you kidding me ? still a lot of disrespect for KL.
    my little critic to kevin love, i prefer the guy with 10 kilos more grabbing 20 rebounds like a bear. i’m not sooo fan of the svelte rebound numbers

  5. RAMON says:

    I think getting LOVE will make the cavaliers a title contender in the east right away, who knows what will become of WIGGINS, cause talent alone doesn’t make a great player, it takes mental prowess and work ethic to become a great player in the league. And the last time i checked LEBRON JAMES is not getting any younger, so why wait on a player that he could become a great player, but there is going to be a waiting period, when you could get an established player that’s hungry to make an impact on a better team. It could easily be like when the LAKERS traded for GASOL that had never really accomplished anything with the GRIZZLIES as a team, but with the LAKERS he helped them become a title contender right away, and i think for the CAVALIERS i see the same kind of scenario, that with LEBRON already there, and with a player of LOVES capabilities, they could become a title contender this coming season, like GASOL did for the LAKERS.

  6. Character counts says:

    If the Cavs give up the next LeBron for anyone other than the current LeBron is a foreshadowing of an entire team and city putting all their eggs in one basket, again. I wish I could have a 1 on 1 with Dan Gilbert and the GM. Well, since that won’t happen let the record show my prediction . If the Cavs let this young man with so much character, desire to win for the Cavs, talent, and potential, this will be the mistake that will erase every other Cleveland’s sport teams regret. It makes me nervous about the Cavs future that they are even considering trading Wiggins for Love. Come on Cavs let’s turn the page and show the sports world that you can make great DECISION .

  7. Ra says:

    Lebron wants sidekicks to hold the spotlight on him.
    He doesn’t want a budding superstar who will steal his glory.

  8. Rod says:

    I thought LeBron’s letter postured him as a mentor and from the reporting it seems he is pulling a DWade by trying to get another Big Three. What gives?

  9. 747g says:

    I find it odd that so much attention is given to the words and actions of James regarding Wiggins not being mentioned in his SI exclusive.
    Wiggins and James have no connection yet, but Tristan Thompson having the same agent as LeBron makes a connection to Thompson, and to other cavs players like Waiters who by the way also had a great showing in the rising stars last yr and don’t tell me James did’nt notice.
    I take it with extreme doubt that Lebron would be pushing for Wiggins to be included in any Keven Love deals. Sure he want K love, but not to give up Wiggins.
    Very unlikely.
    Kevin Love would have made a boat load of sense on the cavs roster if they had decent defenders.Besides James.They don’t, except the promise of Wiggins.
    If Love is traded to any team he doesnt want to go to he’ll be available next summer anyway.
    Neither the cavs nor the warriors would be better off 3 yrs from now trading the players on the current rumor lists such as Wiggins, Waiters,Klay , Barnes etc just to grab a1 yr rental. The cavs still are not good enough with Love and without wiggins in 14-15 to get past the ecf. The warriors make more sense if they can get Love without losing Klay.
    Either way both of these rosters are solid,not what anyone can say for The timberwolves.

  10. Trix says:

    I think this is one of those trades that can work well for both teams. ‘Sota might not find a better deal for Love. If Wiggins turns into a superstar great for them, they will get some picks as well. If Cavs are worried that Wiggins will turn into someone great, that’s the wrong opinion in my opinion, you know what you are getting in Love. If Love helps Lebron do great things in Cleveland, who cares what Wiggins turns into 5 years from now. To be great, you sometimes have to sacrifice. You can’t have you cake and eat it too. C’mon Cleveland don’t over think it, you guys are one of the worst run teams in the last 15 years and are in a great position out of luck. Don’t find a way to screw it up again. The luckiest thing that happened to you guys was the generation’s best player happened to have grown up 30 mins away. Do the right thing!

  11. WadeCounty says:

    I’m not sold on this Kevin Love guy yet.

  12. Character counts says:

    There must be more to this possible deal. It appears so easy to call this one. It’s like the free space on a bingo board: it’s a given. Hang on to this awesome kid, Wiggins! He will be the best thing to happen to the Cavs. We all can sense it. Wiggins should be the new face of the Cavs! U can tell he is up for the task.

  13. Kali all day says:

    I am a lebron guy huge fan he’s my Favorite player in the league but if you give up a chance at playing with someone who is longer then you just as explosive if not more then you has good half court ball handling skills can shoot better then you when you came out of HS just as unselfish & wants to be the best defender. He’s you in KD’s body with game. Can shoot off screens can post up & draws fouls at a high rate. He’s a young KD that play great defense. If you let him go for Klove who is great & you can get him next yr would be 1 of the worst moves ever. It would be trading KD out of college if he played on a team like Kansas who had 4 or 5 other McDonalds all-Americans & another player on his team that would’ve been the #1 pick if not for injury in Joel. You guys will be more explosive then Jordan & pippen could imagine & that’s my favorite tandom of all time cause wiggins has more game then Scottie. That email is fake lol

  14. JFK says:

    I hope cavs don’t deal Wiggins. He seems like a very talented young guy.

  15. Dea says:

    So much hype and media surrounding this ridiculous topic. Lebron needs to recruit a Dream Team around him so that he can continue to be a “King”. Ofcourse, a good supporting cast would certainly help the cause, but when you’re paid $23MM / yr, wouldn’t you be less inclined to demand for other superstars to join forces and beat up on teams with less stars? Why do you need that many stars on one team to win? San Antonia continues to prove that good coaching and hard work will win. Yes, championships can be bought as well, but consistently they fall short, and break up, and try again. Nice try Brooklyn. And nice try Lebron. Always good for the fans to have hope, nonetheless.

    • mee(a)t says:

      I didn’t know James Jones was a star. And besides basketball purists and Grizzlies fans, no one made noise about Mike Miller before 2012

  16. What are they talking about man? I mean, just cause LeBron didn’t include Wiggins name in the letter doesn’t mean he wanna trade the kid. It’s just a letter man, y’all reading too much in it. Wiggins is good and it would be cool to see him or Love play with LeBron. Let’s just let the GMs settle this. Can’t wait for the new season!

  17. kwami suriname says:

    i respect james and he knows somewhat what he’s doing but lets not get over ourselfs. wiggins prooved he can be a force, offensively and pretty much defence. and now the cavs have an experienced force named lebron and a super young core that can only get better if u see their mentality. lets not play the lakers, giving young players up and only thinking of now. waiters prooved a force, triston if teamed up with lebron will shine brighter, wiggins has range. and if benneth keeps putting the work in, he might proove to be a help. lebron dont get caught up in a mess of thinking now now now, the cavs are really better right now and with allstart mvp erving, i just dont know why we should give wiggins up now.

    • allaroundballer says:

      Nobody see it this way, but I prefer to trade irving for love! I’ll even give extra player like bennet/tristan for the trade. And then hire bledsoe as defender n slasher. My point is super wings like james n wiggins are never need a dominant ball handler PG like irving.
      C. Varejao: rim protector, rebound
      PF Love: scoring, 3pt, rebound
      SF James: allaround
      SG Wiggins: defender, slasher
      PG Bledsoe: ball handler, defender, slasher

  18. Ezy says:

    It is really not fair to start possible trade talks for a rookie No.1 draft pick who is excited to enter the NBA and only has this cloud of a possible trade looming over his head even before he starts his NBA career …..so not fair for Wiggins……but I wish him all the best either he stays or leaves the Cavs and hopefully he becomes an MJ one day later on in his NBA career!….Be strong, Wiggins!

  19. lalalalla says:

    i think Wiggins must stay. alongside LeBron, he can be the sixth man offensive spark like Ginobili and OKC Harden days. you don’t necessarily need an all-star starting lineup; roster depth is still better.

  20. kobeballhog says:

    trade only if Love would guarantee signing for a longtime, if he does then theres no other reason not to trade, wiggins will be a flop, just a dunking machine he will be out of the league in 5 years.

  21. cavs fan says:

    I think the caves should wait it out if love is serious about coming to the cavs he can do it in free agency but Wiggins for love is out the question if I was the cavs front office Wiggins will mature way faster next to the best player on the planet I am a huge cavs fan don’t make a move we will all regret keep Wiggins u can always trade next year.

  22. Erlo says:

    Cleveland is lucky. They will have Lebron for 10 years. This will undoubtedly bring in multiple big stars over and over again for the next decade. Cleveland to win 4-6 championships in the next 10 years.

  23. Jac says:

    I cannot believe all this bad talk about Kevin Love….he is a beast and can produce now….why would anyone want to wait to see if wiggins turns out to be great player! Love getting buckets now!!!

  24. joe says:

    why on earth would you give up wiggins to get love for one year, and then possibly lose him the year after… Cavs, remember Carlos Boozer.

    • CBaby23 says:

      Love said he’d sign a long-term contract if the Cavs got Lebron. They have Lebron and he’s ready to come to Cleveland. It’s a matter of what Minnesota wants to do at this point and they seem to want Wiggins, parts, and a 1st round draft pick. The Cavs don’t want to give all of that up. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  25. John says:

    Just because you are a #1 pick doesn’t mean people are going to recognize you or you are going to instantly play like the true stars. Wiggins hasn’t even come close to proving anything and neither has bennett. Why should lebron mention them?

  26. harrythehawk says:

    Wiggins is going to Minnesota if LeBron James wants Kevin Love. It’s just business, n personal. Wiggins is young, he needs to learn to role w punches and always rent until you get a long term contact. Just ask Humphries and Nate Robinson.

  27. or i should say ‘ go prince andrew’………

  28. lebron is a loser and a crybaby. he can’t win a championships in cleveland and decided to join miami. he afraid to lose and being criticize for leaving miami so he wants kevin love to join him. he is a coward, pat riley is right instead of coming back to avenge their finals lost to san antonio he look for the first door and ran away. he doesn’thave the killer instinct that kobe has and the heart to lead his team on his own. he wanted to trade andrew wiggins because he is afraid that wiggins might stole the show in cleveland where he is being called the king because lebron knows the succesor is here to steal the crown….go andrew wiggins….

    • Virginia R. Coleman says:

      You’re right on it.

    • jerk says:

      don’t mention kobe coz kobrick is a loser fakes his injury after losing 5 games becoz he knows his team ain’t going to playoffs and now lakers is garbage team kobe will still have his fake injury so that he will not be blame… 2 years in a row lakers will not make to the postseason and maybe it will reach 10… Lol

  29. Hef says:

    I don’t think people realize just how good Love is NOW. His defense has improved and the rest of his numbers are unreal…and he’s only 25 years old!! Wiggins has great upside. It’s just a matter of what you value more…the tangible here and now with Love or the magic beans that may or may not produce anything real. Do you take the brand new car or what’s behind curtain number two? Take the brand new car and enjoy it. It’s probably the 2nd best car you will ever get to drive in Cleveland.

    • CBaby23 says:

      Excellent points! I’d love to see Wiggins stay, but not at the cost of Lebron’s chance to compete for championships right now. He’s in his prime and he’s given the NBA, it’s teams, and the cities he’s played for tons of money, recognition, and opportunities. It’s his turn now. He’s come home. He deserves at the least the opportunity for a championship run while he can still play at a high level. He could’ve played for any team and made even more money. But, he chose to come home. Give him what he deserves! Why put Wiggins’ position over Lebron’s when Lebron’s played for 11 seasons? Wiggins will have his time. It’s Lebron’s right now.

  30. Andrew says:

    this is so stupid. as far as output, love would never have another season like last season on this team. also, people are going to drive past kyrie, and if lebrons out defending the wing, then what? guess who’s there to stop them, kevin love. not so much man. he’s going to bolt the wolves anyway. LA is awful. we have draft picks and all these long athletic guard forwards with specialties like, defense, three point shooting, etc, who will benefit from a season of work with THE BEST PLAYER SINCE JORDAN.

    so, again, do you want to have a high flying, uber athletic, smart young basketball team who’s going to feed off of the energy of the crowd they create with their awesome play and continue to get better game after game after game, or do you want to give half of them up plus awesome first round draft picks to wind up in the same spot that the team of the previously mentioned, BEST PLAYER SINCE JORDAN, used to play on, just to get some guy who’s 6’10” and can hit 3s.

    i’m going to be super butthurt if they trade wiggins. i’m not going to burn a jersey or anything, but i’m going to definitely question the efficacy of the front office. and i’ve been loyal to the cavaliers for the past 28 years of my life. what’s the guy who left for the past four years going to think? and if it’s all, well maybe Lebron wants this. WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULDNT LET THE INMATES RUN THE ASYLUM, ESPECIALLY THE ONES WITH THE CAPACITY TO ESCAPE

    • TasPad says:

      Love is just a 6-10 guy who shoots 3s? I think he’s more than that.
      What would you call Bosh then?

    • lalalalla says:

      most of Love’s numbers are garbage time stats. why can;t he help his team to the playoffs then?

      • Lowbudgetballer says:

        Are u serious? Garbage time stats? You must not even watch him play. What does love have to do on a nightly basis to help his team win? 26 pts, 13 reb, 5 ast should be more than enough. I didn’t know a team was made up of one person. Honestly, the reason why they didn’t make the playoffs was because of a bad bench and questionable coaching. When the starting 5 were on the floor (and imo, not even that great aside from love), they produced. Making the playoffs shouldn’t be based on one individual player. The players around him are trash. Rubio, Brewer, Martin, and Pekovic? Rubio can’t shoot or make layups in traffic, Brewer only scores on fastbreaks (cherry picking), martin is inconsistent and terrible on defense, and once Pekovic gets the ball in the post, he either tries to score or turns the ball over. He also doesn’t play any defense. Aside from scoring and rebounding, Love also actively got his teammates involved on offense. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves which is really sad. If he didn’t want to leave MN, Cavs would have no shot with what they were offering even with wiggins. Wiggins is all hype. Super athletic but that’s about it. He wasn’t anything special at Kansas and he wasn’t even the clear cut number one player in the draft. Not saying he won’t be a good player, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t turn out to be the superstar many people project him to be.

  31. Adam says:

    Toronto should get in on this, bring some Canadian content north of the border.

  32. arno52 says:

    I would not trade Wiggins for Love. Wiggins is cheap and under the Cavs control for at least 5 years. That would allow the Cavs to bring in the big rim protectors that they need. If they bring in Love that is it. There are no guarantees about Love either. He could get injured like he has in the past. He would also have to get used to playing with LeBron and Kyrie and being the 3rd banana. I say wait the Woives out and then see if they find our offer looks better the closer we get to the trade deadline and they stand the chance of losing Love and getting nothing for him.

  33. Gene says:

    Do not trade this kid!
    Trade LeBron instead! Drama King!

    Kevin Love has NO “D”
    end of topic!

  34. Markus71 says:

    Andrew Wiggins is already a better defender than KLove! & I really like KLoves game.
    Who’s this source saying Lebron is wanting KLove? Maybe a Big defender/rebounder at a lot less cost!!
    If Cleveland trade A.Wiggins they are going to regret it for sure.
    Damn I really wanted to like Cleveland this year with Delly ready to improve, although if it works that Lebron causes a trade & they move Andrew Wiggins or Anthony Bennett I think Lebron really misses out big time! This is the opportunity to actually build with young talent!

  35. Riley says:

    Would love to see a Wiggins for Derozan trade with Toronto. Would either do it?

  36. kdaio says:

    Cleveland is going to fail, and fail hard this coming Season. Blatt has coached and done a wonderful job in Europe. but Europe is not NBA, because see in Europe teams actually play defense, wheras in NBA is all flash and stuff, si I think that Blatt will be fired quickly, cause playing basketball is not what NBA wants.

  37. Jed WIng says:

    I think they should try to get Love as a free agent next year. If he loves LeBron, he’ll come to them. Either way they have to pay big money. I think Wiggins has the ability and the work ethic to be great. I think he will be rookie of the year and a superstar by year 3. They should trade anyone except Wiggins. They will regret it when he turns out to be another Scottie Pippin meets Durant. You heard it here first

  38. DALE W says:

    I would keep Wiggins. He is only 19 years old with a tremendous upside. I would also like to have Love and I think that the Cavs have enough good young players to trade as well as cash and some 1st round picks for next year.

  39. Cheng says:

    Some people always look to future, ‘future’, what a beautiful and attractive word it is, gives people room for imagination. However, we are human, which means we can not always wait ——- we all know one day we will become old and frail, maybe it will happen before the hoped future comes. Putting Love in the roster can secure at least 4 years’ appearance in the finals. Waiting for a (may-be-great player to grow up) takes at least 3 years…..I think…..

    • CBaby23 says:

      Totally agree. I can’t understand why people are putting the hopes of a newly drafted rookie over Lebron, a proven player, the face of the NBA, 2x champion, 4x MVP, allstar, superstar, etc…, etc…, etc… Right now it’s Lebron’s time. Wiggins will get his later after he’s proven himself. Heck, let him complete his rookie contract first. Then we can worry about what he thinks, or how he feels.

      Lebron has earned the right to decide who he wants running with him when he tackles championship teams like the Spurs in the finals, or whomever else may come out of the West when Cleveland takes over the East this year, next year, or whenever.

  40. Ibeprofun says:

    Love makes a lot of sense, but I still wouldn’t do it. With the Spurs as examples, you need defense to win, and having Irving as a liability on D already makes Love not as perfect as a fit as some believe. You need a balanced team, the points will come. You have a point forward and guard on the team, plus an offensively gifted head coach. The defense Wiggins brings and his potential to be a star are too big to trade away. At worst, If he stays healthy, he will at least be an above average starter. But, most likely, he will become a guaranteed all star every year.

    Lebron is the GM in Cleveland, and whatever he wants he will get, no question. I think it comes down to if Lebron is willing to put Wiggins under his wing and mentor him, or could he be threatened by him. Lebron did say it would take time and his patience would be tested, inspite of him not mentioning wanting to play with Wiggins, and that seems more like him accepting the rookie and embracing him in Cleveland.

    I wonder if Lebron is smart enough to look at the long-term gain of keeping Wiggins. If he wants NE Ohio to win for years to come, the key is keeping a potential rookie all star, to carry the torch after he’s gone.

  41. what the Bull(s) says:

    How funny would it be if wiggins is trade for love, after one year is over with the cavs, Kevin Love returns home to Minnesota Timberwolves…

    Big three = Rubio, Wiggins & Love

  42. Saeed says:

    I have been a LeBron fan since a long time (even before 2010) and I have always resisted the fact that he is a superstar that wants short ways to success. BUT if this time he forces the trade (which obviously he can), then I would never be his fan FOR LIFE.
    Wiggins is already a better teammate than Love although no one statistically can pound love.

  43. brian says:

    Six days ago I would have said yes to a kevin love for wiggins trade in a heartbeat if I were cleveland. But when I thought about it,

    Kevin Love doesn’t play defense and he is injury prone. Sure Varejao can make up for his lack of D but he’s injury prone too.

    Wiggins can be a great two way player who can shut down the other team’s best scorer and be a serious scoring threat in 2-3 years. LBJ is 29. He can wait 2-3 years to get his 3rd ring if that means he can get more of them in the end.

    Kevin Love will give you 3 good years at best and be injury prone and miss half the season at worst.

  44. Charlie says:

    This is the worst headline in the history of anything NBA.com has ever had up This headline is fit for a teenage gossip blog and cheapens a proud league. This isn’t “awkward”, it’s business. There’s nothing awkward about being traded in a situation like this, it’s just what happens.You’re awkward for thinking its awkward.

  45. Larry says:

    Andrew Wiggins – the newest victim of the Queen

  46. Faisal says:

    HAHA Bennet for Love? Sorry Lebron fans, but Bennet won’t even get you a role player currently.

  47. J$CK Nicholson says:

    I hope they don’t trade Wiggins for Love. Don’t get me wrong Love’s ready and an all star, but Wiggins is something special. It doesn’t have to be Love on Cavs, they can get another big man they want from another team (and hopefully better than Love) by trading Waiters, Bennett, Thompson and/or a combination. Be patient Cavs.

  48. I just thought about something, Cleveland hasn’t had a championship in about 60yrs, GIVE UP WIGGINS!! For that matter give up Anthony Bennett too. You have the opportunity to win one NOW! Cleveland has the best player on the planet and one of the brightest young stars in the league, bringing in Love will form a more cohesive Big-3 than arguably what he had in Miami. I may ask for Dieng as well as Kevin Martin back but then again, just get Love!

    It’s been 60 yrs!! Just ask OKC how often windows of opportunity stay open, you strike while the iron is hot and go all in when you can.

  49. Wiggins or Love the cavs are still looking good…but still…bulls are gonna win this year

  50. Average Joe says:

    This kid Wiggins is gonna be somebody special in the NBA one day. Just because his body isn’t NBA-ready doesn’t mean that he never will be. Who knows? He might even become a better player than LeBron. His size, wingspan and athleticism at sg or sf would be difficult to plan for opposing coaches. I wouldn’t trade him for Love. Not now or ever.

  51. Stam Brown says:

    Wiggins is poison.. get rid of him now before he starts to stink.

  52. Farmer Johnson says:

    Three team trade

    Cavs get : Kevin Love

    Raptors get : Andrew wiggins

    T Wolves get : Demarr Derozan, Anthony Bennet + 2015 1st round picks from Cavs + Raptors

  53. JOEL says:

    I say pull the trigger.

    There is to many what if’s.

    What if Wiggins doesn’t turn out to be what you hope?
    What if LBJ is to old and on the decline by the time he is?
    What if Irving, Wiggins and LBJ can’t blend well in the back court.
    What if they can but they lack the big PF force…

    The only what if to blow up in their face is what if Wiggins becomes a star and they regret it?
    Well they got KLove who is a star and in a position they need more help and will still be competing for titles with LBJ, Love & Irving.

  54. Kevin says:

    They would be really stupid to trade wiggins for what could be “rent Love” Bennett and Thompson or Waiters could be a good deal and include a couple of draft pics. Cavs can include a sign and trade of course. They stil have the mid level.

  55. 4pt.Range says:

    Trade Lebraun instead, for Klove and 3 first rders.

  56. Nick says:

    The Cavs have a tough choice to make, but I think the trade is the best option. Hanging on to Wiggins is hoping he becomes the player that Kevin Love is right now. Lebron isn’t going to be in this form forever. Capitalize on the moment

  57. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    I wouldn’t even hesitate to trade Wiggins for Love.. Love is ready now! Wiggins might take 3 or 4 years to fully mature and there is still no guarantee he’s going to be a star..
    I still think Wiggins will be a star in the league one day, but right now Kevin Love is the better fit for this team and he’s just getting into his prime!.

    Kevin Love / LeBron James / Kyrie Irving = a better big 3 than Miami had with Bosh/Wade/LeBron.

  58. A.J. says:

    That year-to-year contract may be to maximize his earnings, but who’s anybody kidding. The #1 reason for it being year-to-year is it’s a power play by James and Rich Paul. They are the de facto GM, and those two have Con Man Dan Gilbert and his minions under their thumb. At this point, David Griffin is nothing but a figurehead, the same thing Griffin was going to be if John Calipari had accepted Gilbert’s offer.

  59. TheKush says:

    Personally I wouldn’t make the trade for Love and wiggins because Love is injury prone. I would however trade Bennett, Thompson and Dion Waiters for Love and throw in some cash! I wouldn’t trade Wiggins that kid looks like something special and wiggins with James sounds like Lob city to me plus I think Wiggins development will happen at a faster pace playing next to LeBron James. Trading Wiggins for Love to me is way to risky given Loves history of injury!

    • Klay Forewood says:

      Klove has had a knuckle injury l2 years ago. And he’s ok now. That doesn’t seem like a recurring injury.
      He missed only two games last season.

    • LakersFan says:


    • Hay Zeus Harlem Shufflesworth says:

      I agree, imagine how good Wiggins could be in a short amount of time with LBJ taking him under his wing, sky’s the limit if they keep him? I personally think he has a higher ceiling than Love, he’s already looks like he’s a better defensive player than Love, which wouldn’t be hard, his man 2 man d is shocking for a All-Star caliber player, not to mention he’s slow, even for his position and yeah he’s NEVER played a full season, getting Love would just be a quick fix to get to the finals but even then we have no idea how he’d play considering he’s never even been to the playoffs, I mean Wiggins has just as much playoff experience, doesn’t he? 😛