Reports: Wade, Heat reach deal

From staff reports

After LeBron James spurned them for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat have tried their best to regroup and piece together a competitive team for next season. They agreed to deals with their own All-Star big man, Chris Bosh, and got ones in place for Luol Deng and Chris Andersen, too. As well, they re-signed point guard Mario Chalmers, and added big man Josh McRoberts and forward Danny Granger.

Now comes word that the Heat have locked up another of their key pieces — All-Star guard Dwyane Wade. The Heat legend broke the news himself via Twitter and Instagram, which others in the NBA media mix then confirmed:

With Wade’s deal — and the aforementioned other ones — it likely leaves Ray Allen and Udonis Haslem as the remaining question marks on the Heat’s roster from last season to next.


  1. Carlo says:

    No great news. Everybody just expected this. Only, if he signed for 16/17M/year, it won’t be such a big saving for the Heat.
    All considered, at 16M he did not loose as much as his declining fit and impact would demand. I think it’s still a bargain for Wade, not so much for the Heat.
    To all those saying “if he’s back at 100%, they’ll be contenders” I’d say: I watched the 2006 Finals. Wade won almost singlehandedly – albeit with a little help from the melting Mavs – but, you know what? It was EIGHT years ago.

  2. Be Happy all you want Miami fans. The facts are Your Miami team is OLD. S A won because their bench was young.

  3. HeatFanSinceWade says:

    Wade fan for life! Amazing player, Heart of a champion and still underrated.

  4. Deb says:

    The truth of the matter is…D Wade is at the end of his career, he is a family man, and he is loyalty to his fans. Loyalty>royalty. How many great hall of fame players you know switched teams. Players come to him; not run to them. Well Shaq is whack so I don’t think he is a hall of fame since he bulldoze his opponents instead of skills.

    • bball7 says:

      MJ switched to Wizards
      Ewing switched to Magic and Sonics
      Pippen switched to Rockets and Blazers
      Barkley switched to Suns, Rockets
      Iverson switched teams
      Dominique switched teams
      Karl Malone switched teams
      Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce both switched teams
      Steve Nash switched teams

      Need I go on?

  5. wak9 says:

    d wade and bosh no what its like to be loyal

  6. KP3 says:

    i believe that DWade and Bron will be teamm8 again nxt season, 2o15-2o16.. BOTH have the same 2yrs contract..

  7. Thats the true king of Miami, D Wade , lets go Heat

  8. Dan says:

    Wade’s washed up behind is lucky to get that much after disappearing in the Finals. NEXT!

  9. anon122121 says:

    dwade re-signed with the heat so he could dunk on varejo again and remind lebron why he came to south beach in the first place

  10. MH305 says:

    D-WAD3 – (Along with MJ & Kobe) – One Of The Greatest SG’s To Ever Play This Game! #MH4LIFE #WADECOUNTY

  11. Usaf says:

    Wade should get back to his game. He can still avg 20 points easily.

    • Troy says:

      If he plays the way he used to play, Miami Heat will be a serious contender. He has better supporting players than 2006 now. But can he get healthy that is the big question..

  12. MH305 says:

    If Jeezy’s payin’ lebron I’m payin’ Dwyan3 WAD3!!!

  13. Youalreadyknow says:

    I always believe in Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat.Im glad he`s coming home to Miami.

  14. Rick says:

    “My Home,My City,My House..” Between the lines I get the feeling there’s no love lost between D-Wade & LBJ. Great that the two are rivals once again, as it should be between franchise players.

  15. theholyspectator says:

    sad he gave up his monster contract in hopes of keepin lbj..and then lbj bolted…well miami had a good 4 years…its funny how during a post conference interview as miamis season was over ..dwade said “its been a hell of a 4 years” guess he musta known as well…well hes got 3 rings…thats good enough for a guy like him…but their wont be sadly any more rings coming to miami any time soon or distant future

    • TTKIN says:

      Sad that HOU gave up 2 major keys to their roster for Bosh…..who then bolted back to MIA?

    • Troy says:

      Wade is an amazing guy. He got the title almost by himself in 2006. Check out the videos to see what type of player he was. Same Shaq went to Cavs, but no success. The only problem he has is his health. If he can get close to 100% then Miami Heat will be a serious contender.

  16. dfella504 says:

    wade is the some dam respect miami heat fans and da rest of da nba….

  17. ilijazunic55 says:

    They announcing this like: BREAKING NEWS!
    What did you expect? No team was going to sign him for 16-17M after that finals show-off…. So he just said to Pat & Co.:
    “OK, guys I will take a pay cut and you take care of me for the rest of ny career…”

  18. Noitidart says:

    So disappointed the Bulls didn’t sign Luol 😦 We need him man 😦

  19. rilla says:

    Good now ball hard!

  20. LOL says:

    D-Wade 4 Life!

  21. TheKush says:

    Congrats to wade I hope they didn’t short change him with money because he’s worth just as much as Bosh. I can’t wait to see Miami verse the Cavs! Wow I keep thinking how crazy it would be if the heat made it to the finals 5 straight times! Currently the east is a toss up Indiana and Toronto probably have the best teams but you can’t count out LeBron, the Wizards and there is usually a couple of surprise teams. The east might not be as good as the west but the season in the east is looking VERY interesting this upcoming season.

    • TTKIN says:

      I completely agree with u. The West is still stacked, but the East to me, looks like it got tons better over the offseason.

      CLE clearly got better, WAS I think will be dangerous, CHI will be very, very strong. they look better now than they did in 2011 when Rose won MVP and they won like 65 games. IND looks like they’ve gotten weaker (I don’t expect Lance to go back), but like u said, TOR is going to be strong too. And MIA didn’t exactly disappear. That is 5 teams right there that can take the East. Last yr, MIA was one, and for a few months we all thought IND could too. But after the all-star game, there was clearly only 1 team that was going to win the East.

      This upcoming season looks like it’s going to be super good.

  22. Janice says:

    Yes, always called DWade my spiritual son. I am happy………..