Bucks risk vibe, goodwill reset with Kidd

VIDEO: Draft review: Jabari Parker’s potential impact

Jabari Parker should ask the Milwaukee Bucks for a trade. Today.

If it’s buzz kill the Bucks want, that’d give them buzz kill. Why stop at the reports of buddy ball about to be played between new co-owner Marc Lasry and Jason Kidd, the Brooklyn Nets’ soon-to-be former head coach angling for power and money atop the Milwaukee team’s food chain? Go straight to Parker and remind him that, in the business of the NBA, things he talks about such as loyalty, humility and gratitude are but a rube’s game.

Then the classy kid taken No. 2 Thursday in the Draft, the franchise’s latest and greatest hope, can appropriately approach his livelihood with the necessary cynicism, ruthlessness and selfishness.

You know, like the unclassy Kidd.

Bad enough that Kidd, after one middling season as the Nets head coach, would attempt a power play within that organization to grab more authority – and allegedly a sweetened contract from the four-year deal he signed just 12 months ago – over the man (general manager Billy King) who hired him. The New York Post was first among several outlets reporting Kidd’s Machiavellian maneuver Saturday, a coup apparently snuffed by Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

Worse, though, is that Lasry – the private-equity billionaire described as a “past financial partner” with Kidd, possibly as an advisor – would entertain installing Kidd as the Bucks’ president of basketball operations. That’s the lofty position for which Milwaukee apparently has sought permission to interview him. Talk of compensation (second-round draft pick?) already is in play, should Brooklyn release Kidd from the final two years of his deal.

It is a bad idea on so many levels.

First, the Bucks are full-up, their front office and coaching jobs staffed by highly competent individuals. GM John Hammond is fresh off his most rewarding Draft night ever, on the heels of a stellar 2013 move in drafting below-the-radar phenom Giannis Antetokounmpo and second-round point guard Nate Wolters. And lest Lasry or anyone else think that the Bucks merely did the no-brain thing Thursday – grabbing the best available player once Andrew Wiggins went to Cleveland – he’d be overlooking the rapport Parker already seems to have with Hammond, coach Larry Drew and their staffs, seeded in pre-draft workouts and conversations and growing toward a bond.

As for Drew, he’s a proven head coach – more proven than Kidd – after three playoff appearances in Atlanta (with smaller payrolls and less talent than Kidd’s Nets) and his grace under fire during last season’s 15-67 tanking mission.

B-b-b-but Kidd only wants to be Hammond’s and Drew’s boss? Right. Kidd wants what he wants when he wants it. He is a Hall of Fame-bound point guard with one spotty season as a coach, zero experience as an executive and chronicled flaws in his people skills. It requires no great leaps to imagine Kidd blowing out both Hammond and Drew in short order – which would be wrong even if his name were Jason Popovich.

[UPDATE, 6/30: Multiple outlets, including the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, reported later Sunday that the Bucks were talking with Kidd only about coming in as head coach. Again, Milwaukee already has a head coach, so dangling his job while he’s still in it is horrible management form for Lasry — while interviewing for it is a serious breach by Kidd of the NBA’s unwritten “coaches’ code.” Also: Kidd was hired “only” as a coach 12 months ago. That didn’t stop his power grab in Brooklyn, did it?]

The New York- and New Jersey-based media accounts of Kidd’s attempted power play within the Nets were rife with tales of Kidd’s clubhouse lawyering, coach undercutting and ego-driven antics, both in his playing days and since. Last season, after pushing for veteran coach Lawrence Frank to be hired at big money as his right-hand man, Kidd turned on Frank early in the season and got him banished from the bench.

The antithesis off the court, it seems, of the pass-first playmaker he was on the court, Kidd also has a domestic abuse charge on his resume and a guilty plea to drunk driving, hiccups that – for all of Wisconsin’s taverns – aren’t dismissed as easily in a smaller, image-conscious market such as Milwaukee.

Then there’s this bonus of a bad reason: Kidd reportedly grew envious of the bigger coaching paychecks of fellow former NBA point guards Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher, similar newbies to the sidelines who signed five-year, $25 million deals recently with Golden State and New York respectively. Heck, in an offseason of coach/owner madness – Tyronne Lue as the highest paid assistant in league history, management titles spliced on almost perfunctorily – it’s feasible that Kidd grabbed at the Nets’ personnel reins with the intent of having things blow up. Then he could shake free to link up with Lasry.

Unfortunately, Lasry and his partner Wesley Edens were at the Draft in Brooklyn Thursday night, not in St. Francis, Wis., at the Bucks headquarters or down on the Lake Michigan lakefront for the team’s fan party. The co-owners missed out on the vibe that carried the night and that Milwaukee so desperately needed. With Parker’s selection and his appreciative reaction, the Bucks hit a good team/good guy reset button, a shared sense of renewal that runs from the front office to the newest, most special rookie.

They’re now at risk of turning the franchise into Kidd’s private ATM and personal preening mirror. Parker hasn’t scored a point or swiped a pass, but already he deserves better.


  1. alab says:

    Hey HangTime what’s up with NOT publishing my comments? #youcanthandlethetruth

  2. nohops says:

    Call me old fashioned and out of touch, if you must. I would never trust a man that beats a woman, ever…

  3. Robert says:

    sounds fairly accurate to me. Bad move by the Bucks. You don’t fire your coach on June 30th, after the draft to hire basically a rookie coach and to give 2 2nd’s which can be useful if done smart. What great coaching has Kidd done to earn teams falling over themselves to get? Nothing, at least not yet. And of court troubles do not help Kidd at all.

  4. David says:

    Kidd finally realized that staying on the Brooklyn Nets will hurt his figure and career as head coach. They have no draft picks and everyone on that team is in decline. They blew up all their money last year in hopes of a championship. Now they are screwed. Wise choice from Kidd to leave that organization and join a rising franchise. Kidd will be able to make a name out of himself here in the Bucks.

  5. wow disappointed in Jason Kidd and the Bucks. what has he proven as a coach? that he could make the EAST playoffs with a team that was pegged to have a top 4 seed based on talent alone? gtfoh

  6. Bermir says:

    Aschburner must be Kidding…

  7. Iraelite says:

    Isn’t this NBA.com??? Why are they throwing a future HOFer under the bus like this. The guy is ambitious – Is that so bad?

    • Queirós says:

      He’s a HOFer player, and that is the key here! Besides, this is an opinion by Aschburner, nothing else. Anyways, with one season as Nets coach in which Kidd threw Lawrence Frank totally under the bus, then trying to grab more power and a better contract based on a second round playoff exit (which is the bare minimum required with the roster he had) is not bad? Are you kidding?

  8. Nicolo Quimbo says:

    Just when I’m about to like the Bucks with Giannis and the drafting of Parker, I hate the idea of Kidd joining the organization. Bucks, please, don’t.

  9. LaCrampa says:

    this guy is an amateur, joke of the coaching world. i guess he brought the “new york” spirit with him he is old but not mature or smart enough. the best he can produce is to spill drink and make tricky cheats.

  10. hummy says:

    too much anger mr. aschburner

  11. jake s. says:

    That stuff with the coke was avant-garde coachism. Does he help the nets by extending the clock? Maybe a fractional amount… Still fantasizing for Jason Kidd at GM and J.R. Smith as head coach. Instead of stealing the ball, those clowns should spray the offender down with some old school soda water.

  12. Kidd is a better coach than Larry Drew. Win. He can mentor and mold a young, filled with potential point guard in Brandon Knight much like Mark Jackson did with Stephen Curry. Win. He brings swag to this franchise (an attitude of confidence) and a pedigree of winning. Win. So what if he might be high maintenance, he wouldn’t be the first, but he might be the only high profile coach who’d want to come to Milwaukee as well.

  13. jake s. says:

    Light beer and a bad basketball team. If I live in Milwaukee i’m pushing the big red button right about now.

  14. Flabingo says:

    Kidd will replace Donald Sterling as the most disliked person in the NBA

  15. BIEBELIN says:

    Jason Kidd is a good coach..it is very difficult to handle an all-star caliber on the roster(pierce,williams,garnett) because of almost same level as we all know that kidd was a newly retired player directly go on a coaching job after his retirement. Imagine how much work out you have to expel in order to gain respect from the rosters especially with the Net’s Big 3..Since Bucks is in the rebuilding process and mostly have newbie roster, i think it will work out..

  16. #KarlComeHome says:

    Good opportunity for the Nets to hire George Karl

  17. mark says:

    This makes Jason kidd sound exactly like a power hungery head coach but you all have to understand the GM has the responsibility to bring in potential free agents and draftees and it’s the coaches job to figure out how to make them Better and if they don’t mesh in the coaches system it’s his fault so having Jason kidd wants to be in charge of the players the team acquires and you can say in charge of the type of team he puts together and if it fails then it’s Completely his fault but do you give somebody who has no.general manager type skills and has no kind of insight to manage that kind of money it’s hard to give him that much power to be responsible for

  18. madAhorn says:

    The article does sound harsh…would a team really consider someone for that job if this article is true?
    Like, why would they need the warning if it was known?

    Either the Bucks are dummies or the author thinks they are…

  19. hdsnake867 says:

    Jason Kidd makes Isiah Thomas look good. And we all know how that worked out.

  20. sports fan says:

    This is probably a blessing in disguise for the Nets. If their new head is Mark Jackson, Lionel Hollins, George Karl, or Van Gundy then they’ll be in a much better positon.

  21. BucksFan says:

    if we hired him, we might as well sell the team!!!

  22. HEATLES says:




    JUST GIVE THEM THE RINGS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Baggins for Bucks says:

    At a moment where the Bucks fan base feels the very best about the team and it’s direction, it unfortunately receives a thorn in its side with this news. Lets hope the Bucks ownership realizes this truth prior to finalizing any contract with J. Kidd and regains their confidence with the fans.

  24. catainmidnight says:

    Everybody has known that J Kidd has a huge ego, so this is to be respected. He forgets that he asked the Nets for a job. Fisher and Kerr were offered the job. Big difference. Plus, he didn’t do a great job of coaching especially with the team he had. His substitutions were crazy and a lot of times he won on lucky shots, hits and misses. And though the domestic abuse thing is old, the dui happened last year, so the writer was legit. That ain’t hatin!! Like, what? It didn’t happen?

  25. Bucks Nation says:

    True on so many levels. Kidd is a disease.

  26. jazynaz says:

    if lasry wants to instantly blow his relationship with the bucks fan base, he’ll hire kidd as “team boss” immediately. i don’t think he could come up with a worse hire in milwaukee…unless maybe mark jackson is considered in the running!

  27. Mark says:

    Biased but understandable opinion…I’m not liking J-Kidd since he retired…

  28. txurce says:

    For those of you who don’t know how journalism works, this is not a straight news story. Aschburner is paid to write an opinion column. He thinks Kidd is a viper, for a lifetime’s worth of reasons, and bound to poison the Bucks the way he’s poisoned every other well he’s dipped into. So he told you. You have every right to disagree down here in the peanut gallery.

  29. Wow says:

    The bias in this article is clear, but despite that, this article is extremely well written, and sadly true.

  30. lbattle7915 says:

    Excellent post and one of your best of late.

  31. - says:

    Maybe what happened here is Jason Kidd decided to host an end of season party inviting players, coaches and media. He invited all the journalists on NBA.com except Steve Aschburner and Steve is really upset about it. Now he’s taking revenge in the best way he can think of – writing a nasty article. 😉

  32. Panos says:

    why would someone write such an unjustified “i hate you” type of article like this?

  33. Connor says:

    What a biased article!! I guess Steve Aschburner thinks Billy King is a great GM.

  34. jack says:

    Regardless of any biases, it is a horrible move for the Bucks.

  35. amazonsale says:

    Nets have to feel like the biggest loser in the nba after investing all the money and coming up with nothing which show you money can’t really buy everything.

  36. Yule says:

    Stop hayting on J Kidd…Teams can fire a coach whenever they want…but a coach should stay????Stop the rhetoric.

  37. RJ says:

    As a leader on a basketball team, Kidd was great, but he’s too new to be trying to make powerplays within the executive heirarchy of teams. He needs to put in more work than one mediocre year as a coach to have earned any promotions, or even a longer term coaching gig. This isn’t leadership; it’s ego. You have to earn your spot as a leader. Giving Kidd any such job would likely be cancerous to an organization. I feel like his job coaching was cancerous; it’s just lucky he had tough minded veterans all over that roster, but they should have been the 3 seed instead of the 6.

  38. Fefe (Nets) says:

    As a Nets fan for life & a Kidd’s fan since his days as a player including for the Nets…i’m very surprised to hear this news just now…and I really don’t like it!!!

    I also hope for Milwaukee that they keep cool heads and keep coach Drew & their GM Hammond!! All this story is fishy!

  39. Dave says:

    wow, all aboard the hate train!!

    Good god, this really is not a good article at all. Way too much bias and hate being spewed that negate any actual points you may have made.

  40. Tris says:

    Great article. Jason Kidd is definitely not proven and is poison to any organization at this point and would definitely be poison to Jabari Parker. Think about why it’s always drama in Brooklyn? It’s all because of Jason Kidd, a man who doesn’t completely understand his niche. He acts childish on the bench in the locker rooms and definitely in the front office. I understand he has a family but with how he acts he will soon put himself out of any big role with a team to make his situation worse. I just think he needs some training and needs to sit back for a while before taking on these big roles. Jabari Parker needs a seasoned staff to make and mold him on and off the court and it must be both. Great article, I approve!!! This article is not a article of hate but yet a article of disgust of what could be in Milwaukee with Kidd.

  41. Garen says:

    The bias is real gg wp

  42. Bob Ellison says:

    As usual, you nailed it!
    Kidd is an albatross. Always has been.
    You know, but were thoughtful enough, not to mention, let alone detail, his “romantic” backstabbing when he started his NBA career with the Mavericks eons ago while dinosaurs still prowled Dallas.
    What’s most amazing, though, is the flat out fan folly of so many of the uniformed Comments here on the Kidd issue.
    The bottom line — always — on judging a Man is . . .:
    Would you want to be in a foxhole with him?
    Would he guard your back?
    With claim jumper Jason, the answer is obvious.
    Bob Ellison

  43. Jason Kidd says:

    Jason kidd must of splashed a water puddle on you in his maybach while you were walking by.

  44. Darrell Darrellson says:

    Wow, this I had to do a double take to see if I was on Bleacher Report.

  45. Kimmy says:

    This sounds good to me!

  46. observer says:

    I am Bucks fan and totally agree that for the Bucks organisation would be unwise move to hire Kidd. During interviews Parker sounded like Duncan with ego-less personality. Parker and Kidd are very different, they would not sync. I think Parker would grow more as a player under Drew.

  47. Titus says:

    Sounds like someone has a personal vendetta against Jason Kidd (the writer of this article). Ive seen so many coaches command total authority in professional sports so why all the venom towards Kidd? He is only trying to better his situation for himself and his family while he can. Also, Brooklyn is a team of vets that are shown they were very optimistic however not ready to take over the crown in the east. Nets will be blown up soon and the bucks seem to be on the rise with the selection of Jabari Parker. Great move by Jason Kidd!

  48. Matt says:

    Wow, admittedly I am a MIL fan but have no thoughts on this. But damn you hate Jason Kidd, you should at least be a little less biased

  49. Byrd says:

    You sound hurt steve whats did Kidd do to you 🙂

  50. eh says:

    come on now aschburner.. i suppose you want them to trade parker to the heat? let them thresh it out amongst themselves. it not a done deal yet

  51. Random says:

    I do not have any feelings about Milwaukee, Brooklyn, or Kidd, but the personal hatred you are spewing in this article is a bit much. Stick to the facts man, leave your obvious long-time personal bias against Kidd out of it

  52. Fr3D says:

    You’d think San Antonio’s success and Miami’s Big 3 opting out would have people forgetting greed for a second. Anyway, Kidd or not, I can’t see either Milwaukee or Brooklyn winning big next season, but at least the Bucks have hope on their side. Great article btw.