Five teams LeBron should, but won’t consider

By Jeff Caplan,

VIDEO: Pat Riley discusses the Big 3 staying in Miami

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Even before Pat Riley went all Clint Eastwood — Stay, “if you’ve got the guts” — during his entertaining Thursday news conference, my money was on LeBron James understanding that island hopping for titles on the backs of fans’ emotions isn’t a good look. And so he will ultimately keep gunning for not three, not four, not five … in sun-kissed South Florida.

Of course, Dan Gilbert never dreamed LeBron would dump his Cleveland Cavaliers, but he did. So until he says otherwise, there is always a chance The Chosen One will think his work is done here and seek a new hoops metropolis to conquer.

It certainly would be unprecedented, the most dominant player in the game packing his bags yet again, and this time after leading his last franchise to four consecutive Finals and two championships. Who in the history of the game has ever done that?

And yet, there’s something devilishly fascinating about that very prospect.

Could LeBron lift a third team to the NBA Finals? Could he win a third title? A fourth, a fifth?

And for which team would he play?

Forget the Knicks, that move would have to wait until the summer of 2015 when New York has cap space. The Lakers? Always a possibility, but how rewarding would it really be to hang a 17th championship banner in Staples Center all the while being Kobe Bryant‘s personal valet to a sixth ring and even him up with Michael Jordan?

I’ve got five teams — three in the East and two in the West — that LeBron could vault to instant contender. Three of the five franchises have never won an NBA title, and of the other two, neither has won one since 1983. So LeBron would be a sight for sore eyes, and a boon for business in any one of these locales.

I call this list, The Teams LeBron Should, But Won’t Consider.

His desire should be to stay in the Eastern Conference because it’s just a whole lot easier to get through the East than the brutally competitive West. Plus, with the Heat instantly weakened, the path to the East crown would truly be wide open. So here are my five:

1. Washington Wizards: The Wizards’ finances are in as good as shape as the Wizards’ backcourt with John Wall and Bradley Beal emerging as a dynamic duo. Washington needs to re-sign center Marcin Gortat to reproduce a front line with Nene. Add LeBron — who would come in as the elder statesman to the Wizards’ rising stars, so there’s no adjustment period as to who is the alpha dog (assuming Wall can handle it) like there was initially in Miami with Dwyane Wade — to this starting lineup and dare I call them Eastern Conference favorites.

2. Philadelphia 76ers: Don’t laugh. And, hey, if LeBron and Carmelo Anthony really want to team up, here’s their spot. There’s so little money on the books that Philly could sign both stars and still have enough left over to add some pretty good role players. These two could come in as the big brothers and lead one of the great youth movements of our time. Think about it, the Sixers already have Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams at point guard and 6-foot-11 Nerlens Noel is ready to roll after sitting out all of last season. With the third pick in next week’s Draft, they’ll add another high-caliber youngster, maybe Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker. Then there’s consummate pro Thaddeus Young. Sounding good isn’t it?

3. Toronto Raptors: General manager Masai Ujiri has already overseen a couple minor miracles in shedding the salaries of Rudy Gay and Andrea Bargnani, so what’s one more? The books still aren’t as clear as in Philly, but it can work. Re-signing Kyle Lowry might be out the window, but how about Greivis Vasquez, budding, young star DeMar DeRozan, LeBron, Patrick Patterson and Jonas Valanciunas? I’m pretty sure coach Dwane Casey would be good with it.

4. Phoenix Suns: Imagine LeBron driving and then trying to decide if he should kick it out to Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, Channing Frye or maybe Gerald Green. Imagine LeBron sprinting for fast-break dunks with a perimeter defense that includes himself and the dogged Bledsoe, and a team that stamped itself as one of the great hustling squads of last season. If we thought the old Steve NashMike D’Antonio Suns teams were fun, whoa, this one could fly off the charts.

5. New Orleans Pelicans: There’s some work, not a ton, to be done on the payroll side, and there’s some tradable commodities despite multi-year deals in place (i.e. Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon) and nothing should be viewed as impossible when it comes to pairing LeBron with Anthony Davis, right? Greatest inside-out duo since Kobe and Shaquille O’Neal? This pairing has devastation written all over it. New Orleans would never be the same.

However, we all know that no one backs down from a challenge issued by Clint Eastwood.


  1. I Know Ball says:

    Atlanta Hawks,

    Solid front court with guys who can space the floor, another solid defender(Carroll) to take pressure off LBJ

    Couple of 3 pt shooters and a very solid PG.

    Teague, Carroll, James, Milsap, Horford will come out the east no doubt.

    But this will not happen of course, just playing off the article

  2. Milky Matt says:

    Lets be honest here, the only ones that really care about loyalty would be you, you, you and you (the fans). So if guy wants to play for another team, live in another city, enjoy the abundance of cash, attention, then I am all for it. Bottom line, each and every one of else would do the same thing at our current jobs (Unless your are the creator of your own wealth). Most people change companies/jobs every 2 – 3 years in pursuit of more $. Why cant LBJ do that? And what Legacy is he competing for? Who cares about what we think, what sportscenter thinks, or skip bayless, or NBA Reference. He is the best player by far right now, today, and he is a available!!!!!!!!

    You are foolish to say you would not want LBJ on your team. He took that Heat team to 4 Straight runs!!!!! Do you know how hard that is? Look at the Knicks, they felt they had they had a team to compete and they failed big time. The Rockets could not escape the 1st round and they have a pretty solid team. So what I am saying is LBJ will automatically bring your team to the top. Why not entertain that idea.

  3. jose says:

    here is heat new line up
    PG-Mario Chalmers
    SG- Dwyane Wade
    SF- Lebron James
    PF-Carmelo Anthony
    C- Chris Bosh

  4. BioMan says:

    Here’s mine.
    1. Bulls
    PG – Rose
    SG – Carmelo
    SF – Lebron
    PF – Gibson
    C – Noah
    Trade Jimmy Butler, Boozer, Dunleavy Jr.

    2. Clips
    PG – CP3
    SF – Lebron
    PF – Griffin
    Get a small salary player on SG and C position because they have a good coach.

    3. Washington (agree with this article) Lebron needs a ball handler and a scorer (John Wall) + re-sign Gortat.

    4. Boston – Rondo & LeBron will be unstoppable.

    5. Bobcats – Kemba Walker is a scorer & Al Jefferson is unstoppable at the paint – which will fit to Lebron.

  5. mvp99 says:

    Everyone here is talking about where will LBJ play, where he will go, then their is all this Lake Kobe hating talk.
    Nobody sure as heck want’s to see LBJ in Laker land, that’s for dammm sure. He would be the most hated athlete in the history of professional sports, and he never committed a crime

    Let’s look at the big picture, and what the world is all about! MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, YUP, MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    LBJ is the 9th highest paid player in the league. You think that doesn’t bother him? Of course it does. He said 2x, “i want a max contract” He should be the highest paid player in the league, because he is the best

    Now here is something you don’t want to hear. The only team that can max out LBJ is the Lakers!!!! Yup, the #1 NBA Franchise, the #1 Franchise in all of pro sports. The #1 Brand in the world. The Biggest market in all of sports. The championships, the tradition, the history! You know that in 2012, Kobe made 67 million in endorsements? He sure did. Can you imagine what the LA market would pay LBJ in endorsements? Do you know that CP3 and Griffin make more money vs LBJ because of their endorsements? CP3’s money tripled when he went to the Clippers. The Clippers, ok?

    The thing is the Lakers will offer LBJ a max contract. More than any other team will pay him. The question is will LBJ accept or deny it? Only he knows the answer, because we all know “money talks”. He deserves to be the #1 money maker in the NBA. He sure as heck won’t do it with any other team. He’s got rings. Now he wants more money. Just like all of us with our “employee of the month trophies”..screw that. We want a raise, because we bust our butts and we deserve it

  6. truenorth says:

    T.O doesn’t want him. forget that CANADA doesn’t want him and in case you were going to ask keep Bosh too. We’ll make due like we did last year.

  7. STEVE says:

    The league will some day fold into a c league, if they allow players to team up just so they can win rings. The heat are the prime example. they really didn’t have to give up anything to put the three together, then Ray Allen played for a million less a year to put another ring on his finger. Sad. just like the little tantrum Elway and Eli Manning threw coming out of college. The leagues should step in and do the right thing. But they wouldn’t.

  8. Carlotta says:

    I think all 3 should opt out for less money find a true center put Bosh back at his true position ditch Chalmers and get a better point guard. Find a reliable back up for Wade or one who could start in place of Wade. Quality younger bench. We need to quit being the AARP of the league.

  9. reese says:

    to keep it real lebron with goldenstate looks like championships

  10. RAPS FOR LIFE says:

    Hope Lebron Stays in Miami..looks like a bandwagon jumper otherwise…The greatest should not have to change teams every 4 years to win rings!!! no other Legend ever did that!!!

    • Erin says:

      Lebron is in it to win it, if he really cared about loyalty, he would have stayed in Cleveland. He wants as many titles as Kobe, so either he has to stay on the Heat and get a good coach who knows how to play into the system (like Pops does with the Spurs), and get a really good team around him, or go to a team that can support him. Let’s face it, he isn’t that young anymore. Sure, Duncan is still playing at an amazing caliber, but he didn’t do it alone. If the Spurs were just Tim Duncan against 5 guys, they probably wouldn’t have even made it into the playoffs. So the fact is, Lebron has to tough it out in Miami, understanding they might not win until they rebuild a little bit, get some younger talent and so on, and maybe get rid of ridiculous Spoelstra, or realize there might be a better team out there for him – one that can actually play around him and support him. Not just another superstar or two – a TEAM of really good players, who can all contribute. If he didn’t realize that this system works after being beaten this year, then he likely won’t be winning many more titles.

  11. OKC says:

    Why don’t we see articles about Kevin Durant?
    People are always trying to find a good enough team for Lebron to win championships. Can’t he stick to a single team and find a way to work things out (through trades and draft picks), just like Kobe and MJ did, and Kevin Durant is doing at the moment?

  12. Swell says:

    The title of this article is places he should consider but won’t. Maybe he would consider Charlotte. However, I think the team he should take a hard look at is Atlanta. They have the Spurs system in place and a starting lineup of Teague, Korver, Lebron, Milsap, and Horford is great. Those players would play extremely well together as none dominate the ball other than Lebron and he doesn’t have to. Nobody would have wanted to play Atlanta in the playoffs if Horford was available. As it is, they should have beaten Indiana without him.

  13. qqq says:

    Actually I never thought lebron to philly, but woah what a scary team that would have been, but in the end, there would be to much inexperience to win a championship there, not easy to win with a bunch of rookies, but onpaper philly would have been scary.

  14. Tucker says:

    What the hell, Sekou? No Cavaliers? They have Kyrie Irving and the #1 pick in a good draft. Not only is their a lot of promise of forming another big three, but Kyrie and whoever they pick are young and could win with LeBron for the rest of his career. So talentwise I see no problems for LeBron in.Cleveland. There’s also the obvious redemption aspect to it too.

    • Jake says:

      the title of the article is: teams he should consider but won’t. Lebron probably has obviously considered Cleveland. Duh.

  15. Lakers BIG FAN says:





    • asd says:

      Kobe would never have been MVP of the finals with lebron on his team.

    • charless702 says:

      LMAO. Kobe’s just as broken as Wade and Kevin Love can’t even make the playoffs. You’re team isn’t even able to get Klay Thompson yet you think you can somehow land Kevin Love?? When is the last time you watched basketball? Your ring count is even messed up. Kobe could probably win 5 more All-Star MVPs because nobody cares, or plays defense, in the All-Star game. This team you’re talking about probably wouldn’t even make the playoffs next year. Anyway keep pretending like everyone wants to play for the Lakers, it makes the rest of the NBA love it even more when the Lakers don’t get anybody worth having and don’t make the playoffs again.

  16. Lakers BIG FAN says:







    • hunner says:

      That would be nice. But Kevin Love is a free agent, theres no trading. And minnesota wouldnt make that trrade anyways. Also, with Kobes contract, Lebron would have to take another pay cut.

    • asd says:

      If you are a big lakers fan you should know that Ryan Kelly isnt under contract with the lakers, neither is kent bazemore and marshon brooks, and shannon brown hasnt been with the lakers since 2011 season.

  17. lbattle7915 says:

    Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 17:03:15 +0000 To:

  18. Take Lebron to the New Zealand breakers 😀 LMFAO

  19. bregi says:

    Lebron is an all around player .he can play on any team but da team im more sure 2 whn with him is Houston or Miami and tht it

  20. Keeper says:

    Some of these predictions are pretty outrageous. You can literally place Lebron anywhere and it’ll look attractive on paper. I can see him working out in Charlotte. You’ve got a solid PG in Kemba Walker that can score and hit big shots. He’ll have less responsibilities, and can focus on his strengths. And you’ve got a legit big in Al Jeff that rebounds and gets buckets. They also have some nice role players in Gary Neal, Gerald Henderson, Biyombo, and developing MKG. A couple key free agents could make that squad legit.

    Out of the West I can easily see him in a Rockest uniform. I can imagine Lebron and E. Bledsoe doin’ work, but I doubt he’d ever play in Phoenix.

  21. First off I am a Cleveland Homer, but if LBJ was wise he’d go back home.
    1- Irving, Waiters, Thompson, Hawes (1st overall pick) Better lineup than any other option minus chicago
    2- Bennett this guy was pegged as the most sure thing to a 20 and 10 guy in the draft, injuries hurt him. He will be better
    3- Blatt is giving you European interest in the Cavs, LBJ just increased his overseas market if he and Blatt win Championships
    4- Winning in Cleveland will cement you name in history just like the, Red Sox’a who broke the curse, and just like Bartman is forever banned in Chicago. The city is the most cursed in all of sports. We love Bernie still to this day and he only got us to the AFC Championship
    5- He has a unfinished agenda, he promised Cleveland a championship
    6- It’s the one place he could go where he won’t look like a fair weather team hopper
    7- Blatt is more accomplished than any other coach he could play for, sorry I dont think Spo is good. I am pretty sure I could have coached them to 1 championship if Riley had my back
    8- The cavs have Miami’s 2015 1st rd pick (top ten protected, but unprotected in 2017) so leaving them and sending them to the bottom of the east will only help him later
    9- Cavs have Memphis’s first round in 2015 too so The roster is guarenteed to get younger, not older like miami
    10- The Return could draw enough marketing in itself to push him closer to a Billionaire.

    • asd says:

      You kidding?

      Bennet had a minor shoulder injury, he came into the league out of shape. wich tells me one thing, that he is lazy.

      His rookie season is the worst “bust” season ever for a 1st overall pick.

      He played “better” after the allstar break, but he was still terrible.

  22. remanni says:

    If he wants to up MJ in one aspect of his career, it would be to take WAS to the Finals. MJ was still fueled by his competition bug, to try and win with WAS. LBJ could certainly check that off his list and perhaps later on, acquire his own franchise like MJ, considering how business savvy he’s becoming set off by his timely investment from the Apple-Beats megadeal.

  23. Big Al says:

    Bosh is hopelessly soft, and I’m still surprised that Pat Riley wants to hold on to him. This guy needs to go. He’s been given too many chances and it’s unfair to LeBron and Wade that he’s regarded as one of them ever since. It will be sad for some people to see him leave, but that’s the right thing to do. James took Miami back to winning ways, and that’s not without a decent salary. Now it’s time to give him some proper help, not a pseudo-superstar and a bunch of sorry excuses for players.

    • Ryan says:

      Wade is the worst out of the big three. When Lebron and Wade missed games together Bosh put up 25-30 points. He gets all the hate because he is a jump shooter now instead of a big but you know what made him start taking jump shots? The small ball lineup the Heat do. Bosh didnt shoot 3s in Toronto.

  24. nereyda says:

    Why?-the heat take carmelo and duncan if the tree living very good lebron wade snd bush in the final any interest the win game

  25. Dordor says:

    he should stay with miami, just trade asik and harden for wade and bosh.

    insta 4 peat

  26. Solomon says:

    Just go to houston i ‘a red nation rowdie he just …. Is lebron and we don’t have enough cap space

  27. Z for 3 says:

    If this guy is mentioning the sixers as a potential landing spot, why not Charlotte?? Al Jefferson, Kemba Walker, solid defense, consistent bench play and the cap space to give him a contract. Plus, you have the best player of alltime, MJ, to guide the way and get the players he needs

  28. Rjay24 says:

    If lebron wants to sign with another team. He should go to the west where the competition is at best., If he really wants to compete, why not compete with the best. That would make him the greatest ever.

  29. If LeBron wants to win more championships, he should go elsewhere.

  30. Freida says:

    Lebron should stay in Miami but the problem is D. Wade. If all 3 take a pay cut like the 3 in San Antonio, I think LeBron should stay. The biggest problem is Wade!! He is not a max player and not playing 28 games put a lot of stress on LeBron. Bosh has to step up more in the paint and not just 3 pointers. LeBron needs help from younger players but Wade is the biggest problem!!! He is not just running because they lost. What is Riley going to do to get more help for LeBron. He can’t do everything and if they could get rid of Wade, it would be great but that won’t happen. Wade appears to be too greedy. Wish he would retire,

  31. TheAll-Star136 says:

    Miami Heat 2014-2015:

    PG Kyle Lowry
    SG Dwyane Wade
    SF LeBron James
    PF Chris Bosh
    C (a center)

    6th Mario Chalmers or Ray Allen

    Go get Kyle Lowry. He can handle the ball in pressure situations. Kyle Lowry is more of a winner than a loser. You saw him nearly beating the Brooklyn Nets in a seven game series. I can see him holding up the NBA Finals trophy in June 2015.

  32. LBJ Fan says:

    I hope the heat’s starting lineup ends up like this in the next 2 years.
    PG- Shabaaz Napier (26th pick in this years draft)
    SG- Dwyane Wade
    SF- Lebron James
    PF- Chris Bosh
    C- Omer Asik (free agency after the 2014-15 nba season)
    Bench should be filled with great role players that are underrated.
    6th man- Someone that can hit 3s. (Like Ray Allen)

  33. yasir says:

    I think lebron should go to either rockets james harden dwight howard and lebron imagine or philly andrew wiggins mcw asik and lebron or ny carmelo amare and lebron . i think maybe dallas might take carmelo but sill not confirmed.

    • Kobe Gagnon says:

      Philly isn’t getting Wiggins anymore. Everything has changed when Embiit got 2 screws drilled into his foot

  34. Rocketlion says:

    Lebron is heading for Houston. The rest will be history.

  35. Defense!!! says:

    I agree. Lebron should stay in Miami and hope for the management to get good replacement for Shane Battier and Mike Miller. 3 point shooting of Mike Miller and Outstanding defense of Shane Battier help them won 2 championships. If there are any possibilities they could sign players like Trevor Ariza former champion, 3 point shooter and good defender. Players like Mike Conley, Kevin Love if possible or Joakim Noah. Miami has a King and the “Round Table of Knights” should be filled.

  36. Quillez says:

    What about the Lakers having enough money and the fan base for Lebron and Carmello? LA is big enough for Lebron and Carmello to be the dual face of the franchise. Especially with Mark Jackson or Byron Scott at Head Coach.

  37. LA32 says:

    LB should stay in Miami. I am not his fan but you cannot bail out every time a team sufferers.. It aint cool and wont distinguish you one of the greatest.. people to look up to Jordan, Magic,Larry B. Kobe and the list goes on with such a supper stars that stuck with their team through goods and bad.. Go figure

  38. Some Guy says:

    Ya’ll gonna blast me for this.

    As a Raptors fan, I wouldn’t want Lebron joining our team. Yes, he might be the best in the game today (although despite popular belief, I think Durant is much more effective and clutch than Lebron). I just can’t stand the guy. Call me a hater or whatever you want, fact is he is not very likeable. I wouldn’t want him as the face of my franchise.

  39. Rhedz03 says:

    Lebron Should stay in the Heat, All the heat needs is a little fire…It lacks perimeter defense…someone who could replace battier on the defensive end, maybe a shooter replacement for allen just incase he retires and a real CENTER to replace bosh so bosh can go Stretch 4 james will be at 3 and 4 wade at 2 and 1 and andersen to back up the missing center and Lewis to back Bosh and James at 4. Release Jones for a little bit of space, trade chalmers and cole to get a veteran true point guard.

    But James moving to raptors would be the best…that’s his landing spot if not miami…A young team with great potential…But i don’t see that happening…It would make the world hate him again except DC. Then Pelicans would be another landing spot..probably the safest other than the heat.

  40. KINGJAMES says:

    Lebron James should stay in MIAMI… Easiest way to the finals… Just have to change CHALMERS for the point guard position… And add another big guy who can can score. MIAMI IS OVER??? RIDICULOUS! 15 playoff games to move to the finals COME ON!

    • b2b spur says:

      if you put any of the 8 western conf teams in the number 2 seed of the east with the same road to the finals as the heat did this year they all make it to the finals. making it to the finals 4 straight years isn’t that big of a deal in this era’s eastern conference. put miami in the west and they dont make it to the finals 4x in a row.

    • okckd35 says:

      Exactly why lequeen stays in the east

  41. Markus says:

    LeBron to the Pelicans, that would be montrous!

  42. Rollie says:

    Lebron to Toronto Raptors will be exciting…..Canada will learn to love the King of Basketball by then. It will be a grandeur position for Lebron to join Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry, J. V., Patrick Patterson, and who knows? including the returning Chris Bosh who left temporarily the Raptors to join the Heat, because of Lebron 4-years ago… How’s that? For sure- Toronto Raptors will paly the San Antonio Spurs on the 2015 NBA Finals. We’re ready-

  43. Lakers hire Lionel Hollins says:


    “Philadelphia 76ers: Don’t laugh. And, hey, if LeBron and Carmelo Anthony really want to team up, here’s their spot. There’s so little money on the books that Philly could sign both stars and still have enough left over to add some pretty good role players. These two could come in as the big brothers and lead one of the great youth movements of our time. Think about it, the Sixers already have Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams at point guard and 6-foot-11 Nerlens Noel is ready to roll after sitting out all of last season. With the third pick in next week’s Draft, they’ll add another high-caliber youngster, maybe Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.”

    C: Asik

    off the bench Nerlens Noel——-> He had potential to be # 1 pick in the draft before the injury!!!!

  44. vancityballer says:

    Those teams listed are no where near winning a title even with Lebron. They may have a good regular season, and be entertaining to watch, but when it comes to playoffs, you need to have some good players with playoff experience. It would take a few more years for any of those teams with Lebron to get better and be ready to compete.

    • Markus says:

      Never any sign can be a boors for all players, maybe even give or take any of those 5 listed maybe there’s a chance LeBron could show up and give either of those the same as he did in Miami! As I should repeat, @LEBRONJAMES joining the Pelicans would be a next stop for him to gain more hype and rep, and even a few more rings for the collection.

  45. kobeballhog says:

    The real solution here is.. pat riley sit down with wade ask him to opt out and settle for the veterans minimum. So the heat can manuver and add pieces to their team. Wade is still a good player but anyone with common sense could see how deteriorated his game has become. He is dragging the team as well. So it all boils down if wade still wants championships or a great payday just like what kobe the ultimate ballhog did with the lakers. If wade does go for the kobe way then lebron should leave to get more rings.

  46. kobeballhog says:

    After the bashing done by dan gilbert against lebron he gonna go back to the cavaliers? What a joke. Cavs is the joke of the nba. Every year winning the draft yet every year in the dumps. Tells a lot about that organization. From top to bottom.

  47. No clippers,go warriors says:

    How ’bout the Warriors?They should definitely be on that list!!!

  48. Scisca says:

    I’d go to Washington if I was him. Miami is over.

  49. ernwop64 says:

    Also James cant go to a team with a good point guard he dominates the ball and would take away from the lead guard.Where ever he goes next year he should start at the point,its his natural position.He truly is not interested in scoring points he has to push his self to do so.

  50. Kirby Record says:

    The Wizarda are the only team on this list that makes any sense at all.

    • Baller says:


    • Ennis says:

      It’s funny how Pat Riley tells his stars: “stay if you got the guts”. Where was his “guts” when he left the Knicks for dead after they came close to winning a championship? The rat had an option for just one more year, the least he could’ve done was just finish up the last run, but he bolted like a coward after the team wanted him, now he wants to talk about guts? Clint Eastwood? Yea ok.

  51. Why not Houston who can give Miami quality young players to support Wade and Bosh who are more than likely to opt in. Houston can offer, Chandler Parsons, Terrance Jones, Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik and First Round picks in this year’s draft.

  52. Knick Fan says:

    Guys the Knicks do have a shot. If Melo and Amare opt out and then reconstruct a new contract for less, that frees up alot of money, and Lebron opts out for less but nice one year contract money, the deal could be made. They can make up the difference in endorsements in NYC. Heck Melo just did a deal with 50cents for millions.

  53. Deutztony says:

    If Lebron James does leave Miami Heat, I would want to see him playing in LA Lakers or Chicago Bulls.

  54. Deutztony says:

    Lebron James should finish his contract with the Miami Heat along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. They need young players for guard and forward positions; and especially center position to back up Bosh and Oden. The Heat still needs Ray Allen’s 3-point bombs and if possible bring back Mike Miller for another 3-pointer. Melo and Kevin Love would be probables for these positions. The new Miami Heat should be a mixture of veteran and young players for the next season.

  55. pacersbandwagon says:

    haters gone hate he staying deal with it after pat speech yesterday no way he’s leaving

  56. Trix says:

    Lebron to pelicans is not going to happen but if it did, RIP rest of league. You think lebron and wade/bosh was dynamic. Lebron with AD over the years will be shaq and kobe part 2. I mean lakers 2001 playoff record 16-1 can indeed be broken if they keep some of the pieces they got in nola.

  57. edwardo says:

    Send him to Boston with Melo a big 3 all in there prime

  58. Peter says:

    Nice thoughts! I think LBJ should definitely stay in the eastern conference because it will be easier to reach the finals, as the teams, overall, are weaker. The Wizards do look like a GREAT option. Add to the information already presented in the article that Arriza has won a NBA title with the Lakers not too long ago. If he goes to DC, he can hang out with President Obama as well! Having said that, the Rockets would look fantastic if LBJ joins up with that team. But the competition in the western conference would be stiffer.

  59. imissthethunder says:

    I know this article is far fetched (and you’re right, King Lebron James would NEVER consider playing for any of these “lowly” teams. But wow, I like the Philadephia idea along with Carmello Anthony!!! That would be fantastic!!!! I’m not a Heat fan, but I admire Lebron James. That being said, I think it would be more exciting for NBA basketball in general, if he left Miami. Just to spice things up!!

  60. lebronjames6 says:

    im making an early decision right now i decided that i like to return to the Cleveland cavaliers these deserve it we have unfinished business to accomplish with these young core of players especially kyire Irving someone i love to watch all long this the type of team im looking to joinning this summer

  61. Yaken says:

    Lebron James should give the Miami heat one more season if it doesn’t work out then Lebron James gets turned over to the San Antonio spurs imagine Lebron and popavich and also Tim Duncan gonna retire next season……

  62. Gabriel says:

    Please chi ain’t winning a ring anytime soon. When fragile d rose is healthy you have a slim chance bit if lbj stays in the eastern conference they won’t get past whatever team he may be on. Chi needs another prolific scorer. Idk why everyone hates on this man. Does anyone not realize he’s a once in a lifetime player. I’m not saying he’s better then MY or kobe but he’s on same level IF not better

    • Wade says:

      ppl don’t hate on lbj for his skills or talent. no question that he is good. Ppl hate on him for his lack of confidence and self-esteem. He could be like all other legends and have players come to him. Help Cleveland stay on the map. But he chose to be a follower and joined Wade in Miami. That’s not a leader move. Ppl dont like to look up to a follower. All other legends had a lot of pride and stay with their team and compete with whatever challenge they have whether they get a ring or not…ie. Charles Barkley

      • Leif says:

        Cleveland needs better personnel management, not just LeBron. If they surrounded him with players, he would not have left, it was his hometown team. LeBron reupped his rookie contract, and the best they did for him was Anderson Varejao and an over the hill Shaq. Miami has done better with surrounding him with talent.

        I love Charles Barkley, but you seem to have forgotten that he left Philly for Phoenix because they didn’t provide enough support for him. He then left Phoenix in hopes of capturing a championship in Houston. Athletes have a finite amount of time to accomplish their goals as players, and you can’t blame them for moving on if the organization isn’t on the same page.

  63. Janet says:

    Multiple MVP for multiple teams. Why stop now? Miami has nothing else to offer him. He doesn’t owe any franchise anything. He’s a natural talent and he needs to continue winning. It’s not fun watching him carrying teams on his back but it sure is fun watching him play his unselfish game and for that game to be entertaining, he needs to have teammates who can produce. Bosh was “soft” from day one and unfortunately, Wade’s health – knees – are deteriorating. James needs to opt out and explore his options. If he leaves, who cares what fans will say? They’re unhealthy fanatics. He wouldn’t be “riding” any team’s coattails but rather raising it to instant championship contenders. If Riley is unable to shore up the bench, bring in a “real” 5 and substantially upgrade the 1 & 2 spots, then LBJ needs to wrap it up. He’s too good, unselfish and too amazing not to be part of an NBA Finals. He will be an MVP for both regular and Finals wherever he goes if he chooses correctly.” Who in the history of the game has ever done that?” “Why not…?”

    • b2b spur says:

      lebron would thrive under pop and he’d only have to play half the minutes then he can say not 3 not 4 not 5

  64. MR210 says:

    Tell LBJ to go to the Spurs.
    If you can’t beat ’em…join ’em!

  65. Jep says:


  66. Eric says:

    Hi, It sounds like a joke. LBJ can play any team to make the team better and I don’t think any team will reject him at all. LBJ will consider his free agency base on what he want for the following several years.
    Let’s make another option, If he wants more rings than Kobe B. or Michael J. he should go Spur as Michael J. define better player based on how many rings they earn.
    LeBron can stay Miami ask Howard, Anthony, Rando all stars to make another team to beat all the other teams to win more rings. Is that proof LBJ a better player than himself without that many rings???????
    What the media want is more stories!!!
    Ask LBJ What he wants??

  67. Ricky Elliott says:

    Please this is a great joke though. ..

  68. Zac says:

    i’d love him playing football, just like MJ playing baseball. If he is successfull, this could clearly state him as the greatest athlete of all time. He could return to any team after two years.

  69. bballjunkie1 says:

    U forgot his idle MJ, Charlotte. Kidding aside we are talking about him because he is a bad man. I admire him defining his own destiny, alot of players stick with teams that never make it, when father of time catches them they run (its too late). Some players are blessed like Spurs who keep it competive enough that their players don’t leave, have same coach outstanding. Then u have elite franchises who mess up a sure good thing Chicago(MJ,Pippen,Phil) we will never know how many they could have won in a row? and the Lakers enough said. Bottom line is players can’t do it forever and if u are smart enough to see another way go for it. U pay franchises in full when u fill the seats everynite, go to playoffs u increase cost of that franchise. u are not chattel property, this aint slavery its real life. Its a two way street.

  70. Ralph Glover says:

    Call out this week by his own GM, Pat Riley, I really pray there is a sixth team LBJ wont consider. Please stay away from Chicago Bulls. I personally believe we can win it all without you.

  71. lakers says: