Morning Shootaround: June 16

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Report: Bulls looking to make blockbuster move | Report: Sixers taking extended look at Wiggins | Orlando a big fan of Smart’s intangibles | Report: Heat’s Allen mulling retirement | Nowitzki makes pitch for Anthony

No. 1: Report: Bulls looking to make deals to upgrade lineup — If the just-completed 2014 Finals have taught other NBA teams anything, it’s that building a team like the Spurs — one replete with superstars and solid, dependable depth — is the way to go in today’s NBA. The Chicago Bulls have apparently taken notice and are willing to part with just about anyone not named Derrick Rose, writes Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times:

According to several NBA sources Sunday, the Bulls have been actively looking to improve the starting lineup at almost any cost, with Derrick Rose the only untouchable player — and not by choice.

“They are looking to exhaust as many assets as it will take,’’ one source said of general manager Gar Forman and head of basketball operations John Paxson.

But the source said it was “doubtful” whether that meant the long-rumored departure of coach Tom Thibodeau could come into play.

Carmelo Anthony is still Plan A as the Bulls and the rest of the NBA await to see if the Knicks forward will opt out of his contract. But the Bulls are more active in their pursuit of Kevin Love than initially rumored. Also, don’t rule out LeBron James coming into play again if the four-time MVP opts out of his deal.


No. 2: Report: Sixers taking long look at Wiggins — The 2014 NBA Draft is one of the most anticipated events on the season calendar and is just 11 days away this morning. As such, expect teams in the lottery to start getting a better and longer look at some of the top names in the field — a practice that obviously applies to the Philadelphia 76ers. According to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the Sixers are taking a long look at former Kansas University star Andrew Wiggins:

The Philadelphia 76ers are getting an extensive look at mutually interested ex-Kansas guard Andrew Wiggins during a team visit, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Wiggins flew to Philadelphia and arrived Sunday night and is slated to work out for the 76ers on Tuesday, sources said. The 6-foot-8, 200-pounder is also scheduled to get a tour of Philadelphia and other key sites on Monday. The 76ers own the third pick in the NBA draft, and Wiggins would be excited to play for them if selected, a source said.

Wiggins also is scheduled to visit the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have the No. 1 overall pick, on Wednesday, and the Milwaukee Bucks, owners of the second pick overall, on Friday. Those visits with Wiggins are just one day as opposed to the three days he’s spending in Philadelphia. The 76ers have not scheduled workouts with other elite draft prospects such as ex-Kansas center Joel Embiid, ex-Duke forward Jabari Parker or Australian guard Dante Exum.

The 76ers also own the 10th overall pick in the draft, which is June 26 in Brooklyn, N.Y.


No. 3: Magic a big fan of Smart’s intangibles — Former Oklahoma State standout Marcus Smart was thought to be a top prospect in the 2013 Draft, but opted to return to school for a sophomore season. While Smart’s 2013-14 campaign in college was filled with ups and downs, he’s in the 2014 Draft now and may have a big fan in the Orlando Magic, writes Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel:

Orlando Magic executives love Smart’s intangibles. They value his leadership, toughness and competitiveness so much that they might select him fourth overall in the 2014 NBA Draft on June 26.

In fact, the Magic might have drafted him with the second overall pick last year if Smart had decided to go pro after his freshman season at Oklahoma State. But Smart chose to stay in college for one more year. The decision was a shocking one; the 2013 NBA Draft was one of the weakest drafts in years, and Smart would have earned a salary of almost $4.8 million as a rookie if Orlando had taken him.

During a road game Feb. 8 against Texas Tech, and with the Cowboys just seconds away from their fourth consecutive loss, Smart hustled back on defense to prevent a fastbreak dunk. He contested the shot, and his momentum propelled him into the crowd. Smart stood up, heard something from a heckling fan, and confronted that fan.

The fan then said something else, and Smart shoved him.

The fan, a Texas Tech supporter named Jeff Orr, denied using a racial slur, but he acknowledged that he had called Smart “a piece of crap.”

Smart apologized and received a three-game suspension.

“He understood immediately where he was wrong,” Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford says. “He understood he needed to learn from that. It was just a situation where his competitiveness probably got the best of him in that split second. He learned so much from it, which he will tell you. But is that a reflection of him as a person or of his character? Anybody that’s been around him for an hour or 30 minutes will tell you, ‘Absolutely not.’ ”

NBA teams asked Smart about the incident when they interviewed him at the NBA Draft Combine last month in Chicago.

“Just like I told them, it’s something that happened that’s in the past,” Smart says now. “I’m not proud of it, but I’m trying to move on from that. I’ve got bigger and better things to look forward to in my life, and if I’m too busy looking in the past, how can I see what’s in front of me in the future?”


No. 4: Report: Heat’s Allen mulling retirement — The Miami Heat already knew during The Finals that they’d have to find a roster replacement for Shane Battier, who is retiring. Could there be another key roster hole opening up on the Heat? According to Brian Windhorst of, sharpshooter Ray Allen seemed to be mulling retirement after the Heat fell in Game 5 of The Finals last night:

Ray Allen hopes to decide in the next few days if he wants to continue his career or retire after 18 seasons.His contract with the Miami Heat ended when the San Antonio Spurs beat them 104-87 in Game 5 of the Finals on Sunday night.

“I’ve had a great career, I’m content with what I’ve done,” Allen said. “It’s hard to think past this moment. In the next couple of days I’ll think about it and see where my true heart lies.”

“One thing is for certain, to [make retirement decision] on my terms is the most important thing,” Allen said. “Whether that is me retiring, staying here or going somewhere else it will be on my terms. I’ve made it to this point and I felt great that I have the choice to make it for myself.”

There will be no suspense for Heat forward Shane Battier. He made his retirement official Sunday night.

“I’ve given everything I can to the game and I don’t have any more to give,” Battier said. “And I’m OK with it.”

VIDEO: Ray Allen comes up with a nice steal during Game 5 of The Finals


No. 5: Nowitzki makes pitch for Anthony — Based on the most recent reports over the weekend, returning to the New York Knicks doesn’t seem to be too high on All-Star Carmelo Anthony‘s wish list this summer in free agency. The speculation will continue to run rampant from now until the opening of the free-agent market on July 1, so why not add the Dallas Mavericks to the mix? According to Ian Begley of, Mavs superstar Dirk Nowitzki made a bit of a pitch to Anthony over the weekend:

Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki has made a public pitch to recruit Carmelo Anthony to Dallas.

“If Carmelo would really love to come here, we’d love to have him,” Nowitzki said in an interview on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

Anthony is under contract for next season but is expected to opt out of the final season of his deal with the New York Knicks and test free agency this summer.

The Mavericks, Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets are teams Anthony would consider, sources told’s Marc Stein. Miami Heat officials also have started to explore their options in trying to create enough financial flexibility to land Anthony in free agency, reported last week.

Dallas is projected to have as much as $30 million in cap space this summer.

Nowitzki, who led the Mavericks to an NBA title in 2011, said that he would have no problem coexisting with Anthony, the No. 2 scorer in the NBA last season.

“Listen, I think I’ve showed over my 16 years that I can play with anybody,” Nowitzki said. “The only tough season I think we’ve had is when we had [Antawn] Jamison and Antoine Walker and myself who are all three kind of the same four-men, but other than that I think I’ve shown over my career that I can play with anybody. I’ll adjust, whether I have to get out of the way or go to the corner more, post up, pass. I’ll do whatever, really, that needs to be done out there to win or for this franchise to be a winner.”


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: The Bucks have workouts scheduled this week with Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid … Wolves big man Ronny Turiaf wants to visit every country in the world … The Spurs have become the new team of Texas … Should the Heat re-sign Michael Beasley this summer? This fella says yes … Latvian forward Kristaps Porzingis has reportedly backed out of the 2014 Draft … Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is reportedly NOT interested in selling the team

ICYMI of The Night: The 2013-14 season is officially over and the San Antonio Spurs reign supreme. Relive some of their best moments from the Game 5 clincher with our Phantom Cam …

VIDEO: Relive the best moments from Game 5 of The Finals in super slow-mo


  1. Irfan says:

    Heat bring on Deng or Ariza, Bradley, Lowry, Isaiah (maybe even Livingston nightmare matchup on offense, but no 3 ball) and Gortat or Gasol, try at least to get 2 out of 3 players from these positions PG SF C, if Heat brings Deng, Bradley and Gortat champs in 2015 for sure, imagine that defense, Bradley and Deng can shoot 3 ball, maybe not that well but they move also of the ball great

  2. imisswatchingthethunder says:

    Unkle Daddy, you are very insightful. Either you have the inside scoop somehow, or you have been a basketball fan for several decades….keep blogging.

  3. Eaham says:

    erik spolestra and scott brooks , both are super shiet coaches

  4. Velociraptor says:

    Why are you all so excited with superstars ? As you could see, the best team over 15 years span (SPURS) has always contained 15 just well fitted players, not super-duper-stars. Basketball is about tactics, good schemes of O and D, good minutes management, knowing position in team. Heat tried to win relying only on hero-ball by James, and they were crashed by team basketball. Comparing Heat and Spurs individual players, Miami had advantage, but still they lost every game by >15 pts. I think that every player in NBA could have impact on game in such team like San Antonio, because coach Pop can find appropriate role for everyone. That is main reason why they are on the top now. Teams win championships, not superstars.

  5. Deutztony says:

    The Miami Heat should stay healthy and intact for the next season with or without Shane Battier and Ray Allen. But I would still want Ray Allen to be in the team. They also need young 3-pointer players. Also, they need big men for the center position aside from Greg Oden and Chris Bosh. Oden should stay healthy and productive if ever the Heat-Pacers matchup happens again in the next playoffs. They need big men such as Andrew Bynum, DeAndre Jordan, or Tyson Chandler. Metta World Peace and Carmelo Anthony are also probable Heat players for the next season.

  6. Deutztony says:

    It’s okay with me if Carmelo Anthony would leave New York Knicks, but I would still want him to finish his contract with the team. They have a great manager, the renown Phil Jackson, who has led the Bulls and Lakers to a series of championships. I do hope that Phil Jackson would motivate Melo to stay in the team. Their new coach, Derek Fisher, a veteran pointguard who would lead the Knicks next season; and hopefully Melo would make a wise and right decision as to what team he would go to if ever he decides to leave. If he does leave, I would love to see him either in a Bulls jersey or in a Lakers jersey next season.

  7. Deutztony says:

    I see the San Antonio Spurs has the potential to make a 3-PEAT provided that they will be healthy and still have that teamwork that they have now. No doubt about it though its too early to predict. #SPURSfor3PEAT(2014,2015,2016)

  8. The Dk says:

    I have been reading all the comments up until now and there are some people that actually have a grasp of reality.
    Personally I agree with some and banging my head with others. It is a critical off season this particular one as it was last years as well. Most of the teams have their core and there are higher and higher expectations from the fans every year, that is understandable.
    stating that LBJ, Melo, and Kobe on the same sentence is it Highly unlikely to happen. Regardless their hunger for win all three want it for themselves.
    Now Wade was the man that took MIAMI from the gutter and brought it to what it is now, WITH off course the help of LBJ and Bosh let give credit where due!
    James, by my point of view will stay one more year in Miami before considering leaving. the reason? He is running the show now, Wade unfortunately, year caught up with him and the injuries are more and more and Bosh does not seem like the one to step up when needed.
    Melo with opt for something with instant recognition because he wants something fast, He is 2-0 on the ring race…
    Now when it comes to Love it is a tricky one….. I dont see any help on joining the Bulls. They got Noah.. and Rose whenever he turns up again.
    I wouldnt mind having either LBJ or Melo to the Bulls but I am not the one to decide. But Have this in mind that whoever joins the Bulls from the two…. if they dont go ALL the way it is a failed season.

  9. inivra says:

    King Bull & his court : Noah, Taj, The King, Butler & Rose.

  10. Mace1xONEx1 says:

    James and the Heat will be right back to where they were these last four years!….This demoralizing defeat that was the 2014 NBA Finals, they may have needed just that. After four consecutive Finals appearances (five overall), including two straight titles (three overall), the league may have awoken a sleeping giant. They have the greatest weapon in LeBron James and the team is yet to utilize that advantage to it’s full potential. The Heat’s mastermind Pat Riley is too talented not to know what it’ll take to keep James in South Beach. As long as the “Best Player in the World” resides in Miami, the Heat aren’t expected to dwindle anytime soon. Besides, who would question James leaving the Heat? He knows better. Everyone does.

  11. bballjunkie1 says:

    Who said u dont need a good coach to win a championship? Maybe not if the other side isn’t as talented. But when they are in the case of these playoffs, then better be able to push buttons and react in the moment. Pop is a legend it showed, this aint working I’ll start Diaw game 3. Spo has been learning on the job, eating off of Lebron, like that coach that wasn’t Mike Brown in Cleveland and it showed. Miami has been paid in full u gave them 4 stabs at it, should have won the first one, had u standing in the corner who does that to 3x MVP? Somebody who doesnt know what hell they are doing,realize what they have, or what they need. Way to go Pop, run Lebron, run !!!

  12. Carlo says:

    If yours was sarcasm, then sorry. It was so fine I lost it among all those stupid things about ‘Melo.

    Agree. Noah is the heart&soul of these Bulls.

    @Melo-To-Houston (and others):
    Many already answered to you. Although I don’t like his childlish chest-bumping style, I can’t deny that James is todays most dominant player. That doesn’t mean that he has to win it all, for the last time I checked it seemed that b’ball is a team game played by AT LEAST 5 men (plus bench).
    One of the great differences between James and other stars like Anthony or Westbrook (beside being strong on defense too) is that James is much more intelligent and KNOWS he can’t do everything by himself. Only, everybody think he MUST do it. Everybody think that just having James = Championship.

    Besides, to all those who say “Melo come here” “James go there”, I have news for you: there are rules.
    Without rules, even incompetent owners like Knicks’ could win a row of titles by just piling up all the best players, leaving nothing to others.
    NBA are not stupid. They know that without these rules (e.g. the salary cap) the show would be boring, with just one or two teams winning always. They would loose all the fans of all other teams.
    So… James to L.A.? ‘Melo to Houston? OK: are you fans available to pay for HUGE salary cap fines out of your pockets?
    Remember: NBA is showBUSINESS first. Sports then.

  13. jhun says:

    winning a championship is not all about how good is a coach is or player was, what happened to heat is they don’t have reliable center, and good point guard that’s why the ball doesn’t go around like the spurs did, for LeBron just stay to Miami and just ask the heat organization to produce a reliable center and good point guard, to coach erik you done a great job as a coach of Miami, its just some people cant see it ,and cant accept the fact that in world of sport there is always a winner and a loser. 2 time champion and 2 time eastern champion is a amazing achievement. for the Miami heat just rebuild your team and I am sure that you guys could regain your pride and championship

  14. Mace1xONEx1 says:

    James and the Heat will be right back where they were these past four years! As long as “The Best Player in the World” resides in Miami, the Heat aren’t going away anytime soon!

  15. jso says:

    LeBron would never go to the Bulls. Like he wants MORE Jordan comparisons. He’ll probably just play out his contract. There’s only 2 years left and while he may no longer be in his prime by that point, he’ll undoubtedly still be among the best.

    As for Anthony, I can’t see him joining the Mavs. Sure they were the team that gave NBA champ Spurs the biggest fight, but he’s probably more interested in joining a younger, more athletic team like the Rockets. I can’t see him going to Miami either as the conflict of who is “the guy” would emerge again, and something tells me Anthony doesn’t want to play second fiddle to LeBron James nor does James want to play second fiddle to Anthony. I can see him going to the Bulls, which would undoubtedly give him the opportunity to be “the guy” since none of the players are particularly known for their great offense (and the rest of the Bulls cast can mask Anthony’s inadequacy on the defensive end).

  16. George Hill says:

    Pacers got to be knocking themselves Kawhi Leonard for George Hill?

    • aa says:

      Well they needed a point guard, and they already had a small forward in paul george that they wanted to develop.

      Maybe right now in hinsight that trade was dumb, but it wasnt back then.

  17. TayCloudz says:

    Lets not act like Melo hasn’t been the second best scorer in the NBA for the last few years…any team could use him…ANY TEAM!!!…He’s Kevin Durant without Westbrook…..Derrick Rose will bring out the best in Melo…They tried it with Iverson in Denver but Allen shot the ball more than everyone in the NBA, and tho they had the second best team in the West only falling short to the Lakers in the playoffs…things didn’t work out, Iverson ended up wanting to be traded which eventually led to Melo trade to New York, and we know what happened there…He would give the Bulls who are an amazing Defensive team the offensive explosion they need to get over the hump

  18. Yeah says:

    Griffin to miami

  19. Stezo says:

    MJ and his Chicago bulls would be a headache for the San Antonio spurs
    then Lebron & Co

  20. Steven says:

    Miami needs to better there roster which they didn’t do this year, really not much of a bench or a point guards that you could count on night after night of what you would get out of them.. Wade is not the player he once was but still a good player, Bosh well he’s not playing position he should be playing so he doesn’t get as many touches, so now he more of a outside shooters and that is how he gets most of his shoots, shooting 3’s or inside the 3 point line, so that is the couch using him wrong, I wondering if it would be best for Bosh to come off the bench with the second unit so that he could play his normal position? But I don’t know if Bosh would wanna do something like that… Miami does need a decent center thou and a point guard…

  21. sam fuller says:

    my favorite player is LeBron James.

  22. Uncle Daddy says:

    I just don’t think adding Melo to any team will have the out come a lot of franchises expect, but good luck to all of you who are willing to overpay to keep/have him. He is not a player to build around, he is the secondary piece in the build.

  23. qq says:

    that spurs team is probaly the best offensive team ive ever seen, seriously, has it ever been a team deeper than that team right there?

    I honestly think they can make a serious run next season aswell, if duncan and ginobli decides to stay on.

    Nobody is better than keeping the players healthy than the spurs.

  24. Melo-To-Houston says:

    I Cant stand Lebron, but after this finals, he needs to humble himself and go play with Kobe for a year or two. It pains me to say it, but Lebron was handed greatness by the media. After 5 trips to the NBA Finals, he only has 2 rings to show for it, and in all honesty, he has not taken the next step in terms of being that MJ/Kobe-like DOMINANT force….If he plays with Kobe, my bet is he learns a lot from him and when Kobe retires, you will see a Lebron James that will be unstoppable. Lebron has 2 rings, and is yet to develop a go-to move? Again, I cant stand Lebron, but I will respect him if he swallowed his pride and went to L.A to become more of a STUDENT/LEADER of the Lakers.
    By the way, Melo should and probably will go to Houston. That 3 of Harden/Howard/Anthony would easily win 58-63 games.

    • skrutz says:

      What basketball league do you watch? How would playing with Kobe help? More practice covering for him on defence?

    • #dwade#flash says:

      swallow pride? i think you are talking about ego? and you put Kobe in the same sentence. THAT I CANT UNDERSTAND

      they guy took pay cut to win, kobe took what?
      dude that I CANT STAND

      • TayCloudz says:

        Kobe didn’t need a pay cut. He has FIVE rings last time i checked…and he won the last 2 with bench players…no other superstars…unless u wanna call Lamar Odom a “superstar”…but your smarter than that…Kobe could teach him a lot……AND MELO TO CHICAGO!!!Houston has no D-fence…Melo is not going to change that it will only get worse…Chicago already is defensive minded and could help Melo get better at that part of his game which is really his only downfall..and he could be the scoring piece they need to win a championship…not just a good regular season team which the Rockets would only be.

    • emz says:

      James, Bosh and Wade need to stay in Miami. All they need is a true center and decent point guard. Trade for some good young role players! Get rid of Spoelstra and opt for a more seasoned coach. Back in the Finals again!!

    • dutchlakerfan says:

      Dude Im a Kobe/Lakerfan dont get me wrong but that comment you made doesnt make any sense. 5 trips to the finals and 2 rings is still pretty good. LBJ is a great player on offense and defence he has a great workethic and shows up every season in shape with a drive to win so I dont get the point youre trying to make. Sure Kobe could teach LBJ some things and I would welcome him in LA to help Kobe win another ring and take over the franchise once he retires. But stop the nonesense about humbling himself, he is a great player and people always act like he should win it every year but the reality is you cant you need great teammates and good coaching, and thats where it lacked the last championshiprun for the Heat. They lacked some on the center and the pg position and a coach who isnt able to adapt to his oppoment.

  25. exult463 says:

    I find it so amazing I have yet to read many comments about the -D grade of Erik Spoelstra as coach? I believe he is the primary reason why they lost. I don’t think he is a real bad coach, but he is not in my opinion a good coach either. Here are my reasons.
    He was totally outcoached by Pop, yet who else isn’t. So, I can’t take away too many points for that fact. Yet,
    Spoelstra really has no game plan or very limited game plan. His play callings is give the ball to Lebron or give it to Wade, and run a pick and roll or isolation. Every play. Lebron is just so plain talented, him alone made Miami only two time champions, Spoelstra rode his coat tails. How many different starting line-out changes did Spoelstra he have during 2013-14? A lot? Dude activated Beasley for game 5 of this years championship? quesswork? He never really established a second unit? WTF? a head coach in the NBA? Lebron .. yes he rode your coat tails. Personally this is the major reason I think Lebron is comptemplating leaving Miami… Spoelstra is Riley’s pet, but he is not that good. It’s unfortunate, that Lebron has never been blessed to play with a superior coach like Kobie and Jordan. Now here is the biggest knock against Spoelstra? He never developed any players to really be significant off the bench, other than already developed players like Ray Allen. You can’t win 3 championships in a row without bringing in new fresh hungry talented competitors.. (study the Lakers, and the Bulls three-peats and the new players they brought in annually after winning a championship). Is Beasley , Odem, Haslem, and others really that bad? Birdman was a nice addition, and helped last year. I don’t think those other players are all that bad in all cases? He certainly underplayed Haslem, this playoff run, Haslem really is a big part of the heart and soul of the team. Spoelstra doesn’t have any development plans, play calling.. just a guy in the right place at the right time. Can he learn and become a good coach, certainly.. if Lebron leaves the real Erik Spoelstra will be revealed.. I hope he improves because he has everything lesson wise to learn from…..

    • DragonofPeg says:

      I would argue that Carlisle gave Pop a run for his money earlier this playoffs probably also in the current top 3 or 5 coaches in the nba.

      • SharpieOne says:

        I would disagree. I think Pop more than out coached Carlisle. The Spurs got out played in a majority of those games but still won the series. At about game 7 the Spurs hit another gear and really started to play on a completely different level than everyone else (the only exception was the two games against OKC.) The first few games the Spurs were playing horrible defense and mediocre offense. When the Spurs are playing well they’re hard to beat and when they’re playing their best they’re impossible to beat. Now I might be a little biased as a Spurs fan but after watching them for years, especially after watching them this year, I truly believe that. They’re probably the only team in the NBA that can have their best player/players sit out or play very poorly and still beat any team in the NBA.

    • SharpieOne says:

      Yeah but Spoelstra didn’t really have a lot to work with. Being born in S.A. and having a majority of my family still living there, I’ve watched and cheered the Spurs on for years. Pat Riley is a horrible G.M. and I honestly don’t think he was ever a good Coach. It’s hard to develop and draft decent players when you’re picking so late in the first round that you might as well have 2 second round picks. The entire Heat organization bet their franchise on 3 players. Let’s face it, the Spurs probably should have won last year but Miami had great luck and great skills to pull it off. However the Spurs were drastically better this year than they were last year. They also used last year as inspiration. There is NO WAY the Spurs were going to lose this series. Honestly I don’t know what more Spoelstra could have done. After game 2 the Spurs turned on another speed (I know that is used a lot but this time this team actually did.) I think if it wasn’t for the AC going out in game 1 (which no matter what Miami fans say took a lot out of the Spurs in game 1 and they still felt the affects in game 2), and Chalmers knocking Parker out of game 2 for a few minutes while the Spurs were up by 2, this series probably would have been a sweep. Lebron, Wade and Bosh all looked like deer caught in the headlights. They’d never seen such beautiful basketball played and none of them could stop it. Spoelstra tried to put together so many different line ups because nothing was working. Haslem is way undersized, that’s why he rarely played. He only got that time at the end because the Heat had nothing to lose. Duncan dominated him on the defensive end and he contributed nothing on offense. The Heat were just out matched, out coached (but like you said, Pop usually out coaches everybody) and out played.

  26. Brian says:

    D. Rose and Noah should be off limits. There isn’t much i’d take for Joakim Noah, him and D.Rose will be nice together next season

  27. standard says:

    one man can’t win a teams game.
    nuf said!!!

  28. PistonsFan93 says:

    Hey, Chris Bosh is the idiot who said they were gonna win that game yesterday. And look how that turned out. Forget the Heat. As my name says, I want the Pistons to make a move (which I know they won’t). But the Spurs earned it. The West is loaded, but the good teams aren’t even that good. Disappointed at OKC. LA Clippers just can’t seem to get it together Lakers might bounce back maybe. But other than that San Antonio has an efficient squad. And now they got a ring for their whole hand.

    • Malcom says:

      He’s Nawt an idiot for saying that he would b one if he said they wasn’t gon win so think bout wat yu said

    • skrutz says:

      Yeah, who the hell comes out and says “we have no hope, we’re going to lose”, even IF it’s the case?

      • SharpieOne says:

        Yeah but saying the exact opposite of that is just as stupid. We didn’t expect him to say “we’re going to lose” but we also didn’t expect him to say “I guarantee we’re going to win.” Each are equally as stupid, especially if you lose. He could have just as easily said “We’re going to go out and give it our all and try to make a series of it”, but he didn’t say that. However it’s not as bad as Lebron telling everyone to “follow my lead” and then play a great first quarter and then look like a deer caught in the headlights for the rest of the game.

  29. Marco says:

    seems the lowly mavs with an aging superstar were the only team to hang with the spurs, seems after that gave 7 the spurs were the spurs and put everyone away easily

    • MrNBA says:

      That lowly MAVS would’ve been third seed if they were in the Eastern conference. And they actually came close to eliminating the Spurs if it wasn’t for an unbelievable bone-headed play by Blair in game 4, which changed the entire series.

      • Get Real says:

        No. That Game 7 for the Spurs was their wake up call. The Mavs were playing playoff-like basketball before the playoffs started due to that race for the 7-8th seeds at the end of the season. Don’t forget the Mavs won one game by 2 points and another game by 1 point because of a buzzer beater 3 pointer by Carter. This could of been a 4-1 for the Spurs.

      • SharpieOne says:

        First I think the Mavs would have been a lot higher than 3rd. You still have to factor in the fact that they would play 10 Eastern Conference teams 4 times and the other 4 Eastern teams 3 times and only play the Western Conference teams twice. Also if we’re going by “if it wasn’t for…” the Spurs would have dominated the Mavs. The Spurs played very poorly for 6 of those games. If they had played the same way they played against the Blazers, Thunder or Heat the Mavs wouldn’t have stood a chance. They played horrible defense for most of the series, their ball movement was horrible every other game and so was their 3 point shooting. I could also start listing off stupid, bone-headed, plays a Spur made in game 6. So technically if the Mavs win game 4 by undoing a bone-headed play then the Spurs still end up winning the next 3 and take the series. The fact is that series came down to a winner take all game and the Spurs blew out the Mavs and sent them home. Once the Spurs faced elimination they turned on another level and started dominating. The Blazers, Thunder and Heat all know that. Those are also 3 teams the Mavs wouldn’t have beat.

  30. celentano says:

    letravel,the greatest hype ever in the nba history! “not 1,not 2,not 3… ,ok just 2 thats’ enuf for a while”.next drama in the off-season,where should letravel go further? i hope mitch from the lakers does’nt go after letravel or melo anyway.

  31. the FACT says:

    I’m no Big fan of Heat or Spurs, but I always read comments like “Built Vs. Bought stuff. Miami for sure was built with the Big three as their core, But Spurs have 7 (correct me if I’m wrong) players coming from other countries,

    • Just saying says:

      You do realize that the Spurs actually DRAFTED their core instead of buying these full-prepared superstars? They took time to develop Tim, Manu and Tony into star players and most importantly loyal towards their organization. These three played remarkable role once again and were leading this team to another championship. The Spurs may have a lot of international players but that’s just their way of building a team that differs from the mainstream. They know what kind of players they need and teach them to play their role, and that’s the key for their success. Coming from a Nuggets fan.

      • skrutz says:

        I don’t like the Built vs. Bought much. Who wouldn’t love to do that? Every team tries to draft the best long term players (usually, sometimes trade chips) but really, how often does that pan out? The Spurs and Pop are miracle workers. To build like they did is amazingly impressive – but to call out the Heat for buying, you can call out most any other team. Plus, Wade was built there!

      • TROYBOY says:

        I don’t think the Fact understood what BUILT OR BOUGHT actually means. Miami and the way they were built is the reason why the BUILT VS BOUGHT argument came about. Miami is the perfect example of a team that was bought. They bought superstars to win. San Antonio is the perfect example of a team that was built through the Draft and Free Agency.

    • MrNBA says:

      Well I find it incredibly amusing when James, Wade, or Bosh talk about playing hard when the whole reason they got together was so they don’t have to work/play as hard. And what’s wrong with players from other countries? The Spurs go after them because they don’t have egos, unlike the entitled players we have here.

    • SharpieOne says:

      How did Miami get their big 3 to build around? Where a player comes from has ZERO to do with the whole built vs bought argument. It amazes me how uninformed you are. Built is what teams like San Antonio do with guys such as Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Splitter and Kawhi (even though he was a draft day trade.) They drafted these guys and developed them. They don’t go out in free agency and buy the biggest players to be good. Next time you should really understand what you’re talking about before you decide to comment on it. LMAO. It’s funny that your name is “the FACT.”

  32. bullsfan91 says:

    been hearing alot about lebron coming to chicago if he hits market drives me crazy…with the bulls out watching him lose is next best thing!

  33. exocast33 says:

    So, what the Bulls have learned from this years Finals is that you have to build a team like San Antonio? Plan A: Start with Melo? Makes total sense. The Spurs are built on selfish, flashy scorers that play little defense and pout when they don’t get the ball. Carmelo is just like Duncan, solid, professional and a quiet leader. WTF?

    • Carlo says:


      Are you Carmelo?
      If not, did you ever watched a Spurs’ or an Anthony’s game?

      Spurs “built on selfish, flashy scorers that play little defense”? Mmh… One wonders how – on this basis – the Spurs can have the 2nd best DEFrating in NBA.

      Carmelo “like Duncan, solid, professional and a quiet leader”? Yeah. So solid/pro/quiet he made the Nuggets trade him before he wrecked them. And look at him when things go pearshaped. Look at his 4yr-old attitude. Look at his defense (what?) Look at him keeping the ball forever and ever.

    • SharpieOne says:

      LMAO. That’s pretty funny. This is definitely the best comment I’ve seen today. I think Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times must have bumped his head when he wrote that article. If not he clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.

  34. Kimmy says:

    LeBron James may be leaving the Heat but to play for the Bulls? I don’t think so. Kevin Love more like it.

  35. Some Guy says:

    Where’s that LBJ troll now?????

    Crying about it won’t get you a ring, you need to join 5 time champ “Tim” Duncan in San Antonio if you ever want to win again. We will trade future hall of famer Matt Bonner for Lebron, Wade and Bosh. Maybe Lebron will even get a starting role. No promises.


    • I'm Right says:

      you realise Lebron is still the best player in the league right?

    • mee(a)t says:

      He’s been gone since April? Are you people just seeing that he’s gone?

    • Jaamnoo says:

      hahaha… nice one but still…. lebron was the best player this season AND finals MVP…

      • SmoothMM says:

        Are you sure, Jaamnoo? LeBron looked a lot like Kawhi Leonard to me. The way he clutched the Finals MVP trophy… I was sure that was Kawhi Leonard. Am I going crazy?

      • SharpieOne says:

        LMAO. Remember before the game when Lebron told the rest of the Heat to follow his lead? If Lebron was the MVP he would have lead his team to a ring instead of an early exit with only a single win in the finals. Kawhi outplayed him by far. Kawhi played both sides of the floor every time he was on the floor. Lebron didn’t. His team would go minutes without scoring. How could the best player and Finals MVP be on the floor for 8 minutes and his team doesn’t score for the entire 8 minutes? I wouldn’t even trade Patty Mills for Lebron. Kawhi doesn’t need to call his teammates “dog”, give speeches and tell people to follow him to get them fired up and playing hard. He goes out there and works his but off and inspires everyone else on his team through his play. That’s why he got a ring this year and that’s why he won the most important MVP title this year.

    • The Kid says:

      hahaha yeah, matt boner for lebron! #lbjtroll

      • Some Guy says:

        Did you guys notice the subtleties? like how I wrote “Tim”, just like he writes “Lebron”?

        Pure Genious

        and I knew the Matt Bonner trade would be appreciated, after all the Norris Cole trades he proposed (or rather future HOF Norris Cole)

    • SharpieOne says:

      Dude that’s brilliant. I was going to write a similar comment but you beat me to it. God bless you sir.