With no AC, Heat turned up in AT&T Center

VIDEO: AC malfunctions during Game 1

SAN ANTONIO — Thanks to no air conditioning inside the AT&T Center, the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat and more than 18,581 fans are literally sweating out Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Fans began fanning themselves with placards and anything they could find early in the game to create a bit of a breeze inside the stifling arena that lost AC due to an electrical problem. With players needing extra rest, extra ice and resorting to putting cold, wet towels over their head, it took until the end of the third period for an announcement to address the situation.

Several reporters inside the building tweeted that the temperature in the building was rising into the upper 80s in the second half. At 10 p.m., it was 84 degrees outside.

Then came an official statement on behalf of Spurs Sports & Entertainment:

“An electrical failure for the power that runs the AC system in the AT&T Center has occurred. We are continuing to work on resolving the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience.”


  1. Jeremy says:

    You think Spoelstra is a terrible coach? That’s a new kind of dumb.

  2. Rob says:

    I thought games 1 and 2 were played in 3 days. I don’t follow NBA closely. But has there been a delay until the AC was fixed?

  3. Eric says:

    Someone was making a joke about the heat.Their the heat people

  4. D. Wright says:

    We’re talking about Air Conditioning? Air Conditioning, really. smh So, the AC went out! AAAND?? It didn’t only go out on one side of the arena and just follow the spurs around the court. good lord, man. If this was some kind of master plan, then why would they do it in game 1? The spurs know they are a great team just like miami so don’t you think, even if they were evil planning, that they would wait until they needed that extra boost? Dont you think they would at least play game 1 first to see if their plan was indeed necessary and then do it earliest in game 2? And why do it in game 1 and give the best player in the league motivation for the rest of the series? The spurs organization has proven to be a lot of things…stupid is NOT one of them! Some(not all) miami fans are really unbelievable. I’m so happy that the miami heat team has more respect for themselves than their fans. I am happy to see my favorite and my second favorite team go at it again in the nba finals. stop the ridiculousness and let em leave it all on the court!

  5. Ben says:

    There are a few things that make this a little bit fishy, as others have posted the Spurs being deeper and LeBron with known cramping issues, which everyone knows are exasperated by heat. I’m a Heat fan, but It would be ignorant to say that this was definitely done on purpose, although I wouldn’t put it past a die hard fan/stadium crew member as someone previously posted. It would also be just as ignorant to say this was definitely not done on purpose, I hope the NBA investigates this to their fullest capabilities, and also the story that the Spurs had osculating fans in their locker room, the Heat locker room did not.

  6. JimD54 says:

    Well, one thing we know for sure…….The heat can’t play without LeBron for even a few minutes, if LeBron overheats in any more games Miami is toast….

  7. Real Talk says:

    People who are accusing those who believe this is a setup…needs to take off their blinders. No way does a ac system suddenly breaks down on an organization with millions during one of the most important games of the year. No backup system? Really? One air circuit? How odd. Everything was in place.

    1. While most of the Spurs are from foreign countries known for its Heat, the heat are not. Parker, Ginobili, Boris, Splitter, Duncan…all use to play without air conditioning. There’s even an article that states that Danny Green even admitted that while they had cooling fans…the Heat did not.

    2. Rod Thorn was at the game? Is it normal procedure for him to be there? Suddenly, he’s giving a press conference and we’re like…where did this dude come from? Convenient? You be the judge. He said that it was safe to play that the refs had the power.

    3. Refs are under who again?

    4. The NBPA acting executive admitted that it was dangerous for players. So…

    Why not delay the game?

    Because the Spurs were ready for it. It did not hurt them one bit. Bron leaves and all of a sudden they are “rejuvenated and inspired” going 10-12 while playing in 90 something degrees. Everyone was great on that team. Everyone in the forth!

    Lastly, Spurs are aware that Heat relay on their starts. However, they are deep and can play in conditions when they have already planned for it.

    Open your eyes America. Politics are in Sports too you know…

  8. David A says:

    I am upset with all these conspiracy theories that this was the Spurs doing. First of all, I am confident in saying that people who make such irrational and illogical comments do not know basketball. Most of it sound like it came from people who only watch the finals once a year or people who started following NBA in the last two years. these people forget to acknowledge that the Spurs have consistently made the playoffs for the last 15 years. Pop is the next best coach after Jackson. This is the man who got fined for sitting out his star players and was okay with it. He will not even think about taking a risk that will harm the well being of any of his players. The fact that people even think that Spurs are behind the AC outage is a great disrespect to Pop and Duncan. Now the reason why I say that people making these comments do not know basketball is because Duncan avoids the spotlight, therefore, they do not know him as a player. I urge you to do some research on him and see why he is arguably one of the greatest players of the last two decades. Also Spoelstra is a terrible coach for even letting Lebron continue. He does not know how to rotate players well. Also remember the heat affected both teams. Spurs had close to 24 turnovers, 9 in the third quarter.

  9. seansull83 says:

    So what everyone is saying here is that the conspiracy to bench Lebron is real and that without hiim the Heat can’t close the last 2 minutes in a 5 point well. They gave up an 11-1 run. They have 3 other potential hall of famers. None of them can make a shot. Maybe if chalmers came to play they may have won, maybeif they capitalized on SA’s 22 turnovers instead of playing sloppy ball, maybe if the bench points didn’t consist of primarily Ray Allen. Look at the box scores that’s why the Heat lost. Look if LeBron is not cramping does it change the game, yes but both teams suffered. Ginobli looked like death at the press conference after the game.

    If the Heat can only win with LeBron playing extended minutes he is gonna gas. Spurs are playing him different. They are forcing him to drive through people at the top of the key. He is gonna fade out at the end because he is expected to play coast to coast defense and offense at 200 percent. That is unfair, where are the others.

  10. MikeH says:

    I think the NBA put players from both teams at risk of Heat Stroke in Game 1. The pace of a Finals game is very intense up and down the court in 90 degree temperatures.

    Heat Stroke: Symptoms Per: WebMD
    Heat stroke can kill or cause damage to the brain and other internal organs. Although heat stroke mainly affects people over age 50, IT ALSO TAKES A TOLL ON HEALTHY YOUNG ATHLETES.
    Heat stroke often occurs as a progression from milder heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat syncope (fainting), and heat exhaustion. But it can strike even if you have no previous signs of heat injury.
    Heat stroke results from prolonged exposure to high temperatures — usually in combination with dehydration — which leads to failure of the body’s temperature control system.

    Rod Thorn needs to educate himself beyond his “personal experience” from decades ago. This is not a question of toughness or experience. All players ran very high risks in Game 1 for no real reason. A athlete should not have to risk his life to participate in a “live sporting event”. Heat Stroke is not a joke.

  11. M says:

    anyone who thinks the a/c going out was intentional is pathetically out of touch.. stuff like that happens.. a true athlete plays through it… MJ with the flu.. come on now

  12. Chas says:

    Is it true the “Heat” are changing the team name to the Miami “Dehydrated?”

  13. Peter C says:

    HERE IS WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING! I am not a Spurs or Heat fan but it seems very obvious. There is a guy (or maybe two) that works at the AT&T Center who is a “FAN”atic. Remember someone put a four foot long rattlesnake in the Portland locker room before a round two game this playoffs a few weeks back. There is no way that is an accident! These same idiots who want to do anything to help their team…get involved… short out the AC right when the game starts. It’s not that hard to do. Now do the conditions effect both teams….sure they do but any knowledgable fan knows the Spurs have a deeper bench and that the Heats starters, who play more minutes will be more effected in the longterm. It’s also common knowledge that LBJ seems to be more effected by hot conditions as well. Hey they still played the game and in no way do I think the Spurs organization had anything to do with it. It’s just some jerk, wanna be, Spurs super fan that has access to the building and will do ANYTHING to help his team win.

    • Ray says:

      I have to respect to your opinion but I don’t agree with it. Things break down all the time and as far as a FAN atatic going to such extremes is pretty funny. Both teams had a lot on the line not just Miami, both teams would suffer from heat exhaustion not just one team.

  14. Anyone who lives in Texas or has lived in Texas knows that it’s a total kind of hot. This hasn’t happen at any other time but all of a sudden game 1 of the NBA finals and the ac goes down……….we all can see threw the bs. I just didn’t think they would go to such great lengths to secure a win……..beat a team fair and squre. I don’t like any one team more than the other but……..GO HEAT

    • Troy says:

      And knowing the weakness of LJ on this. It is just BS not to stop this game as Van Gundy said. Some stupid people compare this with old time conditions but this is not same, you have no air circulation like old time. This is like comparing a convertible car with a car closed windows, and top in a summer time.

      • D. Wright says:

        wow. the conditions were SOOO bad……that only Lebron James went out. That sounds ridiculous. EVERYONE else was able to fight through it and finish the game. So obviously, it was withstandable enough, yeah? I guess the spurs started the fire at the arena in New Mexico too, huh? get real! Everyone on both teams, except Lebron was able to play and finish and the game was tight up until the end of the fourth quarter. The Spurs won, get over it! smh

    • Ray says:

      You talk about fair? So your saying the Spurs are immune to heat? Wow! You need to wear a hat on hot day from keeping your brain from frying.

  15. D says:

    Deeper bench = less minutes for spurs starters = less pressure on each individual player = less impact if the A/C is out. Its not rocket science that the end of the game favored the spurs…. so stupid that this wasnt postponed due to a malfunction in a professional stadium in a finals game that definitely changed the outcome. There will be a rule added i’m sure but it’s too late now

  16. guybrush says:

    AC in stadium is a shame, it’s a waste of energy in the purest american way … the rest of the world don’t need AC in their arena, proof is international players in san antonio did cope well with the so called problem … i just hope the san antonio management get angry and humoristic about being called cheats by the cheat fan themselves and turn the at&t center into a very cool freezer for game 2 ^^

    • Troy says:

      And knowing LJ has weakness and issues on that in past. I was so surprised to see Pop let his starters to sit more than normal. Sounds like all planed. At least make an investigation and let us know what really happened.

  17. thespectator says:

    its a 7 game series people, relax lol. jeez you you guys are so hyped cuz of 1 game? im sure you do realize that its gonna do gown the wire right? its not like spurs are completely superior than miami.. quarters 2 and 3 miami outscored the spurs so spurs do have weaknesses of their own. Marjory of the posts on this site are so terrible..if miami loses 3 straight games then you have a fair argument that miami will lose, other wise everyone needa relax and watch the game.

  18. MikeH says:

    Reminded me of some of the old ABA arenas. It was a shame to have this game broadcast to nearly 30 countries, only to present the NBA as a second rate product. The NBA’s position was…..it’s the same for both sides! If the lights had blown out, would they have played in the dark? The game should have been postponed, but the NBA wanted the revenue. We were very fortunate no players were injured in the lakes of sweat on the floor.

  19. balance says:

    in a balanced game, sa always win (1) sa vs heat; sa win (2) sa vs heat + ref; heat win (3) sa + ac vs heat + ref; sa win

  20. macky says:

    hey guys, dont celebrate! same last year, Spurs won Game 1 coz of the lucky shot of TP and TA made a lucky shot 3 if really SA is a better team why lost in G6 and 7????
    Just watch and enjoy who is a better team period. But now spurs is doing everything to win? i think AC is intentionally hmmm!!! cheaters??? ARE YOU HAPPY TO WIN BY CHEATING??????? ENJOY UR RING WITH SLEEPLESS NIGHT BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • patty says:

      macky – why call it cheating? when the AC failed, are the miami heat players the only ones affected? i guess everybody had to endure the hot temp. if anything else, it brought Miami favor coz they’re the HEAT right??? =)

    • Wes Johns says:

      So when the heat get every single call from the refs does that count as cheating? You’ve obviously never been to Texas, especially San Antonio because it is very common for AC units to go out at the beginning of the summer since the strain on the system increases.

    • Ray says:

      I hope your just a kid making those kind of accusations cause of your a grown man. I would be ashamed of calling myself a sports fan. boo hoo. It’s not over till the end of the finals buddy.

  21. nbA2K says:

    Hey!!!! Nick i like your comments! GO SPURS! BEAT THOSE HEAT!!! hehe…

  22. kef says:

    did the cash registers also fail ? or the lights, or the electricity running the scoreboard, etc. Somethings fishy. Did a scouting report notice that James got more cramps in 90 degree temp. ? its obvious that the Heat had the game under control up to 3:59 in the 4th. Was the AC checked and troubleshot before the game? Spurs had many days to make sure AC was up to speed. Just doesn’t make sense.

    • richie says:

      you sound really dumb right now.the spurs played in the same conditions..its as simple as this,the spurs were the better team last night.quit looking for excuses.you probably werent even a heat fan up until a few years ago anyways

    • VM says:

      The problem was with the a/c not an overall electrical outage that would have affected the whole building (e.g. cash registers, lights, scoreboard, etc.). Have you never done routine maintenance on your car, home a/c, water heater, etc. and poof! It breaks without warning? Same thing. Sure, it’s very bad timing but commercial HVAC repair is not as simple as calling the local contractor to come trouble-shoot and fix in an hour or two. Anyone who thinks there was a conspiracy to make the arena unbearably hot has been spending too much time in the sun themselves.

    • Brad T says:

      Now, if the AC goes out AGAIN this sunday then something is fishy!!!

  23. Pup D says:

    lebron needs to harden up!no other players got cramp..GO SPURS!

    • Troy says:

      And knowing the weakness of LJ on this. It is just BS not to stop this game as Van Gundy said. Some stupid people compare this with old time conditions but this is not same, you have no air circulation like old time. This is like comparing a convertible car with a car closed windows, and top in a summer time.

  24. BOO says:

    Everyone is saying that all players were affected including the HOME players. BOOOOOOOO

    YOU mean to say it’s fine to play Game 2 again with no air conditioning wahahahhaha

    CHEAP San Antontio Spurs! Shame Shame Shame!!!

  25. jroyce27 says:

    I still go for Miami!!!! It’s just Game 1.. Lot more games to play this NBA Finals!!!

  26. TMac says:

    It is what it is….the Heat lost to the Spurs because the Spurs were the better team last night.

  27. mee(a)t says:

    Its clear to me that no one understands the human body

  28. jdub455 says:

    this is the finals!! things like this shldnt happen! damn a/c… lol… go HEAT!

  29. cythe says:

    For the refs, please have equal officiating on both teams especially on SA Spurs. on most of the playoff games, you are so bias with the team against the heat… please don’t ruin the games…

  30. Duke says:

    No one can say that the reason the Heat lost was because Lebron James was out of the game – Not when the Spurs shoot 14-for-16 from the field in the fourth quarter, including 6-for-6 from 3-point range. It’s laughable that anyone would pin this loss on Lebron’s absence during the last 7 mins.

  31. Nick says:

    LeBron is no MJ. LeBron didn’t win any title in Cleveland. Spurs swept them in 2007 remember. LeBron got 2 rings because of Wade and Bosch. Wade already had a ring without Mr. James, so don’t compare him to MJ. You will be insulting the Legend Michael Jordan. LBJ is definitely too overrated. GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Lebron is no MJ coz they have different gamestyles even though they both did so much for their teams.
      But I have a newsflash for you bro, neither Lebron nor MJ could win rings on their own.
      There is not a single year in NBA history where you can say it was one player, and JUST ONE PLAYER, that won a championship. To say so would be ridiculous. You ALWAYS need a team to win a championship.

      • Brad T says:

        Sure, but MJ had Pippen who could stand on his own really… LJ has a broken down Wade and a stupid three-point-chucking Bosh

    • Troy says:

      Do you know who played with MJ? How many 7′ centers they had in that team. NO – Do you know how tall is UD – NO – 6’8″
      Then stop putting your silly comments here..

  32. Carlo says:

    Well, that’s what being a “fan” is: you look for any possible excuse in a loss. Even the most stupid ones.
    For you must be really stupid to think that extra heat would affect only one of two teams.
    Next loss it’ll be the refs. Then the wrong colour of the locker room walls. And so on.
    Obviously, if your team is revolving around one single player and he goes out, you’re done.
    That’s why “teams” are teams and players are just players. Miami has a long history of relaxing in the game, knowing that LJ would win it for them in the 4thQ. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work always. Expecially in the playoffs. Expecially when you’re facing an expert, determined and well coached opponent. You must win over 48′.

  33. Kailua says:

    James keeps talking about how he wants to be in Basketball Mount Rushmore, but the four who are in Mount Rushmore are supposed to be physically tough, like Jordan, Russell, Kareem and Duncan. That means under any conditions! Duncan and Ray Allen are 38 years old. Manu is 36 years old. Wade is 33 years old.

    • psamcool says:

      None of them played as many minutes as he did and as hard as he did by the time he cramped. This has to be the lamest qualiification point for a Hall of famer. Don’t be a sour puss!

  34. Karamazof says:

    LBJ cant take the heat..maybe he played on the wrong side of the court…travelling+flagrants

  35. billybob says:

    Le Bron travels a lot.
    He is a mediocre player.
    At least some people in Miami think he is great.

  36. billybob says:

    i think Le Bron is a wuzzie.

  37. olsonbeat says:

    I´m from Venezuela ans all I can say AC is not a factor cuz you can see in other countries like Cuba or SouthAmerica ones they don´t have good conditions enviroment therefore this is a test and the more stronger team will win. I like the Spurs because they have better team. Period. Bye bye Heat for good. I used to be a Heat fan but I really don´t like Miami because people and police there are very agressive with people and there´s no free expresion for people

  38. Edjumacator says:

    If Red Auerbach was Coach or GM of the Spurs, the AC would crash again in Game 2.

  39. Edjumacator says:

    Ali was 33 and Frazier was 31 when they pounded each other for 14 rounds in Manilla. It was well over 100F in the ring and humid. Those were Men. LeBron may have cramped up anyway, it happens. These are athletes, they aren’t going to drop dead.

  40. fakebron/flopbron says:


    • Blank says:

      Man you really need to get a life.. Stop hating just watch and enjoy every minute of the game..

  41. Fsosa10 says:

    Ye ah of curse, if you take the best player of the world out of the game the difference will be big. and the job if gonna be easier for the other team, remembre you are not taking about a normal player you taking about a 30 point 7 asist and 8 reb player for sure. and be carefull for sunday cause when you make mad Lebron cause he wanted to do and he cant, on next he´ll be unstopable.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah Yeah, who took the best player out of the game? He himself did…………LeBron is a big baby……everybody else was doing fine even with the AC broken!!!!!!!!! Miami is going down,,,,, they just got lucky last year in last 21 seconds of game 6. Bye Bye Babies……this is NBA (no Babies Allowed). by the way: “talking is spelled with an ‘L’, not taking”

    • Jim says:

      Are you Borat?

  42. fablins says:

    ok !! lets see where the spurs fan when the series is over !!! tur non the ac ando go to see the geat champion !

  43. William says:

    Theirs no excuse for the ac to be broken you have 2 billion dollars now go fix the ac. Miami will win in 6

  44. Fsosa10 says:

    Ye ah of curse, if you take the best player of the world out of the game the difference will be big. and the job if gonna be easier for the spurs, remembre you are not taking about a bench player you taking about a 30 point 7 asist and 8 reb player for sure. and be carefull for sunday cause when you make mad Lebron cause he wanted to do and he cant, on next he´ll be unstopable.

    • Nick says:

      I said go correct your spelling fool. Go find a dictionary, if you don’t know how to use the spell check. its talking not taking

  45. Fsosa10 says:

    Ye ah of curse, if you take the best player of the world out of the game the difference will be big. and the job if gonna be easier for the spurs, remembre you are not taking about a bench player you taking about a 30 point 7 asist and 8 reb player for sure. dont be stupid, and be carefull for sunday cause when you make mad Lebron cause he wanted to do and he cant, on next he´ll be unstopable.

  46. olamim says:

    Looks like the Spurs handled the Heat just fine…

  47. QQ says:

    But all of you haters forgetting something here. everyman is different and everyman has different reaction when it comes to heat problem. so if its hard for lebron to handle so be it man. don’t judge him for that. most of those stupid people saying that he should have play through it but when it comes to all of you, i don’t think all of you can handle the heat as those players who played through. so shut up man. its just one game we will come back haters!!!

  48. DeMo says:

    All of you saying the game should have been delayed wouldn’t be saying a word had the Heat won. It wasn’t planned and it wasn’t anyone’s fault….. it just happened. 90 degrees is not life threatening for goodness sakes. It’s not like it’s the first time in history this has happened. Ask Magic Johnson!!! The Heat led the majority of the game and the Spurs had a ton of turn-overs. Neither team was at their best. Get over it!

  49. elvis says:

    Really? you must not know that the heat are only playing 2 games at home next not 3..

  50. Arnold says:

    Great game 1. It was unfortunate LeBron cramped up and couldn’t compete in the last minutes. The A/C situation didn’t really affect his game, (the media and announcers are making it bigger then what it is) so that’s definitely not an excuse. In order for the Heat to win games against this Spurs team, they need their leader on the floor in the 4th. He will be ready for Game 2 on Sunday, especially with 2 days to rest. Good luck Spurs fans, good luck. Expect a huge game 2 and series from the Michael Jordan of our era, as Frank Vogel said.

    • billybob says:

      Frank Vogel was wrong.
      Le Bron does not even come close to MJ………

      I remember MJ winning this one game while playing with the flu……..
      I remember MJ treating the fans the right way ( I am sure a lot of people in Cleveland agree that Le Bron did not).

      • Blank says:

        maybe your from Cleveland also… because you hate alot..

        Frank Vogel only said that because he need to have an excuses for their lose but that does not mean that lebron can’t be compared with MJ.. That man already reach his summit, and if when duncan retires and enters HOF, Lebron will be next on the line.

  51. William says:

    The success to winning an nba championship game tamper with the ac so the other team can be dehydrated and cramp up. Miami Heat will win in 6 I ain’t got no worries.”

  52. davao death spurs says:

    FYI ~ not only lebron and miami was affected in malfunction. the spurs team as well. knowing how old the big 3s was, they are more suffering in dehydration.

  53. gocharles says:

    LeBron was injured for real. Nothing to do with the A/C.

  54. Adam says:

    As a Heat fan, I’m not worried or making excuses. It’s obvious they aren’t as good with Lebron not on the floor. I think he comes back with a vengeance in game two though. I’d be more worried as a Spurs fan. Heat are 5-0 in series when they lose the first game since 2012. I see this going 6 games, Miami takes the game 2 in SA and wins their next 3 home games.

    • Nick says:

      Unfortunately Mr. Adam, next 3 games are not in Miami. The format is 2-2-1-1-1. So go do the maths……how will they take in 6 if you think Miami will win game 2 and win all their home games? Don’t have to think too hard Adam. SPURS WILL SWEEP MIAMI 4-0. you will see. This 2014 …..stop dreaming of 2013

    • Patrick says:

      @Adam; You heat fans amaze me, first many of you spouting how Miami is going to sweep the Spurs, now the it’s Miami in 5, would you like to make another ignorant guess, after game 2??

    • Real Talk says:

      True. I totally agree. I just hope we don’t hear anymore about snakes in lockers, broken ACS, heck even dead bodies. But hey we talking Texas…Texas? We talking about Texas. Haha

  55. Cuban -Miami Connection says:

    It looks like it is going to be a 2- 0 an SAS favor , since ….they know how to do it!
    Turn Off the AC and let the cramps got to LBJ…Very Easy

  56. okcDoke2014 says:

    I hope Lebron is able to play the rest of the series so you Heat “fans” can’t use that as an excuse WHEN the Spurs win the series.

  57. Aristotle says:

    It’s only game 1… no one is crying.

  58. NBAFan says:

    Everyone who’s saying “oh well the A/C situation affected both teams” is right but is missing the point. Yes, it’s true any of hte players could have cramped up but as luck would have it Lebron did, and no one can deny that had a huge impact on the game. The issue is that it’s unacceptable for an NBA arena to have broken A/C for a game in the finals. It’s gonna lead to some unfair outcome, in one direction or another. Tonight it had much more of an effect on the Heat, if it happened it again it might be the Spurs.

  59. Spurs09 says:

    I guess the Heat couldn’t handle the heat!

  60. gocharles says:

    How can you play for the Heat and unable to take the heat? Huh LeBron?

  61. steve says:

    everyone played under the same condition. it’s not like the spurs had AC built in their jerseys. no excuses.

  62. SpursAreCheap says:

    Cheap shot, Gregg!

  63. elvis says:

    Good game, Spurs are a 4th quarter team though blew them out just like that. 1 down 3 more to go. (:

  64. okcDoke2014 says:

    I think both teams played in the same conditions and the better team won ! If the Chargers lost while playing the Packers in Green Bay in December, would fans complain in San Diego ?

  65. M. Gibson says:

    This is ridiculous. How is it that no one could come out and repair AC? This is dangerous to not just the Heat players but to the Spurs players as well. But spurs do not mind winning by any way they can . Old has been worn out bodies lie d, g, and P who are being held up by Daiw, George and other bench players.

  66. BoomPanes says:

    AC to the rescue!

  67. cailles says:

    the heat(a/c problem) help the spurs win the game

  68. HeatFansDon'tExist says:

    Let all the Heat players and “fans” excuses begin. It’s not like the AC being broken didn’t bother the Spurs too. Saying they broke it on purpose is just plain dumb. They were only up 2 when Lebron left so it’s not like they were blowing the Spurs out. The Heat obviously would have had a great chance of winning had he been able to play. Injuries happen to every team every year. I hope Lebron is able to play the rest of the series so you Heat “fans” can’t use that as an excuse if the Spurs win the series.

  69. Sean says:

    Complete BS, Bird and Magic played without AC in boston back in 84, where temp is 97 degree F. The temp tonight was 90 degrees. Not to mention Duncan and Allen is 38 here, they play through it. James just can’t take the heat and the irony is that he plays for the Heat!

    • Real Talk says:

      But its the 21st century. No team should have to play in uncomfortable conditions just for our entertainment! The 80s were the 80s…let’s move on to the present where technology should be functionally correctly and teams are more wealthy. All this shows me is that the NBA cares more about money than they’re players. No half an hour delay like the NFL? Looking for a fine tbh

  70. tonyr says:

    It’s unfortunate that LaBron cramped up, but the truth is all players were dealing with the same thing. Everyone on that floor had to find a way to manage with the heat. It’s horrible that this day and age there’s no back up plan, but the show must go on and I thought the spurs weathered the storm better than the heat at the end of the game. Again, not great due to unforeseen circumstances, but everyone was dealing with it.

  71. LoL says:

    Heat fans mad because the Heat lost to the heat. Everyone else was affected by the heat not just your LeBron. It was a bad idea for them to play through that but then again things happen.

  72. elvis says:

    rvzablan, so I’m an okc fan & they got beat too not at their best

  73. quattro says:

    B.S….. he probably landed wrongly and tweaked his hamstring.

  74. Riley says:

    People forget the spurs had to play In the same temp the heat did they have no excuse

  75. Ben says:

    Both teams had to play through it, kind of ironic that the ‘Heat’ couldn’t cope with… well….. the heat.

  76. just a fan says:

    right cause players dont play on a blacktop ALL SUMMER long are those players complaining no they dont but eh any excuse i guess

  77. Justin LaRose says:

    I think the gsme should have been delayed until the AC was fixed,

  78. okcDoke2014 says:

    I do not think the Heat can beat the Spurs when they play at the AT & T Center

  79. Mynameismyname says:

    Jordan would played through the heat… And he would have won too…

    Let that be the reason why the heat lose the serious… LOL the irony

  80. Ryan says:

    Dont blame the A/C. Blame LECHOKE!!!

  81. rvzablan says:

    Man this is an ugly win by the Spurs. They’ve beat the Heat not at their best.

    • Common Sense says:

      🙂 That’s funny. Nobody is at their best during this time in the season. Welcome to the playoffs. on to game 2

    • Nick says:

      Really? are you serious….and they blew them out by 15 points. so you are saying Heat is nothing without LeBron. Well we beat OKC without Tony Parker……and nobody called it an ugly win.

    • Real Talk says:

      Tell me about it

  82. VM says:

    Last I saw, the Spurs were suffering under the same conditions at the AT&T Center and somehow they fared just fine. Hate to see anyone suffer but seems like the best team persevered. Go Spurs!

    • Real Talk says:

      The Spurs? The team with probably the most players with foreigners who are used to playing in hot weather? Growing up in Brazil, France etc. Tony and Ginobili even admitted that they are use to playing in hot weather. And before some fool say that the Heat play in Florida…they play with an ac. And didn’t Danny Green say that they had cooling fans in their locker room while the Heat didn’t? Look it up!

  83. Daniel says:

    it affects all players though not just lebron!

  84. elvis says:

    Lets blame the a/c for the loss now….

  85. Nunz says:

    Game should have been delayed at least until the A/C was fixed! how would you like to be inside a microwave oven, when it was cooler outside the Arena? Congratulations to the Spurs though. Heat will bounce back, as always. no A/C or otherwise

  86. GO HEAT says:

    So pissed on how LeBron got cramping. I think we had a REALLY GOOD chance to win. We were down by four, after his bucket, when he got taken out for the rest of the game.

    • Cooljays says:

      Why are you complaining? It’s not like the conditioning was only off for the heat players.. and besides they play in equal ground with both team having on AC. And in games like baseball where some team have roof and some doesn’t… and some games they have to play in rain, no one is complaining… Football something… when it’s snowing you still keep playing… If Lebron cramps it’s his own problems… maybe he should stretch more LOL

  87. Alex says:

    How could you let players play without A/C, you risk their health!!! I think the Heat should block the A/C in the locker room when the spurs come visit, see how they like it when they host games like these, not happy about this playoff game. Didn’t see 100% because you had a “a/c” problem … Spurs and T&T should be sued for this!

    • Rationale says:

      Stop whining. Stuff happens.

      The Spurs must have been playing on the “cooler” side of the court. Notice how stupid this sounds?

    • DeMo says:

      Sue?!? Really?!?
      You’re ridiculous.

    • Common Sense says:

      HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Based on your theory it wouldn’t be very smart if the HEAT blocked the AC at HOME cause they’d lose their too! Based on your theory the Spurs are simply more conditioned and stronger specimens of people. If you really want to say the heat are a good team, then blame the loss on the cramping of Lebron because he eats the wrong diet. He’ll correct his diet, stretch a bit more and AC or NOT, beat the Spurs next game. But suing the Spurs is not only laughable its stupid.

  88. Francisco says:

    Heat affects the most muscular and active, Lebron

    • wagedu says:

      Seriously? Wade is thin or not-active? Wade, Duncan, Parker, Allen, all played the same minutes (or even more!) than Lebron, and are waaay older than him.
      So, Lebron being strong is a reason for him being weak?

      • Francisco says:

        Let me make it simple, LeBron consumes more, physics

      • quattro says:

        Francisco is talking out of is buttt! huge muscles retains the most fluid and all things being equal, lebron should be the last to cramp!

      • VM says:

        I’m with you on that. Not everyone handles environmental conditions the same way. Everyone played in the same hot arena but not everyone responded the same way. Spurs were fortunate to win with so many TOs tonight. Thankfully they pulled it out in the fourth and beat the uncomfortable conditions and the Heat. I’m a Lebron fan too and don’t want to see him hurt but the Spurs are awesome and got the win.

      • Dr. Adams says:

        Heat reduces the chances of cramping, cold increases the chances. Diet increases or decreases the chances, Physics, Lebron has a less balanced diet, or simply hasn’t been stretching well

      • Dayavoo says:

        Ever heard of heat cramps? Google it if you want, but in general, the higher the level of exertion as physical a player Lebron is, the more heat your body produces, the greater your risk of getting heat cramps!