24 – Second thoughts — May 31

VIDEO: Ginobili steps up in crunch time for the Spurs


The Spurs Way.

Sheer basketball beauty.

Explain it any way you can. But know this, the San Antonio Spurs were clearly meant for this, for this moment and for this rematch they have earned against the Miami Heat in The Finals — starting Thursday night in San Antonio.

You don’t go on the road for a close-out Game 6 against the MVP (Kevin Durant) and the force of nature (Russell Westbrook), lose your superstar point guard (Tony Parker) at halftime to ankle soreness and be anything but destined for The Finals.

Ultimately it was the ageless wonder that is Tim Duncan (aka The Big Fundamental, aka Old Man Riverwalk, aka Timmay, aka … you get the point) who went right at Serge Ibaka in overtime for the game-clinching baskets.

He had tons of help. Boris Diaw, Kawhi Leonard, Manu Ginobili and others chipped in to send this crew back to The Finals in back-to-back years for the first time in the #SpursWay era.

Heat-Spurs Round II is on … history in the making!


Let’s do it again San Antonio and Miami … see you Thursday!


They call it the #SpursWay my friend!


Some 17 years to be exact!

Kawhi with the defensive play of the night …

Old Man Riverwalk still getting it done! The Big Fundamental goes to work on the block.

VIDEO: A little controversy tossed in for good measure, even though it ended up not mattering in the final analysis



Everybody wanted a close one … you got it! Overtime it is … wild final minute for both sides.


Unreal! Boris Diaw and the Spurs’ bench putting on a show … but will it be enough?


Orders straight from the Admiral …


Your eyes don’t lie!




This is no hoax … and could have lasting ramifications on this series, should it go to seven!

VIDEO: TNT’s David Aldridge on Tony Parker’s ankle soreness


Did someone say a C-O-N-Spiracy?


Of course, Spurs go on a 9-2 run and tie the game at 51-51 after the Parker news drops. #SpursWay


Say What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cover your eyes when they show you the Spurs’ 3-point shot chart from the first half. #UGLY


Thunder finish with the flourish and set up a second half that defines the season for both of these teams …


Agreed. But trust me, there will be plenty!


Collinsville’s finest trying to jinx us …


Danny Green doesn’t dance in Oklahoma!


#Things2DoInLAWhenYouAreNotInThePlayoffs #DontEvenWannaKnowWhy #SwaggyP


Haha. Gone Fishin’ and an ode to my new favorite TNT series (that I haven’t even seen yet). #Genius!


Amen! RecklessRussWest with two horrible attempts on back-to-back (wasted) possessions.


My old school rocks more than your new school! #TimmyStillGotHops


Kawhi in that Pacers’ starting five instead of either Hill and or Lance Stephenson is Frank Vogel‘s dream!


Go ahead and jump with him Serge Ibaka … ruh-roh, he got ya!

VIDEO: Serge jumped up to get dunked on!


Keep an eye on Harrison Barnes, whose fingers will be all over the NBA on TNT Twitter account during the first half!

Ol’ School Backpack Game from Timmy #DurantAintTheOnlyOne…

VIDEO:  TNT’s Charles Barkley breaks down LeBron and the Miami Heat


  1. eddie says:

    Tim Duncan got away with the illegal screen; he was moving as he tried to block D Fisher.

  2. totnak says:

    WESTBROOK = BALL HOG. get rid of him. trade him. do something. i cant see okc winning titles with him in the lineup. okc need a true PG not the ball hog RW. he need to make plays for his teammates. not make back to back errors. wasted possessions.

  3. Michael says:

    Game 6 was a cracker. It was only fair that the Spurs got the W because they should have won it in regulation, if only the refs had called a goaltend on Serge late in the fourth.

    For those saying the Thunder need to replace Brooks, he did the best with what he had. This series was all about depth: Spurs have it in spades, the Thunder have none. Until Thunder management can bolster their depth they won’t make it to the Finals again.

    5 vs 51. That’s an incredible differential in bench points. And those five points were all from Fisher, one of the oldest dudes in the league. There’s simply too much pressure on the starters to carry the load offensively.

  4. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Where are those OKC fan boys now? Back to Lakers??

  5. Scott C says:

    Eastern Finals was like watching paint dry, LBJ and the other two members of the Heat won’t be able to put up enough points to even keep this finals close against the Spurs

    • TMac says:

      That was said last year…..why is everybody repeating stuff that was said last year….and last year the Heat won??

  6. atlantico says:

    Spurs play better without Tonny Parker.

  7. celentano says:

    okc>russel and co are a typical run n gun team so they never can go to the max,meaning winning a nba title! it`s time to change direction for kd,that experiment failed again with rw and okc!at the end of his career he`s gonna be another star with no ring!

  8. allaroundballer says:

    There was 80s NBA, Celtic/Bird vs Lakers/Magic. We’re still waiting Lebron vs Durant, but Western Conf is so tough

  9. Pug a licious says:

    OKC Plunder!!!

  10. Kirby Record says:

    Yes the Thunder had luck but let’s be honest, so did the Spurs in their series against Dallas Round One. The only team not struggling so far and not blown out yet even in their losses has been Miami. It’s about match ups and Spurs/Heat are a great one. It goes 7 and may the best team win, again, or the team that got better, win this time.

    • dg says:

      It was actually Dallas that had luck in the first round. And let’s be honest, did anyone expect Miami to lose in a blowout playing against the D-league.

      • Austin says:

        Some of the best teams of all time came from that D-league, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and now Miami. While in the other side was always the Lakers, and now San Antonio, the league didn’t start 20 years ago, I will guess you are in your 20’s, you know nothing.

  11. History is coming up next! Great serie will come for the Finals for sure, but I want to talk about a topic which is very interesting. Sometimes you can´t mix politic with sport but I think now is the time maybe since 1998 Mj´s era. this is my topic:
    Nelson Mandela said “Sports is one the few things can change the world” well here I go. Miami Heat represent maybe a lot of latinos from Caribe, Mexico until Southamerica. NBA has put on the the table the chance to expand NBA to another countries. But what is happening with Cuba? Sometimes I see a lot of jerseys franchaise with quotes like”we are the champions ECF” or stuff like that. How many food is drop off to garbage every single day in USA? How much cost a row in a stadium to see your favorite team? A Final ticket cost? Please, I think the biggest countries must help the poor ones. Give this Finals to Cuba, in the name of them, people,for them but no with politics rather people like you and I. How many bucks we are spending in superfical things meanwhile other brothers live with a pair of shoes and with the Jordan jersey´s 23 fishing on their backs?! Come on! We want to change the world, let´s do it with the highest basketball in this whole world;NBA.

  12. Chuck says:

    Just please takeBrooks off life support. They need a real coach who can scheme and adjust. The Thunder were fortunate to win the first two series.