Hang time podcast (episode 158): the Sterling verdict and featuring Bob Rathbun

By Sekou Smith, NBA.com


Those three words, those three simple words uttered by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Tuesday, will alter the landscape of the league for generations to come.

The racist and bigoted comments from longtime Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will not be tolerated. Silver made that clear in response to a nasty exchange between Sterling and a lady friend of his that surfaced over the weekend.

We dive in on the fallout, the playoffs and all that comes with it this time of year in the NBA on Episode 158 of the Hang Time Podcast: The Sterling Verdict and featuring the TV voice of the Atlanta Hawks Bob Rathbun.

The Washington Wizards have already pulled off the first shocker of the playoffs, sending the Chicago Bulls fishing. Can the Hawks really pull off this first round upset of the Pacers? And the Grizzlies over the Thunder? The Trail Blazers over the Rockets?

Dive in for all of that and more on Episode 158 of the Hang Time Podcast: The Sterling Verdict and featuring Hawks TV voice Bob Rathbun …


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VIDEO: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver annouces that he has banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life


  1. David says:

    I see that Oprah Winfrey is considering trying to purchase the Clippers. That should be barred, based on her comments that all white racists should just die. That is more vile than what Sterling said.

  2. rickjames says:

    im rick james bitch

  3. BC says:

    If they are going to Ban Mr. Sterling for life based on such comments then they I want the same to happen to Larry Johnson of the Knicks.. “Knicks’ Larry Johnson calls for all-black basketball league”

    Racism is Racism..but if He is not fined and banned then it is nothing but Hypocrisy in the NBA!!!

  4. 4pt.Range says:

    Silver will be the shortest tenured commish ever, for exposing the hypocrisy that is the nba it’s media and its players.
    Hey Chuck you are 1/4 to 1/2-white, does that mean every shot you missed, your white gene was dominating? Tell him Shaq and Kennie. Tell him he never won a championship because he is just too white. Wait shaq, wait your Free-throws man, so Dudley….smh there will never be an end to this.