Warriors make another change to coaching staff

By Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.com

VIDEO: The Warriors rout the Kings, sweeping the season series

Adding another layer of scrutiny at a time they desperately need stability, the Warriors fired third-year assistant coach Darren Erman on Saturday for “a violation of company policy,” the second change to the coaching staff in 12 days.

Unlike re-assigning assistant Brian Scalabrine to the D-League affiliate in Santa Cruz, Calif., though, there was no indication the Erman decision was connected to coach Mark Jackson. General manager Bob Myers said, according to Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group, that Erman’s termination was not a basketball decision and that Erman “had committed a serious violation” that Myers would not reveal.

A move that ordinarily would draw little attention became new speculation about the direction of the team because of the timing, so soon after another assistant, Scalabrine, was removed from the bench because of issues with Jackson. And all of that would be easier to overlook if the Warriors had better footing than sixth place in the Western Conference, at 47-29 having already matched last season’s win total but also just two games ahead of Phoenix and Memphis in a tie for No. 9 and the lottery.

The Warriors have not recorded two wins in a row since beating the Trail Blazers, Magic and Bucks on March 16-20. Then came six consecutive games of back and forth — losing to the Spurs, beating the Grizzlies, losing to the Knicks, beating the Mavericks, losing to the Spurs, beating the Kings — and the Scalabrine decision. Jackson, already under pressure from owner Joe Lacob to deliver more than improvement in the regular-season win total, has been followed the entire way by public speculation about his job future.

That will be decided by how happy Lacob is with the playoff outcome, not on the basis of Jackson’s relationship with assistant coaches. Even if the Erman firing has nothing to do with Jackson, it adds to the perception problem and becomes another potential distraction as the playoffs fast approach.

“This is not the norm,” Jackson said in the BANG story. “That’s OK because really in both decisions, the right decisions were made. You move forward. To me, I think it’s a great time for us as a team and an organization. To still be standing, this isn’t new. It’s new to you guys. It’s not new to us. So to still be standing, still winning and still in our right minds says a lot about this culture.

“A great pastor said, ‘You cannot fix the foundation in the middle of a storm. It’s too late then’. The foundation has been laid, and it’s going to hold up. There’s no question about that. I love that line.”

Myers’ comments Saturday included the obligatory vote of confidence for Jackson.

“We believe that Mark is fully capable, and we’re confident in his ability to keep going in the right direction, keep propelling us like he has all year, and we believe that he’s going to continue to be successful like he has been,” the GM said. “We believe in his ability the rest of the way.”


  1. Berry says:

    Very interesting story..keep it up warriors and lets win all of our remaining games.Cheers!!

  2. #30 says:

    First, i thought letting go of Jack was a bad decision but it gave way for Klay to shine.
    Green, Crawford and Blake as backups.
    Hopefully GSW can make it to the playoffs with the jam pack team at the bottom of standings.

  3. Kc says:

    I think the warriors are a good and exciting team. Most cities in the mid west never get to see them. We love step- curry and we would like to see the warriors play on prime- time on Sundays instead of the lousy N.Y Knicks. I think Andrew B and D lee is the the problem. The owner should get rid of both of the. They are allways hurt and the littliest things bothers them. A B was allways hurt in Milwakee. Remember M.J played hurt with the bulls. Good job Mark Jackson. If not in G-state, somewhere else Kc.

  4. pokie says:

    They thought they could just let Jack and Landry walk then replace their numbers in free agency and everything would be the same. Nope. Mr. Gruber’s first lesson in Economics vs. Basketball Chemistry: a fail.

  5. whacket says:

    As a lifelong Warriors fan, I’m surprised by the outside opinoin that they should be a lock to get past round one and that if they don’t it’s some sort of Jackson failure. They are young and as a team that’s new to the playoffs…last year was the first of what I predict will be many more…they are neither experienced nor deep yet. I think they will be, but as a 6 seed, any series win would be an upset. So why the surpries? They will be better and deeper in years to come. Also, two unrelated coaching changes and there’s panic? For a team that’s about to win 50 games for the first time since 91-92? Exaggerate much?

  6. Arnold says:

    Hand down, Man down!!!

  7. Cornbread Maxwell says:

    It is no surprise a team skippered by Mark Jackson is running adrift — remember, gold ole Coach Mark was a target of a recent extortion plot by an ex-stripper Alexis Adams with whom he carried on an extramarital affair and shared photos of his genitalia with. Things seem normal on the surface with Jackson and Warriors, but look deeper, and you see problems. Not a coincidence.
    Read more at http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/warriors-coach-mark-jackson-extorted-by-stripper-her-pimp/#tDdGT1UcUze4s6o2.99

  8. yoyo says:

    as a gsw fan i think they are an OK team but not a title team. i just dont see MJ as the perfect coach for this organization. inconsistency is the biggest threat for this team and by now coach should have figured this one out. i guess not, since ure loosing a dozen games to east conf. teams that are under .500. loosing 4 games to spur in the regular season gives you slim chances to advance to the finals. i dont see coach inspiring a title winning mentality. i see him more of a buddy-buddy relationship with his players, which can get their support in the locker room and thats about it.

  9. okc2014 says:

    Mark Jackson is next if they don’t make it past the 1st round. And he should be. That team has issues. And those issues prevent them from being a better team. They should have had a better year, but they’ve suffered from injuries (can’t help) and drama.

    • Rangers says:

      You contradict yourself. You said they had injuries, which is why they aren’t that good. How is that the coach’s fault?

  10. JadenX says:

    Not sure why the GS management team wants to make all these changes at this critical phase of the season. They can very well wait until the Warriors’ post-season ends.

    • Pp says:

      From how it sounds, GS management had their hand forced. They did not want to do this but the situation left them no alternative. I am sure all involved are disappointed. Eventually the details will surface. Erman could have committed a felony or some really scumbag deed. I trust management made the hard and right call, even though the timing is so unfortunate.

    • whacket says:

      All these changes? You mean both? And unrelated.

  11. mil says:

    People are getting so nervous about the warriors. Dont stop believing because I believe they will get into the finals. We have 7 more games and the warriors already have 47 wins. I think last they got 47 win at the end of the season? So, I say they have improved this year.

  12. Jacques Durceille says:

    They need to let Gladys be Gladys.

  13. maxout34 says:

    All this change to the Warrior staff at this time of the year it looks like they’re pushing the panic button to me. I would not be surprised if they missed the playoffs altogether or to get swept in the first round if they do get it.

  14. Bob M says:

    I don’t think that throwing bricks out of the foundation during the storm works with that “line he loves.” Especially, at this juncture of the season.
    It was for basketball to see the Warriors last year. They were unified, hungry, and getting after people. Mark Jackson was pulling all the right strings and players were responding. This year it’s drama. And, that drama is taking energy away from what has to be done, bring the team together and win some games, get hot, and make everyone believe that the Warriors are not an “easy out.” When the going gets tough, fire some coaches? Maybe that will make some instant chemistry, or if history is accurate, prove that there is no such thing as instant chemistry.

  15. Jacques Durceille says:

    The Warriors better not fire Mark Jackson. He has the locker room and he has the Warriors in the playoffs yet again in a really tough west. If they performed this way last year they would of been the 3rd or 4th seed already. You need a phenom to rise to top of the west, thats how tough it is. You need a KD or Spurs system. Stephen Curry can’t get you a #1 or a #2 seed, he isn’t that kind of player. His impact on the game is not as great as a Lebron, a KD or even a pre-injury Derrick Rose. They need another really REALLY good piece to make it to the top of the west. Mark Jackson is getting the best out of this team leave him alone.

    • wooderson says:

      youre an idiot. he is not getting the best out of the team at all but im not blaming him entirely. they have to leagues best first 6 players, steph curry is better than durant. another piece? what more do you want? they have a double double machine at pf, the best defensive player in the league at 5, an allround sf and the leagues best backcourt

    • Ricky says:

      You dont need a phenom, who on the Spurs is a phenom?

    • Unkle Daddy says:

      Well said