Twitter reacts: The Lakers’ worst loss ever … and the Clips’ biggest win ever

VIDEO: Blake Griffin and the Clippers pounded the Lakers Thursday night at Staples Center

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Shakespeare himself couldn’t come up with the right words to describe the scene at the Staples Center Thursday night. It was a disaster movie — for the Los Angeles Lakers — playing out before our eyes on TNT. A proud franchise falling in epic fashion at the hands of the former doormat franchise that has existed in the Lakers’ shadow all these years.

When it was over the scoreboard said it all: Clippers 142, Lakers 94

The Lakers’ largest regular loss ever is, of course, the largest win over for the Los Angeles Clippers (their largest road win, too, even though technically they were playing on a floor in their home building) and the most points the Clippers have ever scored against the Lakers.

Lakers fans are quick to remind their Clippers counterparts that Los Angeles is and will always be a “Lakers town.” But on this night, Lakers fans probably wanted to be anywhere but the Southland.

Naturally, folks on Twitter and Instagram had a field day with this one, which started out innocently enough for the home team …

— Things got out of control quickly, though, and the basketball world responded …


  1. Anthony says:

    I was a L A Laker fan all my life until Thursday Night That was nothing but disappointment of being a Laker Fan

  2. eX says:

    The Rockets could easily won by 50 against the Lakers by they choose not to do that. They rested the starters and even their bench were running the clock for the game to end . Anyhow ,glad D12 did’t have to go through this season with the lakerz

  3. okc2014 says:

    I agree that all Laker games should be played on the History channel. LOL

  4. bernardo says:

    Besides yesterday’s game, can’t wait till the offseason and next season,Win by 50 or lose by 50. And that is coming from all of us true fans, we know that kobe won’t win another ring in this team, it’s an heartbreaking move but he has to join the King “Lebron” in miami, they could trade Norris Cole, protected draft picks, cash, birdman and one or 2 bench player for Kobe. imagine that, awesome if kobe and lebron win a title together, and for a marketing pont of view, BINGO

  5. koBELIEVER says:

    It is understandable that the team is losing this much this year. I do agree but many might disagree, that Mike D’Antoni is not doing his job right. I accept the fact that the Lakers don’t have the high caliber players as us the fans would hope for, but it doesn’t write off the fact that the HEAD COACH is the real leader of the team and should direct the team on how to act and react on the court. He have failed miserably in this category for the reason that the Lakers did not show the direction that a PROFESSIONAL team should have. I know it is way too easy to point fingers when the team loses, but come on, at the end of the day, we all know it is the coach’s call and therefore always, always responsible for the team’s performance.

  6. Bob says:

    Only because Kobe Ain’t there

  7. jkrulez says:

    Lakers fan for life; we’ll come back…eventually.

  8. Ty says:

    For the rest of the NBA season all Laker games should be broadcast on the History Channel because all Laker fans talk about is the past!!!

  9. palestine says:

    lakers4life from palestine…………only lakers have fans all over

  10. buraot_3001 says:

    Lakers really need to build from scratch next season. Steve Nash has to realise that father time caught up on him. Just retire so Lakers can get younger players which can compete. You have won 2 MVP awards so you have nothing more to prove, your legacy is complete.

  11. jr says:

    We are right here Lakers 4 life

  12. jr says:

    We are right here LordP Lakers4Life

  13. JayTee says:


  14. lol says:


  15. MW says:

    Live in the present, not in the past. There’s a new sherrif in towm. Clipper Nation!

  16. TTKIN says:

    Ive been a LAker fan for 20 years but I dont want to make this about the Lakers. as much as I have, and always will hate the Clipps, they are a solid squad and they took it to us last night.

  17. old time fan says:

    This is the only thing this team is doing right….why win, we need the high draft pick and really Clipper fans when you finally win a championship (if you ever do) you’ll only need 15 more…Don’t fire the coach, he’s really good at losing….

  18. Woody says:

    Here is a thought. Fire D’Antoni, hire Nash as a player coach for the reminder of this season and for the next. Save heaps of money and Nash actually is respected and smart.

  19. ron says:

    What is the big deal?
    Clippers beat a team that is crippled by injuries.
    Not something to be proud of.

  20. FrankL2010 says:

    I’m still a Laker and that is for life… you can not just forget those rings with 40++ loss.

  21. WhyLakerFans!Why says:

    Funny how these lakers fans keep stating PAST accomplishment like next year they going to come back and win back to back WITH D’Antoni as coach…Like y’all are delusional if you think Kobe will win any championship with D’Antoni as coach…if this is really all about Lottery then by the time the player that player develops Kobe will be retiring…Y’all love to hate but won’t admit ur own defeat…as long has the Clippers have the squad and coach yall won’t beat them REGARDLESS, unless Carmelo signs or a marquee player signs with yall….yesterday was a testament that the Lakers have fallen behind HEAVILY I tried watching other games they featured OMG it’s awfuuuuulllllll….no defense!!and u have a Undersized player at the 4 when you develop other bodies….I blame this on the management for dismantling the team they initially had and pursuing players our of there prime aka Nash,Kaman,atleast when Young was there the team was relevant but damn!!!
    Good luck to yall who believe cause….

  22. Go Lakers #3 Pick says:

    i am lakers fan who pray for them to lose so they can draft super star…I wanted lakers tanking and kobe not playing at all this year.

  23. really? says:

    “D League vs NBA team
    all of clippers starters have been a all star in their career and lakers have five players who have been in D League.”

    Wow…is that really true lol…someone check it.

  24. D League vs NBA team says:

    March 7, 2014 at 6:33 am
    All in for Exum. The more we lose this year, the better chance we got. This is not for a good player, this is for a franchise player like Kobe. Well done the clippers, beating up a dead body. All the best in the playoff which we all know how it will end.


    D League vs NBA team
    all of clippers starters have been a all star in their career and lakers have five players who have been in D League.

  25. People don't get it says:

    this isn’t bad. Lakers need to lose. Losing = higher pct of getting top draft pick.They aren’t making the playoffs. So lose, and lose bad = coach and owner on hot seat + draft pick.

    They are fortunate that the spanking came at a time where a spanking is a postitive.

  26. ko0kiE says:

    it’s so important to be a real fan… lol.. get a life plz

  27. Zan says:

    and yet David Stern had the foresight to block the Chris Paul trade. he should be ashamed

  28. Wait4It says:

    Win or lose, Lakers fan all the way.
    Just another lose in the record book nothing special

    • Who says:

      Nothing special? LOL this was the worst loss in the history of your POS team. Smh Laker fan

  29. kay says:

    Fire D’Antoni NOW Tonight and waive or buyout Nash Right now pls

  30. justsayin says:

    Either Buss is a complete idiot or has been tanking masterfully.

  31. Zan says:

    Those of you who still think Kobe could’ve won this trashing are deluded. Not even a Kobe in his prime could’ve stopped the Clippers (at least in this single game).

  32. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    Get use to the Lakers getting spanked for the next 5 years for all the years the Lakers spanked the Clippers.

  33. Besides yesterday’s game, can’t wait till the offseason and next season because it looks like Kobe is really motivated!!!

  34. Kitton says:

    What a win for Clippers!!!!!

    For the next few years, Clippers is the crown of the Pacific division and will win their First NBA Champion very soon!!!!!!!


  35. DEJ says:

    I watched the whole game last night and I didn’t wake up feeling bad at all. That was a no big deal loss. Go Lakers, go!

  36. arnold says:

    Its time to fire the coach. I dont understand why he stop using the 2 big men.

  37. Tyler jacobson says:

    Lol can d’antoni die now? My god how many teams can you ruin before you retire

  38. Shaq says:

    once the lakers sign melo and micheal conley they will be back #wrathofthelakers
    Lakeshow will be back!!!

  39. Bballfan says:

    Not gonna go as far as some people and say L.A. belongs to the Clippers considering the Lakers history, but goddamn…..

  40. Tufux says:

    LAL please change your coach.. D’Antoni is used to teams with 2-3 star players that can carry the team.. Try someone who can use “role players” and has a big respect for the word “Defense”

  41. Levik says:

    Pathetic Lakers

  42. j says:

    Sekou Smith is the biggest Lebron lover and is so biased!

  43. Txema says:

    Jee Sekou, quoting yourself from twitter? Is your ego really that big?

  44. D12 says:

    You’re right guys, you really are better off without Dwight. Still finding it hard to believe that someone wouldn’t want to be a part of your sterling organization?

  45. KobeIsNeverComingBack says:

    Good ol’ delusional Lakers fans.. Love em.

    Love watching this franchise and their terrible fans slowly turn into the Knicks.

  46. ism says:

    CAN SOMEONE please go and look up the worst loss(es) of the Clippers against the Lakers and when that was?

    • MAC says:

      What would that prove? Only that a new team is on the rise! On the other hand, the Lakers losing shows a championship team going downhill.

  47. Woody says:

    All in for Exum. The more we lose this year, the better chance we got. This is not for a good player, this is for a franchise player like Kobe. Well done the clippers, beating up a dead body. All the best in the playoff which we all know how it will end.

  48. KB24 says:

    In God We Trust..

  49. Antonio says:

    Today, more than ever, i´m a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers team.

  50. Adam says:

    Sekou Smith is the most biased, Lebron-loving, biggest Laker-Hater I’ve ever seen in my life. And he can’t even write! Good win Clippers.And how many NBA crowns did you win again? NONE. Lakers still win. It’s still their arena. The Clippers will never get a banner hanged in there. EVER.

  51. J4CK Nicholson says:

    Nice work Mr. Jim Buss. Because of your unwillingness to let Phil Jackson run the show (for a position like Riley), the team is now murdered by its supposedly “little brother”. Giving up draft picks for Nash? Rushing to sign Kobe to a big contract? Hiring Mike Brown, then D’Antoni? It’s not 100% coach’s fault and obviously they’re (Clippers) the better team, but playing uninspired game after game after another is a bad sign, that a management and coaching change is a necessity.

  52. Rob says:

    Lakers for life. #NoMatterWhat

  53. They would of won if they have kobe playing! hahahahaha

  54. Mike D'Antoni says:

    This is exactly my plan.

  55. lakers777 says:

    this season lakers is not team, its only players who want to play in the nba. i think clippers is not a team who wins nba because(oklahoma,houston, san antonio) are in the west and clippers will not play superfinals. lakers will win nba with kobe he need one superstar and two good players with gasol.

  56. @knelimlakers says:

    Through thick and thin. Even though we are down by 100, still we bleed purple and gold! #WWLG4L

  57. Javier says:

    I hate the media. I’m no Bucks fan, but the Bucks have a terrible team, and you’re not writing anything about them. The reason you constantly see Knicks fans and Lakers fans whining is because they think they’re entitled to a championship team every year. They aren’t entitled to it any more than Bucks fans are, so why are you writing about them? Oh that’s right, I forgot about the “Hollywood effect,” which brings me back to my first point: I hate the media.

    • krishawn-MIA says:

      I hate the media too but the bucks never really had a memorable winning culture or have never been on an elevated plateau for them to right a story about their woes and anyone truly care

  58. WOW says:

    I dont know what your talking about. We still have 16 titles and I am still a Laker fan for life. Clipps are a phase, Lakers are forever. WIn or lose, LA is still Lakernation.

  59. bataar says:

    When LAKERS was being TOP, They wouldn’t play like a monster against WEAK team. They RESPECT the team. But Clippers is NOT. it seems revenge. so I want to say to CLIPPERS!!! If you really fight against Lakers, wait KOBE. That’s it. Kobe will teach you “BEING HUMANITY & BASKETBALL”.

    • MAC says:

      You said it. Lakers are a WEAK team. Even with Kobe, they have been WEAK since their last championship. They just keep going lower and lower. Lakers are no longer the championship team they once were. They are WEAK.

  60. Kome says:

    Where are the lakers fan boys at? Probably home bandwagoning OKC. Oops, OKC lost to phoenix. Got to find a new team.

    • Jmo says:

      I’m here… and just shaking my head.. this year has been the worst for me and some of my family.. I have been a long time Lakers fan, and tonight I was literally witnessing a murder at Staples

    • Dream says:

      No, actually we are still here. Win by 50 or lose by 50. And that is coming from all of us true fans…and some of us have been fans of this team for well over half a century. I guess you will not know that feeling in another…20 years or so – if you are a Clippers fan and have been one from the beginning of their franchise.

    • LordP says:

      Well said Kome on..Lakers fans where u at?