MVP Ladder: LeBron and KD to the finish!

VIDEO: The Fan Night crew debates LeBron or KD for MVP

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — They can see the finish line from here, both LeBron James and Kevin Durant, the headliners in an epic battle for MVP honors this season.

And it’s at the finish where this race will be decided. It’s that close between two of the league’s truly elite, transcendent talents. They are essentially deadlocked at the top of this week’s KIA Race to the MVP Ladder … LeBron has the slightest of edges thanks to that career-high and franchise-record 61 points he scored Monday night in a win over Charlotte.

Blake Griffin, James Harden and Paul George round out the top five of the Ladder this week with the Big Fundamental himself, Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs, joining the party at No. 10.

Dive in here for more on who made the cut on this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!


  1. Im your Father says:

    LBJ is hte mvp of this season… kd is not all around player. he just scores, but the D hes got no talent on that.

  2. KDfan says:

    Let me reiterate and summarize for y’all. The MVP has already been awarded to LBJ. The media is just creating a diversion to blind the fans and use this as a smokescreen. Did anyone care to mention that LBJ got his 61points and played all 48 min? KD got 42 in 3Q and stopped…wonder if he would’ve crossed 61, not that it matters to him or us True Thunder fans (’cause we are focused on the ring). LBJ’s team has the BIG 3, KD’s team has the BIG 2 and he had to work alone for a greater part of 2 months. We should all stop this discussion ’cause LBJ has a so called “SLIGHT EDGE” because of his 61pts!! Haha Sekou you humor me.

    • Witness says:

      Everyone that watched the game will stop reading after u said he played all 48 minutes hahahahaha . played 41. nice try! keep on hatin!


    IF i had a vote it would go like this.
    1.Kevin Durant
    2.Goran Dragic
    3.Dirk Nowitzki

  4. Wisdom says:

    I want to know what it is that is keeping Kevin and Lebron deadlocked. Kevin Durant is doing everything Lebron James is doing. It’s just not fair to me. If you switch their stats Lebron would be the runaway winner. But because it’s Kevin it’s still a close race because he’s the best player today. But if we’re talking about this season and the work that has been put in this season, Kevin Durant should be MVP. Not by a longshot, but it shouldn’t be as close as the bloggers and media say it is. It shouldn’t be so narrow.

    • DRAGONFORMVP says:

      +100 you’re name is dead on.

      • marlon green says:

        Man finally there are some people with some sense! I thought I was the only one who has been watching games the WHOLE SEASON! Durant has been putting up crazy numbers all year long and keeping his team in the number 1 spot without Westbrook in the toughest conference. MVP should be judged on performance for the WHOLE SEASON and not just for 6 or 7 games. I dont understand why the media is making it seem so close either. Because when you look at it KD has been consistent ALL year and now since Lebron has put together a string of hot games now the race for MVP is suddenly so tight. BS!

      • Witness says:

        No he wasnt ALL Year sorry lol The only time he started really being considered a stronger mvp case was end of december and january when he went off AFTER WESTBROOK GOT HURT. Sorry.

  5. timpson says:

    Someone else needs to win MVP.

  6. okc2014 says:

    Russell Westbrook is Russell Westbrook. He is “getting warm” and I agree w/ panelists that he needs about 5 more games to get back into the groove of things. He does know that he is 2nd fiddle to Kevin Durant, and he does want his teammate to win MVP. And Kevin Durant will win. And he will deserve it. Just keep doing what you are doing Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is the most valuable player to his team in the entire NBA. And you all out there know it.

  7. Rangers says:

    Durant is definitely MVP so far and I don’t like the thunder. He has higher ppg,rebpg, PER, off rtg, def rtg (yes lebron is overrated at D), true shooting% and has a better/same record in a tougher conference

  8. A wise comment says:

    john reese will be the MVP because he has the most comment in here… pathetic fan..

  9. Vincent C says:

    Anyone talking about KD got LeBron in stats this year is clearly lost. Lebron has got KD in almost every category but total wins and ppg. Good shooter or amazing all around scorer, defender, and rebounder. My money is on Lebron (also due to the hype around him, his money bench and company). But what about a dude sparking a team who every body said wouldn’t win 20 games this season. Goran Dragic. Talk about significance in the sport, we gotta dude here who got overlooked for the mentor everytime until he finally got the chance to run a squad full season as starting pg. Call me a crazy fan, but I’ve seen the numbers , when Dragic is doing his thing he’s putting up big numbers, and making his team feel they all can do the same. Night in and night out. Averaging 55% or higher from the field (including from 3 point range in the fourth quarter) almost all season. His numbers have been all-star worthy and i say if he keeps it up and takes MY Suns to the playoffs he deserves MVP as well. , meh Just get ready yall for the future of the sport. Suns ain’t going nowhere but to the finals when their time comes. LE GO

  10. iamironman says:

    LBJ. Time to bring the pain. Heat will take 1st seed overall.

  11. squala96 says:

    Durant was thriving without Westbrook, as in his team kept winning. When Russell came back, they started losing, including a defeat by Phoenix in a game where both of them scored over 30 points apiece. The All-Star point guard is is sometimes guilty of forgetting the reason why his team is printed in front of his jersey and his surname at the back. He tries to be a hero during close games by taking ill-advised shots rather than setting up a play for bigger chances of scoring. Then the other team answers and ultimately beating them, like that one game against Portland before he got injured. Westbrook then ends up as the number in his uniform.

    KD needs genuine support if he is to finally take the MVP crown from LeBron. Russell has to accept the Pippen role, otherwise he can seek leadership in another team. The same isn’t the same in Miami, however. Wade was happy to sacrifice his PPG to synchronize James with him. Dwyane wants more titles, and ring count is the best stat a superstar can ever have in his fact sheet. He has taken more of a facilitator role and let the king do most of the scoring, which proved to be okay given their two-year streak.

  12. Patty says:

    KD is the MVP!

  13. Fernando says:

    It’s KD turn to get the MVP!

  14. bob bobson says:

    battier for mvp they wouldn,t have won all these games without battier. Durant over james though

  15. dustydreamnz says:

    Too many articles on this and it’s still too early!

  16. Ian M. says:

    I think that it will be a close race. I love KD. Hes a great scorer and leader. Lebron is still my MVP though. He can drop a triple double on any given night. Lebron has also had a 60 point game. If KD has a 60+ point game, he has my vote. Lebron and Melo have both done it, its KDs turn. I also think there are some guys we are over-looking, like Melo and Paul George and even Blake Griffin and Kyrie Irving.

  17. Dwyane Wade 4 MVP says:

    Honestly, I think KD should get the MVP. He’s been carrying the Thunder on his Shoulders Ever since Russ was out and Even now he’s carrying OKC. LeBron is a good player, I’ll give him that but KD has been a better Player. KD has dropped 30,40,50 points practically every game this season. He deserves the MVP award more than anyone. Oh yeah, and this is coming from a Heat fan.

  18. tommy says:

    MVP-is a player who is not given team mates that will help win championships, if one good player goes down that superstar maintain wins no matter what he has to do no other superstars to depend on. A good MVP takes the hand he is dealt and win with it . A good MVP stands alone if he don’t have a side kick .That being said Labron need 14 superstars to win and what about the other 14 players what do we give them .

    K Durant he is a scorer the best scorer in the league, lost his side kick in Westbrook for a lone time and won and he won every night 30, 40, 50 points and kept the thunder on top of the western conference and are still there, not top mention he is on his way to a 4th scoring title. We heard Kevin say he is tired of being second but what I think he meant is he is tired of being cheated by the NBA and blind fans

    Who is your vote

  19. D Todd says:

    hy ya hammer hanging hos

  20. Desmond Todd says:

    Lebron!!!! if you a heat fan post back

  21. john reese says:

    me and desmond say lbj ova kd

  22. YOMAMA says:

    With almost 32ppg leading his team without Westbrook…
    Lebron is a great athlete but Durant is a PLAYER!!!

  23. Jason says:

    Well, there are still 20 or so games left PLUS the first round of the playoffs…but I got Lebron!! Most exciting player to watch and the best all around player I believe the league has ever seen. Kevin Durant is a beast though. it’s going to be interesting to see who gets it!


  25. Logan says:

    Kevin Love.

  26. KD aint got nothing on LeBron tell me when he get 2 rings 4mvp might be 5 …. u no wat I am saying

  27. md9 says:

    James MVP

  28. john Reese says:

    who is ahead kd or lbj

  29. john Reese says:

    who is ahead kd or LeBron cause it says lbj on here

  30. Raph says:

    It’s Durant, it’s easily Durant… You look at Lebron’s good Ferbruary and 61pt game, now look at Durant’s entire season; his numbers are better than Lebron’s across the board, the Thunder have a better record and OKC has been better without Westbrook than Miami has without Wade.

    The only reason they keep hyping Lebron is so that they can say he’s right up there with Jordan and advertise this era of basketball as a step forward.

  31. john Reese says:

    LBJ all day shoutout kenzarian and desmond and trey m.$.r@.b my labek

  32. john says:

    LBJ all day

  33. Henrik says:

    LeBron should get the MVP award. He’s better than Durant.

  34. Sam says:

    Durant for sure….

  35. Art says:

    You can argue who is the best player but MVP is definitely Durant.
    Noah should be in NBA 1st team.

  36. Arizon says:

    LBJ is the greatest of all time not just MVP of this year.

  37. Gage says:

    Give it to KD! He’s the slim reaper!

  38. Chaka says:


  39. @tharealk9 says:


  40. Christian says:

    Kevin Durant