‘Nique Not Impressed With LeBron’s 61

VIDEO: LeBron James talks about his 61-point night

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Complete honesty is a beautiful thing, even when it steps on the toes of the narrative of the day.

Hall of Famer and former Atlanta Hawks great Dominique Wilkins is a straight shooter. So when he went on a Twitter roll Tuesday night and mentioned that he was not impressed with the career-high 61-point night Miami Heat superstar LeBron James put up against the Charlotte Bobcats Monday night the basketball world responded.

Some agreed with ‘Nique, plenty more disagreed with his analysis … sampled here:

Revisionist historians will certainly see some merit in ‘Nique’s tweets and argue that LeBron performs on the regular against a diminished human product than what ‘Nique and his Hall of Fame contemporaries faced.

I would caution the Human Highlight Film, however, from suggesting that we all go back and watch the tape from start to finish. All we see these days are quick two and three-minute highlight clips of their exploits. The dunks, and fantastic shots and legendary plays and moments of their careers.

The full tape might show something else. Not every team played top-flight defense in the past. And you didn’t have to battle Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird every single night.

No one is more wistful about the past than I am. I grew up on the NBA ‘Nique is comparing and contrasting to the league LeBron is currently working in and dominating. So I understand exactly where he’s coming from. I just don’t agree completely with his thoughts.

LeBron and some of his contemporaries are doing things that haven’t been done in decades, since before Nique’s era …


  1. Gary says:

    Dominique forgets he also gave up a ton of points & NEVER WON ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go NIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tim NBA Fan says:

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  3. JM says:

    I think LBJ’s 61-point game has to deserve some merit. Sure the Bobcats never played D so well but shot-making is still a requisite and Lebron made his shots. I think LeBron is a very good player, probably better than Dominique Wilkins. He’s won things and hardware that Nique can only dream about (MVPs, titles). LeBron isn’t a prototype scorer like Kobe and Jordan, which makes this feat even more impressive. He’s like a Magic Johnson, just faster and stronger and more athletic.

  4. vince87 says:

    those who criticized what lebron have done, comparing him to other players, are just mere haters.. i think they’re just posting articles to get attention, why making a fuss in a 61 pt game of james on bobcats? when anthony didn’t not get any..well.. there are people like nique out there, a lot more.. what a jealous old man..

  5. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Its all about perspective – people wanting to see the greatness of Lebron – and he is very good. Or people trying to defend a terrible performance by the Bobcats (except for big AL). Kobe scored 81 on the Raptors who were fighting for the wooden spoon that year. Lebron and Melo score 61 and 62 respectively on the Bobcats who will at least be in the playoffs. Jordan scores 67 against one of the winningest (count the rings on that team) teams of all time. Wilt scores 100 on a team that was again, like the bobcats a team that was there but definitely not great.

    Lebron’s performance was iconic for this generation – Wilkins’ arguement is valid in the sense of it was like Lebron was playing against highschoolers – it was not a fair fight. Having said that – these are NBA players so they can’t be THAT bad.
    Credit to Lebron for putting on one hell of a show, but I would love to see him do that on OKC, Spurs, Indiana etc. That would be a performance for the ages!

  6. Same old you says:

    Haven’t heard these old ballers say anything against kobe Melo or durant.they only criticize lebron.why?because you’re already foreseeing that he’ll overcome all your accomplishments when he all done?

  7. edmhar says:

    tsk!!! STOP COMAPARING SHOOTING PLAYERS TO ALL AROUND PLAYERS lebron can shoot no doubt but he feeds more and rebound more.. point/forward and can guard 1 to 5 can kobe do that? can mj? can bird? really no is just lbj and magic johnson.
    LBJ=point/forward defense on duncan splitter hibbert howard etc.

  8. yessir says:

    This dude is crazy. Today’s ballers would kill the old timers. To much offense and dribble work. The alleys the jumpers and pure power we have today is nothing to mj bird and king. Mj was decent needed 30 attempt to drop his 40. Bird was a str8 shooter no defense. Lebron will go down as the greatest of all time. The old timers scared nd hate because they know how great he is. I’ve never seen jordan Dominique or Charles or any old dudes talk kobe down. Lebron is a next level player to nice to understand

    • timpson says:

      The old ballers played defense remember they would bump lebron and he would start crying to the refs. They were physical u couldn’t. Just go to rim and dunk like u can now and u know like I know Kenton’s big cry baby.

  9. jhun_dino2000@yahoo.com says:

    dominique who?…who is this guy cant remember u dude?,how many MVP do u have?,how many championship throphy do u have?…aww u won slam dunk for a mediocre windmill

  10. Truth hurts61 says:

    Everyone is worried about the hand checking of defense comparing the different eras. But what about the offensive fouls that kobe, charmers, and lebron get called for at least once a game! ! If they could push people around on offense now like Jordan did to win game 6 in 98 finals against Russell (the push on his waste which made him slip)…kobe, LeBron would score even more!! Imagine lebron being able to extend his arm as he is driving to the hoop like Wilkins did…He would average 40 a game.

  11. Casray says:

    Nique is right- Just imagine when Lebron played against Houston, he didn’t even scored half of the 61 he cores against the bobcats.Tired, ya right..Spurs welcome the Heat tonight.

  12. Casray says:

    Nique is right- Just imagine when Lebron played against Houston, he didn’t even scored half of the 61 he cores against the bobcats.Tired, ya right…Lets see if he core 61 again tonight against Spurs..

  13. recco marlee says:


  14. Carlos Claro says:

    If the refs stop to help the Heat, I don’t think so.
    James make a lot of offensive fouls and Wade travels all the time.
    Of course, the refs can’t see this because James’ ego is so big that blind everyone there.

  15. ego_boss says:

    Got one question for Niq, is it LBJ’s fault that the other team didn’t make him work on D? Not that it would have mattered. Living in Miami I get to see him enough to know that he takes pride in his defense and rises to all challenges presented. If you saw his recent interview on NBA TV you would know that he covets the Defensive Player of the Year trophy more than any other. Just one more question for Niq, did you have the same opinion when Kobe dropped 82 on the hapless Raptors a few years back? If you were not critical then, then why now? You might not mean it the way it comes off, but all it makes some of you older superstars look like is a bunch of haters. I don’t every remember defense being your strong suite by the way. I’m just saying.

  16. pasigiri says:

    Nique is right. As good a game it was, it was against a Bobcats team with a 28-33 record in the worst eastern conference showing ever. Lebron didn’t even want to go back out (just look at the highlights) and I respect him for that. They had already won. Why risk getting hurt? But the FANS wanted it. The HYPE TRAIN that exists today wanted it. For a good reference take Kobe’s 62 in 3 quarters. That was against a Dallas team with a 67-15 record. THE best record in the league that year. The western conference champs. THAT’S scary! Like Nique said, it was an awesome game. Lebron is a beast, but let’s see him do it to the Pacers or Thunder or any seriously contending teams.

  17. Same old you says:

    Who gave james all the hype?did he ask the media to do that?he didn’t.they kept on televising his games that’s all.who said he can’t score many points against very good defensive teams?know your history people.did you watch the 2007 playoffs against the pistons.watch game 5! The pistons were a great defensive team that time right and james still managed to score 49(it may be not 50 or 60) but 49 is still high considering that kobe has never done that against the pistons (check the pistons-lakers finals games).also during the 2007-08 season I think the celtics were the best defensive team that season but there was a game during their playoffs match up against the cavs were james scored 45.or against the 2009 playoffs against the magic (which has the defensive player Howard that time) where he is also scoring 40 plus points.why do you keep saying things against a player when his not performing well and still do the same if his accomplishing much.many would say that he only scored 61 because there was no defense on the part of the bobcats.did you also say that when Anthony scored 62?the point is,if there is really good defense no one will score 50s,60s or even 40s.wake up people

    For those who are not impressed with james’ 61 this is what I’ve got to say: you should be considering that he is not a pure shooter or scorer but he still managed to do that.kobe durant and Melo they all have good stroke.but if they are not good shooters I don’t think they can score that much. The more if james is a shooter he could score more that 81

  18. snir says:

    if you had watched the whole game you’d have seen that the bobcats dis play d, they even tried to double lebron when he was handling the ball crossing the half line, and than miami let someone else handle the ball and give to him in high or low post or coming off screens. they really didnt want another guy dropping 60 on them, they just couldnt do much about it. bron was shooting crazy threes, some in transition, some using screens, and one from down town miami…
    it is funny that nique is naming bird and magic, two players not really known for their defence… i wanna see those guys or nique himself guarding lebron… that era featured mj, bird, magic, this one boasts lebron, kd, kobe, and in history’s perspective you would be able to say who were better. i could easilly claim that the latter are harder to contain than bird and magic. certainly nique is not in the caliber of lebron kobe or kd, he’s more like an anthony, excellent scorer and not much more than that.
    every player thinks their era is the strongest and the best, but i am old enough to have seen bball from 80’s and for three q’s there was virtually no defence back than. it wasnt until the pistons bad boys that defence became a serious issue, and it took the rest of the league a good number of years to follow suit. the game is simply cleaner today, back than instead of using your legs, you would use your hands or hack players.

  19. sally says:

    I don’t listen to these posts because most of them are just kids or people who just watch a game or two, it is not important what they say, as for Wilkins, that is just his opinion, so what !!! why is that important to publish just his opinion. It’s just a method to get fans stirred up so they can get on the website and post stupid hate stuff. Who cares, the Heat are going to win the championship anyway, so bad mouth them all you want.

    • chi says:

      Not this year…the West is stacked with Talent. bron better start resting the 4th quarter for the rest of the season..because when playoff time is here…hes gonna have to show us hes worth all the talk he says. so far he hasn’t been clutch, ” best player ” in the league you have to make sure you drop shots when it counts…

      • Flex says:

        C’mon Chi, really? really? I agree with you Sally, most these people are LBJ haters…Miami has won rings w/o Lebron, wo with that said don’t HATE now that they have the best player on the planet…Its to the point hwere I think he’s getting bored and every now and then makes up fake challeneges to keep himself motivated…my man could drop 0 any given night against any team, and what people forget even when comparing himt o kobe, Kobe dropped 80 because he had limited to no talent around him, for LBJ to drop 60 i think just proves that Miami is unstoppable, because they got D-Wade, Birdman, Allen, and many others that make that team the best in the NBA…C’mon Highlight, no need to diss LBJ in that manner unless you trying to get him to just dominate the entire NBA from top to bottom, is that what it would take for you, because I think he already does…

    • timpson says:

      Don’t think so but that’s your opinion.

  20. vince87 says:

    well.. all i can say is that, i think nique is just jealous of what lebron can do, we cant argue that in his time nique, mj, bird, magic were great during their days.. but you cant just compare players before for what they’ve done in the past to those players playing today.. saying that the bobcats just let lebron score whenever he wants? that’s ridiculous..no team would let someone to score that easy.. it just happened that lebron was great that night, shooting the lights out, scoring behind the 3pt line, driving the lane, making fts. there is nothing the bobcats can do with that.. Remember what d spurs did in the finals a year a ago, they let james take jump shots, but when his making those shots, one thing is for sure, he’s unstoppable..

  21. gt says:

    Sekou is a fan o Lebron. whatever he pubished about link to lebron cannot be trusted, lol. 61 is nothing when you see KNICKS star player drop 62 on bobcats. And kobe scored 62 in three quarters before reaching 81 in a game. ZZZZZZZZZZ

  22. Carlos Claro says:

    Sekou Smith is one of these fans. If LeBron James farts, he thinks that this is most beautiful sound ever.
    NBA seems dead for me. Too soft.

  23. lakermig says:

    charlotte first team ever to leat two different players have 60+ games against them in one season hell it was nearly in one month….nuff said. Also not knockin gLBJ he is awesome at every facet of the game but what nique said has a lot of merit .

  24. Javier says:

    Kobe dropped 81 against the RAPTORS. The Raptors in that era, as well as their current reincarnation, have mostly been a mediocre team. I bet if Kobe did the same this year Nique would be all over his nuts.

    • cil says:

      thank u for that comment…..kobe 81 on the raptors was great but how much teams he can do that on…..he was jus hot n was findin his spots nothin they could have done….same for lebron n melo they jus was unstoppable when findin there spots n makin good decisions….c’mon wilkins nba great turing bias old gramps..plz dont go down that alley.

  25. Basketball Fan says:

    Ma men.. that is why this is called basketball.. something like that really happens. Sometime you play good, sometime you play bad. so please don’t blame the lack of defense of the bobcats, I just think they did their best trying to guard lebron, but lebron just really ridiculous that time.. did you saw the double team/triple team on lebron when he drove to the basket? how come you can say that, that they threw a red carpet on the floor for him the same for Melo? And now they shutdown the Pacers’ Paul George in just 2 pts 0/9 shooting. can you tell that not a defense? ofcourse George can score 20 w/ a tough defense and 40 or more w/ out a defense.. I just thought it.. but George was really off this night + a tough defense you can say.

  26. Jan says:

    First of all Melo put on a clinic this season and none of those two can even compare to Kobe’s 62 points against the Dallas Mavericks in 3 quarters and sat out the 4th…. Please don’t compare this to Kobe’s 81 against a team who was ahead by 14 and Kobe just kept dumpin it on them… Defense was played in that game… Lebrons 61 was good… Not legendary like how most of you front-runner LeBron fan put it out to be… LOL… NBA has a baby it nurtured on and off the court before he even came to the league and it is LeBron James…

  27. Julio Diaz says:

    Kobe had 81 in 3 quarters top that

  28. Rhedz says:

    Nique was right, lebron manage to score bigtime againts a team that doesnt have anyone to guard him. Bobcats are a good team because they play together…while heats offense on most nights is focus on their stars like dwade, james, bosh and allen. Im a dwade, lebron and heat fan straight, and i was really happy when i read that lebron set a record for the franchise…nique is right if only there was someone who are a high caliber player that was on bobcats that could have guarded lebron then maybe 61 might not never happened. But again, lebron was hot that night no question, and as a fan i would really love to see him do that again with the top teams like pacers, bulls, spurs, rockets, okc etc. it would prolly shut nique. I love the heat and everything in them…i feel sorry for the bobcats. Again, i agree with dominique…bobcats on that night had no chance to defend lebron…so 61 came very easy. Defensively the heat could have done much better and bobcats took that opportunity to score. But nuf said, good job Lbj, really looking forward to see that performance again.

    But seriously, lebron playing back in 80s and 90s would give some players back then big time headache. Lbj is a force of nature on its prime…he might not have that finess that mj, bird, magic or even dom had but his strength, speed, un imaginable athleticism is enough to match those legends…if we are talking prime to prime…no stat sheets..just pure basketball no hold barg..i think lbj is close or even footing with the legends.

  29. MrTomeoni says:

    Between DrJ popping up all over the place and Old Man Wilkens – i don’t think I’ve seen a more self proclaimed unappreciated duo. I’m sick of hearing ‘Niques one story about his battle with bird, or ho he should have won the dunk contest against jordan, or that guy not talking to him anymore since he dunked on him. And DrJ trying to make us care about his 4 ABA titles.. and how these kids think the NBA started in the 90s (secret drJ…it did!) give it up. People of YOUR era will fight for you, but when you do it just seems like your childless uncle who won a high school regional championship telling the same story about how he almost scored the winning touchdown.

    that said, ‘Nique had some good points

  30. Mladen says:

    He is right. Bron asked to stay in the game in 4th even though it was over. KD had 42 in 3q couple a days ago and didn’t play the 4th. Same with Melo. These number are inflated by poor defense and staying in the game in garbage time.

    Even worse, Bron was so tired the next game that Heat lost! He was tired because he played too many minutes against Bobcats.

  31. AL says:

    Please stop comparing the 61 with Melo’s 62. It’s a mere 1 point, but who could make 50 at a 67% clip. 61 may not impress Nique…but who wouldn’t be impressed with scoring 61 on 67%! He was efficient all year and this night, while establishing his own personal record, he was even more EFFICIENT!

  32. Owen says:

    LeBron has two championship rings and 4 mvp trophies. Nique has a trophy….. slam dunk champion trophy. Wow. Just wow.

  33. darrian kincaid says:

    I hate people trying to vouche for a mediocre league back in the 80`s and 90’s the years where the popularity grew tremendously and thats the real reason the players from those days get much credit, Mj had no competition and still didnt win a championship on his own in those days. When team had players that shoot threes, or handle the ball; in clutch time starters didnt play d in the crutch cause the players that could play d was bench players who couldnt score.. wow what a league, the only person that could effectively make a different on MJ was on his team by the way so after practicing against pippen intensly the whole league was a piece of cake to M.j. quit comparing eras, the league was so less talented so much slower instead of trying to see who could play back in those days u probably could see who from back then can play in today’s league, where jus defense cant get u n the league anymore and just having offense want aget u many mins. Who was the second best shooting guard in Jordan era i cant name none i wouldnt not disgrace the era by saying penny hardaway, terry porter, or john starks, quit comparing eras not to mention no zone defense back in the days were u would be called for illegal d for standing and surveying and if u think pippen was hell with all the contact he was allowed to play d imagine LeBron or kwahi Leonard back then stop comparing eras folks

  34. jg says:

    good critique.

  35. Georgie B says:

    Man Nique what a loser for those tweets. The dude scored 61 points against the 4th best ranked defense in the NBA. Like what’s with all this hate. Looks like all the old timers are pissed someone is coming to be recognized as a greater player then them

  36. Shafee syed quadri says:

    and kobe had 62 against the mavs and 61 in madison square garden. 65 against the blazers and 81 against the raptors

  37. Shafee syed quadri says:

    i think LeBron is a great player. 61 points is amazing. and this is coming from a kobe fan. yes lebron is better than kobe now. but this is lebrons prime. if u compare it to kobe’s prime, kobe would leave this guy in the dust. 81 points by kobe against the raptors. all i am saying is that lebrons performance was overrated but still amazing

    • Dude kobe scored 81 points against the raptors who were one of the worst defensive team at that time …with also a lower field goal % and LBJ scored 61 points against the bobcats who are ranked no.6 with a 67% field goal….and moreover compare the stats of LBJ and kobe at the age of 28 and 29 (after the end of season)….

  38. vincent says:

    I’m leaning towards disagreeing with wilkins. basketball is still basketball.you get however many points you get. if defense was so horrible, why not other players score high like that then?

  39. LOL Nique says:

    Nique, your career high of 57 (2 games) were set against the 40-42 Bulls in 86 (11th out of 23 teams in DEF) and the 39-43 Nets in 85 (12th out of 23 in DEF). In the Bulls game, you were 19/21 in FT and you weren’t guarding Jordan and he didn’t guard you too. In the Nets game, you were 15/19 in FT and you definitely weren’t guarding Dawkins,

    Basically, what you tweeted applies to you too. You were HOT offensively (especially from the line) and you were playing a sub .500 team with a matchup nightmare.

    • natedagrate says:

      well said, I’m getting sick of old timer greats belittling the talent in the NBA today with their commentary and criticism, there’s no doubting that LeBron is great. I’d like to see Nique play against some of the good players in our league today. The game has evolved, and the players have more knowledge/skills than before. It’s just different, it’s that simple. #MID LIFE CRISIS?

      • oldtimer says:

        these players have more knowledge/skills than before, man are you on something illegal, these players are finding ways to stack their teams to win championships than working harder to win.

  40. cry says:

    just look how bobcats are doing against the pacers…….nique.shut up!

  41. Marke McFarlane says:

    I’ve read all the comments and it seems to me that people are mis interpreting the context of Mr. wilkins comments. He did say that 61 points is 61 points and that Lebron had a hot shooting night. I believe his point was that he was not as impressed with the total because of the lack of defence from the cats and the fact that Lebron did not have to guard anyone of significance on the defensive end. Now Lebron is definitely one of the greatest basketball players I have seen and no I am not a big fan of his nor am I of kobe but anyone with eyes and a love for the game can appreciate his skills. Is he better than MJ? only time will tell. Better all around athlete. Probably. He is 6’9″ around 260 lbs with freakish speed and athleticism and like Jordan no one man can stop him. But still Carmelo scored 62 against the same team and nobody really paid attention because his team is awful. I watched the game and I saw that in the 4th he could have sat but the cats were making a run and kept him in. His teammates knew what was at stake and they kept feeding him the ball and with no Wade he could shoot as much as he wanted and who was going to say anything. I believe they left him in the game more for the fans not to lose interest and for them to witnesses to history in a Miami Heat sense. I think it was 19 years since anyone scored more than 56 for the heat and I Believe that was Glen Rice back in the 90’s.

  42. admarsh says:

    I have learned one of the most important lesson in life a long time ago, that is this, the world is just stuck in a comparing mode, “i did this and you can’t, they have that but i don’t, we got this but they couldn’t etc. the reason why we compare is because we try to hide our defincies and inability to deliver what we could but didn’t or what we just can’t. So we look at another and say “at least i did so, and they couldn’t. I pray for the day when we would just appreciate one’s accomplishment, rather than compare it to another! Greatness is not determined by what you did and someone else didn’t, it is determined by the way you used your God given gift to the best of your ability to leave a mark that will forever be etched in history! What we humans can’t do is turn back time, so just appreciate that you got to see Mj, Bird, Reggie, Wilt, Magic etc, and thank God you are still alive to see LBJ, KD, Kobe, Wade, Melo etc.

  43. kobeballhog says:

    Additional note to nique and to all the haters saying bobcats defense is a joke and lebron took advantage of it. You guys surely aint real nba fan. Thats what great players do taking advantage, making the most out of your talent exploiting the other team and if you couldnt do that then you are just an average player in this league. Bobcats aint a pushover they ranked high in defense. If thats your case then all the elite players in each team should scored 60pts on the bobcats now. I rest my case blind haters.

  44. R-Lo says:

    Typical comments by one of the old school NBA stars. I don’t care what they say but everyone knows that the current players are more skilled now. Look at the 3 point shooting percentage increases over the last 10 years. The players now days work on improving all parts of their game. Wilkins needs to let it go. He is the 50 year old that still talks about how cool he was in high school.

  45. kobeballhog says:

    Just because mj got all the limelight and nique got none or no love when they were still playing, he is sour graping now? Lol grow up old man. Mj beaten you black and blue back then. You never even been considered a great defensive player, all nique had done is be a ballhog and score thats why he averages 30+ a game then on his underachieving hawks team. 61 is 61 old man you cant take away from it. Its hard to achieve 30pts in a game only a handful does that night in night out moreso 60pts. So give respect due. You are just sourgraping coz mj smacked your whole nba career peace out lol

  46. Dre says:

    Shut up Nique… You jealous! Go get some more meaningless dunk contest award… You average player.

  47. AkronsBig Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    I am so dissapointed in Dminiques comment. He was and still is thought as of being one of the greats, but isn’t that is what it is all about. I’m sure there is plenty of young high school players striving to be even better than the great players of todays game. When they acheive that you don’t down play there accomplishment but you give them praise and keep on encouraging them to do better. Labron grew up watching the greats play and you are one of the ones who made him so competitive. I know for a fact that to him MJ was a basketball guru to him when he was a kid. Then to have MJ to speak unkind words out of his mouth towards him hurt. Labron, you are a great basketball player but what is unique about you is the fact that you are a greater person. Thanks be to God.

  48. MD55000 says:

    I agree with Nique, there’s no D in the NBA anymore. It’s full of creampuffs and injury prone stars who are overpaid. Lebron is just a good player , he would Never let me say it again for people, Lebron would never have scored points like that on the 90’s Pistons, Knicks, Pacers or even the 90’s Spurs with David Robinson. These NBA players today dont have any fundamentals . This is why Lebron James seem to stand out .

  49. Probe says:

    I do believe players are more athletic during this day in age but if the hard fouls, tough defense, and the hand checking was still around, most of the players today couldn’t perform every night consistently like Bird, Magic, MJ, and NIq. Its not the same league where in the past, superstars were beat up and still putting up great numbers every night. Where in todays league, if that tough, hard defense w/the handchecking was still legal, who knows what kind of real accurate comparisons the players today would be to the legends in the past. No comparising each generation of players, but in my opinion on todays game compared to the past game, the 80’s and 90’s game was much more better than todays due to the physical defense, hard fouls, and schemes players and teams had back in the day

  50. xlr8_555 says:

    Exactly why I hate LeBron. He just goes ahead and Spoelstra lets LeBron play the 4th quarter so that he can score the most points in a game by a Miami Heat player and beat Glen Rice’s record. I’m starting to feel that LeBron is just taking away the Miami Heat from D-Wade. I remember that when D Wade had 55 points, he got subbed out half way through the 4th because they wanted to “keep Glen Rice’s record of 56 points” a bit longer. Then all you see LeBron come in and score 61 points while playing almost the whole game. If D Wade didn’t play any game, would LeBron keep ball hogging like he did to score 61 points? Good think Wade is there to calm LeBron a bit, because otherwise LeBron would be a hog like Kobe.

  51. Dillinja331 says:

    I thought the Bobcats were 6th in the NBA in Def? Forcing Lebron to shoot 3s and then contesting them isn’t bad D, it’s what every team in the NBA does against him. The Spurs did it in game 7 of the NBA finals and got burned. You can’t take away his shot and his drive, you pick your poison and live with the results. If you go over the screen against Lebron he’ll easily get to the rim for a dunk/layup or if the D collapses a kick out to a wide open 3 point shooter.

  52. Jay Hood says:

    @DWilkins21 What about Wilt???????????????? Are you jealous of him too? Yes you are…..lol

  53. Johnny Kilroy says:

    By far too much of a knee jerk reaction to an observation with obvious merit (to those of us who have been following the NBA proir to the “ME” era) by a Hall of Famer who’s opinion has cred. Nice shooting, exceptional. But today’s D ain’t what it used 2 b and I can feel where Nique’s coming from. It isn’t as over glorified and single mindedly worshipped as offensive exploits. A shooting display 4 the ages but without D only getting half the picture.

  54. Jay Hood says:

    What about about Wilt??????????????????????

  55. SHELLLZZZ!!!!!!! says:

    i think the point ‘Nique is trying to make is, he wants to see lebron go out and get 61 on a team that makes him have to sweat. Lebron didnt need to try and get those points fair enough he had a great shooting night undisputed but the argument is those old basketball players drop big numbers when it mattered the most against teams who were the best not against teams of the standard of bobcats, for someone of lebron’s ability and talent he should cruise to 61 against bobcats. whereas against teams like OKC , Bulls, Pacers , Blazers it might not be the same story

  56. Hater be on Lebron says:

    Come on Wilkins…..Let talk about Kobe and Wilt? they blowout the team they verse and got 81points;Kobe and 100 points;Wilt…….they battle easy team too.

  57. Mick says:

    No-one complained when Kobe scored 81 verses the Raptors….

  58. pacerfan1981 says:

    lets just say, not to long ago carmelo posted 62 against the bobcats yet he doesn’t get a mention, by my calculation lebron scored 61, melo 62….hmmm…. yet bron’s 61 is earth shattering and best ever… cmon people…. melo did better against the same team and played less minutes….. Nique is right in what he said…..

  59. mikmaks says:

    No disrespect to the Jordan’s, Bird’s, Magic’s and Niq’s, but there are more players right now more athletic than before. yes it’s more physical play then but that doesn’t mean players nowadays can’t play in the 80’s or 90’s era. The Durant’s and Lebron’s are so much athletic that they can score on anyone easily specially with no-zone. They will eat their opponent in a one on one.

    • The Real Deal says:

      Offensive players shine in today’s game cuz only few teams play real defense. If todays stars play in the 80’s and 90’s. they’ll have a hard time.

  60. Mr EJ says:

    Debate why KD didn’t win in the finals. How about that?? 61 is 61.

  61. HaiHoho says:

    Just saying, Melo dropped 62 on the bobcats this year too, don’t remember it being as hyped as LBJ 61. Not taking anything away from these two, great performances, but if it we’re against a more challenging team for eg Thunder or Rockets, I’d be really impressed.

  62. Logic says:

    You know what I’m tired of. The word “Hater”. This is SPORTS. No fan has to “LOVE” your team and “LOVE” your players. When a team is on court, there is only one victor. Most of the fans who use the terminology don’t know that its hypocritical. “You hate me because I hate your favorite player”. Once again, THIS-IS-SPORTS. So go get some testosterone because you’re heavy in estrogen. All you have to really do is RESPECT your teams capabilities; LeBron doesn’t win games by himself(but close). In conclusion, nobody has to fall in love and buy roses for your player. Think for yourself.

    This also wasn’t that great of a scoring effort. The media makes it seem that way by constantly bring it up on its homepage because they will make more money off of it and attacking anyone who disagrees making it more of a circus i.e. Nique. Its also because it was “LeBron James”. Everyone’s reaction: “Oh my god, I totally didn’t know LeBron was capable of this? Everyone else who thinks this isn’t amazing is a…..you know what”. I’ll also admit this, Dominique Wilkins can not be accurate when comparing eras.

    If you’re not scoring more than 81 to 100 points in a NBA game, no matter who you are, its not important.. In my 12 years of watching NBA basketball, I’m not impressed to say the least seeing that I’ve watched more than 1500 nba games. I could careless but my point is to stop making this look like its amazing because its not. Lets also add that LeBron could have always scored that much if he wasn’t unselfish with the ball. LeBron is a unstoppable force. Think for yourself

    Moving on, the Bobcats are a team that is under 50 percent in the abyss of the east. The Bobcats have a history of being horrible every year. Casual fans don’t even know the Bobcats are. Being a team that didn’t make a name for themselves pretty much sums it up on their end. What does that do to a 1st tier player’s confidence? Think for yourself

    There’s no possible way to compare eras so lets end that now because the difference of technology, training, rules,defensive strategy, offensive strategy, media tactics, workouts, health practices, etc. I swear that people don’t take the time to realize “What do I have now that I sure didn’t have 30 years ago”. Really stop and look at whats around you because you would be enlightened. This is why you can’t ever logically compare eras. Think for yourself!

    ‘No matter what the Bobcats defensive efficiency is, you can’t deny that the Bobcats have a horrible match up problem. Hell, Miami has a match up problem with Brooklyn other teams with SIZE. They just have to play harder in order to beat them. I’ve seen all the games of Miami vs. Brooklyn. A team with size that isn’t mediocre is a nightmare for Miami. Especially when that team has a shot blocker such as LeBron’s arch nemesis Dwight Howard. The Bobcats don’t have any of that and have no defensive small forward to guard LeBron James. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist? Chris Douglas Roberts? Anthony Tolliver? Guarding LeBron? What do you expect? People….please..Think for yourself.

  63. Sir23 says:

    He also played 42 minutes when his team won by 17. That was a bit try hard if you ask me.

  64. Jim Ragan says:

    Nice to see someone like Dominique Wilkins, who never got the Hawks past the second round of the NBA playoffs during his years with the Hawks, call out LeBron James who has already helped lead the Heat to two NBA titles.

  65. how about a player outscored a very good western team in 3 quarters,here the link, http://scores.espn.go.com/nba/recap?gameId=251220013 click the link and read and tell me which one is better lebron 61 points or this player.

  66. The human highlight would of really became one if he was guarding James plus how many rings nique has the hush

  67. LebronShaqfan says:

    The old guys of the NBA should stop commenting on the current NBA players. If Bird, MJ or Nique played in today’s NBA I do not believe they would have scored as easily as they did. The players now are faster, quicker and more athletic. Back then…only a few could leap high, now even White Men Can Jump!

  68. LeBron06 says:

    I think it’s funny how people say they’re not impressed… Ladies and gentlemen Lebron Doesn’t care If Your Impressed Or Not! In the end he doesn’t know you exist and he doesn’t read your comments

  69. Kobe Fan says:

    You tried to say the didnt had the ball skill Lebron had I!!! Totally agreed!! Kobe will win the Scoring Title next year!!! Its a promise!!!

  70. Don't spit my name you been warned! says:

    You gotta be honest when talking about basketball and looking back at what it has been. Yes Dominique played in the 1980s. Thats a fact. And its also a fact that he didt had to defend Jordan, Magic and Bird all the time. But the game was more physical than what it is today and you can look at it by just watching some clips on youtube pal! Im 36 now and watched a lot of basketball games and Dominique had to play against old Jabbar, Ewing, Robinson, Olajuwon, Daugherty, Mutombo, Parish, McHale and even played against Oneal, Mourning. Those were REAL centers and you just couldnt go into the pain and shot. Besides all that he had to pull against Bill Lambers punches, James Edwards elbows and John Salleys kicks….Lol so yeah… playing in that time was more hard. And dont forget guys like Malone, Barkley, Larry Johnson guys who would worked you out with their physical play, yes they did had the ball movement James possess but they had REAL Centers! The game has to become again what it was, we have lost the touch of the physical play and welcome too much the European baskeball way. The European way never got us the Gold at the Olympics so return to basics! Yes James score 61 and yes it was against bad defense both arguments are true. But I want more from James! I want him to shut my mouth this year by scoring 30ppg, 10.apg and 10 rpg that all. Join the Oscar Robertson club finally! Thats the only way to silence critics like me once and for all and get the word overated out of every Hall of Famer finally!!!

  71. duke says:

    I remember him saying that he does not have to score since it’s not his job… gow about cutting bron some slack, I’m not a lebron fan but I do appreciate moments like this, so I say give him what he deserve..

  72. BandwagonHateVS"haters" says:

    Lebron would of been in rough shape if he had played when you could foul a good player… i mean without gettin thrown out, that happens if an opposing player looks at lebron is some cases now. Its also not hard to tell defense has changed threw out the years to help the offensive players…. but hey 61 meh, good shooting % i was already told a million times he is the greatest player ever so it cant be that big of a deal. Im not allowed to decided for myself or anything… I was more pissed when i was watching a bit of NBATV and it just would not leave the screen for hours hahahaha.

    NBA now soft

    NBA then.. ahh… not the same

  73. Palmatron says:

    The defense in the NBA now is nowhere near as physical as it was. It’s not only Wilkins that says it; Barkley, Shaq, Malone, Steve Smith, Payton, Kenny Smith have all commented about this lately….These guys KNOW the game and some have only retired relatively recently. I think LBJ is an awesome player, but I think all ‘Nique was trying to say is that the hype he gets is too much and that the game would be better if the guys could ‘play’ in a more physical style. I would love to see LBJ battle it out with a Rodman or Oakley for example…As a fan, I really miss the Pistons/ Knicks defensive minded teams….It was more intense to watch; MJ battling dumars or X-man for example……

  74. squala96 says:

    Some old men are better off playing bingo than expressing opinions nobody even asked for. Today’s basketball is a lot more physical, so a 61-point game is not something that can just be done no matter how great you are. Who knows, LeBron may have scored a hundred a couple of times if he played decades ago.

    • 80's&90's basketball says:

      Dude do you even play ball, have respect. I grew up loving 90’s basketball because it’s a real game of basketball, hard foul is considered a foul not a flagrant foul. That point is now NBA is protecting the stars and the business. It’s all about the money this Day’s. So Don’t tell me Lebron James can score easily against the like’s Charles Oakley, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, a young Shaquille, and the rest of the old school basketball. It’s about “RESPECT”.

    • semikalosi says:

      How in the world is today’s basketball more physical? Seriously… How? I would love to see today’s stars play against The Bad Boys, and that’s just one of the many team’s that messed you up in nearly every defensive play…

  75. MJ2015 says:

    “Pretty much every game where a scorer had an unbelievable game was when they played a team out of their league.”

    Which is why MJ IS THE GREATEST. He put up 63 on Bird’s Celtics in the playoffs, and 69 against a very talented Cleveland team. Lebron wouldn’t have sniffed 63 points in 1986. Case closed.

  76. Great Performance says:

    Dominique hasn’t had 61 points but he has had 57 two different times and one of those was on 28 shots as opposed to Bron’s 33 shots and 61 points. I don’t really agree with the way he is critiquing LeBron. It was clear Bron was stat padding by staying in almost the entire 4th quarter though.

    My point with Durant was that he was on fire too and had 42 points through 3 quarters and he didn’t play a single minute in the 4th. He missed like 6 free throws up to that point(which rarely ever happens for him). Had he stayed in just to get more points he might have reached 61 too. He was on fire.

    • Dieter says:

      His criticism is on the Bobcats and the league, not on Lebron. Alot of teams are tanking this year, and that’s frustrating. The Bobcats should not be a top 8 eastern conference team. They’re seventh now with a team that should be somewhere near the bottom, and in a normal season without talk of a superdraft they would be one of the worst teams in the league. This is a team in need of a top draft pick… this season is another setback for the Bobcats, but for once it’s not their fault. I wish the Bobcats the best if they reach the Playoffs because they also deserve a happy story once in a while, and this seems like their last chance in years to come.

  77. Mr S says:

    the reason why this is being mentioned as so great and above carmelos night is because of 1. the mvp race 2. 8/8 from 3. how rare is that?? dont hate. appreciate

  78. Titus says:

    First of all Nique didnt have to play Magic, Jordan, or Bird “every night” there were 25+ other teams that didnt have talent as good as their teams..Second, he could not defend Magic or Jordan on his best day!…Nique was never a great defender and speaking of Jordan, his biggest defensive matchup in his day was 6 3′ Joe Dumars while everyone who defends lebron is 6 7′ or better…scoring 61 pts in the NBA is an accomplishment in itself no matter who u you play..Nique gets the donkey of the day for his poor commentary and weak defensive play way back in his day!! …There are more very good two way players today than there were in the 80s and 90s therefore scoring nights like this are more impressive now than back in the day..these guys are longer and more athletic today than yesteryear and Nique would have a 6 10′ athlete in his mug rather than say a 6 5′ charles barkley that would most likely cause him to erase of his big time scoring nights and that wouldve made him respect what Lebron has done this particular night…P.S …old school will always try to make their era and their legend larger than it really was!!!

  79. Freida says:

    Give LeBron what he deserves. The Cats are in 7th place. Did not Al Jefferson give a performance. LeBron is the best player on this planet. He could say what he wants but he never got a 60 point game. Why old basketball players have to make comments like this just shows their jealousy.

  80. nikolai says:

    People still watch the NBA? I like that Wilkins pointed out the obvious!

  81. feelthaheat says:

    talk all you want. but whos the greatest player on the planet….oh yeaa.

  82. Thomas says:

    1) Nique talks about the Bobcats being a bad defensive team… Statistically, they are the 6th best in the league.

    2) Nique has NEVER had a 60 point game himself. So stop being a hater!

  83. Mark says:

    Your sounding like a typical bitter ex-player, who likes to blow His own trumpet in response to an over estimation of current players & their performances! It is what it is.. A one off game! I can go with comparing one game to another game from each era, or even one era against another era..it makes for some great debate, but Nique this way your deserving of some criticism.
    I have Dominique Wilkins around no.50 in my all-time best NBA players Thats about… no.10-12 out of the best Small Forwards to have ever played…A very good accomplishment!

  84. sagaliba says:

    It’s all about the sneakers man. Bron has the sneakers that Nique did not have. So Bron should have scored more points based on that advantage alone.

  85. LAKERS says:

    61 points against the Bobcats?!?! Not impressive at all, whats the big deal?

  86. Mr EJ says:

    Everyone wants to sit around saying Durant can do this, Durant can do that. Tell Durant to win a chip. People talking about who LBJ teamed up with. You still have to play the game. Lebron can ball and anyone that played basketball before can see that. It’s not easy doing what he doing on a nightly basis while being under a spotlight. Wade didn’t play when Lebron dropped 61. You spend all this time criticizing greatness. Who’s the next Lebron?? Nobody

    • Shaq says:

      Who’s the next shaq? nobody. Does that mean Shaq is the greatest player of all time?

      • Mr EJ says:

        I never said lebron was the best ever. His physical make up doesn’t come around that often. He’s a great player, shaq was a great player as well. Player like that don’t come around that often. He’s better the KD is now and he was better at 24 then KD is at 24. Sit back and enjoy these championships.

    • Hector Flores says:

      lebron is a great player but he will never be better than michael jordan at least jordan stuck with his original team thru good and bad and was able to win championships on the other hand lebron had his chance at a championship against the spurs and performed sub-par and was not worthy of the title king James.He realized that he could not carry a team and be a leader and decided to go to a team that had to buy their championships.thats why he will never be part of that mountain because he was not good enough to lead a team with role players and has to depend on other all stars to win championships continued luck lebron on your bought championships and by the way last years championship was given to you by greg popovich when he pulled tim duncan.

      • Dieter says:

        Jordan stuck with his original team because that was a great team with a great coach, I don’t think Lebron would’ve left a team coached by Phil Jackson, with players like Pippen, Kukoc, Kerr, Rodman, …. and Pop would never give a championship away, the Spurs just had bad luck.

  87. dan says:

    i always say no other player in the history of the nba could take that cavs team to the finals that was probably the worst team in history to make it to the finals and lebron beat the 2004 pisstion which beat the shaw kobe molone, glove lakers!!

  88. real nba fan says:

    Pretty much every game where a scorer had an unbelievable game was when they played a team out of their league. Kobe’s 81 came against the worst team in the league who were ranked 29th defensively does that make Kobe’s game any less impressive of course not. Dominique Wilkins was an exciting player to watch but his full body of work couldn’t compare to Jordan Magic and Bird. Durant is the closest thing to Lebron in the nba today but i would take Lebron over Durant any day because Lebron’s game overall outweighs Durants. Its not fair to compare today’s players with the players of the past because it isn’t their fault they were born in a different era. And people act as if Lebron had great talent in Cleveland to play with if that was the case he would have never left. Jordan had Pippen,Koukos,Rodman and the greatest coach ever Phil Jackson does that take away from his success of course not. Magic and Abdul Jabbar were probably the greatest duo ever does that take away from their success of course not. Winning isn’t a solo act Lebron made a smart move and 2 championships later only people left complaining are the haters who don’t have any idea what’s its like to play a pro sport.

  89. direkeli says:

    Who had the weaker team? Lebron’s Bobcats or Kobe’s Raptors?

  90. jeffreyhopkins says:

    Nique is right, the cats defense was a joke. lebron took advantage of this joke, but this is not a historic night or performance.
    Media propaganda, the fans decide if it’s historic, not you, money devils. history is not so cheap.
    lebron is talented, no doubt. he gets a lot of help with the ref (like mj or any nba “legend”)
    But Nique, all they will say is : nique is an old bitty player, jealous, you are black so they can’t say racist but they will say you are full of hate.. Lebrons fans are like the nba now.. 3.0

  91. bryan says:

    All this talk about lbj playing in the east and the east being soft may be true but who did they play in the finals the past three years,and quite frankly may be four.Dominique may not be impressed,but he is no where near lbj as far as all around talent is concerned no matter the era.He can play all five positions on the floor with great efficiency,and is the best two way player in the game.All you Lebron haters go find a life.

  92. Morten says:

    I don’t get it. How can something that occurs this rarely not be impressive? Nobody is overreacting and calling this the moon landing of basketball. And there are plenty of bad defensive games being played on any given night by the way. The Bobcats defense can hardly be described as historically bad.
    And the old players need stop with the “in the 80’ies” stuff. In 1985 Bob Cousy probably spat on the statsheet of Larry Bird scoring 60 points against Dominiques Hawks. It’s boring.

  93. Sid says:

    Nice one sure! But there is Wilt out there to beat – if u talk of greatness – and nobody ever gonna get his numbers – not even close! So impressive – NO!

  94. mary jo says:

    No defense. Good shooting display. That’s about it.
    Let’s not build LeBron’s ego up even more. It might burst…….actually that would be a good thing.
    Awesome job Le Bron !!!!!!! you are the BEST !!!!!. Just unbelievable!!!!!. YOU ARE THE KING!!!!!

  95. chandler says:

    These LBJ fanboys get as hurt as Justin Bieber fangirls nowadays.

  96. MICK SEYER says:

    Hey Mr. Wilkins!… errr… ummm… Past is past. Your time is done. Sorry that you never had any NBA CHAMPIONSHIP RING. Oh yes!… 1985-86 NBA Scoring Champion (30.3 ppg) and NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Champion: 1985, 1990. Wow! What an achievement, huh?! I think you are good friends with Mr. Charles Barkley? All talk… Blah blah blah… So we are waiting for your comment on Carmelo Anthony’s 62 points? Tweet it!!!… Then move on. All haters & bashers of LBJ, move on!!!

  97. MICK SEYER says:

    Hey Mr. Wilkins!… errr… ummm… Past is past. Your time is done. Sorry that you never had any NBA CHAMPIONSHIP RING. Oh yes!… 1985-86 NBA Scoring Champion (30.3 ppg) and NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Champion: 1985, 1990. Wow! What an achievement, huh?! I think you are good friends with Mr. Charles Barkley? All talk… Blah blah blah… So we are waiting for your comment on Carmelo Anthony’s 62 points. Tweet it!!!… Then move on. All haters & bashers of LBJ, move on!!!

  98. mugetsu says:

    all I thought is you are capable of scoring 61 if you are still in the game when the deficit is over 15!…even in last seconds of the 3rd quarter…
    to say that lebron said that he was envy of january KD had so he tried to score and perfect shooting night and bobcats had helped him…he is so gifted yes but he is just abusing “greatness”…this performance is enough for him to do for 10 years…
    still it is not as great as Kobe’s 61…
    as it seems I am not fan of him but all ı said is trying to be objective…regards from Turkey…

  99. Lawrence says:

    I agree with nique a 100%

  100. Great Performance says:

    The one problem I have with it is he played the 4th in stat padding mode. Durant had 42 after 3 quarters last night(and was off from the line compared to what he usually is) but didn’t play a minute in the 4th. He was efficient too.

  101. james says:

    First of all the highlight real is right. look i have respect for lebron but don’t i hate how durant can do the things lebron do and it’s three page articles on lebron. i say it again lebron had to go to a team with two allstars to win a championship. people are so high on lebron but the east is weak you have two teams indiana and miami. the west has 8 teams they could win it all i mean you let miami go to the west and back of your mind how many time you think they would of one a championship. they don’t have to worry about nothing until they play in the east conference championship with indiana like you say people give credit where credit is due OKC is in the top of the west all i’m going to say.

    • Destiny Fashek says:

      Sorry bro but you make no sense. The east plays against the west in the finals. Miami came on top of okc and spurs the two best teams in the west. So how Miami wouldn’t survive in the west. Kd had his chance in the finals and nearly got sweeped by king james. Lbj is better than kd it’s just that simple.

      • marlon green says:

        The point is that it is much easier to win the championship when you dont have to actually start playing until the conference finals and then the NBA finals. Unlike the west, EVERY round has potential to be a 7 game series and any one of those teams has a chance of making it to the finals. The Heat could literally not play LBJ and Wade and even Bosh the first 2 rounds and the Heat would still make it to the conference finals.

      • Hector Flores says:

        Had Greg Popovich Not Sat Tim Duncan Down Towards The End Of Game 6 Lebron Would Not Have That Ring But It Is What It Is At Least The Spurs Are A Home Grown Team Not An Artificial Team Or Shall I say Steroid Roster Point Being With Out The Other All Stars On That Roster Lebron Probably Would Not Have Any Rings Right Now Nor Wade More Than One And Bosh Zero.

  102. Leo says:

    61 is 61 but come on people.. For crying out loud sake Carmelo dropped 62 on Bobcats in 3 quarters, Deron Williams dropped 55 on them last season and he wasn’t at his best, yes LeBron shoot the lights out but he stayed in the game to see how much he could’ve go for to put his claim to the MVP race.

  103. Observer says:

    Well you just can’t win….they will always find fault in LB but the truth is he is one of the best players on the planet hands down….and Domique needs to give it a break….back then he was a ‘hyped-up’ player….his name “the human highlight film” was not giving to him because of his scoring/playing ability….it was giving to him because of his dunking skills in games….they needed someone to try to match Jordan’s level of excitement back then and besides Shawn, Boges and Skywalker, Nique was the only other person doing crazy dunks “THAT STOOD OUT”….but that’s where his “greatness” ends…as an overall player Nique was good at best not great like LBJ, Durant, Bird etc….he most def was not on the level of Michel (even pippen), Magic, I. Thomas (pistons), or even David (spurs)…..matter a fact he wasn’t as good as Barkley or Malone….LBJ may have his faults but he has proven himself and he continues to…he can boast that he’s taken two different teams to the NBA finals…he did it with the Cavs and won it with the Heat that’s the mark of a great player…what team did Wilkins take to the finals?…you can’t go around that…for those who said he has an all start roaster why his able to do so….outside of MJ’s bulls teams and the older NBA teams (pre 80’s)….ALL NBA captains since then that have won have star caliber roasters to aid them….look at Kobe’s championship teams pre and post Shaq….all high caliber players surrounding him….plus JBL is not a ball hog….he’s more a facilitator team leader like Magic was that’s why the comparison with MJ is so off…..he’s a scorer at times yes…but his real strength is in playing a team game…that’s a true captin….LBJ did not put himself on this pedestal…his stats did

  104. Jake says:

    Guys come on! this is LBJ 10th or 11th Season. JUST now he got 60+ points??? What the??? after all the hype??? NOT IMPRESS at all….

    • psamcool says:

      Lamest comment ever!

    • Kobe says:

      61 points in an away game is more impressive. Camelo scored 62 at home with plenty of time left in the 4th. He couldve gone for 80 or something if his coach was Eric Spoelstra. But look at LBJ in real game against Houston the next day. Kobe scored 50pt+ games and was able to sustain it when he was in his prime. Lebron who?

      • Destiny Fashek says:

        Lebron who? The guy you wake up to hate on everyday. When is the last ya boy Kobe had the first seed. Barely made it in the playoff with Howard, gasol, Nash, world peace and himself. Give lebron them it’s a ring.

    • Mr EJ says:

      Have you ever played basketball??

    • LeBron06 says:

      What are you the best of all time…. He doesn’t care if your impressed… AT ALL!!!! Your not in the NBA so no right

  105. LordP says:

    What bother me is why people have to discredit greatness??Lebron is best Prototype that ever play this game..I didn’t say the best of alltime but he’s the most gifted ever..That’s a God given so haters gotta chill and witness LBJ era cause none of you gunna take away his talents to make the game look easy!!!
    It would be fun to see this league without Lebron…lol haters watch the NBA because of Lebron..so enjoy his show!!

  106. ring for nash says:

    Bobcats & 76ers are trash atm…watch for durant…might drop 70 on the cats

    • bunbury says:

      I am not a fan of Lebron or Miami but come on those comments from Wilkins were stupid. Sure he scored 61 on a sub team but stll I don’t see a player scoring 60+ on the bobcats on every game. it’s pure jealously. that’s all.

  107. Sage says:

    Everyone is entitled.It’s not throwing salt or being jealous when someone comments on the accomplishments of others.You can miss me with that “who’s got rings talk”.Dominique Wilkins is one of the most devastating scorers and icons in NBA history.Real followers of basketball know this.Even Jordan once said I watched Nique and said “Man”! I’ll watch Nique play anytime and I value the words of men who played when it was ok to be men….know what I mean.Game is too soft now and the league knows it,but they don’t care.They want a kinder,gentle league where everyone gets along and is buddy-buddy.Even when I’m playing against my best friend I’m trying to take his heart from his chest.

    • chi says:

      exactly . the NBA is soft these days. back in the 80-90’s players wanted to destroy each other. too bad the league would never be like that ever again. too much complaining and flopping have the league looking soft.

  108. Tyrone says:

    I think Lebron fanboys are mad because they know Nique is right….I’m a fan of his but not a fanboy. Fanboys can’t handle criticism.

  109. Kobe says:

    Nique is comapring different era how about this Nique, back in the 60’s and 70’s theres no 3pt line and yet players like J. West can score 40 pts! and back to 80’s -90’s there was no twitter so i think you better stop tweeting as well and you said you can score 40 at your age right now? no you wont! If its easy to score at the bobcats then how come not every single game against them an NBA player can score 40 or 61? Paul Georges cant score 50 against the bobcats!

  110. bruiser brody says:

    What happened to the 61 point performance??? Houston isnt Charlotte.

    • Destiny Fashek says:

      Kobe 81 point game in Toronto what happened in golden state?

      • bruiser brody says:

        IDK, thats ancient history to me. My point was why couldnt LBJ repeat the same performance at Houston,the next game. But lets see how he flops against the Spurs.

      • Witness says:

        gee bruise cause he was tired 2nd half like anyone couldnt tell that. but thats aite! keep hatin on the man!! keep helping fuel his madness! thanks

  111. gbreeza says:

    I don’t think that Lebron scoring 61 is neccessarily impressive as I’m sure if needed he could do on a nightly basis. I think what’s important to think about is why players, physically more gifted than the players of old, are held to lower scoring. And it’s simple the level of player entering the nba is much higher. Think about it now these players are science experiments. The latest in body molding techniques goes into making them true athletes once they make it to the professional levels. So where Wilkins back in his hayday was physically faster and stronger than some of the wingmen guarding him (needing to be doubled) Lebron is actually not as fast as other wingmen % wise. He’s just simply a better player than they are. And as people mentioned as good as Wilkins was he never won anything. Bur his team overall was not up to the level of the ones he faced. And my last point. I’m not a basher of old school bball. I think that teamplay was far better back then. The players however for the most part take away some legends would not have even ben drafted in todays NBA.

  112. recco marlee says:


    • charles says:

      They played the bobcats the night before the heat did. Its just like what the commentators said KD could drop 60 points on them as well if he had the ball in his hands all the time. Lbjs performance was great but kd is the better scorer. I think he has 11 40+ games this year. Twice as many as the second most player.

  113. Neil MacMillan says:

    I think that anything LeBron or anyone on the current Miami team achieves will be a dubioius record. Imagine what Lenny would have done playing on the same team as Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, which essentially is the same thing. Also I doubt very much that Lenny ever took 34 field goal attempts in a single game. I still maintain that when Bosh, Wade and Lebron joined forces they did nothing for the game, especially the smaller market cities. I hope they enjoy their rings, as they’ve done nothing for their personal legacy. They will get more, just as three of the best in any sport on the same team would. I love the game but can’t wait until Miami once again becomes competiutive with the League.

  114. Fefe (Nets) says:


    you are showing not even an ounce of respect… throwing “old fart days” around several times in your comment.
    Whether you like it or not, 80’s were great!
    And you compare “speed, agility, etc” today & before? But don’t forget that the world is not the same as before! Training/healing/rehabing is easier today than before thanks to new technologies & techniques, even the shoes/jersey NBA players were today are not made out of same fabric etc… So don’t compare things we can’t compare!

  115. leonard says:

    Each of the Miami players have an easier time in the game because of the attention thet the other players require. I bet Norris Cole wouldn’t look so good playing for a sub par team. Tell Lebron to score 61 against the Spurs ot Thunder then
    I will be convinced. Or join the Bucks next seaeon and give us the same performance. Why didn’t he do it in Cleveland and
    high tail it to Miami.

  116. emelki1968 says:

    Why everytime that somebody desagree with whatever Lebron James does has to be a “hate comment” ? What I don’t understand is the media taling about his 61 points like he has done something that nobody has done before. Did they talk about the several +50 of Kevin Duran the same way they are doing with Lebron? NO! That is the problem with the journalism today. Let’s play a fair game. Now, sudently, Lebron is the favorite for the MVP. Doesn’t count that he is probably in the best team? Is not important to consider that Durant has been playing without the other star for a long period of time and they have the same record than the Heat?, just to put an example. And don’t get me started with the referees treatment. But of course nobody is going to talk about that.

  117. rcharlie says:

    who cares what nique would say? he’s no champ…

    i don’t know why he even belong to the hall of fame!

    • bruiser brody says:

      Wilkins is a champ; slam dunk champ, scoring champ.

    • chandler says:

      So I guess you have no incentive on watching TNT when Charles Barkley talks. He’s no champ. How about Karl Malone, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, Steve Nash? I guess you’re fine with what Luke Walton would have to say

  118. Lalalalaa says:

    Quit talking about the number of rings. Look at the Heat team for the past 2 years. It is a team full of players that would have been a starter in any other team. He didn’t really have to do much to get a ring. Winning to the Spurs last year in 7 wasn’t impressive at all. The Spurs didn’t have lots of great players like the Heat does. Did he win a ring in his Cleveland days? NO! So you can agree that he did get his rings being in a great team. So quit comparing using the number of rings

  119. recco marlee says:


  120. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    I agree with Dominique. Kobe 81 points against Toronto and Wilt the stilt 100 Point game. Where was the D? Still 81 and 100 is still 81 and 100 against a NBA level team. I’m surprised it took this long for #6 LeBron to have a 61 night. I think it took this long because he plays team ball and that doesn’t allow a player to score one man team points.

  121. Juan says:

    I agree with Nique. Lebron James had a great night but not great when you compare the defense, toughness and tenacity of the earlier days. MJ, Nique, Bird and Magic all faced tough competitors and dropped big buckets.

  122. recco marlee says:

    dominique wasnt hating he gave the man his credit and told em how good he did it just wasnt a surprised who he scored the 61 on like kobe for example he droped 81 in 06 againt the raptors nique said til this day and at his age he can score 40 thats 21 points more than lebron now and i believe nique when he says he can drop 40 points in 2014 hes 54 and good for it.. lebron did his thing but on grater ends jordon drop more than 61 once kobe has 81 point games 50 60 and 70point games in his career kobe has had multiple career high number 8 kobe and 24 and againt great teams lebron got it on a team who didnt do a damn thing and remind u the game when kobe drop 81 i remember them sayin if u minus the 81 point the lakers still would have won YOU CANT SAY THE SAME FOR THE HEAT IF THEY MINUS THAT 61 RITE ???? I KNEW IT LOL

  123. Ballin all day says:

    Of course the fans will hate on wilkins for his comments but they are all accurate. There is no hate in his voice its simply the truth.Lebron should’nt of been in that game in the 4th quarter while he relentlessly beat up on the bobcats, after they were already down 20 in the 4th..Should’nt the bench get some minutes instead?(especially against that awful defense) Or was it simply about lebron wanting those points that bad? He didnt check out till the last minute of the game just so he could say he put up 60.. Great moments like that usually only happen in competitive matches, other then that you cant really count games like these because he forced his 60 against weak defense instead of checking out of the game. Carmelo Anthony, as poor as his team is this year, would have dropped 90 points against the bobcats if he would’ve stayed in for the 4th quarter and shot jumpers against players counting down minutes until they could exit the gym.. But melo and woodson realized that it doe’snt mean much when there is little resistance and the game is beyond decided..Kinda makes you think Lebron wants to rig the mvp race with unnecessary performances like that after the game was already decided… KD gets his when it matters.. And to all lebron fans, yes he is still currently the best in the world so chill.. But its the truth, lebron be putting on sometimes…lol

    • Witness says:

      Nothing you said is the truth sorry. Its just blind hatin ranting is all it was. HAHAHAHAHAH

  124. Lou says:

    I see where ‘Nique is coming from. No he didn’t have to play Jordan/Bird/Magic/King every night, buit that’s more names than we can mention with “Bron, especially since he teamed up with Wade and Bosh. In reality, the only names we put up with LeBron today is Durant and……..Melo? Who is going to make him work on the other end? Paul George, Melo, and Durant. That’s about it. “Nique had to deal with the names i mentioned, plus Shawn Kemp, Barkley, and Malone. 6 HoF’ers and a very good player with youth on his side. Aside from Durant, you have Melo, who doesn’t really play defense, and Paul George who won’t end up in the Hall of Fame (unless the Pacers go on one heck of a run in the coming years). The level of competition for LeBron is slim, as compared to that of Dominique, and I think that was the point of his Twitter rant.

  125. Disgusted says:

    You are talking about the old fart days. Of course to you the old farts were better and the old fart game was better. Stop living in the past if you want to comment on the present. (By the way, check the average size, speed, agility, strength, training, coaching, etc. of the players today compared to the size, speed, agility, strength, training, coaching, etc. of the players in the old fart days.)

    • dd def says:

      son, you need to do some homework about those “old fart” days. the refs didn’t protect players the way they do now. you had a guy with his hands on you on the perimeter, on the drive, and then 2 more big dudes waiting to knock you on your butt at the rim. none of this ticky-tacky nonsense they call now where you’re not allowed to touch anyone in a contact sport. and if you actually think there’s the same level of play in today’s league as there was in ‘nique’s day, well, i just don’t even know what to say

    • JG says:

      right on

    • Craig says:

      watch the film from the 80s…the defense (even v. the worst teams in the league) is SIGNIFICANTLY better today than it was back then.

    • recco marlee says:


  126. i dont know this guy never seen him play, all i know is about the present and lebron is the best. why he didnt say that about anthony, the bobcats are not the worse team. they in the 8 spot of east so what is this i know hate

    • dd def says:

      yeah, but a playoff berth in the east don’t mean a thing when you don’t even have to be a winning team to get it. look at the ‘cats’ record. also, look up wilkens footage. dude was called “the human highlight reel” for a reason

  127. DoubleJ says:

    Who cares what Dominique thinks? I actually forgot about him until right now. This is getting annoying. Lebron would have tore up the league even if he played against Bird, Johnson, Jordan, whoever. There has never been a player like Lebron! He is deserves credit. He is built like a power forward with the speed of a point guard. He has basketball IQ through the roof and is an amazing defender. Sorry Bill, Michael and Nique but Lebron is Legit.

    • Mary says:

      All he was doing was padding his stats. He didn’t need to play in the 4th. He’s not the greatest player either. The other team breathes on him or looks at him wrong he gets a foul. He plows though players with offensive fouls but never gets called. Its the media’s wonder boy. His arrogance doesn’t help.

  128. drew says:

    where are those rings nique? wait… never even been to an NBA finals, just saying..

    • dd def says:

      that’s the stupidest argument people make. rings don’t define a single player’s career. they speak to the team as a whole. you’ll notice, not even the mighty lebron got a ring without joining forces with half the eastern allstar team

    • Team3peat says:

      Where are those rings nique ? I cant find them for you bro

  129. MaFox says:

    Nique is right, he could’ve dropped 40 on the scrubbery of that charlotte team. Such, I propose we trade future HOFer Norris ‘Flat T’ Cole for Nique Wilkins.

    PG: LBJ
    SG: Dwyane Wade
    SF: Dominique Wilkins
    PF: Chris Bosh
    C: Greg Oden

  130. eastbrook russell says:

    a lot of talk the last few years about the softness of today’s NBA and the roughness of the old days. I will say it again, more handchecking was allowed yes, but team defense and complex team defensive plays are on their prime now-if you watch the good teams. That said, I dont think 80s and 90s teams could play the sort of team help defense the pacers, bulls, grizzlies and heat show off. We know the NBA is becoming a business more and more by the year, but let’s face it, the less lenient foul rules are the main reason we see so many incredible plays over the course of the year, which quite plainly entertain the average NBA watcher more. For the rest of the fans who don’t, I suppose you were incredibly amused during the Spurs-Pistons finals.

    • dd def says:

      i’ll take good basketball that’s earned over decent basketball that’s given by the league. these are grown men. we don’t need to worry about them breaking a nail.

  131. MjFan says:

    The Human Highlight is Right!!

    LBJfans out there do you really think he is worth to compare to the great’s in Jordan Era?
    Defense right now is really soft, if u think Lebron can match up to the prime of C.Barkley, K.Malone,
    D.Wilkins, L.Bird, C. Drexler, H.Olajuwon, M.Johnson w/ K.AbdulJabar, I.Thomas and the D.Pistons
    Def and many more!! Do u really think he can score 61 in some night especially D.Rodman would
    take the D on that man, you must think again Before Banging to your goal Mt.Rushmore. Feeling
    high and might is not great, you must let the people who believe in the game os basketball put you
    there not a self proclaim.

    • dd def says:

      well, his flops wouldn’t work. they’d knock him on his butt without giving him a second glance. back then the message was clear, “you come in, you go down” laimbdeer woulda tried to kill him for god’s sake.

  132. LordP says:

    Nique you might be a perennial allstar on your prime i respect what u’ve accomplished but i tell the truth you’re not half talented,gifted as lebron..his basketball IQ and overall game is far thousands years away from what u could do..Lebron is a complete package..like the legendary Oscar Robertson!

    • dd def says:

      nor are you. but you still get to express your opinions don’t you? so… the difference is…? plus, nique didn’t say he was BETTER than lebron. he simply said his competition was better, and that scoring on NO defense isn’t that incredible.

      • Witness says:

        Sorry it was eas to see hes hatin on the man cause he wants KD to win it so bad lol and Uh yea therewas GREAT D played against him considering that ALL the highlights showed a hand in his face and double and triple teams and still scored LOL so you can take your alternate reality somewhere else cause u obviously just a blind hater

  133. andoy says:

    Nique how many rings you have?

  134. justsayin says:

    Wonder if he regrets putting loyalty before joining a contender. He would have gotten a ring with the right team.

  135. I was a heavy Freakazoid Fan when he was doing this in the ’80s and ’90s. No sopping the Human Highlight Film. Yep, ‘Nique played the D, too. Love how he said that at 54 years of age he could still drop 40 on ’em! Bad defense is bad defense. Kinda like when the Raptors coach didn’t double Kobe and the Black Mamba dropped 81.

  136. Kawhibunga says:

    Even Derek Anderson made the same points recently – nowadays there are no intense D, and the players offensive players a babied to score.

  137. kk says:

    sound like somebody is jealous lmao.

  138. Ian says:

    Lebron is soft, the NBA is soft now days. I have little respect for Lebron, he thinks of himself as one of the greatest of all-time, yet his accomplishments don’t compare with guys like Jordan and Bird. They say Lebron “dominates” the game, that simply isn’t true.

  139. Mitchapotamus says:

    ‘Nique nailed it. Doesn’t sound bitter to me at all. Doesn’t take anything away from Lebron, maybe the greatest to play the game ever. Just telling it like it is. What’s the problem with that?

    • dd def says:

      lebron fans can’t take any criticism what-so-ever. they’ve gotten too used to the king being pampered too the extreme.

  140. TD Touch Down says:

    Nique’s comments seem to be slighted… I didn’t hear from Nique when other NBA players had big scoring nights? Kobe (volume shooter) Durrant (6’11” people!) and the likes… So word for today “Consistent” gentlemen lets us be consistent with all the players of today not just the select few whom may have big scoring nights from time to time. Bottom Line 61 points!!!! And what was the % 22/33 please- let us be fair in our observation. Again Mr. Wilkins in entitled to his opinion- and I welcome it.

  141. RL Tucker says:

    Great read and I agree completely. ‘Nique had his nights against the Clippers, Hornets, Mavericks, etc. where he took full advantage of the lack offensive talent and sub par defense on the opposition. 61 is 61 like he said and is difficult to accomplish if you’re playing a team of zombies let alone a team of professional players. ‘Nique just comes off sounding bitter here. I still have nothing but respect.

    • Nope Nique is saying the same thing as The Glove did a month ago…..It’s videogame Bball. And the way LBJ fans do react is unfortunately not realistic. Good offensive permormance but OMG the Cat’s threw the red carpet on the floor for him to do his thing. Any way it is what it is!

      Nuff said

      • Witness says:

        NOOOO they didnt hahaha but keep telling yourself that. ANYONE who clearly either watched the game or even the highlights of ALL of his points can see that he was VERY WELL DEFENDED on every shot, sometimes even double and triple teamed. Sorry.

      • Witness says:

        Keep on hatin just like Nique!!