2014 Trade Deadline Wrapup

VIDEO: Trade Deadline: Pacers and Sixers Trade

The Indiana Pacers provided a little excitement at the end of what was an underwhelming deadline day. There was a flurry of action on Thursday, but none of it all that meaningful. But then, after the 3 p.m. ET trade deadline had passed, news broke that Indiana had acquired Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen for Danny Granger and a second round pick.

Now, Turner’s per-game numbers are somewhat inflated by the Sixers’ pace. They lead the league at 102.5 possessions per 48 minutes. He’s generally been a disappointment as a former No. 2 pick in the Draft. And though his efficiency has increased *this season, he still ranks 161st of 196 players who have attempted at least 300 field goals with a true shooting percentage of just 50.4 percent. His free throw rate has gone up, but is still below the league average, and he has shot 29 percent from 3-point range.

* Over the summer, we pointed out Turner’s ridiculous mid-range-to-3-point attempt ratio of 3.1 last season. It’s down to 2.3 this year. Still pretty bad (James Harden‘s is 0.5), but not quite as mind-boggling.

As much as Granger has struggled in his return from almost a full season off, he’s shot better (49.5 percent effective FG%) than Turner (47.1 percent) on catch-and-shoot opportunities.

But Turner can’t hurt the Pacers’ bench offense, which has struggled again this season. While Indiana’s starting lineup has scored a solid 106.4 points per 100 possessions, all other Pacer lineups have scored just 99.5. And with C.J. Watson (better suited to play off the ball) as their back-up point guard, they could certainly use another guy who can create off the dribble.

A few other contenders and next-level squads made moves at the deadline, but they were relatively minor. The Warriors added bench help, the Spurs added depth at the wing, the Rockets added some athleticism, the Clippers shed salary, and the Heat created an open roster spot. Nobody made a move that will move the needle all that much. Omer Asik, Luol Deng, Pau Gasol and Rajon Rondo are still where they were 48 hours ago.

And that’s good news for Miami, Indiana, San Antonio and Oklahoma City, who remain the clear big four in the NBA hierarchy.

— John Schuhmann

Below is a live blog of how things went down on deadline day.

Highlights: Pacers swap Granger for Turner | Spurs get a wing | Clippers shed salary | Nuggets and Rockets make minor trade | Andre Miller to Washington | Bucks, Bobcats make deal | Kings sticking with McLemore | Heat unload Mason | Hawes to Cleveland

Brooks approves move to Denver, 3:55 p.m.

Aaron Brooks had the ability to veto his trade to Denver, but he’s agreed to the deal.

Pacers swap Granger for Turner, 3:33 p.m.

Spurs get a wing, 3:09 p.m.

Clippers shed salary, 3:00 p.m.

Will Brooks approve trade?, 2:30 p.m.

From our Fran Blinebury

Aaron Brooks would have to approve any trade and said yesterday that he wouldn’t. He wanted badly to stay in Houston.

The Rockets have reportedly agreed to send Brooks to Denver for Jordan Hamilton, but because Brooks signed a one-year contract and his early Bird rights would disappear upon being traded, he can veto the deal.

Clippers anxious to deal, 2:10 p.m.

More from Scott Howard-Cooper

The Clippers continue to be very proactive in hopes of closing a deal before noon in Los Angeles, with Reggie Bullock turning into a name of the moment around the league.

This is no surprise. For one thing, Bullock is one of the few available Clippers trade chips. For another, Bullock has a real future for a No. 25 pick, a rookie averaging just 8.5 minutes a game because he is a young wing on a team in win-now mode but a 6-7 guard-forward who improved his shooting every year at North Carolina and can defend. He is not an All-Star in waiting, but he is a legit prospect who can bring something in return when L.A. is not expecting to add a starter.

The quest is to bolster the rotation for the playoff push. The Clips are anxious to make a move. If they leave today empty, the next step will be to hope a player of value is bought out and can be signed as a free agent. That is one reason the basketball operations headed by Doc Rivers has kept the roster at 14.

Nuggets and Rockets make minor trade, 1:40 p.m.

Jack should have his bags ready, 1:10 p.m.

More from Scott Howard-Cooper

Still a strong sense from teams that Jarrett Jack, while not the big name of Luol Deng or the medium name of 2012 first-rounder Tyler Zeller, is the most likely Cavalier to be on the move today.

Jack has two more full seasons left at $6.3 million per, a big number for someone shooting 39.3 percent and probably a backup wherever he goes. But he has playoff experience, loves the big moment (sometimes wanting it so much that he forces it) and has the additional value of being an available point guard. There is also the versatility that Jack can play shooting guard.

The 39.3 percent? He was at 45 the last two seasons, in New Orleans and Golden State, and 40.4 on threes in 2012-13 with the Warriors. Interested suitors now have the easy explanation to write off the current troubles: He plays for the Cavaliers, so of course there’s going to be problems.

Andre Miller to Washington, 12:40 p.m.

The Washington Wizards’ offense falls off whenever John Wall goes to the bench. They’ve scored 104.5 points per 100 possessions with Wall on the floor and just 92.8 with him off the floor. So they were in the market for a back-up point guard, and they got one…

Bucks, Bobcats make deal, 12:37 p.m.

Kings sticking with McLemore, 12:35 p.m.

From our Scott Howard-Cooper

Kings general manager Pete D’Alessandro, bothered to an extreme by the rumor, took the unusual step of going out of his way to speak to media members to shoot down a rumor, insisting they had not offered rookie Ben McLemore to the Celtics as part of a package for Rajon Rondo. In what has been a rough transition to the NBA, with McLemore shooting 36.5 percent and unable to hold the starting job earlier in the season, management didn’t want him to start wondering about the team’s commitment.

More than McLemore’s availability could have been shot down, though. Not only are the Kings fully invested in McLemore and rightfully see a high ceiling despite the slow start, there is no way a rebuilding organization gives up two first-round picks, their 2013 lottery selection and Isaiah Thomas, the reported offer, for Rondo early in the comeback from knee surgery and with one full season left on his contract. Whether bad rumor or Celtics dream, it was never going to happen.

Miller to Washington?, 12:15 p.m.

Clippers and Cavs talking, 11:50 a.m.

Sessions for Neal swap?, 11:45 a.m.

Heat unload Mason, 11:20 a.m.

Deng is available, 11:15 a.m.

Earl Clark, Henry Sims heading to Philly, 10:45 a.m.

Clark is technically under contract for $4.25 million next season, but that doesn’t become guaranteed until July 7, 2014. Sims’ $915 thousand salary is also non-guaranteed. So the Sixers are basically getting back two expiring contracts. Anderson Varejao‘s health was a reason for the trade…

Zeller on the block, 10:00 a.m.

Hawes to Cleveland, 9:55 a.m.

Cleveland is over the cap and doesn’t have an exception that can absorb Hawes’ $6.6 million salary, so there has to be a player or two heading back to Philadelphia.

Teams after Andre Miller, 9:45 a.m.

Jimmer on the block, 9:35 a.m.

Ainge talks, 9:30 a.m.

The Race For Jordan Hill, 8:50 a.m.

The Los Angeles Lakers have the fourth highest payroll in the league and are 18-36 after getting waxed at home by the Rockets on Wednesday. Dumping Jordan Hill for nothing can lower their luxury tax payments quite a bit, and there are a couple of teams willing to take Hill off their hands. As we wrote yesterday, the Nets are looking to strengthen their bench, and have a disabled player exception that can absorb Hill’s $3.5 million salary.

But so does New Orleans, whose frontline has been decimated by injuries.

The Gary Neal deadline, 7:50 a.m.

Gary Neal makes just $3.25 million and the Bucks don’t want him. Yet somehow, trading him is a complicated process.

UPDATE, 6:09 a.m.

Report: Rockets making push for Rondo: Like many teams in the league right now, the Houston Rockets are interested in acquiring Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. And, like a lot of teams in the league right now, the Rockets are having a hard time coming up with the framework for a trade that is to the Celtics’ liking. ESPN.com’s Marc Stein reports that Houston’s potential unwillingness to give up Chandler Parsons is what may be hanging up a deal.

Report: Kings eyeing Cavs backup guard Jack: A day after sending shooting guard Marcus Thornton to Brooklyn for veterans Reggie Evans and Jason Terry, Sacramento might be looking to make another trade. According to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein, the Kings have expressed interest in working a trade for Cavaliers reserve guard Jarrett Jack.

Thibodeau would be surprised if Bulls make deal: Echoing the words of GM Gar Forman and team president John Paxson a little less than a week ago, Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau tells the Chicago Tribune‘s K.C. Johnson he’d be stunned to see the team make a trade today.

Saunders shoots down talk of Love on trading block: A smattering of Kevin Love stories came out yesterday, from a snippet from a new GQ interview in which he talks about having fun playing for the Timberwolves to a tweet from Peter Vescey that made it seem as if the All-Star wants out from Minnesota. But Wolves president of basketball operations Flip Saunders shot down all that talk with one tweet last night, writes Andy Greder of the Pioneer Press.

Report: Lakers’ Young safe from being dealt: ICYMI last night, the Lakers shipped veteran point guard Steve Blake to the Golden State Warriors for youngsters Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks. In short, L.A. is continuing in its rebuilding efforts, but according to BasketballInsiders.com, it seems unlikely that the team’s No. 2 scorer, Nick Young, will be dealt today.

Players discuss their trade deadline-day experiences: The folks over at BasketballInsiders.com caught up with a couple of notable players — including Dwight Howard, Kyle Lowry and Chris Kaman — to have them share what it’s like for a player to go through trade deadline day. Nice little read here this a.m.


  1. ArAb says:

    As a fan who stood by my team over the years, I am sad. If we don’t make it to the finals this year it is because of this trade and our chemistry being messed up. Thanks for the years you gave us Granger…..Pacers for life

  2. raftroch says:

    I liked what Bird did in Indiana. Granger was a star before injuries. But if your team is winning without you, then they don’t need you. You become a good trade token. That what’s Chicago should have done last season. They were winning, Nate was doing the job and they just needed a healthy key player or players that they could have acquired by trading Rose. Now they don’t have Deng and even if Rose comes back he will not be neither great, neither a token for trade. The same applies for the Lakers, they should have amnestied Kobe when they had the chance. When Kobe returns, what will they do? They don’t have players… Pau is getting older, Kobe is old and Nash is a living dead… I’m neither fan of Indiana or hater for these teams I just like good logic and great team management. Indiana has a great chance of winning it all this season.

    • eer says:

      If they dont win it this year, they will contend for the next 4 – 5 years if they manage to resign stephenson, they got rid of granger, so that shouldnt be a problem now, What indiana lacks is offensive point guard play, hill is a great defender, but not a good or true point guard overall.

  3. John says:

    Why didn’t the knicks mKe any trades? I think the problem with the knicks is that they should trade James DolAn!

    It’s said that I live int ny, love ny but will be cheering for the blazers, spurs, and Indiana pacers to win an nba championship!

  4. jumppong says:

    Asik to Mavericks make it happen Mr. Cuban.. Nowitzki and Asik tandem

  5. kevin says:

    its so funny writers here are always willing ot write mistakes pacer makes or trouble there in or what there weaknesses are..but when it comes to heat they make 100 reasons why they winning…and 1000 excuses why they lose…sad

  6. The Angry Buddhist says:

    “Big Four Hierarchy” ? The Clippers will win the West.

  7. Dyron from Belize says:

    @gabbyboy you are a freak!ng troll aren’t u? Anyways all said and done mien the spurs went half way to what I ordered. We did get a back up for Leonard at the 3 spot! I guess we will do with the undersize centers we have and try and develop their games.

  8. KillaCam56 says:

    @J well the trade deadline just past so none of those proposed trades you just mentioned can happen. Plus why would OKC get rid of westbrook and send him to boston?? crazy trade lol i mean what would you get in return if boston trades away rondo to toronto?? Sure u would get picks in return but u would also need to get another star player in return for westbrook.

  9. dustydreamnz says:

    Yeah, why do the teams do almost all the trading on the last day? Why not more before now?

  10. B Radd says:

    Asik to Dallas for Dirk!!

  11. J says:

    Pau Gasol looks like he might be traded to PHX, RaJon could end up in TOR, And Westbrook could end up in BOS

  12. Roy says:

    Aren’t the 76ers rebuilding? Why would they trade a young Evan Turner for a fading Danny Granger? That’s insane. Somebody please tell me his contract is expiring and they’ll have plenty of cap space this free agency.

  13. Emusic says:

    The Knick ‘s he he he he he !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. mee(a)t says:

    Wow Granger is gone…

  15. qq says:

    wizards got rid og vesley, good for them:D

  16. gabbyboy says:

    Trade Blake griffin for mario chalmers and shane battier. trade orlando’s 2014 first round pick to miami heat’s 2nd round pick. Also get Milwaukis 2014 first round pick for heats 2015 2nd round pick so heat can get andrew wiggins and jabari parker . owyeah . raptors 2014 champs !!!

  17. James P says:

    What are the New York Knicks doing? Carmello needs help! ASAP

  18. frizzles says:

    SOMEBODY please look at this trade… I think it makes sense on all parts, and picks would probably be involved to make all teams agree

  19. Sunny says:

    For giving up Spencer Hawes and taking a little more than 2 million bucks salary (Eric Maynor) the 6ers get 4 2nd rounders and Earl Clark. Thats a good deal because im sure one of those 2nd rounders will pan out or they have lot of trade fodder.

  20. Dave says:

    So Bill Kovacs….you’re a lifelong Celtics fan but you spell Kevin McHale and Robert Parish incorrectly ??? Its not McCale or Parrish…..its McHale, and its Parish. Go root for LAL please.

  21. frizzles says:

    Best thing i can think of for the rockets is….Lin plus picks to Lakers…. Lakers move Lin’s contract to Milwaukee for Larry Sanders, and possibly move Pau to free up space and get younger

  22. can they afford a good pick up like ashik or some1 else because theyy dnt need guys like lewis or jones they are just there for nothin can some one help me understand

  23. frizzles says:

    not to mention harden can play the slashing pg role…it’s too bad their game tonight against the warriors is after the deadline..this game is a great test, for both teams

  24. is the miami heat trying to get a big man.. can they get ashik or any help because greg oden is not enough

  25. frizzles says:

    patrick beverly has proven himself as a decent pg and although Lin doesn’t like the bright lights, this could be made into a 3 team deal while staying young..no need for draft picks

  26. frizzles says:

    if i were houston, i’d try to move Lin to the lakers since they just got rid of steve blake, and get rid of whatever picks they have to acquire Swaggy P.

  27. frizzles says:

    what are the rockets rebuilding? they’re third in the west, they just need a swing player to compliment harden’s slashing and abilility to draw doubles, especially with dwight in the post?

  28. dd def says:

    trade deadline is so strange to me. all these teams had all season to make deals, shop players, etc. and they get all hyped on the last day their allowed to and go nuts. i mean, i understand things come up during the course of a season, but it seems a lot more than that to me.

  29. Star Dee says:

    Will the Detroit Pistons make a trade or what? It is obvious they need it more desperately than any other team right now…But still no move!!!! Smh

  30. Spurs Fan says:

    Gary Neal to Charlotte!!!! As a spurs and bobcats fan I would love to see this deal go down!

  31. deleonmako says:

    PICK UP JORDAN HILL now in fantasy basketball! he will get traded to the nets!

  32. Rawwlife says:

    I really dont understand why the C’S are doing this. Sure Rondo aint 100% but he’s one of the best play makers on the team , im a huge Celtics fan but why do this? Im sure all of you say “There Rebuilding” okay sure they are but still why loose your Star player on the your team like that. This is just wrong.

  33. Jeff says:

    Brg Deng Back to Chicago he belongs here!!!

  34. the logo says:

    loul deng for jeff green or trevor ariza?? Anderson varajao for Greg Monroe or nene?? would be great trade or can propose a three team trade seeing how boston looks to be out of the playoff run and get deng and send him elsewhere for a better rebuilding solution!

  35. Mon says:

    Anything for my Pistons?

  36. ibelieve the clippers should look for on ball defenender small forward iwouldlike to see wesly johnson to match the length of kevin durant an strength of lebron bothering him with along body

  37. ithink rajon rondo should ACCEPT offer from rockets in trading jermy lin

    • That could work says:

      I think with Harden, Rondo, D12 and Parsons, they’ve got a core that could trouble any team at playoff time – even surprise a few favorites, tipped above them.

  38. What is Dumars doing? We need a trade? Why aren’t we going for Jimmer???

  39. Eusha says:

    Trade Reggie Jackson, Nick Collison and Derrick Fisher 2 Heat 4 CHalmers

  40. Thomas Lee says:

    Is OKC in the mix for any potential trades?

  41. Knicks says:

    will the knicks trade shump for darren collison =great deal for knicks we need a someone with star quality

  42. Dyron from Belize says:

    We want a scoring and defending punch at the 3 spot (somebody to defend bron, melo and durant) and a real center that can block and rebound and score down low! I mean 2 blocks 9 or 10 rebounds and atleast 10 points per game! Go Spurs make it happen! Timmy needs some help and we small at the 3 spot unless BoDiaw plays there and we playing him at 4.

  43. Dyron from Belize says:

    Spurs go get a Center and Small forward! deal Bonner, De Colo, Joseph and Brown… maybe baynes or ayres!

  44. Agot says:

    Trade Jimmer to bobcats. . .

  45. Old School NBA fan says:

    Addressing just NBA.com people here – I think for people who are new(er) to the game it would help have a page or PDF file on NBA.com detailing all the rules of NBA trades. It would certainly help people like “Portugal Nba Fan” who are not sure exactly what is going on and how it works.

  46. What's my name again says:

    Wow 76ers literally gave away spencer hawes.. Sure he’s not as explosive as other 5s or impose a threat down low. But he does shoot very well.. Midrange 3s, you name it..
    I just wish they had a little bit more back for him..

    • Jason says:

      You do know that Hawe’s contract was going to expire after this season? and the fact that the Sixers got anything at all was worth it especially 2 future draft picks. Sixers lost their draft pick to Miami for Arnett Moultrie

  47. Asik says:

    How does the Hawes trade make sense, considering that Philly is under the required minimum salary.
    There must be another trade coming its way?
    Will Asik land in Philly?

  48. Paul says:

    Rajon Rondo trade to Chandler Parsons? that’s an idiot trade if that happens

  49. Hou13 says:

    I hope we get rondo (houston) we would be championship contenders and i think it is exactly what the city of houston needs. I think it would be a good idea to send Asik, Lin, and a first or second rounder or so. We would definitly benifit from a player like rondo at the 1

  50. adrian says:

    trade lin and asik for rondo i dont think that a bad deal for both sides

  51. futbollisti says:

    If Rondo will be traded it will be with the Rockets. But i doubt Celtics would do that. Finding a great point guard is so difficult ( i can count them in one hand, in no particular order: Paul, Parker, Lillard, Irving, Westbrook), so it would be crazy if they leave Rondo go. Unless they think they can get something from the draft, or plan to join lebron and paul together in one team in couple of years. I do not see that happen though. And Rondo is just turned back form a injury, they would never get big bucks for him. If they will trade Rondo will be in the summer or next mid-season, not now.
    Truth be told, except Gasol, there is nothing valuable in this trade deadline. There wont be not trade on Love and Rondo

  52. Mamba Fan says:

    Lakers Should Get a High Draft Pick Any Way Possible And then They Can Have 2 High Draft Picks That Would Be Amazing . And I am OK With Trading Pau ( Love Him ) And Hill ( Love Him Too ) . And Trading Steve Blake Was a Good Move .

  53. Nore says:

    Why is it, that everytime my comments are awaiting moderation and after that they are gone?

    Would want to help you (Portugal NBA Fan) but unfortunately some one does not want me to.

    Greetings from Germany to the “best” Serviceteam of NBA.com

  54. the logo says:

    Jarett jack and luol deng for Demarcus cousins or rudy gay! seems like a good trade how the depth will make Sacramento’s bench a much better boost and would bring another scorer in rudy gay or more size and defense down low in cousins for Cleveland.

  55. Arif says:

    Wish 1. k.Love (Tw) 2. Deng (Cav) trade to Miami heat. It’s too much pressure on james brow. If this trade is happen I can gaurenttee they will be champios again

  56. JBR says:

    No talk of Andre Miller.

    I guess this means he is (sadly) headed to retirement.

    • It's sad but true says:

      Also, he didn’t help his cause by getting lippy with his coach. There may be few sacred things in the NBA, but bad mouthing your own coach and/or team mates on Live TV?!? That’s probably just signed his own retirement papers from the NBA. What franchise is gonna take a long-shot on a washed up, old PG *with* a bad ‘tude towards coaches? he should do himself a favor and retire.

  57. Portugal Nba Fan says:

    Im from Portugal and my love for Nba basketball is increasing day after day but i don’t understand the trades and what it tkaes to get done or even if its possible so sorry if this seems ridiculous, im a Lakers fan,and i have a question, it’s possible that Kevin Love joins the Lakers? And who or what Lakers had to give in exchange ? greetings

    • Derek says:

      I don’t think the Lakers will be able to trade for Love. They don’t have a lot to offer in return. The Lakers would have to pick him up in free agency, when his contract expire after next season, the summer of 2015.

    • Nore says:

      Well i am from Germany and also have been a huge NBA Fan for years but i can’t explain the trade details in full – maybe this is gonna help you a little bit:

      To trade players, the players who will be dealt must have nearly the same salary.

      For example – to trade for a max player like Carmelo Anthony you would have to give New York in exchange either a player who has nearly the same salary (like another max player like Kobe) or a couple of players who will make up for the difference in salary e.g. Nick Young, Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman (don’t know if that would be enough – don’t know every contract details in term of their salary).

      That is one point – another point is certainly if the teams are willing to make a trade – e.g. Carmelo Anthony for Kobe Bryant should be possible in terms of salary and cap space (Every team has to manage their Roster with a cap space – amount of money they can give to all of their players in one year) but is it highly possible? I don’t think due to the fact that Carmelo is much younger, in his prime and the center piece of new york. Surely Kobe aint that bad either, but his much older, currently injured and i doubt when he comes back that he could carry a team only on his shoulders.

      Just to tell you the facts – A team can go over the salary cap space but only to a certain amount – after that they would have to pay luxury taxes to the NBA which can mean they would have to pay millions because they are over the payroll.

      Another part of Trades are Trade exeptions and Draft picks who can also be traded or in terms of trade exeptions being used – but this goes to deep.

      To answer your question about the Trade for Kevin Love to the Lakers – not highly possible because he is the center piece of Minesota whom they have build around but if they would be willing to give him up the Lakers would have to give Pau Gasol away (In terms of salary that could match but actual the Lakers would have to give another piece away like Nick Young – would be possible if the Timberwolves would have a trade exeption which i honestly don’t know.

      I hope i could help you a liitle bit and if something wasn’t right i hope the community will correct me.

      Greetings from Germany

    • Asd says:

      K. Love can join lakers after his contract expires ( after this season ) and i’am sure lakers will offer quite a payroll 🙂

    • OKC says:

      Nope Love has a tremendous amount of trade value as the potential best PF in the game, and there is nothing that valuable the Lakers have left.

    • calvin says:

      The lakers have nothing to give that is close t the value Love would pull from most other teams. If Kobe comes back strong, the lakers trim the bad contracts, and get super lucky in the lotto for 2 or 3 years then maybe, just maybe they have a chance to pull a top player. No one is mentioning it but Dwight Howard left the lakers in a bad position.

    • MNnorth says:

      Hello from Minnesota,

      First off Portugal is a wonderful country, and I’d have to say Lisboa is one of my favorite cities in the world.

      Unfortunately for your Lakers it is highly unlikely Kevin Love will be traded to them. The Lakers have little to offer the Timberwolves as far as people on their roster as the Twolves need Love if they want anything to do with the playoffs… which is still possiblish. The only thing the Lakers do have is a high round lottery pick coming their way due to their poor record this season. The Lakers would be foolish to give that up when they could simply use their tried and true method of luring allstars to their roster in the offseason.

      • MNnorth .. sure LA has something to offer says:

        LA’s got Jack ‘n the Box. But i’m sure The Lakers don’t have Jack on their roster … and even if they did, he’d probably have a No-Trade clause.. i mean, where are they gonna find someone who can make burgers that good? It ain’t easy.

    • bdenny1954 says:

      Portugal…I don’t think the lakers are going to get kevin love this year.they have nothing to trade as of now.

    • NBA fan says:

      It’s impossible. Minessota shouldn’t give away Kevin Love, even if it was for Kobe.

    • RealSlimK says:

      That’s a great question–and either now or in the future, it will happen. The answer now is that it would take Pau +draft+money+++

    • Nevil says:

      No it’s not possible as Minnesota is not willing to release Kevin Love. If they would release him, he would have to be traded for someone like Kobe. And we all know that will never happen. Teams USUALLY don’t get rid of their star player unless they really have to. Like the Cavs with Lebron.

    • gabbyboy says:

      kevin love is not the kevin that will join the lakers , its kevin garnett , and garnett will bring lakers to the promise land . also vince carter will join the lakers and it will be a formidable trio with kobe , vince and garnett .

      • Where do you get this stuff? says:

        Really? KG and VC to LaLa Land?? Are you high? Never happen. For starters, KG likely hates LA and would never wanna live there, secondly, Vince knows he’s got a good shot with Dallas at playoffs.. and like KG, probably hates LA too. Then there’s the elephant in the room: both probably hate Kobe as well, and wouldn’t wanna be on the same team, in a million years.

  58. Kwame Brown is God says:

    Why would the Bucks want Sessions back? He is a solid backup point but he was already a Buck wont likely be back. Andre Miller would be a great addition, veteran leadership(Caron “me first” Butler is not a leader) for a young team. They need help at small forward and a decent shooter off the bench also. Butler, Mayo, Neal, Udoh and Ersan are expendable.

  59. Bill Kovacs says:

    As a lifelong CELTIC fan, I really hope that Rondo stays with Boston, but if a trade has to happen, I hope that Danny fleeces the team he gets traded to. Remember the trade that brought Robert Parrish and Kevin McCale to Boston!!

  60. hellon says:

    Lakers could give up on some of their big men(Kaman,Sacre) or end the rumors and finally trade Pau.Every season the same story…

    About Rondo-Boston would be crazy to give him up.Great PG and,as they’ve said,a player they want to build around.

  61. NYK7 says:


  62. tttt says:

    Is Pau finally gonna get traded? he`s pretty much been on the block last 3 seasons.

  63. mamba says:

    trade kobe for lebron , trade pau for durant ,

  64. DEUFBEI says:

    Hope warriors make a push for Jordan Hill. Its just idk who we give up?

    • Paul James says:

      Warriors already have Bogut, O’neal and Speights

    • trade deadline says:

      I’d say your warriors would have to give up Harrison Barnes to make that happen, you’d loose some versatility at the 4 but the bench would be bigger.

      I’m wondering if the Clippers make any moves, we need a bench big also one more more wing to be legit. If the Clips can get a wing like Barnes that can slash and shoot threes we would be money. I wish Doc would throw Reggie Bullock in the fire more and see if he can develop down the strech, I cringe every time I see dudley on the floor.

  65. catsfan1 says:

    anything going for charlotte?

    • Matt says:

      They would like to swap Ramon Sessions for Gary Neal with the Bucks. They would also like to unload Biyombo and Ben Gordon, but they would need to get good value back now. They want to make a playoff push this season. They are not just looking to unload players or salary.

  66. wew says:

    ill just ask, does trading rondo for asik and lin makes sense? and who do you think will benefit if this trade happens?

    • r says:

      asik is amazing in his own right. he was one of the leagues leading defenders last season, so adding another super star like lin would be way too much.

    • J says:

      It does for both teams but if I were Boston I would not want to get screwed by losing a star that brings people to the game. Im in Houston and would love to have Rondo but as we know a lot of star power can disrupt a team so not sure if Rondo is the answer. We really need a role player not another star…

    • uwa says:

      it doesn’t make sense for celtics if they don’t include picks in that deal.

    • Anderson says:

      Omer Asik has a 15 million contract for next season. And Jeremy Lin’s one isn’t that low too. So given the reability process that Boston is looking for right now, they would never accept such responsability of contracts for the next season with player that probably wouldn’t solve their situation.

    • Jack says:

      It would benefit the Rockets. The team that gets the star always wins in a trade.