The Trade Deadline: Let’s Make A Deal?

VIDEO: Thunder guard Reggie Jackson gets it done on both ends

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The clock is ticking.

The trade deadline is near. It’s time for general managers and front office executives around the NBA to earn their money. Fix your team. Make it better. Pave the way for a brighter future by pulling the trigger on the deal, blockbuster or not, that creates the space for your franchise to go to the next level — whatever that level may be.

It’s easier said than done in most cases, mostly because a willing partner is needed to complete the trade dance. And everyone is out to fleece their potential partners in one way or another. Whether we see a blockbuster deal or not, we are guaranteed to see a flurry of activity by Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline.

A team’s wants and needs are two very different things. We’re focusing on what is needed here, which should coincide with what these teams want out of the trade deadline. Planning for the future is fine, but these deals are designed for immediate returns for (almost) all involved …

1. Reggie Jackson to the Bulls — Jimmy Butler to the Thunder 

The skinny: This is a nuts-and-bolts trade for both teams, one that doesn’t rise to the blockbuster ranks by any means. But this deal involving youngsters with extremely manageable salaries allows the Thunder and Bulls to shore up their key weaknesses. Jackson would be Derrick Rose insurance for the Bulls, a young point/combo guard who could be groomed to play alongside a healthy Rose whenever Rose returns. He’s acquitted himself well in Oklahoma City in Russell Westbrook‘s absence but will be reduced to a role player when Westbrook returns and assumes his position alongside Kevin Durant (which is expected to happen Thursday). Butler fits the Bulls rough-and-rugged mode perfectly, but if they are in rebuilding mode, he’s expendable. He offers the Thunder something they simply don’t have on the roster right now, and that’s a player capable of matching up with elite small forwards on defense. Imagine him in a Thunder uniform in The Finals going after LeBron James the way Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard did last year.

2. Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries to the Pacers — Danny Granger and George Hill to the Celtics

The skinny: This is a risky move for a Pacers’ team that has rock-solid locker room chemistry and has played at a consistently high level without boasting an elite point guard. Hill, an IUPUI star, is a hometown guy and is widely regarded as one of the league’s most respected professionals. He’s a guy Pacers All-Stars Paul George, Roy Hibbert and team leader David West trust to run the show. But Rondo gives the Pacers the chance to add a game-changer at point guard, a guy who, come playoff time, has an edge in either the talent and/or championship-experience department with any other East point guard. The hang up, of course, is going to be Danny Ainge trying to do his usual and shake everything he can out of the Pacers’ pockets in the name of his rebuilding efforts. Granger and Hill are established players who could help facilitate any rebuilding plans for the more immediate future. Of course, Pacers boss Larry Bird doesn’t have to play ball. He doesn’t have to deal. He can go to battle in the playoffs with the roster as is, though there is a consensus among most observers that an upgrade at the point would give them a clear edge in matching up not only against the Miami Heat but any team that they could potentially face in The Finals, were they to reach that summit.

3. Harrison Barnes, Marreese Speights and Jason Smith to the Cavaliers — Austin Rivers, C.J. Miles and Anthony Morrow to the Warriors — Earl Clark and Dion Waiters to the Pelicans 

The skinny: Believe it or not, the Cavaliers are just three games out of the eighth and final spot in the Eastern Conference playoff chase as the post-All-Star break portion of the season kicks off. As Kyrie Irving showed us at the All-Star Game, he knows how to shine amongst other elite players on his team. Since he hasn’t had any suit up with him in Cleveland, Thursday’s deadline is acting general manager David Griffin‘s opportunity to upgrade the crew around Irving and see if the playoffs can become a reality. Barnes needs a fresh start somewhere, as a starter, and would be a great running mate for Irving and Luol Deng. Both Speights and Smith would provide much-needed big man depth. The Warriors get role players to help fill out their roster and Waiters, a HT fave whose talents have never shined in Cleveland the way they have when we’ve seen him during All-Star weekend or during his stints with USA Basketball, gets a fresh start of his own in New Orleans. He and Anthony Davis could help elevate the Pelicans to a playoff-level team in the future.

VIDEO: Kyrie Irving stole the show at All-Star Weekend

4. Omer Asik to the Hawks — Elton Brand, Gustavo Ayon, John Jenkins and a Draft pick to the Rockets

The skinny: This is certainly not the way Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is used to doing business. He’s used to fleecing much more from the opposing team’s executives (that mode of operation would explain the bevy of assets the Rockets have piled up the past few years). Brand and Ayon aren’t big names but when healthy, yet they have been surprisingly productive for the Hawks. That said, the Draft pick is the Rockets’ real prize … that and getting Asik out of town. And that’s where the needy Hawks swoop in and rescue their season — they had lost five straight heading into All-Star weekend. Asik helps stabilize the frontcourt rotation and joins All-Star Paul Millsap as the staples up front for a team that still has lofty aspirations for playoff positioning. Fellow All-Star center Al Horford is not walking through that door in Atlanta as his torn pectoral muscle will keep him out of action until well into the summer. Adding a physical presence like Asik at a relatively reasonable price makes a ton of sense for the Hawks right now. And the three of them together in the future is complicated, but certainly something Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer could tinker with and make work.

5. Emeka Okafor, Alex Len and Chris Singleton to the Grizzlies — Zach Randolph to the Wizards — Trevor Ariza, Jan Vesely and Eric Maynor to the Suns

The skinny: Randolph and Marcin Gortat balancing the frontcourt in Washington with All-Star point guard John Wall and sharpshooter Bradley Beal would be an interesting mix for a Wizards team that is definitely on the rise in the Eastern Conference. Just think of Randolph and Gortat as the Eastern Conference version of Randolph and Marc Gasol (Grit and Grind lite?). The Wizards have been an above-average team defensively, and now they’d add some serious toughness in Randolph. The Grizzlies need a building block for the future and would get that in Len, who was always viewed as a long-term project when the Suns selected him with the 5th pick in the 2013 Draft. The Suns are taking the opportunity to seize their surprising playoff moment in the Western conference with the aid of quality veterans in Ariza and Maynor and would also have a developmental prospect to work with in Vesely. There’s always a healthy dose of risk involved when you talk about trade deadline deals. And this one would come with plenty for all involved.

VIDEO: John Wall talks with the Game Time crew after shining on All-Star Saturday night


  1. Chico says:

    What a stupid post this. None of the trades make any sense.

    • DOWNRIVER DAWG says:




    • DOWNRIVER DAWG says:


  3. jim says:

    Z-BO for D-MO ?

  4. Carlo says:

    Why should a good-chemistry team like the Pacers want a mad like Rondo (one bumping into refs and pushing opponents against side tables)?
    George already is a very good PG, a far better shooter than Rondo and a decent defender while Rondo is a very poor one. (pls note that the Spurs sacrificed George only to get the possibility to pick Leonard).
    Obviously, if I were a manager I’d trade Rondo for George (and something more) any day but… trades are a two-way thing.

  5. James says:


    “A team’s wants and needs are two very different things. We’re focusing on what is needed here…”

    These aren’t trades that are thought to be in the works or even thought of as a possibility. They are just what the author of this articles believes would be a good trade for the franchise futures or what they believe would be a good fit. Stop being haters and READ first.

  6. not lbj says:

    The Thunder will trade Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to the heat for future HOF, 97 time all-star, 63 time MVP, President of the Universe, Oscar winner and Nobel prize winner Norris Cole’s toe nail clippings.

  7. Thiago Schrago says:

    Kobe Bryant Gasol = Wizards
    Wall, Nene, Beal 1 round pick = Lakers

  8. Guilherme says:

    Timberwolves send Ricky Rubio, Alexey Shved, Chase Budinger and some money- Boston send Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley

  9. Sup3rmn says:

    !st off….all of you people who don’t really know anything about basketball please don’t just makes you look uneducated and more than likely a band-wagoner…they is a page and team for you (Miami Heat).
    1. This trade is not even close to even…The Bulls are not going to give up Butler ( a SG/SF) for a point guard, They have DJ to play behind Rose…they need to get some cap space and get some more help off the bench………..A possible trade could be Thunder- Boozer, and a future pick Bulls- Perkins, Roberson The bulls get another good low-post defender and can amnesty him next year and they get Roberson to give a little athleticism. The thunder would get a big salary but can just release Booz but for this year get a big to pair with Iblaka that can score at a more efficient rate. Bulls 5 DJ,Butler,Dunleavey,Taj,Noah Thunder 5 Westbrooke, Sefelosa, Durant, Boozer, Ibaka

    2.This trade is a great trade for both teams! The Celts get youth and Talent but they would have a log jam at the 3 spot so another trade to rid themselves of Green and Wallace is needed. I like the Celtics but this trade is needed we have great stock in the up coming draft Smart? Etum? LaVine? and getting the most for Rondo now is important But this would also Make Utah’s Hayward coming unnecessary and I know the Celts are really interested in him. The Pacers would instantly become the greatest team in the League easy…and I cant stand how you talk about the chemistry of the Pacers….Rondo does know how to win and West and George can control the locker room Celts 5 Hill, Bradley, Granger, Green,Sullinger Pacers 5 Rondo, Stevenson, PG, West, Hibbert

    3. This Trade has some good points and a few flaws….Warriors- Rivers( good shooting which is always good off the Bench) Jason Smith( they need a lil more bit men off the Bench) Marrow( good shooting and good length maybe one day on D?) C.J Miles( really just to make it work) Pelicans-Waiters,Triston Thompson,Earl Clark Cavs- Eric Gordan,Barnes, Speights,Withey Warrios 5 as is Curry,Clay,Iggy,Lee,Bogut Pelicans 5 Holiday, Waiters, Evans, Thompson,Daivs Cavs 5 Irving, Gordon,Barnes, Deng, Verajo

  10. Brian says:

    I’m going all in for the Pacers-Celtics trade

  11. Kazu says:

    Danny Ainge will NEVER trade Rondo for Hill and Granger! Rondo is one of the top 3 PG in the league. He is a fierce and proven playoff competitor with a championship, and he is only 28. Rondo is also one of the most intelligent players in the league. For an All Star like Rondo, I would only entertain receiving a single equally talented, franchise caliber, player in either the Center or PG position. If we’re talking about the Pacers, the only acceptable trade would be Rondo for Hibbert. I wouldn’t even accept Paul George in exchange for Rondo.

  12. Ced says:

    No way no how the Rockets serve Asik up for the Hawks. Morey has said publicly that he is prepared to let Asik rot on the bench until the end of his contract if he cannot get equal value. It’s going to cost Horford or Milsap. Book it. Elton Brand LMAO. You don’t know Morey!

  13. Anthony Spann says:

    Nobody should trade for Rondo cause he will join Melo in New York, why do you think that Melo said that e would take a paycut.

  14. rodrigo says:

    Rajon Rondo to Indiana would be a trade that only helps the Pecers.

    Come on! How could Granger and Hill fill in the Celtics rebuilding process??

  15. warriors for ever says:

    I agrre with a lot of response .
    SEKOU are you JOKING ???
    The Warriors are not deaf dumb and blind , I HOPE !!!
    Thez CAN’T trade Barnes ( very good players , potentiel al star) and Speights ( good player , great rebonder and offensive force ) for 3 very very AVERAGE players that won’t even play ( I don’t even want to write their names !!! )
    stop joking , thanks …..

  16. Michael says:

    Sekou must be smoking something good. Jackson for Butler? Butler expendable? Other than Noah he’s gotta be 2nd best player on team at moment as he does it on both sides of the court…chi just picked up DJ whether it’s temp or permanent there’s no need to go and pull that trigger. They already moved Deng for cap space and will drop Boozer soon, why not wait for Rose, grab a solid 2 guard keep butler at 3 and Gibson and Noah the bigs. Rose will need a backup but it shouldn’t be at the expense of an upcoming allstar fwd

  17. hglienke says:

    These are all terrible trade ideas.

  18. Marcelo Moreno says:

    Wow that the dumbest trade I’ve ever heard the suns giving up a young Len who is part of the ignite the future campaign makes no sense to take a trade Like that and also must not take a lot to work in

  19. pba says:


  20. Nore says:

    Sekou i don’t understand your logic in these trades at all!

    Let me explain:

    1.Reggie Jackson to the Bulls – Jimmy Butler to the Thunder:

    This trade doesn’t make sense for both of these teams – Jimmy Butler is definately NOT expendable for a Bulls Team in rebuilding mode – he is young (any rebuilding team wants to have young players on their respective Roster, they can form and with who they can build a “new” core of the team with which they can compete in the upcoming years), he is still on his first contract – second year – which means he does not cost the team to much salary and he is the teams defensive anchor on the perimeter. Who would you put into the spot of Jimmy Butler, when this trade really happens? Tony Snell? He is not bad but still a rooky and in the learning process and by far not as good as Butler at the defensive end. And If so what about the depht of the Shooting Guard position? Yeah Kirk Hinrich can also play the second spot – but he definately is more a point guard than he is a shooting guard.
    And if this Trade really happens you would have three (not elite BUT very solid) point guards on your roster in D.J. Augustin, Kirk Hinrich and Reggie Jackson – NOT to forget Derrick Rose still in his rehabing Process … Another Trade would HAVE to follow this one for the Bulls to solidify depth at shooting guard and to trade away one point guard contract.

    Now to the Thunder – If this trade would happen and Westbrook would reinjure himself again and there is no Reggie Jackson to fill that Gap – who would you put into the spot of the point guard? The only player on the Roster besides Westbrook would be D-Fish! Don’t get me wrong D-Fish is still a capable three point shooter and can run the Game for about 10 to 15 Minutes a Game but not for an average of 35 Minutes a Game going against faster opponents like Steph Curry, CP3, Damian Lilliard, John Wall and so on …

    Lets count out the point guard problematic for the Thunder for a minute – even then the Trade makes no sense for the Thunder – they already have a very good perimeter defender in Thabo Sefelosha! Jimmy Butler is maybe a little bit more consistent at the offensive end of the floor but in terms of defense Thabo aint that far away from him – i will go so far to call that defense match up even! And they already got depht at the shooting guard position in Jeremy Lamb, who is not just yet the best defender but fills in for the lack of offense Thabo Sefolosha contributes.

    With common sense there is no way even one of the two teams should consider a trade like that.

    I wrote pretty much on the first one therefore i will only write a few sentences two the following:

  21. Truuuu says:

    Dion waiters to pelicans who would still have Eric Gordon and tyreke Evans what da????

  22. UFingKiddingMe? says:

    Why in the world would the Suns do no.5?

  23. tropa says:

    trade pau gasol for z bo/ kosta koufos! ! this would make sense in both teams..

  24. tropa says:

    trade pau gasol for minnesotta pekovic and chase budinger!

  25. will says:

    None of these make sense. All seems stupid. Contenders do not need to mess with what they have. The next tier tana are not getting what they need. Other articles from you make sense but this one. …..

  26. Bigpoppa says:

    The pistons and pelicans should consider trading Greg Monroe for Eric Gordon…

  27. basketball fan says:

    the brooklyn nets need good backcourt players these trade may not really make sense

  28. paulofc says:

    Rajon Rondo,Kris Humphries/Danny Granger,George Hill is probably the worst idea for a treade ever. Bad for Boston because they would lose a young(ish) brilliant PG for a (good) but older (than Rondo) BIG.
    For a Boston team that is trying to get younger this is just stupid.
    Indiana would lose a reliable shooter. And get a guy that probably would break the teams dynamic.

  29. AC says:

    Rondo must be in the boat with the Pacers (there’s nothing left in Boston for him) – he can bring them the Rings , but giving Hill ??? I see no prob them playing togather ….

  30. ko0kiE says:

    #1 makes no sense… OKC already has Thabo Sefolosha who is a veteran in his prime. why should they give up one of the better 6h man in the league?

  31. I want LOVE to go the EAST! maybe DC or CAVS
    i wish LOVE can go to a team who can contend because he is a great player
    he deserves winning ways

  32. Que says:

    If I was the wolves I’d trade Kevin love to the lakers. He going there anyways when his contract is up

    • paulofc says:

      What the hell Lakers would give back for Kevin love? Pau Gasol is on the last year of his contract, There is no other great commodity

    • eduaunon says:

      I would trade him to another team, Lakers have nothing to offer. Maybe him and Hummels to the pistons for Greg Monroe, and Caldwell-Pope. Adding Jerebko and Hummels to fix salaries.

  33. Jose Yanez says:

    Harrison Barnes Wil b extremely good for the Cavs that guy has a lot of talent! He will b an all star for sure. Let’s not forget about his playoffs performance last season! Remember that James Harden developed into a great player because he got out of the shadow of Durant and Westbrook. Barnes will get out of the shadow of Curry, Thompson and Iggie

  34. Towers says:

    LOL jimmy butler isn’t a pf/c!! some people!!!! To the Bulls fan who thinks they have the best chance at kevin love, NO ONE wants old man boozer or his contract. a 1st round pick , carlos boozer, and j butler for K. Love!!! worst idea ever. simply awful. Kevin Love is double double MACHINE and is a beast in the paint and gets huge amounts of 2nd chance points. Im not even a wolves fan, im a blazer diehard and even I will admit he is the NO. 2 PF in the league. behind LA, and is not worth that trash!

  35. Xenon Torantar says:

    While I really don’t want the Suns to break up what they have going, unloading Okafor would be a good idea. I still like Alex Len’s promise after seeing him play. Okafor for Z-Bo wouldn’t be too bad though…

  36. justsayin says:

    Rondo/Granger is interesting. Two excellent players coming off long rehabs. Unlikely as it’s a gutsy risk for both teams.

  37. jumppong says:

    What the heck trading Jimmy buckets for Reggie Jackson?? no way. Maybe Snell for Lamb.. would be good.

  38. Only one I agree with is #4. Asik would fit in nice at the C position once Holford returns, who could then be moved to a PF.

    The #1 trade option you have — what? OKC would be crazy stupid to let go of Reggie Jackson, particularly for Jimmy Butler. Sefolosha, a former Bull, already fits that mold. What OKC should do when Westbrook returns is put Westbrook at the SG position and keep Jackson at the PG. Make that, along with KD, OKC’s Big Three — oh, and find a way to get rid of Perkins and Thabeet. The Perkins trade was always a terrible trade and Thabeet has been a disappointment since he left college. OKC should go small ball and use their speed and athleticism as their biggest advantage in the West.

  39. I want the ENTIRE Heat team to be traded to the L.A.K.E.R.S. and vice versa. except KOBE … goat!

  40. Knicks33 says:

    All Of Those Trades Are Ridiculous. Rondo For George Hill?? Terrible..

  41. Jesse Schmidt says:

    i would not be surprised if Sam Presti had something up his sleeve for a trade deadline if not a roster move a play for Draft picks! Reggie for Jimmy seems so unlikely unless it incorporated one of the bulls back up Point Guards.

  42. BB Queen says:

    Worst trade predictions ever. If any of them happen or are even considered for a second, I’d be surprised. It’s almost like Sekou Smith pulled names out of a hat or something.

  43. jimmy says:

    Austin Rivers, C.J. Miles and Anthony Morrow for Barnes and Speights ? Hey SEKOU, i bet Joe Lacob can’t wait to fire whoever approve this deal lolol THIS IS SO FAR THE WORST TRADE I HAVE EVER SEEN LOL great job SEKOU !!!!!

  44. Fred says:

    I think it would be great if Pau could play with his brother in Memphis. As much as I like Randolph, that trade might be a fair one for both. Also, Bulls could use K. Love and get him with Boozer, a draft pick and Butler (who I like) but not as much as Love.

  45. jimmy says:

    3. Harrison Barnes, Marreese Speights and Jason Smith to the Cavaliers — Austin Rivers, C.J. Miles and Anthony Morrow to the Warriors — Earl Clark and Dion Waiters to the Pelicans
    Are you kidding me sekou???? these scrubs for Barnes and Speights hahaha REALLY ???? are you a cavs booster or something hahaha If this trade happen to happen, all 3 of these scrubs will not make the warriors team next year lolol THIS IS THE WORST TRADE I’VE EVER SEEN !!!!!!!

  46. Johnny says:

    Lol, these trades could completely cripple so teams if it go through. As a Warrior’s fan, I think the trade is useless and will not improve the Warriors one bit but will hurt them in a long run as they trade away a potential all-star in Barnes

  47. jimmy says:

    3. Harrison Barnes, Marreese Speights and Jason Smith to the Cavaliers — Austin Rivers, C.J. Miles and Anthony Morrow to the Warriors — Earl Clark and Dion Waiters to the Pelicans
    Are you kidding me sekou???? these scrubs for Barnes and Speights hahaha REALLY ???? are you a cavs booster or something hahaha If this trade happen to happen, all 3 of these scrubs will not make the warriors team next year lolol THIS IS THE WORST FREAKING TRADE I’VE EVER SEEN !!!!!!!

  48. James says:

    The Bulls/Thunder trade doesn’t make any sense. D.J. Augustine is killing it right now and Butler’s defense/rebounding is crucial for the Bulls right now and will be for the future.

  49. whitney says:

    these are are the worst trade ideas i’ve ever heard (except asik to atl). come on.

  50. xyz says:

    just a writer liking to use the word ‘the skinny’: some trades sound plausible but rather in the area to good to be true; even if they made sense for the non contending trade partners in those scenarios they would never do it since if they did none of the remaining contenders or else one would ever do business with them again, too much Pau Gasol/Memphis to Lakers trades round here 😉

  51. Ryan says:

    to that guy who said jimmy butler could be the starting PF. Jimmy Butler is a shooting guard. I don’t think the thunder should do this trade because they already have Lamb and Sefelousha.

    • Jayson says:

      Thunder and bull trade is acceptable , add sefalosha and Augustine that is a fair trade . Westbrook would hae a proven back up pg and okc would add a more agressive and younger butler into the mix while bulls get insurance and a defender that has already played in their system in sefalosha . And that guy who said jimmy butler as a pf come on man this isn’t NBA live 2007 .

  52. Sean says:

    Awful trade idea for the Grizz. The trade talks earlier this year for a Z-Bo/Ryan Anderson trade made much more sense.

  53. Samuel Mitchell says:

    Zach Randoplh and Ed davis to Toronto Raptors. — Greivis Vasques, Tyler Hansbrough and Landry Feilds To Memphis Grizzlies.

  54. Chewie says:

    Funny how Thunder fans are the ones saying Jackson 4 Butler is the only trade here that makes sense. There is no chance in hell that the bulls do this trade. Butler can guard 4 positions on the court. They have let Deng go for money, there is no way they trade away Butler now after the time they have invested into him, and get little back for him, as Jackson wouldn’t start for the Bulls for the rest of the season.

  55. Logic says:

    Why in the world would the Thunder trade Reggie Jackson? Just as you mentioned Jackson would be an insurance policy for Rose’s injuries……he seems to be the same for Westbrook’s injuries. Pacers trade is interesting idea, but highly unlikely (although I would love to see Granger go somewhere else – would be best for him and the Pacers to part ways with emergence of Paul George). Grizz trade is just dumb and not happening. The other trades you mentioned are definitely a possibility.

    Solid ideas, cool stuff to think about as the deadline approaches.

  56. Jeff says:

    I hope the Bulls keep Jimmy, they don’t need another point guard if Drose comes back and remains uninjured anyway they might be able to get a PG from the draft. Jimmy has plenty of upsides (more than Jackson I think). Waive Boozer unless someone is willing to trade (don’t think so) Taj has proven he can look after PF. Bring in Mirotic (if we can) and get a decent backup for Noah. D J Augustine is worth keeping on the books at vets minimum or a tad better. Leaves small forward which if Snell can show some decent form as he did a couple of months ago he can share with Dunleavy (you cant get every position perfect).

  57. mmman3 says:

    omer asik to the hawks for draft picks is a good trade for both teams. neither one is going to win a championship this year- and it would help both next year. Its a good trade

    • dreday says:

      that trade is really dumb and you are even worse for thinking that it is a good trade

      • Jake sea; says:

        Your an idiot for thinking that is a good trade for the Rockets. Rockets need a better perimeter defender coming off the bench. Trade Omer Asik, Donatas Motejunas, and Jeremy Lin for Gerald Wallace, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, and a first round pick (top 5 protected). Rockets take on the expiring contract of Wallace and bite that bullet, but they receive two young quality players and fill their need for the defender withe Avery Bradley. OR they don’t do anything and let Asik and Lin play out their contracts so they can pay Chandler Parsons and another quality young player in the summer of 2015 maybe a Goran Dragic? idk I’m just a die hard Rockets fan and don’t want them to get shafted by some bogus deal. Knowing Daryl Morey, i think they’ll do just fine.

  58. mmman3 says:

    why would the Celtics trade a top 3 point guard and a top 10 player in rondo for danny g and George hill- rondo is a franchise player- that makes not sense- and the bulls have derrick rose already- you have to wait and see what his health is going to be like bf trading butler- those two trades make no sense

    • Dieter says:

      I don’t get it either. Trading Rondo away to be a mediocre team for ages doesn’t seem like a great plan for the Celtics. From Indiana’s perspective it’s even worse: Trading away their starting point guard and sixth man for someone who wants to be the centerpiece.

      Rondo is an amazing talent who could be controlled by veteran All-Stars -> you don’t mess with KG, Pierce and Allen. The Pacers will trade their chemistry for a very talented point guard… if this deal happens, they’re one step away from being the new Kings, because I don’t believe that this team can control both Rondo and Bynum, and for sure not if Granger and Hill are gone. I could understand they would offer the same deal for John Wall, but the Pacers are the last team in the league that need a trade.

  59. grizzlies trade sounds real dumb …. why would they break up their team like that? The writer just doesn’t have a clue ….

  60. Dwayne says:

    That Grizzlies trade is horrid for the Grizz unless they get a draft pick out of it. A 3rd string project Center in Alex Len and 2 guys that are basically going to be bought out.

    Also the Warriors trade isn’t good for GS either. A bunch more wing players to join a team already deep on the wings to trade one of the few guys on this squad who can give them quality depth at the 4 in Barnes. They already have Jordan Crawford, Marshon Brooks, Nemanja Nedovic, Curry, Iguodola, and Clay on the outside.

  61. rebornkoala says:

    Why on earth would the Pelicans want yet another usage heavy guard in Waiters? We already have Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans fighting over touches, who are both more efficient players. Add to that the rumours of Waiters being a dressing room malcontent and losing a handy big man in Jason Smith. This makes no sense.

    Although much trickier to pull off why not try and move Evans or Gordon for a big man to play alongside Davis, someone like Greg Munroe? Or make a stab at getting back a draft pick for this year in return for a package involving one of these players, we’re likely to lose ours anyway to the 76’ers.

  62. AC says:

    None of these trades make any sense, total bs. Is the writer high or even qualified to publish stuff. Really bad quality piece. Are these trades done through 2K?

  63. koiikoii13 says:

    Risk Taker Trade : Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries to the Pacers — Danny Granger and George Hill to the Celtics
    It will be the best move for the Pacers as they will deepen their roster with a Elite-All Star PG Rondo. But its a risking taking trade though. Giving up a chemistry would stumble the pacers coming up to the playoff. They should think it out deeply.

    But for me the best trade talk would be Reggie Jackson to the Bulls and Jimmy Butler to the Thunder.
    If they can pull this out, both of them can make something out of it. Jimmy Butler will deepen the Thunder’s front court w/ Ibaka. As what we can see , Perkins is soft and not versatile enough compare to Jimmy Butler. KD as SF – Jimmy Butler as PF and IBAKA at Center. They’ll be the most dominating team in the West and can compete against the BIG NAMES in EAST ( Pacers – Heat )

  64. Jay says:

    wheres pau gaysol

  65. TTKIN says:

    If im the Pacers or Thunder, Im not touching my roster at all.

  66. Eaham says:

    I would like to see the Boston and pacer deal go down but Rondo is a liability sometimes because he is not a consistent shooter, so I trut george hill in this situation. Just pay on and wait till free agency to add a PG.

    • Jack says:

      Rondo would be a bad fit for the Pacers. Stephenson already plays the part Rondo would play in that team. The Pacers should just see what this season brings them with the roster they have.

  67. Michael says:

    I really don’t understand your logic for these trades. Maybe the bulls/Thunder trade makes sense. The rest are absolute garbage…

    • ricky says:

      i dont think any of these make sense. i just dont understand why the bulls would need another point guard with kirk heinrich , dj augustine both fighting for the back up spot next year behind derrick rose

    • chandler says:

      1. Why would the Pacers risk losing chemistry by trading George Hill and having only 2 months for Rondo to get into full shape after an ACL?
      2. Trading Z-Bo means they’re gonna start rebuilding with Conley as the center-piece, because they might as well trade Gasol with it. But still, the Grizzlies organization was stupid enough to fire Lionel Hollins and now look what happened. They’re 9th in the west when they went to the conference finals last year.
      3. Asik is worth more than essentially Elton Brand at the moment. Rockets don’t need draft picks at the moment either.
      4. Cool, the Warriors got rid of their log jam at the 2 and 3 position, now they got 3 guys who will be sitting on the bench for 45 minutes of the game.

      • Peter says:

        Or more importantly why would a “rebuilding” Boston team trade their 27 year old All-Star PG and a $12M expiring contract for an aging Danny Granger and a positively average PG in George Hill?

        Boston want picks, cap relief and young players with high upside – especially in return for a star like Rondo who is only just starting to enter the prime of his career.

    • Danny says:

      Agreed 100%

      e.g. why would Wizards need Z-Bo, when they have Gortat and Nene?
      and why would you break something that works extremely fine, like Pacers?

      don’t get it, just to force a trade?

      One team that could go shopping is Suns, imo.

  68. KingKaash94 says:

    Kings receive: Kendrick Perkins, Jeremby Lamb, Alexey Shved, Ekpe Udoh, Hasheem Thabeet
    Thunder receive: Jimmer Fredette, Marcus Thornton, Aaron Gray
    Wolves receive: Gary Neal
    Bucks receive: Jason Thompson, Travis Outlaw

    • kkk says:

      and why would thunder add scrubs like fredette, thorton and gray? when they are going after a championship, makes no sense lol.

      • lbj says:

        Because the Thunder realize that there is no way that they will win a championship while the King LeBron reigns. They will make this move and then sent Kevin Durant to Miami in return for draft picks and future Hall of Famer Norris Cole.