East Reserves: Hard To Spread Around

VIDEO: Debating the East All-Star reserves

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The starters for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans have been named. In the Eastern Conference, you voted in Kyrie Irving, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Nice work, though there are probably a couple of guards more deserving than Irving.

Over the next few days, East coaches will vote for the reserves, which will be announced next Thursday on TNT. Given the relative futility of most teams outside of Indiana and Miami, it’s difficult to name anybody that’s obviously an All-Star.

Really, if we were putting together a team of 12 guys to represent the strength of the East this season, we’d have six Pacers, five Heat, and an empty roster spot to represent the Raptors’ improvement after trading Rudy Gay.

The conference’s coaches will probably let some other guys in, though. They’re asked to vote for two backcourt players, three frontcourt players, and two wildcards. They can’t vote for their own guys.

For Jeff Caplan‘s look at the Western Conference bench, click here.

Here are my picks in the East …


DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry have carried the Toronto offense since the Gay trade. Lance Stephenson is the second-leading scorer and leading assist man for the best team in the league, while John Wall leads the conference in assists per contest. Arron Afflalo has put up strong numbers for a really bad team.

Ultimately, Lowry and Wall have been the two best point guards in the East, and have their teams in the top six in the standings.

My picks: Lowry and Wall.


As the anchor of the best defense of the last 37 years, Roy Hibbert is the most obvious reserve pick in the East. Teammate David West, as another key cog for the league’s best team who ranks ninth (among players who have logged at least 1,000 minutes) in the East in PIE, also has a case.

Paul Millsap has been a beast for the team that currently ranks third in the conference, while Luol Deng, Joakim Noah and Anderson Varejao all deserve consideration for their two-way contributions. Al Jefferson has carried the Charlotte offense and, oh yeah, there’s the Heat’s second most important player, Chris Bosh.

My picks: Bosh, Hibbert and Millsap.


In addition to the names listed above, Andre Drummond, Joe Johnson and Thaddeus Young all belong in the conversation, though if any of them were in the Western Conference, they could have booked their Feb. 14 trip to the Bahamas long ago.

Though it may compromise the aesthetics of the game, the best choices are the role-playing bigs. Noah is the best player on the fifth-best team in the conference and the Cavs have been much better with Varejao on the floor than they’ve been with him on the bench.

My picks: Noah and Varejao


  1. Joseph says:

    For back court it should be Wall and Stephenson, for Front court its Milsap, Hibbert and Bosh, Then wildcards should be Lowry and Demar

  2. martin Frenette says:


    I can’t believe someone actually called Kyle Lowrie a lazy defender!!!

    Do your homework, he is actually leading the league in making the opposing team take offensive foul!!!

    Lowrie and Derozan all the way for reserve…

    Also, not impress that T Ross was not pick for the sophmore game

  3. 3 stars and a sun says:

    really J.LIN #4 in west Backcourt voting, top 5 for two years in a row,and wont get a nod from the ASG….

  4. Tyler says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Nik Vucevic should receive consideration for the all-star team? 13 ppg, 11 rrg, and 2 apg. He has better numbers than Hibbert in every category except blocks while playing the same number of minutes as Hibbert.

  5. Straaaaya maaate says:

    Malayan if rondo and Drose wer still alive east will eat the west so bad :p but Wow East are still stacked! George melo and Lebron who’s gna be center??

    My reserves are.. Wall, derozan Joe Johnson bosh hibbert millsap and T. Ross for entertainment πŸ˜€

  6. Fefe (Nets) says:

    As someone said previously: I can’t see how DeRozan CANNOT BE PICKED!!!! It’s crazy!

    Players who should be picked:

    Hibbert, Bosh, Stephenson, DeRozan, Millsap, Wall
    My last wildcard would be either Lowry or Afflalo

    I’m a Nets fan but I would not pick up anybody from my team (even though JJ is again being clutch & that Brooklyn is coming up)

  7. Arron Afflalo even snubbed in the comments section says:

    I really can’t believe arron afflalo is not only snubbed from the all star team, but the comment section as well. I also can’t believe people think JOE JOHNSON is deserving to be an allstar. This guy’s getting over 20 million paid a season and he’s not even averaging a million per ppg. Sure he had a couple of good games, but overall he hasn’t been playing well. I think Demar Derozan and Lance are also derserving like Arron Afflalo, they’ve been very important to their teams and have been playing extremely ell. But unfortunately only 2 sg would probably be selected and I personally would select derozan and afflalo, as I think they’ve been playing well and deserve to be rewarded as an allstar. As for the big men, Chris Bosh? No way. Paul Millsap and Roy hibbert for me. They’ve been playing very well, especially Millsap, who has stepped up his games quite a bit after Al horford’s injury and has done his best to win games for Atlanta and their record represents that, and Millsap is the biggest part of it. The east all star selection will anger many, as they’ll probably choose the players the fans want to see, who are most likely playing on good teams like Miami and Indiana. Another mention goes to Andre Drummond. He’s having a career year, but he’s been overshadowed by Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and Brandon Jennings, he’s averging a double double and has been sending shots back. Andre Drummond sis well deserved for an all star appearance, but because of the piston’s record and low popularity.
    Also, I’m just sick and tired of fans who just vote for the popular players and players on good teams like Rondo, Wade, Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, George Hill nd even Mario Chalmers who does absolutely nothing and is recognised.

  8. GP says:

    Melo is not deserving to be a starter this year. Look at his team. He may have a superb stats but come on, they’re not winning. Wade should be at the reserve team and Bosh should not be on the roster. And maybe the league should get back the voting process that coaches should pick who’s gonna be an all-stars every year and bring back the centers position. This is horrible. Fans keep on voting for Kobe, D-Rose, CP3, and yet they aren’t playing.

  9. Angel says:

    High expectations lead to disappointments. Everyone expects Kyrie to drop 25 and 10 night in and night out on a sub par team but no small guard this season besides isaiah thomas for the kings is shooting 45% or better while averaging a pretty good amount of points. Him and John Wall have been the 2 best point guards in the east no question it could go either way but I think Kyrie has a small edge in popularity.

    Lowry’s been ok (16 and 7 isnt too much to get hyped about), but there are other more deserving players imo

    • Griffin#71 says:

      I’d love to see Isaiah Thomas play for the East All-Stars considering he plays in the Western Conference.

  10. Griffin#71 says:

    Roy Hibbert (IND)
    DeMar Derzan (TOR)
    John Wall (WAS)
    Chris Bosh (MIA)
    Arron Afflalo (ORL)
    Paul Millsap (ATL)
    Lance Stephenson (IND) or Kyle Lowry (TOR) or Andre Drummond (DET)

  11. perry says:

    Derozan should be there! How dare you not to include him! Bias!

  12. some dude says:

    My picks: Lowry, DeRozan, Wall, Stevenson, Hibbert, Bosh and either Millsap or Joe Johnson.

    No Doubt.

    I understand Shaq’s argument about Noah being a factor and agree with it. However, he can’t compete with the guys I just mentioned. Drummond would also be in interesting all-star, but again, not as deserving as these guys.

    Interesting no one ever mentioned J-Smoove. Though I don’t think he is deserving, I would have thought he would be part of the popularity contest. Just saying…

  13. allen iverson says:

    in the West…jeremy LIN,ranks 2nd in all active backcourts …coz kobe and CP3 is injured….give the kid a chance for his trip to the all star game…PLEAAAASE!!!!!

  14. kevinB says:

    U gatto to be kidding! No De Rozan? Is this the NBA allstar game or a circus?

  15. Steve says:

    I think West will again dominate the east.

  16. Steve says:

    C: Joakim Noah/ Roy Hibbert
    PF: Chris Bosh/ —
    Sf: Lebron James
    sg: Paul George
    pg: kyrie irving

  17. MJ says:

    Wade is always gonna be a starter no matter wat cuz he the best shooting guard in the league especially when he healthy and irving is definitely a starter cuz he nice af

  18. Luis says:

    If they won’t vote a center as starter in the all start, might as well not vote a point guard. Every point guard in the east is a part and responsible for a disappointing eastern conference. I think the line up should have been Wade at point guard, George at SG, Lebron at SF, Anthony at PF, and Hibbert at Center

  19. JustAnotherPacerGuy says:

    Is everyone crazy?!?! No disrespect but Wade, Irving, and Kobe shouldn’t be starters this All-star game… there are other people in the league who deserves it more. I find it funny how people are voting for Derrick Rose who’s out for the season and only played a few games and Rajon Rondo who just started playing again. YUP POPULARITY CONTEST! actually more like a BEAUTY PAGEANT CONTEST! I’m going to have to agree with the Panel that John Wall, Demar Derozan, Roy Hibbert and Chris Bosh should be in the reserves. Add Kyle Lowry too. I would’ve switched Kyrie and Wade for Kyle/Wall and Derozan. That’s my opinion. Anyways I got my boy Paul George up there now get Hibbert in the reserves.

  20. alli says:

    all Pacers players should be all star game

  21. nbalegend says:

    How can u pick LANCE STEPHNSON AND WADE over DEMAR DEROZAN! the guy is carrying the whole offensive load for the raptors and him and LOWRY are the main reasons of their teams success and it also goes without saying that DEROZAN AND LOWRY are the best backcourt duo in the east right now. DEMAR DEROZAN AND KYLE LOWRY should start the all star game instead of KYRIE AND WADE.

  22. NBA GOD says:

    The reserves should be this:

    John Wall
    DeMar DeRozan
    Roy Hibbert
    Paul Millsap
    Chris Bosh
    Kyle Lowry
    Luol Deng

  23. TTKIN says:

    Let’s face it, the Heat are proly going to have 3 players and the Pacers will have 2, even though Stevenson should easily be voted in ahead of Wade. Granted the entire IND team has gotten better, Stevenson becoming an ever-game-force is the main reason they are the best this yr. It aint all on PG anymore. He has Stevenson out there helping him every night. LS has 3 triple doubles this season…how many does Wade have?

  24. Dude says:

    It would show how pathetic allstar voting is if DeRozan doesnt make the game, one of the best SG in the east, arguably the best in terms of offense

  25. Codey Catt says:

    Lance Stephenson should definitely be on the all star team he has showed so much improvement and is one of the key players for the pacers success

  26. Mike says:

    WOW!!! He didn’t put DEROZAN -_-

  27. giovanni says:

    would choose j.johnson for any spot, and in the ovest you just can’t forget d.cousins

  28. T-Bone says:

    Suprised the panel didn’t consider Lowry an allstar player this year when speaking about importance and numbers. He’s been the best point guard in the East this season and has even been making appearances in MVP decisions this year (and even on the NBA KIA MVP ladder and is still there as of this moment). The only reason his scoring average isn’t higher is because he’s not taking as many shots as he can/should. The Raptors are more than noticably worse without him on the court (something you can’t say about DeRozen who they all considered as an All Star) and the key reason for the Raptors surge since the Rudy Gay trade has been Lowry’s play.

    Both DeRozen and Lowry deserve to be All Stars this year (and not even just because of injuries) but if you’re only going to go with one Raptor, it HAS to be Lowry.

  29. Doggg says:


  30. victor says:

    coming from a heat fan…bosh the 2nd most imp player on the heat team really??? heat are 6-6 without wade foh. bosh deserves to be a reserve though

  31. luke says:

    DeRozan has become a two-way player and the only wing who gives Paul George and Wade any trouble in the East! my vote DeRozan and Lance

  32. James King says:

    John Wall should be starting – simple!

  33. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    Wade, Melo and Kyrie have no business being starters on that team.

  34. tv63 says:

    Kenny is an obnoxious arrogant idiot. So glad people see thru his arrogance and have picked deserving players. Get out the 80’s and 90’s dude. Grant is a coward not picking all the names he can BECAUSE ‘HE” holier than thou does not feel there is another all star. Quit whining about the hurt guys and pick someone. Absolutely hate they rid the Center position for voting. Thus we have Hibbert out in the cold as a deserving starter. Not right!

  35. Dwight says:

    East Reserves- Lowry, DeRozan, Wall, Jefferson, Hibbert, Millsap, Drummond, all respect to guys like Wade & Kobe that made the starters but they did not deserve it this season…Wall or Lowry should have been starting in Wade’s place in the East

  36. Greg says:

    ItΒ΄s pretty simple:

    Stevenson vs. West
    Milsap vs. Jefferson
    Noah vs. Drummond

  37. Uncle Drew says:

    if only MCW is consistent in putting up triple double numbers he can BE an East All Star Starter ahead of Irving and a good matchup with his look-a-like Steph Curry of Western Conference. tat :))

  38. Jack Chinery says:

    I feel that Joe Johnson(BKN) should have been added to the allstar team roster. He is averaging double figures. He has been the least injury prone on brooklyn. He broke 3 records in a single game. And he has been an all star in the past. Joe Johnson clearly has been the most effective player for brooklyn this season.

  39. lorenzo says:

    Hibbert and bosh should be on this list. Maybe the whole pacers starting 5 should be on this list. But lowry hell no there too many good players ahead of him for him even to be considered. I love the east!

  40. Da King says:

    Throw in Drummonb & take Varejao out! I’d be on board definitely

  41. Wowzers says:

    This ridiculous writer said there might be a couple of guards in the east more deserving that Irving but completely ignored Carmelo Anthony who is on a team with the same record! Don’t just say one guy without naming the other. At least the Cavs are playing .500 ball over their last 8 games since announcing the Deng trade while the Knicks are on the decline. Only John Wall deserved to start over Irving but that is it! He better not be thinking of someone crazy like Jeff Teague, Kyle Lowry or George Hill starting over Irving.

  42. James baker says:

    Right people crazy

    SHOOT I THINK DeMar Derozan, Kyle Lowry, Andre Drummond, john wall,

    maybe: joe johnson, aaron affalo, johkaim noah, and lance Stephenson,

  43. okc2014 says:

    Dwayne Wayne didn’t deserve starter to me, he’s barely playing!!!! My pick was John Wall. I’d love to see Millsap get picked as a reserve. And Hibbert was snubbed for starter. Carmello shouldn’t have been picked, his team stinks. No fair!

  44. Sandra Bibbs says:

    I voted every day. I voted for John wall as starting point guard because he is the best point guard in the east. I originally thought D rose would be it but his return was short lived. The lakers is my team but I didn’t vote for kobe because he has not played this year really. I don’t know why the voters didn’t vote for any centers.

  45. GP says:

    How about Al Jefferson? The guy has been the force in Charlotte and carried the offense alone after Kemba was injured. And I’ll choose Kyle Lowry over John Wall. How I wish my selections will be selected. Here they are:

    East Reserves:

    Al Jefferson
    Paul Millsap
    Luol Deng
    DeMar DeRozan
    Kyle Lowry
    Roy Hibbert
    John Wall

  46. Someone says:

    the east is just too damn lousy… only Lebron and George are playing like all-stars. come to think of it, can’t the west select 24 players and have them play against each other?

  47. renz_garnett says:

    jeff green should be there man

  48. Really? says:

    Can’t believe no one is showing love to Drummond. In the Pistons mess he’s the only one that can run away of taking blames and he’s been posting pretty solid numbers for a sophomore guy. You might say Hibbert deserves it more because his team is winning, well, but that’s because of his team has a huge overall talent but honestly I don’t see this Hibbert is better than two seasons ago. And finally, how can you even mention JJ for a spot? What a joke, just like the whole Nets organization.

    • jer-Boo says:

      Suddenly everyone is saying how much talent is in Indiana. None of the three all star to be (George, Hibbert and Stevenson) were considered to be at all talented a couple years agao, not ever average players. Thesy guys worked hard and put team above self to have the best record in the league. Hibbert may not have the numbers that Drummond does and stevenson may not have the numbers many others do but they’re both all stars because locking down the defence and energizing the tam does carry numbers. Indiana has the best defence in the league; the defence is lead by Hibbert. Stevenson leads the leage in tripple doubles and provides the constant energy they need to thrive. These are hard working guys who built thenselves from no where and sacrificed of themselves for the good of the team. They have the best record in the league and are with out a doubt, the best team in the leage at the moment. Surely the deserve three all stars.

    • Akeem says:

      Really??…JJ has carried the Nets, in 2014 putting up some 20+ 1st halves to lead their 8-1 serge to 7th place, while Detroit is 9th… Looks like the joke is on Detroit.

  49. jdub455 says:

    east reserves based on importance to team and perfomance: hibbert (shld hav started instead of melo), bosh, wall, millsap, noah, stephenson and a toss bet. johnson and jefferson… i dont agree on putting lowry ahead of lance. put lance in toronto, then he wud undoubtedly be an allstar… he’s the reason why they lead the nba (aside of course from the fact that miami isnt in full gear yet). toronto is #4 bec the east is weak and has only 2 strong teams (actually 4, if only the nets and knicks played up to par)… lowry / derozan / amir and jonas are all equally impt. i think its the coach’s system that is working. this i think can be an acceptable reason why no one is to represent them…

  50. capanda says:

    how about carter-Williams of the 76ers, the team is almost .500 when he plays and much better team than expected, his stats are as good or better than most point guards in east

  51. advance stats says:

    How can Dwight Howard be an all-star this year?

    Dwight Howard should NOT be an all-star. He is not the best player on his team. And if Houston (5th in the West) can have two guys there than it means that 4 better teams on West should have AT LEAST two guys. Since Kobe, Love and Curry are voted in that is not possibe and also that means that no other team has their representatives at All-Star game (Dallas, Phoenix). If we go by stats than DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis (home kid), LaMarcus Aldridge and Dirk Nowitzki are all better than him.

  52. Kal says:

    If the Raps hadn’t lost three games they should have won this week,
    we’d be talking about two Raptors making the team no questions asked.

    Instead, they blew it and now we’re in this predicament where the vote may split between Lowry and Derozen…

    All I know is, they are both all-stars and the Raps will get back on track. Actually, already have, beating Dallas again and Derozen dropping 40.

  53. Lo says:

    John Wall & DeMar Derozan should be starting back court hands down, Wall is putting up better numbers then every guard in the east and that’s FACT !! Look it up on this website, Derozan leads guards in scoring tho but scoring isn’t what determines who’s great its who makes there team & teammates better and John Wall is the BEST at that, and he’s second in the entire league to Steph Curry at the point guard position, Facts !! Look it up yourself

  54. XavierL says:

    People who said that Wall should have been taken over Irving are not wrong… but you should have voted for him instead of complaining… I think both are deserving this spot. My vote went for Irving for the show! since he has the best ballhandling and shooting of the eastern conference, he ahs to play the allstar game!

  55. Flap says:

    Lance Stephenson is the second best player on the league’s best team. He is not a stat stuffer, although he has
    the most triple doubles in the league. He is the engine that makes the Pacers go. His ball street style of play is
    perfect for an all star game that feasts on such antics.

    What is sad here are players who are actually named starters and have no business being so. Dwayne Wade is a heck of
    a player but he has played about a third of the season. The same can be said about Kobe. If you can’t play because of
    injury, don’t have an annual body of work to present, or you shouldn’t play (Wade), then you should NOT be a STARTER
    on the All Star team. Finally, Carmelo Anthony has no business as a starter. He is nothing more than a stat-stuffing
    flick on the league’s most under-achieving team. He plays because the country’s largest market has the population
    and interest to see him play.

    • w says:

      if carmelo wasnt a starter he would be a reserve, you can keep on hating but he would be an allstar no matter what, when you average 26 and 9 ur an allstar-.-

    • Harris says:

      Carmelo is a deserving all star starter.
      Stephenson can be the 2nd best player on the best team but no way is he going to be able to do what Melo is doing if he was the first option on the team. To me, Stephenson would be lucky to make the All star game as a reserve.

      Interesting you brought up ‘stat stuffing’ though. This term is over-used nowadays. Whenever we have a player on a poor team with good stats, we call him a ‘stat stuffer’ even though that is not always true. Stat stuffing is when a player is trying to get the stats in a way that makes his team worse. Melo is a top player and as the first option on the team, he is always going to have good stats. Knicks, as a TEAM, are really bad right now so you can’t just blame the Knick’s failure on Melo’s stats.

  56. Joel Tibs says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of raptors game since the Rudy Gay trade and I’ve never really been a fan of the team till recently. I’m impressed with Lowry and he deserves to be an All-star. He’s the best point gaurd in the East right now. It’s pretty much a popularity contest lmao.

  57. aaron says:

    I’d go with DeRozan, Wall, Hibbert, noah, millsap, joe johnson, chris bosh. lance stephenson to me does not have all-star numbers…12, 6 and 5? no way. and their already have 2 all-stars hibbert and george

  58. starz says:

    how do you give the cavs 2 players for the all-star team. If their team is that good why aren’t they doing better or at least over .500 . If there is any cav player that deserves to be an all-star its Luol Deng who helped carry Chicago when Derrick Rose got injured. As Joe Johnson has been balling for the improved Nets i say put him in

    • Akeem says:

      Yes put JJ in. He has carried the Nets come back. As for Afllalo, hell no. Put him on the Nets and he wouldn’t have the impact JJ is having.

    • artifex says:

      I agree. For most players it’s debatable who deserves it more, but 2 Cavs players?
      I even don’t see Irving as All Star THIS season, but he’s voted in. But I haven’t even in the slightest thought of Varejao.
      With DeRozan as afavorite, I’d have Drummond as a big man.

  59. KnightoftheWorld says:

    DeRozan should be there hands down. Understand that since the trade of Rudy Gay, the Raptors have gone 15-8. That’s a .652 winning percentage. If they maintained that consistent rate since the beginning of the season, they would be 27-14. DeRozan leads all East backcourt players in Points Per Game, and is 4th in the East overall, even though his starts are dwarfed because of Rudy Gay. DeRozan outscores, outsteals and outblocks Stephenson and Afflalo. His defense is superb, and his highlight reel is lengthy.

    He has more Pts Per Game and better FG% than John Wall, and his team has a better record than Washington. DeRozan should be on everybody’s list for backcourt.

    • jOLAN says:

      Thank you for actually showing why he should start instead of just saying he should, everyone should read this comment. completely agree with it all.

  60. Danny says:

    John Wall should have been a starter before Irving and Wade. His body of work this year has been better than both of them and his performance is why his team is in contention for the playoffs now. Kyrie or Wade can not say the same. Kyrie is nothing but offense and he doesn’t make his team better at all like Wall does and Wade is only a shell of himself now and is far from the reason for Miami’s success. Fans only seem to go by name alone regardless of what the player has done or how they’ve put their team where they are. Good example, Kobe is the man but should not be on any ones All Star team this year.

    • jj says:

      its based on fan votes, ill pick john wall. however, as much as we want, kyrie’s got more votes even though he doesn’t deserve to start, moreover be part of allstar

  61. Dboy says:

    How can you not have DeMar DeRozan on the All Star team?! He is averaging the most points this season at that SG position in the Eastern conference. Dwayne Wade will obviously make the starting spot because of his popularity but after him for the Eastern conference backcourt at SG it has to be DeMar DeRozan. Also for PG, John Wall shouldve started instead of Kyrie Irving.

  62. Alex says:

    How do people give John wall no love over Kyrie? Hes way quicker and more athletic and his speed and driving abilities open up the outside shot. That is why wall is a way better distributor and he is actually exciting to watch on defense unlike kyrie who is a lazy defender and the only true talent he has is his ball handling and shooting ability but all around wall eats kyrie for breakfast. Not mentioning the fact that wall can actually has led a team out of the slums and into playoff contention, something kyrie could not even do in the conference’s weakest days

    • Mark says:

      John Wall’s defense is soooo overrated. MCW just lit him up for 31 and some D-Leaguer named Phil Pressley had a career night on him. Just because he has a few chase-down blocks here and there people think he is a good defender! lol the guy can’t stop anyone. Even that overrated Kyrie lit him up for 41 pts.

      Kyle Lowry should have been starting PG!!!

      • jOLAN says:

        Kyle Lowry is overrated. they guy is hit or miss on a night. John wall is overrated too, I don’t even know what his shooting percentage is, but I check out his stats pretty often after games, and he has many 6 for 15 type of nights. He needs to shoot more efficiently. He is for real though in terms of leading a team, I think he is still getting better.

  63. steppx says:

    I cant see how DeRozan isnt picked. Lowry maybe, but DeRozan has been exceptional at both ends. There is such a bias against defensive stars. Lowry though has also played well at both ends. Id pick Drummon, despite being on the worst team in the league almost. Thad Young is a perfectly defendable pick as well. JJ no., And Varejao no…….he simply hasnt raised that team above terrible in the least. The same could be said about Drummond I suppose, but in the case of Detroit, its hard to blame him for any of their problems. All of this aside, the first guy who should be on the all star team is john wall. Its CRAZY if he isnt picked.