Durant Buries Blazers, Makes MVP Case

VIDEO: Durant scores 46 to lead Thunder past Trail Blazers

OKLAHOMA CITY — They’re piling on the Kevin Durant MVP bandwagon now as it barrels through Western Conference contenders with reckless abandon. Its latest victim, the Portland Trail Blazers, was left to dust off a 46-point onslaught and doff its cap as it rode out of town.

“The guy is the best player in the world right now. What can you say about him?” said Blazers forward Nicolas Batum, a salty defender who fended off the pain of a broken left middle finger better than he could Durant, the league’s runaway leading scorer halfway through the season. “When you watch him on TV, like, he is the best. When you guard him in the game, sometimes you have two guys on him and he makes the shot anyway.

“He’s the MVP. He’s the MVP,” Batum repeated, fiddling with his aching finger. “I mean, six years I have been in this league I have never seen a [performance] like that. Six years.”

Durant’s hot zone is the entire court. He blistered Portland for 11 points in the final 3:23, including a terrific drive through traffic and consecutive 3-point daggers from the top of the arc to give him six long balls on seven attempts. The Blazers’ 95-90 lead went up in smoke as did their lead in the Northwest Division. The Thunder (32-10), clamping down with an underrated or under-appreciated or simply under-talked-about defense, pulled out the 105-97 victory for their fourth consecutive win after briefly regrouping following Russell Westbrook‘s latest setback after Christmas.

They’ve knocked down Golden State, Houston, an improving Sacramento squad and now the Blazers (31-11).

Set up Wednesday night in San Antonio are the Spurs (8 p.m. ET, ESPN) with first place in the West on the line.

And as if anybody needs reminding about the Thunder’s potential, that bespectacled, young fellow wearing skinny jeans and a form-fitting sport coat cheering on the Thunder bench will eventually return.

For now, Durant is putting together a run for the ages. Since Westbrook was lost to a third knee surgery, Durant has padded a resume that today has him atop the MVP race he’s run a strong second for several years to LeBron James. Tuesday’s ultra-efficient 46 points came on 17 made baskets on 25 attempts.

But then that’s becoming old news, too. When he put 54 on the Warriors he did it on 19-for-28 shooting. He only needs a couple percentage points from the free throw line to again be in 50-40-90 territory.

“I’m not just being biased, he’s at an MVP-type level,” teammate Kendrick Perkins said. “Right now, if you had to give an award away today you’d have to give it to Kevin Durant.”

Tuesday’s 46 marked the fourth time in the last 10 games he’s scored at least 46. He’s also hit 48, twice. He’s scored more than 30 in the last eight games, the longest such streak of his career. In the last 14 games without his superstar buddy at the point, Durant has averaged 36.5 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 5.6 apg and just 2.9 turnovers in 38.1 mpg. He’s coming off being named the West’s Player of the Week and has already been named the conference’s Player of the Month for the first two months.

Durant, classically and predictably, downplayed his brilliance and praised teammates for doing the hard work to set him up to finish things off.

“You know Perkins giving his body up for me, Serge [Ibaka] is giving his body up, Nick [Collison] and Steven [Adams] , our bigs are doing a great job of getting me open and, like I always say, it’s on me to finish,” Durant said. “So I have to put in the work before and after practice, shootarounds, in order for me to make those shots. My teammates do a great job of setting me up. It’s far more than just me; it’s a small part actually. What I do is more so plays coach [Scott Brooks] calls and the screens being set and the passes being sent. I think the end result is just on me, just trusting in the work and believing in the work to knock those shots down.”

Most impressive is Durant, who also had five rebounds and four assists, is forcing nothing. Everything is coming within the offense. At the half, Jackson had 12 shot attempts to Durant’s 11. Ibaka had nine. Jeremy Lamb had six. Durant scored 15 points in 12 minutes of the first quarter; five points in five minutes in the second; 12 points in 12 minutes in the third; and 14 in nine minutes in the fourth.

“MVP performance,” Blazers coach Terry Stotts said. “I mean, to score 46 points on 25 shots, 6-for-7 from 3s; I think he got two of his shots blocked. I mean it was a remarkable performance. He made shots when they mattered, he took his time, he didn’t force it, he just took what was there and made some great shots.”

For much of the game, Stotts’ own star, LaMarcus Aldridge, went punch-for-punch with Durant, finishing with 29 points and 16 rebounds, but Thunder center Kendrick Perkins held him to 1-for-8 in the fourth quarter. Maybe the Blazers, who won in OKC on New Year’s Eve with a late comeback, simply ran out of gas playing a third game in four nights and the second of a back-to-back.

Even so, the Thunder took the game and again sounded the alarm that they are a team in every sense of the word — deep, together, defensive and determined. Durant is a monster and a title run is going to require a full-throttle Westbrook, a reality that now only seems a matter of time, but this is arguably the most complete team of the Thunder era.

It is, inarguably, the most ferocious defensive team in the Western  Conference. In the final moments of the Thunder win, Ibaka collected blocks four and five on the same possession. The much-maligned Perkins made a crucial block, got a late steal and buried a 14-foot baseline jumper for a 99-95 lead with 1:36 left.

“I just like our approach to the game,” Durant said. “We’re just playing hard. We’re moving the basketball. We missed some shots, but that happens. We’re just playing for each other. We just have to stick together no matter what. Defensively, I think we’re doing a good job of using our length. They hit some 3s and tough shots on us, but we haven’t gotten down on ourselves, we haven’t felt sorry for ourselves, we just kept playing and tonight is another case.”

VIDEO: The Starters discuss Kevin Durant’s MVP chances


  1. kenny says:

    maybe now that Stern is gone the NBA woun’t screw Durant out of the MVP and give it to James Durant should of got the MVP last year he did something that olnly Bird did shouting 50 40 90 with over 28 points a game and still got screwed out of the MVP James is the the most over ratted player in leage history if they called the game the way it’s supose to be called he would have at least 4 chargeing calls a game on average

  2. 47 says:

    he’s just a scorer. that’s it. yes he’s dominating now. but lebron in the last 2 seasons was better.

  3. Lms says:

    LeBron started the season in beast mode, but he’s got more inconstant lately. KD is really stepping up without Westbrook and I’d say that he deserves MVP if they’d give it tonight. At the end of the season, feels like it’s pretty much KD vs LeBron in a really close margin.

    • zzz says:

      I wouldnt call it inconsistant lebron has lined up a bunch of 30 pts games together lately, Their Defense has just been terrible, And you can see how important wade is to that Miami team, they basically cant play their bench unit without wade for more than 2 minutes, Lebron is playing well, Miami as a team arent playing that good.

      But I think Durant will win the MVP this year, A littlebit because I think voters are a littlebit tired of lebron winning it. But if Durant wins it, it will be well deserved.

  4. harris27312 says:

    I’m not going to hate on LBJ he got game and is great but a little whinny but KD this year is so far the total package when it comes to the MVP he has earned it. I am an OKC fan and will be one weather the team win all there games or loose all of them a fan no matter what. KD is holding the team down until Westbrook get back like a leader should and being humble about it to boot. Thunder up to all OKC fans.

  5. Todd McCourt says:

    Why ever one coming back to how much kd scores Karl Malone could score but did he win a title no did he win a mvp I’m pretty sure he didn’t kd is just the league’s best scoring but only by points not percentages like I said a little bit earlier if lbj took as many shots as kd does he be the league leading scorer but lbj doesn’t need to Chuck up 30+ shots on a nightly basis for his team to win and saying lbj has a better team is just crazy the heat is the better team cause they have the reigning mvp on their team not because they have a better bench . If kd is so good then okc should of beat the heat when they had harden with them in the finals not fall 4-1 enough said lol

  6. coldkase says:

    Funny how when a player like KD hits a hotstreak. People on forums go, “hes killing Lebron for MVP this year, haha Lebron has fallen off, Lebron is Coasting”, Blah Blah Blah
    Durant is my favourite player, and right now the conversation is about him getting MVP because of his incredible hotstreak,
    All that does is put him out in front of Lebron at this point in the MVP race, Lebron is so good that any slight plateau in his performance is blown out of proportion by the media and fans, but his average day is still better than a career night for 85% of the League
    Lebron could heat up at any time and blow straight back in as the “obvious MVP candidate”
    Why don’t you people try to have a balanced look at the things going on around you, backing your favourite player or team doesn’t mean you have to claim that another player or team is garbage, it just makes you look ignorant.
    KD is the best player in the league based on his last ten games,

  7. coldkase says:

    Funny how when a player like KD hits a hotstreak. People on forums go, “hes killing Lebron for MVP this year, haha Lebron has fallen off, Lebron is Coasting”, Blah Blah Blah
    Durant is my favourite player, and right now the conversation is about him getting MVP because of his incredible hotstreak,
    All that does is put him out in front of Lebron at this point in the MVP race, Lebron is so good that any slight plateau in his performance is blown out of proportion by the media and fans, but his average day is still better than a career night for 85% of the League
    Lebron could heat up at any time and blow straight back in as the “obvious MVP candidate”
    Why don’t you people try to have a balanced look at the things going on around you, backing your favourite player or team doesn’t mean you have to claim that another player or team is garbage, it just makes you look ignorant.
    KD is the best player in the league based on his last ten games,

  8. astheneo says:

    No question Durant tops MVP rankings, and will need some special and consistent form from LB to catch up.

    My question tho – can OKC even with Westbrook back compete in the finals with both Perkins and Sefolosha in the starting five. Sure defensively sound, but the top teams will hurt their offense even more

  9. MiR says:

    KD is definitely the leader in MVP race right now. The way he plays – it’s just amazing! I wish him all the best (MVP and the ring) this year but somehow I don’t see OKC as a champion. This is a Pacers’ year.

  10. freal says:

    Have we heard this story before? maybe a million times or more? everyone jumping on to doubt the heat? this is why fans are stupid and their opinions aren’t worth a penny….IF THAT! I’m not saying the heat are surely going to win but fans just go where the wind blows. They have short memories, short attention spans and absolutely no perspective beyond the present moment.

  11. Scisca says:

    KD is the best this season. His stats are much better than LBJ’s, his team is also doing better. There is no doubt, that he is much better offensively. LBJ may be a bit better on the D, but then again he is so unreliable when it come to free throws and those can decide the fate of the game. To me KD is better this year. LBJ is a freak, one of the best ever, but this year KD took over. Who knows how far he can go! And lets not forget that LBJ has a much better cast aroung him, especially with Westbrook out. D. Wade, Ray Allen, Bosh vs. Reggie Jackson, Sefolosha and Ibaka? No contest. KD is the only guy in OKC that may demand a doubleteam, not the case for LBJ. The bench is also better in Miami. To me LBJ has to step it up if he wants to defend his title, cause KD puts a dagger in it every time he scores 30+ points.

  12. sam says:

    Batum must be out of the league for 6 Years. He was not able to See Kobe Bryant Torch every single team.

  13. Kareem Foy says:

    Ok im a true heat fan. I read alot of the arguments and right now lebron and kd are one and two. I think kd deserves it a little over lbj right now. I dont think rose should have got it over him cuz he had the waaay better team. What kd is doing is crazy tho. Lbj is still the best player tho. The heat have lost 12 games and wade hadnst played 13 games. If the see eachother with wade and westbrook healthy the heat would win. Paul Grorge id good but overrated yhere have been plenty of players who has done more than him and havent recieved as much credit. Pacers have that record because of Lance the triple double monster. If wade is healthy they will take it again. If greg oden is healthy their taking it. Finals 3 years in a row already.

  14. Shaq says:

    I like k.d. He will be great player in history of the nba like me the great center of all time. Booooooom!!

  15. Todd McCourt says:

    If king james took as many shoots as Durant does with LeBron field goal percentage he be averaging like 40 points a games this year and last year

  16. Todd McCourt says:

    Durant won’t ever win a championship he is to much like melo all they do is score . KING JAMES could lead the nba in scoring ever year if he had to(which James has done before) but he doesn’t have to to win games James control all parts of the game . Durant just scores I would take Westbrook over Durant if I was building a team cause Westbrook brings more then scoring to the table . If Durant wasn’t on that team Westbrook probably be leading the nba in scoring.And let’s not forget how he isn’t there in big games okc best chance was when harden was there now all they will be is just anther good team in a already deep western conference

  17. kenny says:

    he defently deserves MVP but he did last year 2 and he got screwed out of it just watch thell screw him out of it and give it to LBJ just like last year the MVP is rigged for James to win it no matter what he or anybody else does

  18. real recognize real even the haters recognize the real says:

    Just to be real lbj went to the finals with ilgulskis and drew gooden and yeah you guys get what I mean. But give credits to creditors kevin durant deserves credits just dont compare him to lebron or kobe or mj because he isn’t there yet but he will one day.

  19. real recognize real even the haters recognize the real says:

    How soon everyone forgets about lbj. First off durant is a beast but mvp over lebron james? Are you serious? Lebrons is like what the 27th most player to jack up a shot this season to kd in top 5 to jack up shots. Real talk lebron is so much better this year over last year he averages almost the same number last year with less shot attempts. I don’t care who you fan with but remember real recognize real. Lebron is mvp for me this year as well. Durant has very little defense he looks like lebron james back in the cavs day. Everybody forgot that lebron took cavs to the final with who in his team? Kevin durant has sefilosha a great defensive spot up shooter. Perkins a mediocre big but brings presences. Reggie jackson heavily underrated he is probably better than alot of the nba’s point guard given minutes. Iblaka one of the best if not the best shot blocka. Westbrook injured second best point guard in the league. If lebron was in okc they win a ring in a heart beat especially when they still had james harden.

  20. I see lebrons name more tha kd’s name mentined on a Durant article. Back to back finals mvp and the hate still wont stop, He is clearly going to be top 3 of all time or maybe number 1 if he keeps playing the way hes playing, cant wait for the trolls to go back in there holes when LeBron wins 3 finals mvps in a row.

    • justsayin says:

      MJ did it twice – Shaq once too. But it just aint likely for James.

      Try not to be too disappointed. Look at it as an opportunity for a better username.

  21. BlowOUT!!!!! says:

    The reality is, KD, Paul isn’t a challenge for nobody because he’s not a defending champion and he’s not the MVP. Every Team want to beat Miami Heat and everybody wanna bring Lebron James down. Every team gives everything they have against the Heat that’s why the game it’s more difficult for the Heat than any Team in the NBA.

  22. FR says:

    LeBron fan, but please, just give the MVP to KD, he has my vote. Man is playing out of his mind.

  23. Logan says:

    Lets not forget about Paul George……Best record in the NBA, dude is a beast

  24. Egg says:

    #Notice Thats what a bunch of us Fans, media, coaches, players are doing. Noticing who the real best player in the NBA is. He’s been that for a the past two years IMO. Compared to the “Fabricated” LBJ I think Durant is way ahead of LBJ in terms of basketball skills. He has the ability to defend elite players as shown this year and cause havoc on the defensive end. Ability to score ANYTIME HE WANTS. Even when defenses put all their attention on him. Unlike LBJ who’s in a team that has lets see. Ray Allen, Wade, Bosh, Beasley and etc. Im tired of all this talk that started recently by certain fans about LBJ FG% is better than Durant. Yet they forget that DUNKS are part of that %. This better be the year the NBA stops Marketing that disgrace to basketball LBJ and fabricating all his ish and let the players play. Cause we all know how that would end up. Im starting to think all Heat/Lebron fans are either 20 and under, bandwagon with no knowledge of the game of basketball prior to the “Lebron Era”. Oh yeah and for the record all these people TALKIG about how weak Durant is. If you haven’t noticed he’s 6’10 240 compared to LBJ 6’8 250. In other words he gained 10 pounds of muscle in the off season. Hes not “weak” anymore. Sorry had to go off on all random subjects. It’s about time people. #Notice

  25. xyz says:

    I’m a Lebron fan, but there’s no denying that Durant at this point in the season deserves to win the MVP hands down. He’s playing at an unbelievable level and the fact that OKC is still winning a good amount of games without Westbrook is again proof of how great KD is. I really wish Lebron could go down as the player with the most MVP awards ever, this year won’t help though, KD is clearly the regular season MVP.

  26. KC says:

    Durant definitely deserves to win the MVP this year when everything is taken into account. He’s kept the thunder in the top 3 playoff spots, without Westbrook, in the Western conference, is beating everyone else out in scoring average including second place by close to 4 ppg, and has a much better all around game this year than last year. If this is the Durant we’re going to see from now on, he should definitely win the MVP at least 2 more times after this. I think the Thunder will make a very good push for the finals, provided everyone is healthy, but it will be a very tough road. If we’re going to compare, Lebron’s numbers are down, especially his rebounding, compared to last season. I agree that voters are probably tired of voting for James as well, since we know how dominant he has been over the past few seasons and just isn’t doing it the same way this year. Now I believe that he is definitely saving his energy and best performances for the playoffs, but he also has nearly a full season of extra tear on him due to the number of playoff games he’s been in, and that will take a toll. The east is especially weak this year so I don’t think the Heat will have many problems in the playoffs until they meet up with the Pacers. This year’s Pacer squad is going to be much tougher for the Heat to handle in seven games, unless they manage to get Oden to play at least 20 mpg. The Pacers have the depth, chemistry and DEFENSE to tear everyone down. If they put stevenson at PG and have granger in at the SG, that is a very big lineup that the Heat will have trouble defending, as their biggest weakness has been size. Do I think that the Heat can beat the Pacers in 7 games or less, it’s possible, but it seems very unlikely when you take everything into account. Lebron is the best player in all of basketball right now, but the odds are more against him this year than any year prior, especially if any defense manages to turn him into a jump shooter.

  27. pKone says:

    Barring Lebron leading the Heat on a 27 game win-streak to end the year, Durant is the MVP

    If I could only have one player, I’d still take Lebron, but none of that changes the fact that at this point in the year no one is playing better ball than KD.

    With all this #1/#2 player chatter around those two guys, I am going to be really disappointed if it isn’t Heat vs Thunder this year in the Finals 🙂

    Unless its Toronto 😉

  28. remo says:

    damn I hate these bangwagon jumpers Durant has been the best for years its just LeBron had a better team. Durant can do it all. If he was on the heat he would have killed. If u take westbrook off okc it is like when LeBron was on the cavs. Yo KD do your thing kill the haters.

  29. Nbafan says:

    Kevin Durant is the MVP this season IMO. Not only is he playing stellar basketball, he has improved as a leader and stepped up big time while Westbrook is gone. Last year in the playoffs they kind of looked lost without Westbrook and this year Durant is leading his team to wins with or without Westbrook. Lebron, on the other hand, is still a great player but his team has a worse record and has been in a slump. Plus, it seems Lebron needs at least Wade or Bosh to play well for the team to win meanwhile Durant is putting up 40-50+ points with efficiency & willing his team to wins.

    Outstanding job, Durant. I hope you finally get the MVP award that you deserve. To me you’ve definitely earned it this year.

  30. dustydreamnz says:

    His numbers will change a lot when Westbrook returns. Jackson is handling the starting responsibilities well though.

    • remo says:

      Damn i hate these bangwagon jumpers durant has been the best for years its just LeBron had a better team. Durant can do it all. If he was on the heat he would kill. If u take westbrook out okc is like when LeBron was on the cavs. Yo kd do ur thing kill the haters and LeBron know what time it is.

    • asdf says:

      Nah, even when Westbrook was healthy Durant was playing at least equally as well as LBJ

  31. LBJ4life says:

    I’d have to agree with most of the comments in saying that at this point, and if his play continues this way, KD is the MVP. His skill set is ridiculous, unstoppable on offense and his defense has improved! That being said I’ll never understand why some people posting here are trying to take away from LBJ’s accomplishments smh. I don’t know how you can be a true basketball fan and hate on one player so much lol.

  32. Leo says:

    Been awhile now I said Durand is better skilled but James makes his teammates better by driving and dishing and he still is a better defender than Durant. This year however I think Durant is clearly by far the better overall player he even improved defensively also, James got showed up by Indiana last season in the conf finals and by the spurs in the finals but they escaped with the championship however I think they luck has ran out.

    • Anthony is shaking his head at heat fans that aren't knowledgable about basketball says:

      Come on now lol It’s inaccurate to say that James was shown up by the team that has yet to defeat him in the playoffs lol.

  33. tanibanana says:

    If he continue to play the way he does in his last few games,
    he’ll definitely bag the MVP..
    I want to see him score 60 before the All-Star game..
    Since I’m at it, i wish to see him score 60 also in All-Star weekend.

  34. OKC says:

    Last year after a second round lose in the playoffs due to Russell being hurt, people were actually saying KD wasn’t a superstar and that he didn’t have what it took to carry a team…. does anyone else remember that?

    • Anthony is shaking his head at heat fans that aren't knowledgable about basketball says:

      I do lol that’s why you can’t trust the opinions of these sportswriters all of the time.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Yeah, and it made him better.

    • justsayin says:

      It was an unfair evaluation. Losing a top 2 scoring option takes time (they didn’t have) to adjust to from the coach on down to rotations. It’s good to see that he may get the recognition he deserves finally. IMHO he should have a ring already – still think the calls in Finals games 2-4 were too one-sided to be coincidental.

      Meanwhile Bron goes from whining about offensive freedom to bemoaning the absence of Wade. Cant have it both ways!

  35. Tyler says:

    Kevin Durant is clearly the MVP so far he has scored 30 or more in 8 straight games and is on pace for another 50-40-90 season and he has the 4 highest scoring games this season and did that in the past 18 days. He has also improved on his defense and on his playmaking ability. If that doesn’t win MVP and Lebron wins it then we all will know that every one that votes for the MVP is on Lebrons bandwagon

  36. kobe says:

    i guess nicholas batum didnt see kobes 81 point game lol

  37. julius j. says:

    KD’s time has come, but let us see until the end of regular season, LBJ will not easily relinquish his title without a fight. It will be a photo finish between those two.

  38. realist says:

    ANd Kd was in a slump since westbrook got injured
    he was 7 -34 on 3pt shots 19%
    now he started hittem dem treys again

  39. New_Hope says:

    Durant is clearly the best player in the league right now. Sick of Lebron getting all the attention from the hype machine. LeBron’s scoring is one dimensional and has gotten exposed in so many finals matches. Even on defense Durant has improved leaps while LeBron has regressed.

    • Anthony is shaking his head at heat fans that aren't knowledgable about basketball says:

      you mean exposed as in……… the Thunder team was too small and he exposed that, the Spurs dared him to shoot and he exposed that, albeit a late Ray Allen 3pointer saved the season. To say Lebron is one dimensional especially in the finals is a bit ludicrous my friend. in 2007 yeah that’s legit and maybe even vs the Mavs but not recently.

      • asdf says:

        That’s why LeBron is one-dimensional. He only shoots it when he’s given hectars of space, he rarely gets off a contested jumper and it’s all derived from his strength, because people can’t guard him to tight, as he would just coast to the rim everytime then. Take away his strength though, and LBJ suddenly because at best mediocre on offense.

      • #dwade#flash says:

        @ASDF please define one-dimensional and please watch lebrons game again. SMFH

      • @asdf: dude everybody’s got their own gift. so whe you said “Take away his strength though, and LBJ suddenly because at best mediocre on offense” you just came out wrong bro. If we are to take away LBJ’s strength, then we take away KD’s length, you think KD can match with LBJ’s all around baskeball skills? hmmmm..

  40. mz13Jazz says:

    Although he stepped up and his last 8 games without Westbrook are very impressive, OKC has to be better than Miami at the end of the season to get that MVP. Good thing for him – and not fair imo but thats how it works – Indiana is more balanced team and Paul George don’t have to be that impressive like KD, plus he needs to be more consistent – although he spent much energy on defense and always guards opposite’s team best offensive player, KD is far from doing that cause he is an average defender – and LBJ is less impressive and dominant than his MVP years.
    But anyway, KD seems he is more hungry and wants it more, so i believe he will win his first MVP.

  41. okc2014 says:

    Kevin Durant! Kevin Durant! Kevin Durant! Kevin Durant! MVP! MVP! MVP! MVP! Go Thunder!

  42. Celtics Fan says:

    Someday in 4 years, KD will top Kobe’s 81 point game

  43. SDSANI says:

    The Time is NOW!

  44. Kevin youve worked so hard to become the best player in the game and your offence is better than lebron but before lebrons defence was superior, well lebrons d has dropped bit this year and kevins game has improved. Durant is the best player in the game this season and mvp so far. and okc should win west this year and Indiana vs okc finals would be so cool. 1st kiwi to get a ring, go okc

  45. pmpogi says:

    It leaves me wondering as well,what happened to LBJ. Didnt hear his name quitefrequently as of late

  46. emevipeelad234 says:

    ok so hype is ruling here we need a reality check : no bandwagon, durant is the number 2. james is the best player in the nba. durant is the best offensive player/weapon in the nba (bye carmelo, media/commercially hyped)
    durant is the legit player of the month, without westbrook, HUGE responsability to maintain the standings with a weak team, he has a killer month, stats/presence on the court.
    james is still a better basketball player, less skilled offensively but a more balanced and efficient overall player (hesitant and generic 1on1 moves, powerful body scores, durant is the opposite : weak body, skills and moves score)

  47. rusty says:

    Enough bringing Lebron James… NBA is becoming boring with Lebron always on the MVP favorite.. Tsssk….
    There is other worthy for the trophy and that is Kevin Durant… Give him the MVP like what Kobe Bryant didn’t get when he is a monster… Lebron knows how to play the fans and the media that is why he is the favorite…

    • Pakyaw says:

      Yeah , Kobe was a monster those days, but his team is not winning..DUH!..

    • #dwade#flash says:

      dude you cant tell LEBRON, hey LEBRON stop playing great so you can give way for other players. SMFH
      Great to see the Kevin is putting some challenge on Lebron’s numbers,

      BEST way for you to sy it, tell the other players to compete the same way as Lebron.

  48. David says:

    Kevin Durant IS the MVP of the season, by far.

  49. Cain says:

    KD must be a sure thing for MVP this year, twice runner up but surely he must get it this year.
    He’s a better scorer than LBJ with more range and more offensive weapons. I’ve watched his last 4 / 5 games and I am simply amazed at how well he is playing.

  50. jake s. says:

    Smoove as Buttah

  51. MariusV says:

    He can make it happen

  52. underdog says:

    If OKC faces the Heat in the finals.. they’ll lose again.. NBA is a game of matchups.. Thunder matches up well against Portland, Spurs, Warriors, Rockets, and Clippers.. but will be terrible if matched up against the Heat.. Those five teams I’ve mentioned plus the Grizzlies have a better chance against the Heat.. .. If it’s Thunder vs Heat in the finals, Heat wins.. But if it’s Thunder vs Pacers.. Thunder wins..

    • marshalldavis4 says:

      but no one can stop KD. Not even KD himself!!!

    • marshalldavis4 says:

      No one can sop KD. Not even KD himself!! When Russel is back the Thnder are the best team in the league

    • shawn turner says:

      sike, the heat aint going to the finals this year. pacersw finna kill the heat in tthe conference finals. i mean im not a pacers fan but the heat is done. they already lost 13 games. thunder record is better than the heat.

      • Anthony is shaking his head at heat fans that aren't knowledgable about basketball says:

        championships aren’t won in the regular season remember that. I’m not a heat fan at all but you can’t think the Pacers are gonna win because of their regular season standings. It’s a long season.

    • allaroundballer says:

      I’d like to see heat vs rockets and see which one is gonna flop, james or howard LOL

      • #dwade#flash says:

        @shawn turner, what great mentors always say, Work Smarter not harder. heat are playing smart right now. Look at them, they are not playing at the highest but still close to Pacers, and look at Pacers they are killing themselves every single game to get a win! and that what separates coadch Spo from Vogel, Pacers may be young and driven but you cant fight fatigue when it hits you.

        @anthony good comment!

      • bruiser brody says:

        James, he even got an MVP-Most Valuable Pfopper!!!

      • #dwade#flash says:

        HUH? good try but still lame

        clap clap clap

      • justsayin says:

        exchange wary looks at each other – both fall to the ground

        2k14 box featuring ref supplication hands
        (thousands of photos to choose from)

  53. without question KD is the MVP of this year….it will be very biased to put anyone ahead of him

  54. jonski22 says:

    I don’t usually watch OKC game..and rarely watch KD plays..unless of course they play my lousy Lakers..lol..anyway, after watching him on the last 4mins of the game..man oh man..he got game! very fluid. Looks like an MVP, since LBJ is not really “motivated” this year.

    • the lakers are tanking bro hahaha…they’ll be back in 2014

    • allaroundballer says:

      Durant n James got one similarity, they rarely force to score. Their mindset is about creating a good play, but Durrant dna is more finisher than faciliator. So that mindset is what separate Durant from Melo and Kobe. He’s already and will be MVP candinate every year, period

    • Saeed says:

      He will probably be the MVP unless LeBron shows some never-seen-from-LeBron performance in February.
      Unless Lbj does not improve his midrange jumpers more and more, he is gonna be dominated by KD when he gets older.
      LeBron plays real basketball better than anyone in history of the game but without the power of jump shooting, he will wind up with a loser to Durant in future just like Magic lost the whole thing to Jordan.

      • Pacers Eastern Champions says:

        Saeed I don’t know from what country you are but if you are from India I don’t know if they know Basketball at all.. Comment if you know what you are talking about.. Greatness of a player is not measured by season MVP’s it’s the Championship rings.. If Durant will take the season MVP this season and for the next 2 or 3 more years.. Lebron is at 34 or 35 already. 4 season MVP’s that’s the final record of Lebron.. his 2 time Finals MVP is questionable to a lot of NBA fans it should’ve been Wade.. Lebron can’t carry Miami without Wade.. Miami is loosing when there is no Wade.. I guarantee you ten years from now people of the world would remember Kobe’s 81 points win against Toronto that is history and that is greatness.. But I don’t think that they would remember any greatness that Lebron did in the NBA uniquely.. Kobe has all the resume and had won already all the awards from SLAM DUNK CHAMPION, season MVP, 4 time ALL STAR MVP with 18 ALL STAR consecutive appearance, 2 time Finals MVP’s and 5 time NBA Champion.. Greatness is how will the people remember you uniquely that the other players never did on your era even if your not playing anymore.. just like MJ returning from baseball to NBA and won championships.. that is greatness.. not on how they play the game but on how they did won the game..

    • Lebron is not great says:

      Lebron is turning 30 this year.. he is getting old.. K.D. is just 25.. It’s K.D.’s era now better stop pretending LBJ you’re not even close to Kobe’s and MJ’s geateness but K.D. has the capabilities and skills to be in the conversation of Kobe and MJ’s greatness..

      • asd says:

        5 mvps, 2 rings… u’re clearly an idiot
        and no disrespect to Kobe but he is not anywhere near MJ… imagine if lebron was the second best player on a team with a prime shaq (one of the best centers all time)

      • psamcool says:

        Lame worthless comment. Sour puss for heats championships!

      • Saeed says:

        So you are saying that the 4-time MVP (only in 5 years) can not be even considered to be the best of all-time, right?
        Oh, nice!!!

      • someone does not know basketball, stop hating and enjoy greatness because most likely in your lifetime you will never see a LeBron type player again.

      • zzz says:

        Lebron will be the best player until he is 33 – 34 years old, 30 is primetime bro, 35 – 38 is the end tho.