One Last Chance For Oden?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — He was supposed to be one of them: a legendary NBA big man, carrying the torch from one generation to the next.

Instead of just interviewing the likes of David Robinson and Bill Russell, Greg Oden was set to join them in the pantheon of dominant centers. At least that was the plan on Draft night in 2007, when the Portland Trail Blazers selected him with the No. 1 overall pick, one spot ahead of current Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant.

We all know how that scene played out. Numerous knee injuries derailed Oden’s career before he ever got cranked up. While other members of his Draft class flourished and became All-Stars and franchise pillars, leading their teams to the playoffs and capturing gold medals at the World Championships and Olympics, Oden stayed in the shadows.

His name was barely spoken in most basketball circles, unless someone was relaying the cautionary tale of the No. 1 pick who failed to meet expectations.

Oden’s name is on the radar now, though. He’s at the center of interesting recruiting battle between the Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs and the reigning and back-to-back champion Miami Heat, three teams in need of big man depth. He’s scheduled to meet with the Mavericks today in Las Vegas, with the Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans also reportedly set for face-to-face meetings with the former Ohio State star.

Since Vegas is the epicenter of the NBA universe the next two weeks (the Las Vegas Summer League is there until July 22 and USA Basketball’s week-long training camp and exhibition schedule begins Monday), it only makes sense that Oden be there to try to least reclaim a scrap of the glory he’s lost the past six years.

If there is a chance his legacy can be resurrected at all, the decision-makers roaming the hallways in Las Vegas will be the ones to help facilitate that process.

Anyone with good sense gave up years ago on the idea of him being what the pundits predicted him to be — a true challenger to Dwight Howard, Yao Ming and Andrew Bynum as the most dominant low-post force in the game. It’s strange now looking at that list of big men and seeing how injuries have marred — and in Yao’s case, ended — their careers.

Oden never reached that level. Much like Durant, the expectations for his career on Draft night were sky-high. The ’07 Draft boasted a strong talent base, and Oden and Durant ranked at the very top.Β They were believed to posses the kinds of talent that could allow them to rise to the level of being among the very best in the league at their respective positions, something Durant has achieved.

The best he can hope for now is, what? Earning a spot as a role player for a championship-level team like the Heat or Spurs? Maybe Oden’s a bit more ambitious than that and wants a bigger role with the Mavericks, Kings or Pelicans?

That’s better than the alternative, which is having to wonder for the rest of his years what could have been if those fragile knees hadn’t failed him.

We have to forget the fantasy of what Oden might have been and focus on what he can salvage of his career, wherever he lands. And who knows, Oden might just surprise us and be a bigger factor than we think in the right situation.


  1. Jude says:

    If I’m Greg Oden, I would sign with the Miami Heat for 1 year. Wow, imagine if Oden one-ups Kevin Durant again by winning a 1st NBA Championship ring faster than him.

  2. R-Dawg says:

    Oden won’t even make it out of training camp before he is injured again. Give it up people. RIP Oden.

  3. Danny says:

    Pat Riley, please let me take Jowan’s spot, I will cheer, I will be a motivational speaker in the locker room and I will drive you to and from the games, I can also be your security being I’m prior military, Jowan is just taking up space in the bench. Please pat I will sacrife for half of his yearly pay, please.

    Get GREG ODEN signed ASAP.

  4. Danny says:

    With Greg Oden in a Heat uniform and Birdman, we have the bigs that we need, Birdman will share minutes with Greg Oden and once Greg gets in shape Birdman can be his backup. Go Heat

  5. Danny says:

    Just in, Mike Miller is waived, I really like Mike he gave us all he had and I appreciate that. Next should be Jowan Howard and Lewis, they are non contributors and that will open up for the New acquisitions from summer league and GREG ODEN, make it happen Pat, you have always come through for us, clear the space for the Heat. If Greg Oden is a done deal get rid of Joel Anthony also. GO Heat

  6. snub says:

    the guy still made 23 million dollar in his short career…he should go with miami for the minimum and get easy baskets prove he can play an entire season and then get a bigger contract after that

  7. Pepe says:

    Greg Oden …needs to go to Miami Heat ASAP
    Had he done it last year , He already had gotten a ring to display in his hand……
    Do not waste time, do not waste physical treatment with the best Physical Team…do no waste Rings!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Danny says:

    Jowan Howard is a beast, you must understand that every player plays a roll in the team, he is not with the team to be active on the floor, he is there to give high fives and to wave towels in the air, I could do that as well wish I had a job like that and I can multi task, I will clean the toilets so that when the big 3 have a need they will be sitting in a nice clean bowl, and I will do this for half of Jowans salary, please give me a shot Pat, I will not let you down.

  9. Danny says:

    Sign with the Heat, we need a big man, Jowan Howard is taking up space, Mike Miller as much as he has done could go, so can Lewis, that will give us space to bring in the new acquisitions, two from summer league and Greg Oden, this will make the Heat so much better.

    Greg Oden to the heat with a Champion Cast. He will be get enough minutes to contribute and develop, and if he is healthy he will have a spot in the rotation, this will be a win win situation for the organization and for him. Start thinking about what number you will have on your jersey, and the size of the ring. MIAMI HEAT 2013-2014 Champions.

  10. KC says:

    choose the mavs, not only will he get more playing time than he would get get with spurs or the heat. He can really emerge into superatar status with the mavs. And lets face it Mark Cuban is desperate now so he will make it happen…..

  11. Intalek says:

    Why on earth would Oden be a backup on the Heat? Unless he’s trash can garbage he will be a starter at center unless he doesn’t want to. The Heat are dying to move Chris Bosh back to power forward. I would love for anybody to explain why he would end up backing up anybody. If you can say that with a straight face, I gotta believe you either really really don’t want to see him go to the Heat and are trying to convince yourself of reasons why it wouldn’t work for him, or you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  12. kde019 says:

    Let’s be realistic. Nothing against Juwan Howard, but I Oden is a better investment than him.

  13. Greg Oden to Miami Heat says:

    Click on this link its OFFICIAL Greg Oden said he will go to the Miami Heat. Watch it.

  14. camotee says:

    Oden to Ginebra!

  15. J says:

    he’d fit well starting in Miami cause they need a big

  16. SENYORITOarmendarez says:

    he is suited for the Miami Heat πŸ™‚
    obviously the heat has talents with the likes
    of bosh and birdman at the center position,
    this will help oden to be be fresh and not be burned with huge minutes.
    his minutes should be checked always because he’s prone to injuries.
    if oden will be signed by the heat, expect greater things from him.
    he’ll be very excited to play alongside lebron and dwade.
    this is his chance to resurrect his career.
    he’s a huge steal if only he’d learn to take care of his body!
    safe and sound greg oden!

  17. Ugandan Basketball says:

    Heat will win 8 titles by 2021 unless other superstars decide to start forming super teams # Team Lebron

  18. mg says:


  19. Bigmatta23 says:

    Like most of the fanboy Heat fans on here commenting…he is a 5-10 minute man.
    At most the first year back, you would be lucky to get 50 games tops and then re-evaluate.
    No point absolutely flogging a dead horse, You have to be strict and ease him in all year long.

  20. Heat fans let me ask you something how does he match your team, his knees are weaker then a two year olds. There is now way he can stay in the heat up tempo game plan up and down the floor. Another question is where does he fit in the offense with no set or jump shot and no post moves he gives you nothing at least birdman was athletic enough to run the floor and slash off the weak side. Greg just eats up space and that hurts the way the heat runs their offensive attack that’s why Joel, eddy, dextar all didn’t work for them. and all those who say it wud be to beat the bigs Greg would be throw around like a ragged doll come on heat. Back to back and three straight appearances their is no changes that need to be made besides drafting and trading so once wade knees finally gives in three years u have enough talent around LBJ to be contenders and please cut Juan Howard if you didn’t already plzzzzzz

  21. 3peat says:

    i think it’s best if he will sign to the heat….. he can be a better back up pointguard for RIO………….wahahah!!! go heat!!!


  23. chard says:

    can he still play at d NBA level !? how many injuries he got on his knee??

  24. John says:

    Wade, Oden, Miller, Battier, Allen

  25. Lakers4life says:

    Whats up with the Thunder? If I were them i’d try to sign him. They aren’t gonna be the Western Conference Champs especially since they lost K-Mart. Oden should sign with the Spurs, he’s just gonna get hate if he joins the Heat.

  26. John says:

    Wow… Can you imagine that lineup

    James, Wade, Bosh, Allen, Oden
    James, Wade, Bosh, Chalmers, Oden
    James, Wade, Bosh, Birdman, Oden
    James, Wade, Birdman, Oden, Allen,
    James, Wade, Chalmers, Birdman,Allen
    James, Wade, Oden, Battier, Allen or ( James, Wade, Allen, Miller, Oden )
    What a lineup with Oden at least 85%

    • Bigmatta23 says:

      You’re overestimating exactly what Oden can and cant do. He cant play long stretches and extended minutes. Slow your roll man.

  27. bulbulito says:

    he should sign with the heat and they will dominate in the nba.

  28. theholyspectator says:

    if oden comes to the heat hell keep winning rings, if he goes else where he wont, based on which team he signs with well see if hes about winning rings or the money

  29. Imasurfer says:

    Rotation wise he is good for sa, pop gets his players rest well, good for his recovery

  30. NBA NUT says:

    Who cares Oden screwed the city of Portland and will screw over his next team he plays for if I were a team or city hoping to land him be ready for a cheerleader towel waver cause dude has the knees of an 80 year old man and will not lead any team to victory.

  31. oden says:

    oden go to heat with your twin brother lebron.. together both of you are the first twin from different mother to win nba championships..

  32. FTW says:

    If Oden wants to develop, then choose spurs. If he wants championship, then choose heat, or if he wants money, then choose mavs LOL

  33. Heatles says:

    I sure hope the HEAT get Greg.He would be a great fit.

  34. Blazer fan forever says:

    He has spent this last year strengthening his knees and legs. I’d love to see him back in Rip city, but as much as I hate to say it, he’s a better fit in Dallas or Miami. Wereever you go Oden Good luck!

  35. samgold35 says:

    Oden seems like a good guy, but what did he do to deserve to be in the room with them???

  36. Danny says:

    Miami is the better fit for you, ask Chris Anderson about the team and how he is treated, Lebron didn’t take all the credit, Ray, Birdman got praise for what they did, Miami in unselfish and the stick together like brothers, this is where you fit in, don’t let anyone tell you different, I’m sure with time you will develope and the Heat is very good at getting Injury taken care off, Mike Miller has a back problem, Wade has knee problems, but are still fighting for their team and with no regrets, this is where you belong they can relate and will take care of you. This will be a great move for you and Miami is a great place to live, with no State Tax.

  37. Danny says:

    I’m a Spurs fan, Love to have you here, however I’m not sure you would benefit with this team, Miami would be a better choice for you and your future, Bosh is not a center, you will be the Center, with us we have tim and I suspect he will be here for 2 -3 years because he loves this game and he just proved that he still has game, with Miami you can have your position as soon as your healthy, afcourse you need to take it slow and wait for your body to heal. Go Spurs.

  38. ChampionPG23 says:

    hey are u guys in school or what because ur spelling and grammar is sooo bad its stupid, thats all folks

  39. Kuku says:

    Go to the Magic Please!! lol

  40. Jake says:

    Everybody in Portland was behind this guy, after numerous set backs. Then he leaves and starts talking trash about my city, bringing race into the equation. Portland isn’t the most diverse place to live in, but for this guy to play the race card and say the things he said was disrespectful and the fans don’t deserve that kind of nonsense. Greg Oden is an ingrate and child. 20 years old with a 50 year olds body and a teenagers mind. Good luck to whatever team has the misguided view that this guy will help them.

  41. Wonderer says:


  42. Bosshawgoutlaw says:

    He should go to the Pelicans and play against Dwight four times a year.

  43. Bird33 says:

    If not the C’s, then “Remember the Alamo!!” A curse on the Miami heat and all their fans LOL!!!

  44. Dew says:

    Spurs is a no brainer. Pop is the best at managing minutes for his team than anyone in the NBA. In two years if he stays healthy, he could become the starter in 2 years and coming in for TD is not a bad thing at all who he could learn from the best PF of all time while there. He will be a backup in Miami forever and have to compete with Bosh, Haslem, Birdman and Anthony for minutes. With SA, he would only be playing behind the starters as Pop rotates all big men equally, especially during the season. Mavs are not a good fit as he would be keyed on to play big minutes as well as Dirk is not getting any younger. Oden would be wise to pick SA, especially at this point in his career. He would turn out a better player than playing anywhere else and might also have a shot at a ring in the process.

  45. D12 for life says:

    LA Lakers fan boys are so desperate..

  46. H says:

    How is miami able to afford all of these players? I’d think they’d already be over the cap yet they’re able to pursue even more players.

  47. rudenessq says:

    As a Heat fan, I want him on the Miami roster, but as a basketball fan, I just want the young man to be able to play significant minutes and remain healthy on an NBA team.

    Spurs, Heat, and Mavs would all be good landing spots for him. I will not include LA in that list because D’Antoni is their coach, and he just finished riding an 18-year pro 44 minutes a night until he blew out an achilles

    • Frank says:

      I can’t support going to Miami either simply because they don’t do a great job of keeping guys healthy, especially with knees. Look at Wade, Mike Miller (who looks like Mr. Potatoehead at this point in his career), and Chris Anderson. All these guys are talented and are playing through injuries, but they’re not healthy. As an Ohio St. fan and a fan of the game, I want to see Greg Oden on a team for as long as possible, playing whatever role his body allows him. I wish him the best of luck.

  48. Paco says:

    If I were GO, I would pick HEAT for the simple reasons that he would need minimal mins for about half of the season if not longer. That will put less pressure on him from get go since he has been out for quite some time. Second of all his knees will be resting during all these times. He can just look at CA (Chris Anderson). They slowly increased his mins/playing time. Look at where he is now?
    Think about that big fellow.
    Good luck with your decision.

  49. Frank says:

    Simply, Oden should sign with the Mavs. Not so simply is why he should. I look at Tyson Chandler. After two injury-plagued seasons, Chandler went to Dallas as a salary cap dump and turned into the heart of a title winner. Chandler always had the potential, but he couldn’t stay on the court to prove it until he came to Dallas and met their medical/training staff. As Oden looks at his suitors, he should take into account two things: money(because who knows how many more NBA contracts he’ll get) and the medical/training staff. You may be wondering why I don’t think winning a title should matter to him at this point. Sure, with the Heat or Spurs he has the chance to become a title winner, but his main focus should be staying in the league. Oden is playing for much more than a title-he’s playing for his career, and Dallas gives him the best opportunity to maintain knee-health and rewrite his career.

  50. NATHAN says:

    CW the spurs cant beat the heat. Lets see how I can prove it. Oh yeah game 7 did that.

    • Spurs Fan for Life says:

      Oh you mean the game 7 that the refs gave the Heat, but not calling those two late fouls on the Heat in Game 6 that cost the Spurs the championship (ie took it out of their hands and gave the Heat extra unfair chances….The horrible no call foul by Ray Allen on Ginobili which was called out by both ABC sports comentators and just about every sports critic after the game….Stephen A. Smith, etc. Also people are forgetting that just because the Heat have the best player and won two championships, they are not the only team that can get better and improve their chances of winning a championship with Oden. If Oden came to the Spurs that would boost their championship chances if he was healthy as well. He would help duncan deny Lebron at the rim, just like Hibbert did for the Pacers. Then people would see the Spurs really shut down Lebron. Kawhi could really get up on him and not worry about him driving to the basket and not having help. Just food for thought.

  51. lee says:

    i think the spurs are the best option learning and playing buy tim duncan i wouldnt count this guy out anyone remember grant hill there is no reason why odens career has to be over i dont see him any differant then i do bynem go to san antonio and play center while timmy plays the pf tiogo canplay pf but i dont see him as a center myself gred oden would brig defense back to the spurs with him leonard and green there the would also have a young core to work with i dont think the shouldve signed gano back i think the shouldve let him walk the wouldve had enough cap room to pick up some really talented players to add to this group to challene miami again the couldve probally brought in oden and bynem and let splitter walk too then the couldve signed a young scorer to play sixth man behind green and leonard

  52. Chrisrob says:

    I think the best fit is the HEAT. 1. The Heat have a much better medical staff and training staff. Look at Shaq when he went to the heat…he lost much needed weight, became a bit faster and won a chip and he had a few injuries as well. 2. He doesn’t need a major role right now. I think at the right moment he will show everyone what he can do along side lebron, wade, bosh, Allen. 3. if he chooses the heat and works hard on building his body, the heat now have defensive presence in the paint which leaves the heat with so many options. 4. If he comes back, he needs to serious develop low post moves and not worry about dunking. he needs to become much more smarter and less explosive

  53. ac says:

    Poor guy, he will probably never be fully healthy and the player he was supposed to be. He was a beast at OSU, him an Conley were brilliant together.

  54. celentano says:

    The Heat & Okc are out of the deal they’re both run ‘n gun team style playin. The Lakers & the Spurs are the best options for
    Greg because they rely mostly of the slow pace game style + they are champions contenders anyway (Lakers; if Greg joined them).
    Sure he can ride the Heat but than it not fit’s Greg at all, they’re run ‘n gun mostly and the Heat only plays slow pace style during the finals so he’s comes from the bench ‘ when they need him’.
    At the Spurs he can come a lot more from the bench than the Heat can do,consider him a better role too !
    His chance’s at the Lakers are bigger,if healty he’s a starter no doubt!

  55. TheAll-Star136 says:

    PG Mario Chalmers
    SG Dwyane Wade
    SF LeBron James
    PF Chris Bosh
    C Greg Oden

  56. Texas Spur says:

    GO SPURS GO!!!!!
    GET ODEN TO SA!!!!!!!!

  57. Unkle Daddy says:

    If my spurs think they need another big they should look to trade for Andris Biedrins, he would work well under Pop.

  58. Unkle Daddy says:

    To my Spurs please leave this guy go some place else. He is a 20 something in a 50 something body. He has talent and drive, just not the body to go along with it. Which is unfortunate since so many have the body, but no talent or no drive.

  59. Freida says:

    Come to the Heat!!

  60. Kamote says:

    The Spurs could be his best option:
    1.) Tiago has just got his new contract, which means he is over being a project big man. Pop will utilize him more next year.
    2.) Oden will be the new project big man for the team. If his knees hold, he’d be ready after a couple of years when TD retires.
    3.) Pop’s system has proven all these years that it utilizes the best from role players (A. Johnson, G. Hill, Neal, Green, etc.)… might even bring them to all-star levels (Manu, Parker… wait for Kawhi soon).
    4.) And of course, he will be learning from Tim Duncan, one of the best bigs in basketball history. I love how Hakeem is teaching his dream shake to players today, but that won’t fit Oden’s knees. TD’s fundamentals are still the easiest/best way for a big man to dominate the game. He’s been doing the same s#it for almost 15 years, and yet no one (even at his age) can stop him. If Oden’s knees hold up, and he’d learn from TD, he may be able to become relevant again.

    Not unless of course he just wants to earn a paycheck and ride Miami’s big 3 for a ring.

    • GREG H says:

      lets just be greedy and have 3 7 footers. spurs don’t need him as much as the heat period and he would have a better chance at a ring with the heat than the spurs.Spurs window for a ring may have closed this past year, they’re one year older next year,they have more of a hill to climb this year than last in a tough western conference.there’s a number of teams that will give them trouble.Alot of people don’t want him going to the heat because they know it would make them a tougher opponent.

      • Kamote says:

        again, Oden can become the project big man, will be under TD’s mentorship until he retires. limited minutes, as he regains his body and hopefully test the strength of his knees.

        as a heat fan, I understand you’d want to get Oden because the needs a center. But if we’re talking a good chance to come back in this game again, he needs to be in a team where he can build himself up. Of course, the Heat has the best shot at another ring next year, but its like you fans want all players to be in your team LOL.

  61. Lake says:

    oden cannot run so the heat is out of question? why not the lakers or OKC? even the Warriors team can be great because of of the shooters. I have to agree spurs at the end of day are the best choice

  62. Alexus Cooper says:

    hope with this come back he does well and doesn’t have to worry about injuries anyomre

  63. celentano says:

    He should go to the Lakers to give him a second opportunity in his career,he can fix something if he keeps staying healty.A big market is a good fresh start for his second chance in his career. 100% sure he can have a big role a la Bynume type Center!The Lakers haves good trainning staff for his comeback maybe monitored by Kareem,these options are there for him!
    Imagin Kaman as back up for Oden than Gasol can function more at his natural PF position too.

    Kaman or sacre
    sasha or farmar
    Kobe or Meeks
    Nash & the rest

    Not bad at all, Mitch d’ont wait to long please !

  64. TomasHerlihy says:

    Oden’s best chance is the heat, bosh at the 4 with lebron at 3, serious treat to any team. He’s an avid rim protector with a point to prove

  65. TheAll-Star136 says:

    GREG ODEN should go to the MIAMI HEAT. If he signs with the Heat, I think he would get 9+ PPG and 9+ RPG.
    Imagine him playing with LeBron and winning a championship.

  66. TheAll-Star136 says:

    Greg Oden should go to the MIAMI HEAT for several reasons:
    1. Miami Heat was the worst rebounding team last year at 30th place. Greg Oden, who can rebound can change that.
    2. Chris Bosh is better at playing PF than C, and Greg Oden can knock Haslem to the bench and move Bosh to the PF and then Oden can take the C.
    3. Greg Oden can help Miami if the Heat ever again faces the Pacers or the Bulls. These teams are known for size, rebounding, and second-chance points.
    4. Miami made it to the Finals for 3 straight years and won the last 2. This is Oden’s chance to correct the critics that he is no bust!

    • evang says:

      Oden goes to Miami and wins a ring all the critics will say is that he needed Lebron to regenerate his career…Is it the best option for him to win? The answer is yes. Is it the best option for someone that “wants” to prove that he deserved that No. 1 pick? The answer is no. What kind of player is Oden? What kind of person is Oden? The best thing about the NBA is that we will find out. Let’s go sixers. Oden stay away from philly!!! I’m just sayin’.

    • chalice says:

      I agree that Oden should go to the Heat but for different reasons. I doubt that anyone will give him more than a year contract unless there’s a team option in the second year. If he goes to the Heat, he will most likely make the eastern conference finals, if not the finals and have a stage to showcase his talents. He goes to the Spurs, the same can happen but the Western Conference is stronger so I think Miami has a better chance at getting to the finals than the Spurs. Once he does well in the ECF or finals, he will be in a position to get a decent contract in 2014.

  67. AK47 says:

    He’ll be better off with the Spurs, learning valuable post moves under HoF Tim Duncan, and learning great team play under the spurs. Pop can also manage his minutes to prevent any tragic injuries and still learn while in the bench πŸ™‚

  68. Kobe says:

    Go to Lakers fool! I need you to win another ring…

    • Mr.Epal says:

      Is that sarcasm?

      • Kobe says:

        I need a big man or I cannot get a ring. After I get the ring I’ll dump you fast! See shaq, bynum and even a ringless d12. Remember I`ll f`throw u under the bus if things get tough and I need 40 shots per game. And if you have dumb whites you can introduce to me……

  69. OSCAR says:

    GREG ODEN to MIAMI HEAT!!!! No more to talk.

  70. xyzd says:

    can only be a heat fan stating melo to be the 2nd among the top in any category. if you had any clue of the game of basketball you would recognise that melo is not even the 2nd best beloved by his wife

  71. Alejandro from Arg says:

    I wish he would sign with the Phoenix Suns… Maybe the Suns Medical Staff can make a miracle in those knees….

  72. MAtt says:

    How about you come back to the Blazers and finish what you started? PDX would love you if you were an amazing comeback story and stayed true to the team that drafted you and only got to peak at your potential.

  73. grope says:

    I really want this guy to come back into the league amd produce some results and show why portland originally chose him over durant.

  74. Bob says:

    Almost nobody comes back from the kind of surgeries that he has had. He broke his kneecap by jumping straight up and landing cleanly. Although not a handsome man it was a thing of beauty to watch him run up and down the court with speed and grace. His Knees however we’re not made to support his body. As a trailblazer fan I wish him well and I hope I am wrong about his knees.

  75. MaFox says:

    He’s best off going to phoenix. Their training staff work miracles

  76. jmac32 says:

    In honor of the NBA Draft, take a look back at the historic 1999 NBA Draft here!

  77. Norm Ramsden says:

    Be a man and sign for the minimum with the Portland Trail Blazers and prove to everyone what you can do…….WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE BLAZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr.Epal says:

      Best option for him to become a champion is the Heat.

      • gangsta says:

        I think his best option is to prove himself capable for the kings. then go for some money from the heat or spurs. best way is to see what if anything he has left and play him.

    • Big Kev says:

      I’m with you Norm.

      Having said that the Blazers would no longer be a good fit for him. They’re lacking at the Center position as it is which would mean that he couldn’t come into the game expecting minor minutes and time to pick up the pieces.

      I’m a big fan of Oden, have been since he was killing it for the Blazers when healthy. A smart decision for him is not to play for championships or for the hopes of being a force in the NBA again.

      He needs to develop himself back into the NBA as an injury exposed Center and see if his knee’s can cope the grind of an 82 game NBA season. All the best Greg, I’ll follow your game wherever you wind up!

  78. Mike Flowers says:

    The Spurs seem like the best option for him. He can learn from one of the greatest big men in NBA history, while at the same time not having to log major minutes. Also, Gregg Popovich has done a lot more with a lot less.

  79. Carlos says:

    First of all…. Come on Sekou… Durant is not the #1 SF in the NBA.. He is not even #2.. and he is arguably not even the 3rd best. behind LBJ and Melo..

    Second of all Greg Oden should definitely go to the Heat πŸ™‚

    • Andrew says:

      Durant is definitely second behind lebron, but he’s an arms length better than Anthony. Melo is a great scorer because he takes too many shots and is selfish. Melo doesnt play D, where as Durant tears it up on both sides of the court. Durant didnt even take the most shots on HIS team, and look where he ended up in scoring.

    • gangsta says:

      Durant is 5 times the player melo is. melo is over-rated. think he could lead the heat to a championship? nope

  80. Like Tony would say, Ze Spurz!

  81. I Don't Know My Name says:

    I don’t know how he can put Durant as the best at his position, I mean, I think he’s third behind LeBron and Melo’.

    • Unkle Daddy says:

      Melo is third on that list, Durant is second he can score (as well as if not better than Melo), rebound and makes people better around him. He also got to the finals. Melo does and has done none of that.

  82. caloyski says:


  83. Chris says:

    Oden, you are the missing piece in the Heat roster. If you play for the heat, then you can guarantee for a ring for yourself and of course another one for the Heat. Coming back from multiple injuries, you can’t be the face of a franchise yet, so it’s easier and smarter to play alongside two of the greatest of all time (James and Dwane) who carry most the load. Later you can choose to saty with the heat and make more money elsewhere.

  84. Dennis says:

    Heat is the best option for him, because he is exactly what the Heat needs. A true big man to protect the rim and challenge Hibbert, Duncan etc.

    • champmaxwell says:

      How does the Heat needs make it the best option for him. That statement doesn’t even make sense. A guy with bad knees needs to go to the team that will take the most risk and pay him. For him his best option is to see who will give him the most money to set on the disabled List.

      • Big Time says:

        Heat is a better option for him because he won’t be required to play a lot of minutes and slowly gain some rhythm and not put too much pressure on his knees.. If he does well for the Heat, he will likely receive a bigger contract next season..

  85. tool says:


  86. Dave says:

    That right team is the Spurs! The Spurs are the best fit.. where he can play for Coach Pop and learn with Tim Duncan. Who knows, Oden has shown before he had it, maybe the Spurs can develop him to the point that he becomes the replacement for Tim as Tim gets older.. πŸ™‚ Oden had the skills to do it, and the Spurs staff have the people who can get the best out of him.

    • Baller444 says:

      As Much as i would love for him to come to the heat and help be not a dominant but a FORCE in the paint, i would have to agree with you for HIS CAREER not any teams career. if he goes to the spurs he can backup and learn a lot from duncan and in a couple years be a DOMINANT FORCE in the paint plus i also think the coaching staff is great in san antonio but if he wants to get a championship(HEAT) rather than have a very succesful career and in a couple years be a player leading a team to the championship(Spurs) than go with the heat

      • Pepe says:

        Yes…of course follow Duncan’s observation!!
        Ask Dwight Howard about KObe’s admonitions and ” peer to peer”monitoring!!!
        Oden needs to got o HEAT , since there ,he is going to have a time-progressing kind of a coming back.
        Few minutes, few offensive skills required…..slow running the pace of the game…He is going to be the only Big Guy…so no need of someone else telling him what to do…..and the sure satisfaction of a Championship.
        And ,Yes , he is going to be remembered in the furure : The Birdman is already !!!!!

      • Bigmatta23 says:

        Whoah…Pepe…do not ever compare a gracious superstar with a egomaniac! Duncan is all about team, Kobe is all about self.

      • The truth says:

        I agree with bigmatta… and second of all, the heat doesn’t have a slow pace. They are fast paced and all about fast breaks.

    • Unkle Daddy says:

      Oden is older now than Ducan will be when he retires in a physical sense, look at his face it’s an old man face.

  87. KunJay says:

    If i were him i would pick the Heat. Very simple, you are coming back from injuries and years of inactivity, you want to play on monitored minutes if you really want to make a come back. You might get more money from the Mavs or Pelicans in that first year but you will not get a multiple year deal unless there’s team option on second year just like the Cavs offered Bynum. If i’m serious of making a comeback and not just trying to get one last paycheck, why wouldn’t i want to take my chances on the Heat’s mid level exception, with reduced minutes and with very high chances of winning a championship. No brainer.

    • CW says:

      Exact same argument can be made for the Spurs — But the Spurs have a better system & sense of family which would be perfect for Oden

      • kjones082 says:

        Really CW you already saw that the Heat won the NBA Championship and you say they have a better system. The Arison’s and the Heat organization have been the best NBA organization for the past 8 years, 3 Titles, 4 finals appearances 5 confrence finals.

      • The truth says:

        Don’t listen to kjones. THe heat doesn’t have the best organization in the nba by far. They aren’t even close to the celtics and the lakers.

    • Mr.Epal says:

      I agree.

      • Dan says:

        if he doesnt want to be ridiculed by the entire country he should go spurs or mavs, heat are enemy number one and he doesnt need any more attention

    • Rip says:

      Too naive too simple.
      If Oden goes to other teams it’s definitely not about money. But about proving himself. In those teams he would got more room and be a serious player. Imagine he does go to Heats and win a Champion, with the 3 big heads, who would ever remember Oden after years? Who would remember him as a #1 draft pick, a once most promising center?

      • kei says:

        his legacy is doomed anyways. He’ll just be a draft bust from now on. He got nothing to prove.

    • they might sign oden….but if not…they will not be able to 3peat…im sure of that

      • yourmom says:

        Your craztmy they won 2 back to back with oden and 3 apperences in the past there years without him so thank you sir

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @ Don’t ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! You Have been warned:

        Just like you were ‘sure’ the heat weren’t going to win this year? LOL.
        2013-14 season hasn’t even started yet and your already back to hating the Back2Back Champions LOL, shame on u kid.

      • unknown says:

        the heat are trash, stacked team and refs to go with it ginobli gettn slayed in game 6 no call that’s elimination right there. yes LeBron went HAM in game 7 is he good yes, is he great yes is he Jordan NO. will he win more yes, will he do it with out other stars NO. wade is gettn beat up his knees are about shot, chris bosh is a princess, allen will always shoot well, don’t sleep in the east lots of teams got real good!!!!

      • The truth says:

        I agree… They barely won with ray allen. They would have lost without him and ray allen is getting older. Now wade is becoming more unstable and he won’t be able to play like he did with shaq (for sure). They don’t have a chance. They almost lost to the pacers too. Lebron got lucky with the easy defense.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      With a healthy Oden at Center & Bosh PF. The Heat are going to 3 peat !!!

      • Sid says:

        Another delusional heat fan. Brandon Roy also had his career ended by knee injuries, and how did his comeback attempt go? You don’t even know if Dwayne Wade will be healthy, let alone Greg Oden. The heat can only offer him the vets minimum anyways so there’s no reason for him to go there. He’ll go to Dallas if anywhere.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Interesting opinion you have. Which is why I said that with a “healthy” Oden then the Heat will 3 peat for sure. I don’t know if he’s going to re-injure his knees and end up like Brandon Roy, But because Oden hasn’t played since 2009, there is a lot of doubt that he’ll be able to play at a high level so other team besides Miami will not offer much more than Miami can offer him.
        And if he does sign with the heat and can “stay healthy” then the heat will 3peat for sure, because Oden is a true Center who can guard the Tyson Chandlers, Roy Hibberts, Joakim Noah’s, Brook Lopez’s …

        Not another delusional heat fan, just speaking the truth πŸ˜‰

      • Dr.J says:

        Why would anyone in their right mind offer a guy that hasn’t played more than 80 games over three seasons more than the vet’s minimum? Anyone offering him anything more is taking a huge risk with little chances of paying off.