Report: Splitter Sticking With Spurs

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Tiago Splitter finished the season coming off the bench for the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of The Finals against the Miami Heat.

He will start the 2013-14 season as the Spurs’ third-highest paid player when his representatives and the franchise put the finishing touches on a four-year deal worth slightly over $36 million, a deal first reported by Yahoo! Sports.

Splitter, who became a restricted free agent Monday after the Spurs extended him a $3.49 million qualifying offer, turned out to be a must-get for a Spurs team trying to keep its core intact.

But after producing his best season in the NBA during regular season, he struggled during the playoffs. He averaged just 6.1 points and 3.1 rebounds during the postseason and was relegated to that reserve role against the Heat after both teams deployed small lineups.

Still, Splitter’s new deal suggests that Spurs general manager R.C. Buford and coach Gregg Popovich have not soured on the Brazilian big man. Only All-NBA picks Tony Parker ($12.5 million) and Tim Duncan ($10.4 million) will earn more than Splitter next season.

The Spurs still have free agent business to tend to this summer. Veteran swingman Manu Ginobili is an unrestricted free agent. But the Spurs, according to sources familiar with the negotiations, are in the midst of trying to find a way to re-sign Ginobili at a more reasonable price than the $14.1 million he earned during the final season of his most recent deal.


  1. Diomede says:

    36m for 4 years sounds too much if keeping him in roster, even towers are usually overpaid in NBA.
    If it’s a sign-and-trade thing then would be reasonable.

  2. jocco says:

    9mil/year is to much for thiago. 6 or 7mil is what he is worth.
    but what do u want it’s the NBA and big men are always overpaid. And i guess if the spurs had proposed him a contract worth 6 or 7 mil a year someone would surely propose him more. That being The spurs should at least let the market decide his price. Bad deal for the spurs.

  3. tool says:

    if aint broke.. dont fix it. why would the spurs org want another guy that didnt knw the spurs system? it takes 2 to 3 yrs to mold with the team. duncan’s time is running out. good job for resigning splitter.

  4. Antawn says:

    If the Spurs believe that Tiago is worth all that money, then you better belive he’s worth it! Critics will always have their say on who should be or who should not be getting the money, but for a team that has been a consistent playoff contender season after season? Why question the contracts they offer to their players? …an oh, for some Top FAs not interested in playing for the Spurs? It’s money that matters, not the rings.

  5. bert says:

    they should get someone in the free agent… they should have tried to get Big Al first before they give splitter that money, i like him as a player but he already have his chance, he didn’t make much impact in the finals… i think that money is too much for him… if the bird man only gets more than a million in miami, they should have at least try to get him not only they get an energy guy and someone who got a little bit of “nasty”, they will also weaken the heat’s roster… but since its too late… my suggestion is to get millsap and jack… millsap is a good pf although a bit small but at least he can help in scoring and rebounding and the heat will have a hard time to go with their small lineup with him in the floor, he will be like a “david west”, he can post up the small players of miami and he has a foot speed to guard them in the other end… jarret jack is a proven big time player and can be parker’s backup at the same time he can help manu with ball handling and play making which will help manu concentrate in making shots so he won’t turn the ball over …

  6. albert says:

    i think its a little bit expensive and also why is the spurs not shopping around for free agents… i don’t think its wise to stay the same while other teams are improving, its their chance to add a talent so that they can get over the hump… i hope they do something before its to late… spurs need to improve if they want to get back at the heat next year…

    • The Truth says:

      If you think the Spurs are not paying attention to the free agents, then CLEARLY you do not know them. It’s not about “big names” for this organization, it’s about putting a team together.

      As for your suggestions, this is still Timmy, Manu and Parker’s team, they wouldn’t get big money players because of their stats, they’ll get them for their upside. Looking into the future is this organization’s forte. I wouldn’t even try to think that I know better than them.

  7. Greg says:

    Really, $9M for Splitter???

    I not against the Spurs keeping him, I’m glad he’s back; but $9M.

    With the cap space they have/had, there are many more intriguing options in the market than Tiago. If they give Manu a $5M+ deal, a lot of their financial flexibility is gone.

    They were one free throw away from taking the Larry, but I don’t think they should rest on that fact. Manu was terrible in the Finals, he was the Heat’s best player in at least two of the games! I like Diaw, but he had to play the minutes he did based on the fact that Tiago was not ready for the limelight.

    Hopefully their are move(s) coming that include getting help from outside the organization. The Clippers have gotten better (though only a bit); and if the Rockets pull off a D12/J Smith double, the current Spurs team will have a very hard time returning to the Finals.

  8. D Train says:

    surely Leonard should be paid higher than this guy – splitter was the heat’s best player in the finals!

  9. Michael Peloton says:

    The San Antonio spurs is an elite organization. Coach pop is a hall of fame coach. Duncan, ginobili and Parker are bound to be enshrined in the hall of fame when their playing days will be over. Why cant other teams be like the spurs? Just a thought. With due respect, other nba teams do not deserve to play in the nba.

  10. Willy Spurd says:

    Nice to see some loyalty to a team that did spend some time with the youngster, trained him up at Motel 6 and now he is working at the HIlton for a few more years. Looks like they are building long and lean around him. He has progressed so far in the last two years and all the hard work they put into together has paid off for both Splitter and the Spurs. Obviously they are happy to keep him and look forward to more years of improvement. I think he has improved alot, and he would admit still more to go. Who would you rather have Bynum or Howard? Tiago is the man!

  11. J says:

    good move

  12. DINKO says:

    Im surprised more free agents don’t opt for san Antonio , who wouldn’t want to play for coach pop in that system and with tim Duncan the greatest power forward ever . Josh smith , igoudala should strongly consider them , just watch , they’ ll be back next yr and will win 60 ( or come close ) , every year they say this teams too old there finished , not at all , ginobili lost a step but they got guys too replace him . As long as coach pop is steering this ship they’ll be fine .

  13. Ed says:

    I am a big spurs fan but 36 for him is way to much we can’t win with this big man next to Duncan we need someone that can pick up the load when Duncan and Parker are struggling we all saw what splitter was when we need a big man why pay that much for someone we saw on the side lines.

    • Richard says:

      He earns just about 9m a year, that’s cheap for a long tenured center in the NBA. And Spurs keeps their talent and continue improving them. I don’t see Thiago becoming an All-Star, but i could see him becoming a solid all world center to help Leonard as he becomes the face of the franchise. Although the Spurs will need more than just Leonard to catapult the team into prominence past the Duncan era, but i think the organization has all figured it out already. I heard they’re vying for Josh Smith to come to town. That would boost the team for sure. All the best to the franchise.
      -while timmy continues to cut down the minute vs efficiency..

      in between, Leonard can play some SG, inserting Splitter on C and Smith as SF would impose a bigger athletic lineup.
      Pops could do so many things with his lineup again.

    • Romeo says:

      Pay the man, whoever disagreed with this deal must be high on fumes. This man is indeed a priceless player to have on a team about to lose their Hall of Fame player; Tim Duncan. Spurs lost barely in the finals, keeping the pieces is the smart move, Greg knows how to play chess very, very well.