The 28 Seconds That Ended The Spurs’ 2013 Championship Chances


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For Tim Duncan, the enduring image of the 2013 NBA Finals will always be the running hook he missed to tie Game 7 with about 50 seconds to play.

“Probably for me,” Duncan said afterward, “Game 7 is always going to haunt me.”

Yet it was Game 6, with the Spurs ahead 3-2 in the series, that will burn in the memories of most San Antonio fans. The Spurs opened the fourth quarter ahead by 10 points. They led by five points with 28.2 seconds to play, a lead they would almost certainly salt away 99 out of 100 times.

Game 6, though, was the 100th time.

“Bad, very bad,” Spurs guard Manu Ginobili said. “It’s a tough moment. We were a few seconds away from winning the championship and we let it go.”

The improbable unraveling in those 28.2 seconds as a fifth championship was within their team’s grasp — the inexplicable reversal of fortune that ultimately granted the Heat new life and, eventually, back-to-back championships — will be the moments that churn  stomachs in San Antonio for years to come.

“It was by far the best game I’ve ever been a part of,” LeBron James said of the Heat’s 103-100 Game 6 overtime win. “The ups and downs, the roller coaster, the emotions, good and bad throughout the whole game. To be a part of something like this is something you would never be able to recreate once you’re done playing the game … I’m happy about the way we dug down and [were] able to get a win it didn’t look like we could muster up at some point in the game.”

The Set Up

San Antonio was in great shape. It expanded its 50-44 halftime lead and surged ahead 71-58 with 3:50 to go in the third quarter. The Spurs couldn’t bust it wide open — as each team had done in Games 2 through 5 — but they still led 75-65 heading into the fourth quarter.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich started the fourth quarter with both Tony Parker and Duncan on the bench. Miami quickly made headway, shrinking San Antonio’s lead to 80-75 at the 9:32 mark; then 82-80 at 7:08; and tied it 82-82 at 6:34 left. With 6:03 left, Ray Allen’s layup gave Miami an 84-82 lead.

During the next five minutes, San Antonio managed just four points and Miami, with all the momentum, led 89-86 with 1:47 to play. The Spurs called a 20-second timeout — and everything flipped again. Parker stepped back to bury a rare 3-pointer — over James, no less — to tie it at 89-89 with 1:27 to go.


Parker then picked off Mario Chalmers, maneuvered to create a shot in the lane and buried it to give the Spurs the lead, 91-89, with 58 seconds to go.


Timeout Miami.

Spurs 91, Heat 89, 58 seconds to go

James, in the midst of an amazing, 16-point fourth quarter, saw his legacy flash before his eyes. He backed down Parker but, as he rose, the ball slipped out of his hands. The Spurs were off and running the other way. Ginobili was fouled on the breakaway.

He made both free throws for a 93-89 Spurs lead with now just 37.2 seconds to go.


James again tried to make something happen. As he ducked into the lane against Kawhi Leonard, he leaned in and perhaps got caught in no-man’s land. His lob sailed nowhere near the basket and wasn’t close to a teammate.


Ginobili came down with it and was quickly fouled by Allen. Ginobili, having an awful time offensively, missed the first free throw and made the second.

The final 28.2 

Spurs 94, Heat 89, 28.2 seconds left

Miami called its final timeout with the Spurs on an 8-0 run in the last minute. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra went to a lineup with five “smalls” that included Chalmers, Wade, Mike Miller, Allen and James. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich countered, bringing in Boris Diaw for Duncan, giving the Spurs  a lineup of Parker, Danny Green, Ginobili, Leonard and Diaw.

It was a decision that would be roundly criticized after the game.

Miller inbounded in the frontcourt and got it to James, who had burst open off a screen at the 3-point arc, just left of center. He quickly fired a 3-pointer, but it was way off. It banged off the bottom of the backboard on the right side of the rim.

22.9 seconds left

Three Spurs were in the vicinity for the rebound with Leonard appearing to have the best chance to grab it. But Wade, the lone Heat player in the area, tipped the ball just before Leonard could secure it. The ball popped straight up. Leonard, Ginobili and Diaw all converged, but none could corral it. The ball bounced away toward the Heat bench where Miller flagged it down. He saw James out of the corner of his eye to his left and quickly scooped it to him behind the arc. James instantly rose up as Allen screened Parker. This time James’ 3-pointer dropped and the Spurs’ lead was down to 94-92.


“On an offensive rebound, it’s one of the toughest things in the NBA, to pick up on people,” Popovich said. “They got the rebound, they got it back to [James] and he knocked it down.”

Spurs 94, Heat 92, 20.1 seconds left

James’ 3-pointer forced San Antonio to call its final timeout. Duncan checked back in to inbound the ball in the frontcourt. With the five-second count bearing down, Duncan made a sharp, soccer-style pass to Leonard well above the 3-point arc. He was quickly fouled by Miller, sending the second-year forward to the free-throw line.

19.4 seconds left

The 21-year-old, usually ultra-poised Leonard watched his first attempt spin out to keep the score 94-92. Duncan substituted out again to give the Spurs the same lineup as the last defensive possession against a Heat lineup that this time included the 6-foot-11 Chris Bosh.

“We don’t question those,” Ginobili said, asked after the game about Popovich’s decision to sit Duncan on consecutive defensive possessions. “He’s got a great coaching staff. He’s a great coach. And if he did those things, I’m sure he thought about it and he had many great reasons to do it … When he subbed Timmy, it was probably to switch everything. Believe me, he had many more reasons to make that sub than for any of you to question to him.”

Leonard’s second free-throw attempt went down and the Spurs’ lead was now three, 95-92. Miami, with no timeouts, had to inbound under the Spurs’ basket.

Allen inbounded to Chalmers under light pressure from Parker. Chalmers crossed midcourt and headed left toward the Heat bench. Parker and Leonard switched, with Leonard jumping on Chalmers standing on the 3-point arc near the sideline. A Bosh screen blocked Parker from sticking on James, so Chalmers directed a pass to an open James on the left side. As Parker and Diaw raced to get out to him, James fired a 3-pointer from three feet behind the arc.

Spurs 95, Heat 92, 7.9 seconds left

After setting the screen on Parker, Bosh went unguarded into the lane to follow James 3-point attempt. James’ shot caromed off the right side of the rim and then off the backboard. Bosh, surrounded by three Spurs — Leonard, Green and Ginobili — came down with the ball to give the Heat another second-chance opportunity with Duncan on the bench. James, open at the top of the arc, flailed his arms calling for the ball.

5.2 seconds left

But Bosh didn’t see James. Instead, after corralling the rebound, Bosh saw Allen backpedaling to the right corner and flipped the ball to him.

“If it’s not me taking the shot, I have no problem with Ray taking the shot, man,” James said. “He’s got ice water in his veins. Ray can be 0-for-99 in a game and if he gets an open look late in the game, it’s going down.”

With Parker converging, Allen rose as high as he could and released a shot that had a bit more arc than normal and hit nothing but net.


“CB made some unbelievable plays tonight,” James said of Bosh. “He got the offensive rebound, hit Ray and once Ray got [his] feet down, I [saw] it in the air and I was like, ‘It’s going in. It’s got a chance. It’s going in.’ And he drained it. Just gave us another life.”

For Allen, it was his lone 3-point basket of the game.

“It’s going to be a shot that I remember for a long time,” Allen said. “There [are] a lot of shots that I’ve made in my career, but this will go high up in the ranks because of the situation. Just the way the whole last minute-and-a-half unfolded, it wasn’t looking good for us.”

After a review to see if Allen was behind the arc, which the replay showed he clearly was, the Spurs had a chance to talk over a play even though they didn’t have a timeout.

Heat 95, Spurs 95, 0.6 seconds left

Parker took the inbounds pass from Duncan, who checked back in after the Allen basket. Parker attempted to go coast-to-coast. With James on him, Parker dribbled left of the lane, tried to shake James, but was forced to put up an off-balance jumper from the baseline that wasn’t close as time expired.


The overtime

Leonard hit the Spurs’ first two shots of the five-minute period as San Antonio took a 99-97 lead. With 2:42 to go, Parker went to the free-throw line looking for a four-point lead. He missed the first — the Spurs went 21-for-28 from the free-throw line overall — and made the second to make it 100-97.

The Spurs never scored again.

The Spurs closed out the overtime by missing four consecutive shots and turning it over three times. With 31.3 seconds left and the Heat with the ball and clinging to the one-point lead, Popovich made another curious substitution. This time he sat Parker, who had been playing with a right hamstring strain throughout the series and was particularly struggling on the this night, finishing 6-for-23 from the floor.

On the Spurs’ next possession, Ginobili drove wildly through the lane, thought he got slapped across the arm — traveling was also a distinct possibility — and ultimately threw it away for his eighth turnover of the game with 2.4 seconds to go.


“I don’t know,” Parker said when asked about Popovich’s substitutions of Duncan in regulation and him in overtime. “Me personally, I trust Pop, whatever decision he makes. I was cramping a little bit at the game, so… But I’ll go with whatever Pop decides.”

Allen made two free throws with 1.9 seconds to go to seal the Miami victory. San Antonio still had Game 7 to win the championship, but they knew their best shot had just gone horribly awry in 28.2 seconds.

“It was a hell of a game. It was a hell of a game,” Popovich said. “It’s a game of mistakes and they ended up on the winning side.”


  1. Han says:

    Not sure in which world you live on (and if you happened to watch the whole game, rather than 1 replay, there were a lof of calls went to Spurs favor btw). Miami Heat is the champ. End of story.

  2. celentano says:

    To Miami Heat Fan@ that “so called R.Allen’s saving shot” it’s a pure travell move before taking the shot while the CHEATER’S friends aka>>>>>>>>>>>the official’s,ref’s did theyr best to swallow the wisthle!lol.Watch Allen taking 3 steps without dribbling,proof; watch the replay’s.If you have knowledge about b.ball the rules around the world must be the same but not so for the Miami best friends ; the ref’s & Stern. Only in the Nba it’s possible inside history,they should’nt call the Nba the best competition in the world but ” the biggest circus in the world ” more like the H.globetrotters!!!
    The ref’s must call in fact Ray’s travel violation before shot, but the best interest for the nba is selling tickets to force a game 7. And as a neutral nba spectator it proof’s clear that’s the real currency of the Nba with Stern momently at the top!
    My interest as spectator go’s down because of that kind of “fixing games”,what a shame!
    I’m not a Spurs fan at all but for me the real Champ of 2013 is San Antonio NOT MIAMI!!!end of story!

  3. dfan says:

    i can’t believe sa lost because of two missed free throws

  4. the two commentators; jeff van gundy and the other guy said that there should have been a foul on ray allen in the last 1.9 seconds of overtime; well they are plain commentators not nba refs; lol…miami heat back to back!!!

  5. bunso says:

    i thinnk coach pop wants a quick 2 point s from the heat in the 1st 28.2 sec possession so thats why he sit down timmy if that is happen so the heat will intensionaly foul them so on so forth but coach spo responded with a quick 3 with no tim inside the heat have a big chance to get the rebound (thats why i think)..


    hehhehe heat won all u pathetic fansss who cant moved onn… better luck next 3 yirs hehehehe.. by the way i won also 5000 usd hahahhaha im happy miami wins.. i dont care howw u feel and i really dont care what u sayinnn.. WE DONT HAVE WORSTTTTT…

  7. KingGuich says:

    Haters this is basketball this is epic until theres no more seconds in d shotclock all shots are valid. If SA have not won this finals is not cause referees or anything its just miami found luck when necessary. Misses in the defensive reb are fails that cost u a championship.

  8. KingGuich says:

    Heat won the title with a huge luck we can see how nasty ther offensive reb are for spurs… Bosh captured last 1 in bad position…. SA could won the fifth but Heat stole it. But im sure Heat are champs cause bron not for this fellas.

  9. Miami Heat Fan says:

    28.2 seconds and SPURS fans already celebrating with the yellow rope also been align and the Larry O’ Brien Trophy is in the court side with security guards…and suddenly i heard a 3 point shot by R. Allen, viola! everything changed! Larry O’ Brien Trophy was return back to his cage. If only Coach Pop, watch the game of Pacer against Miami and he probably let Timmy do his job on the rebound on the crucial play. or should i say do his job and work hard for his 5th ring on the final seconds.

    • Marco29 says:

      Why take him out anyway? Even if the title had been secured, I guess he would have rather been on the floor to celebrate than on the bench. The more you think of it, the less it makes sense. No way would have Miami gotten 2 off rebounds with Duncan on the floor who had already tallied 16 boards. Bad, bad, bad decision you wouldn’t expect one of the greatest coaches of all times to make.

  10. Ted Harge says:

    Some one got to Genobli and possibly Pop!!! The Refs are obviously paid off or whatever other motivation they had to be crooked.

  11. BJLfan says:

    I am switching to Lingerie Football from NBA…. had enough of these title fixing. Heat and their fans still got the cheeks to say it’s fair and square… WHAHAHAHA !

  12. Shani says:

    I’m a Spurs fan and I don’t feel too bad, now the dust has settled. This was a battle worth remembering and it takes TWO great teams to create something like that. Kudos to both teams ❤

  13. Rod says:

    Unfortunately, the Spurs were made to think that they had a
    chance to win against Miami but this is not because they
    are better than Miami. Sure, it seems they controlled the
    tempo throughout most of the playoffs. But this was the
    result of Miami Heat’s erratic play carried over from the
    Indiana series. The Miami Heat was Jekyll-and-Hyde.
    One minute playing Miami Heat ball then spurts of
    Miami Fumble ball. You’ll never know which one was
    going to show up at any given day. The Pacers really
    did a good job of disrupting the Teams timing and
    style of play. Fortunately for Miami and their perseverance
    they were able to conquer it all. Yes the Spurs missed
    a really good chance of beating a Miami Team that
    was not up to par. IMO it would have been over in
    5 had not Miami been this way.

  14. onyx says:

    the miami heat became champion because of 2 crucial errors during the playoff and the championship, taking hibbert in game 1 and taking duncan in game 6 respectively in the dying seconds. don’t blame the no calls and missed free throws , it was clearly the errors of the coaches.remember -“players win games and coaches lose it”

  15. MH says:

    Ginobili traveled.. 3steps..LoL


      That’s not a travel… Look it up… LeBron does it all day long, taking 4 steps! …Look that up, too


      That’s not a travel… Look it up… Lebron does this all day long, using 4 steps, and gets away with it… Look that up, too

  16. At least I know that Lebron James was supposed to lose that night, Manu did get fouled on that last possession. Spurs had that game won.

  17. Spurs should have had this game, but I’ll live knowing that Lebron James was worried because the title was supposed to change hands that night.

  18. SPURS CHAMPS 2014 says:

    Spurs should look for Turiaf or Millsap for PF, and Hollins for the center position, for the resting minutes of Duncan. And Chauncey Billups for PG backup

    Spurs starters

    PG Tony Parker
    SG Manu Ginobili
    SF Khawi Leonard
    PF Millsap
    C Tim Duncan

    Green comes from the bench as #6

    • GinobliSux says:

      Jazz will sign n’ trade Millsap and Marvin Williams + 2 first round draft picks for Kawhi and Green.

  19. BOB Gamble says:

    Ginobili needs to understand that a man can’t serve two masters. He choose to serve the national team of Argentina. He could never fully heal from the Olympics & World games. Most foreign players are the same. They know they will most likely loose to the USA, but unlike the USA, they don’t have others that is just as good. If a player is hurt, the owner should protect his interest and,most of all, — the interest of us die-hard fans spending our hard earned money for his and the players pockets. The millionaire players are on a beach in Tahiti greiving, but we’re broke,at home, grieving. I think they should – again – bar all pros from the Olympics and World Championship.

  20. Buds says:

    In a 7 game series the better team will win every time

  21. MIAMI HEA(r)T says:

    it’s the heart of the champion that decided this series…kudos to POP/SAS for giving the HEAT a run for their money.

  22. Kike says:

    I’m sorry for Tim Duncan. As a player and as a person he deserves to win everything.

    • GinobliSux says:

      I agree, Great model for an NBA player. Loyal, doesn’t whine, doesn’t have God complex…everything LBJ isn’t.

  23. Tom says:

    SPURS Fan.

    This championship was all about not making mistakes given two teams of equal caliber. The fact that both were at the big show demonstrate they both deserve to be there but at championship time, you have to step it up. This is not about the Heat or Spurs being better than one another as game 7 showed they are pretty equally matched, but it is about who made the plays when it counted and the Heat did just that this time and so they deserve the championship trophy. Kudos to Lebron and Ray for hitting those shots. Some say the Spurs gave it away, but given the choice of a free throw or a last second, rather difficult 3-pointer to save a season, which one would you normally want to secure a game? We had our chance Spurs fans and if we can’t close, we don’t deserve it. Spurs have their props, no need to ask for it, we all know they’re a championship caliber team, but this year, they are not the champions. Good job Heat!

  24. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    Spurs best team in the west, go home lakers with your ballhog, spurs and miami is what a true TEAM should be. not scoring 81pts in a game.

    • GinobliSux says:

      Wow! that post came out from nowhere! While we are OFF the topic, let me chime in… Will Ferrell is agreat guy!

  25. Rory Anderson says:

    I don’t understand why people are saying the Spurs are to fault for game 6, yes they missed two free throws and gave up two big offensive rebounds but lets not forget they also had TWO NO CALLS. If Manu got his call (rightfully so) then he’d have probably hit both (I know he missed one earlier but I can’t imagine him making the same mistake).

  26. Marco29 says:

    It is very much in the Spurs mentality for the players not to critize Pop for his decisions but those late games decisions and especially the benching of Duncan make no sense. The defense on the board on the final 2 plays is ridiculous. That plus the missed free throws and turnovers is what killed them. Maybe the Spurs were in disbelieve that they were actually winning it and couldn’t handle it. But it was a great series and you have to give credit to the Heat and their stars for seizing the occasions and fighting till the end.
    Even if it hurts, we Spurs fans can still be proud of our team and their season and playoffs.

  27. celentano says:

    Stil can’t believe about these CHEAT’s fans>>>>>bandwagoner’s posting about theyr’s fair and square win against the Spurs. How about Allen’s crucial ” travel-shot” it wasn’t fair at all, the ref’s acted like a no call swallowing theyre’s wistlhe
    historical. Lucky b*st*rds those CHEAT’S,d’ont post after nonsense about Allen’s shot was a fair clean shot, video replay proof’s the fact it is pure travelling move before shot.
    So Miami with the ref’s won that crucial game 6,just a shame indeed!!!

    • dude says:

      you’re just a sore spurs fan loser. very sore, if you dont agree with the refs why don’t you just do it yourself.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      You’re a shame. Your team lost and you blame the refs.. typical. If the spurs won that game 6, I would really blame the refs. They give the spurs all the fouls while in the world. just a single brush and it’s a foul. Tsk tsk. At least the Heat won, I am satisfied. =)

  28. Master Blaster says:

    In Miami they say “Don’t stop till u get t”- Fabulous. Still think Spurs should have won though.

  29. ---11--- says:

    All you guys were doing is talking smack that the spurs were going to beat Miami in 5 and so on. I’m glad they lost.

  30. ---11--- says:

    listen all you pathetic SPURS fan get it thru you head MIAMI WON and you LOST so there is nothing you can do about it now so go cry under your covers. LOOSERS!!!

    SPURS are done!!!

    • GinobliSux says:

      Loosers? I am not a spell-checker, typically, but I had to call you out on this one! It’s Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. da game in phil! says:

    steve novak, are youbsure it is fixed? well, somebody get this man a lawyer, for him will be sued for that word he picked, oh, by the way mr. novak, where’s your knicks after the 2nd round of the playoffs? duh! get a life will yah, move on bench warmer! 😡

  32. MEHR says:

    SA fans think about the last 28 seconds only. If you go back 5 minutes in that game, Heat was leading by 5 points until 1 minute to the end and due to the bad lock SA started to lead.
    So the winner of game 6 should have been the Miami Heat.

  33. allaroundballer says:

    It hurts

  34. Miami Heat back2back says:

    Its good miami won this… Props to spurs for a good a series

  35. Steve Novak says:


  36. not a spurs fan says:

    ..but it still hurts!

  37. Tre' says:

    This Finals was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The Miami Heat didn’t win through ref help, or any of that. It was won on the pure heart and will of champions.

  38. SAS@AUS says:

    This is the moment that will haunt us spurs fans for a long time…

  39. Greg says:

    As a Long time Spurs fan: In my opinion, Tim does not need a 5th ring to be the best player of his generation. On & off the court he has done the right thing throughout his entire career. The truth is, He should be retired or just cashing cheques. However, it would have terrific if he could add have added 1 more ring to his already bejewelled hand (he would have been 2-0 vs Lebron all time…) Big sigh…

    • Marco29 says:

      Sure but he is a great competitor and wanted this fifth ring so badly that he will be haunted by this missed shot for a long time. Yet his legacy still stands and what he has made out of the Spurs will stay long after he walks.

  40. ud says:

    pop sold the championship to the heat i dont how much nike paid him ! not doing a foul ok buet where was duncan in all the offensive rebounds that miami took . for me it’s look like pop did evrerything to lose.

    • dude says:

      now that’s a stupid comment

    • Basketball Fan says:

      Whoa! After 82 game of hard work and not to mention all the teams they have to beat to advance in the finals… He just let himself paid!? What the What!? Sir, where’s your common sense? You got to find it…. it’s important to succeed in life.

  41. Aryn says:

    Hahaha and people rip on LeBron for travelling…

    Go Heat!

  42. AJ Mills says:

    The game was tied with a minute left. So yes, the Spurs thought they had won the championship, it seems kind of silly to keep rehashing it–the game was close for the last half the fourth quarter. Also, can the Heat get some credit for what they did to win?

  43. hopefaith says:

    Game 6 its like Game 1 of the series Miami should win that game but Spurs take it. Thats the life of a basketball, will never know untill the gameclock reach 0.

  44. Ginobili traveled I think. And the arm contact was because of the bump he initiated, with a touch of flop by raising his hands when he lost the ball. Good no call.

  45. Ginobili traveled I think. And the arm contact was because of the bump. Good no call.

    • GinobliSux says:

      Ginobli was way out of control, why was the ball not in Parker’s hands? Oh well! Sux to be the Spurs right now!

  46. J says:

    great article!
    that ending to game 6 makes you feel sad for the spurs

  47. HeatFan says:

    -Do you know what Spurs are afraid the most?
    -The last 30 seconds

  48. Miami Heat Fan says:

    For sure coach Vogel and coach Pop, learned their lesson about taking their “C” on the crucial play which clearly Heat take advantage of it. I wonder if Coach Erik would make that same mistake, perhaps he will be fired immediately! lol

  49. ccc says:

    hey jeff caplan, i know you are a big heat critic and picked the spurs to win in 6, but c’mon, like the other guys here said, MOVE ON!

  50. Great article mr. Caplan. In the last 25 to 26 years there was never a NBA final which had a drama like this one. So it is right that you are giving this some attention!

    One can compare this year NBA finals with the 1986 MLB world series.

    Winning in sports (and other disciplines in life) is about never giving up even when things are looking bad for you.

    Moral of the story: it ain’t over till the fat lady sings

  51. josh says:

    You can whine about the no call all you want. The no calls were flooding in throughout the entire game, The Spurs did not have the metal to win in it regulation and paid the price. The missed free throws lost them the game not the no call. Ginobli would have missed at least one anyway…

  52. benjie says:

    Its shows why the Miami heat won the title with a big heart.They never surrender kind of spirit.Its not luck well a bit of it.
    but nobody no other team could come back from 5 point deficit under 28 second and win the game 6 in a final.An epic battle which non of us seen anything like this ever since ive watched the NBA.
    So congrats to the miami heat -I think they will repeat again next year.

    • GinobliSux says:

      Paul Millsap single handedly brought the Jazz back against Miami. I think the Jazz were like down 9 points with 40? sec. to go in the fourth. Could be wrong on those numbers! But he scored like 3 or 4 3 pointers in less than a minute and a buzzer beating put back to send to overtime with eventual win. So it can be done. Given it was not a playoff game. But in all seriousness this was not the Heat’s doing, Ginobli handed the game over to the Heat on a Silver Platter. I am surprized Pops didn’t see this coming, and choose to not bench him in OT.

  53. zeero says:

    nice show,im glad theheat won…

  54. ltd says:

    game 6 was theirs (SA spurs), it was their best chance of winning the title. game was decided on the free throw line (misses)

  55. mee(a)t says:

    I don’t blame them for writing about this…it still boggles me how the heat won under 30 sec.

  56. dhk says:

    What a shock that was. I honestly thought it was done. Heart breaking for those guys. Especially Duncan and Ginobili. Parker still has years on his clock, although he did look completely exhausted in game 7.

  57. Kimmy says:

    This article is so last season. Move on! heat won!

  58. Bill says:

    My heart still feels the knife wound of the memory of that moment.

    • dave says:

      This comment is like beautiful music to my ears.

    • New Yorker says:

      I think the play by play article here forgot to mention a very important missed call. After Allan made that 3 there was no time out. Refs had to review the shot, so that gave both teams time to talk it over. Spurs brought Timmy back in, which should have been a technical foul. This was not a time-out, no substitutions can be made. Lucky for the NBA the Spurs did not make that shot, even more lucky, Dunkan did not take that last shot. In short there shouldn’t have been an overtime.