How Long Does The Heat Big 3 Last?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — They haven’t even had the parade yet and all anybody wants to know is if the Miami Heat’s Big 3 is ready for an encore or the end of a fruitful three-year run together?

LeBron James isn’t going anywhere, Heat boss Pat Riley cannot let that happen. And Dwyane Wade is already the most decorated and beloved player in franchise history. He should be and probably will be allowed to leave on his own terms, whenever he gets to that point in his career.

That leaves Chris Bosh, the oft-maligned third member of the crew, the one who went scoreless in that deciding Game 7 of The Finals, the one who always seems to be at the center of trade rumors when the topic of what the next act is for this Heat outfit. If Bosh is the one member of the group that is expendable, the time to strike and make a move could be upon us this summer.

Free agency is around the corner, July 1, and if the ongoing escapades between the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics have shown us anything, it’s that there are teams out there ready to risk franchise and limb to either remain or make themselves relevant in the championship picture.

Only Riley knows how long the Heat’s Big 3 lasts. It’s going to be his call, no matter what anyone else says about it. And in the immediate aftermath of the Heat clinching their second straight title, he didn’t seem inclined to touch a hair on the head of his masterpiece:

“I just want this thing to keep going,” the 68-year-old Riley told after the Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of an epic Finals. “I’m at an age now where I’m ready to just fly off somewhere. But I’m not going to because the Good Lord has blessed me with a team that’s allowed me to grab onto its coattails for as long as they want to be together.”

But it’s obvious that the gap between the Heat and the rest of the pack is closing. We saw that in the playoffs, when Joakim Noah, Roy Hibbert and then Tim Duncan took turns exposing the Heat’s tender underbelly inside.

A “stretch 4 or 5” like Bosh is a luxury for a team that is head and shoulders above the competition, a team with a healthy James and Wade to lean on night after night. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has often referred to Bosh as his team’s most important player, though I’m still not sure how much of that is honesty and how much of it is posturing to keep Bosh’s fragile confidence intact. But this three-year grind the Heat have been on has taken its toll on Wade (knees), and even LeBron looked mortal dealing with the likes of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard in the Eastern Conference finals and The Finals, respectively.

There’s a reason Bosh, an eight-time All-Star and self-professed future Hall of Famer, was reduced to pedestrian numbers this postseason. As the quality of the competition increased, Bosh’s performances didn’t increase along with it. Sure, he mustered a couple inspiring performances along the way and played a huge role at the end of the Heat’s pivotal Game 6 overtime comeback win.

But Bosh’s critics, and there are plenty of them, would point to the fact that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had Duncan on the bench when Bosh grabbed that critical offensive rebound and found Ray Allen for the game-tying 3-pointer at the end of regulation.

In theory, that is work that a younger and perhaps much cheaper big man (names like DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Love have been floated for months now) can do.

The company line, however, tends to favor at least one more year of this holy hoops trinity. James, Wade and Bosh all have opt-outs in their contracts that come up after the 2013-14 season, giving any one of the three the option of bolting from this championship experiment for the fruits of free agency. And James and Bosh are young enough and healthy enough to command the full max-salary available from any team capable of paying that price.

Wade, who has spent his entire career with the Heat, believes in the future of the Big 3, as my main man Mike Wallace of explains:

“Our first year together, we tried to make it work,” Wade said. “But we weren’t the team that we needed to be to gut out a Game 6, to win a game like that. Everybody can’t get to the Finals and win six [championships] in a row — and not lose one like Michael Jordan. But we are excited about the future of this organization. We are still a good team, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure we stay competitive.”

But in some ways, they remain a work in progress. While Riley said before the playoffs that he envisioned the Heat being like the Spurs, who kept Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili together for a decade, Wade said he, Bosh, and James haven’t spoken as a group yet about how they’ll approach their contract options after next season.

“This organization doesn’t rest on trying to make sure we can put ourselves in a position to have a trophy like this,” Wade said as he sat next to the Larry O’Brien Trophy. “So we’ll be back next year again, looking to do it again. We’re living in this moment right here, and it’s a sweet moment. It’ll be sweet to be able to have a long run like the Spurs, but we’ll get to that when we get to that.”

Three years, three straight trips to The Finals and two straight titles … is it just the beginning or is this the beginning of the end?


  1. CP3 and D12 to he heat says:

    they should trade wade and chalmers for cp3 and then trade bosh and Andersen for d12. Gives you the best pg in the nba, best player in the world, and the best big man in the game.

  2. DINKO says:

    I thought the nba was about competition and in 2010 when the 3 clowns on Miami conspired to join forces it ruined the landscape of the nba for the next decade , everyone mentions LeBron in with the all time greats but he’ll never be because the all time greats wanna smash the competition not team up with it . PEACE…

  3. Kobe@Manila says:

    Hey don’t just let Bosh go.. Miami needs him.. They need Bosh very badly.. Because without Bosh, the team would lack the energy.. Bosh is very very very good at screaming after a basket.. That is what he is good at..

  4. realist2013 says:

    Keeping them or not is a question of finances. The Heat are already well over the luxury tax and the new CBA kicks in after next season and it wont be cost effective to keep them all anyway. They got one season left unless lebron wade and bosh take ridiculous pay cuts to forge the likes of a dynasty such as the spurs lakers and celtics of old.

  5. Kevo says:


    Troll fails at trolling. Go away, you contribute nothing sensible to this conversation.

  6. BIGMoment says:

    SO WHAT IF THE HEaT Got Exposed. keep bosh and train him practice her mid and 3p shoot, if other PF/C could 3p then bosh can do it, LBJ practiced to much from 3p and mid range and it paid the price from game 7 nba finals. so bosh should work hard. if there was a useless player thats rash,james jones, joel antony, trade them or release them. 😉 but keep bosh this is a good and challenging position for BOSH! if he could handle it then its good for the heat if he cant its bad for the heat but KEEP BOSH. They swear not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 not 8.

  7. BJL says:

    Miami Heat champions again?? This game is becoming like soccer…rigged big time. Better off watching Lingerie Football from now on.

  8. Fritz Mamaril says:

    The Heat don’t need to let go Bosh, what they need is a natural Center so that they can use Bosh as Power Forward. They need someone like Al Jefferson. But they can still go small by putting the Center to their bench and let R. Allen play as their Small Forward.

  9. Desi says:

    Keep the Big Three. You have a good formula and good thing going on. 3 straight trips to the finals. You obviously have some fine tuning to do. Bosh isn’t terrible..he’s an effective player even used right…especially at PF. He isn’t a center. Miami needs to add a very good defensive big man. Doesn’t have to be a scorer. A good decent sized energy guy that can give you good minutes and defend the opposing big men. Their bench didn’t seem very deep either. Tweak the bench..make moves. To break up the Big 3 would be silly.

  10. haha..!! says:

    Pacers lost first game because vogel benched hibbert because he is afraid of bosh’s jumper, pop also made the same mistake by sitting duncan in game 6. all of those mistakes because of bosh, bosh’s presence is good enough to win games. trading bosh would be stupid. SMH.

  11. marcus says:

    Play bosh but replace him with bird man let bird man play center and give bosh a break put him on the bench

  12. Briah Christia says:

    I Say Get Rid Of Bosh But Keep LeBron And D-Wade!!
    And If Not Just Work With Bosh!! Try To Keep This Franchise Going As Long As Possible

  13. TheDon says:

    Miami just won 2 straight championships and they took everybody’s best shot. They should not have to adjust anything…the league has to adjust to them….

  14. Rockets Fan says:

    I forgot to mention that I meant adding KG to Bosh and play them as the starting twin tower…

  15. Rockets Fan says:

    All of you talk about strengthening the roster, but have any of you ever thought about getting KG? I mean as long as you are a nba fan it’s not hard to see where I’m coming from. Dude is a perfect fit both on and off the court, skill set and personality. I know Boston fans are gonna have something to say but I had this idea even before the Rivers trade and now its probably more realistic than ever. As a Lebron Fan I wannpt to see him get his 3rd ring and as a nba fan I wanna see KG ride It out in sunshine.

  16. Michael says:

    Bosh needs to stay with the Big 3 in order from them to move on. Scoring is not only the key to success in NBA…rebound, block, playing defense generate a good offense and that’s when Bosh come to play. Cmon guys…they just collectively won the TITLE…that’s is amazing. What they probably need to do is to reinforce the team with a Young big guy they can find for cheap salary and train him. Miami will be much better with those three working together….just like the Spurs. Sometime is not just having someone better but instead knowing each other and that’s what is happening between the big three.

  17. Spurs fan says:

    They better keep Bosh..he does all the intangibles…the little things that get unnoticed….brings energy, hustles , defense….he could work on his rebounding but he helped yall get to the finals for the third time straight and win back to back titles..better keep him! He doesn’t really need to score when you have Freight train and Flash ……btw keep Chalmers..the Heat are a unique team.they proved that a true post prescence is not required to win a title twice! ..Bron and his greatness at facilitating can facilitate well to make up for Chalmers lack of…The greatness of Bron and Wade make up for a lot of the heat’s weaknesses..keep that big 3 together as long as possible

  18. Victor says:

    Let’s be real here. Bosh has been playing out of position all season. He’s a very good PF…he’s NOT a C!! If we can finally land a legit 7-footer to man the middle, then Bosh can move back to his natural position. I think this experience was good for him. He’s defense has improved. He’s gotten stronger. Now he just needs to use that as a PF along with his outside shooting ability. If he can develop a decent back-to-the-basket game to go along with his 3-pointers, he could be the best PF in the league.

  19. underratedplayer! says:

    of course bosh has to stay in miami! he always steps up when its needed the most just as in game 6 and 7 of the finals even when he didnt score, or why do you think duncan couldnt make shots in the 2. half or the blocks and rebounds in games 6 and 7?
    But the heat need to get some younger players such as danny green and a always good rebounding center. Danny green should get out of his contract with the spurs and sign with the heat and someone like cousins should get traded for the birdman, although im a big fan of the birdman, plus some players like james jones and mike miller plus draft picks. that would make a more younger and still great 3-point shooting team with an awesome frontcourt with bosh as pf, what would give him the ability not to be under such a rebounding pressure and take more jumpshots while still getting in the paint with pick n rolls and dunks. and cousins or a diffrent young center would rebound well and protect the rim with bosh.
    but let bosh the hell in miami!

  20. cbisrealmvp says:

    of course bosh has to stay in miami! he always steps up when its needed the most just as in game 6 and 7 of the finals even when he didnt score, or why do you think duncan couldnt make shots in the 2. half or the blocks and rebounds in games 6 and 7?
    But the heat need to get some younger players such as danny green and a always good rebounding center. Danny green should get out of his contract with the spurs and sign with the heat and someone like cousins should get traded for the birdman, although im a big fan of the birdman, plus some players like james jones and mike miller plus draft picks. that would make a more younger and still great 3-point shooting team with an awesome frontcourt with bosh as pf, what would give him the ability not to be under such a rebounding pressure and take more jumpshots while still getting in the paint with pick n rolls and dunks. and cousins or a diffrent young center would rebound well and protect the rim with bosh.
    but let bosh the hell in miami!

  21. CK says:

    Just get rid of Chalmes. Heat will win championship again for sure.

  22. xchanism says:

    Get Pau Gasol for Center..


  23. Bill says:

    Bosch has sacrificed more of his game to be apart of the big 3, than LBJ or Wade. I think as it is becoming clear Wade needs rto be played less in the regular season so he can thrive in the playoffs . Bosch will be needed to score more, which he can do. They won’t trade him

  24. Sergio says:

    First of all
    Bosh will not be traded. He is one of the 3, that have changed the miami Heats to the best team in the NBA right now. He sacrifices his offense game by reducing his shoots and he defensively held the team on the right spot together with Bird and Lebron. Journalists are always looking after someone to critisize. Bosh were defending against Tim Duncan probably the best porward forward who ever plays this game. He will find his way to rebuild his offense skills and bring them in when it counts the most.
    Oden, wasn t not able to withstand a regular NBA season by the Trailblazers, how does i come of you people thinking about him and his physics to be able to play a +100 Games season for the Miami Heats, i said the miami heats. Same thing with Curry (former Knicks). Do you really think Pat Riley is so dumm! Bosh has the ability to do this, and like Lebron James his game still can improve.

  25. Jacob says:

    wouldn’t have* sorry my bad

  26. Jacob says:

    Without Chris Bosh, there would’ve have been a second championship, he brings that energy, the defence that is necesarry for winning it all, if you will break the BIG 3, believe me, they won’t win another championship. CHRIS BOSH IS UNDERATED, THEY TAKE HIM FOR GRANTED, STOP DOING SO!

  27. noohtabs says:

    Heat is a back to back champion, they’re going through those teams to get that championships in a row, so no matter whose on the court , heat can beat them . Bosh just need to evolved his game and be effective in the post rather relying so much on the jumper. no need for trade just add a center whether Oden or Delambert and they are still the team to beat . The heat are not chasing those teams , They are chasing the Heat championship.

  28. wils says:

    They just won 2 championships…. they dont need to do anything…



  30. Black Mamba's Venom says:

    Lakers will be the champs next year..BEAT THE HEAT!

  31. Kyo says:

    Article like this can turn into good motivate for CB to be better next season. As you can see CB play better in Def for game by game in East final and the final. I believe CB can be better in O and D next season cause he have so much experience this play off.

  32. sissy123 says:

    butt wee reaalyy need to mix up if miami is expected to stand a chance agaiinst the bulls and pacers agaiins. with the abscence of rose, the remaiining players had the chance too groow and matuuree. they now have a reaally deep benchh. players like boozer hinrich and robinson stepoped upp bigg timmeee abnd plan to do tht next seasoon. look at how they made miammi suffer without roose. truust when rose retuurnns we will have a prooblem. samme thing when granger retuurnns.

  33. sissy123 says:

    miaammi definatleyy needs channges in order to repeat thats foor suuree. however i think tht bosh needs to remmain. its a little hard to keep bosh especially when he had more bad games than good ones. when bosshh playys well hes a doublle threaat. when he plays badd, its hard to kep him. however takiang bosh out will mess the chemistryy that miammi buillt. not a lot of big guys are unselfish like bossh and are willing to becomme the third lesser player behind wade and bron trusttt. isaw some comment saying we shud lose bosh and acquire love. forget it. love leadd the woolvesa. hes not going to abandon tht to becomme a lesser player behind bron and wade. there are many less useful pplayers on miamis roster tht needs to be cut for sur. we need to acquire a solid point gurad who is a solid scorer in free agency to replace chalmers or cole. chalmers like bosh has more bad games than good ones and averages a lot of turnovers. also players like rashard lewis, anthoiny, miller ,are almost never played/ anthony earns 5 miilion per year and so does miller. the combined salry of the 4 is near 30 million yet they are almost never played/ we definately nedd to keep bosh and anderson for sure. in order to do that and gaian other worthy players, we might have to get rid of haslem and all the players mention above IF POSSIBLE.

  34. Alphacuz says:

    Trade of Bosh while hes worth the big bucks, trade him off the Jazz for Jefferson and Milsap and then the Heat will have big muscle.

  35. that will never happen; bosh is an integral part of the MIAMI HEAT’S quest for a 3rd consecutive title….

  36. kde019 says:

    Trading Chris Bosh will only make sense if they get Josh Smith in return.

    Imagine James, Wade & Smith running the ‘break. Ohh, so lovely.

  37. warlord says:

    sign greg oden pls and put CB on number 4

  38. LOVETHEHEAT says:

    Tim Duncan will get traded to the Heat next season FOR CHRIS BOSH!. MARK MY WORDS LADS. ITS OFFICIAL.

  39. Chris Bosh says:

    I’m better than Lebron

  40. Rhedz says:

    Take howard, james jones and anthony out of the picture and you can get a decent center to help out haslem and anderson…keep bosh at pf, sign a veteran back up forward center. Release lewis if the team needs more cap space for trade.

    C ? / anderson
    Cf haslem / bosh
    Sf james / battier / miller
    Sg wade/ allen
    Pg chalmers / cole

    Heat needs a veteran center for back up and a reliable center forward and maybe another veteran point guard shooting guard to back up 1 and 2 post.

  41. Brad says:

    It doesn’t matter if the three of them stay or not. If the NBA wants them to win, they will. Look at Game 6, Spurs obviously got robbed. That’s why I didn’t watch Game 7 because I knew Heat would win it.

  42. juan ghetto cruz says:

    you guys are idiots.. cb was one of important part of the championship puzzle. you think ur stupid comments will make the champ team to be break. next season. damn… maybe ur idolizing team need to be over haul. not the heat. not cb.. king james and the heat will takeover again next june… ya heard…

    • basketball fan says:

      Thank you Juan, HEAT only needs a defensive/rebounding CENTRE so CB can play his original position PF. This is why RILEY is the GM and not NIMWITTS like us. RILEY will make moves, hopefully its the right ones.

  43. Mihajilovic says:

    Chris Bosh for demarcus would be nice. Demarcus could flourish with some actual talent around him that’ll keep him in check. He could really develop.

  44. Ola says:

    I don’t think Bosh is a weak link, he is a very important member of the team. D wade and Lebron said it at the interview with the TNT crew after game 7 that people will fail to recognize Bosh’s contributions in game 7 but will talk about him going scoreless in a crucial game. I think he made more sacrifices to the team; I am sure Pat Riley will not entertain any rumor to let go a such huge member of the Heat team.

  45. e says:

    I thought if they could have got Dexter Pittman together that he would have made the perfect fit they need a 7 footer to bang with some of these other centers in the league. Not looking for a shaq just a big body that can slow some like a hibert down for 20min contest some shots that can always put their small line up in and run with that. but you have to have options.

  46. LOL says:

    LOLOLOL!!@Bosh being replaceable obviously you people don’t get the speed and athletic ability he brings to the court. He has his issues but lets face it he went from being considered a top ten player to people feeling he is a quality role player, he deals with more scrutiny than any player i’ve ever seen. If the heat need to do anything it’s come up with a game plan to put the bigs that exploit so many of their weakness into foul trouble, with cole who has the ability to get to the rim and is small enough to get the advantage call on bigger players. If the heat want to try to make things easier this off season spoelstra should work on boxing out. They don’t need additions and they would be crazy to get rid of bosh, he is a rare player and only these bandwagoners struggle to see what he really brings to the table. The heat got exploited by the bull, and pacers, yet after each loss they responded with the same line up with blow out games. Obviously the heat need to tweak and refine some of their game plan and technique but overall this is the best starting unit on the floor in the NBA and is probably one of the better starting line ups of all time.

  47. Michael Jordan says:

    I’m the best ever. PERIOD.

  48. edrik says:

    Dont do the Marc Cuban Stupidity breaking up his championship team without defending it!!!

  49. Oscar says:

    Hi…At this moment all of us just need to enjoy this 2012-2013 Championship and keep the team like now, and looking for Greg Oden for the Center position to put Bosh in his real natural position that is PF. With those three point shooters that we had now, the MVP of the league and D-Wade this team can repeat the season 2013-2014 and go to the FINALS again!!!



  50. Bosh stays says:

    So if LeBron posts video-game stats, stats don’t matter. If Bosh doesn’t put up enough number, then stat matters?

    There are a lot of thing Bosh does in the game that are not quantifiable.
    1. Boxing-out (if you box-out great rebounders, you let your teammates secure the recound)
    2. Drawing the opponent center out with his perimeter shooting
    3. He can finish at the rim or drain jumpshots which makes his pick-n-roll plays tricky for defenders.

    What I want to see him is embrace his role as center and improve his game accordingly. This will be another sacrifice on his part but this is how Miami will cover their weakness at center spot.

    In conclusion, Bosh stays.

  51. sondler2 says:

    miami, without Bosh will not make it far in the playoffs next season. Bosh and Andersen are the two best defender in miami , Bosh needs to put on a little more weight and work on his handle. without Bosh Miami would not have won the NBA finals in 2012 cause KG was destroying miami in the paint. in 2013 Bosh came up with the most crucial rebound and 2 key blocks at the end. let’s face it we lose Bosh we are DOOMED

  52. Heat Fan says:

    Heat GM also said that he wants that to leave the big 3 like the big 3, i think the heat will stay that way at least for another ring!!!! Bosh isnt going anywhere

  53. Brian S says:

    Reading a lot of these comments leaves me tickled…95% lack true basketball insight or acumen…I.e. this is not NBA2K13. Indiana and Chicago will have the Heats number next season as both teams are going to improve. With Bosh things remain the same. He is a weak link. Lest you guys forget, by the grace of an emmense brain freeze by Pop, the Heat got a reprieve to have a chance at redemption. Throughout the Heat’s playoff run Bosh was exposed as a soft 3 at best, and a very expensive one to boot. Granger is trade bait, so that will improve the Pacers with what is needed to put the over the top. The Heat had a hard time dispensing a rag-tag bunch of third stringers in the Bulls series. The Bulls situation will improve (especially with Butler finding his calling during that series). The Nets situation will improve. Wade has health issues, Bosh has identity issues, the Heat have roster and cap issues. Greg Oden…wishful thinking/desperation move….Bosh must go for the heat to remain competitive in a changing EC. If things stay the same, it was fun while it lasted. You can bank on that.

    • LOL says:

      With the Butler there will be no Deng and with Rose and Hinrich no Robinson, with Granger there will be no stephenson, you also have to factor in Granger will be taking alot of the shots away from George so his avg’s will come down as well. Hibbert is the sole player on the Pacers roster who creates problems for the heat but once again he is a 7’2 true center your going to struggle to find any individual player that will matchup man to man on him and win, having bosh gives the heat the advantage of pull him from the rim and realistically putting bosh on him to try and bring in foul trouble would be more logical they trading him considering bosh has a significant speed advantage.

  54. Unkle Daddy says:

    I really don’t think they will three-peat, with out making some moves. Now, I truly hope they don’t repeat as I always root against them. I think Bosh shouldn’t be shopped because I think he should be sent someplace of his choosing, if Miami feels the need to move him (…back to Toronto). I believe Wade will either be re-signed as more of a role player (just to keep Lebron in Miami) or just not resigned after next season.

  55. ccc says:

    Relax guys, let the big 3 stays + Allen stay.

  56. Michael says:

    Trade Old man Wade

  57. christian says:

    oh common..they win back to back with that 3 stars right there why put a sudden move?the best thing to do is make bosh a 2 position big man. coach spo needs to do is dont always sit bosh at the center position make him do both pf c alternatively so he can musterred his offensive game at pf and defense when his on 5..he sacrifice a lot in game 7 when he concentrates on d against tim duncan while everybody here forgot about that..that was a huge burden for a player guarding one of the best center in basketball.

  58. Orlando Lopez says:


  59. cedric says:

    bosh stay, dwight go to miami, they need a center, join in the party,dude u dont need money…look at ray turned down a couple of million then he got another one…pat and coach spo will do the rest…

  60. Yakimo says:

    I know Wade is beloved, but I think they will send him somewhere for a good pick and younger. Who? I dont know, but I think they see that Wade is not the one they had before, but they can still get a good pick for him. So, I think Wade is the one.

  61. Heat2013champs says:

    As a heat fan I think Miami should keep the big three together for the 3peat run next year. Sign Greg Oden and Jemaine Oneal. If the heat were to trade Bosh , Riley should put a package together for Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol. I would send Bosh, miller, haslem,Anthony and charmers to LA and still sign free agent Greg Oden, Gilbert Arenas and Lamar Odom for the vet min.

    PG- James
    SG- Wade
    SF- Lewis/Odom
    PF- Gasol
    C- Howard

    Bench: Allen, Cole, Andersen, Lewis/Odom, Battier, Jones, Oden, Vanardo and Arenas.

  62. Leighton says:

    Bosh is a power forward that could play C part time. This is true for all playoffs games, as we saw. We need a Center like Oden. Any defensive center will do…

  63. Heatfan says:

    Heat have won 2 straight titles with bosh playing center…. please everyone else STFU

  64. Random says:

    Keep bosh just put him at PF. put Birdman at center put haslem to the bench. why dosent the miami coach (forgot how to spell his name) understand that bosh is just a pf he finds it difficult to guard some center in the league.

  65. CATAS says:


  66. Viper33 says:

    The weak spot for the Heat for the past three years has been point guard and center.
    They can live with the point guards they have, bit they need to trade bosh for a guy that can protect the rim and rebound.
    Ray allen should be let go, he was awful both on offense and defense, for ray allen. They should keep Birdman, he gave effort and performance every game and can get better by working with guys they have.
    Miiler should stay, haslem??? I’d replace him with a younger guy with more potential. Riley tends to hang on to guys too long.

  67. joe says:

    Get dwight Howard ….and Chris Paul …….trade all draft picks and. All extra players for cap space ….shane battier etc ….should solve alot of problems ………

  68. MEHR says:

    Heat is the best. All players must stay specially Bosh. Adding one 7 feet (280 pounds) 3M/year is needed just for some of the games to help Bosh and birdman. thats it.
    Other than that Bosh played excellent in 90% of the games as a center.
    Heat players all contributed to be number one and all must stay.

  69. Felipe says:

    Miami’s problem is not Bosh… if Dwyane Wade is healthy were winning it again! A healthy Greg Oden would be great though!

  70. MiamiHeatFan says:

    @WinFromWithin Of course I am happy the Miami Heat won! I am just saying a team who flops in crucial moments deserve to lose and the team where Bosh is, who was unselfish and gave enough space for Wade and LBJ, regardless of the points made, deserve to become champions. I am a Miami Heat Fan so I feel bad when a journalist writes an article to break a back-to-back champion team apart, when he should avoid spoiling the Heat’s celebration and instead should be writing articles to fix other teams who failed to win against Miami Heat during the playoffs…

  71. shawn says:

    Release bosh sign Andrew Bynum for a low price the rings will come . Bynum is way more dominate on the inside as people seen that as he help the 09-10 Lakers win their 16th nba championship


  72. realist2013 says:

    Heat are weak inside and at the point. rhondo, Westbrook and Parker all exposed this. Sekou pointed out a 37 year old Duncan taking Bosh to school. Die hard fantasy Heat fan or not you have to admit their escape from game 6 saved them. Bosh vs solid big men equals failure. Next season teams will be stronger, Rose and his team will be healthy, Danny Granger will be back inn Indiana and a lot of West teams are beefing up with some big name free agents. Lets see what happens. Hopefully more challenging teams for better games.

  73. basketball fan says:

    i agree with all above comments, i hope Riley sticks to his word and keep the big 3 together cause he knows exactly how hard it is to put these 3 talents together. ever since Bosh made the move he has been unfairly criticised for his play but people are quick to forget he is playing out of postion and is the 3rd scoring option. try getting his stats when either LeBron or Wade is not in the line up and see the difference. Bosh/Haslem/Battier/Allen, these players came here to win championships and took considerably less money to do so, if Riley trades one then how many players are going to listen to his future sales pitch about coming to Miami. I hope LeBron goes in to bat for Bosh and tells Riley if they trade him then he wont take up the 5th year option on his contract. The HEAT still have a year before the salary taxes come into affect, let them play 1 more season together, dont fix something that aint broke.

    • basketball fan says:

      RILEY stick to your word and keep them together cause after this season, who knows, WADE mite RETIRE due to his ailing knee problems {i hope he doesn’t}. Just let them play. i think your organisation is reaping the benefits of your magnificent GM qualities, so dont undo all your hard work with getting them together.

  74. Okctruth says:

    Trade Bosh and Chalmers for Rondo Terr Will and Lee, sign a couple defensive tall and wide centers with close to no offensive ability.The offense will all come from the now unstoppable offensive machine. Done!

  75. Peter says:

    Fact 1. Miami is 2013 NBA Champion!

    Maybe they hard more Problems with the 5 than with 1-4 but let Play hibbert as a small forward an See how good he is at 3
    But we are Talking about Miami…

    Maybe it Would ne better to let lj Play as SG and cb as Pf. abd Trade wade aslong his body Isn t competly Down..

  76. Imasurfer says:

    Its funny fanboys taking bulls lightly claiming that they destroyed bulls with drose in it, when miami beats the bulls 2011, bulls is plagued with boozer dilemna as a new comer and they dont have captain kirk and hamilton that time, noah improved dramatically after that season, and so with a full blast indiana woth d granger on the floor to keep the offense outside. Miami should be dead serious in getting a new center cause teams will exploit the paint in a series, miami dont always get hot shooting like the way they shoot game 7.and teams like bulls and indiana are younger than any contender team in the east right now.

  77. Jason says:

    Chris Bosh is fine in Miami. He isn’t a guard, or small forward, so people shouldn’t expect him to always put up points or drop 20 a night like Lebron and Dwayne. All he had to do is grab rebounds, and block a bit, and no one can say he isn’t doing that. Plus, Bosh is a diverse player and there isn’t anything wrong with his playing; if anything he just needs more endurance so he can play as long as Lebron and Dwayne.

  78. Greg Hobbs says:

    If title pursuit is to continue there will have to be monetary sacrifices to have money to continue to pay for quality players

  79. advantec333 says:

    Riley for sure will make some moves to shore up the team for next yr. The same team will not do.

  80. advantec333 says:

    I think if we can get Kaman, Kevin Love or Hibbert, jump on it. Bosh been with the Heat for 3 yrs still looks lost too frequently and has not improved much shows me bad work ethics. He needs to gain a few more pounds, be quicker, stronger, faster and shoot much better— he could do it but does he want to?

  81. Greg Hobbs says:

    He who remains the same gets overrun by those who continue to improve and change, there should be constant tweaking of a teams lineup in a team wants to continue to be a contender

  82. advantec333 says:

    Bosh is not the answer, he is just too weak and soft. He is very inconsistent with his shots. Does not work hard enough on his game like LBJ.

  83. Greg Hobbs says:

    Also to insure a realistic pursuit of titles continue the quest for a big man like Ogden

  84. Greg Hobbs says:

    A great need for Miami is rebounding so trading bosh for one of the best rebounders and a great shooter would for Kevin love

  85. Alex Liu says:

    I think this is probably the beginning of an end for the Heat . Both Wade and Bosh are starting to get washed up . And other younger teams such as Thunder , Grizzlies , Clippers , Pacers and Knicks are on the rise .

  86. fish sticks says:

    There is not one player in the NBA who fits the Heat as well as Bosh does. NOT ONE. No player is both as fast and quick as he is on defending pick and roles while still being able to space the floor on offense. Noah, Sanders, Chandler, and Hibbert can all defend the pick and role like he does, but not one of those guys can shoot the ball from mid range like Bosh. Love, West, Boozer, Pau etc can shoot decently well, but none defend the pick and roll like Bosh. He is the best combo of defense offense for the Heat, because they rely so much on fast rotations on D and floor spacing on O.

  87. Floss says:

    Yo I don’t understand this at all! Why would we trade or let go of Bosh? Name me a PF that can spread the floor, play defense , and stay healthy for the entire year with a back to back Rings? He is the Heat’s most important player(Eric Spoelstra voice). He’s and 8-time all-star 2time champion and future HOF and he’s just 29 people! I hear Demarcus Cousins name and he does not fit the culture of the Heat. He will not be able to sacrifice like Bosh is doing for the greater good of his team. Kevin Love would be pretty good, but he’s younger than Bosh and already has like 8 surgeries. I mean damn would you put your money on someone that can’t stay on the floor. I think they should and will stay together like the Spurs have for Decade and then you will hear not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7! You remember that speech!#3Heat!

  88. Aces-215 says:

    It’s funny how all the blame goes to Bosh. He is one of the top 5 POWER FORWARDS in the league and NOT A CENTER!!!! If anyone should go, it should be Wade. Honestly, how many good years does he have left. I know he means a lot to da franchise but this is business and the future of the organization. You see what happened to Boston now and in the 80s for sticking too long with old stars. Get rid of Wade while he has value or let him n Bosh take pay cuts so that the team can add pieces to be strong for years to come.

  89. JASAM says:

    BOSH MUST STAY!! What about McGee as a center ? any way to get him ?
    if not him, than Pekovic

  90. blaz says:

    Some of people here say, that you should be aware of Rose and Granger coming back next season. Yeah, but they were not here for a year now. And LB James is not the same LB from 2012. He had made some steps forward too. And putting Granager again into Pacers rotation now will be harder than it seems.
    I am not Lebron’s fan, but I think he is to be feared now. He has 2 Champion’s rings and he is confident and lethal now.

  91. Raptors Fan says:

    I am the Miami Heats fan but their front line a small with Chris Bosh at the center.

    Chris Bosh could play defense with guys are bigger than him or score

    He is big and taller than D-Wade and LBJ and he could not rebound much at all

    Trade him and Mario Charmer for K-Love or Tyson Chandler



    Marcin Gortat

    • Dieter says:

      Cousins would break up team chemistry. Gortat and Chandler are just not good enough and older than Bosh. K-Love has always been the most important player on a weak team, I don’t think he will sacrifice everything for Lebron, and he’s not as good as Bosh. Can’t argue with Noah though, he’s a great guy in the locker room, gives all on the field and doesn’t care about individual stats. Noah is maybe the only player in the league that I would consider trading Bosh for. But breaking up the big Three, who are doin great ain’t smart, and if they’re gonna do it, it’s pretty obvious who is or is becoming the weakest link of the Big Three…

      I’m not a Heat fan, so it would be the biggest ROFL-moment in my life if the Heat would trade Bosh for Cousins or Howard. I think it’s impossible for both of those guys to win a title in their carreer… the James era will be over when a deal like that goes through… bye chemistry, bye going happy to training, bye getting all happy out of bed, bye championships…

  92. Johndy says:

    Im a Heat fan and u dont want any break ups but it maybe be necessary. we need a center, Birdman played well but ti’s not enough. I think Greg Oden would be good. Trade Bosh. If we can learn something from this series it’s that we can no longer brace against big teams. We could have easily lost against Indiana. We need a proper strong center

  93. TT says:

    who’s going to score if either Wade or Bron is injured? Yeah go ahead and get rid of Bosh. Bosh is the most unselfish player of the big 3. If he gets more touches no doubt he can be a big scorer. What happens when Wade has a low scoring playoff game? He complains about not getting enough touches. What happens when Bosh didn’t play well in the Pacer series? He apologized to the fans and had a next monster game.

  94. NBA fan says:

    KEEP BOSH !!! maybe wave curry ( if he still plays for miami, i am not sure),also varnado and james jones, move juwan howard to team personel. Add Nikola Pekovic ( one of the best centers in the league) and Greg Oden.

  95. HeatFansDon'tExist says:

    The NBA is fixed. I’ll be honest I don’t like the Heat, but that’s not why I’m saying this. The refs clearly game the game to the Heat at the end of game 6. Manu got fouled and if you say he didn’t then you’re ignorant. The 5 games before that were good I wasn’t even upset if the Heat won because the games were called fair and they were just plain great to watch, but game 6 ruined the whole series for me. I don’t care if the Bobcats get cheated it’s just the principal of teams getting cheated. The Heat are a great team and I’m not here to say otherwise so just remember that when you start calling me a hater. I don’t dislike the Heat, I dislike their “fans.”

  96. Mr Optimist says:

    It is disingenuous to bring up trade talk within a week of a team winning a championship. Write a story of their celebrations instead of the uncertainty of the future. Congratulations Bosh for a job well done.

  97. WinFromWithin says:

    This is just a ‘click-bait’ from Sekou Smith, he’s a journalist after all, or whatever you call him. This is just for entertainment, and a test to see how many of you bandwagon fans are stupid enough to believe him. Gotcha!

  98. WinFromWithin says:

    Ye of little faith! Ain’t 3 trips to the Finals in 3 years, with 2 Championships enough proof that this Heat team is the best? Trust in the Heat system, believe in their identity. There’s no harm in getting a true center, but I’m all for keeping the big 3 intact.

    • Dieter says:

      Well spoken… u can’t trade an All-Star who is in his prime and who sacrifices alot individual. People tend to forget that Bosh was probably the 5th best power forward in the league when playing for the Raptors (behind Duncan, Garnett, Nowitzki and Gasol). If he played for another team as a first option the last 3 years, he would be a top 3 power forward by now, probably the best in the league. Every year Bosh will become more important for the Heat as Wade is declining.

      Why is the Heat playing so good? Team chemistry: Lebron knows Bosh and Wade sacrifice alot to play along side him (well, every player on the Heat roster does). Trade Bosh for Howard and you’ll see how this team breaks down… The Heat is Lebron’s team and will be fine the next years if Lebron is happy and healthy, why mess with the happy part?

  99. michael mcbride says:

    wade had a bad game harped on him bosh had a bad game harped on him lebron even struggled in 4th results
    I’m sure you already know. Bosh played terrible but still helped keeping the defense honest gave lebron and wade some room to drive and had key blocks. keep bosh and the bird and pf and get a BIG man. i keep hearing oden we will see. but denver is overloaded kufos mozgof and ofcourse mcgee gotta get one of those 7 footers. mozgof would be great for the heat. i hope granger and rose come back full health! shout out to KhAWI leornard and paul george !!

    Go raptors go andrea BARGNANI!

  100. MiamiHeatFan says:

    Trade Bosh and Miami won’t have a chance to do a 3-peat.

    Team Chemistry. Period.

  101. Chemistry says:

    What chemistry their is none with Lebron & Wade on the floor together and hasn’t been any in 3 years together it’s time to split those two apart or do what they should have done all along and let Wade be the primary ball handler and if Lebron disappears because Wade’s doing good at it time to trade him.

  102. brismar oliveros says:

    Watching the finals bosh needs to get traded

  103. brismar says:

    Watching the finals bosh needs be traded

  104. MiamiHeatFan says:

    Instead of this article, they should be writing if Manu Ginobili should leave the Spurs. No offense to the Spurs, but he committed turnovers during the crucial moments of Games 6 and 7. Better is Bosh having zero points than Manu committing those turnovers that caused Spurs to lose in the NBA Finals.

    • WinFromWithin says:

      You must not be a MiamiHeat fan my friend, the Spurs didn’t lose, the Miami Heat won!

  105. johnny says:

    the heat should get a 3 point shooting big man like kevin love or mehmet okur so c bosh can be PF and so they dnt get trampled on the boards next year

    • WinFromWithin says:

      Miami has enough 3 point shooters, plus Lebron can only improve his already good shooting from 3, Bosh can shoot the 3 as well. The Miami Heat right now don’t need anyone else.

  106. aiyahnnajae says:

    Keep Bosh. He sacrificed himself not scoring coz he knows his role well. Bosh would be better if Spo will put him PF instead of C. Next season line up should be better like this: Anderson C, Bosh PF, LeBron SF, Allen SG, Wade PG. Bosh and Lebron both can interchange pos. Wade and Allen as well. Coz all of them have perimeter shooting. This line up should be very tough to beat plus they have deep bench supporting players.

    • WinFromWithin says:

      Exactly! People must understand that you don’t necessarily play the same set of players everytime, there is a reason Bosh is at the center position at times. If you want to know why, ask Coach Spo, I’m sure he has a pretty good answer. He knows what he is doing, he’s an NBA Coach!

  107. The heat need to keep adding pieces to combat other teams who hav big centers but keep big three together !!!!!

  108. big larry motorcity says:

    for those that don’t have tv, the Heat won it !
    lbj should take the mvp trophy to a metal craft shop, have it cut in pieces, make 12 new trophies each with a piece of the mvp on top. engraved “Great players make great plays in big games, only when surrounded by other MVPs” give each heat player one, to remember this awesome moment. I call that a personal thanks from basketball’s best.

    Thank God, Pat is running this show, and not the bloggers…

    Trade CB, Rio, Udonis … no
    U blogs go fix spurs, pacers, bulls, knicks, they need yo help!

  109. Omar says:

    Trade Bosh? NO WAY, Pat Riley isn’t stupid, there are very few player s who sacrifice their Star status for the “team” concept, we all know if Bosh goes to another team he will average 20ppg+ 10rpg+. The amount of blame Bosh gets is ridiculous, this guy is an 8 time allstar in his prime, as a Bosh fan all for the past 9 years, I’d actually like him to go to a different team so people can see the real Chris Bosh. All in all this article is stupid, they made the finals 3 years in a row, and won 2 of those 3 years, why would Riley break up the core and chemistry..?

    • WinFromWithin says:

      Right on! The Big 3 sacrificed being the lone-star in their teams, so they can win more. Some people just don’t understand that. To hell with people saying the Heat don’t deserve the Championships because it they have 3 stars, Hello??? Everything in the NBA is earned, not given. #NoShortcuts to those who think otherwise, just look at what happened to the Lakers, not once, but twice! You can’t buy a championship, nuh-ah. It takes teamwork and most of all sacrifice from everyone

  110. Michael says:

    Bosh has always been overrated and only reason he came to Miami was to join the bandwagon knowing that Lebron and Wade would carry the Heat to championships. One good game every so often does not warrant the money Bosh is making and he was pretty much a NON-Factor in the NBA Finals. One good game, one good play doesn’t eliminate all the other times he hasn’t played up to the hype. Getting paid the amount of money he is making he needs to be playing 24/7 at the highest level he is capable of and unfortuately Bosh’ good days are behind him. Best for Miami due to the new CBA is to trade him, get some quality bench players and possibly draft picks as it the glory days won’t last forever. He has always been labeled as the one who would go first when the time came and it will always be that way. Miami can still be the championship team they are even without Bosh cause it is Lebron and Wade as the key reasons Miami is a 2-time champion.

    • WinFromWithin says:

      You go tell that to the Lakers! Chris Bosh is actually one of the most underrated players in the game. 3 Finals trips, 2 rings in 3 years. Rings don’t lie bro. If someone needs to get rid of big buck money to get better teammates, that is Kobe Bryant, and yeah, that shooter in Brooklyn Nets too.

  111. david says:

    people must understandd that boshh is a tall power foward with offensive skillss andd could be a defensive blocking presencee but not more ….he can not playy centerr its bad for his gamee….we need a guyy like all jeffersonn or someone physiclly biggerr in the paintt….then the line upp would be: cole wade james boshh and a center…..thats a champonship team for this coming year with allen birdmann battier chalmers and haslem on the bench

    • WinFromWithin says:

      This lineup right now is What a Championship Team is! The Big 3 can only get better playing together

  112. St.Devil says:


  113. St.Devil says:

    its to early to make the Plan and thinking the 3 peat..wait for the Clue and it will be surely the best…………..still remember me?……………

  114. bruce says:

    I agree with alot of you all but I would have played juwann howard. To me, get rid of bosh or make him a power forward and get a dominant big man. I would take a kevin love at center. Get rid of eddie curry, juwann howard, james jones and big head joel anthony. Isn’t that enough money to grab a decent center???

  115. Leighton says:

    When against the salary cap, is there any other way to pay for players for their royalties and sacrifices? i.e. partnership in business opportunities, etc.? This could probably be against cap rules…

  116. Leighton says:

    You cannot be discussing 3peat when the Heat were against the rope in Game 6 and were able to get a tied in less than 25 seconds. Everyone needs the be lucky and the Heat were lucky, The Heat needs to upgrade, but being over the cap makes them be more creative. Riley is the best at this and he knows they will not repeat with the same players. I have been a Heat fan from the beginning, when their streak was for games lost and not won. There needs to be a change and sacrifices and I am sure that if the Heat want to repeat, they know they have to do it. They will not be champs next year with the same team…

  117. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    No, keep them together at least for another season because you may mess up the chemistry.

  118. heatfan718 says:

    I say that the heat should get greg oden and a backup C because Chris Anderson is getting old. So Im really saying that the heat need Centers

  119. Pencil says:

    I feel sorry for the media when all they can do is look for ways to beat a team on paper that can’t be beaten on the court. Write articles that shows how Pacers, Knicks and Bulls can improve so they can challenge or beat the Heat

  120. blackandsilver,whatrymeswithsilver? says:

    forget about miami for a minute. whats good for bosh? if he wants to finish his career with decent #’s he needs to go somewhere else. a team could be built around him instead of him playing 3rd fiddle. he could’ve been the first number retired in toronto but instead he’s now a support player. it used to be only the haters putting him down.

  121. The Truth says:

    He is the reason why The Heat was able to get a Game 7. If not for his rebound to Ray Allen, they won’t even get to OT. He also was able to stop Tony Parker in the OT. And throughout the playoffs , Chris Bosh was the ONLY Heat player that was constant.

    People should respect Chris Bosh a little more for what he did for the Team. He step up ,from his original PF position , to play C for the Heat, just like KG did for Boston.


  122. BlazerFan503 says:

    If it wasn’t for Chris Bosh offensive rebound in game 6, the Spurs would be the 2013 NBA Champions.

  123. LOL says:

    worst blog ever.. lol..
    2011 champion dallas mavericks,
    changed the roster. removed chandler, stevenson, stojakovic, barea and novak for odom,carter, west and beaubois.
    what happened in 2012? they were swept by OKC in the 1st round.

  124. Core Engine says:

    Heat should court Dwight Howard 😀 since LAC planning to get Cp3 howard griffin or garnett together. why not miami try to get wade bosh LBJ and howard? + allen that’s not impossible.

  125. Core Engine says:

    How about miami signing andrew bynum as a center? since he’s a free agent. let the big 3 lessen there salaries so they can get their desired roster with a new big aggressive and defensive powerful center without removing any of them in the team.

  126. jayjayjayjay41 says:

    i don’t see a big 3 in the Miami heat i see LBJ and wade but bosh is not one of them he cant play the 5 and rebounding is not his thing he can shoot for long range but that’s all plz no hate that’s what i just think

  127. GoMavs says:

    We will never see the Heat celebrating agin. This artical is rite!

  128. lakersfan says:

    what big three? there’s no big three..bosh is a bust…..bird man is better than bosh..he is of more help to the team

  129. stan 242 says:

    heats needs a center an timmy is not a center he is a power forward and the heat will have problems cuz my bulls are goin to get a tru center and healty i can see it nah but congrats to da heat

  130. Rafael Guzman says:

    Miami just need to improve what they´re missing!, a good Center… Maybe they can bring Varajao… And that could make Lebron and Wade Easier to play… They wont have to take a lot work in the Rebounds…

  131. heatfan says:

    actually, they just need to be healthy. nothing else

  132. David says:

    Healthy westbrook next year healthy granger healthy derrick rose heat will have some REAL competition next year and if spurs stay healthy heat are gonna have a very tough time and on a healthy Knicks especially if they honor melos request for another scorer almost all teams will be healthy and the heat just got their weakness exposed in the playoffs the heat cant play physical at all but then the refs have to allow for that as well too but it will be a very interesting season next year cant wait congrats to heat tho wanted old spurs to win but I will give props where its due

  133. homo_who? says:

    Spo said that Bosh is the most impt player in his lineup. That’s not a complete lie. It’s because Miami can’t play their best defense if Bosh isn’t playing C. Miami defense can’t rotate quick enough if they don’t have a center like Bosh to somehow defend on quick guards. Sure, he’s a mismatch on legit Cs but he sure does make up for that with his speed.

  134. MIAMI HEAT says:

    As coach Spo always told them , all of you be a playmaker , Game On. lets wait what Boss Pat Riley new ingredients to have another delicious Championship .
    will give space and peace of mind to Miami Heat Players , so that they can recharge. they are worned out and drained.

    I give credit to the conditioning Coach of Miami Heat , without him our heat players will only good for 3 quarters and worned out, beacause of them they played like a thoroghbred horse .

  135. DWade Fan Since the baron davis shot says:

    If only Wade was 5 years younger, I don’t care who they have on their team. James & Wade will win an championship.

    Just watched some highlights from his rookie years.To see how people just sag off him on defense these days are just sad…

    He’ll still be my favorite player after MJ

  136. nsj00024 says:

    all you heat fans are such losers. maybe they should get Dwight as center. add Chris Paul, and Kevin Love. Heat fans are just like Lebron, no competiveness. You just won back to back Championships!! Quit wine-ing about your loaded roster!!

  137. terence says:

    If there’s someone who should go, it must be that coach (?) spoelstra. any idiot can replace him as long as the players are intact

  138. leggomymelo says:

    I dont see why so many people think signing Greg Oden will automatically fix everything. Nobody even knows what he would be able to contribute to a team yet. I hope he’s able to come back and have a good career, but nobody knows if thats possible yet. Lets wait to see if 1. He actually signs with the Heat (or anybody) and 2. Can actually produce anything near what Heat fans are expecting him to.

  139. RESPECT says:

    Good Day to all basketball Lovers Either Heat haters or Heat lovers!!! I saw most of your comments so i would like you to hear all my suggestions. I saw some comments regarding bosh can’t score, can’t rebound and can’t even defend at the center position, yet i think Bosh is one of the few player who can be a MVP caliber (6’10 – 6’11 can play on the post, shoot form perimeter, can block shoots) the problem is his inconsistency and James and Wade has the ball all the time “which is understandable being a scorer and play maker”. Let Bosh improve his shooting skill. Heat don’t need another point guard, because James is playing guard on offense. What they need is to improve Mario Chalmers in decision making and improve Cole’s shooting. If Bosh will play on the Center Position maker sure that your Power Forward is a better re bounder and defender, and i think you can’t play Andersen and Bosh it will make them slower “a team who likes play transition play”, I think what the heat need to add a good defender in guard position, a re bounder on forward position, and a bench player on Center position,

    • neutrality says:

      Well Said! A healthy Greg Oden will do as a Center spot. They also need to upgrade Joel Anthony this summer. If he doesn’t improve his offensive skills soon, eventually he will get amnesitied.

  140. MACKY says:

    As I notice majority opinion to stay big 3 as chemistry already working and succed 2 champs consecutive. Why not release Rey Alen to get Center, Alen is not that efficient anymore, as his shooting is getting poor as his getting older. he just got a lucky 3 points that brought Miami in G7. if you review his game 7 in the Finals, he made a lot of turn overs 3TO, 0/4 and 0 steal. and more of his bad games. Miller and Shane B are still effective. Kick out J Anthony, J Jones and Ray Alen To get Youger C and Point Guard.

  141. SM1 says:

    If you ignore the 2 final series(east and west), Bosh played perfectly throughout the season and the first 2 rounds of the playoff.
    Even during the season he played well against SA and also Pacers.
    One of the reason Miami is number one and had the best record during the season is Bosh. Remember that Wade was injured for many games and Bosh was really number 2 in Heat and played very well.
    Again game 6 with SA, Bosh made excellent move helping Heat to go to game 7.
    Bosh only need to gain weight up to 250 pounds and practice rebound and physical defense during the season.
    Heat need to have another big man 7 feet 280 pounds just for special occasions to take care of the paint in some of the games with super big men like Pacers.
    Other than that Bosh played good in center position. Against Oklahoma etc…
    Heat is the best and will be the best in coming season.

  142. Heat need a center says:

    With a true center the heat would be unstoppable. First you would waive someone like juan howard or james jones to create the roster spot and the money. Then you get a free agent center like Greg Oden or Ryan hollins to move bosh to his natural position. so then this is your lineup:
    pg……. chalmers

    sg…….D wade

    sf……..king james

    pf…….. bosh


    role players: cole, allen, birdman, battier,

    bench warmers: miller, haslem, jones

  143. Jebron Lames says:

    Get a Quality and Cheap Bigman,

    Andray Blactche could do, Even Samual Dalenbert

  144. Lord P says:

    Sekou please let us savor the the back to back’s not time to worry bout next year when u have a president like Pat Riley and an Owner like Micky Arison;they gonna keep the core for sure the next year and make some little adjustments,new chase the threepeat..Remember the big 3 reunite to make history not chase money or max deals!!Bosh is a gamer and he showed that if he wants he can be tough like any big man in this league!!People don’t respect enough what Chris Bosh brings to the table but make no mistake that in the Miami Heat organization they know his value!!People don’t give credit to Coach Spo words.Bosh in the system he’s running is the Most important player..and when Bosh is aggressive defensively we always get the W..

  145. swicon says:

    Only one is needed in Miami. His name is Tyson Chandler. Mid-jumper is not required. They are wasting too many shooters.

  146. Beli says:

    What they need is Allen and Lewis to start shooting threes the way the know how to do it. Bosch should play more aggressively, and Wade should play less minutes.

  147. Birdman fan says:

    Move the Birdman to center…I think he’s earned it!

  148. Miles10 says:

    First of all, I don’t think Riley is keen on a high risk Greg Oden contract. I also think Oden should consider playing for lower teams to improve his credibility and maybe erase doubts about his ability to play the way he was expected as once top overall pick.
    Shaq mentioned on GameTime after game 7 about shortage of quality free agent center this offseason. I haven’t meticulously scanned the list yet, but one commentator in this page maybe is right. Why fix something that is not broken? Why destroy a winning fomula that worked for 2 straight years? It maybe true that the formula might not work next year, I have no argument on this one. It’s like people expecting Ray Allen to join the club after the Heat just won their 2nd trophy. The Heat doesn’t have draft picks this summer. This makes it slightly interesting on how to renovate the roster.
    Bosh is one heck of a player. Boy, hybrid 4-5 role is very hard, to battle court instinct versus role. It is not an excuse, but more of dilemma on how to help the team win. I’ve watched the game 7 replay two times already, and there’s just two words on how I describe Bosh that game: “unsung hero”.

  149. RFMR says:

    I steel now that the “3 amigos” will stay together. But one thing is for shore; Mr. Pat Riley and the Heat organization have to think in one BIG CENTER, because they have look.

  150. MIAMI HEAT says:

    3 straight finals and 2 Champions, what are we looking for. Chris Bosh will stay , look at his contribution in finals, not easy to defend Big Duncan, Bosh is smaller but he done big job to limit Duncan, limit Parker,limit Green, important shot blocks . we will add piece or pieces to compensate our weaknesses .. see u nxt season

  151. cp10 says:

    Someone forgot CB’s monster rebound and block in Game 6 that saved the Heat

  152. hellon says:

    Trade with Minnesota sounds great for Miami,if they could get Love and as a bonus,Pekovic for C?

  153. Michaelp says:

    Common man. Let the heat relish their victory. They deserve it. They fought hard and end up victorious. Let tomorrow worry for itself. For the big three, it’s time to relax and celebrate. Give the heat a break!

  154. isack says:

    i can’t believe they already forgot bosh’s blocked shots in the finals…

  155. Dave23 says:

    I think CB has been great for for us. Leave him alone. He did lots of Good things for miami .Oden is a bad news , never healthy. bring is 2-3 million if you can and use him only bench as he is good for few minutes only and get ride of 1-2 bench for balancing money. Kevin Love should be a great addition and player like paul george or Denny green if we can and trade few of like Joel Anthony, Lewis and Jones.Donot change anything else. Hope Wade stays with miami.

  156. Than says:

    Do not trade Bosh, just make him a PF again. Fire Spoelstra that guy is a mess. Find a real center and go for the threepeat.The Heat, as they are now, won’t come past the Pacers once Indiana solves its scoring issues. They just need a better guard and they will find it either by improving Stephenson’s abilties or by trading Granger.

  157. Obz says:

    cut joel anthony, rashard lewis, jarvis varnado and james jones…juwan howard’s retiring…we need a smart Center offensively/defensively match up against Roy Hibbert…Bosh has different skill level than any other PF you can think of who can shoot and defend, eg. Lamarcus Aldridge, Dirk Nowitzki? ……..period

  158. Drago says:

    Pat Riley is a great basketball mind and i believe he will make the necessary adjustments and capitalize on having the best player in the world right now.I would not trade Bosh but obviously you cant train size in the paint.The Heat have a bad financial situation for singing expensive Centers so he will have to improvise and this guy will have to take less money .

  159. MNM101 says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    Three Steps Miami NEEDS to take during this off-season:
    1, Rio need to work extensively on his defense and play-making.
    2.Chris Bosh needs to be removed from the Center position, and work hard on his midrange and 3 point shooting.
    3.Get a big ugly strong fighter for a center, doesnt need to be an offensive Goliath, but still good.

  160. WWF says:


    Wade with and without LeBron
    LeBron ON 33 9-18 50.0% 22 4 2 0 3 0 -3
    LeBron OFF 7 5-7 71.4% 10 2 2 0 3 1 +8

    Wade without LeBron based on his finals -54
    LeBron OFF 126 90-126 71.4% 180 36 36 0 54 18 +144

    Wade without LeBron based on his finals -54 and on increased minutes
    LeBron OFF 252 180-252 71.4% 360 72 72 0 108 36 +288

    Wade got hung out to dry by Miami Heat. Only ring he got this season was the useless might as well retire chump ring.

  161. El Tenedor says:

    Keep Bosh but don’t let him shoot jumpers from the outside and please get a Center.

  162. Marvin Brown says:

    Please chill out!! Chris is a very good player who has sacrificed greatly in Miami. He onl gets a few shots every game. Before Chris came to Miami he was the focal point of the offense. There are only so many shots to go around, the majority if those shots were take by Bron and Flash. When I played ball I was a scorer, sometimes it took me 4 or 5 shots to get a rhythm. Sometimes Chris only gets 5 shots the entire game. If they let Chris go to another team, they will once again see how good he is when he gets the shots!! Give him a break. If I was him I would opt out . We would love to have him in the ATL!

  163. Heat Fan! says:

    hahaha ,This article is funny.

    1st things first “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND” !

    2. Bosh is a true PF. He played Duncan and hibbert as well as he should have.They won! smh @ the article

    3. Rumors of Greg Oden solves all center problems rather he’s 100% or not.I would sign him to 3 yr deal(Instant 3 peat)

    4.Don’t trade anybody. Keep same team.All positions are strong even PG.Chalmers is great at his position and plays vital role on team.So does Cole.They are the future when big 3 leaves one day.

    This is the deepest team in NBA.

    who trades after winning?No matter how it was done.they are champs

  164. Edward Wang says:

    Keep LeBron and Wade…trade Bosh and Chalmers for a better point guard or power forward. TRADE BOSH

  165. DMC12 says:

    All Miami Haters, just accept and move on. A great series. But, it is the Heat’s time now.

  166. matt says:

    I think the heat should amnesty millers contract and go after a center

  167. Steven says:

    They need to find a solid, physical center. Guarantee Bosh will play similar to his time at the Raptors if he is a PF. They obviously don’t have any draft picks so they have to find it through free agency. Chris Andersen is a decent center but he’s not what they need in the starting position. Plus he fouls a ridiculous amount in the small amount of time he’s on anyway. He’d foul out every game. It’ll be difficult to get one, especially because of cap room….which they don’t have 😛 I mean if they traded Bosh then they would be fine money wise but I know Bosh is better than he’s shown this season. I think the fans just need to back him up and believe in him, a little confidence can go a long way.

  168. Petey Lee says:

    This is incredibly false..
    “As the quality of the competition increased, Bosh’s performances didn’t increase along with it.”

    Terrible article based on biased speculation and little fact. The Heat would not have won without Chris Bosh’s many contributions this year. Need i remind you he has hit multiple game winners and is a great team player who had to sacrifice his natural position in the Playoffs/Finals yet they still won! As the competition increased, Bosh gave his all and was forced to play as a center for the greater good of the team!

  169. shaqandchuck says:

    Heat is fyn, all put chalmers 1, wade 2, Lebron 3, bring back Bosh at 4 and 5 look of good center!! and 3peat!!!
    cole sub 1, allen sub 2, miller sub 3, haslem sub 4, and 5 birdman. lewis sub 3/4…they just really need good center and 3peat!! letsgoheat

  170. Dennis says:

    Bosh is a great player, and when Wade and James were missing like in the game vs San Antonio in the regular season, or last year vs Atlanta when he scored that last second three, has proved himself a winner. But considering all the factors (salary cap, luxury tax, all of them opting out of contract next year, age) the wisest move is send him to a lottery team for Cody Zeller or Kelly Olynyk or Alex Len, this draft is not lacking big men.

  171. Roy says:

    2013 roster of the miami heat: ray allen, joel anthony, shane battier, chris bosh, mario chalmers, norris cole, udonis haslem, lebron james, james jones, rashard lewis, mike miller, dexter pittman, dwayne wade & juwon howard

    retain allen, chalmers, wade & cole for the guard position. retain james, haslem & lewis for the forward position. retain anthony for the center position.

    release battier, bosh, jones, pittman and howard for more salary cap space.

    get nikola pekovic from minnesota & greg oden from portland.

  172. Manny Ingles says:

    I suggest more plays for Dwyane Wade. I know he’s knees are hurting. I know that. But his heart is not hurting. Wade has the heart of a tiger, something LeBron doesn’t have. He can score you 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 points, even 5 points. But all of his points are important. He scores when Miami is losing. He scores to untie games. He has the clutch. He has the heart. LeBron is one of the greatest player in NBA history, who knows maybe the best. But, he’s a selfish player. He wants all the rebounds an points for himself. I know that. Leave Bosh at center, he defends well. But don’t make him guard 7″ footers.

    • hibbs says:

      LeBron is the least selfish superstar in the league. If anything (and it pains me to say this, sorry dude) Wade was the one who almost lost the momentum in Game 6 (as soon as he came on in q4 he missed a j, same in OT). Bosh comes up when he is needed. I just hope they stay together so I don’t have to start crying again during regular season. Heat need to play Rashard more as well as signing a big bruiser to bring off the bench when matched against Chandler, Hibbert etc (at that point Bosh can move to 4 or rest)

  173. brett says:

    NY, chicago and Indiana will all be better than the heat next year in the eastern conference unless they get a big man to bang with the size of these teams. chris bosh consistently gets torn up by good PF’s and centres. he always has. trade him and bring in a decent big man who can protect the key and rebound. If they keep bosh and dont sign a good big man to replace him at the C spot they will not even make it to the finals next year. wade is going to be another half step slower next year come playoff time.

  174. ya mum says:

    why would you break up something that works?

    • LETS GO MAVS!!! says:

      because it doesn’t work their not even a Big 3 just because they’re star players is the only reason it’s a big 3, Bosh can’t play center even though he said on Tv that he’s a center, but can’t stop Hibbert or T. Chandler or Noah from out rebounding him on the offense end and Old as Duncan is Bosh couldn’t stop him from putting 30+ pts on him so I’d say trade him

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        When did bosh say that he is a center? Please link… and clearly it does work, back to back championships tells me that it does work..

  175. J says:

    wade will befine next season
    heat need a C like roy hibbert joakim noah or marc gasol bosh is a PF NOT A C!!!!!!!!!!!
    oviously you cant just go pick up a great C but thats what they need to do

  176. Niels Kühn says:

    Trade Chris Bosh for Josh Smith or Kevin Love.

    • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

      Josh smith is a free agent.. and WHY WOULD TIMBERWOLVES TRADE KEVIN LOVE FOR BOSH!!!! jeeze some people I swear they only have half a brain.

  177. wade says:

    who cares what this man says… he want’s to end the dominant big 3… that’s why he’s putting up these s#it

  178. John says:

    Seriously, Bosh is not part of the big 3…Trade him for some big men that can guard the post or else next year wouldn’t be so lucky.

  179. vincent says:

    they won 2 out of 3, if they want to continue sacrificing pay, so be it. if not, yea bosh has my vote to get the boot.

  180. joz says:

    Get Pat for the center!

  181. FeeLaZone says:

    If heat cant afford those big 3, probably they will trade bosh. But if they can, Bosh will play PF like duncan, and Miami will try to get a center palyer. Birdman will be the 2nd unit center.

  182. Derp says:

    You guys have to realize that if you want to replace Bosh, you need to find another 5 or 4 that can open the floor up like he does, I cant think of them on the top of my head but there aren’t that many that will be willing to sacrifice what Bosh has.

  183. Jason says:

    first i want to congratulate JAMES but i support Spurs

  184. mike says:

    How about terminate the current contracts of the three, sign new one with lower salary, replaced by … give them bonus if win title!

  185. Jefrey Landicho says:

    If I were the heat manager I would Trade Chalmers for Parsons,
    PG: James
    SG: Wade
    SF: Parsons
    PF Bosh
    C: Anderson
    Back UP

    Center Rotation: Anderson – Bosh – Thabeet
    PF – Bosh – Battier – Haslem
    SF – Parsons – Miller – Sefalosha
    SG – Wade – Allen -Sefalosha
    PG – Lebron – Cole

    This will help Wade rest more

    • realist2013 says:

      Lolgood luck with that Parsons is way better than Chalmers. Chalmers is the new leg riding Derek Fisher.

  186. wade says:

    heat will remain as is… intact… leave the core and just add up 2 more veterans

  187. Jayye says:

    Bosh basically is nawt a center we AW know that but let’s think birdman is a center he plays hard but he fouls to much to even help out as much so starting him would b a mistake but if yu think AW powerful great centers foul alot so wat would b the point but I think bosh is good but yes they do need a 7 footer center if Miami can get that Lebron can get 6 rings if they can stay strong

  188. stevenash767 says:

    Move him to PF get in a big man to contend under the hoop and you have a near unstoppable line up.

  189. SpursNation says:

    Im not a HEAT fan . This is not a big issue . For me release BOSH then put Andersen and Haslem. As long as D-Wade and LBJ is on them , they are unstoppable. And also the first i saw the teaming up of these 3 , i knew that Dwade and LBJ will carry this team.


    • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

      Yeah… heat are just going to straight up release bosh a 9 time all-star instead of trading him.. and obviously d-wade and lbj were going to carry the team, who did you think would be the stars of the heat.. bosh? chalmers? .. good job captain obvious, your borderline genius..

      Spurs fan, it makes sense. Your probably one of the spurs fans that were saying the NBA was rigged when your spurs lost too huh?

  190. Com says:

    They will win again? Depend a lot on the transfer next season. But honestly I think Lebron will just win another one or two

  191. jack23 says:

    DONT FIX IF ITS NOT BROKEN!! this is the reality, CB made a lot of sacrifice to contend with those egos, give this man a break, he is a vital part of the BIG3 and theres no guarantee if they can fixed that back if they release him, i suggest get 1 big man, release one of the unused players and start from there,..

  192. andrey631 says:

    Keep them all! If their trying to win another championship CB is a perfect fit and hope for a smaller salary once they end their contracts. CB is the best complementary piece to the HEAT defense and offense. He spaces the floor enough for James and Wade to attack and he moves for quicker than any other big defending pick and roll. Unless the HEAT can go for a Kevin Love that can can space the floor while lead in double digit rebounds that can solve their problem.

  193. Opt out resign says:

    after next year, all of them opt out and resign for lesser contracts ($12 to 15m each)

    That allows more cap space to sign the role players and glue guys like mike miller, ray allen, shane battier.

    even the spurs are in great shape financially. if ginobili retires, that clears $14m in cap space, if he wants to play for 3 more years, he should sign a smaller conntract for $5-6 mil a year which leaves $10m for Spurs to sign another great player to their roster.

    True sacrifice gives you the best opportunity to win championships. A team like the lakers where kobe + gasol = $49 mil is not an ideal situation…

    • PutYourNameOnIt says:

      Be realistic, they’ve won all they can already, what’s the incentive to take less to win more. Bear in mind athlete’s careers are short-lived, why wouldn’t they want the most money they can get. According to your fantsy, all superstar might as well sign at vet’s min to form super team and sweep every year….

  194. Gillsy says:

    At the moment Bosh looks slow if you can get Love grab it, it gives the team more options and is a better shooter and rebounder.

    • KunJay says:

      omg thank you someone who actually thinks!!Been saying it Kevin Love is a powerhouse a double double machine and a guy who can actually make the 3.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Explain why timberwolves would give up kevin love for bosh and rio, or some of the bench warmers when they have ricky rubio and Kevin Love is developing into a star, meanwhile Bosh is getting old and not getting any better. Keep dreaming miami wont get kevin love.

  195. Lmacktwo says:

    They do not need a broke leg center like Oden. He will never be healty don’t waste your momey Pat Riley go after Dalembert i said it before he got drafted that he was going to have knee problems and never play a full season because most people don’t know this but he had knee problems before and while he was at Ohio State Keep Bosh get rid of some of the contracts you got on the bench not playing and get a center that been out of the league because of knee problems

  196. james says:

    2013 finals was awesome spurs suprise me they were better then expected spurs have best coach & loyal players #1 franchise in NBA alot of great NBA players from around the league
    millions dollars pay cuts justs to play for heat . miami,s great team yea but i like spurs greatness 20 years together heat will last around 5 years & fade away & the way spurs look now they be great another 20 years

    • Jayye says:

      We don’t know that we aww saw how fast the lakers faded away so don’t think San Antonio won’t

  197. Trade Bosh says:

    Get rid of Bosh. Look at what he does or rather what he likes to do – shoot. Miami have players for that. What they need is a true centre to lock down the paint! trade Bosh for a young centre and pick up a young talented SG to come off the bench. The current SG’s are getting old and you need to build a sustainable team that will win multiple championships.

  198. Warden says:

    Keep Bosh, and just sign Samuel Dalembert. Nice big man, can rebound, and score a few points. He averaged a double-double with the sixers in 07-08 season. Miluakee didn’t use him well at all after his 35 point explosion, they just put him on the bench during the playoffs.

  199. pain@18 says:

    Trading cb is clearly not an option. Just add a good center and let cb play the position where he is more comfortable. The reason he is scoreless is bcoz he concentrated more on defense which the heat put on bosh’s shoulders to guard td. Put some on decent to handle 5 and he can be a scoring threat again..

    • showbaba says:

      @ Paine: you made a good sense. Most of those people saying trade Bosh are not Miami fans many don’t even know how these guys play together. Because of Bosh coaches were force to make unnecessary adjustments because he can stay centre or go out to shoot and that draws their centre away from protecting the rim. You see the adjustments with Inidanna and SA. How many centre in the league can play PF position? Pat Riley knows the best he would not even entertain that useless thought for one seconds.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        I dunno, I could see pat riley giving up CB if they found a deal that is worth while.. I can tell from LeBrons body language that he was sick of bosh’s low effort, flat footed, watching rebounds go over his head type effort in some of those games. I mean when he made those huge plays down the stretch in game 6 and made that block on danny green the only people that went up to bosh when he had his hands up was birdman for a quick hi5 and rashard lewis. LeBron went straight to d-wade to give him a big hug even though d-wade did nothing in OT that game lmao.

    • CBstays says:

      I totally agree with you. CB is very important to Heat and it is absolutely important that he stays in Miami Heat. The things he does are not necesarily apparent but he is hell of a player and will stay in Miami Heat

  200. from Serbia says:

    I couldn’t agree more about need for a good center. So, how about Nikola Pekovic? Although he is nor very attractive to watch, he can record more that 10 rebounds per game and also provide more than 10 points per game. What’s ur view on this ?

    • Alex says:

      Excellent idea. Pekovic is extremely efficient. Great rebounder and a good scorer. Although his deffence is not very good.

    • KunJay says:

      Guys guys….Kevin Love..enough said.

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        You really think timberwolves will give up Kevin Love a talented, strong young up and coming center for an aging, weak chris bosh and maybe rio, when they already have ricky rubio? I can’t see it happening, what I can see though is them giving up nikola pekovic for bosh which I doubt miami would be willing to do that trade.

  201. Bob says:

    The chemistry is great on the current Heat team…. but, that BIG hole in the center almost cost them this series. (I like what Sekou said about being used by Noah, Hibbert, and Duncan, the Heat couldn’t handle the position all through the playoffs) I would say it is common sense to urgently get a big man. They have last years draft pick in Europe for grooming, but I don’t know if Hamilton is the answer right now. Trading Bosh for Cousins would mean more cap money for other needs. I think Cousins has an un-Heatly attitude, but the leadership on this team could be a positive. That kid has all the tools, but needs to be in a better program (Sorry, King’s fans).
    The Heat had to fight like hell to get this Championship. For certain, they are going to get the best available Center for next year. A young scorer would be a good investment, as well.

  202. fvhdfh says:

    I miss the 80’s and 90’s when the league was actually good the heat managing 3 championships in 4 years is really nothing since they have to get through the bulls and the pacers and one of the west teams, thats it. You don’t even need a .500 record in the east to make the playoffs.

    • KunJay says:

      Yea the league was very good in the 90’s man, the Bulls winning 6 championships in 8 years, setting 72 game winning record yea very balanced league man…LOLZ what a homer.

  203. Kazim says:

    it depends on Bosh’s choice. I guess the wasted bodies of LBJ and Wade would prefer him leave. Ömer Aşık would be perfect fit for Miami if Bosh leaves. Solid center. No need to share the ball with him during offence.

  204. Alex says:

    Chris Bosh should stay. Can’t affect the chemistry. But he must find a way to get better, to grab more boards, to fight more down low, to bulk up, to be way more aggressive. But a Chris Bosh – Kevin Love trade doesn’t sound bad at all. Kevin Love is golden. But except that trade CB should be kept. They should get a center. Oden is kind of a gamble, and I don’t know what’s left out there that we could afford.

  205. D says:

    I miss the 90’s when they had so many good centers in the league like Olajuwan, Shaq, Robinson, Ewing, Mourning, Mutombo…. Duncan and KG used to play at 4 but now they are considered as centers. kinda sad

  206. Rocky says:

    What does Bosh do for the heat?
    – cant rebound
    – cant post up
    – cant defend big men
    – cant defend in the perimeter
    – likes to sit behind the line and wait for lebron to spoon-feed him open threes

    And they call this a power forward? This is exactly how Rashard Lewis plays, except rashard can actually MAKE 3-pointers. Bosh is the weak link in this team. an unnecessary appendix. he doesnt actually harm his team directly, but doesnt exactly help them either. Heat need a real big man, and if they have to cut Bosh, i think it would be for the better.

    • emilsban says:

      yes indeed

    • Derp says:

      1) People say Bosh CANT rebound because the ECF and Finals, he went against Hibbert, & West, then Duncan & Splitter.
      That’s not exactly fair considering his main position is 4 and you expect him to rebound against 7 foot guys or just strong guys.
      If you focus on those two serious, of course he would seem useless

      2) Posting up isn’t his move or technique, he’s suppose to OPEN UP the lane by sitting AWAY from the basket so Wade and James can drive in

      3) It’s known that he cant defend big men because lets face it, he’s pretty thin compared to the league’s top 4’s and 5’s

      4) He’s a lot faster and longer than most of the 4’s and 5’s out there and he did block Parker when he had to.

      5) Like #2, he sits behind the line or near it because he can hit the shot and his defender will have to sit next to him and that will open up the lane.

      Nice job, you got 1 point right, when is known because that’s Miami’s weakness. Good talk.

    • STFU IDIOT says:

      bosh spreads the floor and sacrifices night in and night out, spolstra says bosh is the most important player on the roster, whenever lebron and wade dont play bosh dominates, he can rebound, but he isnt positioned to rebound, he can score and create his shot, but he flows with the offense, you people make me sick with the low level of thought you actually put into your comments, bosh is the ultimate peice to running a small ball system, and also his defense is jarrasicly underated

    • skincrawler says:

      Don’t forget Bosh next year will earn 19 million plus. That would pay for two quality big men. Heat can no longer afford Bosh who earns as much as LBJ and Wade.

  207. cesar says:

    We all know the miami’s weaknes is the Center Position, The Only Solution is Riley Must Sign a Big Center Like Greg Oden … Release Joel Anthony and James Jones for Caps Space.. thats It.. that will be the key for Threepeat..

    • emilsban says:

      trade mari chalmers, joel anthony, james jones to get an excelent center then they can be champion again.

      • Derp says:

        Keep Rio and get rid of lewis, he didn’t do much but Rio can come up big from time to time

  208. Benjie says:

    Put bird man in the Center position.
    Chris bosh in PF
    Lebron in SF
    Wade in SG
    Chalmers as PG
    Shane battier ,ray Allen,Norris cole,mike miller,
    Substitute for birdman Joel Anthony .
    10 men rotation – 7 players capable of shooting high percentage 3 pointers.
    Like everybody say if ain’t broke don’t fix it.
    Wade will return next season more aggressive as his getting a good summer rest for his knee.
    Conclusion 3 peat.

  209. Michael says:

    The smart $ is that the Star’s “Big-Three”
    will agree to take
    pay cut to stay together and create cap space
    for supporting cast. $12 million a piece is a
    real good number because regardless
    of how good one player is it takes a team.
    Keep the core, reduce cost, add new pieces.
    New big man, more sharp shooters.

  210. ISBABOON says:

    C’mon just one more year till there contract expired surely i doubt they’ll break them apart. And again just want to emphasis “If its not broken, Why Fix it?” They just won a championship for crying out loud the media again overacting. Winning a Championship is not a walk in the park that you’ll just blow by any opponent especially in the post season, that is how competitive the NBA is, believe me the HEAT is fine the way they are especially the big 3. Congrats HEAT 1 more year as champions

    • dhk says:

      One more year til they can opt out, not until the end of their contracts. They are there for two more seasons unless they decide to leave.

  211. MiamiHeat123 says:

    get Wade play as a PG, Ray Allen as a SG, trade Chalmers to get a Center

    • penguinmonkey says:

      that would be the worst defensive backcourt in the nba and they would get tore up even jimmer fredette would school that backcourt. if they did that they would lose. as a heat fan u have no sensibility. lebron is out of this world. and he is the only good player on that team. but he cant do everything

      • mciej says:

        If James is only good player on championship team what does that say about all other teams… lmao

  212. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Damn …. Bosh HAS MADE THE BIGGEST SACRIFICE and has clearly the SMALLEST ego of the Big 3. Yes, Wade and James are more talented, but Bosh accepted to sacrifice the most because the two others wouldn’t accept that much for sure!!! Bosh is a team player and proved it all along.
    Everybody criticized him. I remember: people said why you can’t get the rebounds??? He can but he doesn’t need to get the rebounds always… And from the time he was again asked this question in the Finals (after game 1 loss), he posted double figure rebounds in all games except in game 5 (6) and game 7 while being in foul trouble (7). Still, he was clutch!!!

    People need to wake up: without Bosh, no title at all. Give him the credit he is due.


      Agreed! Don’t pay any attention to people posing as wanting the best interest of the Heat. The want to sabotage the Heat and stop the Dynasty. Bosh, Shane, Mario, Miller, Cole, Everyone stays if anything bring in a Center cause that cant hurt. Heat all day!

  213. Senseless. Just brin a center to miami. Bosh is the man in Miami.He plays as 4.
    By the way I think if they keep the roster 3 or 4 years more they will be right because if you see behinh in history Lakers 2000 2003 stayed together. Bulls 91 93 same case.
    Bulls 94 98 same case. It´s senseless let go Bosh from Miami.

  214. islander says:

    also Ray Allen, Miller, and Haslem went 0-9, and nobody would say a word. So, for me is not fair to criticize Bosh

  215. oryan87 says:

    Need a better PG, Chalmers is to inconsistent and Bosh needs to slide back to the 4, gotta get somebody with some size to protect the basket and get at least ten plus Boards a game something Bosh cannot do. Birdmans a great energy guy off the bench as a backup, maybe lose Joel Anthony, Chalmers, Shane Battier, Lewis and Jones. Or Trade Bosh, its not a big 3 if one of them puts up a Donut in a game 7 thats terrible. GO HEAT!!


      LMAO! You Idiots that want to get rid of Big Shot Mario are not Heat fans so your opinions don’t count. Keep everyone! We are back to back Champions and Mario is very important to the Heat DNA.

    • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

      Typical fan that knows nothing. Looks at bosh’s 0 points and thinks he did nothing for the team, if he hadn’t guarded tim duncan or got those rebounds in game 6 who would have? Without bosh miami wouldn’t have a championship right now. I’m not saying they dont need a different bigman but dumb fans like you only look at points.

    • jetong1983 says:

      this should not be a discussion…miami is a team that compliments each skills, if one has a bad night the other plays damn well good. same thing with the case of rio, wen lbj or dwade are having a bad night rio goes for a scoring outburst(as well as crucial shots on crunch time)…..mike and rayray had a terrible night in game7 then shane stepped up. those are good examples abt this team. this kinda of topics should be put to trash.

  216. islander says:

    Bosh made the ultimate sacrifice for the team. He was trying to stop by himself the best PF all time, and he did, but went to foul trouble (5 foul, only played 27 min. 7 rebounds.) And was out of rhythm, made only 5 shots, and stop trying for the benefit of the team. Every body criticize him, but he deserve as much credit as Lebron or Wade…nobody is 9 time all star been lucky. Remember people in regular season him carrying the team against San Antonio…Wade had made space for Lebron, Bosh had made space for both!!! The media should recognize that…

    • Mitra says:

      I completely agree. Heat should come up with a better plan to utilize CB who executed some brilliant plays and made sacrifices in the process. Moreover, a few things that I noticed over the season are:

      1. Heat is not consistently good against attacking point-guard.

      2. They do not have a good point-guard as well.

      3. Their free-throw shooting is sometimes very disappointing

      4. Their perimeter shooting is terrible at times. In a very close match, you have to come up with sharp shooting (may be half-court or perimeter)

      LBJ provided substantial coverage for the deficiency in the line-up. As the gap is now closing between Heat and Pacers, between Heat and Bull (with the arrival of Rose, I guess Bull will be a different and much improved team).

      Heat must give a serious look at its cast especially point-guard.


      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Seriously? You think the heat need to get a different point guard rather than a big man? Did you even watch the playoffs?


      Agreed! Bosh is a great player, and its not easy to gaurd Duncan ask Dwight Howard. He is very important to the Heat.

    • mangkanor says:

      for the amount they are paying Bosh they can get a cheaper better player……

      you talk about chemistry if you haven’t forget they added 3 players this year Allen/Birdman/Lewis

      adding a couple of players that are willing to sacrifice for the team won’t affect that chemistry but it can even make the team better

  217. Patty says:



      @ Lebron iZ DeezD
      June 22, 2013 at 11:19 am
      I don’t foresee Riley breaking up the chemistry of the Big 3 nor him finding a suitable hardworking/unselfish player like bosh to fit this team. Changes do need to be made, 3peat is forthcoming!!!


      I couldn’t agree more with this comment. They won 2 Straight! First year they didn’t they could have, but they didn’t have the chemistry, egos were an issue. They don’t have that issue anymore, Despite Bosh not getting his numbers ,he did so many other things well and accepted his role for the last 2 years. He’s proven that he can come up big when he needs to when Lebron or Dwane are injured. I believe bosh can be better next year, yes, if he plays his natural position. Move him to the bench like the spurs did with Manu, guarantee you’ll see a Threepeat.

      Add another person, and risk destroying the already good chemistry, you risk having another year 1.


      • Peso says:

        they didnt win that first year because Dirk was unstoppable and JET was trash talking like the second coming of reggie miller, gary payton, kevin garnett and them…lol

        Dirk punched his ticket to the Hall of Fame in those Finals and proved to be 1 of best international players of all time

  218. Patty says:





      Like Miami will take advice from its biggest Hater! You want the Heat to lose so your advice should be ignored. I say get a true center but definately keep Bosh! Miami shouldn’t mess with sucess! Heat nation stand up! We are the world Champions.

    • Kei says:

      I guess Kobe was loved by his teamates when he threw all of them under the bus.

    • jetong1983 says:

      sira ulo ka pala e! trade chalmers?….gago!

  219. Lebron iZ DeezD says:

    I don’t foresee Riley breaking up the chemistry of the Big 3 nor him finding a suitable hardworking/unselfish player like bosh to fit this team. Changes do need to be made, 3peat is forthcoming!!!

  220. Oscar says:

    Bosh seriously cant play center position. He can make jump shoots, even shoot some 3s. He cant control his board very well like other center : roy, duncan etc.

  221. hopeless says:

    if pat riley releases bosh i hope okc will get him to replace perkins

  222. Federer says:

    Heard roumors about Oden signing with Miami. That would solve all their problems, putting back Bosh to his natural 4 spot. If this happens, they will win next year. But they need a true center anyhow. Not necessarily offensively, but defensively. Bosh can hit the three, so the spacing is no problem…

    • Pakyaw says:

      Don’t fix , if its not broke… 2 out 3 in the finals..

      • John says:

        Yes but we need to pray for nor danny granger for pacers, and no healthy Chicago bulls

      • Game Time says:

        @John, Miami beat the Bulls at their best when Miami was at it’s worse as a team. Pacers also were taken out with Grainger. I don’t see either teams as problems for Miami. The biggest issue next year will be health.

    • Eli. Odell J. says:

      are ya serious? get oden? the guy who’s been outta the league for years and never even played 82 games in his whole career to fix their problems? the guy who werent close to an allstar WHEN HE WAS THERE? the guy that aint yet said he’s even comin outta retirement?
      THAT ODEN?!?
      are ya jokin?
      come now

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        Its not like miami will be asking for 20-10 from him.. All he need to do is fill the paint, grab some rebounds and play D.

  223. MiamiChamps says:

    Bosh is not a center,coach spo must make a different lineup next season. Make birdman as a center and bosh as a power forward.

    • Vidzas says:

      Are you joking? Birdman fouls so bad, that he only can play ~20min. Well, Heat made most of the runs when they were playing small (with Bosh as center).

      • AM says:

        Heat made most of ther runs with birdman on the floor and Bosh on the bench

      • isiah thomas says:

        Lebron will play 4 no matter what. So you either get a new c and trade Bosh or u play Bosh at 5. Lebron excels at 4, not 3.

      • John says:

        We need a C. Plain and simple.
        Whether it’s Bosh needs to be gone or lure someone in the free agency like Shane and Ray, that depends on Riley.
        But I don’t see us going against a healthy Bulls and Pacers next year without a true center

      • \Viktor says:

        pfffff, no problem.. 20 minutes..let 2nd center from the bench play another 30.. but Andersen good enough to play more, 25 min)))

      • Chris says:

        Miami wins 27 games straight, best record in the NBA, wins the NBA finals against the 4 ringed Tim Duncan’s and his Spurs (A defiant hall of famer ), all with Chris Bosh playing PF-C… and we are talking trading?
        Yes (The Heat) need a true centre that can run the floor…and yes Bosh laid an egg (0) being guarded by one of the G.O.A.T. PFs in game 7! …trading Chris Bosh would be a bad move, he spreads the floor, giving Lebron more room to work in the post, plus messing with team chemistry is always a bad move. Mama always says, if it aint broke don’t fix it.

    • atafj says:

      id rather see bron play center

      • WOW says:

        Bron gets murdered down there when he has to defend big PFs like gasol, why would they want to waste lebrons energy on defense? like I dont know if LBJ fans are just dumb or think he is god lol

      • LOST? says:

        The league have no really many true Centers, so as long as Miami grind series and win; guys should stay put. Even Pacers coach took Hibbert out last series to match Miami small lineup; so, make teams adjust to their gameplay and not change yours. Play small.

      • \Viktor says:


    • mangkanor says:

      here is what you guys don’t see

      coach spo use Bosh as center so LBJ can have it easier

      most PF are slow giving LBJ advantage

      this makes other teams do a cross match and cause confusion at times.

      how many times you’ve seen guards left alone against LBJ/Bosh/Birdman?

    • jetong1983 says:

      this makes sense….U.D as backup for the 4 then the miami folks must look for a cheap defensive backup C this off-season

  224. Tony says:

    Make Bosh play harder or get another PF. And Spo, please, don’t play him at center, it’s not his position, he proved not to be ready to face bigger and stronger centers… just watch the series against the Pacers.

    • J says:

      finally someone who knows he is a PF not C

      • Brismar oliveros says:

        Bosh is weak anyways

      • Brismar oliveros says:

        Heat got lucky ray allen didnt believe he made that three pointer

      • showbaba says:

        Without the contributions of the big 3 Miami can’t get to game 7. Period. The efforts of Bosh in game 6 and 7 are more valuable than him scoring and Miami losing.

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        Bosh is their most important player most nights

        finals game 7 being an exception, the heat tend to lose when bosh plays poorly and they win when he plays well. And they won alot this season, so i’m gonna say he’s worth it.

    • they’ll be getting Greg Oden next year so it’s not a problem for them….they’ll be buying another championship…but guess what…Derrick Rose and Danny Granger will be back next year…

      • AK47 says:

        question is, could greg oden be healthy enough to make an impact if they do sign him.

      • Kei says:

        More pathetic is the Lakers want to buy a ring this year with d12, nash and Failed.
        Miami destroyed Rose and granger when they are both healthy.

      • WOW says:

        how are the lakers pathetic? they didnt mesh well, dont u remember how miami lost their first year…? DRose and Granger have differetn teams, I think they will give the heat a run for their money

      • LOST? says:

        Miami got to the NBA Finals on their first year together and only lost, because LeBron shock against Dallas. Same thing he almost did against the Spurs on the first 3 games.

      • \Viktor says:

        both guys mean nothing,xaxa,especially Granger

      • Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

        @WOW … Yeah but at least miami made it to the playoffs, or I mean the FINALS.. Lakers didnt even make it to the playoffs lmao.

    • \Viktor says:

      wowow wow.. stop..enough.. Who is weak? that guy just teared duncun off.. check #7 game,marvelous defence. BOSH BEAT BEST PF OF NEW CENTURY…if he can play D against Duncan, he can everything..

      • Danny says:

        You must know nothing about basketball. 37 year old Duncan man handled bosh down low all series.On the other end, all bosh did was shoot jumpers. Making a few blocks on splitter and smaller guards doesnt make him an amazing defender. If you know anything about Big Man basketball you know bosh played weak all series. This year, Bosh has just been a good player not great. For a single season, I would still take a 37 year old Duncan or a David West over Bosh. This is something the Heat have to seriously think about this offseaon

    • bazooom! says:

      i personally think if they have center on their team! their pace will be slow =\ dont ya think?

      • E-SY says:

        First sensible comment! A dominant big man doesn’t only make the team slow, it also shuts down the paint. And for Wade and James, the paint is crucial.

        If they trade Bosh, trade him for another descent 4. There are better power forwards for less money; Kevin Love is an option with his rebounds and 3’s. He can work in defense and keep the paint clear in offense. Such a player is what the Heat should look for. In the meanwhile keep Andersen; that lunatic will give up everything to try and stop any big guy and he is capable of at least frustrating big men all around the league. Let him play the 5 spot.

        Everybody is talking about the weaknesses of Miami and how they where exposed by Hibbert and Duncan, but that’s also their strength. Let the big men play a little less contested, but work hard on the perimeter so the opponent has a hard time getting things going by their guards. And that’s where teamplay starts; not at the 5.

    • realist says:

      i love how ppl forgot how big a part he is to this team. i hate the miami heat but ppl r always trying to bash on bosh. year one, bosh, wade and lebron scored 85-90% of the heats points. year 2, bosh was great but got injured before or during playoffs, i dont remember, but came back in what, game 5 or 6 against boston or indiana, again my memory is a little vague when it comes to this team, and changed the series and was a huge factor against okc. year 3, he struggles in the playoffs but made big plays when it counted, example OT game 6 of finals, even though it was non called foul, and everybody is ready for him to go. i think its hilarious because just like the bandwagon jumping miami heat fans there is no loyalty to anybody on the team but lebron. i say that because i have even heard ppl saying to trade wade. all ready to jump ship from the person that first brought them a championship to a fake saviour that had to jump ship because he was scared of the challenge in cleveland. one day ppl will realize that he did that because he only cares about his own ego. he is trying to take a shortcut to multiple rings because in his mind he thinks that will make him better than jordan. tha sad thing is it never will though. jordan will always be the best. he did it college and then the nba. lebron came staright from highschool and ran from his first challenge. i think bosh should leave this team because i think his play is being over shadowed by the biggest shadow in the league. he was dominant with the raptors because he was the man on the team. he is just a joke here in miami because they want him to play center and the fans are so quick to give up on him. i dont htink wade a nd bosh really thought how much they were giving up to play with lebron. they threw away their own legacies for his and the funny thing he does not even have one anymore. almost every major hall of fame stayed with their original teams to finally win the big one. some of the others changed teams later in their careers to try to win one and many stayed with their original team and never won one but stuck it out. lebron already bailed on his original team early in his career. he is great player ppl but he onluy cares about himself. wake up and realize that. you can see as walks around thinking king james means he is really a king. without lebron being teamed up with wade and bosh he would go nowhere. look at the finals. if wade did not step up his game do you think miami would have won. hell no, because wade and lebron scored most of their points. miami is a fake team and its going to catch up to them. this was their final year in the finals, so enjoy.

      • Anonymous says:

        You sure you hate the heat? You were rather emotional

      • srvhendrix says:

        So shaq did not leave the Orlando Magic to get a ring. Clyde did not leave portland to get a ring. Not one players wins it by themselves and not one all star in their prime wanted to play in Cleveland with Lebron. Will he be as good as Jordan, NO. But you cannot hate on the man for doing the one thing that every player should want to do and that is win championships. Kareem won one with the Bucks and realized that he would have a golden opportunity with the Lakers and won there. Just recognize that he is the best in the game