Right & Wrong: King James Earns Title


The Miami Heat got the repeat and LeBron James is the undeniable king of the court.

Like it or not, the Heat, established in 2010 to pile on titles, have played for one in each of their three seasons together and they’ve won the last two. It hasn’t been a cakewalk. They’ve been tested along the way and even they acknowledge that their 2013 foe, the San Antonio Spurs, afforded the Heat new life when they couldn’t close out Game 6. For the immortal Tim Duncan, coach Gregg Popovich, the rest of the Spurs and their legion of die-hard fans in South Texas,  94-89 with 28 ticks to the title will be tough to reconcile.

But give the Heat their due. Dwyane Wade put his bad wheel behind him and came to play. Shane Battier brushed off a brutal first five games with two high-impact performances, going 9-for-12 from beyond the arc. His 6-for-8 night in Game 7, making his first five, offset a strange scoreless game for Chris Bosh, Ray Allen and Mike Miller.

And finally, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, 42 years old, has earned two championships. He made an adjustment to his starting lineup, sat Battier along the way, benched veteran Heat stalwart Udonis Haslem as well as Chris “Birdman” Andersen, who was so integral in the East finals. He used James to defend Tony Parker at just the right times and ultimately Spoelstra matched the wily Popovich step-for-step through seven wild games.

For one last time, here’s a look at what went right and what went wrong in one of the most riveting NBA Finals in years.

Right: LeBron’s fourth Finals started slowly with 18, 17 and 15 points in the first three games, and again the criticism came hot and heavy: Not assertive enough; needs to score more; no killer instinct. Wrong, wrong and wrong. He scored no fewer than 25 in the next four games and at least 32 in three. His Games 6 and 7 totals: 69 points, 22 rebounds, 15 assists and five steals. Yes, his two turnovers at the end of a brilliant fourth quarter in Game 6 looked to be the start of a long summer of LeBron bashing, but his 3-pointer helped to save the day as the Spurs collapsed in those final 28 seconds. He was sensational in Game 7 with 37 points — that included five 3-pointers as the Spurs dared him to shoot it — and 12 rebounds. The four-time regular-season MVP deserved his second Finals MVP averaging 25.3 ppg, 10.9 rpg and 7.9 apg.

Wrong: Duncan waited six grueling years to get back to the Finals for a shot at a fifth championship. He had never before swallowed defeat and the bitter taste of this loss will linger. Game 6 will burn for a long time, but so will the short running hook he missed with 48.9 seconds left with a chance to tie the game, and the ensuing tip that wouldn’t go. Back at the defensive end, Duncan slapped the floor in disgust and moments later James drilled an open jumper to make it 92-88 Heat with 27.9 seconds to go. He wouldn’t get another shot opportunity. At 37, Duncan had a phenomenal season and a terrific playoffs. His 30 points and 17 rebounds in Game 6 should have been enough to seal the deal and his 24 points, 12 rebounds and four steals in Game 7 proved he has plenty left to go for it again.

Right: Bad knee and all, Wade left the drama behind and just balled. In the final three games, Wade put up two double-doubles with 25 points and 10 assists in Game 5 and 23 points and 10 rebounds in Game 7 that included a critical first-half onslaught of 14 points and six rebounds.

Wrong: Wade’s counterpart, Manu Ginobili, had his one shining moment in Game 5, but otherwise struggled through a regrettable Finals and postseason. Not that he didn’t put it all out there because Ginobili knows no other way to play. He battled through the good and bad in Game 7 to post 18 points and five assists, but he had four more turnovers to give him 12 in the last two games. All four came in the final quarter and the last one, a wild drive ending in an errant pass with 23.8 seconds to go ended all hope.

Right: Popovich hasn’t been shy about tabbing second-year forward Kawhi Leonard as the future face of the Spurs franchise, and now the world knows why. Leonard, who valiantly took on the unenviable task of guarding James, was everywhere in Games 6 and 7, amassing 41 points, 17 rebounds and four steals. He missed a crucial free throw late in Game 6, but the San Diego State product’s future is extremely bright. As Popovich said after Game 7: “Leonard is a star in the making.”

Wrong: Tony Parker and Danny Green suffered unthinkable free-falls that the Spurs ultimately could not overcome. Parker didn’t use the Grade 1 strain of his hamstring as an excuse and he really couldn’t because he went 10-for-14 from the floor for 26 points in Game 5. But in Games 6 and 7, Parker went 9-for-35, including 6-for-23 in Game 7. In the Spurs’ four losses, Parker shot 32.3 percent (21-for-65). Green was having a storybook Finals, knocking down 25-for-38 from 3-point range through the first five games. He set a new Finals record for most 3-pointers made and he was shooting for the record for most 3s in any playoff series. But the well dried up as the Heat applied great pressure. Green went 2-for-11 from beyond the arc in the final two games. In the first five games he made three, four, five, six and seven 3-pointers. In the last two, he made one in each. After three games he was the leading scorer in the Finals and through five games he had scored no fewer than 10 points. In Games 6 and 7 he scored eight combined.

Right: Mario Chalmers doesn’t always get the job done, which is why Spoelstra occasionally benched the point guard, but the Heat aren’t celebrating today without his gutsy play in Games 6 and 7. Chalmers totaled 13 points on 4-for-19 shooting and 25.3 mpg in the middle three games in San Antonio. In the final two games he totaled 34 points on 13-for-26 shooting and 41.5 mpg while outplaying Parker. He proved especially crucial in Game 6 with 20 points that included 4-for-5 from beyond the arc.

Wrong: Popovich has earned the respect he receives, but it doesn’t mean he’s beyond reproach. He made strategic decisions late in Games 6 and 7 that didn’t work out and Popovich should explain those moves when asked. That’s how this business works. Late in both games, Popovich put the ball in the hands of the turnover-prone Ginobili instead of Parker, who was taken out of the game for a late possession in Game 6 and was sitting on the bench in Game 7 with 27.9 seconds to go and the Spurs with the ball trailing by four. Ginobili drove, got caught in the air under the basket and tossed an awful pass that was easily intercepted by James. It was Ginobili’s fourth turnover of the fourth quarter. Parker, who was having a rough night shooting, no doubt, is typically quite secure with the ball and had two turnovers all game. After the game, Popovich was asked by a San Antonio reporter why Parker was not in the game: “Because that’s what I decided to do,” Popovich answered. The reporter followed up: “Can you elaborate on that?” Popovich said: “No.” It seems Spurs fans have the right to understand why their All-Star point guard was sitting at the most critical juncture of the season. Even if the coach has earned the benefit of the doubt.


  1. Timothy Bladel says:

    Anybody with a brain knows the Heat didn’t win this, the refs won this for them. The NBA is a full court corrupted enterprise. Period.

  2. JordanJames says:

    Haters gonna hate forever!!!

    As the author says, “it hasn’t been a cakewalk”.

    Superstars team… superstars team… superstars team…

    Don’t forget the Lakers have kobe Dwight gasol artest nash and Jamison but did not have the chemistry all throughout the season. Not all the superstars teams got the title, it’s not automatic! Remember the Lakers with Malone and payton, the rockets with barkley… People forget to credit the whole organization especially the team builder like Pat Riley and the coaching staff. It’s not all about the players guys… Sometimes it’s about the people who motivate, train and discipline these players whether a superstar or a role player.

    This is all I can say to the haters… better luck next season… We do hope that your team management is as good as the Heat management so you will have a shot a the title LOL

  3. just sayin' says:

    Did anyone also notice what happened in game 1 and game 7 were kinda similar? In both games, the score was 88-90 in favor of the winning team and then that team’s best player score on a jumper to seal their fate? Game 1 was that so sloppy yet remarkable shot of Parker, meanwhile in Game 7 it was the beautiful jumper by the MVP LeBron. Although the final score were different, it was because of those shots that ultimately put their opponents away.

  4. Fefe (Nets) says:

    @ DMC: I want to agree with nearly everything you said; but can’t. Just because it’s not the truth. Yes, they can blame only themselves for that meltdown at the end of regulation in Game 6 – but let’s be HONEST: two critical, season-turning calls were not…called in OT! You can tell me “oh but they had a chance in game 7 to prove etc” but that’s B.S.! Ok, they made mistakes in regulation for the last 28 seconds, but why does we go to overtime? Because we need a winner, and it means each team has a chance to win. So, in OT, that was the key moment. And that key moment was “stolen” cuz of two missed calls – not due to Miami players, but due to bad ref. And IT DID CHANGE the course of the Finals and certainly the winner.

  5. Fefe (Nets) says:

    And about Kawhi Leonard: it’s not because most of the NBA world and the basketball fans did not look at Leonard before that NOBODY knew he was that good and had the potential for being a star!!!
    I remember before the 2011 Draft, he was “the” guy I wanted! He was predicted to be picked around 8-12. I was just hoping he was falling (every year you have good players falling in the draft) to my Nets team, i wanted him so much to be in my Nets team! But he was picked at 15 I think by Indiana (then went to SA after the trade that involved Hill if i remember).
    I knew his potential even if many discovered it only now! So, NO: some people knew (including SA)!
    Same goes for my feel for Westbrook, Wade and Lillard (most notably).

  6. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Dam.n it has been only a few days and nobody is talking about the fact that Game 6 was a robbery! Not by the Heat players (who just played) but by the refs!!!! Yes, first there was a collapse of SA and a valliant effort of Miami to make the game go to OT. But when the score was 101-100 in OT – Ginobili was clearly fouled (by Allen + Andersen!) sorry but even before his multiple steps!!! And Danny Green’s 3: Bosh’ hustle was huge and his hand was clean on the ball, but he still fouled (his whole body well on Danny’s!!):!!!!! Sorry but let’s not forget that and bury it with time. Let’s not forget it was a robbery!
    Game 7 was won by Miami, nothing to argue with – but there shouldn’t have been one!

    And I’m not even a James Hater (i have his jersey), just hate that teams like Miami are favored and critical calls missed!! turning the Heat from loosers to champions!

  7. DMC says:

    In 2005 when Robert Horry hit that last second 3, the Pistons had the game wrapped up. It’s the same situation as game 6 this year except the Spurs were the victims of their own lackadaisical defense just as the Pistons were when they sagged off the hottest 3pt shooter in that game. Spur fans seemed to accept that as being a great thing for SA, but somehow when it happens to them because of a series of stacked errors by players and coaches, sprinkled with some hindsight not available to the coaches at decision making time, it must be a conspiracy or a cheat. Well, get over yourself SA fans. Your team had an opportunity to win a ring in another season where the best talent in the West was sidelined for other reasons. You got past Phoenix in 2007 because of a crazy set of circumstances and easily swept an upstart Cleveland Lebron James team. This season Russell Westbrook goes down and you get Memphis in the WCF round. Granted, you had the gold ring within your grasp but you guys are the 1st to say “play 48 minutes’. You played 47 minutes and 32 seconds. That’s why you lost. Your coach made the exact same mistake that Frank Vogel made, he sat his best big and allowed the Heat to rum amok on the boards and in the paint. That’s not a normal Pop move and it will be critiqued for decades, but that’s what it is. No one owes you anything. You didn’t win the ring, people have come closer and lost. You were up at one point in the game but then you were up at one point in game 7 as well and you lost. That’s where you lost the ring, in game 7. You had a 48 minute redo and couldn’t get it done. Don’t blame that on a 28 second stretch of play. You can find any of the other 3 games you lost and blame those just as easily.

  8. jimmy says:

    Who fix better for the Spurs, Monta Ellis or Devon Harris?

    You prefer Gallinari or Iguodala for the Spurs?

    Millsap or Josh Smith?

  9. Remy says:

    Sure one of the best finals in many years. Sure very frustrating for the Spurs. And it would be wrong just to praise the champs. We all know, the Spurs were seconds from winning the Title in came six. But at the end of game 6, the Heat were standing strong. Not much different in game 7….. the Spurs were seconds away to tie the game, or even win the title. Yet again, the Heat flipped the “Turbo Switch” again.
    Bottom line, the Heat were the better team, after all, not by far.

    Congrats to the Heat, and congrats to the Spurs too

  10. jimmy says:

    I have the confident in my heart, that Spurs Managers Office will find the right pieces to complement the actual roster.

    I hope to see a better Manu back next year in the Silver & Black, is just not fair to end up his great career like this.

    Next year will be even tougher, but Spurs now have a real purpose, a pending issue to be fixed.

    This Championship will always be remembered as the Championship that Spurs drop, rather than the Championship that Heat beat the Spurs…

    Keep pounding the rock! Go Spurs Go!!!

  11. Los Angeles Losers says:

    Ray allen saved Lebron’s legacy.. True or False?
    A big TRUE!!! 🙂

    • What You Smokin? says:

      Steve Kerr saved Jordan’s legacy. True or false?
      Pau Gasol saved Kobe’s legacy. True or false?
      Len Bias saved Jordan’s lagacy. Tru or false?

  12. George says:

    I told you the heat would win. I told ya and now we are the champions

  13. erik spoelstra gf is hot says:

    the popovich move is really 50/50.. if miami lost because the spurs went small to contest the three he will be declared a genius.. however it didnt turn out that way.. same with the parker bench.. if manu made the play and miami called time out pops will reinstate parker for the final play however manu made critical error.. so dont criticize the coaches too much because things can go either way…

  14. remyremy185 says:

    Would have could should have… game 6 had it not been for leonards missed foulll shot spurs would have won…. that’s not true .. had Miami got the technical for pops substitution it would have gone into ot either way. TP’s game one fluke shot was just as luck as ray allens three. only given the timing it would seem other wise… but in the end both teams had a certain level of luck… like green’s 3pt run… which was shut down ingame 6 and 7. Both great teams, equally talented if you ask me. but in game 6 and 7 the better team of the night won. and that’s what counts

  15. Spurfan says:

    Kawhi had 27 rebounds in the last two games not 17
    and he’ll be back to grab that trophy next year

  16. littlekoberp says:

    Why is it all the Rights goes to Miami and all the Wrongs to Spurs. This article is so biased and unfair. Clearly shows the reporter is a Heat fan.

  17. J says:

    terrific article!!!

  18. benjie says:

    last team standing congratulation to the miami heat -Took them 7 games to beat indiana and took them 7 games to take the championship trophy.
    once lebron james is playing on his level and dwade got 20 or more points with 10 + rebounds they are unbeatable.
    The dynamic duo is the key to there perfect recipe.give credit to wade who is playing with a bad knee,if he was playing healthy it would have been a deferent series.
    the plus side is the spurs just clog the paint and let miami shoot 3s. which to me is deadly. wade and lebron didnt have to penetrate and yet they have uncontested 3s or if contested a practice shoot with a long fake hand.
    this is how spurs was deceive they thought miami will go to drive and penetration mode which gave them to believe that a zone defence is better than man to man defence-thats the downfall for the spurs.

  19. NBAfan says:

    What I saw was two great teams competing hard for the championship…one team came out on top and it was well deserved.

    What I’m seeing now is the NBA and deluded Lebron fans desperate for an MJ of their generation making it all about Lebron.

    Call me old school but no player is bigger than the sport itself, so stop trying please.

    Congratulations Heat! Congratulations Lebron, the best player in the league got even better…scary…but lets talk best ever after a few more years….

  20. Kal says:

    what makes me hate… is these Heaters always talking about haters this and haters that. can they not see this name calling and dogmatic writing off of any contrary opinion or argument or observation or criticism is actually the real hate?

    otherwise, the end of this finals, a day later, has a good feel to me. LeBron, if we are honest and realistic, still has a long way to go before he is up there with Jordan and Kobe… but now that the title hath been defended he does have a lot of time on his side. so, here is to hoping he keeps growing into that heavy crown.

  21. Bu says:

    I have to say without the refs the Heat would not have won 11-12. This yr, refs did it more subtly so I’d say other teams were given a fair chance to compete.

    it was rather strange with Ginobili as he caused the demise of the Spurs. Then you hv to wonder why Pop didn’t use Parker at the critical juncture. Why? Maybe Ginobili is better in getting a shot off with his height adv?

    My point is, if you want to beat the Heat, the way is to grind & really pound on them to create some separation so that you won’t arrive at the cirtical few minutes letting the refs decide. I saw that the Pacers did that relatively well but too flat & a bit arrogant after game 6.

    Spurs did that well too but always get “pulled back” by Ginobili’s senseless unforced turnovers. I wonder what his +/- are.

    • bigwes95 says:

      You basically just pointed out all the reasons the Spurs problems that caused them to lose. Ginobili had 8 turnovers in game 6 and then 4 or 5 in game 7, the refs caused all that? if they all just happened to be charges, bad picks, push offs with elbows, travels, and anything else, then sure the refs got it for the Heat. But if you watch Manu, he had trouble just dribbling the ball it felt like, it was really sad seeing him in that type of state of being a non-factor except in one game.

      parker wasn’t put in because, well I don’t know! The refs can’t tell a coach who to put in, so it a terrible coaching mistake not putting Parker in, so the refs caused that too, I suppose. My point is that the refs didn’t win this one for the Heat. if they did, why did Greene get a record for three’s made in the finals? couldn’t they just call a couple illegal picks right before he got the ball? they could, but didn’t. I guess they also forced Duncan to miss that shot at the end of game 7, or called a travel on him, or a foul on the rebound, or something. But they didn’t.

  22. Jorge says:

    I cannot understand why Popovich did not ordered the spurs to stop the clock and send the Heat to the free throw line when the game 6 was 28 secs to go and Spurs were leading by 5. Had he ordered this, Spurs and Heat would have exchange free throw baskets unless the Heat had decided not to. This way had consumed the clock and the Spurs would have won game 6. Pop was not confident of his free throw shooters? With Greene. Leonard, Parker, Ginnobili and Duncan it seems that this would not had been a problem.

    • bigwes95 says:

      Because if they missed it and the spurs got the rebound, then you’d have at least 4 seconds off and the spurs would get fouled first. If they fouled Miami, then they still have basically all the 28 seconds and the clock stops. And Leonard missed a free throw to put them up by 4, so Pop being nervous about a 22 year old in his first finals taking free throws is understandable. Parker was out of the game, I believe. Maybe that was the end of game 7? Greene was completely out of rhythm, Duncan is a career 69% free throw shooter, Ginobili was just dreadful. But anyways, if Miami was fouled and a certain person on the Heat is automatic (Hi ray Allen!) compared to the Spurs, it’s not really a good idea to me. And if they make free throws to be down by 3 with 28 seconds instead of 5 at 27 seconds, what really seems better?

  23. Look, it took 7 games for the Heat to beat the Spurs. This means that the second best team in the NBA was a team of old men. Gotta give the Spurs credit.

  24. cesar says:

    Fake or Not.. Miami overcome this series and win it.. I hope More improvement to come on the roster.. specialy in Center Position that is always target by opponents of the Heat…Path Riley must work for this in coming days to make the Miami ThreePeat!… congrats again Lebron and Miami Heat

    • justine says:

      Improvement will be very hard… not enough cap space. Allen accepted the Heat offer much less than what Boston offered just to fit into the cap space

  25. SacFan says:

    POP is a great coach but he made some big blunders in this series. If almost any other coach in the league made those decisions they would be wondering if they would still have a job at the end of the summer. Pop does not need to worry though cause he is proven and SA is a great organization that trusts the coach. Not like many other teams we have seen where the teams did the best they have done in a long time and the coach got fired.

  26. celentano says:

    How about that famous Allen’s” big travelling saving shot game 6″? Was that shot fake?Nope.lol

  27. I mean they actually have been beat but not in a playoff series.

    • warren 24 says:

      ^^ Miss the 2011 Finals, did we? let me guess…you seperate playoffs from finals, just so you can say that theyre undefeated right.

  28. vera says:

    The heat deserves it cos they really work hard for this

    • justine says:


      All of us here (haters and bandwagoners, except NBA players if by any chance post their comments here) can comment anything we want…

      But these teams, players go through HELL every season so that we can belt out our oohs… and aahs… and make us shout for joy or sometimes make us cry…

  29. cherub says:

    Game 6 was where this series would of ended. poor mistakes and an overall collapse in the second half. but not only that, there was a player that I saw who I believe could of turned Game 6 and 7 around: Tracy Mcgrady. I really think if he was on the floor last night, I do not believe that James would of faired wel at all. I think Tracy woudl of made a big impact and possibly resurrect his dormant career. Just my opinion.

  30. Larry says:

    one more made free throw by Leonard in game 6 and Ray Allens trey would have been meaningless. the no foul called on Manu late in game 6 was also a downfall.

    • NBA..Fan says:

      Was not a foul. Defender has a right to be somewhere. Cannot just charge into the lane like a runningback. Plus Allen got ball.

    • justine says:

      Foul or no foul BREAKS OF THE GAME are part of the NBA and basketball since forever…

      Great teams and great players forget it and focus on the next play… they move on…

      so MOVE ON!!!

    • Really? says:

      As I recall, Ginobli took 3 steps in the lane…

  31. Ginobili says:

    That name will be stuck in my head for a long time. What a gambler Ginobili was. James was, unfortunately for my hate, very impressive. He gets the praise for a reason with such a high percentage of the Heat score coming from him.

  32. javielo says:

    the spurs are a better team than the heat for once they were playing in miami which is not their homecourt and were one free throw shy of being the nba champions i respect lebron and miami but still cant digest the game schedule format they used ane i think miami is good but they just got lucky on game six….

    • justine says:

      The Spurs has better teamwork but the Heat is the better team. They have the best player in the world and they are the champs…

      Its not luck… the Spurs got outhustled in game 6 and 7. The offensive rebounds before James’ and Allen’s 3s was not luck. If the Spurs got the rebound they could have won game 6.

      The Spurs big 3 is too old to compete with the athleticism of the heat in a 7 game series with an overtime…

      • Marco29 says:

        Duncan was not on the floor when Miami got those rebounds. Parker sat at the end of the 4 th in Game 7. Don’t jump to fast conclusions concerning those players. For Ginobili though, the comment might be right.

  33. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    yeah and parkers faking his injury as well, anyone with a hamstring injury doesnt move as fast as parker does lol, go to your cave mr. alex hater, like i said previously even after game 3 the spurs is just a bump on the road for the miami, i even guaranteed miami will be champion on your face haters, so… who won again? hahaha

    • justine says:

      They are both injured…

      But the Heat are lucky that Wade’s injury got better as the series progress while Parker’s got worse…

      Wade played much better in game 6 and 7 even in game 5. His pull up jumpers where crucial.

      The Parker that played in game 6 and 7 on the other hand is not the same as the one that made the buzzer beater in game 1

    • dhk says:

      A guarantee on something with an outcome completely out of your control is not a guarantee. Also, how on earth are you claiming Pac Man is overrated?

  34. J-Short37 says:

    The Spurs and Pop choked greatly in game 6 after the momentum left game 7 was a given for Miami. It is LBJ time and he currently has the torch, but not enough credit by the media is given to the other Heat players who contributed greatly to their wins. Chalmers take a lot of flake sometimes but I would love to have him in LA for my Lakers. With that being said congrats overall to the Heat on winning their second straight Chip.

    Laker fan since 87′

    • justine says:

      The Spurs got tired especially Duncan in game 6. His 37 year old body can’t endure the grind of the overtime and a 7 game finals series…

      Can’t blame Pop… His big 3 is too old and his young guns too young to handle the pressure and his best player not 100%…

  35. miniminer says:

    haters gonna hate and DROOL! 2peat champions Miami!

    • littlekoberp says:

      Spurs got nothing to prove here remember 4 rings is better then 2. Spurs is truly a history and heat just starting to make their own history.

  36. alex says:

    stop with this wade knees problems pls! he is actor!

    • dave says:

      ohhhh yes, its all a conspiracy.

      he faked the dislocated shoulder, magically making it appear like it was popped out of his body. then he fooled all the doctors by swapping x-rays and MRI’s with someone elses. Oh, and he also had surgeries on his knees and shoulders just for fun.

      yes, and he fakes cramps and muscle pulls in the middle of the game, at crucial moments so he can lose the games. and also he injects himself with water so it just looks like his knees are swollen, fooling all his trainers and medical staff … yes, makes perfect sense

      GREAT actor

      • New Yorker says:


        Congrats to the Miami Heat! Great respect for the Spurs and coach Popovich. It was a great series, great finals! I was glad to see Wade play very well. Sorry for Duncan and the missed shot.

        And I totally don’t agree with the author. If the coach does not want to discuss his decisions with the media he has every right to. Who do you think you are? He’s not questioned by a jury. I love Pop’s style.

      • J says:


      • Nice says:

        Good comeback! How the heck are you supposed to fake x-rays and all that Alex?

      • just like Paul Pierce 5 years ago…give them an oscar lol

      • dhk says:

        Congrats to the Miami Heat.
        Regarding Wade, it’s true that he can’t fake his injuries, obviously, however the man is a total weakling. Every time he gets touched he falls over, lays on the court holding something for a little bit, then stands up does some crazy spinning drive and dunks the ball. Man needs to man the f up and stop acting like an over coddled princess child.

      • EAGLE EYE says:

        @ dave………. Talk about crushing lame excuses with logic and common sense. LOL(real hard)
        U did a thorough job with it.lol