Report: Kidd In Negotiations With Nets


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Jason Kidd‘s retirement party won’t last another week at this rate. The future Hall of Fame point guard, who announced his retirement from the league last week, is reportedly in negotiations to become the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Kidd is in line for a three-year deal and has, according to John Mitchell of the Philadelphia Inquirer, already an agreement in principle to replace P.J. Carlesimo in Brooklyn. Carlesimo finished the season as the interim replacement for coach Avery Johnson, who once coached Kidd in Dallas.

Nets boss Billy King is going in a radical direction by even pursuing Kidd, whose brilliant playing career included a championship in Dallas in 2011 and back-to-back trips to The Finals with the Nets a decade ago. Kidd’s lack of coaching experience is offset by 19 years of playing in the league, many of those as one of the top point guards in the game.

How Kidd fills his staff out will also be of significant intrigue. A source confirmed to this afternoon that former Nets and Detroit Pistons coach Lawrence Frank is expected to be a part of Kidd’s staff, potentially as his lead assistant. Frank coached Kidd from 2003-04 to the trade deadline of the 2007-08 season, when Kidd was dealt to Dallas.

The Nets were considering a long list of candidates for their vacancy, including Pacers assistant Brian Shaw and recently fired Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins. Both men remain candidates for the open job with the Los Angeles Clippers. Kidd rising to the top of the Nets’ list in such short order is a development few saw coming, especially on the heels of his retirement announcement last week.

Perhaps the most interesting wrinkle of this entire affair, though, is what impact Kidd’s hiring will have on the current face of the franchise: veteran point guard Deron Williams. An All-Star and Olympic gold medalist, Williams and Kidd already have a relationship from their playing days. How they work together will likely determine the immediate on-court fortunes of the franchise.


  1. Kamote says:

    Kidd mentored DWill when they we’re at the olympics, so hopefully he’ll listen to him. Kidd, despite of his lack of experience, may be what the team needs. As a player, he is a floor general, always has a good feel on the flow of the game, recognizes and utilizes the capabilities of his team mates, and knows how to break down opponents’ defenses, as well as being one of the best defensive players at his position. He was way better than the PGs that are coaches today. I’m sure he’d be a great fit to be a coach.

  2. ac says:

    Don’t get me wrong, overall I’m excited for him and I think he’s going to do a great job.

    On a related note though, the Nets have some work to do on their roster if they want to compete. Given that D Rose is coming back strong and Atlanta has the cap space to make major moves, I’m already looking at Brooklyn as sub-6 team. If they don’t get their act together, they could fall further to a rising squad like Cleveland, Toronto, or even Washington.

    They’ve REALLY screwed themselves financially (dare I say even worse than my beloved Knicks? Lol) with acquiring Johnson’s max deal, and giving pretty beefy contracts to Wallace and Humphries. Those three deals along are almost 45 million on their payroll and after the way they performed, I don’t know what they can get from them. They might be able to get something for Humphries since his deal is over next season, but Johnson and Wallace’s deals run through 2016. They’re definitely going to lose Blatche because they can’t afford him. They also REALLY need scoring off their bench. Watching Marshon Brooks, Reggie Evans, Mirza Teletovic, Keither Bogans, and Jerry Stackhouse try to put points on the board was hard to get behind.

  3. gg says:

    Kidd would be great

  4. Al Steiner says:

    Look at all the very very good coaches getting fired this year. I am not sure its about X’s and O’s anymore. Kidd will be like a Player / Coach. He knows what does and doesn’t work, he knows better than most coaches what is inside the heads of these players. I think he will lead the team very well. And if DWill wasn’t behind it he wouldn’t have gotten this far. Who knows they were talking about this before he decided to retire? You just don’t retire, spend time with kids story, then jump back into the league do you? Its a players league, they have more to do with the coach staying or going than the Winning Percentage.

  5. Jose R says:

    I’m hearing a lot of criticisms towards J-kidd coaching the Nets, but i’d say give him a shot! He is the best PG in my opinion, and has showed he is a true leader. With his high basketball Knowledge, i’m sure he will bring the Nets Organization much success. Good luck, Kidd!

  6. ism says:

    good players, mostly point guards, are often referred to as coaches on the floor, especially by coaches.
    i see no problem with this, let’s just see how it play out.
    only a publicity move?
    well, that would be a hell of a bad move if it were so risky.
    he can lead an offense, he understands the game, he is smart – bet he can be a good coach from the get go.
    at least worth a try!

  7. AZ Nets fan says:

    Kidd would certainly be an interesting hire. Plus the team has a lot of talent right now, and so maybe Kidd, as a rookie head coach, will still be able to capitalize on that talent and lead them deep into the Playoffs. I’m just wondering though whether hiring someone with head coaching experience instead would give them that extra boost that would make them undoubtedly a championship contender, either this coming year or the next. How much time do the Nets have, just in case Kidd doesn’t wow everyone right off the bat?

  8. Brooklyn says:




  9. Unkle Daddy says:

    I say give Kidd a shot, let’s see what he’s got. Since he has a good relationship with Deron Williams and he is the leader of this team, his coach and mentor needs to have a good relationship with him. What better than a true point guard as your coach.

  10. ac says:

    I’m a huge J Kidd fan, always have been, but I have mixed feelings about this.

    On one hand, the guy is easily one of the smartest players to ever play the game and will undoubtedly in time be a great coach. Even this past sesason on the knicks he was one of the catalysts (along with mike woodson) for getting career seasons out of Melo, JR Smith, and especially Felton. I am sure that he will be a great coach and build a winning tradition in Brooklyn.

    On the other hand, you don’t have to dig too deep to see that a part of this (a part, not entirely) is a publicity stunt. Regardless of how good of a coach Kidd most likely will be, two weeks ago he was still a professional player. There are other guys way more qualified, but his name recognition coupled with his ties to the Nets are definitely helping him get a job that he probably doesn’t deserve right now, at least not as much as other candidates.

    I’m a New Yorker, and would love to get behind two teams next year (couldn’t watch Brooklyn this year because they had no heart) and I think J Kidd can be the guy to get this franchise moving. But I also think its unfortunate that other more qualified coaches are being overlooked simply because Kidd was arguably one of the most popular players in the nba before he retired.