Finals Showdown: LeBron vs. ‘Le Parker’


MIAMI – One of them is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player and preeminent performer, period. The other is the league’s best point guard, certainly of the moment, and a guy who lately has gotten a little separation between himself and a couple Hall of Fame-bound teammates.

LeBron James and Tony Parker, respectively, are the top talents on the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. Starting Thursday with Game 1, their teams will clash in the 2013 Finals. And despite their differences in position and physical stature, chances are good that the two are on a more direct collision course.

Parker, at 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, gives up about six inches and 100 pounds to the Heat superstar. But whatever advantage that affords him in quickness and slipperiness likely won’t be enough to discourage the bigger, more powerful James from locking in defensively on the Spurs playmaker. If not in whole, at least in part as the series plays out.

Certainly, there’s precedent. When James and his Miami crew in its first incarnation faced a dominant point guard in the 2011 Eastern Conference finals, the multi-dimensional small forward volunteered for defensive shifts against Chicago’s Derrick Rose. It wasn’t a full-time thing – just enough to turn the Bulls’ victory in Game 1 of that series into four straight Miami triumphs.

James bottled up the irrepressible Rose at his own MVP best that spring. How effectively? Over the final two games, Rose shot 1-for-15 with three turnovers when guarded by the stronger, more formidable defender.

A couple weeks ago, James took some turns on Bulls guard Nate Robinson, whose explosiveness and streaky scoring had helped Chicago to another Game 1 victory. The result was the same – a Heat sweep from that point – though this banged-up Bulls team offered less resistance.

None of it qualifies as big news anymore, because people around the NBA have come to almost take James’ remarkable versatility at both end of the floor for granted. But it’s worth noting that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra refers to James as “1 Through 5” for his ability to play every position (OK, so it hasn’t caught on as a nickname). And the latest edition of Sports Illustrated featured a cover story on James’ various permutations, position by position.

The point guard section included this from Golden State coach Mark Jackson, one of the NBA’s all-time great playmakers:

Defensively, he’s guarded other point guards. We’ve seen it in situations where they’ve needed a stop. He guarded Steph Curry against us and used his size and strength to be disruptive. Even if he had to play only point guard on both offense and defense, he’s my Number 1 pick at the position right now.

Parker just finished having his way with the Memphis Grizzlies as the Spurs swept through the Western Conference finals. He averaged 24.5 points, 9.5 assists and 3.5 rebounds in 39.5 minutes while shooting 53.2 percent from the floor and 86.7 percent from the line. Those aren’t quite LeBronian numbers – James is at 26.2 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 6.4 apg, 51.4 percent and 77.2 percent – but they’re not far off.

Parker, for much of his 12-year NBA career, has been lumped together with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili in the Spurs’ more organic Big 3 (drafted and homegrown, rather than signed instantly as free agents the way Miami’s was). That’s not bad lumping-together company but in truth, Parker has gotten his stand-alone due as an elite point guard for a while now.

He has received MVP votes six times and, on three of those occasions, he was tops among Spurs players in the balloting. Duncan finished ahead of Parker in 2006 and 2007, and Ginobili was eighth to Parker’s 12th in 2011. But in 2009 and the past two seasons, Parker was the San Antonio drawing the votes, first among so-called equals on his team.

This spring, Parker finished sixth with two second-place votes, seven thirds, eight fourths and 13 fifths. That was good for 86 points. James, of course, was the nearly unanimous winner with 120 first-place votes and one second for 1,207 points.

So, yeah, there is a gap in impact, in capabilities and in perception. And we saw what James did against Indiana’s Paul George in Game 7 of the East finals Monday, after mere talk of some MVP love for the Pacers small forward in George’s future.

Oh, and if James needs any added motivation – beyond a second championship ring and the opportunity to further burnish his image – there’s that little matter of Parker texting tips to his pal George Hill, the Pacers point guard whose team pushed Miami to that seventh game.

The chances that Parker would lock into a point guard matchup with James the way James might move onto him defensively are pretty much nil. There is no way Spurs coach Gregg Popovich would allow or even dare it, aside from the stray, impromptu switch on an occasional possession. While James’ size would allow him to play back from Parker to cut down the shifty guard’s angles while still contesting his shots, Parker would quickly find himself steamrolled by the powerfully built Heat star.

Parker no doubt knows it too. During a recent interview, he smiled throughout his comments about James and the vast improvement – transformation, really – he has undergone since San Antonio faced the Cleveland version of The King in the 2007 Finals. He wasn’t quite Mr. “1 Through 5” back then, just a budding force of nature on the basketball court.

“In 2007 he was still young,” Parker said, “and he was doing unbelievable stuff, and he brought Cleveland all the way to the NBA Finals. But now he’s got more help. He’s got Dwyane Wade and [Chris] Bosh and he’s more mature and he’s got a lot more experience. And he’s a four-time MVP so it’s gonna be a different story. But we’ll be ready for him.”

Just as the Heat – with Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole as the first two lines of resistance but James as the imposing back wall as needed – will be ready for Parker.


  1. mikey says:

    Game will go how Refs call the fouls Lebrons, arm shoves tripping with feef,pulling shirts,3 steps driving,and not in act of shooting,getting in the act shooting,really sicking.Heat campout in 3 second zone watch if you dont believe it.The Heat is good at cheating to win &refs help not calling them right

  2. Stanley says:

    Spurs are a much better team, I just enjoy watching true team basketball, they are much more than just Tony Parker, they are a team. Unlike the Heat that as LeBron goes the team goes, I don’t think they have enough weapons, Wade is playing too poorly and Bosh as well, I have Spurs in 6 games, team play and veteranship will win this series.

  3. Miami Heat Fan says:

    Spurs Team : better luck next season or maybe after 3 to 5 more I smell blow out win every game from the HEAT. they can even sweep this series or maybe in 5.

  4. Russell says:


  5. ynnosadabueq says:

    Miami will be dealing HEATstroke! Spurs 4-1!

  6. TruthHurts says:

    No one is talking about Kawhi Leonard. He’s a great defender. He’s big, and his hands are HUGE. He’s a better defender than Paul George, and he doesn’t have to score big for San Antonio to win. He’s gonna be the difference maker in the series. Lebron won’t be able to score with that FG% this series. Look for it to drop to about 40-45%.

  7. Josef says:

    The Heat will win 1-st game. Next 4 by Spurs.

  8. KeyWay1 says:

    Bang Tony Parker also Tony Allen (when Frizz best Spurs) and Sefalosha last year. He will be banged. Heat in 5 or 6… With a possible sweep… Barring injury

  9. thoughtful says:

    ….look at the vegas odds. 68% Heat, 32% Spurs.

    Heat in 5. Conversation over.

  10. KJ aka Mr Soft says:

    lol the series hasnt started yet.. easy…lets just wait, see, learn & later talk after a champion will rise.. who knows? maybe all of these predictions could be like a speck of air. (if ya know what i mean) Its bout enjoyin the moment for both teams and fans like us

  11. agentmt says:

    SPURS are the best team… Period. Sorry Heatless, it’s gonna be the 5th title for us. Holla

  12. Big Al says:

    I dare Pop to rest Tony, Tim, Manu and Danny like he did in the regular season. The second and third units almost beat the full Heat lineup in that infamous game. But then again, Bosh led Miami to beat San Antonio at home with those four around, but no LeBron and Wade. Do not discount that guy. The former Raptor simply had to look after a big, yet skillful Hibbert. The Spurs don’t have that kind of guy, so expect Chris to be back in business.

  13. hipster says:

    Bonner is going to own LeFlop.

  14. hipster says:

    We all know for a fact that the NBA and the refs are going to give this series to the Heat.

    What’s the point in watching?

  15. tutoybato says:

    nba nowadays is so boring. miami with LeBron, Wade, Bosh and Allen, and their overrated bench players. that’s not a sure win team but a sure champ team. The best player in terms of athleticism LeBron james with a player as good as he is. This is like playing nba 2k game, trade all the superstars in one team, reduce the difficulty to rookie then max up all the game sliders, or Rose joining the Lakers team. Did you get my point? Shame for LeBron because he needs to team up with a very superstar SG and PF to have an nba ring. And because of that Wade’s career is messed up! This is nothing compared to past nba championships without many superstars in one team. Bobcats vs Hornets entering championship is a more entertaining than this. And one thing is for sure rejoice all the Heat fans cause Im sure the Miami Heat will be the 2013 Champs, then Howard will sign with Heat then NBA IS DONE(just an exaggeration).

  16. HEATFORLIFE says:

    Hey @Ren ur dumb spurs offense 1+1=more than 2 its just gonna be kawhi timmy and tony the rest wont be able to do anything cuz heat deffence and tempo so im pretty sure heats offens is 1+1=2 cuz theres lebron wade bosh allen birdman and chalmers so its kind a 6 against 3 so lets see

  17. Nbalover777 says:

    It’s going to be epic! Miami going for the repeat while also trying to ruin probably Tim Duncan’s last championship run and get revenge for beating lebron in 07 and San Antonio trying to prove everyone wrong that they are not old and can ball with the best. So it’s Athleticism vs. Fundamentals. How much more different can these two teams be apart from each other in style!?? Lets go Heat! Btw everyone needs atleast one other Allstar or two on their team if they want multiple rings so stop with this built not bought mentality. If that was they case Lebron should be the highest paid player in the game but you have people like how Johnson getting paid over $23 million what a joke haha

  18. Pete from Oz says:

    Most people probably wont agree with me here but I tend to think “Birdman” is the key to the Heat’s success. Before he was playing well they had trouble controlling the paint against bigger forwards and tended to be an outside shooting team.

    Since he’s been playing well he’s provided room for Lebron to move in the lane and use his power a bit more. Without the strength of Birdman he’d be held out by the larger opponent bigs.

    Good example is game 6 vs Indiana. Hibbert and West controlled the paint and gave Miami a hiding.

    What do you guys think?

  19. LISTEN UP says:

    Yo guys, I think the Heat will come out on top, but in a game 6 or 7, only cause the Spurs are a really good offensive team, and theyve got alot of 3 point shooters liike Matt Bonner, Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green etc.

  20. jasper says:

    wade will be the main factor in this series

  21. Heat v Spurs

    Game 1 Heat wins
    Game 2 Heat wins
    Game 3 Spurs wins
    Game 4 Spurs wins
    Game 5 Heat wins
    Game 6 Heat wins

    Heat wins series 4-2

  22. Don says:

    “Le Parker “in 6..

  23. dave says:

    winning the series should be easy for the heat … save the energy to attack the rim, attack duncan on both ends of the floor, he’s not going to hold up.

    when the spurs see there leader get disheartened, its over.

  24. J.Soh says:

    Not criticising any teams here but, judging from the content of the article, the title should have been why lebron is better than parker. Its so one sided. -.-.

  25. Dennis says:

    It’s going to be a great matchup. Thank God it’s not pacers – spurs, it would be done in 4 games. Pacers are like the Grizzlies of the east, and we’ve all seen the outcome. Both teams great in defense, but struggling in offense and very little quality depth in the bench. If Leonard eliminates Lebron and the rest of the Heat play like they did on the first 6 games vs the pacers, then spurs win, otherwise, heat are going to repeat.

  26. Heat in 7 guaranteed!

  27. k3nz says:

    San Antonio vs Miami
    Old school bball vs streetball
    like : rugby vs US football
    can’t arbitrate this.

    Every fans but miami’s are saying that refs and Stern are destroying the nba andd all bball, as they did last year, for exemple in the miami vs boston opposition, where it was the most incredible dirty job from refs and miami playas.
    All those dirty plays from miami, all thoses travels, all those unpunished fouls can’t be shown to today’s bball kids who look at the finals and see a MVP, saying in an interview ” flop can be usefull”.
    I’m not about to say i hte lebron particulary, i just don’t want a cheating team to win, with no honour ( dunk after 4 steps and continue the action, score after offensive foul unpunished, all flops are a dishonour imo..). Understand i just don’t want cheaters to win this year. they don’t deserve it at all. I’d be glad if they do in rule, but atm it seems to be quite impossible .. .

    Let’s go Spurs. Please bring back true bball rules and make Stern and miami Cheat go home as they deserve.


    Miami in 6. MARKED MY WORDS. They ain’t going down agasint the Spurs. Just watched. And Haters, enjoy yourself for the time being. 🙂

  29. Mark my words Heat in 5!
    Who will defend James??
    Who will contain Birdman??
    Once Parker is shutdown Spurs will also shutdown!

  30. Miami Heat Fan says:

    It’s payback time for Lebron James! A sweet revenge, there’s no way SPURS will win 4 games in a seven series. NO WAY!!!

  31. The answer says:

    Spurs in 6 😉

  32. Angelo says:

    The Heat can’t and won’t win this series. Every weak point of Miami is where the Spurs excels. Size, ball-movement, rebounding, 3 point-shooting, deep bench and good individual match-ups against the Big 3 of the Heat. The Heat got what? A monster Lebron, sure. An ailing and inconsistent Wade. A constantly outplayed Bosh. And a shallow as a plate of soup bench. Just imagine a Pacer team with an impeccable offense. A 2011 Mavericks 2.0. Bigger, faster, younger, and more effective. not to mention they have the best in-game coach of his era, Pop. Spurs in 5.

  33. Charles says:

    I’m surprised so many people can post on with their head’s in Lebron’s lap. With that said this series comes down to a couple things, Duncan, the benches of both teams and most importantly the refs. If the refs call a fair game I see it being a Spurs championship in 6 or less. The Spurs are on a completely different level than the Pacers and the Pacers took the Heat to 7. I think the Spurs match up against Miami a lot better than Indiana did. The only way I can see Miami winning this series is if Lebron scores 30 plus, D-Wade and Bosh score about 18 or more and if their bench plays good, but they have to do that every single game and I really don’t think D-Wade, Bosh and their bench can do that 4 times.

  34. renj1585 says:

    Miami in 4! who wants to bet? 🙂

  35. Andrea says:

    LeBron can guard anyone on the Spurs roster. The Spurs has no one who can guard LeBron.

  36. Big Al says:

    The Spurs don’t have a Hibbert, so unless the Heat have a brain fart like in the Dallas final (which I doubt will happen now), they really don’t stand much of a chance. The key for Miami is not to leave an open man. San Antonio will lure their opponents to double-team, but the ball will usually end up with an unguarded player to shoot the jumper. This method has proven successful both against Golden State and Memphis, so hopefully the guys at South Beach don’t fall into the same trap. There’s no Big Roy for two red shirts to worry about, so if they work on man-to-man defense, then they should be in for back-to-back titles.

  37. RamonBraganza says:

    Spurs is a solid team. They’ve got their own Big 3 and they have Leonard that could focus on Lebron since he is more on a defensive player than offensive. But the problem is, Heat is stronger, faster and i think a better bench set. LBJ and Wade will just take it inside since there is no Hibbert nor West in the paint. Bosh is waiting for mid rage and bench is waiting in the perimeter. Spurs can do the same but if Heat gives the defense they gave in game 7, Spurs will not be able to execute well.
    So I say Heat will Win in 5 or 6.

  38. Alphacuz says:

    Heats weakness is Bosh and Wade, Lebron always pulls more than he should, and Wade is on again off again per game. Bosh has a weak low post game and hangs outside the key, Timmy D will dominate him, remember that Duncan has a pretty good bank shot and Miami has trouble guarding smaller point guards. If the Spurs split a game at Miami and it goes to San Antonio, that could give the Spurs the edge, Pop is a smart coach too.

  39. J says:

    great article

    heat in 7!!!!!

    its gonna be awesome!!!

  40. FeeLaZone says:

    Spurs were lucky westbroke broke his knee, Clips have vinny mini brain coach, and GSW have injured Lee and slowed bogut. ..The only thing that let INDIANA matched MIAMI is their bigs. Imagine this:

    Center: Hibbert 7-2 vs.Bosh 6-11
    PF: West 6-10 vs. Haslem 6-8
    SG: Steph 6-5 vs Wade 6-4

    • Silver says:

      How about this:

      Heat swept a below-.500 team in first round
      Heat had a hard time with Bulls who’s got a depleted, injured lineup
      Heat went hellbent 7 games with Granger-less Pacers.

      You didn’t mention Memphis. That was a great team btw. But lost to the Spurs, not to mention they got swept.

  41. TheRock says:

    – Spurs weakness: Maintain the defense throughout the game & Speed (fast break).

    -Heats weakness: Shooting must be on form.

    -Heat strength: Offensive & defense is tough. Offensive, they like to ally op dunk.

  42. FeeLaZone says:

    HEAT have less danger in parker than Duncan. Duncan is the only factor to match HEAT since the PF of HEAT is shorter than Duncan. On the other areas, SPURS no way to defeat HEAT. HEAT have also lot of shooters like spurs, and there’s no way leonard can hold LBJ. I know u witness what happen in game 7 of MIA vs INDIANA. LBJ lead HEAT to defeat the INDIANA through there weaknesses.

    Go Heat, Go Spo. Go sweep the Spurs! u LBJ, it’s time to revenge what happen in 2007.

  43. TheRock says:

    Spurs have to beat Heats by Speed & how long Spurs can defense Heats player.

  44. LA-Paris SPURS fan says:

    Ok guys…Lebron is the best player ! Miami is a great team when Wade is playing like an all-star…But…Spurs is a The Best NBA team…Spurs in 6.

  45. BACK-2-BACK CHAMPIONS ??? Really ???


  46. LBJ says:

    Lebron will crush that old Duncan and Parker!!!!

    • Silver says:

      Has Duncan, Parker got a load of haters? No.
      Because they are respected much of the time in their career.

      Respect is earned. And earned in a hard fought way, no shortcuts. I hope you know what that meant…

  47. rank says:

    @spurs dont want it, so Oscar Robertson (25.7ppg, 9.5apg, 7.5rpg) will always be better than Lebron (27ppg, 6.9apg, 7.3rpg)?

  48. sanjay says:

    people forgetting wade are doing a big mistake here!
    Wade has conserved his energy, explosiveness and contained his till the finals.
    And he will explode in four games staright here.

    He had enough of people talking him down!
    if wade performs 70% to his old wade days. This series is over in game 1 alone!

    wade can also completely shut down parker. I want to see wade of last year indiana series.
    That is an ominous sign for spurs!

    There is no bigger flopper then manu ginobli. He makes battier look like an amateur lol.

    spurs have their own chinks to worry about. They turn over the ball, they have scoring lapses, duncan will struggle if his jumper wont go and also from free throw line!
    spurs are a solid team. But if miami bring their game 7 pacer to the table. No body can really touch them!

    • Crossuovernover says:

      Wade can not guard a old lady in a wheel chair so what makes you think he can guard Parker? Parker will destroy Miami’s interior defense. and watch the skies carefully because it will be raining 3’s. unlike Miami’s Battier and Ray Allen the Spurs actually make most of the 3’s they attempt.

    • KMB says:

      This series is over in game 1 alone?! Since when did 1 game decide a best of 7 series???

  49. cvqqqq says:

    This finals is gonna be really entertaining. Manu THE MASTER is gonna show those pathetic heat floppers the true meaning of flopping with style. Prepare to get outflopped Miami Heat!

    • Pakyaw says:

      Battle of floppers
      Manu vs. chalmers
      Manu vs. battier
      Manu vs. lebron
      Maybe Parker will join the battle too.. Hehehe.

      • Silver says:

        Well, who among them was fined already for an overzealous and very obvious flop?

  50. LBJ says:

    Heat will win! Let’s go heat! crush that old team spurs

    • Crossuovernover says:

      and the Heat players are all around 23 years of age right? check the numbers. The Heat are one of the oldest teams inthe NBA Wade is what 32? Haslem is what 65? AARP is looking for the whole Miami team.

    • Loki says:

      Why do people continue to call the Spurs old? Wade is in the same ball park as Parker age wise and probably more bruised and battered. Duncan is old but he is still better than Bosh will ever dream of being. Aside from Norris cole the heat’s bench is a bunch of tired old veterans and you’re calling the Spurs -old-?

    • Silver says:

      Go check the stats dude.. Your Heat is an old flame.
      Even the average age of the starting lineup, Heat gets the older age.
      You call Kawhi, Danny G and Tiago old? c’mon…

  51. Jonas says:

    Miami Heat in 6.. you bet..

  52. SPURS DONT WANT IT says:

    @Parker13 actually Aschburner didn’t highlight the fact that Parker’s statline posted up there is from ONE SERIES while Lebron’s is from the WHOLE playoffs. Get things into perspective then talk. You can’t test Lebron when it comes to stats. Men lie, women lie, fans and reporters lie, NUMBERS DON’T

  53. thoughtful says:

    No one else seems to be thinking clearly, so I’ll be the one to say it…

    …Heat in five.

  54. MIAMIHEAT says:

    Lets go HEAT. All we need is pure Defense and great rebounding!

  55. Supreme Solomon says:


  56. lakers gaza says:

    yea lebron is a flopper did it the next game an he never got fine the league is not consistent with it rules but yea miami go win still spurs too old and lakers was suppose to beat miami but to much egos on there team its a shame some greats player cant get along!

    • Even in dreams Lakers cant beat the Heat

    • Silver says:

      @laker superfan
      Check the stats…. Heat players’ average age is way older that the Spurs lineup.
      And please, we all know Lakers can’t beat the Heat this season.
      Maybe next year.. (just to keep you hoping…)

  57. ko0kie says:

    finals ? t-mac time? lol

    • Silver says:

      haha. that would be a good watch to add in the already-great match in the Finals!

  58. Michael B. says:

    i think this finals must be the most important for lebron james more than anybody else because he is going to respond to the swept he got in 2007. now that lebron has a team along with bosh and wade it will mark the difference of what he done in 2007 and now, and it will be a true challenge for duncan, ginobili and parker. for what i have seen, the spurs struggled with the warriors because they had the same response in the defensive, but parker was really good this series and crush them really bad, and againsst memphis, it was really a joke, marc gasol being even named the defensive player of the year couldnt even stop this guys, and there defensive rotation was slow and weak. miami has won more games in the season against the spurs using the bench instead of putting their best men in the court. which bench is better? i think miami because has more experience in playoff than spurs bench which rely too much in the cherry picking and fastbreaks, but since miami is even more fast, and has even a stronger roster it will completely nullify that spurs option, and as long as lebron is in the court he is going on attack mode because he will not worry of a 7 ft, we have duncan or splitter but i think lebron will be too much for them even if they defend at their best. i see miami at 6

    • Crossuovernover says:

      you are wrong. Spurs are well rested,Miami not so much. Spurs can play very fast as witnessed against Golden State or they can play slow as shown against Memphis. the 2-3-2 playoff format favors San Antonio too because they play three straight in Texas and they seldom lose at home. San Antonio will sweep the Heat just like 2007 or win 4-1. Popovich will out coach Spoelstra and Riley together.

  59. Danger high voltage says:

    @brad sorry for your lakers and bulls they didn’t meet your expectations lol

  60. rank says:

    I have nothing against Lebron guarding TP. But please refs, call foul on Lebron. He can’t play another 40mins with just 1 foul while the one guarding him was fouled out with still 7 mins to play.

    • Jdr says:

      Dude seriously? Lebron is a great defensive and offensive player, the best player in the world in fact. Thats not even debateable. How is it strange that he would have only one foul while his opponent fouled out? That’s just how good lebron is. Go Heat!!

      • Crossuovernover says:

        dude LeBron is good but I’ve seen better and his name is Michael Jordan with six championships. Lebron only has one. call me when he gets five more.

      • Loki says:

        You breathe on Lebron it’s a foul. I’ve got videos to prove it. Much of the calls he’s gotten in his favor are sketchy, so yes the refs could at least be fair about it. Not to mention the guy supports flopping. I won’t deny he’s the best in the game right now, but stop treatin him like the second coming of Christ

    • bryce says:

      Lebron doesnt foul much man, c mon do you even watch the games?

  61. oxnayhombre says:

    ginobili will kill the heat’s heart. ouch!!!

  62. heatles6 says:

    one of the greatest finals matchups in history but no matter what heat will win

  63. phat says:

    I have been a spurs hater for more than 10 yrs. If Spurs win I do hate on NBA!

    • Silver says:

      Yeah, and that only shows your lack of knowledge of the game. While everybody’s appreciating true sense of team game, just go ahead and do other stuff, like watching soccer perhaps…

  64. Parker13 says:

    Um, did you see that stat line of Parkers? It is clearly better than LeBron’s yet Aschburner decided that LeBron’s were better. I am so sick of the media praising LeBron like hes God. He won one championship, and he had to pair with 2 all-stars to do it. Lets calm down a bit.

    • Crossuovernover says:

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that,then I thought maybe I was being picky. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one to see that Tony’s stats were better. Tony is like Rose and Rondo with a touch of Chris Paul. now he will finally get his due.

    • @Parker Read the article Parker stats is for one series. All you LBJ haters get the facts straight. Even if it is for the whole post season LBJ is still better because unlike Parker he also guard the other teams best scorer.

      • allen iverson says:

        you cant compare two different genres .. !! alright bro , we admit lebron is much better than parker ..but its just the sample size stats there comparing and parkers sample size stats are better than lebron by this time .. heck lebron has better season stats but where talking about the last series they played here .. not the whole season

        and for the record .. miami has more firepower than the spurs thats why lebron stats are racking up .. its because of his team

    • @Parker13. Celtics Lakers Pistons Bulls have other all stars on their team to win championships Heat is not the only team to do so. TP stat is for one series LBJ is entire playoffs. MJ won his first ring around the same age. Lebron might take over MJ as the best player ever when his career is over. Lets calm down on the hate alot.

    • bryce says:

      LOL yes their similar stats but a lot more is asked from lebron on the defensive end. He is asked to basically be the best rebounder on the team as well. Doing all this when being told to defend the best player on the opposite team means hes an absolute freak of nature. He should have won defensive player of the year. Gasol winning it was laughable, my buddies and i all laughed.

  65. miniminer says:

    epic series! bench players will really have to step up.. ginobili, neal, diaw, (even mcgrady lol) vs battier, cole, allen, the birdman! this will be fun to watch! heat in 6 or 7!

  66. Gary says:

    Spurs have the total package. lockdown. D” high octane Offense & a much deeper bench. number 1 scoring bench in the NBA & the way Ind took Mia to 7 games &!the Spurs are much stronger than the Pacers, SA will pick Mia apart & expose their weaknesses on rebounds , in the paint & small quick PG”s & Pop” is the MASTER!! of smart plays SA 4-2 OVER MIA

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      You will be shocked when the Heat Repeat. Until you beat the champs you aint the Champs and the Spurs havent won in a while LOL. Miami in 6 maybe 7.

    • Jay says:

      In all honesty, I think the Heat match better against the Spurs than the Pacers. And if Miami imposes its athleticism with its quick coverage and trap Tony Parker, they’ll be in a fight. Especially if Wade returns to the Superstar Wade we are all accustomed of, then this series favors the Heat.

    • bryce says:

      Indiana is built to beat miami. Indiana is much harder for miami to match up against. You will be surprised at how different miami’s lineups will be compared to the indiana series. This is small ball again, and boys and girls miami is the best small ball team in the league.

  67. Gary says:

    You think you’ll be ready!! Miami is in for a Spurs carving up & picking apart the heat defense like they’ve never seen THE SPURS DON’T LOSE IN THE FINALS & they have too many ways to beat you much more than the heat Spurs in 6

  68. ben says:

    Miami Heat will definitely come out on top,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  69. Game Time says:

    Geez Steve, you just can’t write and article without taking a shot at Miami huh? I’m begging to think you have a thing for Lebron.

  70. jonski22 says:

    besides LeBron no one is more athletic…..we will be watching post up moves by TD and Splitter…and 3 point shooting…damn i miss Kobe!

    • Arshak13 says:


    • Game Time says:

      GS vs Spurs wasn’t exactly highlight reel basketball from either team, and was still the best playoff series this year. Besides, all Kobe would be doing is jacking up 30 shots while his team watches. Not really an entertaining for the playoffs if you ask me.

  71. Renay says:

    Better start doing those things then, Brad. Someone might think you just want some attention with you posting the same reply on different stories. Well, you got what you wished for. Now run along and play.

  72. mike says:

    its gonna be the SPURS winning the finals to have timmy a nice retirement from the game lolz

  73. Ren says:

    Individual play, Lebron is really really good. But talking about team work consistency, I think Spurs has the edge. Miami teamwork, I have a feeling that they are unnatural. They are more of a 1 + 1 = 2 team work. But Spurs teamwork is 1 + 1 = more than 2.

    Expect Lebron to guard Parker at sometime of this final, but I don’t think Parker need to feel he needs to beat James 1 on 1 in order for the Spurs to win. He can use his smart and his team to help him. That’s what basketball is all about.. Be ready to take the hit, and take the pressure. There is no doubt Lebron is very good defensively, but again this is not 1 on 1 basketball.

  74. EyronFigures says:

    hahahaha.. boring huh? usound like a boring coz your team defeated by HEAT! c’mon man, stop hating this TEAM.. SPURS and HEAT are one of the GREATEST MATCH in the FINALS in the HISTORY of the NBA! Let’s go HEAT!

  75. Brad says:

    It’s going to be a boring finals. Oh well, I’ve got better things to do. Bye.