Miami Drawn-And-Third-Quartered


INDIANAPOLIS – It was a miserable way to go into halftime.

And yet it was a teachable moment.

The Indiana Pacers should have been kicking themselves over the way they played in the final eight minutes of the first half Saturday night, eight minutes that wouldn’t have defined their season but certainly could have ended it.

And yet the Pacers and their coach, Frank Vogel, turned that stretch of the second quarter into a “Hey, things could be worse!” halftime alignment that propelled them into a lethal third quarter. Indiana essentially won Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals with the other three quarters tied behind their backs, packing enough into one to carry them all the way to a Game 7 Monday night in Miami.

The final: 91-77. The third quarter: 29-15.

“Explain it? You seen it,” LeBron James said. “It was total domination by the Pacers in the third.”

Maybe it’s time to mint a new cliché. Maybe it’s not the last five minutes of NBA games that matter but the first 12 after intermission. For most of this hotly contested series between the East’s two best teams (never mind that Knicks No. 2 seed), the team that won the third quarter has won the game. The lone exception: Game 2 in Miami, when Indiana lost the quarter battle but won that war.

Granted, it hasn’t been a matter each time of only winning the third. But the team that emerges more focused and driven from the halftime locker room – and applies that, along with whatever strategic adjustments it discussed, over the next half hour or so of real time – has been the team in control that night.

No one is in control of this series at the moment, tied at 3-3. Miami has the home court Monday. And the experience in such pressure situations. And the confidence inherent in defending champions. And, oh yeah, Chris (Birdman) Andersen coming back from his one-game suspension (though backup-backup Joel Anthony filled in sufficiently with eight rebounds and three blocks).

Indiana, by contrast, will mostly have the bragging rights of the third quarter. After getting smoked 30-13 in those 12 minutes in Game 5 Thursday night at AmericanAirlines Arena, the Pacers flipped the script entirely.

And they did it by looking hard at the opportunities they already had squandered in the game.

In those final eight minutes of the half, Indiana had been its own worst enemy. The 31-25 lead it had scrapped and grunted for to that point? It vanished in a fraction of the time. Lance Stephenson threw a pass that big man Ian Mahinmi couldn’t handle for one turnover. Mahinmi got caught lingering in the lane for another. Guard Sam Young went strong to the rim for what could have been a statement dunk against Miami’s Chris Bosh – until it caromed right back out. Next trip down, veteran forward David West botched a dunk too. And Paul George already had one of his own in the first quarter.

Meanwhile, the Heat – with James on the bench – went on an 11-2 run that took all of 4 1/2 minutes. Wait, let’s repeat that: with James on the bench.

After James came back, the Pacers scored six straight points but Anthony’s tip-in and a runout dunk by the reigning MVP had Miami up 40-39. Indiana closed the half in blooper fashion, with a bad pass by Roy Hibbert and another failed dunk (at least Anthony got a hand on George’s throw-down attempt).

So what did Vogel do? The same guy who had scribbled “Be encouraged!!!” on their white board in Game 4 went with the half-full approach again.

“It wasn’t so much about getting on them for leaving plays out there,” Vogel said. “It was, ‘Look guys, we’re not even playing our best and it’s a one-point game. So just tighten the screws and do what we do.’ ”

Or do what the Heat had done at the same point 48 hours earlier. “Last game our third quarter was really what let us down,” Hibbert said. “We tried to take advantage of that and come out aggressive.”

They came out hellacious. Hibbert’s spin around Anthony and driving slam at 5:49 of the third capped a 14-2 blitz by the Pacers. And it got worse for the Heat; George scored seven straight points, shaky reserve point guard D.J. Augustin dropped in a running jumper and Hibbert got in the lane again for a layup that pushed Indiana’s lead to 17.

“Basically everything we have to do to win this series, we gave up,” Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said. “And obviously we struggled with some open shots, open layups, opportunities in the open court, and those affected us on the other end.”

Miami needs to stay close on the boards, right? It got outrebounded 13-4. It needs to protect the paint, yes? It got outscored there 16-0 in the third. Take care of the ball, a basic for any team? The Heat had six turnovers that turned into eight points for Indiana and, for the Pacers, took some of the sting out of their nine turnovers (but only three points).

Bottom line for the quarter: Indiana had 23 possessions, scored on 13 and had nine turnovers. The Pacers made 12 of their 17 shots and Miami grabbed only one defensive rebound.

“We know how we give them up against a very good rebounding team,” Spoelstra said. “But they got some tip-ins from some non-blockouts. It seemed as if every tipped ball that went out to the free-throw line, loose ball, ended up in their hands. Those extra possessions in a possession series will dictate often the outcome of the game.”

Ironically, the only Miami player who did much of anything in the third – the Heat have been desperate to get him going through his series-long struggle – was Dwyane Wade, who scored nine of Miami’s 15 points compared to the one point he managed in his other 22 minutes played.

Indiana wasn’t quite free and clear after the third. West’s brain cramp on an inbounds pass with 2.6 seconds left in that period turned into giveaway free throws for James. James had nine more points in him for the fourth and Mike Miller came off Miami’s bench for two 3-pointers that sent a nervous murmur through Bankers Life Fieldhouse. In time, the Heat would get what had been a 17-point lead all the way down to four.

But West – playing through a respiratory infection that had him visibly worn down and a fever that Vogel said was “slightly over 100” degrees – stemmed the bleeding with four manly buckets at opportune times. George hit a 3-pointer that got the lead up to 75-68. And Hibbert – after drawing an offensive foul on James that had the Miami star streaking downcourt in a shocked stage sprint  that earned him a technical – dropped in a layup over him that made it 81-68 with 3:55 to play.

That’s about the time that James’ facial expression and his teammates’ body language said good night to Saturday and shifted to Monday.

“It just needed one quarter,” James said of that dastardly third. “One quarter to separate the two teams.”

Now both teams are down to four. Any one of which will do.


  1. TT says:

    Pacer fans, you team just won the last game of the season, enjoy it while you can. My Heat going win by double digit tomorrow. GO HEAT!!!

  2. sleeplessbull says:

    The Pacers would win this game… but i`m pretty sure the heat will win the next one or better said Lebron will win the next one cause Wade and Bosh are on some other planet at this point.. Never mind, let them stay there! Makes the Spurs Job easier!! – if this continues, this might be a reason for the Miami Trio splitting up in a year!
    If we look back at the whole season and the predictions its kind of funny how things turned out! We all expected a slaughter in the west with huge series etc and and an easy road to the finals for the Heat!! The only easy thing the Heat got were the Bucks… The Bulls tested them seriously – and if healthy and/or not playing against the refs would have beaten them – and now the Pacers give them Nightmares -not Dwighmares they are coming up next month!!

    During the Bulls series everyone was claiming the Bulls play dirty… Just wondering.. is nobody looking close? The Bulls play tough cause they are tough!! But there is no team out there that plays more dirty than the Miami Heat! If you look close you can see all the cheap and dirty hits!! The Pacers have taught them some manners!!! Good job! Maybe the bulls should have done the same! About this Birdthing, i dont even wanna lose a word! He shouldn’t be playing the game of basketball at all!!

    Here is the big question: Is this the end of Miami Heat “Small Ball”?!?!?

  3. EyronFigures says:

    LET’S Go HEAT! we can do it.. let’s play hard and pray to LORD that this game seven will be a big win for us.. King JAMES, BOSH and WADE..Let’s Go..James is unstoppable, we know it but we know that WADE and BOSH are not in ther GAME.. wake up and be a leader to.. you are in a trouble now.. Let’s Go HEAT! we can do it.. focus and play hard,ok?5 more wins to REPEAT! we will always be here for you guys! BEAT THE PACERS!

  4. tingmo says:

    Why did Miami Coach let D Wade and Bosh played so long in third quarter when they are not able to do anything at all? Instead, they should have put in Miller or Battier or Haslem or Ray Allen or Cole around 9 Min mark of 3rd quarter. Both Bosh and Wade does not take charge when Hilbert or West drives to the basket. You need someone to take charge in order to prevent basket. Both Bosh and Wade does not shoot high percentage at all. If you put these two guys for long, then it is a recipe for disaster. They use to be star but no more, especially the way they play in Game 6.

    If Miami Coach make same mistake in Game 7, then Miami will watch NBA final from their home. LBJ is too good for Miami to lose game 7. He needs good help from his team mate to make to final. My suggestion to Miami Coach for Game 7 is go with following players;

    1. LBJ
    2. Chalmers
    3. Haslem
    4, Anderson
    5. Battier
    6. Ray Allen
    7. Cole
    8. Miller

    Use Bosh and Wade only for 3 minutes. If they are productive, then use for 5 minutes max.

    Hope someone in Miami is listening. I am a very big fan of LBJ. I always religiously watch Miami game. I feel so happy when Miami wins but so sad when Miami lose.

    • Loki says:

      There are a lot of incredible players in this league, unfortunately they don’t always get lucky with the best of teams. Just because Lebron is incredible doesn’t mean Miami should just win game 7. The pacers as a whole are incredible right now, and 5 guys killin it are better than one super star, still doesn’t mean Indiana will win. Just saying don’t get too disappointed if they lose, I won’t be for Indiana and I love that team. Win or lose Lebron is still the best in the game right now, if anything losing this year would be good for Miami. Major flaws have been exposed in their system, losing would likely trigger fixing them faster than winning.

  5. theholyspectator says:

    first and foremost, big props to indy for winning this game, their backs were against the wall and they responded…the guards, mainly geroge hill, did their thing…everyone played how they were supposed to and forced a game 7. now as far as miami goes…im beyond shocked at what took place..i just cant believe wade and bosh together scored 15 is that possible? this series starting to look like something we saw when lebron was in cleveland…they are called the big 3 yet only one of em is playing bigtime and the other two…yikes…wades kneed must feel like its gettin smashed by a jackhammer, i wonder how bad it is for him to be this ineffective..last year he demolished pacers by himself..this series..its like you cant even tell hes there….as far as bosh goes…he was always the lesser of the big 3 but still should give you double doubles easily..un real…its panic time in south beach and if miami lose to indy in game 7 on their the whole basketball world would be shocked! but i have a good feelin miami will win, they have too many factors going for em, itll be a tight game but wade and bosh have to at least both put up 15+ to give miami a shot…lbj will take it on himself to definitely not lose the game…and i know that wade and bosh will play their hearts out..after what happened in indy and the whole series they are way too good and professionals to not realize whats at stake…so ya miami will win game 7 and then comes the spurs…and that series oh i cant even think about it right now…

  6. darsnider says:

    simple thing is wade needs to retire after this series so they can add a better sg with lebron, and bosh needs to bulk up and bang the boards, they need to bring in a true center or justin hamilton you drafted the guys use him, chalmers needs to work on his sho,t cole also needs to get more consistent, get rid of allen and battier and get younger players who can be developed they arent getting better with age, time to get a younger crew who can do it , bosh and wade needs to redo thier contacts either take less money and stay or play like god damn superstars or get the hell out lebron needs to stop flopping and spend the entire off season in the post, he needs to develop a post game so scary that he gets triple teamed, and ban himself from the three point line, only two places he should be is the post and free throw line, bosh and wade are basically hurting thier stock right now and noone will pick them up for thier teams if they show they cant deliver, lebron is playing like a superstar but pacers are playing like a championship team , I really hope the pacers win, they do deserve it and Paul george is a superstar now , they have a great team unless Miami rebuilds this season with fresh young talent

    • Mitra says:

      Thanks. It looks like a well-thought out plan. I mostly agree to what you said. History is the proof.


  7. Jo says:

    Game 7 . Indiana will beat Heat, NBA refs, and Media……
    Spurs- Indiana finals . I look forward to a final without all the “superstars” hype.

  8. Pacers fan Since '96 says:


  9. Loki says:

    “heat in 4! They’re just too talented for Indiana!”
    Indiana wins game 2, “They won’t win another game! Just remember the Chicago series!”
    Miami wins game 3: “Heat are the best! Indiana is going down”
    Indiana wins game 4: “waaaah refs are cheating!”
    Miami wins game 5: YEAH 2013 CHAMPIONS
    Indiana wins game 6: *crickets from Miami land*

  10. Naudy De Leon says:

    I’ve been a Miami Heat fan since 03-04 but because of the way they are playing right now and have been playing lately they don’t deserve to beat the Pacers and in case they beat them, they don’t deserve to beat the Spurs

  11. Backyardigans says:

    what’s gonna work… TEAMWORK!

  12. Mitra says:

    I am a heat supporter but I respect the way Pacers played throughout the series so far. They played better basketball (no doubt about it).

    As I mentioned earlier, LBJ’s situation is like he had in Cavs. CB and D.Wade are visitors. Other supporting players tried to do their best but that’s not good enough to stop talented and sharp Pacers.

    In game 7, I like to see CB and D. Wade playing at least with 75% of their potential. Otherwise, regardless of what LBJ does, Pacers will win the series.

    If this happens, I will be sad but not disappointed because Pacers would prove to be the better of the two teams to face the best team in the West in the championship final.

    Heat organization would have to give a very hard look at its cast next season. If not, they will lose LBJ soon.


  13. Miami Heat Fan says:

    Pacer Team proved that they are much improved and better team now than last season, they reach Eastern Finals, and they bring HEAT into Game 7 on Monday, but it doesn’t mean you will take game 7, it’s not your time yet, not yet. You will know that on Monday. Friendly advice to all Pacers Fan don’t get to much excited you may wind-up crying.

    • nbapacersfan says:

      @ Miami Heat Fan: With all due respect, I have to disagree. I think it is our time.


  14. Andrea says:

    Goodbye Miami, true basketball fans know that the true contenders are the SPURS and PACERS. Bandwagon fans only watch during the playoffs, and it’s good because they can see how MIAMI gets destroyed by the PACERS. Buhbye HEAT, time to go fishing with your 12-year old fans! LMAO

  15. realize this says:

    I just used my binoculars here & so far I’ve only caught a few Heat fans in sight. Now I’ll use my microscope to find some …. aahhh! there they are! They’re shrinking!

  16. Lebronsaflopper says:

    Lebron is easily the best player of all time amongst players who flopped constantly. Without question. Just a few players who are not on that list include Magic, Kobe, Jordan, Shaq. These guys in their prime didn’t need to flop to gain an advantage for their team. That flop LeBron had last night from that ghost elbow to draw the offensive foul was despicable. I am not saying indy is any better but it is way more sad seeing a player of Lebrons caliber doing it. I don’t understand how the refs continue to reward flopping. Its like the NBA office and referees aren’t on the same page at all. NBA office punishes floppers, referees reward floppers… how do you figure we are going to get this ugly flailing around out of the game with this lack of organization by the NBAs front office? There needs to be techs for obvious flops so the refs can get on the same page (arm flailing is totally unnecessary and could be used as an indicator)

  17. kcirsun says:

    The key to Miami is Wade accepting that he is unable to perform to his capacity because of the injury and let Miller play in his place… he can still play sparingly but he needs to accept that his injury is affecting him. He is a star who is receivng star money, he therefore cannot make excuses. If Cole can find shots why can’t Wade? So Wade talking as if he is not getting enough touches is inexcusable – infact there were a few times that he missed a layup whereas it could have been dunks if he was really ok.

  18. Remy says:

    Well, the Pacers showed again great talent and sure a great game. The Heat need to wake-up. The most discouraging part of this series are the officials. So many bad calls and no calls. No only does it change the score, it takes or adds momentum to a team. That is something each team should handle on its own. Granted the Pacers showed a better game, the Refs never let the Heat get into their game. And once the Heat overcame these bad call and were to score to cut the Pacers’ lead to 2, the Refs call the unthinkable….. who is playing for the victory, the players or the Officials/Refs?

  19. qq says:

    That was such a bad game, from skill point of view. So many mistakes, miscues. All these turnovers, missed dunks, open shots. And you can’t really say defence did it. Indiana was moving ball very well at times, yet they still missed loads of good clear shots. 1st quarter by Miami was a joke. If not these 3pointers there would be nothing to watch after 12 mins. Miami had a good chance to close this series already, but they failed miserably. If Pacers will play as they should in the next game, I can see them winning this if Miami won’t step up.

  20. W/E says:

    The HEat have FAILED BIG TIME, they made Pacers look like a team full of All stars LOL…and QUEEN JAMES FLOPS AGAIN GAME AFTER GAME WHAT A CLOWN ROFL, what a disgrace for the league, the MVP is a JOKER i lost all respect for this guy, and i dont care if any of the role players of the PAcers flop or sth, we are talking about the best player in the league right now,KING FLOP LOL, what a joke the Miami “big” 3 are, 1 big clown and 2 role players who cant even perform up to role player standards BWAHAHHAHA, i dont care what happens in game 7, the Pacers proved what a big joke this stacked Miami team is.

  21. sports fan says:

    I’ve noticed that thoughout this series that the Indiana fans would genarlly say “We can beat the Heat.”
    But I’ve noticed that the Heat fans would say a prediction & constantly modify it.
    First it was “Heat in 4!!”
    Then after the Pacers won a game they said “Heat in 5!”
    Then it became “Heat in 6!”
    Now it’s “Heat in 7!”
    So far the Heat have not played like they have the heart of a champion. In game 6 they looked like they didn’t care. Hopefully game 7 will go to overtime. Even if the Heat go to the finals they should realistically be the underdogs but if the Pacers go to the finals it might actually be a better series.

  22. chuful29 says:

    For some reason, I have a gut feeling that IND will pull a game 7 upset.

    Good News = IND – SAS will be a series for “TRUE” basketball fans. No band wagons allowed!
    Bad news = Bandwagon fans would cry “Boring” yada yada yada, and Stern will lose revenues. Which means that it is more likely that calls would favr the Heat.

    • FLuke says:

      most of the “boring” comments here seem to come from heat fans and not those who claim to love the game. as some past comments would imply, they’d rather see stars in street clothes at a game than a well-fought contest.

  23. Danger high voltage says:


  24. JimD54 says:

    This has truly been a war and game seven is going to be something to see, I just hope that what’s a foul for one team is also a foul for the other and that the refs let the players decide the winner of the game and not get caught up in who sells the most jerseys and gym shoes and who does the most commercials, just let the guys play basketball and see which team wins…

  25. Heatnation1 says:

    The Pacers responded and now the Heat will respond….Wade needs to admit that he is injured tho…any wade fan would see that…but the heat will win by double digits…

  26. SM says:

    Basketball is a team work game. LBJ is playing perfect but cant do it alone.
    1- Wade used to play at the same level as LBJ. He should step up and do his best game
    2- Bosh is a superstar and better than Roy and David West. Come on man step up
    3- Ray Allen is the best 3 point shooter in NBA history. Focus and you can make at least 5 three pointers in a game.
    4- Haslem and Chalmers You have been good in this series. Continue and play even better.
    5- Coach must use Miller instead of Battier
    6- Rest of the team just do your regular game. you are good
    Miami must be the winner

    • realist2013 says:

      Woah time out, off sides, travelling, holding!

      Are you serious? Bosh isnt a true center and only dubbed a superstar because he was on a trash expansion team that had no star. you take 20+ shots you better score 20+. He only looks like a superstar vs teams with no real big men. Hibbert is better by far. He is a post player that can give you 20 and 10 not to mention one of the besr shot blockers in the league. Bosh thinks he’s rasheed wallace out there jacking up 3’s. West is also an all around pound the paint forward whom out matches Bosh. He was sick last night and still was a beast on the boards. I’m a Rockets fan so my observations are purely from a watcher and lover of the game. Be serious.

    • Caitlin says:

      Go Indy!

  27. SMIR says:

    The Miami big 3 has been big 1 in this series. Only LBJ is playing hard.
    Wade is only thinking about the fashion and style of his cloths and Bosh is focusing on his family.
    Come on men. It is game 7. Step up and help LBJ and your team. Your are better than Indiana.

    • nbapacersfan says:

      SMIR says: “You are better than Indiana.”
      Maybe… maybe not. We’ll find out Monday night. Sleep well Miami.


  28. Mehr says:

    It all comes back to Bosh and Wade. What type of game they are having? Unbelievable. I have not seen them play so bad.
    If Bosh and Wade play even their average game not even their best, Miami should win the game 7 with double digits.

  29. ChrisPaul says:

    Where are the Pacers haters! Heat fans? You here?

  30. MISH says:

    Mrs. Chris Bosh better do better job on the boards or his team stays at home.
    I think we are goin to see lebron go off for 30-40 points and Dwade coming to his aid …

    I think Miami taking game 7 with a close one ..

  31. NBAfan says:

    The refereeing has been absolutely horrendous this series. Period!
    It’s high time the refs were fined for all those terrible calls! They need to be held accountable!!

  32. GM says:

    David Stern is very satisfied with Refs’ sending the Pacers to Game 7 according to his command.

  33. Booger says:

    dont push your luck Pacers fans. Nobody wants to watch the Finals with Spurs vs Pacers anyways because its too boring

    • Loki says:

      Im not interested in high lights. That stuff is food and all but it’s icing on the cake. Boring or not if the pacers can make it to the finals they better be given the fair chance. This is basketball not WWE wrestling -.-

    • Jo says:

      Hey Booger, not sure were you get your info from.
      Most people I talk to want Spurs-Indiana, because they are fed up with arrogant “superstars” and “fans”.

    • Caitlin says:

      63% of Americans on sports nation do!

  34. carter1711 says:

    Love Hibbert’s post-game comments. Definitely going to get fined for it, but he has a good point. My question is, wouldn’t it be more effective for players who swear at media or intentionally flop or fight or whatever else constitutes a fine within the NBA’s rules to be penalised by suspension from games rather than money. Theyre all millionaires, Hibbert just said he doesn’t care about being fined… I wouldn’t either. But if he goes and says that with the threat of suspension then I’d bet he would be far less inclined. Same with the Heat, Bron isn’t gonna flop if it means he could miss a game 7.

    I just think any punishments the players receive needs to be something that actually feels like a punishment to them… or they could start paying them average wage LOL.
    But I guess the media would blow up if a star player got suspended during the playoffs. Would be very interesting to see what would have happened if Lebron had been the one to shove Hansbrough… cant imagine any suspensions occurring then.

  35. KaplanLBJGF says:

    its quiet here 🙂

  36. Dwade and Bosh MIA says:

    Dwade is officially done now, and I’m tired of his “knee” excuses. On the other hand, Chris Bosh is starting to look like a “trick or treat” role player, just like Lance Stephenson. I really feel sorry for Lebron, we all know how Cleveland’s little title run has ended, it’s a very sad nostalgic feeling, unless Mr. Mcmahon of the NBA pulls off his magic hat, because a Pacers vs Spurs series would be very bad for business. That being said, If Miami wants to win another title next season, they have to trade “Mr. Shoot first, Shoot second, 3pt third, 6’11’ CENTER” for a true center that can defend very well, and Wade and his knee as well, but probably that’s not going to happen because I really don’t know if any team would want him now.

    • Caitlin says:

      63% of Americans want the Pacers to win!

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Thank you…

  37. AuthotWritesLikeAregularFan says:

    I think Chris Bosh and D Wade should be left on the bench, win or loose. They are an absolute joke, and a great liability. Also Ray Allen has proven to be a huge defensive liability. Who ever Allen guards, blows by him and causes problems. Then he is also shooting like a rookie. Finally, is there a reason why Miami does not play Mike Miller and Rashard Lewis? The are big enough to help with rebounds, and they are probably two of the best 3 point shooters in the team.

    If they looks game 7, Lebron should think about leaving because this team with all the stars has no excuse for playing like the Cleveland Cavs team that Lebron was on.

  38. scooter says:

    when it comes to crunch time LeBron is the man, he single handed can beat Indiana watch what happens in game 7 if bosh, wade, allen , battier, chalmers, cole, Anderson don’t show up , he will put his head down and go to the rim everytime, and make some big plays when it matters, credit to Indiana for fighting but the heat simply didn’t show up when it matters, and players who are usually consistant for them are absent like battier allen wade bosh and haslem all having off games if the heat squad doesn’t shape up this series will rest on the shoulder of 1 man number 23 LeBron james if he fails in game 7 its over but if he comes like he did last year in game 6 against boston who had rondo, pierce, allen and garnett LeBron scored 45 points shutting boston down then he can easily do that against david west , the great wall of hibbert and George , LeBron JAMES will prevail blue collars will have to go back to burger after Monday sorry to break the news to you Indiana

  39. miamichamps says:

    Miami will win this series. LBJ and his teammates will get back on the Pacers on Monday. Go Heat!

  40. realist2013 says:

    Resounding from my previous posts, Miami has a lot of guns for imtimidating opponents but they also have a lot of leg riders and a few overrated players that have streaky mentalities . Bosh cant guard Hibbert and the only front court player is Lebron for Miama. Other than him the Pacers are killing them in the paint.

    Hats off to Indiana. They put the pressure on Miami and I smell an upset. Underestimating Indiana a team that bolstered the leagues best defense which is holding wade and bosh to amatuerish numbers.

  41. Jeff says:

    in aussie rules football, we call the third quarter the ‘premiership quarter’. the team that comes out more focused and wins the quarter usually wins the game.

  42. J says:

    some horrible calls in this game bout 5 easy wrong calls and a bunch of questionable call great game thogh
    heat in 7!!!!!!


    Good efforts by the Pacers as a team. Thumps up for that. Very intense series. But it’s not your time yet. Heat in 7 and you know it.

  44. LBJKIN6JAMES says:


    • Bstarr says:

      Yeah sure always easy to blame other players….Wasn’t it Lebron himself that messed up game 2 with 2 turnovers in the last minute of the game?

      • AM says:

        My goodness, so a player who is earning almost 20 million and is 6’11 is averaging less than 4 rebounds a game and the blame is on the only player that has been consistent through the entire series? Come on, all the blame is on bosh and wade, Lebron only messed up two plays, if it wasn’t for him this series would be over already.

      • Just my opinion says:

        Wow, just plain hater. These stars opted to play together to help each other. I understand if Bosh will not score, but his rebounds are no where near the averages of a 6’11 power forward. LeBron needs to have that game were he torched the Celtics in Game 6 last year for this Game 7. I hope Dwade can get 15-20 to help a little bit. Hibbert will score, that is for sure. Paul George will become a superstar some day so he will also score, I hope they can limit the other guys.

        If the shooters of Miami gets hot, Bosh gets rebounds, Miami will face the Spurs.

        Indiana has all the tools to beat Miami, but West, Hill and Stephenson need to have big nights to still this series.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


  45. nbapacersfan says:

    How many games does it take for Miami to beat the Pacers? Not 4, not 5, not 6…. you better hope it’s 7 Heat fans!!!


    • HeatAllTheWay says:

      Relax dawg it’s still 3-3. Don’t be crying out to your mama when you lose. lol

    • Wade Smock says:

      What happened to “the Heat in 3 maybe 2.” They dont count the ones you just dream up. You really have to play them first.

  46. nbapacersfan says:

    The Indiana Pacers are taking their talents to South Beach. 😉


      • Just my opinion says:

        Either way, the Spurs will be the Champion. I am a Heat fan but I know the Heat are in big trouble after watching Game 6. They can’t stop Hibbert for God’s sake. Now their weekness is hunting them.

        If the Heat wins, they have a chance, very slim chance against the Spurs. That is if the Big 3 will be the same as last years Big 3. If the Pacers win, I don’t see them beating the Spurs because they are just like the Memphis team. Yes they have Paul George, he can make the difference but that is it, their 2 bigs will be limited. Roy Hibbert will have his hands full against the ever reliable Tim Duncan (he really is the best 4 this game has ever had). After Timmy, you have Splitter the bulky Diaw and their defense is so great against a half court team like Indiana. Tony Parker will shoot floaters even if it is Paul George guarding him off the screens or against Hibbert near the ring. And have you seen how Manu played in the Memphis series. He is not that explosive anymore but man that guy is still good.

        I hope either of these two teams can give the Spurs a good challenge. But I will not be shocked if the Spurs win the Finals with a 4 game sweep.