Commence The Torching Of Frank Vogel


MIAMI — Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel has called Roy Hibbert “the best rim protector in the game.” That same Vogel took that same Hibbert off the floor on two critical defensive possessions late in overtime of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals on Wednesday.

The result? Two LeBron James layups and a 103-102 Miami Heat victory in overtime. Commence the torching of Vogel.

Vogel is very good at his job, the architect of the No. 1 defense in the league. But on more than one occasion in these playoffs, he has been caught over-coaching. This isn’t the first time he’s sat Hibbert on a late-game defensive possession, but it’s the time that decision came back to really bite him in the rear end.

Indiana was in position to steal Game 1 and home-court advantage in the series. Paul George got them to overtime with a 32-foot bomb at the end of regulation and, after James’ first Hibbert-less layup, got them a one-point lead with three clutch free throws with 2.2 seconds on the clock in OT.

After the Heat called timeout, Hibbert was on the floor.

I repeat, Hibbert was on the floor. And it was just one possession earlier when James beat George Hill off the dribble and got a layup because Hibbert wasn’t on the floor.

But Vogel looked at Miami’s lineup and called his own timeout, for the sole purpose of replacing Hibbert with Tyler Hansbrough. Over-coaching 101.

“That’s the dilemma they present when they have Chris Bosh at the five spot and his ability to space the floor,” Vogel said afterward. “We put a switching lineup in with the intent to switch, keep everything in front of us, and try to go into or force a challenged jump shot.”

Vogel’s fear was that, if Hibbert stuck by the basket to protect the rim, Bosh could free up a teammate with a screen or knock down an open jump shot.

The Pacers did switch as the Heat set multiple screens on the inbounds play. But when James caught the ball at the top of the key, George closed out a little too hard. The Heat had the floor spaced well, so when James blew by George, there was no one in position to help or protect the rim. James laid the ball in with his left hand and the buzzer sounded.

Game over. Opportunity lost.

“Obviously, with the way it worked out, it would have been better to have Roy in the game,” Vogel said. “But you don’t know. If that happens, maybe Bosh is making a jump shot and we’re all talking about that.”

And maybe if Hibbert was on the floor and James just scored over him, we’re talking about the Heat’s offensive mentality. After attempting 11 mid-range shots in the first quarter (and only five from the restricted area), they attempted just 13 mid-range shots (and 31 from the restricted area) over the remaining 41 minutes.

They didn’t let Hibbert’s presence keep them away from the rim. They smartly attacked the Pacers’ defense both from the middle and from the baseline, drew Hibbert’s attention, and dumped the ball off to cutters for layups and dunks.

“We’re an attacking team,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “It takes a great commitment and effort to be able to do it together, to get our attack. So you play a very good defensive team like this, you might not necessarily get it on the first option of your attack. And you have to have the poise and patience to work your offense, get to the proper spacing, move bodies, and have those opportunities in the paint.”

(Someone send that quote to the New York Knicks.)

“The first quarter, it was more of taking the first available look,” Spoelstra continued. “And a lot of times, it was that pull-up or long jumper.”

After averaging just 30.7 points in the paint in three regular season meetings against the Pacers, the Heat had almost twice that (60) on Wednesday. And all of their biggest buckets of the night came at the rim, including a Dwyane Wade layup over Hibbert in the final minute of regulation and a Bosh put-back over Hibbert in the final minute of OT. So it’s not as if Hibbert was stopping everything.

But you have a much better chance of protecting the rim with Hibbert on the floor than with him on the bench. In his 12 minutes off the floor in Game 1, the Heat were 9-for-12 in the restricted area and just 1-for-9 elsewhere. And if the 7-foot-2 guy is in the game and protecting the rim on that final possession, you can certainly live with the elsewhere.

Hibbert was obviously disappointed afterward, but he had his coach’s back.

“I could see why Coach wanted to take me out,” he said. “With 2.2 seconds left on the clock, they can throw it to Bosh and I’m over-committing in the paint and he can hit a jump shot. My mentality is always to protect the rim. I wish I was in there, but I have complete faith in Coach’s decisions.”

If the situation comes up again, the decision might be different.

“I would say we’ll probably have him in the next time,” Vogel said.

The Heat have now won 46 of their last 49 games. Opportunities to beat them do not come often. Vogel can only hope that there is a next time.


  1. Tyrone says:

    I hope the Pacers beat the Heat. Without Dwyane Wade at an All-Star level, the Heat just aren’t as exciting to watch, and I also think that the Pacers have a much better chance of beating the Spurs than the Heat do.

  2. Patty says:



  3. jwb grdy says:

    pacers will win it in 6.

  4. jack23 says:

    haha funny GREEN people fishing BOSTON fans here,..cmon join the party…

  5. jack23 says:

    @BRYAN: I WILL REMEMBER YOU MAN!! keep laughing now because the time to face MIAMI is very near, your old SPURS will be ruined by the SPEED and ATHLETICISM of LBJ and WADE!! start praying!!lol

  6. By the way, lbj travels all the time-your not supposed to be able to hop/skip then take 2 steps-ie: hop/skip+2spteps=A 3 STEP TRRRAAAVEL!!!

  7. Go Pacers!!!
    The Pacers should have def won game 1 hands down-Pacers were the better team!
    None the less i forgive them-now

  8. james says:

    Nobody is questioning the idea of fouling LeBron? He could have missed a free throw in that critical moment…I am a Heat fan but If I were George I would have fouled Lebron when I realized he will have a clear path to the rim…

  9. james says:

    People keep saying oh if Hibbert were in Lebron could have drove then dished the ball do an open shooter. This isn’t true people, Their was only 2.2 seconds left in the game. The catch and shoot motion usually takes atleast .5 of a second sometimes a little longer if you have a defender any where near you. Point is plain and simple, Hibbert should have been in the game.

  10. Torben says:

    The biggest problem was that the defender that was checking the inbounder should have been a fifth defender checking lebron .

  11. ENDIT says:

    That game shouldn’t had gone to OT Pacers lost it on regulation time. Mr. Ray Allen extended the game to OT when hi missed a free throw. The game was over there don’t be blaming George if it wasn’t for him making three out of three Pacers would had gone to the hotel room sooner. Spoelstra drew a good play and Lebron is one of the great players of the game. We have more games to play we will see what team is better. Is not one of one is 4 of 7. Indiana goes home Miami goes to the Finals.

    • james says:

      This is true too. The Pacers caught a break and got lucky. The foul on Wade was questionable, Ray missed a free throw, The fact that they even sent it to OT an came close to winning was a stretch. They were outplayed in the final minutes and would have lost anyways. Good game none the less though. Looking forward to more!

  12. Whitebeard says:

    Coach knows his team or they wouldn’t be in this series. That said, how do you let Lebron go left for an uncontested layup twice in a row? I don’t care how automatic Bosh is from 15′, that’s still a low percentage shot compared to an uncontested layup by one of the games best finishers. When Hibbert didn’t enter the game after that first T.O. and Lebron scored the first uncontested layup I thought to myself that was a bad move coach. Then after the second T.O., I was sure Hibbert would be on the floor to protect the rim. When he wasn’t, I thought to myself coach knows something that I don’t and he’s got a defense set that will not allow it to happen again. Then as Yogi used to say it was deja vu all over again. Too bad, the Pacers had that game in their pocket and coach picked the pocket himself.

  13. Bryan says:


  14. steppx says:

    people who use the word HATER are idiots. People are allowed to have criticisms. Why have a comments thread. Its idiotic.

  15. ya'lldidntllearnanything says:

    Vogel OBVIOUSLY didnt expect the HEAT to go for the layup, why? obviously cuz of the clock, only a handful of guys could’ve drive and hit the lay up in 2.2 seconds.

  16. Denzo says:

    Quit the whinning.. its one silly lay up.. some bad defense and its just the way it happened. LeBron is so not clutch its not funny.. coach knew he was going to either get an easy lay up or get fouled automatically superstar call.. so either way it would have been a tie game (LBJ would miss one he aint clutch fs)

  17. SM says:

    Questions must be for SPO the Miami Heat coche and why he put Shane batier in West?
    Miami can win the series easier than what it look liked the last night game but bad decisions from Spo had freed David West to do what ever he wants to do.

  18. zz says:

    please.. no need to blame vogel, lebron just read george’s defense and made a good play so give credit to lebron. But, if the heat had lost this game, you can blame wade for fouling george when he is shooting a very long 3. Though I think it is also a questionable call.

  19. Heatr#1 says:

    I agree with endlessbob Paul’s 3 was lucky.

  20. hipster says:

    LeTravel strikes again!

  21. The French Durantula says:

    Hibbert: “Paul hit that game winning three to tie the game.” seems legit

  22. theholyspecatator says:

    this series is def gonna be an intense one…you gotta love how after such an emotional ending ot the game, the king remained calm and was like “yeah im the king, i got this miami” ..way to go lebron…game 1s are always the game you build an idea of what the opponents are bringing to the table…in reality if miami can keep the rebounding somewhat close they will easily win the series, if not, its gonna be a straight up dog fight..wish the WCF was just as entertainin to watch

  23. Beast says:

    Even if Hibbert was in the game LeBron would’ve dunked on his face. LBJ is Great. All you haters you like that game winner? Who clutch now? Lol haters are too funny.

  24. M. James says:

    The refs in Indiana can’t save Vogal this time.

  25. roger says:

    man, the heat have two driving beasts, lebron and wade. Why are u worried about bosh? common…

  26. Dee says:

    This is a no brainer! Coach’s OBVIOUS mistake!
    Anybody who pretends to know anything about any game knows you should try your best to AVOID having the best and the most reliable player on the opposite team take the final shot against you. Lebron is more reliable and a far better player than Chris Bosh – any time any day. The stats prove it, the stars prove, common sense proves it!
    So, why do you worry about Bosh’s jump shot over Lebron’s driving to the rim????????

  27. crUZero says:

    so VOGEL’S point? give a lay up to prevent a jumpshot. you do not need to be a genius to know that is stupid. Coach Pop and Phil are laughing so hard now at vogel.

    • Sew says:

      Maybe Coach Pop is laughing (doubt it though) but, Greg Pops record for his first 3 seasons were 17-47 (missed playoffs) 56-26 (lost in Conf. semis) and 37-13 (Won Champ.) 110-86 win-loss record
      Vogel’s record 20-18 (made the 8th seed) 42-24 (lost Conf. semis) and 49-32 (At least Conf. Finals) 111-74 win-loss record. So, who is a better coach at this point?

      • Bryan says:

        THE HELL?????? popovich always made it with the spurs to the finals….. now 16 years straight. Damn these miami fans who pull numbers out of their a$$ thinking they know everything. AND right now, pop has the best numbers in the NBA for active coach.. so who’s better now?

  28. kimchongil says:

    Vogel shouldn’t be blamed for LBJ’s gamewinner. If Paul George didn’t overplay LeBron and stayed in front of him the whole time, then LBJ would have had to shoot a contested jumpshot and at that point, it wouldn’t have matter whether or not Hibbert was in the game.

  29. M. James says:

    Frank torched himself. He should’ve backed up what he claimed, before he said anything.

  30. John says:

    Vogel went to Paul George after the game and told him to forget about the last play. Coaches like that that have their players’ backs will have players that will play hard for them. Get ready for another battle. Let’s go Game 2!

  31. andres says:

    I don’t get the idea of some that it was a lucky game for the Heat. I’d say Paul George’s three at the end of regulation time and the almost turnover at the end of OT, those were two incredible lucky plays for Indiana. They were awful from three range the whole night and that scramble of the ball might easily benefited the Heat

  32. Danger high voltage says:

    Lebron traveled? oh cry me a river

  33. Bu says:

    LBJ did not travel. Watch in slow mo please.

    If Hibbert was in there, he would hv been switched on the play & not necessarily be protecting the rim. Besides, he’s a 7 footer & look at who was on the floor: James, Bosh, Battier, Allen & Cole. All can shoot the 3. They basically went small & gave a setup of going for a jumper as there was little time for a drive. So Vogel did the logical thing to cover the shooters with the right people instead of going for height.

    Pacers did well to cover everyone including Allen where there was no confusion on covering James. George did overplay by mistake as I’m sure he’d rather hv him take a contested jumper than a layup.

    We’re talking in hindsight & how would you draw it up if you’re there as coach Vogel BEFORE the play???

    Lastly, the game was not about just 1 play. Pacers allowed 47% shooting & 60 pts in the paint & had 20 turnovers. So they made a fair share of mistakes along the way till George’s heroics. Yes, Heat didn’t hv their A game as Pacers’ defense was still a B+ level. Also, Heat did nothing other than protecting their home court. So game 2 will really see what the Pacers are made of.

    • Sew says:

      What this guy said^^^ Basically, Miami needs to limit the turnovers as well (they had 20 or 21). I’m not sure why Cole was in the game more than Chalmers, (Cole had 5 turnovers). Miami need to limit their fouls too. All in all, I hope the Pacers win it, but either way this is a fantastic start to what might be a great series.

  34. Lushie says:

    With 2.2 seconds left , best option is to attack and draw foul . LBJ is the best player to do that and defensive team should be able to anticipate . The presence of Hibbert could have make the difference. I agree to torch Vogel, happened twice and he did not learn his lesson !

  35. lero says:

    miami in 4, last night everything was going indianas way. they should have won, sorry if u didnt but thats it pacers are done

  36. W/E says:

    vogel should talk less and coach better, talk after series ends.

  37. Why is no one talking about the blown foul call immediately preceding this amazing finish? Clearly, on replay, Paul George was barely touched, although you could argue that his shot was altered. However, on the play previous to that one Lebron had his shot altered by two Pacers with hard clear fouls across his shooting arm: no call! NBA refs are unbelievable. When are we going to institute an NFL style replay system??

  38. 1) the three-point foul for paul george was ridiculous, dubious, and offensive. 2) Birdman was amazing and won this game for his team when they were busy shooting jumpers and watching Wade miss a bread-and-butter shot from the left wing close to the basket. NBA should add a new award: “Where did HE come from?” of the year. (ps i’m a knicks fan so don’t even think this is biased)

  39. Jhonnie says:

    Frank Vogel made a good call. Regardless of whether Hibbert was on the floor or off – conceding a layup as an overtime buzzer-beater is just overall bad basketball. Chris Bosh’s reliable jump shot and offensive IQ makes him an undervalued member of the big 3. Because Hibbert couldn’t be in the game, LeBron beat Hill off the dribble and got an open layup.

  40. loz says:

    to all of you funny Miami van wagon fans remember your exact words Miami in 4 or 6…I’ll say pacers are going to win and be remember for making Miami suffer.

  41. jbone says:


    Ummm… We don’t need any more Lebron haters on this site. You’re obviously a Spurs fan so your opinion is biased and all your points lack in substance. If Lebron is such a flopper why has he never been fined for it? ”
    A better coached Team with a better System and better players would have just closed this Team” Yeah, but there is none in the NBA right now. The Spurs might be close, but they still struggled with my injury racked Warriors.
    Three Superstars? Don;t you have that in Ginobli Parker and Duncan? They may be getting old now but they were together in their prime. Refs? Are you already preparing fodder for if/when the Heat beat your Spurs in the Finals? Big Market? Miami is rated 16th in NBA viewership, 1 spot about Cleveland so I wouldn’t call it a big market, although its not a small market either.
    What do Ads have to do with Lebron and his team winning? Cool, Griffin does Commercials for Kia and Paul for Allstate. I doubt those are huge contracts, which Lebron already has with Nike. He also has a deal with Monster for his promotion of “Beats” headphones so I have a hard time thinking he is lacking for money and will soon be panhandling for change in South Beach.

    Nuff said.

  42. Kevo says:

    Props to Lebron, great play. Only thing to note is that he traveled (but who seriously calls travel these days?).

    Heat in 5 or 6, although as a great series, I want it to go to Game 7.

  43. YOH MEN says:

    If David West completed those EASY free throws, im preatty sure Pacers will win game 1.

  44. Thomas says:

    At least Vogel is owning the fact he blew it. He should have had Roy on the floor and at the very least told his guys not to chase anyone too far from the basket. Half the Pacers were out near the 3 point line. It was a poor scheme. Wade was on the bench. Double LeBron and make anyone else beat you with a jumpshot.

  45. Freida says:

    You can talk about the refs all you want. Some plays are fair and some plays are not. Haslem’s shirt was ripped by one of the Pacer’s player and no call. So stop whining about the refs. It is what it is.

    Miami still is a better and more experienced team than the Pacers. That’s why OKC lost last year. Rookie mistakes. I think Miami will beat them but it can be a long series. LeBron is the man with finally getting some help, not like in Cleveland. Hope they win another championship but the West is better than the East. Go Miami!!!

  46. JimD54 says:

    The Pacers don’t need to change anything, just need to play better down the stretch and quit crying about the fouls, Miami is going to get the key calls, they always do, the Pacers just need to play for the full game, even with the calls it took a last second shot for Miami to win at home, the Pacers can beat this team if they just knuckle down and play the full 48….The refs called 2 fouls on LeBron in the first quarter I bet that hasn’t happened all year, LeBron is the only player in the League who plays like a linebacker and yet never fouls anyone, except for last night, so the refs did gave the Pacers a chance, but the Pacers have to step up. The Pacers can win this if they better play down the stretch……

  47. Commence the torching of Vogel? says:

    I’m a Heat fan and I can flat out say that the writer of this article, John Schuhmann, is an idiot. Vogel is a great coach and he rolled the dice. LeBron made a great play by reacting to the over-pursuit of Paul George. If Hibbert was in the game and Chris Bosh got the ball and made another jumper, you would still have wrote this article because that’s how little you known basketball Mr. Schuhmann.

  48. NBAFAN!!! says:

    Indiana played good but too many turnovers but Miami played at 60% with a lot of turnovers too, the next game Miami will rip Indiana and it will be the same in Indiana, if Miami lose a game they only come back a lot stronger so I think Miami in 5. The winner of this series will win the Championship in 4. Go HEAT!!!

  49. a-random-fan says:

    How many times have we seen LBJ or any other great player beating the buzzer or doing something amazing, and instead of giving him credit, everybody end up blaming the rival team’s defense or their coach…. guys, this happens! it is called amazing basketball players doing unbelievable plays, period!

  50. los says:

    Not having hibbert in there is a coaching mistake. One of the best rim protectors in the game. However paul george has to know to sag off of lebron and concede yet challege the jump shot. lebron only having 2.2 seconds would have to make a choice exploit hibbert with bosh or shoot a jumper either way its a jumper and contested…the percentages are lower with jumpers as to layups…if they hit it…they hit it… you played good sound defence…but to give up a UNCONTESTED layup at this part of the game… this part of the season is crying shame and can’t ever happen!!

  51. Joey says:

    Stupid mistake, how can you win against lebron without a defensive center on the floor like hibbert let him stay in the game and pray they miss their jumpshots. Simple. Trust your defense.

  52. LOL says:

    d wade did not foul PG on that 3 point shot they should have never taken the lead should of been game over right there heat should of won anyways.

  53. R E E says:

    with 2 seconds on the clock, It would take MORE time for Lebron to drive and dish to Bosh for a jumper than Lebron driving for a layup. A drive and dish and shoot is the exact scenario they should have been playing for.
    HUGE mistake. HIBBERT should be on the floor at ALL times against Miami offense. They get to the rim way too much.

  54. Me says:

    This site’s webmasters are amateurs they can’t do anything right, make a contact us page with no option whatsoever to contact them so you can’t complain about their tabloid ‘ish style of throwing dirt and lies, plus the fact they put malware in their cookies so your pc crashes, why? all to get cispa accepted, i’m not even swearing and i already typed this message 5 times, censoring noobs

  55. SPURSCONGO says:

    lebron did travel no whistle
    Coach vogel made , yes ,two mental mistakes
    lebron James just cant stop flopping and playing the modest cool guy no wonder cPaul and bGriffiths just have more ADS
    CONTRACTS allo Michael teach him doch!!!
    A better coached Team with a better System and better players would have just closed this Team,
    give me three Superstars , a big market, refs,a commissioner and we would sell like a future dynasty!

    Pacers possesion less than 50 seconds remaining, and they hv the lead and this guy shoots!!!

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      How old are you ten or eleven. Your comment is hardly readable. German hah?
      I guess you are the biggest flopper of em all. If you can play at all???
      Just accept the fact that the King took this one for the Heat and lucky Indiana won’t get another chance.
      By the way Miami is not that big of a market.

  56. TV63 says:

    I couldn’t believe he did the very exact thing Knicks coach did in the last 3 min of game. Chandler and Martin out; no big man like Stoudemire and WHa-laa Heat have their way in the paint for 2 easy layups. I will say this was a very exciting game and Pacers gave them a fight!! I hope to see more of this and a Game 7. There has got to be a team to make them work for it!

  57. Mehr says:

    Lets talk about Miami coach mistakes that could lead Heat to a lose!!!!

    Why Spo putting Shane Battier in big men position. That does not work against Indiana.

  58. Tiago says:

    I would have done a foul in regular time when indiana had less than 5 seconds to shoot and Miami was 3 points ahead! instead they let them shoot 3 and throw the game to OT. Awful decision, Even if Indiana scored the 2 free throws Miami gained possession and could waste at least 2 or 3 of the 5 seconds remaining. Indiana would never score in 2 seconds from their half court, since they had no time outs left to organize an attempt. Spoelstra was sleeping on the bench.

    • damian says:

      I disagree Tiago, doing that sends a message to your team as well as the Pacers and the 2 teams out West that you don’t trust your defense to get stops.

  59. jack23 says:

    i dont think so,..get your money now to HEAT, 4-1 Heat baby! by the way, its Vogels fault he acknowledge that mistake and it really takes a man to accept that mistake, but this will make a big turn around in this series, if Pacers could have stolen 1 game. it could be different, face the possibility of sweep!!

  60. blackmamba38 says:

    Whatever the coaching will be .. if the players are not that good enough still useless… Both teams are great and they should practice fully for the 2nd game. You can’t foresee immediately of who’s gonna win at the end , coz’ i’ve seen a lot of good players who scored tremendously in game 1 or 2 but the next game(s) scored less. You can never tell. Hoping, game 2 will be as thrill as game 1 to have again a remarkable game. Go heat!

  61. Samuel says:

    Congrats to Miami on a hard fought game one. Looks like it’s gonna be a long tough series. That being said, there is one rule I absolutely cannot stand in the NBA. Why does the offense get to advance the ball all the way to the opponents end of the court after a time out on a made basket. This is such an unfair rule. It basically penalizes a team for having just made a basket. It would be like giving a football team the ball in the red zone after the other team just scored. I understand that the NBA is all about game winning shots and all but it aint basketball to me.

  62. LS says:

    “Opportunities to beat them do not come often. Vogel can only hope that there is a next time.”???? Wasn’t this just the first game of a 7-game series? Why should Vogel feel as if his back is against the wall. I think LeBron and the Heat recognize this is not going to be a cakewalk for them.

  63. mnai says:

    how can you people say miami got lucky?? @ Bird33 and @notakobefaneither,

    did indiana not need a last second miracle shot to get into overtime? and if wade had not fouled george probably would have missed that shot….indiana got lucky too, so dont say it was indianas game and they blew it, they were more lucky with those than lebron

  64. SM says:

    Talking about Vogel mistake. Better to talk about the Spo mistakes.
    Indiana is a good team but Miami is better.
    Wrong substituations and using Shane in position 4, playing against West is the big mistake of the game from Spo.
    If Miami plays with its big men in position 4 and 4 by using Anthony and Bosh as starters and then Birdman and Haslem, there is no doubt that Miami can win the series easier.

  65. Blenheim Augustine says:

    “LeBron is the best traveler in the game”

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      Haters gonna hate hahahaha…

      • Loki says:

        Ive seen plenty of footage that proves Lebron does travel and not get called for it. Then again so does Kobe, it’s super star treatment. Of course that wasn’t the case in this game, Lebron’s basket was legit, but don’t be so blinded by your admiration of him that you can’t see the man gets away with some stupid things.

  66. djles73 says:

    there is a lot of ways to look at this game.there was plenty of situations where it could have been different.I mean the Pacers had 2 desperation 3s and they converted both of wont happen again as probably LBJ wont score a game winning layup when having 2 seconds left for a long time.
    another thing: ray allen should rest or sg coz not really helping the team w either good defense or shooting in fact he does it poorly lately.anyone knows why Lewis is not used?even battier having terrible shooting strech.or Miller?
    but surely the Birdman rules.unbelievable that this guy was out of the game…
    also heat were a bit slow against bulls in game 1 coz of then 7 now 5 days break.i’d bet on heat taking game 2 confortably then stealing one at indiana closing it out on game 5.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      I totally agree on that. But Ray Allen will come up big for Miami during the next games. You’ll see.
      Give credit to the Pacers they played really good but at the same time they were really lucky in a lot of situations.
      (Calls especially the one against Wade when he was called for his 6th foul, Allen missing a free throw, George hitting the three etc.). Be prepared for a different Heat team in game two.
      GO HEAT!

    • mee(a)t says:

      birdman has poor endurance…only reason why he swoops in and leaves

  67. Bird33 says:

    It was great to see the Pacers take it to the Heat on their own floor. You could see the look of fear and surprise in their faces just before LeBron bailed them out. They had that “this shouldnt be happening” look of confusion and fear. This game showed that the Heat really are “just the next team”. I sense a game 2 upset in Miami. Get your money down on the pacers!!

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      I guess you meant the Pacers are just another team for the Heat. They messed up this time and won’t get another chance.
      They were really lucky with Ray Allen missing that free throw. Paul George hits 1 out of 100 of those threes.
      Heat won this game without making threes. Roy Hibbert is a joke. Only David west is a true Warrior. Give Credit to him.
      Better be ready for a blow out in game two. Hahahaha GO HEAT!!!

      • kODI says:

        Well said bro. it’s going to be 4 nothing.. and the second game, I can’t wait for the tipoff.. They are so going to demolished.. I don’t know why everyone hates Miami.. LBJ.. King.. saw that last night.. PS: HE (LBJ) PLAYED WITH FOUL TROUBLE LAST NIGHT SO HE HELD BACK A BIT.. you can’t ever hate GOD TALENT… If you do, it’s like you hate GOD…

    • Game Time says:

      Yeah confused as to why a foul was called on Wade. Anyhow Pacers looking more confused than a hooker in church right now.

  68. not a kobe fan either says:

    the pacers were good, lebron just got lucky in that last drive.
    as long as the pacers stay focused they’ll win game 2 for sure.

  69. Nunes says:

    Torching of Frank Vogel? The one that should be critized is Erik Spoelstra because the Heat didn’t make a foul in the last possession of the regular time with the 3 points lead.

  70. basketballfan says:

    what a play coach spo drew, they spaced the floor with shooters that there was nobody to contest the the layup. give some credit to the coach. and torch vogel please.

  71. armin halvadzic says:

    If i was a coach I would do the same thing. I was expecting a shot for 3 or something like that

  72. U.G.O says:

    Maybe it was Paul George that wasn’t even between Lebron and the basket, giving him a clear path.. Sometimes the players make mistakes you know!

  73. willie says:

    miami in 4. this was the game that indiana could’ve stolen. vogel made a coaching error there, he said so himself, with his last quote 🙂

  74. blackmamba38 says:

    By looking game 1 of miami-pacers it was really a tough game, both teams were really good. Their shooting goals were
    really amazing. Hopefully, in game 2 miami will take a lead before going to pacers home. Go heat!

  75. sleeplessbull says:

    this was an ugly game… really ugly.. the pacers must change some things drastically.. Vogelll you lost one there last night… learn from your mistakes.. i dont like the pacers they are not a good team in my eyes… but i like the heat even less so go pacers ! 😉

  76. IAMAHEATFAN says:

    When u do hav the best rim protector in the league, u MUST put him until the end. i think Coach Vogel is anticipating another overtime that’s why he took out HIBBERT. well, that’s his biggest mistake. SO YEAH PACERS FANS?! TORCH HIM!!!

  77. Rhedz says:

    Vogels thinking about bosh….but it was james who killed em….nice one lbj…4-1 series…sorry pacers not this playoff…


  79. cp10 says:

    Pacers wins this series folks, Heat swept at Indiana, better believe it

  80. Ancient Mermaid says:

    yeap, take hibbert out twice shame on me… or however that goes. I cant see Pacers getting close again, it took everything Paul George had for this one. Incredible game.

  81. steppx says:

    Vogel is a very overrated coach. He has developed a great defense, but the offense is run like ahigh school offense. This decision is just awful, a total blunder and he did it TWICE…………….unreal. The Pacers are a genuine threat to Heat….they are the perfect team to trouble them. But vogel gave it away………heat might sweep now. It could have all been different.

  82. Ley says:

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda….. Anything could’ve happened, coach vogel went with what he thought was right at the moment, but bottom line, they lost.

  83. Uhh says:

    Bad choise Vogel.

  84. ism says:

    The Heat are incredibly tough to beat since they cannot be shocked any more by being down in a game or even a series.
    I tried to watch the game, but, living in Europe sleep got the better of me. Turns out I should have stayed awake. I am really excited how this series goes down.

  85. Pacers gave that one to the heat, also Pacers just showed a lil tease preamble of how they’re going to rip up the heat.
    Go Pacers!

  86. Ian says:

    What a joke

  87. ric says:

    everyone’s over looking. it’s paul georege’s fault. he gave the lane for lbj. that’s about it! he should have just given him more space and just fronted him. then he’ll just settle for a contested jumper. you live with it if it goes in. compared to what happened. an open lay up. tough lose! then heat in 4? sweep? common, you better than that.

  88. marvhenzxx says:

    so layup over a jump shot eh? w/hat stupid move by vogel. what you most want to defend during last possessions like these are layups, dunks, and alley-ops. and he was so scared of the jump shots eh? a jump shot with lower probability to go in than the layups, dunks, and alley-ops? and twice.

    • Sally says:

      Listen Vogel made his decision but that didn’t mean he told Paul George to over comit which he did if Paul George let lebron catch it in from of him lebron would have shot a Jump shot and contested one so think about who fault really it is

  89. scott says:

    sigh….I understand his dilemma, but he has to think. Would I rather have bosh take a jump shot or give lebron james a chance to take it? James is no stranger to clutch situations, also there lost wasn’t completely Vogels fault. Paul George choked on defense. and help came a split second too late.

  90. J says:

    huge coaching mistake by vogel GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. pekku le tip says:

    Awful choice, doesn’t make sense at all! Would you rather have Bosh shooting a jumper or have LeBron attacking the rim like he did? Horrible, horrible stuff this should have never happened! It’s a shame as Vogel is one of the best coaches out there! He got it wrong this time! BIG TIME!

  92. Nate says:

    Over – reporting 101: On that play, the Heat had 4 players hitting the corners. If you had Hibbert guarding the hoop, the Heat would have had a wide open jumper. George overplayed on the close out and got burned, plain and simple. The defensive plan was sound, the execution was poor.

  93. Microwave says:

    C’mon cuh, Vogel is a phenomenal coach. Although he might have messed up a few critical possessions, you probably could’ve name the topic of this article a little bit nicer than “torching of frank Vogel.” Very few NBA coach can run a team as well as this man, give him some credit and respect pls.

  94. Romeo says:

    Whether or not Vogel made the right decision in the last play really depends on whether the Heat are able to score. Unfortunately for him, the Heat did score, so his decision to remove Hibbert turned out to be bad. Sticking on Hibbert would likewise be a bad decision if the Heat are still able to execute. On the other hand, Spoelstra designed a perfect play. However, you wouldn’t call it perfect if James missed.

    • Loki says:

      Only way Lebron would’ve missed that was if he was A: hard fouled, or B: blocked. Neither of which happened, he’s too good inside to miss with bad defense. Would’ve rather seen Ray Allen or Chris Bosh take the long range jumper, which was far more likely to miss than Lebron’s layup.

  95. 3ptdagger says:

    Phenomenal game by James, but its scary for the Heat that they couldn’t stop the Pacers from scoring on their home floor. Had they gone to 2OT with Wade fouled out it could have been a much different story. Also 5 fouls for James, who had all those foul-less games against the Bulls? Ouch.

    • DShip says:

      Woulda shoulda coulda……but it didn’t. It is so easy to speculate the infinite possibilities of what could have happened, but if they didn’t it’s irrelevant. The Pacers lost because a great player made a great play and a lesser experienced player made a mistake. Facts are just facts. Now both teams will review game footage, restrategize and come back for game 2 with another opportunity. After that game someone else will have their story of “well if this had happened instead of that” and it won’t matter then either. The Pacers should not be discounted as very good basketball team, obviously they are in the conf finals. The Heat has the benefit of experience, and deeper bench with better role players and starting line up that boasts at least 2 perennial hall of famers in the future. I think the Heat will win the series but they will be pushed because the Pacers have a formula that can work, but they turnover the ball too much and are not as great at execution. Spoelstra derserves more credit as a legit coach. The players are only executing based on the plays he is creating.

    • Game Time says:

      He commits 5 fouls in a overtime game and that’s supposed to worry Miami? If you want to speculate you should think about what happens when Bosh, Allen, Battier have a hot shooting night because last night was not Miami’s best offensive performance. However that is the best you will get from the Pacers.

      • Loki says:

        The best? Lmao. Ever think the pacers defense had something to do with Miami’s bad shooting? Just because you love the Heat doesn’t mean they’re not part of the statistic. Holding teams below 90 is common place for the Pacers. The heat are not excluded from this statistic considering they’ve held the heat below 80 even before. Learn to give credit where it’s due, because even Lebron gave a nod to the pacers D

      • Game Time says:

        No because Ray Allen and Shane are known to have off nights like that. Tell yourself whatever you want. At the end of the day that Pacer D lost the game for you with a wide open layup. LMAO.

        Besides Pacers don’t want to see the true White Mamba Mike Miller come at them.

  96. Angelica says:

    Ball don’t lie.. But referee will

  97. FANATIC says:

    Pacers minutes is not sustainable.

  98. zamiLo says:

    2.2 seconds on the clock, shooters, multiple screens: what more to think of? over-coaching is an overstatement. no reason to criticize Vogel. what happened- happened. LeBron was too good to notice George’s footing and seize the opportunity. if Hibbert was there, there is also a possibility LeBron would kick the ball out to Allen. can’t wait for game 2 battle!

  99. jiggy says:

    Obviously questionable call but the lane was wide open anyway and Sam Young just watched LeBron lay it in like he was on the floor for no reason. If you have to blame someone blame Young for not fouling LeBron.

  100. Harris says:

    “Opportunities to beat them do not come often”.

    This is so true. Not because the Pacers were able to play with the Heat down the wire but do you think the Heat wont change their plays in the next game to dominate like they did against the Bulls after the game 1 lost?
    Heat are a great team in a sense that they can adjust to what the game brings.

    • Carver says:

      Like Barkley said their big guys are not going to suddenly grow over night. the Pacers have the size and the rebounding and that is not going to change. The Heat are in for a tough series, and hopefully a loss!

      • Game Time says:

        Pacers bigs have the same height as the Bulls. Noah, Bozer, Nazr same as Hibbert West Hansbourgh. Stupid hater.

    • Loki says:

      And you think the Pacers won’t adjust? They’re a completely different team than the bulls. This series will not be a sweep

      • Game Time says:

        Pacers looked to be at 95% of their true game last night and Miami about 80. So even if Miami just plays at 90% their game and Pacers to their max, Miami will still have the upper hand.

  101. Igor says:

    Look, it was bad defense by PG, Even with Roy out PG gave to much space to LBJ, so though keeping Roy in would be just in case they drive for a lay up, So at the end of the day, it was bad defensive possession for the Pacer…players as well as coaching.

    • guest says:

      Well put Igor. The best post in this blog.

    • Todd says:

      I kind of disagree with Igor. I mean, you would want to give Lebron space to catch the ball on the inbound, once he catches then you get right up on him. At that point you eliminate the path to the bucket… he has 2.2 seconds to catch, see the defense and then make his move, by the time everything is done, his only option would be a 12-15ft jumper with a body on him and a hand in his face……I would take that pull up anyday over a direct path to the basket with no Hibbert down there…..PG played him wayyyyy too tight before the catch, which led to the blow by and easy…terrible call by Vogel and bad defense by PG.

  102. Raffy says:

    good luck next time frank vogel hehe

  103. Booger says:

    while the Heat’s haters still blaming the refs…lol

    • New Yorker says:

      I appreciate the game the Heat play and Wade is (maybe not “was”) my fav player. It was an awesome game. I did not like the dirty plays imo. Batier knee to Hibert and Cole cheap shot to West were not cool. C’mon Heat, you’re better than that

  104. Tait says:

    So if a player catches a ball and establishes his right foot as the pivot foot then takes off and not only lands the left but also lifts the right before the ball bounces this is NOT a travel? NBA Superstar rules I guess… TRAVEL.

  105. Juice says:

    Stupid move vogel.

    • Hmmm says:

      Stupid was Lance Stephenson taking that 3, when they were already up 3. He had a lane to take it to the hole! The second he missed that shot I knew they would lose even though they were still up 3. You could just feel it in the pit of your stomach. Seconds later Bosh get’s a 3 point play and ties the game. An unfortunate transgression for Lance who had been starting to play well.

  106. Will.I.Am says:

    Heat in 4, Vogel has just started the curse that will hurt them throughout this series

    • J says:

      doubt it heat will win series but prob in 5 or 6

    • teo says:

      heat in six……but im hoping they wrap the series in 5.

    • Will.2.Kay says:

      you are right. vogel would rather have lebron lay it in than bosh shooting a jumper.

      • guest says:

        There’s no way that Vogel would rather have Lebron lay it in. Which shot is more likely to go in? Layup? Jumper? obviously the layup… Paul George for some reason did not even close to defend Lebron on the final play which made it so he could catch the ball and run right at the rim. It was probably dumb to have Hibbert on the bench but of course he would rather lose by a jumper than a layup…

    • Don says:

      In your dreams… they just got lucky there.