Mouthguard In, Sympathy Out As Heat Expect More Of Same From Bulls


CHICAGO – Dwyane Wade acknowledged Sunday that, yes, after eschewing the use of a mouthguard through his NBA career, he now has begun chewing one. Wade said he has been wearing the protection for his teeth and mouth since Game 1 of the Miami Heat’s Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Chicago Bulls.

Any skepticism as to how physical the combatants expected this series to be can pretty much end there. Actually, Wade said a series of blows prompted his decision to sacrifice chewing gum for some oral protection.

“Because I’ve been getting hit in the mouth too much and I’ve been getting a lot of cuts in my mouth and I can’t eat during the week,” he said after the Heat’s practice at a University of Illinois-Chicago gym. “So I decided it’s now.

“I’m a gum chewer. But getting hit in the mouth and having to deal with these cuts in my mouth for like two weeks, torture. I can’t do it no more. I finally gave in.”

Getting used to occasional bouts of dry mouth beats oral surgery and dining through a straw, possible results in a playoff series as fiercely contested as this one. Even as the tough stuff seems to be backfiring on the Bulls — they have paid the price in foul calls, technical fouls, ejections and most recently in the $35,000 fine levied on coach Tom Thibodeau for remarks about the officiating — that team is determined to keep contact high.

It sees now other way to dig out of the 2-1 hole and survive the best-of-seven series.

“Yes, I expect the physical nature to continue tomorrow,” Bulls center Joakim Noah told reporters at his team’s practice facility. “Y’know, it’s our only chance.

“It’s just that, when you have somebody like LeBron James coming at you full speed, yeah, there’s a lot of contact. It’s just a part of the game. You look at playoff basketball, it’s always physical. You look at every series, it’s physical.”

Undermanned in the absence of forward Luol Deng (illness) and guards Kirk Hinrich (calf bruise) and Derrick Rose (knee rehab), the Bulls know their skill level can’t match or top Miami’s. That has them relying more than ever on a grinding defense and enough body-on-body work to, in theory, make the Heat players — from stars James, Wade and Chris Bosh to the fleet of 3-point shooters — uncomfortable.

“We’re a hard-nosed, tough-guy team,” Chicago forward Jimmy Butler said. “That’s what we label ourselves as. That’s what we pride ourselves on. We’re going to come out swinging.”

To which the Heat basically responded: Whatever.

“None of this is new to us,” Miami coach Erik Spoelstra. “Nobody can hide from the fact that the games will be decided between those four lines. And our guys understand that.”

James, who was accused of a “flop” by Thibodeau on the ballyhooed play in which Bulls backup center Nazr Mohammed shoved him to the floor (and earned a swift ouster from Game 3 Friday), all but yawned over that comment.

“It’s kind of the same [as when] I heard people say I was overrated,” James said. “When you’re comfortable with who you are as a player and as a person, nothing really bothers you.”

James added: “I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game. I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys.”

Thibodeau earned his fine from NBA headquarters with remarks suggesting the Bulls aren’t getting equal treatment from the referees. Nationally, the opinion might be that they are giving more than they’re getting, in terms of rough tactics, yet are complaining about their perceived imbalance.

Chicago’s view, from both the organization and its fans, is that Miami has done plenty of hard fouling and extracurricular contact away from or after plays. The Bulls believe the mutual muscling-up hasn’t been reflected in free throws (actually, only 84-75 favoring the Heat), in fouls (just 77-68 against Chicago) or especially the number of players forced to the bench prematurely or for the night due to fouls.

Without Deng, Hinrich or Rose, the Bulls don’t have reliable depth. So what they apparently would prefer most would be games in which both teams could get physical and neither veer into foul trouble. There’s the frustration.

The Heat, of course, aren’t going to apologize for their relative good health, their knack for getting to the line or even James’ ability to play 44:25 in Game 3 while getting whistled for zero fouls. They won’t apologize if they should go on to eliminate the shorthanded Bulls and don’t feel particularly sorry for Chicago that key players are missing. They remember how it went last spring when Bosh missed most of their semifinal series against Indiana and much of the East finals against Boston with an abdominal injury.

“And no one had empathy on us,” Wade said.

Still, the Miami shooting guard added: “Y’know, it’s unfortunate and you don’t want anyone ever [to be out]. At the end of the day, whether you dislike a team or not, the NBA is a brotherhood. When we see someone go down across the league, we feel it. You never want to see anyone be injured or not be playing.

“But no, you can’t worry about that. You’ve got to go out there and play the personnel that’s out there. You’re trying to get a win and it feels just as gratifying no matter who’s on the court.”

Or bouncing off it.


  1. winAring says:

    Got dang fans crying like they wearing Jerseys let them play aint nobody on that court but them I know y’all want a ring aint had one since Jordan lmao when Rose an them “Other Guys” were healthy Miami still beat them an for Christ sake let a seven footer with weig bbq

  2. Heat1 says:

    LB does not flop

  3. max Hucul says:

    1. yes, LeBron does flop
    2. No, the calls have not been even
    3. Miami, people don’t hate you because they’re jealous. I mean, yes, you have an impressive roster (even if you are barely beating an incredibly banged up bulls team that they should be dominating. The truth is, Miami, everyone hates you because LeBron and his diva-like ways have transformed the entire team into a bunch of whiny little crybabies who have to talk the official’s head off literally every time they don’t get a call, or the rare instance where something is called on them.

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Hey Loser your team is getting beat Badly not Barely! Choose your words carefully because the series in 3-1 for the Heat and about the Heat will win 4 in a row on Wednesday. Chicago Fans are Cry babies! They wont except the fact that the bulls got beat by 37 in game 2, 10 in game 3, and 23 in game 4. Thats not close games, thats a beatdown lol.

  4. Simba says:

    It’s actually rather annoying to come on these posts and see the majority of Heat fans posting acting extremely childish and immature. Heat fans complain that everyone is always casting the Heat in a bad light but they do nothing to help change people’s opinions of the team and fan base. When your response to someone’s well articulated argument is “want a tissue?? waaah waah stop being a crybaby” you can see why people would question the legitimacy of the Heat’s fan base. As a loyal Knicks fan, you rarely see Knicks fans bashing other team supporters on posts like this (awaiting response from Heat fan about how much trash my team has been for the past 13 years). There’s a difference between trying to convey your point in an argument about officiating and just being a belligerent c*nt for the sake of it.

    • AJ Mills says:

      I don’t see how you can possibly single out Heat fans as childish and immature. Pretty much every fan base looks terrible if you’re only going by comments to these blogs. Yeah, it would be nice if we could skip all the name-calling (Cry-iami, She-cago, LA Fakers, LeChoke, etc etc), but I’m not sure how you think you’re helping, Simba, by calling Heat fans c*nts.

  5. Frado says:

    Ok heat fans enjoy ur circus tour as it will expire 2014. James will never be compare to mj and Kobe, yea lbj is a great player one of the best but seriously, he will go down as juss a great player not a tru champ like mj Kobe magic and the bird. You heat fans juss jump on the ban wagon you guys still don’t sell out ur seats with two great players like wade and lbj. Always looking empty . Go bulls!!!

  6. Bone says:


  7. tommyboy771 says:

    I am a bulls fan but i think we have no one to blame but ourselves,how can you just push a guy in the front of the refs and expect no to get throw out the game we are already shorthanded same thing with noah pushing birdman on the floor giving away point we need to play with composure,we ca play hard noise defence but also smart defence

  8. scooter says:

    Sick of the media on-going narrative that this is all the Bulls’ fault. The first game went fine except Miami whining. The 2nd game Miami game out throwing cheap shots and now its totally out of control.

    Refs need to start calling fouls on Battier. The guy fouls every time down the floor on both ends.

    • garyburn7 says:

      Battier fouled out in game 3. How many more fouls do you want them to call on him?

  9. rhianimal says:

    If UR going to be dumb enough to shove somebody in front of the ref, who cares if he flopped or not? That was just smart. This ain’t the playground, this is the NBA with refs. The refs are part of this game. So if he flopped to get the Bulls in trouble, that just proves he is a smart player too.

    • scooter says:

      You mean like Birdman and Chalmers did in game 2? Cause I dont see them getting ejected or suspended.

  10. Al says:

    The Chicago Bulls are dirty players. They think that playing dirty is sport, if i want to watch hitting each other, i watch Boxing, no dirty players like the Chicago Bulls. They deserve to be fine every single day, for this type of playing.

  11. Brenn says:

    Pacer fan here and i know for a fact LeBum has always flopped. And lebum always says he doesn’t. It is all about money and who the NBA wants to win.. When is everyone going to see tht That is why I like the Pacers. they play team basketball. No superstar…. Not about money.. About the sport. LeBum will always be a bum..

  12. Big Al says:

    Give it up, Bulls fans. With your star player sitting like a rose doing nothing, you just don’t stand a chance. No MMA moves will keep Miami from winning. Noah obviously just wanted to push someone, so he uses Birdman landing on Little Nate as an excuse to do so. If Mohammed had a gun, he may have shot LeBron already. And you can imagine what Gibson can do with a switchblade.

    And let’s make flopping clear. To flop means pretending to lose balance or fall down to mislead referees in making wrong calls in the player’s favor. To exaggerate a foul is something else. Many can argue that James, a strong man as he is, wouldn’t have fallen to the floor when Nazr pushed him, but if he did it deliberately, then it’s for the sole purpose of making sure that the officials penalize the thug. With so many non-calls, you just have to be utterly explicit, like “Hey refs, I’m being fouled now, blow your whistles please!”

  13. Blue says:

    So he flopped. At least Le bron is still Playing. Not whining about not being 100% mentally. Where is your Star when you need him? Just saying.

    And oh yeah,

    “We’re a hard-nosed, tough guy team,” Chicago forward Jimmy Butler said. “That’s what we label ourselves as. That’s what we pride ourselves on. We’re going to come out swinging.”

    -This is why Chicago will not win, They think Basketball is Boxing. You don’t come out swinging idiot! You come out and make points.

  14. reynol pers says:

    Heat play for the title Bulls play for survivor. This is why Miami is healthy and the Bulls are all injured. You should look at your coaches way of coaching. One thing that has me is why people don’t see how there coach has played these players to the ground for 2 years in a row. This guy does not coach he is a crazy man look at him. Anyways with all the fouls called it is all because your team has dictated this type of play so hence the calls. Heat will win this year if they stay healthy and this is what the NBA is all about and the Heat knows this. As long as the Bulls play under Thibs they will be all on injured reserves every year. This is why Derrick will not come back now he knows this.

  15. Mehr says:

    The kind of game Chicago is playing is just dirty. Can name it anything else.

  16. AndyWilliams says:

    Chicago needs this to be a physical series. Noah said it himself. They are going to foul and foul a lot. You can’t be really really physical and not expect to commit some fouls. It’s the nature of the beast. The Heat would like to play a good series based on skill, but of course, the Bulls rightly knew they had to make this into something entirely different. Oh and I find it funny that one poster actually had video footage of Shane being physical down low with Noah. Seriously? Noah is PHYSICAL every single rebound; pushing in the back, shoving, the whole nine yards. That’s his MO. If we called every foul Noah actually commits for every offensive rebound then he would foul out by half time. They are letting them play down there. Which in truth the Bulls fans should be happy about. If they actually wanted to call every single ticky tack foul Chicago commits they would run out of players.

  17. Donald says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we as fans for our respective teams watch the same play but see it so differently. I think Lebron James is the best player in the league and Derrick Rose before his injury was catching up to him. I believe that a healthy Chicago team would give the Heat some major problems and possibly win the series. From my perspective, Chicago brought the physical element to this series and I believe that their coach instilled into them to play the series that way. They played that way when they ended the Heat win streak. In watching the Nazr Mohammed play on Lebron, there was no reason for him to foul at that point. It looked as though the bulls were getting back on defense. I understand that the Bulls being shorthanded have to do something to try to stay evenly matched but they need to understand that Lebron is the face of the league and he will be protected by the refs just like Michael Jordan was! It’s great to cheer and support your team but try to do it without getting angry, upset or disrespecting others when your team loses because in the end how much money are you getting paid to watch them win or lose. I am a Bulls fan because of Michael Jordan and I also like the Heat because of Lebron James but now get this I am a Dallas Cowboys fan and God knows they been losing for a long time but I was a fan too when we were winning superbowls. My point being that cheering for your team is great but you don’t have to disrespect anybody to do it because they don’t see it the way you do. Just my opinion!

    • NBA fan says:

      Haven’t seen a bulls fan like you for a while. Great comment sir, you totally earned my respect. And yes, i’m a heat fan

  18. Your MOM says:


  19. iivviiccaa79 says:

    Its was smarter for James to fall after shoving than to get into fight with Nazi…
    when you see what Miami do and when you hear what they say in general , you clearly see the difference between them being a mature championship team and other wannabes..

  20. Esteban says:

    The Bulls team must be renamed as “The Pigs”. And for the people saying LeBron flopped… I wanna see you handle a big push from a 250lbs guy… You just make me sick with your little to non common sence.

  21. Bulls Fan says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the HEAT wins the next two games. But what I am disappointed is with the clear biased officiating in favor of the HEAT. Even the media during last game commented on Noah’s fault on Bosh which was clear not at all and Belinelli’s 3 point with HEAT’s hand surely fault. This was a tip of the iceberg for the BULLS to derail from there. It was clear the NBA wants the HEAT to win because it doesn’t make sense for the underdog BULLS to go to the next round. It won’t bring as much revenue to the franchise. Regardless of the outcome, I am already proud of the BULLS for their accomplishments. For the BULLS, just play your last 2 games as they were your last games of the season (likely) and good thinks will happen.

  22. WildSchatz says:

    For those who call Aschburner a Heat homer has obviously not read anything else this writer has posted on

  23. heat will win says:

    heat will win

  24. Drewskie says:

    Anyone who can actually be a fan of Lefloppy and co. is pretty much an idiot. I’m no Bulls fan, but I despise the Miami Heat because the entire basketball culture in that city is trash. Floppers, perpetual foulers (refs don’t call much because it happens so often, and because Miami is SUPPOSED to win in this rigged league), actors, turncoats (Lebron James, Ray Allen, Chris Bosh), and big egos (Cole and Chalmers, that’s you!). Win another title if you can, it means nothing if you were given ample help doing so.

  25. Your Dad. says:

    Chicago Bulls > Miami Flop-Babies

  26. ko0kiE says:

    btw. although I’m a Heat fan, I hate to watch the series.. this would be so much more fun, if we had normal games with a healthy bulls team… rose, hinrich, deng, boozer, noah, hamilton etc. now it’s just a bar fight.

    GSW-SA is a pretty good series… lots of smart and good basketball.

  27. Lk20z3 says:

    All that trash talking for James we all know his the king u just wish u had him on your team. Heat in 5

  28. ko0kiE says:

    Chicago plays a grit-and-grinds style with aggression and physicality but they can’t handle it if they are played the same way.
    so pathetic. they’re not anything like famous tough teams like detroit. the pistons at least could take some hits themselves and not whine afterwards about the ref.

  29. Tired of Whinning People says:

    Oh c’mon!! how about noah over reacting on birdman pushing birdman while on the floor without a reason have you seen a technical foul? and theres a lot of foul not being called on bulls side, they are not playing basketball in their mind their motive is to hurt players but then they accused miami for their doing??? watch other series like GS vs SA you’ll see how bsktball games are played, unlike how the bulls forced miami to play..

  30. MadCity says:

    Both teams are playing dirty, the Bulls aka thugs are playing more dirty fouling on so many plays. I cant believe people are saying Heat are cry babies and Lebron is a floop. Lebron is the toughest player in NBA, going to the basket more then any player. Cant stop the KING.

  31. Giacomo says:

    “They remember how it went last spring when Bosh missed most of their semifinal series against Indiana and much of the East finals against Boston with an abdominal injury”
    In my opinion, you can’t compare last year heat’s situation with what is living Chicago this year..The Heat should play without Lebron, Wade and Norris Cole to have a real comparison..

  32. Complaining against officiating and getting fined worked for Mark Jackson. It should work for me too!

  33. oh wow says:

    Anyone who actually thinks the Bulls are better then the Heat are stupid

  34. John says:

    The Bulls are actually doing the Heat a favor. They’re prepping them up for the eastern finals against the Pacers which is another physical team. No offence to Knicks fans but I think their old line-up can’t keep up with the young Pacers.

  35. M1978 says:

    Haven’t seen the third game so can’t say if Miami was getting some bonuses from the refs. But one thing is quite sure, the leadership of the NBA wants to sse James and co. as a new Superstar team like Mj, Scottie Pippen, Rodman were at their time. Unfortunatly they are not that gifted and far less popular. LBJ should not complain about getting fouled, he continiously runs into the players of the other team. (Like he did in the regular season game against Hinrich).
    The other side of the story is that Chicago has seriously injured players, so they can only win with getting fisical. So they will commit more and more fouls.

  36. ism says:

    Chris Bosh: most charismatic guy of the Big 3 in most Interviews.

  37. W/E says:

    Lets face the reality, THis Bulls roster is a bunch of role and bench players trying their best while their “superstar” Derrick Lose is watching healthy from the bench, no matter how hard they are gunna play the Miami Heat are a waaaaaaaaaaaaaayy beter team and will win the series, 2 more wins for the Heat to get it done, 4-1.

  38. Beast says:

    Heat in 5 young bloods.

  39. Gaz says:

    Alll Bulls fans talk about now is flopping…get over it, your team can’t win by whining.

  40. brayam says:

    Lebum ur a flopper u w/o the ref aint nothing u rely on them to go to the line if not u calling crying for a foul last game u was nothing but brick of it was not for n. Colé ull would hace lost n thats not counting the goaltending, over the back fouls, traveling ect ect n u still got the balls to complain bout n dont even get hit with a fine. Ur Miami heat may ride with u cause the truth hurts

  41. DLEBROSE says:

    Bulls can not defeat miami if the bulls will not use dirty plays, Don’t be stupid fans you know and saw how bulls played miami, I’m a miami and rose fan, game will be better if rose is playing, maybe bulls will not play dirty……

  42. Kristin says:

    GO BULLS!!!

  43. Colt Clint says:

    It is distinct: physical contact and agression. The basketball it is a game of strong physical contact, but it is not MMA! The Muslim in the Bulls team and Noah are agressive players. Are street fighters?

  44. asdfghjk says:

    bulls doesn’t want to taste their own medicine. stop whining about flopping. almost all nba teams has their own floppers

  45. scooter says:

    also, the double standard between lebron posting up and boozer posting up is off the charts. Butler breats on Lebron and its a foul. meanwhile lebron lowers his shoulder to creat space with no call. otoh, boozer has been completly taken out of this series by similar physical plays except the refs call them offensive fouls. being physical is only fair when the Heat do it.

  46. bbketfan says:

    the only way to win against the best team on nba shorthandedly is to play football!!lol. Bulls became the new Pistons..rule no.1 if you cant stop the player horseback ride him. no.2 if rule no. 1 doesnt work..try a technical foul and force ejection.just like in the 80s.

    obvious tactics that successfully worked during the 80s and 90s.

  47. LebronKingOfNba says:

    it’s so funny this people saying they are no bulls fan but keep on siding on the bulls and just nit picking on the miami side. steve aschburner is a bulls fan, if you didn’t know. and for him to write this article just proves that the bulls brought the dirty physical plays and now it back-fired on them.

    it’s so funny when some clowns saying “i’m no bulls fan, i’m a piston fan and yet just keep on bashing the heat.” smh!

    truth is, there were bad calls on both ends, to name 1, there was a clear path foul on lebron, but the refs didn’t even check the review and called a common foul. and stop whining about game 2. it’s over. even if we subtract 30pts from the heat, it was a blowout. gibson should be suspended in game 3, but nba didn’t. so stop whining and just enjoy the game. this bulls fans is as dirty as their team lol. just say ur bulls fans plain and simple. try to cover up saying i’m no bulls fan i’m a pistons fan. lol! #PATHETIC

  48. scooter says:

    Wow…talk about aiami fan boy column. its complete with the obvious fallacy of counting the number of fouls called as if that makes incorrect calls a non-issue. false. if Taj Gibson gets clobbered in the post its a foul regardless of how many fouls have been called on either team, Steve. If LBJ runs a guy over, its charging–not a blocking foul–regardless of how many total fouls are called.

    It has been clear all series that the Heat have gotten the favorable calls–and its not really been close.

    Batteir does this almost every time down the floor. Yet, Noah gets called for over the back on Bosh in the most critical time of the game?

    • NBAFAN!!! says:

      You must be a lil girl!!! Stop crying so much.

    • James says:

      All bulls fan need hugs!! you guys are crying like babies just like your coach!! do you have enough tissues??

    • dattebayo says:

      Right, so Tim Donaghy picks one single play from one game to illustrate that in his humble opinion, the referees favor the Heat and let the game get out of hand.

      Tim Donaghy used to bet on games that he directly influenced with his officiating, how on Earth can anybody take him seriously as a credible source in this discussion? Do we also ask Wesley Snipes opinion whenever anybody commits tax fraud?

      • scooter says:

        So, you’re saying thats a clean play because Donaghy used to bet on games. Fail. Its still a foul on Battier and one that he commits nearly every play.

      • dattebayo says:

        Did I say that the play in the video was clean? The refs didn’t call every contact and every foul from the Bulls either, there were bad calls on both sides. Birdman got shoved on a layup, which they didn’t call. They didn’t review that clear path foul and Battier was called for three blocks that all could have been charges. If a Heat representative were to make a video with any of those missed calls and claim that that proves that the refs favor the Bulls, it wouldn’t be credible either, right?

  49. Mark says:

    I’m just tired of the Heat being the topic of conversation. They went shopping and bought themselves one (if not more) championships. Anyone who gives them a fat lip along the way earns my applause. I just wish Chicago had a full crew so they had more of a shot.

  50. philanopolis says:

    sticks and stones may break bones, but name callings and non basketball plays will not keep the Heat from a repeat, lol, kiss the rings “you know the word”

  51. Observant Critic says:

    I remember Mohammed being ejected. Wrapping up LBJ and when LBJ take off his arms which I think is normal because who wants his arms being grabbed by somebody else especially when you are running in somewhat full speed, but Mohammed can’t take a dose of their own medicine, got frustrated and shoved LBJ. I don’t care if LBJ flopped or not but the issue is Mohammed is out if his mind and might do worst things if he continues to play.

  52. Art says:

    The refs miss some calls for the Bulls and some calls for Heat. It’s true. The difference is that that they missed 2-3 Bulls fouls & 12-15 Heat fouls. In many occasions the Bulls players received fouls when it should be vice versa (especially when Lebron was involved). And not all fouls are equal. When Butler received a few fouls (for nothing) Thibodeau had to move Butler to guard another player. When at the end of the game Noah received 2 wrong fouls he couldn’t risk blocking shots. Nobody complain when Heat players go physical. The problem is that they should receive fouls for violations the same way as Bulls players do.
    Even commentator Van Gundy who admires Lebron admitted many times that calls go in Heat favor and Bulls player shouldn’t receive fouls.
    The Heat fans are as truthful as their idols. Like mother, like daughter.

  53. walter berbeder says:

    kets play basketball..dirty or no dirty just play. by the end of the day its the final score that matters. Go Charloote!!! hello MJ!

  54. Oz says:

    Miami Heat area all DIVAS!!! Crybabies!!! Just like Lebron!!! I’d like to see Wade, Lebron and Bosh win on teams without so many other superstars. Oh wait, they already tried that and they couldn’t do it!!!! Miami Heat is a team that can only win with their team chocked full of superstars!!!

    • FAN says:

      Pippen, NBA all-time top 50, Jordan, NBA all-time top 50. Horace Grant, perenial all-star. Toni Kukoc, Olympic european player/nba all-star. What are U talking about? Shall we name the Boston and LA and San Antonio and Detroit teams and as recent Boston with Kg, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen or the LA team now with Kobe, D Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol. U are an IDIOT! Find another sport.

  55. Kamote says:

    James added: “I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game. I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys.”

    watch this:

    The truth is, this is how the league will be in the King’s era. Rings, MVPs will follow and will cement LBJ as the King. Everything is f*cked up. There goes basketball.

  56. BAD BOYS? says:

    Bulls trying to be like the Detroit Piston Bad Boys back in the 80’s, unfortunately it’s not who they are as a team. stick to playing good D and hustle.
    But who are we kidding, Heat in 5

  57. sam.... says:

    bulls last option is not to let miami heat get the second championship…..and the only way is to hurt key players from the heat…and that makes them proud of there selfs…poor bulls dont know what is gentlemens game…..they are following the paths of detroit piston when bulls is trying to reach the nba finals, michael jordan was hurt so much during that playoffs…and now they doing it to lebron james….bulls is now copy cut of detroit piston hahahhaahhahah..

  58. MZ2010 says:

    Lebron you should watch this

    • dattebayo says:

      I agree that a lot of those were flops, but when Tyson Chandler set that pick on him in Game 1, that’s a flagrant to me and not a flop. Tyson Chandler set a hard pick on James, put his entire weight behind it and hit him full force above the shoulders. To me that’s a non basketball play and dangerous, because you could easily injure a player when you do that (anyone remember Marquis Daniels injury?). James put in a few theatrics, grabbing his neck and wincing in pain, just to be completely ok a minute later, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that that was a dangerous play.

      Seriously, if Tyson Chandler sets a pick on you and you don’t see it coming because you are jogging backwards, you are going down and you are still feeling that hit 2-3 days later. I am still amazed, that James was ok and didn’t have any back/neck spasms since…

  59. KobeWhiner says:

    Losers are whiners just bring back MJ pippen and rodman to your bulls. boohoo

  60. 54TONE says:

    heat will be in the finals thanks to the nba and officiating. the game of basketball has been compromised.

  61. Noit says:

    They aren’t worried because they bought out the refs/league or something.

  62. Allen says:

    Enough said, Talent plus toughness will beat dirty plays (bulls). Jordan used to be beat up by the Knicks and they still go through it and win multiple championships… So, ADIOS bulls, it will be over in 5 max 6 games…
    U can beat the HEAT one or two games by playing physical and dirty, but not in a 7 game series… TALENTS always BEAT anything else….. especially TALENTS with hearts, physical toughness and winning demeanor.

    Go Heat.

  63. Drose says:

    Bulls and heat are great team, but the heat’s fans are seriously all douchebags. It just makes people to hate heat more and more. Miami flops way too much and all they get is a bunch of bandwagon fans.

    • Sonia E says:

      DRose when are going to play instead of sitting on the bench looking soft? I believe your teammates need your support right about now – they have gone from playing with ‘heart’ to ‘thug ball’ to ‘whiners.’

      • Sonia E says:


      • ThreePointer says:

        DRose is too scared to play. Biggest joke in the NBA. J Green from the Celtics has open heart surgery and comes back and plays. Shumpert from the Knicks has same knee injury he is playing. Rose would rather wear his suits and sit on the bench. That way he doesnt have to take any criticism for playing in this series while his team is out in 5 games. Bulls need to change there name to Chicago Bullies. Noah has to be the biggest whinner on the floor. He argues every call and looks like he is about to cry. Get him a big towel. He is gonna need it in a couple of days…..LOL And somebody get the Bulls coach a violin. What a baby!!!!!!!!! “The refs aren’t helping us”

  64. Sports Fan says:

    Chicago Bulls play dirty, because they can’t win playing clean basketball. It’s really sad that they think a 2 handed hard shove in your chest from a guy who weighs more than 250 lbs isn’t going to send someone flying…especially when you are not expecting it.


    The Heat are what The Who sang about in 1982 with their song Eminence Front and LBJ is the biggest one.

  66. choi says:

    JOAQUIN NOAH and SATAN face similarity, wheres your tail NOAH, it is short or long?

  67. Pity The Haters says:

    There goes the haters again.
    Those saying Lebron flopped when Nazr pushed him needs to have their mental health checked.
    How could you flop when you’re unaware of what’s coming?
    He was complaining about the technical called when the shove happened.
    If you hate,at least have some decency left.
    Bad calls are inevitable and both teams are just victims of those silly calls.
    This series really belongs to Miami.Accept it.

  68. Samuel says:

    “Yes, I expect the physical nature to continue tomorrow,” Bulls center Joakim Noah told reporters at his team’s practice facility. “Y’know, it’s our only chance.
    And then they start claiming Heat get too many calls!!!

  69. Sam says:

    “Yes, I expect the physical nature to continue tomorrow,” Bulls center Joakim Noah told reporters at his team’s practice facility. “Y’know, it’s our only chance.


    Now let me not hear anyone claim the Heat get too many calls, PLEASE!!!

    • Serenity Baughs says:

      For real! Karma is gonna kick the Bulls I’m the chops. They’re such dirty players.

    • Game Time says:

      Noah is an idiot and so is his team. To think that they are really embracing the notion of injuring players to win is pathetic. “It’s our only chance”. How about just playing the game. If they would just stick to their good defense they could get lucky and throw Miami’s shooting off, but instead they would rather increase their odds of winning by injuring their opponents.

  70. AndyWilliams says:

    And as for James flopping. I’m sure he sold that play a little. Do you blame him? If Tibs is going to unleash the dogs on Lebron to entice him to maybe get ejected by retaliating on some bs taking place, then expect some repercussions. In this case, the dude failed miserably. And as far as flopping goes, D-Rose flops as well. I’d say about 80% of the NBA flops to some degree to sell the call. It is what it is. You mean to tell me you never saw D-Rose with one of those hard cuts to the hoop jump up and contort his body suddenly upon the slightest contact? I have, on more than one occasion. Officials catch on to it so you can’t do it all the time anymore without losing the benefit of the doubt. Oh and before I end this flopping discussion. What about Marco? That guy literally flops on nearly every possession, offense an defense. So please, enough with this already. You’re making yourself look silly.

  71. AndyWilliams says:

    It’s funny how biased the Chicago Bulls fans are and others complaining about fouls. Did the refs miss some calls for the Bulls? Absolutely. How about the Heat? Yes there some of those as well. Like when Shane was in perfect position to take the charge and they gave him a blocking foul when Butler just slams into him. James had a clear path foul on another occasion and they didn’t reward the Heat for that one. Overall the Heat got a few more foul calls and about 3/4 of those were desperation fouls when Chicago was on the verge of losing. So quit crying already. The Coach of the Bulls is obviously trying to play ‘poor me’ with the officials in hopes of getting more calls because he knows he can’t rely on his team simply outplaying the Heat. Even with a limited D-Wade.

    • Serenity Baughs says:

      That was nicely put. As for coach Thibs, his $35,000 fine should help him reconsider his whining.

  72. da game in phil! says:

    heat in game 5, booo yah! better luck next season, if you can bullssssh……!

  73. Reggie Rose says:

    The Bulls have been getting calls this whole series . They have had some favorable calls in game 1 . Jimmy Butler had 10 free throws and Lebron,Wade,and Bosh had 11 combined . Also during Game 1 4th quarter Marco gets away with a flopped that’s called a foul on DWade. Crucial play that affected the outcome of the game. Also a bad Clear path call in Game 1 and 3 benefited the Bulls. Block Called against Shane Battier, Liberal 3 sec defensive calls. Lebron’s Tech in game 3 was a gift for Bulls but they messed that up with Nazr’s Shove. Macro’s and Jimmy Butlers flopping thru this series. Inconsistent calls at the rim also have Benefited the Bulls. The Bulls have gotten a lot of calls in their favor . Thibs should have been fined for looking a gift horse in a mouth.

  74. haha says:

    when bulls players push lbj, they say lbj complain….but when bulls players like gibson,noah and muh got pushed, the bulls fans and players complain even more…
    thats so funny

  75. Art says:

    Does Wade know that Crash Pads Underwear provides good protection from flopping injury?
    If he buys one for himself the 2nd (for LeBron) could be free.

  76. WasNBAfan says:

    To borrow a saying from Baseball’s Steve Stone: “It’s not how much you hit, it’s WHEN you hit them that counts.” Same for the refs – it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality and timing of the calls. The fan from Detroit nailed it on the head: Noah called for a foul when the replay shows he went straight up and got the ball. Contact was on Bosh jumping into him, then flopping out of bounds. Hence, late foul call (because there was none in the first place, but flop made it apparent), refs hand a rightfully Bulls ball back to Heat, swing in momentum. Credit Heat for hitting the follow-up threes, but that situation should not have existed in the first place. So many more examples, I won’t list them – plenty of others have done it already.

    As for LeBron not flopping – yes, he steamrolls over Butler without so much as a blink one play, falls down when Nazr pushes him. Watch his feet and see for yourself if that’s not a flop. If anything, LeBron should get a grammy for good acting!

    • Sonia E says:

      Sure. If Nazr would have just kept his two hands to himself and not try to unnecessarily foul LeBron while he was bringing up the ball, he would have STILL been in the game. Nazr cost his team an extra body to help handle the Heat by his own stupidity – but it seems that’s just the way couch Thibs likes it!

    • Game Time says:

      Bosh had inside position. The call was bad but they both went up and basically Noah got called because of the way the Bulls played the entire game.

  77. ExtremeBoy111 says:

    Bulls are now taking their own medicine. It is like an echo. You want a physical game, Heat respond to it.

  78. caleb says:

    Worse Playoff loss in history… It’s the Refs
    Lose by 10 at home…. It’s the Refs

    • Nikolay says:

      Are you re dumm? Heat got their first 5 point lead half way trough 4th quarter. That they made fouls and shoot desperate 3 pointers in the end and teh lead got to 10 is not to show how close the game was…
      Typical Heat bandwagoner….

      And yeah the officiating did make impact on the game, like it or not.
      Just learn to live with the fact you are a fan of a flop team.

      • Sonia E says:

        Wahhhh! Wahhhh!

      • Garifuna says:

        When you are pushing players down and fouling hard of course the refs will be looking at your team more closely when making calls. Makes it easier for the other team to get calls. Bulls brought the bad calls on themselves so stop blaming the refs and start blaming your players for not making baskets or playing GOOD defense.

    • ThreePointer says:

      After tonight the Bulls will be blaming the United Center, the court, the rims and the guy seeling hot dogs 30 rows up for another loss. Here is an idea, put the ball in the basket and outscore the other team. Oh wait, we are talking about the Bulls. Only scored over 100 once in the playoffs and that was a multiple OT game against the Nets

  79. olanski says:

    the Heat’s nothing to worry about, as long as the refs are on their side all the time….

  80. Jack says:

    game 1 & 2 he was quiet, now that already backfiring on them he is crying over the refs judgements, coach Tibs is brilliant as a coach, but implying to your players to make that physicality where it could hurt somebody is different, he must not forget that he got less talent to outrun the HEAT, he is over expecting results, his players is pressured of it, they tend to defend and hurt someone because they are over playing it…just be real here, playing against 4 all star with that line up is miracle to win it, i mean c’mon this is reality of basketball, it doesnt mean you have a good coach will win you all thing!! Hats off to Chicago, but reality is damn there, no contest!!

    • Serenity Baughs says:

      I think that the Bulls and their head coach are delusional; they actually believe that they are victims. Thibodeau tells players to “get into them”, “keep fouling, they can’t call everything”. And when they are called on those very actions they cry bias on the part of the referees. Wow!

  81. 3ptdagger says:

    I’m not sure what the point of this article is. I felt sorry for the Lakers because they lost all of their guards and couldn’t get a single win. The remaining players on the Bulls have shown incredible toughness against Brooklyn and against the Heat. They were tied at the end of third quarter in Game 3. If they choose to be physical, throwing bodies and fouling everyone, because that’s the only way they think they can win, more power to them. Heat in 6 at most.

    • Garifuna says:

      This is so true, and when you look at the injuries it backs up your statement. With exception to Deng who contracted meningitis. Personally I fell sorry for Rose because even if he does come back he’ll still be at high risk for injury.

  82. PrettyBoy says:

    The Heat are very ready to embrace what the bulls will give them. the heat will will in 5!!

  83. HT- Heat fan says:

    BULLS really know how to cry over their petty issues. Its actually sad and i pity them.


  84. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Heat in 6.
    Nothing else to say about that !

  85. Nazr says:

    Im just mad cuz lebron man-handled me

    • sally says:

      waaaaaaaaaa! waaaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaa, so you have to throw a temper tantrum ??? You need to run home to mama ! He wouldn’t have man-handled you if you had kept your hands off him and played basketball instead of bully ball.

  86. Duki Boy!! says:

    Heat in 5!

  87. love says:

    i’m getting my drinks ready and my nacho’s game 4 should be exciting

  88. dhk says:

    I didn’t realise sympathy was ever in with Wade, who famously mocked Dirk who played through a flu and ridiculous fever two finals ago. Wade has shown time and again that he is a poor sportsman. Who cares if he is now wearing a mouth guard? What a chump

  89. Blue says:

    “We’re a hard-nosed, tough guy team,” Chicago forward Jimmy Butler said. “That’s what we label ourselves as. That’s what we pride ourselves on. We’re going to come out swinging.”

    -This is why Chicago will not win, They think Basketball is Boxing. You don’t come out swinging idiot! You come out and make points.

    • Vick says:

      Yo blue i like that alot, they tryin’ to box but yet they still losing lol

      • jose says:

        Yes and…and these Bulls ,poor-skilled bunch of gansters ignore that there is going to be a third part that would’nt allow not even a little of bulling: The Umpires.
        These Bull idiots are gonna be under maximum scrutiny; the least misbehavior will be accountable. I think that they are going to run out of players really fast,before getting again into fights and more ejections…

    • Gio says:

      You sir are dumb. Miami is half the team chicago has potential to be. No rose no luol no hinrich and the games look even. Miami heat bandwagoners wearing jordans who are you kidding?

  90. Nanrad says:

    “I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game. I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys.”

    Wait, wait, wait. Did LeBron James just say that he DOESN’T flop. Everyone on here can youtube videos of LBJ flopping. He even flopped on his OWN teammate and got the called. Remember when he fell on Thibs????

    No one or no Bulls fan is talking about the quantity of fouls called, but the quality of them. Jimmy’s first two fouls were bad calls against him. Noah’s last two fouls, were bad calls against him. Marco got fouled on a 3 pointer and NO call. Marco got a foul, despite not fouling LBJ and LBJ repeatedly kept pushing him. LBJ got a foul shot despite not being fouled. Besides Jimmy’s fouls, all of this happened in the last 4-5 minutes of the game.

    • Cmon Chicago says:

      Heat Fan and definetly miami have to flop sometimes yeah theres is a tie vs teams you dont need to flop but when you play a team like memphis NY and Chicago you have to flop why these 3 teams because there are sometimes the do plays that they are nt basketball plays and ref dont call it you have to flopp i knew chicago will play dirty sometimes like game 2 and 3 common 9 tech 2 ejections 1 fraglant. basaketball is for fun not for hurt.

    • Refs again ? says:

      and when Miami play physically like the Bulls do , you whine . what the hell ?

  91. poopskis says:

    bulls… always whining about refs injuries and so on. give up its over with.

  92. nick says:

    your opinions are yours dont use words like nationally etc…nba nowadays is fdr lebron and heat…you could play too aschburner…thats how soft it is…all about money and building fake legends folks…

    • Refs again ? says:

      building FAKE legends ? how can you say that ? THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE . there’s no way you can fake legends . we all knew how players improve throughout the years ( that’s if you really watch NBA ) , and if you can’t accept that this man , LBJ , will be a hall of famer , then you’re probably don’t know basketball yet .

  93. ObjectiveObserver says:

    this was clearly written by a heat fan. It’s clearly portraying bulls as crybabies. I’m a pistons fan not a bulls fan. And i dont mind letting teams play. But its not that bulls aren’t getting calls. its that miami IS getting the calls. For example the 2nd foul on jimmy butler that was phantom. Or how about the joakim noah over the back that wasn’t over the back. And there were plenty more. How about the fact mario chalmers barely got a foul for hooking joakim noah around the neck? And how about the fact this happened starting game 2? AFTER chicago beat miami in game 1? i understand this is so there will be very few people who would actually question anyone in charge but this is ridiculous. As a nba fan, im offended at this.

    • Serenity Baughs says:

      Wow! Conspiracy? Nice. You sound real educated right now. If you believe that than please choose another sport to be a fan too. Idiot!

    • Cmon Chicago says:

      you are just jealous because pistons are a trash team 🙂

    • nbafan says:

      You just left the best comment on here..I salute you….anybody who knows anything can see the nba is dictating this series…not a fair one

    • Grip says:

      now tell me all the fake fouls the bulls get or I guess they earn them

    • max Hucul says:

      Thank you

  94. vs says:

    I’m wondering what would Chicago players and stuff say if the Heat played whith the same level of intensity and agression (and shoves) against their beloved franchise designated player Derrick Rose? How would they respond on comments about flopping, whining etc.? There is no way Derrick Rose will return in this series because there is no way he would feel himself 100% comfortable playing the basketball Chicago team is playing right now (and playing against the team that want and have to compete against this style of play with his own aggression).

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      WOW. THANK YOU!.
      If they were hacking and pushing and shoving and flagrant fouling and throwing cheap shots to D Rose, the CHI fans would be singing another song LOL!!!!
      CHI is a cheap and dirty team, bunch fake thugs, like LBJ said :”some of the plays they make are not basketball plays”…

    • Noel says:

      Never thought about that, but great point!

  95. Adi says:

    Bulls complain about getting so many more fouls than the Heat, that’s because they use a lot more roughhouse tactics to try to win. Taj Gibson saying that MJ played through fouls and stuff, the Bulls team of the 90s were dirty players like the team of today

    • allan says:

      replays always show majority of hard fouls are not intentional that’s just basketball Miami needs to stop whining like lil girls

      • Garifuna says:

        @allen, a hard foul is INTENTIONAL! You think by saying “oh it’s just a hard foul” is an excuse for a dirty play?

      • AL says:

        Miami is not complaining,they are winning. It is the bulls whom by Noah’s admission have no chance but playing tough & complain about officiating & flops & every thing else. I think the bulls have the best defense the last 3 years & yes I am aware that pacers & grizzlies are better this year,but they don’t have the offense to get past the heat & that is the source of some heavy bitterness.

    • RT says:

      Thats a load. The Bulls of the 90″s were definately aggresssive but they were nowhere near the thugs that are masquerading as the Chicago Bulls today.

      • Garifuna says:

        I agree. Chicago was not a dirty team, but they had some enforcers. Rodman, Harper, and even Grant at times. Nowhere near what these guys are doing though. Noah, Taj and the rest are basically trying to injure players so they have a shot at winning.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the playoffs. Expect hard fouls, no-calls, and a lot of technicals.

  96. Derek Fisher says:

    Lebron, come on. Who are you trying to fool? You sir, are a flopper. I would know.

    • Smart Guy says:

      are u the real derek fisher

    • sally says:

      well that’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, didn’t Derek Fisher just get fined for flopping….please spare me !! Lebron does not flop, he doesn’t need to, he can go to the basket anytime he wants to.

    • John says:

      He is not a flopper so just shut up.

    • James says:

      Dont be hating the Heat have the best player in the NBA, cry all you want call him any thing you want. He is MVP and your team is going fishing in a couple of days from now

    • Chris says:

      Really? Lebron James is 100% not a flopper. You sir, are out of your mind. Lebron James is without a doubt the best player on the planet Earth… and he gets beat the hell up out there. You would also fall to the floor if night in and nght out by players who are purposely put on the floor for 1 reason, to foul superstars like Lebron and such. Those players who do these things are virtually worthless to their teams, players like Metta World Peace (Ron Artest), people who are sent out to foul, rough up, and ultimately injure superstars, although coaches will never admit to having players intentionally injure other players, they do it. So, “Derek Fisher”… I believe you need to look at both sides of the situation and account for all of the circumstances involved with a superstar such as Lebron James. Thats all..Im out.

    • Jonathn says:

      Didnt you see me and Kevin Martin take that charge on Asik? That was my best defensive play in the playoffs this year. I am a beat defender, thats what I do. A stopper! Dont hate! You know I am also the best clutch shooter in the playoffs. RESPECT the skylls bro!

    • WHO U says:

      ahhhh SHAAAAADUP!

  97. Jonathn says:

    Lol, Lebron not a flopper. A bit like when he pretended Rose poked him in the eye during the playoffs in 2011 that was so soccer player like and funny…

    • James says:

      Stop crying like little girls, Bulls fan are just mad because the Heat are going to send your team fishing for the summer!! HEAT will be Champs

      • Jonathn says:

        Don’t talk bad about my team you moron. Chicago would have beat Miami if Rose were playing. Lebron is a flopper and so is everyone on the Heat. They will not win the championship this year. You can take that to the bank.

      • PompanoBeach says:

        Chicago Bulls = bunch of cr@p

      • Erien says:

        Jonathn you are delusional. The Bulls will NEVER beat the Heat or any team featuring Lebron in the playoffs until he retires. The best chance the Bulls has is to try and somehow sign him when he goes to free agency.

      • AL says:

        You want to see a real flop, watch Noah again in game 2 as Chalmers poked him from the back. If you really believe that Chalmers can throw Noah to the ground like that then your bias mars your judgment . I am a Heat fan & I admit that LJ may have flopped in the past but not this year since they changed the rule . The game 3 incident with Mohammad was not a flop.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please who doesn’t flop Lebron flops Noah flops, I should just open a flopping school for all players lol