Stephen Curry A Game-Time Decision


Another game, another Stephen Curry ankle injury, another uneasy day of waiting for the latest pivotal medical bulletin.

This has become about hours for the Warriors. Not the time that remains in the season – they still have at least Game 4 at Oracle Arena on Sunday and Game 5 back in San Antonio on Tuesday. But the difference between Curry playing, or at least playing with enough movement for a genuine impact, and Golden State taking the court without its best player could come down to the schedule turn of the playoffs.

“It could,” coach Mark Jackson said Saturday, as the Warriors waited. “But nothing we could do about it now. The clock is ticking. One way or another, we’ll be ready for Game 4.”

A Game 4 that will begin at 12:30. A matinee when the extra hours of the usual night tip off, whether 7:30 p.m. on most occasions or 6 on Sundays, could have helped. All with the knowledge that a loss Sunday will put them behind 3-1 to the tested Spurs.

X-rays on the left ankle, after Curry rolled it with about five minutes left in San Antonio’s Game 3, were negative. He is scheduled for constant treatment, did not practice Saturday and will be re-evaluated Sunday.

The good news for the Warriors is that they have been through this and worse before. Curry sprained the same left ankle – not the one that ruined his 2011-12 and eventually required surgery – in Game 2 of the first-round series against the Nuggets, missed a practice and was a game-time decision after that. And then he played 38 minutes and had 29 points, 11 assists against three turnovers, and six rebounds and made four of seven three-pointers. Jackson insisted afterward the talk of Curry possibly sitting out was not a drama play.

“Once again, we’re back to trusting the process, treatment around the clock and seeing how he is tomorrow,” Jackson said. “Unfortunately, we’ve become veterans at this. But he’s a gamer and no matter what, we’re looking forward to tomorrow.”

Curry was not available during the media session Saturday while getting treatment, but he told a pool reporter that the early start is a “little bit” of a concern. “It’s just a shorter turnaround, literally 36 hours from last night. That’s the main concern compared to having three days like I did last time. Just gotta expedite the treatment and stay as consistent as possible.

“If I can give the team anything, I will play. I feel like if I can get to a point where I’m not hobbling and I can cut how I want to. It doesn’t have to be 100 percent, as long as I can be confident that it won’t do any further damage. I have a feeling I’ll be at that point tomorrow, no problem.”

Asked if he thinks he will play, Curry said: “I think so. You never really know how it’s going to feel the next day. You just keep up with the treatment. Same ‘ol story. I have the same answers. I hope it feels good enough to go tomorrow. But until I wake up and see, you just hope for the best right now.”

Tony Parker skipped Spurs practice at about the same time in San Francisco because of a bruised left calf that he said, according to the San Antonio Express News, had swelled to the size of a baseball. The star of Game 3 on Friday with 32 points, including 25 in the first half, said he will play Sunday.


  1. yup says:

    Well good thing the refs showed up for Golden State tonight! Not one clean pick by Bogut. Again. Constantly pushing and pulling at people. Everyone on that team. Out of bounds on Bogut. Jack doesn’t have control of the ball. GS gets the last shot in regulation?! The game was not consistent at all. Spurs couldn’t bump anyone without getting a touch foul called on them, meanwhile Golden State is scratching at people and nothing! Mark Jackson says God has big plans for his team? Please. If he does exist, glad to see he loves helping out adulterers that tell his team to play dirty and complain when anyone tries to answer back. He’s a hypocrite. The league is corrupt and inept, and if karma exists, Jackson and his team are due, and personally I can’t wait. Wonder if the people’s republic of the nba will approve this comment? Probably not. Puppets and all that.

    • AJ Mills says:

      Yes, the refs were pulling for GSW so hard that Bogut got three fouls in the first six minutes.

      • yup says:

        He’s yet to set one clean screen. Three fouls? He commits one literally every time he sets a screen.

  2. V says:

    Green on Curry – Shutout

  3. Ben says:

    Parker is very good too and it is wrong to say he is over rated

  4. Patty says:


  5. Eye Of A Warrior says:

    You have to have that I’ll do anything to win going into this game Jackson you must be on those REFS early and offen Warrior Players must overcome the mind of saying we respect this team YOU Can’t respect them You must but fear in there eyes take it the hole and make that team QUIT.

  6. jim mattos says:

    Gs will win the west. I know they are the best. Today +2 is a joke. I will put my money were my mouth is.

  7. warrior says:

    I’m really scared to make my pick on this game– it’s a bit tough to say that Spurs would go 3-1 after the way that the first two games went down. I think this really becomes a Pop vs MJackson battle..and considering how Jackson’s experience wavers to Pop’ big a fan I am of the Warriors.. EV (expected value) tells me to go with the Spurs. But I can’t bet against my warriors. Just gonna sit on the sideline and cheer them on. Pretty sure that the warriors’ shooting will be drastically improved FG %wise compared to game 3..Just a matter of what types of adjustments the warriors staff can make to free up the jump shooters and not have to make them rush their shot. Hopefully Curry doesn’t reaggravate anything.

  8. Stef says:

    Do not feed the troll.

  9. Gillsy says:

    Curry a game time decision how may times have I herd that this year. He will play score 40 in 30 minutes and they will get the win. LOL. I wish he could put a few pounds on over the off season so his body becomes a bit more battle ready.

  10. Claudio says:

    Parker overrated? You are overrated. How many rings do you have? Haters never grow up, Curry is one hell of a player and Golden State is playing at a higher level. I am a die hard Spurs fan and I recognize their talent so let’s see what happens and hopefully the spurs will end this on tuesday. GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!

  11. Bruce Iron says:

    Curry has talent. Parker is super over-rated. His style is wack and he looks like he’s always jerking.

    • Marc says:

      Parker overrated? 3x NBA champion , Finals MVP, and was pretty much the only threat to Lebron’s MVP this year. Yeah, that sounds real overrated.

      • Bruce Iron says:

        Threat to Lebrons MVP?? HaHa. The only other person to get a vote was Carmelo Anthony. You live in a dream world.

    • lol says:

      parker is overrated? lo you dont know what u talkin about stupid kid

      • Bruce Iron says:

        Wow, a little defensive of your boy huh? Just my opinion, Parker is a flopper.

    • Spur 2013 Champs says:

      Curry is very talented, but Parker is a Finals MVP and has 3 rings. Stop being a hater….

      • Yao says:

        Parker has the team and coach to back him up. When your team sets 3 screens for you, it better go in.

    • LATIGO says:

      Curry is really good. BUT PARKER IS NOT OVERRATED AT ALL!!